The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1946 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 2
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PACE TWO_ Mr. and Mrs. Don Vance of Sioux City were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Crnig Srnith' Thursday and Friday. Mr, and Mrs. R. J. Harrington returned Monday Vfrom Minneapolis, where they Had been visiting friends since Thursday. Mrs. ,A. C. Juckniess of Omaha came Saturday for a: visit at the home of her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Torsten La- KPrstrom. M r > and,Mrs. Charles L. Sampson of Hooper, fre'b., visited his mother Mrs. Georgia Helgens and sister Mrs. Karl Willasson, last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Crilly and daughter Audrey left Sunday for Seattle, Wash., to visit Mr. Crilly's relatives. They .'will b gone about two weeks. Alden Me Adams retur,ne< Wednesday from Chicago, ,wneri he spent a day or tvyo on busi ness. Mr. McAdams own Dean's watch repair ' shop. Mr. and Mrs. George Power: and their daughters Donna ant Sharon are spending this week at Lake Okoboji. Mr. and Mrs Victor Parsons spent the week end with them. Mrs. Joe Downey and iwo children returned .Friday from Buffalo Center, where they wore guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Harm.' lor two weeks. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS NO. 13 OF A CENTENNIAL YEAR SERIES Presenting The Farmers of Kossuth County Hugh Rancy Hugh Raney "isn't supposed to he workin/r" but the chances are you'll find him, as we did, out with his sons on one of the Raney farms. Although he has entered the ranks of "retired Iowa farmers." his first love is still for the farm. Born in Riverdale township, son of Mrs. Cora Raney of Alffona, Mr. Raney came to his'present place in I'-vm ff ton in 1915. At present .there are 338 Seres in. the Raney farm—as Hugh puts it, "80 here, 80 there and some more over west." mere, n,J$J l f rp n re 2Tso '? s . a n'l 2, daughters in the Hugh Slv» n),"' V yle ^ S '»™*"ff..a«-ls the "baby 6f the family. Howard—who served with the Army Enirin- eers; In. the Pacific. Mrs. .Vorma Walker and M?s Sherwood Potter are dauffhter's. Hilffh Raney says emphatically that "Farmitiff is he best job I know of". And to that he addsTlf the larmer saves his money, he has a bright future. IQWA FACTS Iowa's 1946 corn crop (if all goes well) will bring in more dollars to the state than all the gold ever taken out of Alaska. "57 Varieties" is the famous slogan of a famous food firm. Yet we have more varieties of banking service than that—there are actually about 66 ways (by actual count) hi which this bank can be, of service to you. We invite you to use any or all of. them! OU'A ftTAIT RALPH MILLAR, President HAROLD GILMORE, Cashier ROY McMAHON, Asst. Cashier Seek Wen "who'inspire Trust and Esteem if Four thousand years ago, practitioners of the healing arts were impelled to organize in order to shield the public frop». the impostures of quacks and charlatans, Similar organ- isations have been carried along the current of history to the present day. Today the great national associations of physiciaqs, pharmacists, dentists, and.nurses work separately and harmoniously to keep educational standards high, the impostors out. You cannot exercise too great care in securing the advice' of those whose efhiczl concepts inspire trust and esteem. Vfheo ill^consult a, registered Doctor of Mgdiciqe. Jf medication is needed, bring your prescription to u$. ALGONA IQWA Help In A. Military ladies come in handy, even today, a few ex- service men found oui ,ih* other night when they became .involved in a if at hunt that finally enlisted practically a whole platoon—with bad results for Ihe rat. Seems from an apartment window, near the city parking lot, a ,wi|e spied a rat. 'The word was passed, and Bill Sef ril and Don Hem- nijngs'en .undertook, on , or- .ders from.tKeir wives, to organize—arm^ ^lyle—to 'get , that. rat. Leighton and Law- rence Misbach .and Wendell Simonson. the lai$*jlgi;i|6ft; .gapie warden, were 'Stbyin mid the HuHt. Sweeter &*• missloh was "secured ftdm the .police to oaf *y..£ *««*<• meat, >hleh; co^si'siedi i(sf phe rifle, bne 'shbifunt ilwME^6 beebee guns., , Memmlngs^n, to offe£ alddiiioiial pr6iec< lion, also 166k a biyoft'et. . .After being briefed ort ihe» attaijk, ihe"plafpbn' set o\3(f. An easy conquest was ek- peeled, as only'.one cat .was involved. Scouts "were* .sent out, arid. the', balance ' of jh& plaiobn fr»m>(f up in isO8^*i«Hg«a order, Seouf Sefflfsgled ffie ens< niy and signaled the main body, -All Hlflai dfopile'd 16 the ground aiid crawled, in strategic ^bsliidfls from which ito , fire; •::•:. 5^, -••. ' „--,'•• "c-: '' , amiss in>* ' Ib Th v e rat snowed signs of, making it a real battle, and had Worked hitftsielf: into a position ' where he hacl Scouts i ;Stfrif ' aiiid Hemming. sen cdrtf4redt* Helpless in the face of the glowering ittemy, ths scduts signaled jaf fteip ;Attd;iH6 galitt Body b'l trobp*'lushe'd id "lie Fes- Cue* :Af this pbihi, reliable 66*' respondents*'report the rat drdjf$ed dead from Bright. AHSmiiHrtsr to ,"saye vfaee/' jthe ..rtlefoon Iftid; stlviral ,$hois', in ; the air t to .eotlvjA^s their wives—if no one else that they had met the enemy and $6 .^as theirs. rRefreshHienij wele Served the ilghyngSen aftef their lry.iftg ordeal and* all is now quiet on the alleyv front. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas nd sons Bob, Dean arid Philip, tose Scahlan and Mr. and Mrs. s . H. Chrischilles spent Sunday t Okoboji with . Dr. and Mrs. Carl Hoffman. Mrs. Robert Willasson and au'ghter Barbara, who have ieen living in Humboldt, have ow moved to Charles City where Mr. Willasson is employed at the depot. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Palmer of Glcndale, Calif., are visiting the Karl Willassons. Mr. Palmer is a former resident of Algona. This is the first time he has been here in 23 years. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Willas- son are the parents of their second Daughter, Susan Anne, born July 19 at Waterloo. Donalcl returned to Algona last Wednesday after visiting his wife. Dr. and Mrs. ..M. G. Bourne and daughter Julia and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fristedt and daughter Virginia went to Boone Sunday, where the girls are to attend the Campfire Girls camp at Hantesa. Bill Godden left Sunday evening for New York to visit his sister Mrs. Robert E. Lucey. Evelyn Dau is clerk .at the James drug store. She was formerly employed at the General hospital. Bonnie Bonar is expected home Saturday with her discharge from the army, where she served as a lieutenant in the ^nursing corps. She has been in "Japan, '.md was dicharged in California after 14 months service. , H. J. Lacey left Thursday for his home in Springfield, Mass., after being called home by the death of his mother, Mrs. W. H. Lacy. He and his family .had visited here with his parents only a few weeks ago. _ J Miss .Thelrha Jones came from Des Moines Friday to 'spend'the weekend with her mother, Bessie Jones. She was accompanied by James Lett and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Messer, also of Des Moines. Miss Jones is employed by the General Electric Supply Co. of Des Moines. Barbara Haggard will leave Sunday for Roselle, N. J., to visit Mrs. Howard Buehler, the former Eleanor Thorpe. She will also stop in Washington, D. C., to see the Mell Petersons. Barbara will fly from Chicago and expects to be gone about two weeks. Joan and.Nancy Hutchison left Monday to spend several days with the Maurice Duffys of Churdan, who have a cottage on Blackhawk Lake near Lakeview. Mr. Duffy was formerly county treasurer here and the Duffy and Hutchison daughters were friends. ,John Spongberg has been spending his vacation in Algona with his father, Harry Spong- bery, and other relatives. He is taking the veterans course in electrical engineering in Minneapolis, where he has been a student since leaving army service. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Henderson . and children Gayle and Freddie are expected Saturday from Pomona, Calif. They had planned to come in September, but due to the recent illness of Melvin's mother, Mrs. A. L. Long, they decided to come now and are driving through, came down from St. James, Minn., for an oyer-Sunday visit at the home of Elmer's mother, Mrs. Louis Hagg. Elmer, who is the proprietor of a job printing shop in St. James, recently married a Minneapolis girl and is flying high, wide and handsome, if you know what we mean. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hagg Mr. and Mrs. John Tapper and daughter Nancy of Cedar Rapids and the Walter Tapper family of Buffalo Center spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dick B. Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Norri§ Rousseau at the Meyer home. Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Rousseau and the Tapper men are brothers and sisters. Mrs. Walter Johnson returned Monday from Des Moines.where she had gone after her daughter, Mrs. Merlin Webb and the latter's son Merle. Mrs. Webb lias been in Des Moines with her husband who recently entered the Veterans hospital, where he expects to remain f .r about three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Roy D its worth and son "Ronnie" left Monday 'or an auto trip to the west coast. They will visit relatives in Oregon and at Seattle, and expect to be gone a month. Roy has been the foreman at the Algona Ice Cream Factory for the past 15 years or so and has had few vacations. Prof, and Mrs. DontUJ MUler and children, 'are returning A;ugr ust 2 from Sioux Falls, .S D., where they have been spending the summer with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F- M. Orms. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fuller and two daughters left .Saturday for their home in Long Beach after about a month's visit .with Mrs. .Fuller's brother, R. J. 'Harrington, and family. The Fullers had rented their home to the former Marguerite Dalziel and her husband, who have now found a permanent residence. Jane Hickenlooper, daughter of Senator and Mrs. B. B, Hickenlooper, joined her,-parents at"' Clear Lake Saturday after -being a guest since Monday of Joan and Nancy Hutchison. The Hutchisons took Jane to the lake and spent the day with -the Hickenloopers who are vacationing from Washington at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fristedt and daughter Virginia returned last week from Clarence, where they visited Mrs. Fristedt's parents and in Burlington, where Mr. Fristedt's parents live. While at Burlington Mr. Fristedt gave a talk before the Junior Chamber of Commerce on racial problems in larger cities. They were gone two weeks. Peter Langmack returned last week from Springfield, Minn., where he spent a month with his Mr. t and Mrs* Alfred Peterson Ipeiit Sunday at Chtirdan • yftUh their niece -and.her husbftnd t Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albright; Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith and Mr. and' Mrs. Allen Buchanan, Vith the children, 'spent the weekend nt Clear Lake with Mr. and .Mrs. Bob LaBarre. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Vande- yfalker and children came Saturday from St. Paul to spend a week with the latter's parents, Mr. and :Mrsi B. H. Potter. Mrs. A. B. Oakland and her children returned Thursday from Bricelyn, Minn., where they had visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hove .since Sunday. •< ; . Mrs. George Hoss and her little daughter Nancy Lee of Iowa City, sfrrived Thursday for a yisit with her parents, Mr. and They "Will grandparents, Mr. Henry Langmack. and Mrs. His grond- Mrs. Alex 'Nielsen, be here a week. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Saunders of Fort Dodge were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. White, and were Sun- tlay dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meidkg., Mr. and Mrs. Donald Arns and daughter are moving this week to' Hawarden, la., where Mr. Arns will be emloyed in a hardware store. He has been em- nloyed her by the Pratt Electric Co. Mr. and Mrs. Byron, Kelley of Oak Ridgo, Thurs- V^MIV .AV*Ug<~f JO^lAlJ.f . J-QjJCU b J. II LI 1-3" day Vvith the^.t^oljards, Mrs Kelley Is a sister of Mfs. Pbllarxl. The visitors went from here' to Rapid City, S. D.» to see;Mr. Kelly's .relatives, arid w.ill return here later for" a- Iftnger,' visit. Ruih Fleming Of Chicago arrived Monday • fpr : a two weeks yisit uHth her! ; $i$ter-.and brother- in-law Mr. and Mrs. . Craig Smith and with her parents Mr. and. Mrs. J. M. Fleming at Whit- tembre. Miss Fleming is $ecre- tary to an attorney in Chicago .Mr.* and Mrs, Milton Fox re turned last week' from a tw weeks vacation. They had visit ed in Cresco, Fairmont, Britt Ruthven, and Fort Dodge. Mr Fox's daughter Mrs. Carrol Johnson, lives in Fairmont anc his sister Mrs. Cyr.Eisenman liy.e at .Britt.' ^Mrs. F,ox's' ,'datigh'te Mrs. .Rudy Osjter and 'hef son Ver r le.,$c.hrAidt Uye .at -Ruthyeh They. visited . the Paul Beids ' a CresQO. '' ••• ' " ' , Mr.,.and ,-.)Mr4. .Russell, Comp,,p JVin,1;er.set ppent^frprri ^urjday'".to Wednesday .w.ith ..Mr. "and -"M Llpy.d'.Muckey,,gQing.from 'lie to visi't Ytytr. and Mrs. v Hary T , Steyeh at .Sexton. .Mr. Cprnp ji a nep^e'w of ,Mrs. Muckey',ahd Mrs.' Steyeif. ' % ' ' L. 'A. Quinn arrived .Friday from ..Washing't t on, ,p/C., 'to join mother accompanied him for a week's visit here with her son E. M. Langmack and family. Frederick Langmack returned Saturday from Okoboji, where he spent a week at the :'Presby- ierian camp, , Mrs. Norman Rassieur of Rapidan, Minn.,'was* a guest "last week of Mrs. H. J. Cowan \and Mrs. W. A. Hall. Mrs. Cowan and Mrs. Hall and their children are spending the next three weeks at Okoboji, on Manhattan Beach, where they have cottages. Mrs. Rassieur accompanied them to the: lake when., they ^we^t, Sunday, and will v spend a',jtew'.day there be-fM«e^ng.t- to yi'sit tier mother. Mrs. R.oy Keen is on her vacation frpm 'the Kresensky store and is visiting her daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wettstone at State College, Pa. Mr. Keen went there recently and has' taken a position, as Caretaker in one of. the college buildings and located there' a- few weeks ago. 'Mrs. Kee.,n does not plan to move there, "at least for a time, but if Mr. Kepn continues to like the'location,-she will join him later. Mrs. B. E. Norton 'returned Monday from a' two months visit with her daughters Mrs. J. F. Capp and Mrs. Ralph Loss at Bremerton, Wash. Her daughter Meryl went out with her 'but returned to Molino, 111., July 1, where she is supervisor of nurses in a. hospital. Mrs. 'Norton was met at Omaha 'by her son Elwood of Laughton, who accpm- panied her to Alg6na for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton P^rcival returned Sunday froih a vacation in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Colorado Springs Colo.' At Cheyenne . they attended the rodeo, which they found most entertaining. Cheyenne has the .distinction of being the first place that put on this type of amusement, which has gained in favor each year, and is duplicated in many other locations. Mrs. Ruth Jacobson returned to her home in'Colfax Wednesday after spending two days here with her sister, Mrs. Kermit Forbes. Mrs. <5. D. Shumway and daughter Sandra, who have been spending the summer at their cottage at Okoboji, were in Algona formost of last week. Mr. Shumway accompanied them back to the lake for the weekend. ' HeJen B.e.*esfQrd of Vinton spent from last week Friday till .Thursday with "Mr. and Mrs. Charles '. Patterson. .Miss Beresford is a niece of Mr. Patterson. t Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson of Burt, mother of Charles, spent Wednesday here, to visit with 'the guest. , < Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Reed, their son Bob, and their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. William Hof of LuVerne. spent Sun,day at Sherburn, Minn., with Mrs; , Reed's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bassett. Marilyn Fuge of Chicago was a guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Presthus. This week she is .visiting relatives at Bancroft, Lone Rock, .and the vicinity, and y/ill return later for a further visit with the Presthus family. .Mrs. Stanley Muckey went home from the Kossuth hospital Saturday. A daughter, Nancy Mryjjmd ; Mrs. Julius.Blinkman ;at Shakopee, Minn. his wife, iy no 'has been her.'.tHe past few .wpeks witri her rn,o'th er, Mrs. Laura. Chubb." ' v Mn an Mrs. Qujnh leftiPriday afterribon for the 'Qkppojrs, ; wh?re they will remain .most of . th.e time, till they return to Washington.' Aiigust , I S .is mpying^day , for a few 'AJgpna 'families;' . Mr. ' ' 'and Mrs. Chan-Dailey, W.ho; 'have had an. apa ' ' Donahue street, are moving into an 'apartment with Mrs. .Eleanor 'Kain Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allen are moving into the Frank Wednesday attd ^ " ••"-''*••>•""' GAMBIiED HER LIFE FOR LOVE! Friday and Saturday, August 9-10 Vera house recently remodeled Monlux property which Mri Vera purchased, now located pn E. Elrn' ftreet, and Mr.' and Mrs: .are , tajting. .the . apartment "vacated by the • Dai' '" •••••'••• • •• •'••' ^ yU{A<HRUBA;RfLSTON WILLIAM MARSHALL L J. Agent for ^'s <Iff pducts- >!ATOM o Historical Visual Report* Wa£er Atom Bomb Explosion Sunday and IVJonday, August 11-12 ."Across From Fair Grounds" J MEN HNHER LIFE/ Statipn 975W— Gargage 975JI 18.919.9 DQNT WAIT TILL VQIJR CAR DOWN ON THE JOB/ TIRES. & BATTERIES QRick Tire Repair Quick, Batte Full Line of Auto ACCESSORIES "A CITY STORE WITHlGOUNTRVfiPRlCES" Jpeeip-4 . ^ ; Sundj ugusHD Across frpm the Court House <Fpr that grinding job on tjtie, farm call Algpiia 541-W or Whittempre 2331

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