The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1946 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1946
Page 13
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FENTON WINNER BAMAMiaO* Fel^ton: Fenton defeated ofVltf tq # tttfflffllJ snot' <n (he gamp tytis wh,ei; Mpj Quow'nj qh4 Oa,s^o;i:"h'plh triP'PH fonr'runs jn. thp' fpuflh fmjjjig; Batteries for Fenton wets 'Crow? d. jju,aqj(1g r ---^- r - 3 } u T. fipVine -I------ 5 I ft J. Long "'.—'."—.'-.'.'- 4,1 1 Godfreflsph .1—I..: 861 Johr^ Murray ------ 4 9 ' V G. Edge .:I:I:.:I.-j|' t tf. I i 4 it I 1 ft Fentpn 'A|J. R. L. Walsh ——-.— S ' 0' Schulte _..:.—:.: 6 2 Kt;ause ,-.-i—. Krumm ._,.-!. Castor ..—I—— S F. Hanifan —_. J —. 4 Seelfey /——LI ,McQuown — 3 1 1 •'•' ' ' '-. >'.; : 39- 1$ - ; t A Birthday SiiiprUia My s.' fTpyd Duncan gave a suf T prise party in honor' of l^fr. Duncan's. '57111 •". bjrthda'y • Ttfonday night. The group Played 600 after which lunch was served. Attending were Mr. "and Mrs. S., "E. Straley, Fentpn; Mr: and Mrs. W. R. Smith. Alflfohaj'Mr. and' Mrs. Ross'Elvidge.'Mr/and Mrs. Ralph Dugari, Mr: arid Mrs. Ed Wqlfe; Mr. and' Mrs.' Tom Trenary and Viola, and Harold' Becker,' 'all' of Burt. •' .':.";''' Pariy on 61h Birthday A 'party 'was given' at the • G, er- hardt Hantelman home Thursday afternoon in honor' of their daughter Eunice.' whq was six years old July 20.| Enjoying the courtesy were Janet Behne. Janice Stoeber, Merle and Barbara Halverson, Beth' Ann' Newel, Jeanne VHantelman, Malirida , M Hantelman, Mrs. Kenneth Halt* verson. Mrs. Martin Hantelman, Miss Eiyia Meyer, Salina Hantelman. . " "',.-' Community Club Meets ' The ""Community cjub met Monday night at the club rooms! t Twelve members were present with.Jake Schwartz, club president, presiding. The club will 1 adjourn, for two months •'.'unlgss some ' urgent business requires their meetingJaetp're*thpfl. . .'..';\ DeWall Reunion ; • . : The" DeWall family held their nnual reunion Sunday /'at the Hate park, • Emmetspiirg. The. group enjoyed a picnic dinner qt noon. Those attending y/er'e the Wm. DeWall family, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Georee DeWall, Terril: Mr. and Mrs. France ? a yton $£$ two daughters,' Grraet^'nger; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ah'rends §nd son, Palmer; M^. and Mrs. Bert Shoa'n and two daughters, LohrviUg; Mrs. Reka Rauhauser anfl tain; t ily, Mr. and' Mrs."Henry KeVfall, * Estherville; the Hermap Jones family, the Hi Hartman,' family, Rolfe; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ^fitpn. and Jimn;iv, 'EqimetsbuTK: M[r'. 4 and Mrs. Tienry Weiss,' Mt an'd ; Mrs. Henry ' peters andi *W9 daughters, the Henry. ' §hpa.n * family and Albert Bjeckjnan. famr ily, Pocahpntfjs. ' '"'''. Church Circle Mfftl Circle, 5' of tfte Methqdist at toe church, Mrs. '.Walter Wid.del« , WSCS met Thursday ' . leader, presiding. Iflrs. Nellie Wolfe gave tlie lesson. The de. votions were eiven by Mrs, Rose Chrischiles. Following the Reeling liinch \yas served by the |q},^ Blowing hostesses: Mrs. Lester Weisbrod, Mrs. George Jprgen- .son, Mrs. Walter Widdej; Rex Wolfe, Mrs, Ed Rewiers, Mrs. ' ''' , was - NeUon, , JT The NeJspR ' Sunday in th.e Park, the'groi „ .... »nic dinner at ^ppn,! Tnflse f t ing the eiyenVwpTe »*<»?}$ * and Mrs. Albift N^Isoiii tJie:Ken-' Halverson family, Fenton; and Mrs. Omeal Nelson, family, Hodman; the BHSge} Kd-. j wards family; West Bend; the Henry FrohHng family, the Omer LPark; Pountifn '* Pamagtd [ The fountain in the Penton Jpark was damaged last week. I The fountain was placed there »for the convenience and benefit Lot tfe! BUMc, m ttiS 4jllWHtt to Understand wh$! anyone would I want;to destroy }t, Lester Theesfield is still ill and nable to d,P.liis (t»rm work, jwin Kraiises were Algonj |jpers Monday, : .,-. .. -• 'jaron, daughter pf-ws A? \*> dcks, visited ftpy gTfn4p9r? ,„„• h> Spencer the psst, week,. Ajdelle Lee, Munftie,; ln&, t yjs? * T 1 "^?^ a ^ " ; tP? ^ " [son's.' Miss Lee is a f the "Nelsons, i F -- "Ijldreth AlOONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA IOWA- TO INSTALL NEW BODE PASTOR AT Bode: Sunday morning, July 28, at 10:30 (he Rev. Verner T. Jprdahl' will be installed as pas- fpr of St.'Dlaf Lutheran church by the Rev. Dr. N. Astrop Lar^ sdn, preiifdent of the Iowa district of the Evangelical Lutheran church. Rev. Jprdahl fills the ptjstpratp left vacant by the res- fifnatipn Pf the Rev. Martin Tryg- sfad- , Pastpr Jqrdahl was released frojri '"army service /last April, where he served as chaplain in thp American and European the' SEXTON .^rtiJ 4 ^^y^-vir^^j, Meyers. . .,,. "Mr. and Mrs. T. Q, Lively, P^l- es}ihe,"Tex., Mrs. Jp^n Newel and W- E.''Stoeber were Thursday dinner gufests"at'the. Wilfred $t6ebpr' hqm t e. •'Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bleckwenn, spng Gary and Mark, and lylrs. BJeckwerin's sistefs Vvonne and, Marlene gtig'man'spent Sunday at 'Qkobp'ji. "Rev. W. H.'Friedrich preached last Sunday at the Fairville Lii- therari churcji in' thp'"£}bsence ot Rev. A. F. ^le'hder, who Is °n an extended trip'in the v?est. ' Mr; and.'Mrs. : Wm] DeWall and girls visited! Monday night with plarence' Eglan'd,, \vhp' i'S in 'the Holy 'Fa.mily' hospital, gather- vil!0, fp.llpwing an operation. .' Mrs. ^er't Peck, Long" B.e^cli, Calif., r^turne4 Mpndsjy tip the Jphn 'Mu^c'h hpnie aftpr visiting a few 4ays in'Algpna with Svisip Gqeders;" Johni Is 'Mrs. Peck's son. : Ringsfied Supt. To Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. "Stub" Helland and Mr.'Hellman's two sisters were dinner guests Wednesday evening at the A. L. Kabripk home. Mrs. Kabrick and Mrs. ' Hellahd are sisters. Mr. Helland was 'superintendent; the past year at Ringsted but has moved to Dttpsen for the coming year.where he also' will be super- Jntende^. 'Fqijr years ago Mr. Helland' Ayas principal in the Feritb'fi schools. . ary . return.e4 $ijnd,ay lnajng tfe'past #jsek at sr Eimers left "Sunday for '" where she 'is'a sten- pgrap'her- for the Fpyndry Supply 'Cp. :< 'Her sistfiF yerda returned Vj>ith her and 'will visit for a week in Minneapolis. Mr. ahd'.'Ijlfs. Ferdinand Mueller,- daughter Viola aiid Delores, spent'Sunday 'visiting M: 1 - and Mrs. ! QJto Petpn gnd family and Mf. ai^4 ; 'Mr s< Pwl P^° n ^ n ^ family, Grae^tingpr.' T^py were syppei; guests at'the Ottp Petpn fyptne. ': " ' . < : 'yfedflesday dinner gyests at ^he- Freji Brown, home were Mr. and, Mrs. Ben W^eda, Leaven- WQ^th," Kan's.,"ian'a Mr. a.nd Mi.-.. Clareiice • Sch_loH?r arid son. Nora Springs. MF^- 'Sph}o$er arid Mrs. B ; cpusins -of Fred Brown. ' .. an^ "Mrs. ?• P- Reisers and Mrs. returned Thurs- . day, f^qnv'towa City. They visited; at^e" Ray Reirf» ' '' '?Mr's.; . did ' ?it the ers home, received 'University i^^t*.. - . i ,'s,''.;' Mabel Mortenspn and children-tpokti^ee', son of the —•-•-•••: .^aases, to Algona .,..ay," ipee s^ept the past Jn'F.entoni poris .Jean, Mpr- rernained in Algona>.^nd jft?«t the H^se home for a few ^ays.; ; '•;';%;. > ji|^' ¥?s- l^quis Weisbrpd retv|rn.ea Monday frpm spending several "days with their daughter Mrs, :Kerh",EleficJ5 and her hvis b|nd flind soj> Briap, wl^o own cott,egesi .at C^gs L|ke, Minn. Mr. Elenck' ; ' \\s,ed/ tp ' mapage the Corporate Robert Riedel > of Foley, Minn., spent Friday and Saturday visiting at the Ferdinand Mueller Home. Robert has been hpme on furlough since the Fourth of July. He .was station' ed at Spokane, and will return there, after his furlough, Mr, and Mrs. Gerhardt Hantel- le|t §vw)(iay "for an e*ten4ed ya cation in the West. One of their stop4 will be in Bismarck, N, P,, w)»ere 'they wi}l visit went} 8 . .During Mr, JJanteljnan's.. absence, his garage will be closed. The grp,u,p plan tQ bg gonf abpyt wwree weeks, * •••--••, Mr, and Mrs, Richard Goetsch and Agnes Gp@tsch left Monday for- their cpttags^V Spring lotf Miftn. The Riphjrdl C" have been spenqjnf all there and, had the past week, Sprw>g in and . will spend a Csllsf Bode: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson received a telephone call frptn 'their son, Staff §gt. Robert Melspn, who ' has recently trans- ierred from Rudersheim to Heid- iebprg, 'Germany.' The conversation between Robert and his parents was very audibly, and the call came through the New York overseas phone i»t 7:30 on the ' mprning of July, 4, being 4 pcloclc in, ^he ai'ten-iQQfi, July 3, jn'Heidleberg.-' '^••••' '<••':?•• '• ••"••• •'•-'• 'p;f operation. Previous to eh.tering the army he was pastor pf 'Qur Savjor's church in Cleveland', 'D,hip. He has two sons in tn'e havy. Daniel S 1-c and Roger an ensign arid Daniel S 1-c. Bojth ' expect to be released to enler college this fall. The two younger Jprdahls, Norman Jean arid Truman, will enter the Bode bublic schools. The Bode Parish" last month observed its 75th anniversary' and homecoming activities. Home From Trip Mr| and Mrs. Orren Olson and family after attending the wedding of her- brother Donald Johnson arid Miss Lela Mork in Kenyon, Minn., . on July 2, visited with relatives and friends at Lake City and March Field, Minn., returning home on the evening of July 5. — — — • l Back From Germany T-5 Garmen E. Pflibsen arrived home from Germany June 29. He received .his honorable discharge at Fort Sheridan, 111., J^ine 28, after having been in service 22 months. He will join his father in farming two milas west of Bode. Mrs. Harold Hunt attended the Planning Board meeting at Burt Wednesday evening for the Farm Bureau. •Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Neel, Mason City, were Monday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hunt, south of town. Miss Darlene Davis left Fri( day by bus for Grundy Center, where she spent the weekend With her sister Mrs. Brown arid family. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach •Visited Wednesday afternoon at Mallard at the home of her sister Mrs. Joe Namer and at Emmetsburg. George Tech was taken by ambulance to the Park hospital at Mason City Wednesday. He has 'been ill at his home west of town here for some time with heart trouble. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hughes of Livermore visited Wednesday and Thursday of last week with ier daughter Mr. and Mrs. Harold-Hunt and on Thursday they all attended the centennial celebration in Algona. Mrs. Mary Fastoender of Appleton, Minn., who was visiting her brother-in-law and nephew Jacob and Bernard Weaver, left for her home Friday. Bernard took her to Mason City, where she took the train. - . Bernard Weaver and his aunt Mrs. Mary Fasbender of Appleton, Minn., visited Wednesday afternoon at the hpme of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mortinek, Mr. Mar- R'. C. Rehmerlarid family, Watertown, Minn. Mrs, Rehmer and Mrs. Eimers are sisters. The Reh- ber family visited Monday at the Eimers home, Fenton, 'on thpir way to Illinois for a vacation. The following group of ,young eople spent last week at the pthodist League Camp at Lake Okoboji: .Darlene Goetsch, Jerry Holldorf, Jim Holldqrf, Billy Stoeber, Juanita Mae Straley, Kaye Ruske, Jean Ehrhardt, Anna Rae Weisbrod, Marilyn Weisbrod, Delores Mansager, Beverly Pierce and Verle Pierce. Mrs. Mary Hansen cooked for the group and Rev. and Mrs. F. C, Preul chaperoned. Little Diana, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Seval Hoiden, had the two middle fingers of her left hand badly x lacerated by putting her hand in the lawn mower Thursday mornim?. Diana is one of a family of five children. Victor Kinseth of Des Moines spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kinseth, Mrs. Delmar Kinseth and 'baby daughter Rachel Ann returned Sunday from Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge. Pvt. Alice Lowman has returned to Langley Field, Va., after a furlough spent at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lomen. Bobby Ellingson and a few of his boy friends visited the Algona swimming pool Sunday. Just incidentally it Mapperied"tO be Bobby's birthday. Mrs. Fannie Shipman of Los Angeles, .Calif., and Mrs. Grant Besett of Bartlesville, Okla., are guests at the home of their brother Fred Eastman Sunday, Mrs. Fannie Shipman of Los Angeles, Calif., and' Mrs. Grant Besett of Bartlesville, Okla., are guests at the home of theii brpther, Fred Eastman. Sunday June 14 they, accompanied by the Eastmans, drove to Edgewood, la., to see Lyle Eastman. Hostess At Wesley Wesley: Mrs. George Kemper will entertain her 500 club Thursday afternoon July 25. GIRLS! ENTER THE FAIRMONT JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE QUEEN CONTEST tinek having been quite ill for some time and they are friends. old Blacksmiths Hold Picnic At Grotto Fenton: Blacksmiths of this section of Iowa held their annual picnic dinner Sunday at the 20 ATTEND BUSY BEE CLUB MEETING Union: The Busy Bee club met with Abbie Tjaden as hostess at the Mrs. Ferguson home in Al- goha last Friday afternoon. About 20 ladies attended. Hilda Gross presided in the absence of the president. Gsmes t:nd contests were enjoyed. Ida Winkie and Mary Jean Andrews were winners in the 'contests. Lunch was served by the hqstpss. The next meeting wil be With Lillie Bahling August 2. f Home From Army A. W. Lindsley arrived, last . . , week Tuesday to join his wife and son Terry, who have been at the home of Mrs. Lindsley 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bode, the past Z'/z months. He was recently discharged, having been a first lieutenant in the Army Transportation Corps. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schenck attended a mail carriers convention at Des Moines the latter part of last week. They left for a -weekend visit with his brother and family at Des Moines and will then return to their apartment in Fort Podge. He had . 39 months of service. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson of Bloqmfield were guests at the Leonard Cruikshank home and attended the '• funeral of John Ditsworth Thursday. Mrs. Grace Jackman, also here for her brother-in-laws funeral, returned' to Ames, going that far with the Wilsons. Mrs. Wilson is the former Eleanor Cruikshank. GEORGE'S I ill FOR FINE FOOb AND FELLOWSHIP Open Seven Days a Week Algoha, Iowa Kossuth Delegates At Carrier Meeting Fenton—The Iowa Rural Letter Carriers Association and Auxiliary held their 46th annual convention in Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Thursday, July 18, to the following Satur- Grotto, West Bend. Those at- (c ] ay _ 3. E. Straley, Fenton, was tending the event were Mr. and delegate for the carriers from Mrs. Karl Peterson and son, of. Kossuth county, and Mrs. Lloyd Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs. Will, Schenck, Burt, was delegate for Durkins, Dolliver; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Deitering and family, Bancroft; Mr. and .Mrs. Chris Hogart and son, Buffalo Center; the Wm. Bohm family, Lakota; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stone, the Dave 2augg family, West Bend; Bill Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fauerby, daughter Ruth, Kathryn Willrett, Mr. and Mrs. George Jorgenson, all of Fenton;' Mr. and Mrs. J. Alby, Rolfe; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauman, Ledyard; Mr. and Mrs.'Frank Flaig, Lone Rock. Has Tonsillectomy iWesley: 1 ' 'D'avia : ,'"t'n'e" 2 old son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hiljbert, submitted to a tonsillectomy at the Mercy hospital in Mason City last week. the Auxiliary. Mrs. Straley took S. E. to"Als5ona Thursday morning, where he left via bus. Farewell At Fenton Fenton: The Fenton Firemen gave a farewell party Tuesday night for Shelby Weisbrod. The group presented Mr. Weisbrpd with an auto compass. The Weis- brods left Wednesday for Lewistown, JVIont., where they will live because of Mrs. Weisbrod's health. The Dr. Muellers, formerly of Fenton, also live in Lewistown. Club Meets Thursday ; 'Portland: Thp Portland Service club will meet Thursday, July 25 with Mrs. Ralph Dugan. Assisting will be Mrs. Raymond Lovstad. Hook up with Phillips 66 Gasoline -It's "Vjleathcr-Ciiifttrolled" for Smoother Qriviiigi* \V7HAT makes Phillips 66 Gasoline V so special? A scientific "Weather- Control" system that jits this gasoline to every driving climate. Why • not get this kind of smooth power for your driving pleasure? AH you have to do is pull into the nearest station with the bigorange-and-black "66" sign! . *WIUIK sciimne USCM.CH KM MATCH6P PHIUIK 66 TO CUMATE fOK BETTER BRIVINS/ PHILLIPS 66 tSASOLINE HARMS Olt COMPANY, Dist. Harms Super Service Station Frank Haldeman, Operator an4 Manager Phpne 74 State and Jones "Harris Phillips Station Albert Haag (Formerly Klamps) ' (Formerly Johnson's) State and Jones . On Highway 18 If you're Between 18 ana 25, ana Single, You'** Eligible! A,tt pntrants will be guests of the Junior Chamber three days — with all expenses You may bp £ueen of the Water Cannival 2-3-4 MAH. THIS ENTRY BLANK TODAY! ENTEY BLANK Fairmont Junior Chamber of Commerce Water Carnival Queen Contest Name .... Address Age ... r 1. : Mail this entry to ArtJiu? Edman, Fairmont- Minn., before August Ist-^qddiijonal Information will be sent to you. Frizes for Every Entrant Mail your Fairmont, Minn, Fairmont Junior Chamber of Commerce Water Carnival Q u E EN FRIDAY, Dave Townsend and His Just Received! Carload EVANS Oil-Burning WATER HEATERS AT NO RAISE IN PRICE! Bought Under OPA Pricing . . , tund reatjy for yotl at no, raise in price! Here's the "Golden Opportunity". 30 gal. Capacity $109-95 It's the shipment we've been waiting for h«*e at PRATT ELECTRIC ... and it iyiU be gflQd, news for the many people who have asked us for water heaters, |n paj$t we?te an4 WWths, The "Evenajr" Ifcatr er, made by Evans, js a modern Qil-hunUng unit«. completely automatic «• and the right capacity for all average families and farm nomes. Comj in and set them—if you n^e.<| an tic W at« heaterytMs is a r<M}l opportunity! The eot^e unit, as priced, is cowplete, with TERMMfDf tired Every nwftero feature Is embodied in this Evans Oil- Burninf Water Heater. tor warm, medium *r water, as you may desire. if!

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