The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
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: • l ;,; f 'i^'^^^.^y.i'^'v, i ;^>r^^ : .H;f^:'' : r,-V';V^ li '' v ^V.'* 1 V.'•' v r.^';.'i~v'V' • ; S'.'"'::A! ":•; ''•'.'•'''..v'llfe:;"'^";."'V ; ^',;;v'-' r ; ".' .,'..-: : ."••-'•..;:' . ' ; . :'v. ''•'': ' - - ' Vv-i-W'^m*'. mm UffTY LEAGUE fSy's baseball Jflttifes , in ..Jsslith League found Al- Staying off a Barffally in "" itith iffamo, 6n the Burt .., to win 6 to 3,'arid thus second place. * -rf league season ended last i except for ;pbstp6ned Which will probably be iff this coming -Sunday. VHch of .Algdna was one day's heroes, Algona led, ?H the start tff the seventh And then catrte trouble! hllch Come* Thfoutrh , cwski. • who had : tJeqn ;g good ball, got into trbu- iy giving'three b'a'ses on ? Including: one run walked tie the count. With no/body 3oach Paul Seeley switched ivski • 'artd Frbehlich.. The Curler caWe in, with nobody ftnd the .bases full, which in Ibook is quite a handicap. >t .Boettcher flied to right, Vogel and Ringsdprf both IK, to leavv three men '6h & ' '[••',:". :gona sewed things up. in the .th With a four-run rally, ibout this time, also, 'a specta-. argument got pretty Warm the conversation- reached the it where two of. the fans be-, trading .punches.- Constable ,0teWard of ,Burt cooled: igs bff.j ••.'•..'., : . : . ' Many ^Infield E«6t« krors and riiisi.'.Jo^i ftnd field- rciidceS) godd or-bad, usuelly In the tide, ami this game was t-ptlon, • i6if."t presented n warn until' a -few miscues • Algona a Vbfleak, -which Key .iioupled with hits to sew 'up . . 'hurled tjopd ball for .-t •' iin'.il he ••'tif eel near the pine's. end. '., ••'. * •'••' 'Before we leave I he ly.ssuth iio .foi* the, season, however, 'Jike to ;say that the teams seemed 'well galariced and play- ddfeven ball.. The league is a good one 'for our county, and; we pe' to renewed next year, : . possibly- expanded 'a 'bit. goha (6) AB. R. H. |. Wlhk'cl,-, 3b ..^-.3 1 1 iradlcy; c ...i-.— 5 0.2 »; Winkcl,,lb -____ 4 03 Frochlich, ss-p .— 5 1 2 uinn, cf — ..— _-4 0 1 Ceiewski, 'p-ss •/---- 4 i 1 1 i.ntbr. -2b .„— ..'4 1 1 Jlbi-idc',i.lf, .„.— :4. .1 1. Slchcn,-rf ..— .— :'4 1.1 <3)V ' " c,. 3b,' rf - ____ 4 -0, 1 ^Bbcttchor, •'$\i~''.£^-.9""-'$' .' 0 ;;V"£ei> ss il._..— —• 5 • 0 ' -1 ^Pinpsdorf. v c. v _,^'-.— ,.5 1 .-1 -iHanifherstrom, rf ',- '.•'! --•'-' 00 '' • .y/e&nesdny eVeriiftg Algona fiyfll play host tb ; the Bancroft jian's(4n\ : a contest starting at 5 pi. •. ,"ni. Vori"; .th'o'Vf alrgro'unds diamond. ^Bancroft <lls>-'chajnpion. of he -Border League; :;;'.> .-.- -: WINSs iS T.EA10UE QHAMCPIOM . , . St. Joe :bbwed,''li to s; at Ijbtts K, SUndayi, c}ri«shjng the loop j for, |hc- Crb'ekett.'ljOne .Rock Bl§oi : 'woni defeatifiiKLeidyard, .6 fo 3. .Results of rtHjS': Wesley-, Sorwith i ;,'g[anie'i , fpvijid 'Wesley "'• ' . .vHoweypf, ^althoHgfe there is bhc .game pb^tponed^ for each team, rio»t Sunday's cresult cannot 'change the 'league, standings pfjthc* first; two-fteams. "' Algorta .- cinches -second, and is now iri; tihird place. TTEMORE. WIWS TWO ESTHEI^VILLE NINE Whittemorc: With Dixon and lz, as batteries, ;,the Whitte- oc team of the; Border League a gam?? -Sunday; 9 to 1, Esthervllle, /ori' the Whitte- oi'e diamond, arid came back in ccon^'game Jo • win again, 12 2. Ifarie and Elbert \vere v fttenwe battpries In the sec' idi contest ..V' \«"J ;';.• •-. •.'•.-.'»'. - : The gpme >vas marred by er« fa. CaTie's stealing -.home 'was c 'highlight <•< the fielding and Of the con- pf Fiierel seriew. 'ioj .--JWrs; p8S§^:a*ay at t*8 ' ' SB - . ;fivs; years Pf«»i^P^»» Ia4gC;i^n^i}.|S|^fe : fe MM^mMSis^mkilm^o& ESTABLISHED 1868 ALCfOlSfA, IOWA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1946 Sections—16 Pages VOL. 81—NO. 31 Swea City. ., ' •••. • -..- - n . •/ ^ • ••). Celebratidhs .•Four communities in this area afe all set for, their annual. cele- bra'tibns artd observance of Iowa's centennial year. .The celebrations, all .taking place within the next week, are; Lu Verne—August 9-10, sponsored , by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Commercial Club. West. Bend-r^August 7, 8 and 9,' sponsored by the West Bend 'Cotnmercial club. Whiilemore—August 9, 10, sponsored by the American.Le- gion and Commercial club. Swea City —August 13, 14, sponsored by-the fife company. It will be otle of the biggest celebration weeks in the boun^ ty's history. ; • ' LuVerrte Program At 3:30 p. m,, at LuVerne, St. Joe and Corwith will meet in a baseball game. ' A carnival concession 1 with 28 rides and 'shows will be" on' the streets, and .Rev. 0elx)ss Marten/: former- 34th ,'di- .vislon army chaplain, WilT be' a featured speaker 1 ,- during' "i, the program.'on Friday, : afterrioori; In the evening there wilt be ; a . . J. L. MILLER, AT THE MICROPHONE, above,;- Vis y telling '. the crowd:at the 'Burjf celebration, held-j-eoehtlyj' whatlsV-Wjhat. ..Tom Trenary of the -..veterans' committee, Is a}sb sho^wfr/on^he^platfornu', At ?urt ; thj two' veteransV;brganlzatlons,;4he7A"niMq^'>L^ibh' ; and..yi';F. W,,' cp-bperated in putting on the two-day^cslllbr'iHpn^JEtelii^a/ nancial return. ^yas-relporti^:(I^oto>toy/'Al l iW?s^ly^ ''*"' • " " ••"" NO CELEBRATION IS COMPLETE without a ;daricei tirid' at'Burt the crowd enjoying the'dance is shown here. '(Photp=by M "MlssalK m AJSPLMENT; SAYS fiE INSANE _,_ a. court afttfon filed recently,- Merle Miller of Titonka- is asking that a marriage contracted August 14, -1937, at Northwood, Iowa, be annulled and decreed to be voidi ' - ", The plaintiff states'that Irene Miller, wife and defendant in the action, was insane and whoU ly incapable of -i contracting a marriage, and that the said de^ lendant has -been continuously insane* since the time of said marriage and is .still insnae. After their marriage the couple Jived together until December, l|40 when the defendBnt%as adr jydged to be insane and cornmit- ted^tP the state hospital v at St. peter, Mjnn,, where sheV reroain- ed for sjx month?. She :WfW temporarily; released, but n 'months afterwards was committed to the lyinpis state hospital at Elgin, whei-e.she ha^ sine? been '' ~ ««if d » :-,. , ; v..-v, ..•• -Her condition Jncurabje, ^Jf V .'-.-.'-7""-" mattep/.v^lL/come ... for hearing ' Ad' Brings Back Set Valuale Mrs. Claude'; WWtehlil, Jr. is breathing easier again, as the result of Don Hemming , son's discovery^* and. ^ e Power of Upper' Des Moines want ads, ' • Don found a set of keys. turned them In at the Alebna Upper wes Mofnes, and the of « flee ran a classified ad under the r'Tourid" column. MI*,' now happy a? a .result. Whitehill saw thp ad- and Is The key ring contained keys to the WhltehUl hoiMe, garage and stove gas tank. - : ' CANCiNSFOR , ;pue to . ting shelJs b| ; the Kpgs,u of -get^ . Day Conservation community dance in thejL Verne school gym, during which time an Old Fiddler's Contest will also take place, with cash prizes awarded. Ozzie Palnefek's orchestra will play. 'V The 'carnival will also run'on Saturday, Aug. 10. ' . Swea.- City's Guett .' The daughter, of the founder of the Swedish colony, that first feettled in .Swea, Eagle and Harrison,"-, townships :.of "northwest Kossuth W^ll'be .present at^vtjii Swea City . Centennial celebrai tibn; sponsored,-by- thfe.'tbwn, firemen.. • :.'.'; r '.,'. ;.' -'' .-' '-. Mrs./.Rena, JeariSoh .-Tuttle 'Of Des Mofnes, daughter 'of.; th'e:Iate Capt. R. E. Jeansoh, has notifltel the committee that 1 .she.'will.Vat^ tend.-and;. also': lend object^ 'Of, historical -interest to be 1 display; ed during the" twptday prpgraroi Capt/.-,Jean'son .came.' to'- nbrth^ west Kbssuth in 1870, when :,it _\yas'-' still .unbroken ^pr'airie, ''ac't- ingVas -agent for the -American Immigrant^ Co., •«..-. syndicate which / owned vast 'tracts of lartd in the ;,area.-- He-, brought ship}; load, after -shipload' of families from his native Sweden to settle in the three townships.. At that time .Algona - had , the nearest railroad, ; and '.the' -river settlements in Seneca, were the nearest habitants on. thp south. : ;^'.i il Whlaeriidrt .' ; -.' Whittemore/will offerV35 cqn j Cessions during -its '.ivio day pto-l ;gram, -and 'a. baseball 'game, irec show and a ibig dancci the' night of Aug. 10 ;are>-scheduled;; Several surprises arc;,included on the program.. • : : • j -Maih street ,will ; be a: • gaily decorated -thoroughfare' .and;: a general Homecoming :.fbr return- ed.serVice-irien .' is 'also being planned.. " ' 'g^nielsi' a,:'flower' show, ;'$thd >'a inlitisical 1 .^ program . with ift' ; ' 100• piece .band -participating,'; .< < •,-.-• Gov. 'Robert.13.'Blue Kas been secured ,toVspeak .Augusl^,? at »8 .p. mi; '....-' ••,;;•..'',:••...V,'': "','• '•'•• ' : .'•' ' Mme. Raymond 'pelletang jof France, -formerly/, a ,West Bend t-esident, -will ^speak .the < evening if August,9ii: Shevwjll/be a guest of Mrs. P. .p.',Dopweiler''and Miss Ida' RiJ'ey. • ;Mrhe';>Delletang is a French- warl.^idbw-- and,.|Was connected '. ' with v the '.;. underground •novemen.t,' ';;.-'•.;'".'-• r !'-' ' •.•;.-.-"•'.' V The °ibjasebi|li»>gaines .will .take place August;-?, 'WJtht:West Bend ys'.v'Rodmap^Augu's't'B,' with'VMal- 1'ard-Vs.' Lotts "Creek,;.-and Aug. 9; whcri. the, two ,-,.y(linn'prs play.. GOVERHQR BLUE TALKS AT^ FENTON CELEBRATION ' Fenton:V- "SelfisKness, lack of Vision and/greed -are; three of the main factor?;-in' causing wars," said Gov.' .Robert -Blue; -speaking last Friday dfterrioon at the Fenton 'celebration 'arid centennial observance. :. \ ^.."Arguments 'between industry *and labor must be ,. : settled if Americas, needs ,and wants are to 'be supplied," the governor added. -••- •".- -••'• .--••; ••• '.-• = • • He called on .each person to play his part', iri bringing about world peace.. ••', ; Mayor Frank Behne of Fenton Introduced the governor, Following the governor's talk, Fenton played Rpdman. in baseball and won, 9 to 7. Rodman had only one previous 'defeat, that by Fort Dodge. 1 ' ! Fenton alsp : defeated Lotts Creek, Thursday,-7-i to 2,'for a cle^n v sweep of the two-day tourney, - •,.-.. . •' .../...; The. celebratWn "wai. sponsored by the -FeiJtpn • pests;' of the American • Legwn 4n4 Veterans of Foreign Wars, CQTp,peratlng. Iii the fenton«l,&tte Oreek rame the scqre, vfta tlejd twice 4wring/the contest, Mt it t>roke up iii the 'eighth' Irwne when Ca§tor. h,H, a tripfe-find Lefty Me- Quown hit R 1 Vhqni^ run,.' some- hing a pitcher isnt; supposed to * very, often, >< ,; •,' to ren f pf the market, to poj is . fj!*'^rl^4'^^-^ i^\\.'«i,-'-S-',"--;-v r.i^vSfi'i-i'.".'',". *™?ir»t'fisi:Hi ! -* '•>•••;*'.- '. lOSStiTHFAIRTO PREMIUMS, PRIZES v*. ••..,,. ' ^'Premium! totaling $6.575 will ole-.offered to contestants in the various departments by the Kossuth county fair, August 21, 22 and 23, A. L. Brown, extension director and secretary of the fair, said Monday. ' The premium awards will be divided by classes as follows: Vegetables, $200; fruits, $70; canned goods, $105. flowers. $200; crops, $200; textiles. $300; livestock, $3,000; club depart- 'rnont, $2.000; schools, $500. ;; Entry lists and premium books ^rriay be 'obtained by writing or feeing Brown. 4-H Club Entries ; .i Since the 4-H sirls clubs make their entries at the fjir by clubs, •|ocal 'achievement show? are now being •held to make IP!PC- tions. Entered at the fair will be the; articles the girls hav« mnde d'.irlng the year and which Win in local club contests. permart Valley and Plum •Creek clubs have already had their events but coming achieve- .ment shows will be as follpws: ::Aug. 12. Irvington; Aug. 13, Buffalo and Prairie; Aug. 14, Lotts Creek and Riverdale; Aug. 15, Fenton, Lu Verne and Union; Aug. 16, Wesley and Whittemore; Aug. 17, Greenwood and Seneca. Entry day is August 20. Fireworks Last Night In addition to the various highlights of the three-day entertainment program, a huge fireworks display has been se- Cured for the final evening of •the fair, Friday, August 23. Wednesday's feature attraction Wlil be Jimmy Lynch and his Death Dodgers, also booked for the state fair for two afternoons. Thursday's main' attraction will be the WLS Barn Dance Round-Up, both afternoon and evening. '• Friday, the Seneca Saddle club will perform. The Lone Rock band, will furnish music for the final day, and Swea City and Burt bands have been invited to provide ; musical accompaniment lor the first and second days of the fair. : ; The Parkway Carnival '•• Co. proyi^e entertainment on KILLED MONDAY IN GAMP MISHAP . George Hackman Jr., well • known former Algonian and a brother of Mrs. Fred Gei. gel of this city, was killed in an accident, Monday -afler- ..noon, at a .boys' camp >ati. y Galesburg, Tenn,, where he u 1 ; had • been spending the sum', mer as a supervisor and in ;'charge of electrical .equip•:. ment, . •• : According to the brief in, formaJioh received here by • • Mrs. Geigel, George had . climbed a telephone poll at • the camp to fix, a transform- ,.er, While he was on the pole "a bolt of lightning struck him, hurling . him to the ground. : He was dead when picked up, and his back was broken. .For the past 21 years. Mr. :' Hackman had been an : inv rtructor in electrical engineering at the Knoxville Tenn., high school. He was married,, and is survived by a wife and daughter, agQd 10. His father, George Hackman St.. former Rossuth sheriff, died three years ago. Funeral cervices are to be held Thursday at Knoxville, and Mrs. Geigel was to ileave today for Knoxville. Mr. Geigel also expected to go to the services if arrange- , ments could be made locally for him to get away, UNION TWP. FARM SELLS $165 ACRE ,, The f orjner N. J. |0jeps 218 acre farm in south? east edge of Union has been sold to Fay Harmon of near LuVerne fop $195 an acre. He will take ' March 1 and is now fall plowing. „ Fisher, the . present wiU tnpye to a farm purr by his father near Tir quarter section. R.US- rcJhased this UnV MJ, Kfieps three " known to Jsrro. ... , Henry the Jtmi a A TWO Million Dollar Rain That was a TWO million dollar rain we had In Kossulh county, Monday morningr> And we have the figures to prove it! There are 200,000- acres of corn planted in Kossutb county. The .61 of an inch of rain that fell-from shortly after midnight until mid- mornlng in a gentle drizzle should be worth at' least five additional bushels of corn to an acr'e, farmers said Monday morning as they enjoyed the dew on local street corners. That would mean an extra 1,000,000 bushels of corn In the county, and at that the present price of around $2 per bushel, this would mean, a net increase of about two million. And that isn't all! There are 60,000 acres of soy beans planted in the county, and the rain should be worth about one extra bushel an acre, or about $120,000 on the present market. Now our research department didn't have time to go into the matter of hay, or we might be able to work out something extra there., But any way you look at it, the rains came at the right time, and mean much In every way, 1947 County Budget of $1,227,000 Is Lone Rock Purchases Fire Fighting Units For $3,200 • Lone Rock: A committee from the Lone Rock community, after visiting a plant that "manufactures fire fighting equip; ment, at LuVerne, Minn- last week, purchased a $3200 unit for use in Lone Rock and surrounding area. The purchase price does not include the truck chassis, which-is being purchased separately, but does include the pumper unit with all necessary equipment, including hose lines, etc. A portable unit was also ordered that can be carried by hand if the larger unit is in operation, but which provides pumping facilities if needed. Money for the purchase was raised by donatolns in Lone Rock and from farmers in the surrounding territory. Making the trip to Lucerne, and acting as the purchasing committee were Angus Cotton, Carl Ewald, Walter Thompson, Roy Jensen and Jack Quhrii: Alley Fight Fractures Cheek; 17 Cases Up In Local Courts * ™ * * . • • Julius Munson, Wesley, was fined $25 and costs of $5.41 Monday afternoon, by Mayor Frank Kohlhaas, after; a hearing on a charge of assault and battery. : Munson and Norman Palmer of Algona,. after / an argument Saturday night;'became involved ture'd 7 right'.. cheekibohe,' was '"taken to the Kossuth hospital after the fight, and Monday was taken to the Veterans hospital in Des Moines for further treatment. ! ' ' Palmer was an ex-service man. The entire right side of his face was caved in by the blow, officers said. Other Mayor Cases , Other cases before Mayor Kohlhaas were: BOY, 12, BREAKS 6 RIBS IN ACCIDENT AT FENTON FARM Fenton: Twelve-year-old Boyd Bauder has had a streak of bad luck while visiting his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs Scott De- Sart, for the past six weeks. Boyd was injured Saturday evening at 6 o'clock when a load of bundles on which he was riding tipped over in the DeSart lane which was washed out. Darrel Dreyer, who was driving the load, was not injured. When the load tipped Boyd fell on a pitch fork breaking six of his ribs. The prongs of the fork entered his body in two places, his arm and abdomen. The boy pulled the pitch fork out himself. He was rushed to Dr. W. W. Jolley in Fenton, who immediately called an ambulance to take him to the General hospital in Algona. Boyd was treated there and returned to the De- Sart farm Monday. His condition is Yeported as satisfactory providing infection does not set" in. .''"'•'-'••.-' When Boyd first arrived at his uncle's farm he rah into a barb^ •>d wirp fence causing four stitches to be, taken in his head- Qohald DeSart, 12, son of the Scott DeSarts, also ran into the *ame barbed wire fence and four stitchff were tpken. in hjs_ head, Trwck N Crash On A Bridge The protecting hand of provir dence niust; have bsien ta evi^ dence a£ C 'narrqw bridge, fjve miles w?stpj the Pawl Hmst filling station, pn^hiphway 169 when. a loaded gF^vel truck and a car ' . . Sheriff Ralph horst» wfep invfstJgated the , } §ajd- %at^ 'each jpac.hinp was pfpba^Jy JfliJftg about 4Q mifes SJi h^MPi : |IMl that Jlp ,.OJeiy WSWf Jsfe. : ' : 0itO£en>as djiyijig th«ipv |M Isyri !>,£*' ing.- o,{ wg$$ftrQtt£ -yim. *rix&s Louis Roalson, Swea City, fined $50 and costs of $9.25, Monday afternoon, on a charge of intoxication. He was given the alternative of 15 days in jail; Sheriff Cogley was called to Swea City Saturday and arrested 'Rpals,pn. .-•-'• N _' ' ,' .Clifton C. .Copas, fned $2 and "' .,, ty ' jail ;ori' aVchafge" olf'druriken- hessi also .last; Thursday. Drunk Driving Charge Lawrence J. Becker, St. Joe, was bound over to the next term of Kossuth district court, Friday, on a charge of operating a motor vehicle- while intoxicated. He was arrested by State Patrolmar D. S. Hutchinson. Bond was set at $1,000 and was furnished. The case iwas heard by J. B. John- ,ston, local justice. ' pther cases before Johnston in the' past few days: W. R. Legler, Corwith, fined $2.50 and costs for speeding. Swea .City Creamery, fined $2:50 and costs for not having a license plate on a truck. .Kenneth Emery Swea City, fined $2.50 and costs, no drivers license. Claire D. Olson, Corwith, fined $2.50 and costs for failure to stop at an arterial. Various Other Fines Donald S. Jensen, Algona, was fined $5 and costs for permiting ?.n unauthorized person to drive his car. "Verne Scobba, also ol Algona, was fined $5 and costf for not having- an operator'.? license. Scobba was driving Jensen's car at the time the machine was stopped by state patrolmen. Ardell Aulstrom, Minneapolis. was fined $10 and costs for hav ing a load on his semi-trailer exceeding the legal height. He was jriving a load of new cars. H. Wilbur Hill, Plymouth, was fined $10 and costs for having faulty registration on a truck. Ben L. Oliver, Arnolds Park, was fined $5 and costs for failing to stop at an arterial. Ernest Weil, Alexandria, La., was fined $5 and costs for failure to stop at an arterial Fred J. Smith, a grave} truck driver, was fined twice, J&50 each time for exceeding the' speed limit on a county road and for failure td stop for an .arterial. John R, Yates, Fort Dodge, was fined $2.50 and costs for 'not stopping at an arterial; All of the cases with the exception of those in the mayor's court originated through the Sta|i|ypatro} which, is making tan jntepljlve ejtprt to cut down -accidents by ' rigidly enforcing bal§ic -oad la,Ws. '.'•:• ' ' ' ' AS^mfSS^ff^H^^ Roth, Ticket Don and Clem as committee tr{iO,Ut, . the instaWat WA o| a pastor, ^ey. V, fv Jorc|ahl t of . m, DIPS »t Bode, ' FOURTENTHSOF MILL IS INCREASE FOR COMING YEAR There will be a slight increase for Kbssuth county for the year '. 1947, on the basis of the county budget for next year, as recently ; published and approved by the-r-i, county board, last Thursday. „,.;,. The estimated taxes per $1,000 of assessed valuation will be $5.62 for 1947, or an increase of about four-tenths of a mill. .-• • •: As compared with Clay -.',', ;; county, for example, Kos- s V suih taxes are lower. The Clay county lax for 1947 •••••..• will be $6.48 by way of com- '"• 'J • parison. :'• While the 1947 levy totals '' $1,227,000, only $469,500 of . that r , ; : total is to be raised by direct A tax. . . . .- : .-i: State Gasoline Refund • The difference between the to- .-•: tal county cost of operation, and the amount taxed to the county, -o is made up from miscellaneous '' collections. About $100,000 comes V * to the county fronv'the gasoline,;/;;-;; tax, for use on county roads, aSA,;i3 an,;example. ,; • •..-;-.;. ^'J..i; : ;^ "'' Ai: Comparison' of "the' 1946 : 'zu3i'ct5^5 J.947 budget follows: :-. : •.•"•._.., .:&"' " „..,..».-.. -.-... , ,..-«j...., - --'-•''-•—'.SrjsbaS'jffit, 'PoorvFuftd* i^.v•'•_...,... .. State Iristitu.-- 28,000 "• [nsane __.! 5,000 -BiOOft'f:-^ School 16,000 30,OOOMl5 Soldier's 'Relief 5,850 5,000'.; 3 Bovine T. B. ._ 8,000 17,000-A ti. Emergency 41,000 57,000V;:', Bang's Disease 2,750 2,500 V'-V Fair and 4-H „ .5,000 5,000' V- Secondary Road 865,000 877,000 In 1946 it was necessary to'': '';•- •aise $449,000 from property taxes in the county, and in 1947 v the total to be raised will be $469,500 or slightly less than a""* ?20,000 increase. '^3 Big Balance Expected --if However, it is estimated that* -• is of January 1, 1947, the counV^"^ ty will have a 'balance on haridfc.«fi of $577,500 to run the county un&*"± til 1947 taxes are collectedSt^A County Auditor Leo Immerfalft**"! Said. . ' •''-..': : c':!:'( The secondary road fund, alsoH;V ; ! while showing a large total, will* K probably have a reserve :of «•, ;^ around $400,000 oh January 1, • ! '( 1947. The county has been:, C; building up this secondary road .-X reserve fund, which is a handy;'•' thing to haye—come what mayl-L'-j' No leyy will be made for the)V,V poor fund, insane fund, or sol--* V dier's relief, although they, allV show up in the budget estimate;' These expenditures will be tak-_;,,,> ?n care of from county reserv^ } funds. . ' ''~?'~?'. PICK COMMITTEES FORMiDGETRACES Committees :to hande the . get Auto R^oeg, being 'Sponsored Monday, Se'p(,?2, Labor, .Day, the KossUthV fairgrounds" •:by^ - t Lions Club' of Algona, 'have named, by the 9rgan^atibri^ • , -/Ralph Oie,cHmai»ri and F; Ffisteplt will, act ''' •'•''

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