The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 7
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Closes " W 1 . ' A. White concluded hi feed and seed business Saturdav 6nfl ..will lake a vacation "iffcti he* t • Sprint when he will again Sell seeds it. he is afble 16 fi' new bcatiori. The building he k occupies is owned. by the Kos sulh Farm Bureau \M \t for sale. .,Mr. and Mrs. WWfc. tilan |'ji to spend part *f the Winter In warmer climate. ALGONA UPPER MS Tuesday artd Wednesday August 6-7. •..•••> , . - . '* Joan Fontaine Geo. Brent in "AFFAIRS OF SUSAN" Co-Hit •",. Bruce.Cabot .fa - .^"AVAL-ANCHE" - .Thursday., Friday 'and Saturday, ''August 8.-S 10 Oil VACATiOR7.!. . I/S3Y. THE, KRRtfdkY. WAS STILL ATTACHED TO. itews W, fiUO ' csday ''afie'rnbc Ed ~ J "~ Ihter Mrs. Rr Vor .threshers Ti« «iy, Mrs. Tillie vf.CL er the Royal N{ f -x hi • nome Thursr 1 ''' Mrs. Dclbrt/arson in Larrv Yo" • V i-iYTlW TBATT" os to, t-^»JiUJN IKAlLi , ^Serial "Jungle Raiders' Sf.'.it Mr. and Mrs. Mel Griffin returned' last week, 'from Chicago where hey had spent their vacation. Mar jorie Washechek, Omaha. spent from ,Sa" tuyday till Monday with l\lr. andlMrs. Frances Living;ton. '. .' Dr. a.jid Mrs. ; Undcrkof ler and hree s'pns, .Ames, were Sunday guests 61 Mr. 'and Mrs. Wesley Jartlett. ' : •" Mr. and \ Mrs. /Kenneth Percival pent Simday^af .Spirit Lake,with he former's parents Mr. and..Mrs. Alex Percival. "'•'''-": Attorney v and Mrs.- Jos.. Lynch, with the children, returned Sun- ay ifrom <Lake McFarland, Hove- and, Minn, where they enjoyed a week's /vacation. Eleanor Norton Is leaving next veek Wednesday" .for Yermilljoh. *V. p., where she has accepted/the tosition of .dean'pf woi^n ajf .the Robinson, 82, and her •s; Nellie;-Sands, left , -.,- . jr Sarasota, Fla., fol- | : ,>/ing several weeks at Mrs. Rob.-(son's,, granddaughter Mrs. Ead Sunday, Mp.nday, Tuesday W^ilnesday, Aug. 11-12-13-14 PAGAN FOREST BESET BY BRUTAL JNVAOIRSI .leaving 'for, v 'S!)!orida 'by 'alitpS .Jimmy and, Bobbie, (sons-of At- .torney an a'Mrs., E. C. ,McMah~on .went to 'Liver.rn.ore Thursday, and Remained till.Saturday..with their .upcle the ,Rev. Father James Du- WendelljFrench left for Montana last week' anil .other west ,'coast states :pn : .business. He' expected to toe gone : three weeks, ilis .trip is in : the interests'of lumber .purchases. • . '.'..",..''•.-' '•; Mr. and Mrs..E. ( S.'.,IJinsey'?are, Visiting relatives .(h .ttj? .east. At Washingtoh,/p. C.^they Were'to be guests of Mrs. /K^hgey's, brother Ray Wilhelmi, and ah New .York City they'will visit-Mr. ^Klnsly's brothefr LJpyicl.: ':.':'•' * , Dr. and Mjrs. : Harold MeyerWent to Des Mines', last'.Frjfday to attend the <w'edding\of: the • doctor's Bister Juahifa Ennor to Harold Achenbach' a Lutheran chapel. A receptiqn at,'the Commodore C. H. Swanson, former manager of 'the A & P store, and now located at Sioux Falls, S. D., was an overnight guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Timm Wednesday. Jimmy, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Moulds, went to Humboldt: Thursday and returned Friday af j ter a visit with his grandmother Mrs. Hattie Moulds and his aunt Mrs. Bernice Green and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Engstler arrived Thursday from Seattle ; Wash., and will visit the letter's parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weis- tiaar indefinitely. Mr.. r and Mrs; Weish'aar and their sons Ipoyd and Albert went to Knoxvilfe' Wednesday and will 'be gone a week, visiting, relatives there and in that vicinity.' Mrs. C. .A. Creel. returned re cently ,'from ,a ' three',,'^eHs visi with relatives at Che^jjige: and ited her Mrs. . R; .A." Creel she isited her •.bro'ther-in-law ( and sister, Mr. and .Mrs.; Don McDonqugh: Stephen, four-year-old son of •Mr..' '.'.and ' Mrs. .Edward Ostrum, has scarlet fever and was placed " quarantine a week- ago His : grandmother, ; Mrs. Frank Ostrum, is with him; as his moth- ,er is a nurse at the iKossuth hos.- , pital and is . . needed there. hotel: lollpwgd. • 'Mr. Achenbach'/liye, in 7 A TAXI i m WAR... W UP TO HIS NECK! I .and .-Mrs. , Mplnes, Mr. and ,|«r^C.>W % Morpk spent fcom Satujflay; tp,,Weaj;ssday , at t^eir -cottage', at! Rapi^n; xJ^nn, Mr. and, Mrs, Clinton Smith and Clayton ajjd pr frn.d'Mrs: jufey ana^'e^y, ; ]L,eke Crystal. Winn., were-S,ur*d9y 'gwests of Mr. and Mrs. Qwtfge iM.oMa.hpn. Other guests w'er^r. and.MES- Kenneth HcCoy.i;8nd, larnlly and Mr. and Urs. Warren .MflMahuo, , ; Richard Norton went to Mar- ihalltowh : Sunday • to bring : home iiis wife an.4 JitUe o^i.ughter Sari. who have b^eri visiting 'Mrs. Nor- 'ton's narerits M,r. and Mrs. N. E. J)Qwning, the .past fortnight. 1 Nannie O'Brien, Muscatine, came h,ome.»w}th ,her..-,8is.tei?-,Mrs. . ; Kath>. |rine Wa&vffx Jagt .wgglsiand will remain here tfor.^fWAVgijKsM'Mrs. 'McEvpy had previously visited Rer gon iMaHrlce dnd family at Minrie- f ojjs toeing .accompanied ', by her n Johti-apd, |an^ly p| §t,.J,q\jis. rs. McEyojt; •vxe.nt from tjiere to MWSCP tine for a few weeks, thence home. Bob McCulloijgh returned ' (from 1 Cofreptionvijie >irher« s^ie v44ted,hep parents. Mr, and, ^ . The lad is not having a severe .pase. ' ' . Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Post went to the Ok,bbojis for , the weekend, where they met their son, .Major Bpb Post .and his wife, a,ni£,Mr. and Mrs. .Scott, parents of*Mrs., Bob Post. All are from Topeka, and due to the shortness Of their vacation time, Mr. arid Mrs. Post joined them at tlie lake. Ppberi F. Kinsch, S. 1-c., arrived in San Francisco July 25 from , Pearl JIarbor, ' where he was statiprie{l for our 1 months. He is now going to .Seattle, Wash,, where he will 'receive his discharge. He expects to be horne in ^bout .a month. He is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick .Kinsch, A.lgona. -- • ALOONA IOWA uy County Ef/uipnwnl T^Mnd-JBodies he^Kossuth ,Red Cross ha* authorized purchase of life pmeht fpr use anywhere In Kossuth county. wc. of .the equipment is to be made/ by the Algona ,!5)?P i lW | « int ' and the intention Is to have the local department train men to use tlic cqu|ptnent and have these men on call, in case of need from anywhere in the county. ^Wlille 4 ...d^fljdtfe sum was Hot set, the figure of $500 was mentioned as the probable cost. * ' A committee composed 0f •itf* Kohl, fire chief, and Si Roth, has been WorKi^g on sielcetlon of the equipment. It is • ™MH*H thit *W>lt; motpr, grappling hooks, ropes, and trailer wfll be the, chief Items needed.' j .A,IJ'>. r ta|»leHs:ht pjant was.also suggested, but if purchased will be done by the <5H.v of Algroha. Such equipment would ».?-XF!iy<i ha n d > p ' "°* Ol)ly ln cases i.of water searching, hut for night fires. . ; PAGE SEVEN Marc.Mpore ,1s the,new assistant to George .'MeMahon. custodian .of the high, .school. He. succeeds Roy Keen ,Who has gone to State College,. Pa. •" , Don Hutching spent the .weekend in Des Moines with friends. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lusby spent the weekend at 'Clear Lake'at their cottage'.' Mr. and Mrs. R. Hanson and children ..Shir.ley ,Ann,, Jimmy artd tra,. Gilmore City, visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry.fPutz Sunday. .Mr.,atid Mrs., Hai^ey Reid, visited Mr. 'and Mrs. Merrill Sparks at Blue Earlih, Friday.. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Donovan, Britt.: were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.,'J. A. Reid. i Mrs. Bert Peck left for hep home n Long'Beach, Calif., Wednesday after a few weeks visit with rela- tiyes.'h'ere and at Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. M. ' P. Sanders, Spirit,iLake-were, weekend' guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Livingston. . Darlene and Chloris Skpgstrom returned Saturday from Spencer and-.Ayrshire following a visit with their grandparents and uncle and aunt respectively Mr. and MIS. Ny.le, Latch. Windorn, .Mjitin., ^stopped en route to visit Mrs., Latch's parents at State -enter and left their daughter Wetna Lpu here for a visit'till Sunday •With Dorotljy Hagg, daughter of Mr. .an'd Mrs. Edward Hagg, at which time they came ,to get her and returned to Windom. • The Batches are former Algpnans. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vehslage, Mineriapolis, were weekend guests >f tihe 'former's .parents Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vehslage. .Dr. and Wrs. Harold Meyer joined the ;roup for Sunday dinner. Mrs. Wteyer is a daughter of the W. A. Venslages. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Haupfman ah'd Mr. and Mrs. W.'B. Ridge drove to Harmony, Minn.. Sunday o see'the Niagara ice'and worfder caves. ' .. .P.hyJIAis, .Daughter .of ,Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richardson, and Kathryn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Riohardspn, went to Fort Dodge • Sunday" and'; will remain'a week 1 '? with their' grandparents Mr. and' Mrs.••'•W;,.A. Richardson. ; Mr.' and Mrs. S. D. Wilson arriv- ! ed at" Al'bany..,Ore.; August 1 after •being delayed oh their trip ; by the. illness of Mr- Wilson. They had to ffet off : at Green River, Wyo.. when'; Mr. Wilsdn became' seriously sick, and because of no hospital in the lown, and no suitable place to po. .they, took' a cabin at a tourist camp. Mr. Wilson had pneumonia', but was,finally able, to resume his trip. .The, Wilsons are at the home of. their son J...E. Wilson and wife. Mis. E. L. Milsiead and daughter Lynne have, rented one of. the .apartments oyer the Mainliner 6hd'' re.turned to Algoria .August 2. Capt. Milsteadi who was formerly, stationed at the local P.W camp will, leave shortly*for army duty mjtaly. The Milsteads have .been at'Jeffersqn Barracks, Mo., singe they left here in "A'i_'^.n ''•* • •' • \ week with them. Mr, Harlan .Sigsbee and at the Okobijjis. Their daughter^ Ruth Ann; who is on vacation from her nursing at Omaha, x spent the and Mrs. o lititle son Biipe were "there over the weekend.' Ruth Ann will re- r back f,or.duty August 10. and Mrs. W. J. Siesbee and (Ruth Ann spent Friday ifriends at fFort Dodge. ,Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Nanninga .and daughters Beulah and Marilyn, Ireton. and Zella Sidwell, :Hawarden, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Ritter. _Mrs. George Roepke returned Sunday from a week's visit with .Mrs. Libby Brown at Livermore. '. Carl Connor,,; Milwaukee, came last week to visit his mother'Mrs. P.'A- Longeran and his sister 'Mrs. Tfm O'Brien. ;,Mr. and Mrs. Dennis GoTiders .have.returned.from a fishing trip 'to the Okobojis. At present they are with Mr. and Mrs. Chet Williams until a suitable dwelling can be found. , 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips and Mr. and iMrs. Andy Phillips returned Sunday from a week at Spirit Lake. Doris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips, who is employed at the telephone office, is home on sick" leave. The nature of her illness has not been determined. RHEUMATISM and ARTHRITIS V |; suffered for,years and am so Uiarikfu,! that I am free from .pain and able to do my work that I will gladly answer anyone writing me for information. Mrs. Anna Pautz, P. O. Box 825, Vancouver, Wash. pk-Adv.'NUE-OVO Laboratories . 42tf ,Mr». Raymond Henry and;little daughters. Patty and Kathy came Sunday from Marinette, Wis.,'and will spend three weeks with her:'mother, Mrs,!Ruth Har- Jan. ;MrV Henry, who''is employed by;the .J.phn peere.Co., had u "- ! --X wtych. took him to Mil- 5 fp'r' . three we£ks, and will : , ', returned Monday from a .week . , fiend 10c;wulf your qam«,»nd «ddr«« to tpMMMY, iovefty TbJjs, lovely assortment of new pottery, in novelty designs just arr{ye4, and is really different from anything we have;.had, ,T)ie children's lamps witfi nursery rhyme characters are adorable, . , Any one of these jtems which ypu se)ect will make an attract|Ye a wiAw*kewe gift. SELECT FROM THESf and their |am- J-WnV Stewart. es %„ ana Ir fr, and M.^. Mrs atu hep -while his City, toUowjng a pajor operation Wednesday at the university hospital She is recov- »..._-*. --------- ft „ *• Bjp^r wwf j^n^^p^pyni JtJSTROM'S FOR FURNITUR THE MONTH AT BJUSTROM'S We Have One Of North Iowa's Biggest and Best Selections of STUDIO LOUNGES $63 to $95.50 A Davenport by Day—a Bed at Night! At Bjustrom's you find just the studio lounge you want . . . large choice of styles, coverings, colors. One of the most practical pieces of furniture any *ome can have. Look over Bjustrom's large studio couch slock now' CHEST OF DEAWERS S1G.50 Up Selection of odd chests in maple, m a hogany, walnut or metal. Coffee Tables $5.85 UP Walnut, mahogany, maple coffee tables with or without re- moveable glass tray tops. Office Furniture Come, in and see Bjustrom's .office furniture, reclining officp chairs with $ Duncan Phyfe fend Tables .95 Beautifully designed tables Duncan Phyfc tripod base styles- Removable glass tops. Elevated Top Tables (illustrated) Slft.95 Steel D e s K s witlt matching •,..,$48,Sja- '' Cedar Chests Full protection against moth damage for your fine linens, blankets, etc. Natural cedar woods, sealed against moisture. All Living Room Suites at Bjustrom's Have STEEL COIL SPRING Construction! $193.49 to $296.98 • (Two Pieces) Simple—Smart and " VERY Comfortable See this group first, if you're thinking of a new living room suite for Fall. The broad arms , , . deep luxuriousjiess . , . fine fabrics and steel coil spring construction all combine to make this an exceptional "buy". STROM'S *lw x^Hp^mMM^MbiP 8»w 'tjfllRflRRslMWP *^PP^9l^ ™ TERMS Established 1925

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