The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 4
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PAGE FOWL Board Proceedings Andllor's orricc, ' AltfoiiM, I own, ' July 1, loin, x^no O'Clock A. M. The- Hoard ol' Supervisors of Kos- siilli Connt.v, Inwa. met In regular session piirsnanl lo adjournlneut with Ilic- liilluwlng iiieiubcrs present.: (Supervisors .1. II. |.'rnsi.|-, \v. K, McDonald. \\. A. Sehrain, ,r. F. (jiilnn and M. L. .lohnsoii. . .Motliui iiiiidc- |ij- (juliin nn) ] -j ni ] |, v ship Ijitistces or said towii'shiii. .Icdinsc.ii Ihiit. the a-Hun-Ing 2nd ijuar Ayes: All. Nays: None. Sub. 8 of No. 3, No. Ol), No. 72 and 1' A. A K. No. 1. Ayes: All, Nays: Nt//ie. Motion made by (Jutnn and 2nd h.\ r'rnset that Johnson, be appointed n's a cothnilHco to fnakc necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. I, Sub. 8 of No. 00, Sub. II) of No. 00, Sub. 13 of No, CO, Nos. sn. S2 tit) <2I, 125, 121). 151, and W. & K. OS-l:ill ' Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by l-'rnscr nud 2nd by Johnson that, the Hoard of Supervl'- sors approve the appointment of Henry Sdieppmnn ns Weed Commlsslouei- in and for trvliiKton Township for the yi-nr 11)10 as recommended by the- town- Ic'i'l.v reports In- approved': Aiidl'tor' Ite-port of Fee* nud other eolloetlotib i'"r !J-'I77.I'- J : Clerk's Itcpi.-rt. or Foes for ¥i:,ii0..i.>: Itc-ec.i'dcr's Iteport of l-'eos ror .*!P.C,.LC.,: sin-rirr's lie-port I.H Hoard of Snpc-rvisors fur .fllN.r.ii. Aye<: All. Nay.s: None. Motion made by .loliuseui nnd 2n. b.v l-'ra.-er that the lloni-d of Supervise, rs approve the ap|ci)lnliiii-nt or Hetty Sli-phc-ns. as Deputy County Itcc-i/r- der, beii-lnnliiK as of Julv 1, 1(110, gs rec-iciiiniendeil by I'lnra Walker. Couti- l.v Itcoordcr. and that her salarv be I'lxc-d .it SIL'.-,.(IO tier month. A.M-S: All. Nays: Nc.-in-. Mcdlcin iiuiilc- b.v (jiilnn nnd 2nd li Sc-lir.-iiii Hint the- Itenml of Supervisor's ii|cpn.'vi- die- luili-ianliy llonil of (ieo. ''. I'eltll in (he niuonnl or $IU.UO. Ayes: All. Nays: Nc..|ie. .Me.lie,n made by Johnson and 2nd l.y Schrnm that Ihr fidldwlni,' final e.-iimaic-N ,,r p. I!. Kverds for "grand- ii.i,': he- iipproveil: Maintenance- j'ro jc-c-l Ncc. 7: Sce-miilary |te,,,,i Dlstrlctn >e s. I1LT.. lil'li and I,'2S. \.VC-K: AM. Nays: None. Me.lie.n mac I, - b.v .hdinsoii and 2nd h.i Sc-lirnni llmi Hi,. Hoard of Supe-i- vi-c.-:-s appi-ove- final estimate I'rul. No. :'- leer .Malnleiianc-e (li'iivi'lltut of Mand- iu I'-cnsli'iii-iiiin i'oni|iaiiv. .\.\c-. : All. Nays: Nolle.' Mcdi mil' Icy Sc-hram aliil Uud by '."nun Uuil the Hoard of Supervisors apprcnc- Hi,, apiilic-ade'ii for refund of H.-irry N. Warbiirliin In the amount e-! si.MI ,.u .-icc'iiiini of havliiK paid the H'.irc Did Am- Assistance tax twice. ecu. I- III .lecllcs I'llllnl.V Mllll II Seeillld lino. i'.. Kossiitli rectioM- Ti'c-nsuirr A.ic's: All. Nays: None. I0:oo n'l'lix-k A. M. T\iir- Icelni; Hie- day nnd time set he-r.-lc-d'iirc- b.v tin- r.oal'd ecf SnpcrvlHors lor ae.-epllii!.' bids for die- furiilslil-n» "I Ilie- I 'mini y's i'c-c[uircuie-nts of j,'asC'- Si-ah-d bids snlmmicd l,v llnrms OH I'ompany. Alyonii. Io\vn. Lvni-li Oil I'ec.. l.cdy.-inl. Ic.wn. I'ltle-s .Service Oil i'c... redar linplds Iowa. Vlkiiij.' (Ill Ci.-.. Iccwn. Kccssnth nil Co.. Aliron.'i. lc.v\,i. ;in I Haiie-rni'l oil Co. .Haiicncft Ic wn uer- ecp,.||,.el anil ri-.-ld by til ''.only Anclilor MS dire-ctc-d l,y \V. !• Me-liciiu-lci. Chiiirniaii of do- ll'onrd. All bids wc-i-c- duly c-oiislilered and i »v:ii I'icillicl Ilial do- low bids \ve-n -nbiultlc-d by Mir KossiHh III! Coin )-any id' Ali.'c-n.-i, hewn, and the Hall ••'•eel'i nil Ccciiipnn.v or I la uc-ricfl. Iowa :ii a cllse-ccnin I'l-niii iiicrnial posted tank nil-ecu pi-i.-os . f .n-.'M ,-e-uts pe-r gal Ion. .HI iippricximiilc'lv IOU.IKXI L'iillon: e.T U:,-..liUC'. M"li ililelc- by (liiiun and 2nd bv .Iccliii--,,,, dial tin- ec/nlrac-i tie dellvei ic] nr..\iiiiiiie-ly inn.nun -.-aiimcs of gaso line- delivered ti. [my |icdnt In Kossull '' y I" 1 n warded to do- Kossutl "il Coinpiiny aucl tin- Hiineroft Oi Cicniicaiiy and do- Chairman of II'.- Hc-ard eif SupeTvlsoi-s be- aiilhurln "I and clii-cc-ti-d in i-ve-c-ulc- ci.-nirac-ts \villi Hi.' snid CcMMpauic-s pursuant ti Hie- -.lid bids, fed- and on behalf or IMI--UIII c ly, Iowa. Said i-untracts l" L.'I- in I'liri-e on July III. 1!ll(i. for ii of on,- yi-ar. ur Illllil July 10, \c-c~- All. Nays: N,.-ne-. Mcdlccn lo.'idc- by i ,m in u and 2nd by -I..bus..11 that l-'rascr be- appointed ics ii e niliii-i- Ic.. uiiiUc uiM-essarv repairs l In- ficllicwlii!.' drnlnage dlslrlets: Motion made b.v l-'raser and 2nd bv (.lulnh that the bond of (! -ire f:. Thome, I'rellnilnnry KiiKlncer on Dralnaifo Dlslrlel No. ISI. l n die mnonnt. of fcHXMKI hi- appnived noil lilaced on file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. MViflon made' by Johnsi.'ii nnd 2ml by l-'raser thai (ioorjto K. Thornc ii competent, civil engineer, be nnd he Is hereby appointed Knj.'lncci- In examine mid make report on I.alenil No. 02 c.-f drainage district No. I and present h| : t rlndlli(fs Ihereof to the Hoard of Supervisors at tin- earliest possible date-. Ayes: All. Nn.vs: None. Motion made by l.iiilnn mid 2nd by Sohram that, die Honrd of Supervisors approve the report of C. C. Se'tiarlarii, Drainage Knglncer, reporting as lo tin- condition of Lateral Nei. l."c of Main Ncc. 2 or Drainage Dlslrh-l Ncc. :!. no«known as Dralnajce Dlsli-h'l No. H'ii. nud cslliniile- of eos:'iif material and labor Involved In order to re-store said lateral to Its original cfririeury. Ayes: All. Nays: .None. On niidlou hoard pi'iccc-i-ili-d lo n'odi! and allow claims us per "Schedule m' Claims" hore'lnafter wi-ldc-n. COr.VTV I'TNH Iowa Stale- Hank, wlllilu-ld W. W. Sullivan. I'. M.. postage City e.-r Algona. light anil water se-rrlc'c W. W. Sullivan. I 1 . M., Imx rent HIIC] postage 11. It. I'eltlt. bi.-nnl.v Kh-anor Kollaseh, assist Ccc. Auditor Mrs. Itiith Itaiiey, assist. Co. Treasurer J. II. l-'i'-'iser, comiu. and scs slons , W. K. McDonald, comm. ami sessions '. W. A. Si'hrniu. c-oiuni. and M-S- sions • J. !•'. UMilnn. c-ctuiiu. and sc-s- M. L. Johns,in, c-oiuin. aiol si's bounty, laundry, frelofht, elc. ... , .,,,,. Irvlii L. Smith, boilul;- ,, .. I inane Christ, bounty , , .. Dclinar l-tseber, bflinly . ,. Wilbur Willis, bounty Kenny. Krnnlx. bounty . ,. Irviii I*. Smith, hountv ,,. , ,1. II. Johnston. J. 1'. tees . A. .1. Cogley, sheriff fees , Italph W. l.liidliorsl, den. she- rirr fees Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, pos luge • Kossiitli County I'lirm Ilur- eiiu. nppi'op. . llarrh-l Vinlug, asnlst. In Social Welfare ofrice J. II. l-'rnser, .sc-hool of Inntr. \V. A. Scdii'iiiu. school of Instr. Alma ,1 niikertnoler, sc-hool of Inslr. . Marluda Wheeler, unclaimed t>l!S . . \V. s. Dai-Icy * Co., sup. Kllplo Loose Leaf Co., Klip. McCiermlck-MiilhcrH Tub. Co, 823! 2,« 0.11 12.18.00 a ti 10,00 410.67 13.80 <U>15 . ... I'Jiuipmeul. sup. . Ilityk '.i. x,, 7d. >: All. Nays: None. Modem m-ide- by Schrnm and 2nd bv i.'niiiu Hint- Ui'Di.nnld be appointed a's ;i ''ciioinit Ic-e to nialie- neet-ssnry repairs ecu dnilnilKc illstrlcl No. ,1:17. Aye's; All. None, ' , ..' M"lion niintc by Johnson and 2nd by l-'rasc-r Hint Sehrain he- appolnh-.l ;!•• ii I'iciiioilttee- in make- iicoessarv re- I'.-iirs !-n do- ridliiwlng driilnago' dl.s- Hi.-ls: Ncc. 7\ No. s|. ||. ^ K No "-'M itiid il. .v K. NO. ;i-us. Ayc->: All. Nay.s: Ni/ne. Mc.lie.ii oiaclc- by Ki-iisor and L'lid b.v S.'lir.-eni that i.inliin In- appoliiti'il as •i ' ilin-c- in make iifccssiiry repairs he- I'cillowlng drainage distrlc-is: sloii A. K. Lanrilwn. v|s|ilnL r schoi.'ls A. K. Laiirlt/.eii. sc'l I or lli-trllrll.iii A. .1. fogley. iiillcngi- and Invest. fe- 1 -s A. J. I'ogley. ll'ili In Sioux City A. J. Cnglev. trip lee |.-,..|-( Madison A .1. Cogley, brd. anil lodging prisoners Kalph W. l.lndhorsl. mileagi- and Invest, foe's Hubert K. Hcvliic. I'odnuiu ... Shirle-v llelbcrg. assist Co Supt JiKinne Kneh.\ nkii. jissisi. Ci.-. Slip! Ardis Hosn'orth. assist. Cec Sujd I.MVOII Llndliorst, assist. Cet. Sherirr H. W. Miller, ofd.'c- c-xpe-use. Algona t'ppc-r lies Molnes, board iire.-c-c-cdings, sup., etc'. Aelviince I'libllshlng Co.. hoard HI.S7 IUIII N!i..",ii 'J!I.7II 2(17.IN 177.07 l!i::.lil 20:1.1;.", 221.:::! 1.",.bi '.N.7I ard Clark .\- Clark, be Ings, etc- Kllplo Loose- Leaf Co.. sup. Kocdi Hrc.'thc-i-s. sup Mud I'arrolt \- Sons Co.. sup. I-'Idlar & Chambers Co., sup. The Kenlon Ueporlvr. I'o. Tele. Slatfinenls. etc- Stilnley-Sargi-nt c,,.. sup Shannon Type-writer Co., rep. . hc.addlng miie-hlne- 'tter.C Sankuy. rodinan <!eorgi'.- K. Thome, ''engineer . I.'. J. Kohlinias. drainage e-u- li, 1C. Llc-scne-r. rcceliuan Algona Kleetric Co.. sup The Alge.'iia Hardware, sup, l-'nnk * Delm. labor Kiclnirdson I'lirn, (.'cc., sup... .nesorgc- Drug. sn| Harry Sabln. putting up i-lec.-- I ion ' lioot hs \lilry K. Sands, Trcas.. adv. ls.nil H'..l.-i 112.111) 10.21 "..(lU Company, Company, Singer (.'ompany, I'.vc-us \- < ai u ihan sup. l£cc\\-. I'e-leison »V Company, (clnu X Company, sup Hiireiin of Dental Hygiene, sup The A. N. rainier Company, Sc'icit, l-'nrestiiiin & Company, W. K. Me'i)oiniliV,"c-' ( ,'ui|(y"of.' Ci.-ijil dues I'. A. Mi-Ai'dnir, weed e-oinin. exp (ii-orge C. I'ellll. dnp. warrant CorilT I'TND Inw.-i Slate Hank, withheld liives Mallhen- C. (Jrie-r, court repe.-r- Ni-ws Map eif The Week;'inc., MIP. ; I.\STITITK KUND. l'ni\'e-rslly of \\'lse'ollsln, 5:llp. Dr. iMildwiii 'Sniitii. leetnror school of lustr The- I' Institute, books Wc-i-ld Hook Company, books Tin- Nad. Ivtiic'. Assn.. books I'.ANUS DLSKASK I-'UND John Hngi-r, liide-m. cuttle .. iir\ille lianise. Indem. eat.tlo . IJecberi Itiiiffsdorf. Indem. cat- II,. ; coXSTItl'("I 1 ICW TUN!) Ic-vvii siiiie Hank, withheld l,-|\os I'. I!. Kverels, loading and liiiuliim- gravel II. M. Suiidi. salary Jcilin I'. [''rasc-r. salnrv .lohn II. streli, bridge Insp; 8.07 220.80 272) 1.02 C8.62 3.25 C0.5 •12.B1 2I1..V 100.0 002. IS 28.83 n.oo 1.M.SD S.OO B.Tt: 1.1.08 15.00 3.18 10.00 2.02 2.00 2.01 12.»0 ,ALGONA UPPEB t»feS MOINB9, ALGONA IOWA (5t5B(f*l ftlcc Co, tieo. ,i.»i1.«i<, Sands, Tre«Aj«-iWv. 2,->.00 fO.27 1227.05 \vilbnr T. Courtney, rodiiinii "riiediiii Spiirgeon, assist. Co. of tools Kngln .1. I. Mc'|-r\'liiiin. use iind labor C. (,. ,V Mamie I'onrli 1 , right of \viiy -. Tom l!c-i-g. gravel and oats desire..veil Kniplieycis Mill. Cas. Co., .Ic'liu liorn-eiler Sand ,V Gravel Ccc.. gravel niiinc-h.-ird l.iiiulirr Co., sup. 'I 1 Ipseili Vill'ds. Inc., Slip. . Koch Hreeihcrs. sup. . ..... .MAI.\TKNAN(!K TL'ND NW I'.c-ll Tc-Ic-. Co., tc-le. serv. Ic-nii Slat,. Hank, withheld taxes ...: ». l.inii I'ublie- Serv. (Jo., ulec. sorv Intci-i-laic I'ower Co., elee. ^e•|•^I uii-i st.'iti' I'enM-r i,'e>., elce. SCTV i'Hy "I' Algiina, light, and Chii-aaic ,V Norlliweslern Hv. Cc... freight !. Manilllll Co.. loadlllK nnel hiinling grjivel Cliii-a^o .V Ncn-tliweslcrn lly. !•'. It. Kvcrds. luudliig nnd'. J. I!, wlukel. tiiklng'Vlid'iiijl i cess roitd ami labor Hurry L. Culler, pill in road till '. , I-:. K. U'cdix, wicrk on tile on road Cent nil Stales Klcc. Co., elec;-.. licli'i'siiiti- i'ower Co., dor.-: " se'l'V .' . , Jiollie of jtnsoilnfl ii-n^iw .. The AlKonft IHCdffare, Mip, A)»6nd Imp Co, sup. . ,i ( . Artiold Motoi* SuppU, eQip^c;. CHHsclllllES Slofe, sltp,< ,,,A li'iihk *. Delm, sup v\,,',!.,, Gfccnbefi Auto Supplf^mtv Koisiiili County Imp Sttre, cup K<ftit Holor Co, «iup ...\ ., Kolilhnaa Hdwe, aup. ,.^.,.,, I) K Itubhrr \\rldcf!<, R<l , , I'rijtt niecirle Co. sup. t , . Th»hipson DUtt-lbutlllijf'' Co , sup ... 1'Aiil r,riinl, chars. -.-. Kiinr drain Contpanj, Knnt Hrttln Ciinpinn, j! C Hulc hlnson, silp^.'^y,. Hoot HftMl«itfe mip *s. .V.VA s II frciuli Liimbii- Co , »i)ft 1 arl Slot! Hd«e Nim.'iV.iJ ( ri\crelt lloitselioldrr, lWiWlli> l-'urmers Co'olil Kiev, Co., slip, (.Iambic .Store, HUP i,3,e>,Si la.k l>csfs DX Station Coiitrclo I'roduels Coi 4 )) sup W »' ltro«n Sitpph Co, Slip i:«s( Tnd rounilr*, sup , , "'— I ort Dodge Company, »up . Tiro Itc-CnppcrM Co.. -(Blip. .. Centrnl Auto Kleclrle •.G(,-nt- [)uny, sup ............. -, ...... Keonomy Wrlillni; & 'Mlieli. Wks., rental on eyl. '. «V. . . Waterloo Steel & Kiiulp.KCo., tnip ............ .....-....•,,. . Herninn At. Itrown C0lrt(i(rti.v, ' sup. Killilp. Co., sup ..... Tr. and '' < ni ni|i, »v/., rtii i r, «,,,,, 4 t ,, Klontrlcitl; Service & Sale.t : Co., Rleetrloiil Scrv-lee & Sa'l^)CeV, Blip. .../;. ..,',..'... (llbbs-Cook Tractor & Knulp. Co,, Blip, ;..-....... Cllobe .Atnehinery &-' Supply Co., sup. Iowa Machinery .V- Supply.X'o., sup. ........................ '/.. W. l>cdlc Co.. sup, ',.».'.. Miller Clicililenl (.'o., fiup,, ... Klugumn' iWeldlnn; Co., 'jiup. and rep. ..'......,. Tire Iletread Co., sup. ..,,„. Certified Klcclrlc- Corp., siip. . 38.75 CoiiBolldalcd Steel -Syhdlcale, 2.13 ^ .21 S78I IJ JO 15,25 711) 100 n2.on .11)12 117 mi 2121 Dim fto no 1271 1001 12.20 47S.ll 123.00 20.8.'. 282.20 17,11 7.7(1 1-l.OS Oii.S!) •10.71 107.20 00,65 223.1)5 21.OT HO.iiO 2.72 0-I.SO 25.00 150.7! » l\MO VJU iijtm n. iHii|~( i , \ortie MolllNlitf, lifitfoi t noelf 1) Milltf, pVlibl .... ^ Ah In ttftlnfr, pmrol , ,. 1746,1 UoyM Snndc-fs, cfit ticca and load KM vet .,, . ., J71BB lohn S Amiefsott, pAtrnl ,, 12500 tteorffe nt\t>», wilting And pnllltlR trees . , .. 122,1 patiol , , lohn W HMtncIs, labor .... llflner ]iolnn>r->, Idboi , i lt \\nltci I'crtl, labor 1060 41 Oil J1GIJ ion til no fiW 100 227 I>T J', V, .tanso, Onlli and hiod , Wm ChrHtcnti n, pnlrol eiittlng IS 78 13 715 mo llTfi 1I7TI) lleiln H Johnson ticei and Ini'illnB u I' II I'cteiscn, (.hooking Gene CurVett, Naming: (travel I'OOH- FUND Mnripl llole, tnntl i>\ponao i'pno i rocil Mkt , pio\ Ilinrj \>to\ 2S.KI ir. oo 15.00 i in 211.110 8.00 U hlltcinoie | I'ainn is Co op Merrill lllos , prov 1'iiu'l Ki'nsl, prov \\ 0 \\ iK-ilnaid ( o , sup S. eV, h. Company, sup. W. A, Murray, sup. Di C II ( Ml/motet, mid aid Di 1' V lanse, calls and mod. Di It K Itli hiudson Dud aid Di I'll in Hut tot, mid aid III J tl Clapsaddle nud aid Dn It. W. Me-llt'dsley, niV-el. aid uu uu M. J. Stolcr Kuxnll Store, sup. a^'ju • ,11 II) 17.00 1(11.00 rxi.iiS 20.00 00.00 sup. Harms Oil'Co., flielslip. .... Kossulh Oil Co., sup I'cerless Oil Co., fuel sup. .. llam-rort Oil Co., fuel sup Lynch Oil Co., fuel siip Standard Oil Co.. fuel sup . Slidly Oil.Co., fuel sup. .... I.eroy Crapscr, shop mechanic- Joe M. l-Isser, operating driii}- llne -.,. , 17D.IH Clifford, Hpliiies, patrol .,..'.' 171.1(1 Arnold'.Wc-itner, pnlrol l-'crdlnand Meyer, patrol Uasinloj Iliiiiseii,-bridge work 4".19 and''hauling dirt. llert. Hliellinycr, pulri-1 .Si | I'liirciiec HctilgeK, patrol Lewis Marshall, patrol . .. 22.00 C-1S.20 10.00 15(1.20 HA 27.00 257.70 l.OJ 2.SL 15.15 C4.00 -120.t» MM W)3.!d 08.15 70.00 10.00 1.02 John lluseher, labor S. I). 'McDonald, patrol ..." lialph ' Mnt-klh, blasting and ' pnlllhg trees ........ Archie Dodds, patrol .. Walter L. Johnson, patrol .. Mllfc-rd K. Illlyeii, cutting and hauling brush,-etc. 1."... Ailiiiu Hecfer,.blo\vltiK stumns etc. .,.:.......' Charles .Crapsor, euttVu'ir brush' .-..:... Carry 'McDonald, labor .'.!'.'.' Oliver Voilnjj, cut weeds, haul , dirt, etc. -.. A, J. Ijljdiiiini, chc'ckliiff R r«- 'A...1. lllldmiin, Inhor ... I'ibaii Notiroth, patrol .... Loin Stoekwcll, patrol 285. lit 007.l« 15.711 177,01) 222.1111 100.:i(> 112.20 20.M 218.12 187.20 173.2.-I lo',).;!.', i.jii..')5 KW.::2 ir.!i.:!5 i7:t.2.-> 101.112 83.10 178.W on.;io loU.'J." 1U7.2.J lau.w HO. Ml 110.1:1 123.17 142.03 isti.ra 31.18 180.J2 171.01 131.07 . sluinps and hauling dirt Andrew Kromlnga. patrol ... Itohort,Spear, Inbop'....... • •i"'! 1 .? 11 M -' i-ttiiir, iisim".'::'.?. \Mlliani •!•'. Kclirador, cutting brush b 100.87 William. |V'Mi-irimvV paf.roi'.".' mw 1'.. (.'.Ohm, patrol .'..'.... Hi) SO Donald .lllorslcdf. cut. linish . 108.'s7 Umres Hawks, cut brush ... IOS.ST . rll!S rush Patrol ..-11, l ,. . '-IJ.--WCC, imcrejl nillurd Ohm. patrol .... -i'o V 0 "*' 11 ^'"-'l^ou. eul. briiali ..'.' i.l2 Lester K; .Sehultz, out brush . Ipli/iq Weeks of Sujnmer and White Shoe Time Left! WOMEN'S WHITE S O t\ F Sa v El Were $3.00, $4.00 And Up a? K All-Whites Brown and White Sandals, T-Stijaps, Pump* sS WJiile They Last- All Reduced to $2.00! • ,.1U; Misses and- Women's Types! . , . Mrs. John Jennings, wire and Ii00| ..................... .... Hurl Hospital, hosp. earn .; Ilooker'.i Funeral Home, rn- ueriil e.vp .......... ,- ....... U At. Merrill, rnnernl e.vp. .. A. II. FIII-IIN,. rnnernl i!.\p ..... Cemetery Assn., upeti- i'ave ................... llhodii lliinar. rent ........... TlioM. A. AIc-Miihon, iinili. serv. Uepariiuetil oC Hoelul Weirnrc, nld (o deitendi'iil c'lilldrc-ii Departiuent. ot So'elnl Welfnre, aid to blind .......... ; ____ . l>.r M. (1. Hoiifiie, ineii. aid ' Kc-ssuth IloDiillnl, hosi). euro County Fimii : Iowa Slate Hank, withheld luxes ....................... I.. K. Stephens, eler. BOI-V. . . Ilc-n Itakkeu. siilai-v ......... FlureniDt llakkeu, saliiry .... .Myrtle St.' John, sahiry ...... Kiilhei-lni; 1'm-k, slip ..... .... I'ralt Kleelrh: C'otupi/uy, sup. AlpfOlin ^.i i wn n wii^ui»> nti|>« i > Lnliirt A Mtttk«V, Slip , I'litlK & Uelm,'Blip ., ..... Kolillinim lldwe, sup , ,.... County Imp Store, mip , , . 2(0 NOW Tiri'WDroitn no IT nnsot*- VI.D b\ Ilie Itonrd ot SupervlstM Mint the Counfi Auditor In hotebr antlim?- Ifid nnd Id llano wnrranis for Ail (Inlms nllouod nt thla tndcdhg rtH fthoM-h bj- the "SLliedlllo o( Clalins' hctclnbofotu «rltton On niUlnti ndjottliltiicnt wn? taken nnlll D 00 o clock A M, July Ifi, into W. IJ Jlit)(fNA.LD, Chairman. i,. .1. t'onnlj Anilllni Amllliir'H orril-e, Alprolnt, Io\va, Inh in, 1010 0 00 0 flock A M 'I he Itr-ilrd ,ojt.t of Kos 08.00 110.40 03.00 75.00 Su.OO!) 2Ti.HO •ll.UO 2-lt.aT i n.oo JI7.UO l.'IS.UO 211.0:1 21.7(1 70.7S S.2!i 77.1;! ,. County, lo«a, mot ln> regular set slon pUi'Kiiiint ' to adjournment with I he follow Ing niQinliiiR present .t II Pintof, W 1!. MtUAiinld, W. A Scliraln, .I..K. QnllitiTftiiif.M* I.. Jtthnson. Mi.-llon nnidt! by S'chrnin and, 2nd hy Fraser Ijiitt the following rennln lion lie adopted; HM'ltV HIOCOHt) OP, Ti'iW , AND OON>!II)KttATION OF T1IW COUNTY I-M'J'IMATB •He II Keinenthcr that, on Ihls^lho IBI.Ii day oC July, 1010, the Hoard of Supervisors 1 ol' Kc-ssnth County, Iowa,' met In Hc-iHliiii mr the purpnNe«nf I'll- Ihi! and c'ciiiHlderhiK Hie cstlmalc for the loenl budget' of said County. Tlieri! was present a cim.-nim UK rciiulrcd by law. 'rlii'rcroi'o and on mild day there was filed iliu .county estimate. The/enflor said estimate was duly eonsldorod by Mm hoard. The bonrd ludiitt mil)' advised flnclK that a ilntii. ot: hearing on said estimate should be flxeil and II. does rix the 1st day of AtiKUKl, A. l>. 1010, at 'the hour of 2::ill o'clock I 1 . M., of said day MB Ilici date of heai'liiK. said hearing lo lit niitl f . the tlftr* flip Vole HnM*/>rtfl' !««•<• ^5,0*' SlIfitsMnBI Sdifiltn', ,T F Qilln« flhd'M, Ji. _., 1Mi0fta ttflng nny frftfct Now, < WberoHpon Hie Chftfi'mon dcclafcd (he motion car riot! a lid tlni Wso'lnt.lon duiv piiKMOil nnd Adopted UI!H ICCfi (lay of July, «1IB. Motion mndo by Qulrth nhd 2nd by lohnNiJii that IhP Offlclnl r " firtty ,r^.,dwplicn«, Ocptltt of »' e offlelal ttbftd of , Ucpary eco, e ount of »f nppfofed «nd plaeetr ttft fllj. ., liecordor, in the Amount of »fOOOOO be «nd plaeetr ttft All. fNayit None. c8i . fayit one. «, Motion mndd bv Johnson nhd' 2nd Kiascf tlfflt ff iK.n-ie'lldStit holjeo be •<CMC«) Diij..!!^ foiiowlrt* fliiffi(<d per- soni Mfxtflid MM .OnlTle ItdHrti nnd fnmllft • Mr A hit Mrs Joseph (Job) and Arldn* Klii*se, •\rollfltt iniidc bv teaser nnd 2nd by '-iliiain Ihrtl the Hoard cf Mti ii|ipto\i> thf lepoft of 1). Ij. liinlnage ^nglnccr, rec-oiilmehdlnir that sti|is«|n; lukpii to repnlf Ijalct-Hl No. 5 or 1;iatnagc. DlntrUt No. Il Iri 6tdot lo restwe sftld frilural to Us oi>lBlhnl eirlilPtiej, Ajts.: All. KiUH-j >> (Sert'jltcport on 'Flle. Motion . nurtlo by Oiilnn ntiil 2nd by li'i-niot' tlHtV.lIiigh llilnby, Tom Held and If. «..*mltli bo dud . .. o r a pointed as 'nioinbcrs nf Hoard of. An. portU.-niiient .lo fix special asKcssmciiM Ayes: All. -Nays! None. Motion made by Scht-nin and,2nd by Jnhnsnn Hint the following, resolution had at (he Court House, In the to' ' Audi- , tor's (iri'lci*. Algonn, KoHsulli Coiinl.v, linvii. The (,'onnly Auditor was direct- , IlKSOljt'TlOX TO ASStflS" COtWTV'S l.VTKUUST IN TAX BALM C Him If I•' CATK. :/: . . AH. The fcotmly of Kossnlh, Stale or Iowa,. hiiVliiir •«c<inlrcd 'the following .dexcrlhibd real oHtato: ' . Tim West 2/;i,'ofl,G'l Thret! (K>) mill thf! North Fifty '.(80" nf -j Lot • Pour ('I) • In', T\voiily-flvc (2o) of. tho r ed lo publish the estluinle and notlue Continued oh page 5 ;' THEATRE SHOWS AT IfiOO ANri 6:00 P. BLANKETS ON CHRISTENSEN'S LAY-AWAY PLAN- Polks, tlicy can have their mountains In Colorado antt their skyscrapers In New York ... for real scfenery just give me these Iowa' fields alonfr about this time o' year. That corn standing. straight as soldiers", those fields of beans, and the smell 1 of new-cut hay. Arid say, wasn't that a MILLION DOLLAR RAIN We had the other morning? This eoiintry around Burt is sure looking *"**•' •'•• .'••..'. ''•'' ,•..•',:. Well-^-hcrc are threfc more •residents .picked at random to attend the show at Burt Theatre FREE. Just pick any show, you want to. se'e,' and,, come to the box office, tell us who you arc, and sec the show 'on the house*. Watch for next week's Burt Theatre column. ' FRANK CRUIKSIIANK -TED HOOVE& ... , Burl, •.-.,, , S. K. PARSONS ,, Coming Shows -At Burt Theatre $1.00 Holds Any Blanket Until J Select your blanket now from our out standing showing of plain or colorli striper Orrlaskin and beautiful patte n "Orr Health". 100% Virgin WooL' - ANti THURSDAY August 7'and "8 ^. "HER HIGHNESIS AND ' (rV' 1 '' 1 'l Stripes on >vlutc, blue;,and . • •'•'••i '" '••<•. • •-...Vi'iV'*' 1 '•"•'•. M scarlet. <» •;' >i^%^"' ' 72"x90" ...........$15.05 Virgin Wfl.ol»_ ; Moth Proofed f AH the new patterns and colors. Full double bed size. $6.95 to $15.'J5 Every new shade, ,sa< bound. Full 72x90, 25% Wool ,..,,..,.,$3.95 75% Wool $7,95 100% Wool $W,95 • : ;i ^sul : ELDOl Republic's lavish ill jcal 'prpductton s.tarrin|||* ( ' of the Cowboys and His Horse "Trigger" : ,\Vith,Qabby Hayes, Dae EV- ',ans ^HrBo.b Nolan and the 'Songs of tfc Pipneen'. ; ' "THOROUGHBREDS" With" Tom Neal and Adclc Mara. The story of a discharged i soldier and a discarded horse—how together v they won their way to fame and fortune. SUNDAY t ; , 'AND MON»AY ) ) ' ' August U and' 12; » TENSEN'S 's Style Center" ..*. ..-".„, C.J, **:.' ',%£*£ BUD ABBOTT and I.OU COSTELLO NQW they're In " Haying a veil of » Not since «BM ? |,; Privates'

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