The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1946
Page 6
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* AGE SIX, ST. JOE St. Joe: The Riverdale Rustlers 4-H club met Wednesday, July 17, at the home of Vcrena Kayser, with Thelma Bormann 8s assisting hostess. Nine members answered to roll call after the club pledge. Plans were made for their local Achievement day. to be held August 17 at Wanda Steele's home. Verena Kayser gave a home-furnishing talk, and a demonstration was given by Thelma Bormann. Peter Erpelding purchased the ft. A. Hogan house in St. Joe. . Mr. and Mrs. Jake Gorman of Minneapolis, are visiting at the Will Reding home. Mrs. Arthur Lusmann was ;it Fort Dodge Thursday, where she consulted Doctor Martin regarding her health. Donna Mac Bormann, St. Joe, and Mary Ann Reding, Whittc- morc, visited at the George Bormann home recently. Elmer Pijahn began work again at the Lolls Creek store Wednesday morning after enjoying a week's vacation. Mrs. George Wagner is at Rochester for medical aid. Mrs. Fred Illg, her mother, is attending t othc household duties. Mr. and Mrs. A. Lusmann returned Monday evening from a week spent at Farnhamville. Darlene Lusmann is visiting with friends at Terrill. Roger and Marlys Radig spent a few days at the home of then grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin while their parents were in the harvest field. Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Otto and family returned Tuesday evening from Storm Lake, where they had been visiting relatives since Sunday afternoon and also attended the Otto reunion. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reding was baptized Patricia Ann at St. Joseph's, church, Sunday. July 14, by Rev. Geo. J. Theobald. Sponsors were Mrs. James Reding, Algona, and Mike Mergen, Whillemoro. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Weltzen and daughter Wilma of Depue were Tuesday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gcngler. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Reinen of West Bend were callers there on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hershey, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Seegar and Mrs. Olaf Sccgar and granddaughter Sandra of Albert Lea, Minn., visited recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Krcssin. Mrs. Seegar is a sister of Mrs. Kressin. DfiS MOlNfiS, ALGONA tOWA- :'f '•*'(: ?< : " Wl^V-lp* 4 '...'•''"• ; :'S.'y"''''" ! ,: :; ;'' j~' 'mW?&' f fe' ^ : :;'^;' r Reader Comment Swea City, July 15. Dear Sirs: Enclosed is 40c for extra edition of your Centennial number. Your Centennial edition was tru^ ly excellent. Ida E. Larson * * * Algona, Iowa, July 15 Dear Sirs: We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation and support in the recent Soap Box Derby. We want you to know that we appreciate it. The favorable publicity given us helped add to the success of the day. Al Buchanan, President Junior Chamber of Commerce. Corona. Calif. July 1C, 194(5 Dear Publishers: ',,' Congratulations on your Con tennial edition'. It was trujy oh of, the finest special editions > have seen since leaving Iowa and brought back memories 0 my own Iowa publishing days Jack Hammond, Publisher Cofotla (Calif.) Dailj 1 Independent New License Schedule Tests for drivers licenses are now being given every other Tuesday in the court house, Sheriff A J. Cogley stated Monday. The nexl day for examinations in Algona will toe August 30th. . LOW COST ADVERTISING That's what you get in Upper Des Moines want ads! Over 4,000 '..EGAL BLANKS, desk blotters adding machine rolls, stamp 'jads. The Algona Upper Dec Vloines. 9 No. Dodge St. Cp = For Your SUMMER HOLIDAY You will want a watch that you can depend upoa when you are traveling on your vacation. Conic in and select yours today. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when cnai-geO, 4c per woru. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising ageiits charse their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive lo uummisslon. Blind ads 25e. For Sale Better Rates Insurance Better Service L. S. BOHANNON Over S. & L. Store Phone 103 25w28tf FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspeclion, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., plione 275, Algona. 20-3-8U FOR SALE: C-A Case combine. Harold Nielsen, LuVerne, phone 2556. 10w29 LAND FOR SALE: Tract of land Va block wide and 40 rods long, south of Kossuth hospital. S. E. Nolancl. phone 24-J. 22w29* FOR SALE: Good kitchen cabinet. Clarence Siemer, LuVerne, phone Algona 27-F21. Ilw29' : ' FOR SALE: Vanity dresser with bench, excellent condition. Mrs. Theo. Larson, 516 No. Minn. St,, phone 155, Algona. 17w29* FOR SALE: Hereford bulls, serviceable age, some registered and some grade. 4-whcel trailer with 6x16 tires. Joseph Skow. Wesley. 29 FOR SALE: Two electric washing machines, iron, clock, sun-ray lamp, 2 fans, 2 motors, 1 Briggs & Stratton engine, 1 Maytag engine, very good oak cabinets, tables', tools, chairs, beds, bookcase, desk, plywood, tools, two Kamp Koolc stoves, also very good hip boots, 2 screen doors, one 2'8"x7' and one 3'x7'2". Most anything you want, at 121 W. Nebraska. 57w29* FOR SALE: 110 acre farm adjoining Burt on east. See E. C. Trees, Armstrong. Iowa. 14w29-30* FOR SALE: 6 bins at Hanna, 2 bins at LuVerne, 2 bins at Whittemore, 1 'bin at Ledyard, 1630 bu. capacity, Butler bins. 1C interested stop at AAA Office. Algona. 2GW29-31 FARMS FOR RENT: Several well improved farms. Applicant must have ample equipment and help. Henry C. Nelson, Forest City, Iowa. 18w29 FOR SALE: Coronado electric washing machine, 10 tube cabinet Coronado electric radio, up- holstared chair, rocker,,' pull-up chair, Price & Teepje symphonola piano, 9x12 new wool rug-and pad, 4 door Model A car. Chevrolet coupe. 309 E. North St., Algona. 29* : 193? a ¥., : m.';mid l!3o""fi? > ffiraf"86¥"s! Jerofni?'Sfc, Algona, •''•' • 18W29* 1 FOR RENT: 4^rdoih WoUse 1ft St. J6e. Mrs. ipetet' 'ScliftUt, phone 2SOJ, Lfv-fcrmore. " •• -- — , MMJ? W^Mftefi for hancUirt'g eggs and are§S6d poultry. Afeijly Swift & C&.,' Algona. loWa. f- . , ;14W28*29 . WANilfife to Help 'with' poultry feeding, :. dossing, anrf; g-fadihg. Apply Swift. & Go. Algolia, .Iowa. 16w28-20 ' - • '' - ' !: Girl for .geJiifal housework at the lake fpf month of August: Phone 674 or.'call at 223 E. Call, Algona. 20w20 LOSf 1XDST: Girl's gold -6'xpansioii bracelet At faftgrouHds, ifi washroom. Reward. Finder pleaS«E call of notify W. & Carney, 629 South Wooster .St., Algona, at- phoh& 960-W. , 29* MISCELLANEOUS , »bte LOANS ate BftaftelftS new of Car to pi funds' fof faulty. ttf ttersiohal quit emen& UNi ( rSS5 LOAN SERVICE, 112 tt6ftK»(M<SoKii Algona, lowai . '> ' 26-29* b —......^.UAW FOR HA'RjJ* WARE, APPLIANCES AND LIVESTOCK SUPPLIES — Welcome to BUrt, Celebrallon Days. We ; have canning cans and "cardboard locker containers, i Jamesway litter carrier, complete. Plenty of hay rope. We are headdUar- ters for Phllgas 'bottle gas. NEALY HARDWARE & HATCHERY, BURT. 11-29W29 WANTED; Practical nursing iFrcelovo Wcisbrod: Fenton,,, ph. 1-18..-, ' ,.-'•..'• ;-7w29 1 ' 1 WANTED: Oats combining, immediately. Kyle Keith, Burt. .;•-.. ••::••' 29* WANTED: To hire married man. Separate set of buildings, no mincing. ( See Eli Gcrber. West Bond. •_ 14 w29 * WANTED: FUJI time job in 'Ai- .flona, office work, typing and 'liorthflntf experience. Inquire Upper, Des 'Moines.' 13'w29"' WANTED: Middle age doorman at .lovy.n Theater Sept.-1. Tel. 35. "'."• . - •• : . >,., . 29 FOR SALE: Desk dispensers in • two sizes for scotch cellulose tape. Back on the market £05 the first time since the war. Limited quantity. .Algona Upper Des Moines. • . 2fttf FOR SALE: 1037 Ford Vr8 tudor, good rubber, gopd condition. 'See Mrs. T. W. Jones. Wesley, at Lou Ricke's. 17w29-31'' MEN'S DRESS WATCH 10K rolled gold plate. Stainless steel back. $22.50 BILL FOLDS We have a wonderful selection of bill folds in genuine imported and domestic leathers — two and three folds. $2.00 to $15.75 MATCHING KEY CASES Hold four to six keys. $1.50 New Higher Pay for the Army! NEW PAY SCALE IN ADDITION TO CLOTHING, FOOD, LODGING, MGD/CAl AND DINTAL CAII, AND LIBERAL KETIUMENT fUVILtGB . Master Sergeant or First Sergeant Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant . . Sergeant .... Corporal .... Private First Class Starling Bat* Pay P*r Mantfi $165.00 135.00 115.00 100.00 90.00 80.00 75 no IN ADDITION TO COLUMN Monthly ttlirtm 20 Ytari' S*rvk* $107.25 87.75 74.75 65.00 58.50 52.00 48.75 •ntlnecm* Atltri 30 Yttn' Strvic* $185.63 151.88 129.38 112.50 101.25 90.00 *A 1» ONE OF THI AlOVIi '*• 20% Inertait for Strvic* Ov»ntoi. 50% Incrtmt if Mtmktr tf Hying mr GHJtr Cnwt, 5% hcrtau in Pay for faeli 3 Ytfrl WSw/c*. in Highlights of Regular Army Enlistment 1. Enlistments for l'/j, 2 or 3 years. (One-year enlistments permitted for men now in the Army with 6 or more months of service.) 2. Enlistment age from 18 to 34 years inclusive (17 with parents' consent) except for men now in Army, who may reenlist at any age, and former service men depending on length of service. 3. A reenlistment bonus of $50 for each year of active service since such bonus was last paid, or since last entry into service, provided reenlistment is within 90 days after last honorable discharge. 4. Up to 90 days' reenlistment furlough with pay, depending on length of service, with prescribed travel allowance paid to home and return, for men now in the Army who reenlist. 5. Consult your Army Recruiting Officer for other furlough privilege*. 6. Mustering-out pay (based upon length of service) to all men who are discharged to enlist or reenlist. 7. Option to retire at half pay for the rest of your life after 20 years' service- increasing to three- quarters pay after 30 yean' service. (Retirement income in grade of Master or First Sergeant up to SI85.63 per month for life.) All previous active federal military )«r- vice count! toward retirement, 8. Benefits under the CI BUI of Rights assured for men who enlist on or before October 5, 1644. 9. Choice of branch of terries and overseas theater (of those (till open) on 3-year enlistments. .. ENLIST NOW AT YQU* NIAftllT U. ». ARMY RICHUITINt ITATION CiOOi) IOU fUH >0l/ U. S. Army CKOOit THIS GIFTS • WATCHES WATCH REPAIR BARRY BUILDING PHONE 900 SEWERS CLEANED electrically. F. P. Dibble, write or call phone 95, Clarion, Iowa. 28-34'* HIGHEST PRICES paid for-late model used cars. Hoenk Motors, West of Court House. 29 REMEMBER the Rural Women's Produce Sale, Saturday, July 27, White's. Market. 29 INLAID LINOLEUM, Llhowall tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS. FHA and Veterans "GI'"-Loans to purchase, remodel, refinance homes, i AlU gona* Federal Savings St. Loan,. Algona, Iowa. 3Qtf WILL »0 CUSTOM BALING. Arthur M^yer, 618 E. Kennedy, Algona, or phone 3308, Lone Rock, ' PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — AH •the nfew releases, Needles, albums. Kcssuth Radio & Electric, Algona, iowa. 47tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains In farmsi loans, drainage surveying and estimates .on-tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf office sirpfLiEs ; Crown Datcrs -• .Gummed Labels. Typewriter Cleaner Fluid Paper Clips Rubber Bands . Carbon Paper • •••'•. Salcsbooks Clasp 'Envelopes Scotch Tape Rubber Stamp Supplies Typewriter Ribbons Adding.Machine Rolls v Shipping>fags Onion Skin Paper . ; Bond Paper . Mimeogrdph Paper -,. Second Sheets , , • Desk Blotters Algona Upper DeS Moines •• ••- -• ..•;. • 29tf suites t sets/ luffetSi ftaaios and WasheM,,,/ /: wesf mm FLOOR S'ANtJlMCS airlid - ing,; Heavy comftibW ment,;- Portable feo*er want, Cowan Bldjf. Supply do.,. phflflf 275, Algonft. '•_•"• t W«8»W FOR--SALE: 14x24' wood jlffairt •binS, suitable tef fSmt>dfelinj| Into a home or gi'alft .stofa|6'6ft fawn, Located at Rodmart., H. J.; Cowan, Contracfttf a'ttd fiulldfef. 26w27-30 w ««AII m mtiAM M,. RANM> , LATfi OF »THE tJOtSNTV^-OP KOSSlffH $N( THE STATfi 'Of-'HSWAi' deceaseds ; AJDli CLAIMS aSaittsttht'above estate, duly verified by statutory declarator md jwith pa.fticuiar's and valuation^, of, ^ecurity ; held, if flriyt must be sent: to the undersigned before the 31st day at A\i«- •iMt/A, 0. 1946. ^ •DUfttE, WAiKELIiNO &,. ,REY- K0LDS,'-Solicitors for the A^rftin- Anneked, 402 flalk df2 MtfnWea I Chambers, SasKtftobfii Saskatdhc- Wa«i'Canada'.' ' r '20-32 IN .ALGONA;vS OMSfc frtflt TWO YOtNO MEN ( AGE; 19-B8) '•. '\ . GOOH frA&eg TO RIGHT APPLICANTS ^ ;, 'An Alffona business firm desires to contact two yotiiw men (age 19-28) totr two jobs now open in that firm* ThcSfc are new jttbs- No previous experience Is necessary. There Is a pcritilinent future Involved for the right young hicif. Work Is inside* Under pleasant conditions, and will lead to khowlcdtrc of a, trade. This firm Wants two cnerccUc .ypttiift. men to start off at good wages, with a program for the .future. • • ' •,. • ,. •;,... , ; • ;.. AppllcahLs arc requested to. write a short letter, ape, experience to dit*, and any other information consldi'. crcd Imporiant. Address letters In care of tills iiewspapeif. Itcpllcs will be held, In eonfldence. ' ' * * LAD I PSUsMMSSHlMssi ;'. ,*.. gona s ^ : HEftElTlS!! i;' \ NEX JULY 24-25-26 an WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY-FRIpAYr-SAt values. COATS UALLYEI) SHOKTIES— All wool, she* tf-15, ..formerly $14.80, ft Q|\ celling: out at, only __________ __ 3.9U LI\Ep 8HUHTIK8 — All wool, pastel shades, sizes from 9-20 — $18.40 -., values ----- _ _______________ $35.00 - 1Q L___J____ I 9> KKS —'Colored brown anil tan, $iKe 20, selling at OX EA less than half _________ ; r .___ C4.9U HAIMMJATS— Poplin coats, tan, brown, and blue, cut way down to only _ ____________________ CHILDKK^'S COATS— PriceH -'reduced, at _____ ._•_ ____ THESE COATS ARK IX TOP TIOX— NOT WORN OR SOILKD— JUST THE TIIIXG FOR THE LATE SUMMER AX1) FALL EVENINGS. LOOK AHEAD AND BUY NOW. ..•.'vVX'U-' LlttHT SUMMER AND SPRING SUITS —marked-at 18,40 uw to 25.0,0 4 O QC sizes 9-20,vciit; down tt) only__ I OB*!*) SWAXSDOWN SUITS — light suininer weight, plain and pin-s<ripcd, rayon, marked fro hi, : 1O AC $a5.50 to—.—.__-___, I 3>3p Buy these original SWANSDOWN and save!! ; ....''' '.', ' ." BATTLE JACKET SUITS—All wool, ah. es JO-18, prc-ticketcd at A AA $12.«0, a bargain now at %)i*fU 'J'here are some good-looking suits in this price range. Just the thing for school weiir, . . - * , ' CHILDREN'S SUITS—Just the thing for the younger set— 4 QC prices cut to __,! '.... 4>yO JILT YOUR SUIT FOR' FALL AM> SAVE WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY. ., • . DRESS SPRING ANIJ SUM3IER DRES Printed jerseys, striped chintx, crepe, plain linens. Sizes 9-44 with a aniazing number of smaller sizes—9-10 .11-12. Prices ranging up to B O. $12.05, now-slashed to only__._ THIS IS THE CREATES'^ ASSORTMENT OF PRESSES EVER PUT ON SALE AT THE ANNEX, THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 BEAUTIFUL DRESSES HERE IX ALL SIZES AND COLORS —SHERRIE, MARCY ALLEN, DOIUS DODSQX, MARTHA MANNING, AND OTHER FAMOUS LINES. THE ANHEX-nUn just received a shipment of very good-looklna light, summer BETTY STUART dresses which everyone will be thrilled to look at. While they are not ticketed with yellow sales ticket they are very much the bargains that the others are. It is the first time in many months that the ANNEX has been able to get these back in stock, LEON A SAVSi *«Thls Is bound to uo one of the GREATEST ANNEX SALES Jw history, Chris has innrfced this merchandise far too low-—It should all sell because he Is cutting NOTHNG but the prices, I am ready for four of the biggest days In the 13 years Pro worked in the ANNEX." PICKING UP THE LOOSE ENDSr- CURTAINS — Odd sizes, panels, prisclllus, l>oth white ufld colored, Prices greutly reduced. . v PRINTE l> PLAYS UITS— 1'omijj {jirls' tivo-iiilece suits, j»rlced >»t only — ------ ,-.,..-_, ,__ r .;,,_,___. T _^.._ T ., r ._,,__ JUST THE THING j'OR HOT >VEATHER> PLAV TOGS AND SUN SUITS^Wue denim, aim 8*8, a Valued from $?,00 down to 'oniy-,-.,,^,^,-,,-,,,.^^,,.,,;,^ I m T.MUUJTS— Sliglitly ?«acd cjijiaren's sJiJirW — Just tliQ tlUpg fo^ kids to pl»y In, Sellhtg at *3,0^ Leoi»« Js pmctlc»Uy giving tiiem woo}, RUGS;—Brightly colored, cut from $1,75 io FUUSES—Black, brown, <»m, red, slashed to <wly_: SWEATERS—Light l>iuk and blue ^ BLOUSES—Sheer, cool, brjsrhtly colored, uew __ T 1.39 1.98 1.00 2.70 (row SMQ Nfzes flown to aud selling out to ^ r ^ t« ! ':•! 1 DO N'T ^lasHflfeS^SUSiS.rfiiS; .;:'' / "- v ^''-'- r ^. '-V;j ^rj^t-^^vj.^.r.//-: 1 '-';^-'':^.-;-.-.';-.".'.

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