The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1946
Page 4
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Kossuth Leads In Tractors DUMP TRUCK SEMI-TRUCK and TRAILER MONOPOLY GAMES liny them NoWt All nictnl, steel wheels. SEWING MACHINE SEMI-TRAILER TRANSPORT TRUCK All metal. Will sew. Com plcle with thread. HOLSTER SET Limited Number Leather holster and belt metal clicker ffiin. KITCHEN WARE IXBS'MOftms, AtdOM fOWA, KOSSUTI COUNTY HAS more farm tractors than any other county m he state of town as ahown by the above map. The top figure indicates the number of tractors by counties, the middle figure " the foitnef editor of the Wesley News, which he sold flhd Is nbw editor of the Winfield Bedeon. tea«6H* Jae«*sdii, local Jilgh school social science teacheft ,ls spending the summer at i ftlch- mond, Va. Two Weeks a|o she and her brother employed at Washington, D. C., left ftlchmond by car and drove to the parental home »t Creston, la., to attend the wedding oi another brother. They left on the return trip Saturday night. ch LOCALS Potato Masher 29c BALLOONS Jiff size. Can be made 3 ft. in diamctcu, Regular navy surplus. Mr. and Mrs. ChaHes Barrickman left Friday night for home at Los Angeles, after two weeks here because of the critical, sickness oC the latter's father, Henry C. Nelson, who later died. -"Richie' Mathes went with them to help drive and visit relatives there. Virginia Zeigler left Friday lo attend summer school at'Omaha. She is taking a special women's course in electronics preparatory to tower control of some ot'her typo of aeronautical work. In the last two years Miss Zeigler taught the Mawdsley rural school I in Plum Creek township. Mrs. Vivian Moore, who has been teller at the Iowa State Dough Blender Tea Strainci 19c Spatula 29c Cake Turner PAPER PLATES PAPER SPOONS AND FORKS .H'STICK OF TIIIO • licll.-i \\- ( .|i,.,. . •I. I!. .Inlmsloii bank for the past several years, has resigned, and she went to Sioux City Monday to spend a vacation with friends. On return she will work for the Thompson Distributing Co. Mrs. Moore, a Thompson daughter, has an. interest in the firm. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sorensen and Mr. and Mrs, Parkins, the latter couple of the Coffee Shop, got home t Monday night from a week's tour to the Lake of the Woods in Canada. They did not find the fis-hing there particularly good. The Coffee Shop operated by Mr. Parkins, was closed all last week. Mrs. D. J. Zerbo,Winfield,sons Carter, 6, and Terry, 5, hart spent three weeks her with Mrs. Zerbe's parents Mr. and Mrs. John H. Seeman, but last Thursday Mr. Zerbe came for them, and tl'l went home Friday. Mr. Zcrbe is ^ FUXEJUL CHAPEL Ambulance Service TIic Golden Jlule Our Principle Phono 521-1V Algona . Scheftek, S-lc, spent the Fourth here with (his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck. He is gta* tioned at Great Lakes for ad* vanced schooling, and had not kno-wn the boys were to have leave from Wednesday till Thursday noon. When the hews got around to him he made tracks for lomc, and, going back, he left here on the Milwaukee Thursday evening. , EX-HOOSIERS HELD A PEPPY RALLY Fenton: The Hoosiers / from this locality held their dnnual picnic Sunday at the Ralph Dugan home, Hurt. Anyone may attend the event who has at some time lived in Indiana. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Duncan, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary, Mrs. Paul Mulligan and family, Bancroft; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Green and family, Herb Trenary, Ledyard, the Earl Trenary family, Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Trunk- hill, the Mennet Trunkhill family, Jake Stewart, the Roscoe Stewart family, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart and David, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, the Hiram Ackerman family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman, Janet Sage, the Earl Ackerman family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary and Viola, Harold' Becker, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Carney, all of Hurt; Mr. "nnd Mrs. W. R. Smith and Walter, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Anderson, Fenton, were unable to attend because of Mr. Anderson's illness. ATTORNEYS AT LAW W, 8. tt.W.MlLLfefi AT LAW off [66 M Sawfret Building Office Pherie 427 ALGOttA, IOWA tittfCttfSOX & HUTCHISON ATTOttpVS A? LAW A. HutchJsbir(1682-1938) fifortflld C. ttuteWswl \ Theodore C. HutehjsJDn: Security State Bank Building Phone 281 Algona, low* Over tone* »rn* l»h«»HS 426 A. 3. EASOtf, Office over James Dfug Store Phone Office 59 Residence 839 KARL R, MOFTMAN DENTIST dfflce in New Heis« Bldg, Phone 44 lies. Phofie ttft. , f. oaylord 0. Shumwav Edw, D. Kelly Harold P. Fristedt SHUMWAY, KELLY A PRtSffit)! ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office In Hutchison Bldg. Phone 68 Algona, Iowa • LIMNAN A LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over JCossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. Algona, Iowa , . Phone 26 L. A.WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona. Iowa - Kootta 13 and IB , Haggard t» Peterson Bldg. Office Phone VJ Residence S<59 A. Office—Borchdfdt Bldg. Eyes Examined Res, Phbne 43(5 MISCELLANEOUS .1. D. LOWE ATTORNEY AT LAW Rooms 212-214 First Nat'l Bk Bldg Phone 287 . Algona, Iowa E. J. VAN NES.S Law Offices E. J. Van Ness Delia Walter 2nd Floor New Heise Building " Algona, Iowa HAROLD J. McNERTNEY LAWYER Office in Hutchinson Bldg, Phone 354 Algona, Iowa ANT0NE E. JOHNSON .(Burpee Agency) District Agent Northwestern Mutual Life Algona, Iowa Phone 6Sfi Res. 173 WALTER L. FRIESNER Auto Fire Hail Life State Farm Insurance Companies 720 So. Minn. - Phone 746 PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Phone 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office in John Galbraith Bldg. EMMETSBURG PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to Farmers and Stockmen with a sound basis for credit. Rate 4%% Part time office, Friday 1 to 4 p. m., National Farm Loan Ass'n Office % Block South of Council Oak Store. !!»• iilil. M. MELVIN G. BOtTRNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Phone—Office 19? Res. 194 Across from F. S. Norton & Son. TYPEWRITER CLEANER Keep your typewriter keys clean witii Webslers RTZ. Cleans type platens, all metal parts, all kind? of machinery. 50c bottle. Algona Upper Des Moines. 3411 DR. ROBERT W. LEE Physician and Surgeon Sawyer Bldg. Office Phone 127 Res. 827 JOHN N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician and Surgeon rY-nn|y Aiidllor roinity Tren surer Clerk of I he IMslrlet Court llceonlcr Sheriff County Attorney County Coroner Supervisor J>ls|. Xo. 2 Sll|iervls(.-r IHsl. Nn. -I SlIpPI-ViHOr Disl. \0. rt Slllte Itl'IX'I'KI'llllLllVI! - - -I.K'AN NOMIX.\TIOKS JIINK 3, 1010 TIll-STKK .111-17 TKItM Tlil'STKH mis TKItM 1/llleolll .. Lulls Creel; I.u Verm I'llllll Creel; rorlliind .".'.'.'."."" I'rnirle Kainsey liivcrdali C. A. SelmtJer .. K. K. Ilnnnii ... .7. I*. I'eterson . Henry Schmidt, \V. I.. Ito.viiold.s II. O. I,nrsnn .Kdw. I,m,n Iv. f!. Ksyolitl ,, . Fred ricVrics Xonc Kel Cliiimliei-x Helen White Num.'' None II. \Y. Mlllor None Nolle All on Jf. Point Myron lj, Johnson ClniH. AV. 1'jillorson CUUIK K. P. Ilnnse!! »..,. If. if. riioyor . ...i • K. JV Titus Algonn, lowit, •Inne 11, 1IMII. N:(MI (Vciock A. M. The Hoard of Supervisors of Kns- nth Counly. iowii. met ill regular 'ssloii pnrsuanl !(.• adjournment wltli following iiientliers prpyent : Sn- Isors .1. 11. I'Yasor, \V. K. .McIJun- W. A. Schram, .1. !•'. </nlnii and . .1. Johnson. Motion made by Johnson and L'nd by Scliriini that the Hi.ard of Snpervl.-i- ors n H an ex-offlcio hoard of coiinly canvassers proceed In open the pri'- inary election poll IK,H|<H and caiiviiss the returns from each voting pre.einel of Iliii county as shown by the pull hooks returned from the several election precinct« and the following U a statement of (he names of the candl- ibiles nonilnnled In the I'rltinirv Ki ( . ( .- llon ef the county and sub-divisions .thereof, and a Hlalement of Hie title of I lie office f ( .-r which they were nominated and n siatemeiii of the offices for-\rliicli no noiimiittlons were made at (lie I'rlniiiry Klecjlon held O n the ,"rd day of .Inne A. .]»., Ill-Ill. Leo .L. Intnierfiill * Koselln Vi/lgtr '•'.*'' Niinn Clara Walker . • . Art .L Cogley . ...-•'. l.larold .1. .Me.Verlnpy It. A. I'lvans, M. I). W. K. McUonnld .f. P. (.lack) Qulnn None BURT THEATRE NEWS SHOWS AT 7:00 AND !):OI) P. M. NIGHTLY .x Ocor/se Floyil O.timnn ...... Cnrl H. KIscnbnKt ., , Henry Aliiylnnil, Jr. HERE THEY ARE: | Three more residents arc .invited to attend the show at the JSnrt Theatre, as "guests of the house". The names are picked at random each week. This week the following three gentlemen are Invited to see any one show at the Hurt Theatre—FREE. ' G. \V. BLEICH Hurt FRANK Algona HOWARD CLARK Bhrt If you gentlemen will sim ply come to the box offlci and identify yourselves (w just don't know everybody yet!) you'll see the sh our guests! Watch 'hex week's column for more Bur Theatre "guests of . th( house." FRANK A. IPERRY .'•'.• ....', Managei Here are some of the tremen. ,dous hits of the year coming to this theatre: "HARVEY GIRLS" "HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY" "WEEKEND AT THE WALDORF" "YOLANDA & THE THIEF" "MISS SJJSIE SLAGLE'S" \ "THERE WERE EXPEND.',.'•" , ABLE" "SO GOES MY LOVE" ApyENTUEE" TO THE • • • Lnllls «'. Khricl Wm _ K . OIllP11 |, Mcmu.. Itlsius Waller Sachs ". \\'.,. Alfred .fergeiwpn Tllehard M. Anderson .. Helmer Haiige H. \\m. Marty ........................... <;. M. Will ,, , Arthur • Oliicn r.Joyil liartlott ....................... T'ulon \\Yslc.v .. S. A. Hutchor . S. F. Ttloino O. L. Thnroson Halo Packer (Jlenn Olson TRKCINI'T roXSTAKMOS I>KAI»(!KATIO NOMI.VATIONN .H'XU S. IUKI TursTioio n)i7 Tioiur. TursTioio mis .!(»• Si-linllor Ttli-linril Xowlon Arnp Oosloi'baaril . 1!. I!. Ilcrn!n«linn« f'laro IlPiUnj* .... \Tnlfp llarri>-,.n •I. II. Shcrlilan Win. Diuldiiiu' Albert .7. ,1. AndorHon • • • • -^. I.lnns Viiskn I.ii ..... In ... Lulls 'I'rci'k LnVc-rni' ... I'lnni i'i ..... k 1'iirlliind ... I'nilrli- ..... Alfrcil Mnlz . C. W. lOllicrt Jfnrtln Mpypr L. P. 7Illl<-lllll!) Harold Knppcn You'll (Henry don and . Horton in V. 10. Tcclcr I.i-fi lOllicrt .. W,'. .T. Stewart . Ilcrmnn Snider SlH-rniiin S|iriiiBl'ii'lil S\\-|';l Tnlfin 1'lMlll; llllrlie' . Yoniifwlrtli J. AV. Ilnlllg fi'eo. JVnnser . Mike Mcrgen r. „ T , , Donald fioo. II. Lndwltr 1'hllUp Arndnrfor _ , I.candiT ViiNkc llwimiim tvm. irnniHier Onnald Ray n. Sfhlllmopllor Ili'iiry Nclniin ., . C'lias, Itormnnn . Paul Liuhvlg Ayes All. Nii.vs ' ried. Motion made h, Sdiriiin t Ion Ilii- Hniii-d of SiipcrvlsoV llpprove Hie licllliiiii lil.-il liy Xick N Tllllccs. el ill. for rli-;i r "f Mill tension \u. n niiil lliat tii-i.r;:,. 1 Tliorne. ,i competent i-ivil engineer, h Mild lie Is hi'i-eli.v appointed L'nu-incc In examine ami nnike report ami sur vey of same mill pn-seiil hi> liinliu.^ tllereof h/ i be Hoard of .Supervisors-'a' Ille earliest possible dale. Ayes: All. Xii.vs: None. l)n motion ailiniininiciil was taken until NMIII o'elork A. M.. .lune 17, I'.i'fii ATTKST: 1.. .1. l.M.MKItl-'AI.L. C, iimy Auditor. W. I-). MclHI.N'ALII. Chairman, ISnill-d ul 1 Snpcru-inl'.] Auditor's Office. .Miin- 17. liilti. NMIII OVIm-l; A. M. •" Tlie r.o.-iril in' Supervisors of Ki.-s- sutli Cniiuij, |o\vii. in..! in regular slon pui-Mliint in ailjniinimi-iii with following iiieniliers present: Supervi- Ki.-rs .1. II. 1'Yiisor. \\'. i-;. \V. A. Sebni 1. I-'. (.IN,mi ami M. I.. .lohllsol). Million ui.-ide liy Schrain ,-i m i jml by Johnson that the salary of ,\| ; n-\ Anii Morgcn. Clerk in K, .-order'-, iii'l'jec lie Jin-reused to .fll.~i.iHi i in- uioiiili beginning IIS of .illlle 1. lillli. Ayes: All. .\ii.vs: Motion niaile liy (.niiuu and L'nd In- Frasor that. I lie Hoard id' Supervisor's api>rove the appointments uf tin. t u j- lowing nauied pel-sunn as Weed Com uil.ssioners for tin- year lillli a.-; r'ccoin- niended .liy the township irnxiees of the v.'irloits townships and the members of the town i-i.-iineils of the various (owns, and that their rompen-' sation be fixed at ii.V iier hour anil five cents per mile mileage fur use ut their personal car while carrving on I hi> (.'fficial duties of ihi.'lr office.'.. . ilurt (j. \V. I'V n ... 'Irani .... li nwood Jlebroii .. In . . l.nV, me . I 'on iaiid . 11. C. I.ueill] I lelll'.V (Jet | ma Win'. Iliiildii I,. W. Khrj, Henry Keekc l-:.-irl ('handier •--. Llo.vd II. l!,.,n|ei Leo X. I inch I'. II. relersi. Will Kdtlcrui.-n I'. A. MeArihn Henry Cettnm II. W. Harm! I'ldie Wiutci Henry (ietlnnil S. I'. rower,C. W. K||,er I 1 . A. McAi-lhn Herman stude -\rllinr Wildlt . August .1. I'ei'gnndi A. l-.'manuel Andei-soi .... <leo. W. llildniai NAM I .less I.asliliru.iU W. II. Stvwal <iliy Ilcotncl (Hi- T. Molai I-'n-d lleinrlel loc Fox lolill Thcc.sfli.|d A. W. l>imler Chas. I'rice Ayes: All. .Nays: None. The Hoard uf Supervisors of Kos-IM h Cininty. Iowa, met as a County l.i.vird nf Kcviow fur oiiitali/alion o'f I III- l!lli: assessments of I'crsolial 1'rn- j'li'ly ill the various Township^ niid loun-i and alter cheeking the various is-'essnielils it was moved liy .lohllsou ilml seconded liy Kra-er || l:lt u, ( . i.,,,.. si-lial rro|ierty lie equal!/.'•d liy liic following revisions in pur- Colls L' yrs. old. Lincoln Twp., do- iva»c 17%; I'ortluiiil Twp.,> :i yrs. ,,|,|. (iarfield T\v|i., iu- •'•'•.ise ii %; i.nlyard 'I'wp., iucreiise <-:',.; Lincoln Twp.. increase 17%. Mules I yr. old, Liuci.-ln Twp. Uv• •'•-•« se 17%. ilarficld .... (ii-rman . . Harris.HI ... I.' dvurd . . . Letts Creel; I'liitn Creel; I'l-.-iirie Kiverd.ilo .. ^iicrmall . . . Swea Wesley . 'I IIWNS .MV'OIK!".'.'."; Swell Cil v . . Wliillemnrc I'lam-i-i.t'i .... Mnles :i yrs. uld, Lincoln T\V|I., In erciix. -'J% ; J'oriliind Twp., incrcii.s Steers I yr. 1,1,1, |',u,.( T w p.. decreas 1%: Ijelinin Twp.. decrease 17%; coin Twp.. increase 7%; |>| llm Creel 1'ivp.. incrciuse 7r;, : I'mirie Twi,., in ciciise sc;{, ; Seliec.-i 'I'wp.. increase (i% Stcer.s J yrs. old. Hurl Twp.. increasi s% ; llarrisen Twp., increase .)% Liiic'.'lu Twp.. decrease oc;,; Lu \'erii( Twp.. increase r.'i>{, I'I urn'('reel; Twn. Increase I c/ n ; Slien,,,,,, Twp., lncrellS( \ c >n\ I IIUJIl Twp.. decrease 'J'-'%. Sheep: I,in,-,,hi Twp.. decreiise TMol Farm .Machinery: Creseo Twp In crease -Mr/ ; Ka^i,. Twp., inereast '•'••:<?„; <l.-irficld T\vp., increase -l(i<i Harrison Twp., increase 'M% : li-vinj?- tiin 'I'wp.. ii%; I.edyard Tvvp incrciise ."»% : Loits Creek Twp.. increase rile,}, ; LuVerne Twp., luerea.s. 1%: I'orthind Twp.; liicre.-ise V.\%; Uivcrdale Twp.. increase .'!U^ • I'nioi Twp., increiise :i%; \\-,. s |,.y Twp., increase L'Stjj, ; Whliteiaore *'wp., in- elellsi; .111%. lii compliance with Section 7137, Chapter :n:i, l!i:;(l Ci.ile i,( Iowa, as amended by House Flic ::7, filst (icii. erai Assembly, I In: County Hoard of Ifevlew will hold an adjourned nu't't- in^' on .lune M. r.ntl, to hear any and all i.'hjcdors lhal lire opposed lo the various proposed adjusimcnls, and Unsaid County Hoard uf Itevlew dties hereby instruct, the Cimnty Andllt.T to mail tenl.itive notice lo tin? Chairman or 1'residins." officer of Hie local boards >f review udvishiK them of the. in- •reases In valuation. Ayes: All. Xii.vs: None. ATTIOjST: L. ,1. JMMIOBFALL. C,,uii|. v Auditor \\ r . K. McJiOXALI), Cliairm«n • . ; Hoard of Auditors Olfiec, .Al^oiiii, Iowa, .1 Line L'll, IJHij. . !t:ui) o'clock ,\. M'. Tlie Hoard of .Siipi.rvlgrw8 ot Kf/ssuth .onnty, Iowa, met. iu reaular uussloii pursuant lo ndjoiirnment wllh tin; fol lowing ineiuherH present: Siipervlsi/r .1. II. Frasor, W. I-;. Mclioniild, \V. A Schram and .1. V. IJnlnn. Absent: Su pi-rvlsor M. L. Jidinson. Motion iinnle liy Fruser mid I'm Sebrinn tliul the "I!" beer liunc of the Algona Country Club In (hi ann.-unt of ¥1IHMI.(MI be iipproved UIK placed on file. Ayes: All. Nuys: None. Motion made by I-'ra.ser und L'nd lij Schram Hint the following applications mi.I bonds for Class "11" and "C" heel permits be iipproved: Win. It. Devlin; Iv A. and Mury liiiderlan; Win. Iliini-; Frankl's .Store; Nick lieiiglvr; Cecil O. llalley; Mjiry McKenna. Ayes: All. Nays: Noi Mi.'tloii made l>y r'raser and 2nd by ijulnii that the following application's and bond - • Service Station. Ayes: All. \iiyn: ...... Mi.-tlon nitiilu hy (jninti and 2nd by Sebrinn Unit a non-resldeni noUito |>e served on Louise A. Ulggs. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion mude by ijulmi and 2nd by Sebrinn tluit the Hoard of .Supervisors iiplirove Hii: SeinJ-Anuinil Jteport (/f (he ( otinty Treasurer und that the County Auditor bi; dlreeted to uublisli suid report in tba offlciiil newspapers of the County us provided tut in Seelion .1111, C,,du of IUH-U. Ayen: All. Nays: None. Motion made by .Schruin iind 2nd by 1'i'iiser that. Hie Hoard of Superviswi approve Hie Seml-Aiiiiuiil Suttleiufiut of I ho Hoard of Supervlsora of Kagjmtb I ouiity, Iowa, \vltb Slary K. Sands CVunly Treasurer. ' Ayes: All. Nay»: None. Motion luuUe by Quluii and 2n4 by i'ruser that Ibo following resolution jc uilupteil: lUOSOLl'TION TO SELL INTBBBSf IX ItlOAL IOSTATIO, WHIOItlOAS. .loseph II. Coj-ley ha offered Kossnth (Vinilv. Iowa, th sum of $1(1.110 for its intercut In an, lo the lierelnafler described real un tale: and W1IIOIUOAS, Hie said .County ncqiltr i'il Hie xald properly oil or uliinit tin l.'illi day of February, lll'l!), |,y 1,1 deed; nil, I WIllorflOA.S, thn said bid is the liltfh est and best bid received ft,-r said pro pcrty and Is for a- sum nut loss t.u«u the total amount Btated iu Hie in* Hal i-eriincate Including all eudorwMiiimti of suliKeiinent general taxes, lntore.i and I-OSIN; and >VUiqtKAS. it Is for the best Inter ests of said County that the said of fer be accepted and the iirt/perty sold NOW TIIIOKK.FOBK UH JT JUS SOLVIOI) liy the Hoard of Su|ieiTl»ora (it Kossuth (•'oniily, Iowa, Unit fllialr- luau W. K. Mcliimalrt lie und be In hiiiiL'liy.iiiuko-vUcil uml Ulj.-eete(l to execute and acknowlodjfi. fc-r nuid on ue- iMilf of Ivufcmilb County, Iowa, # ilecd of e.onveyiine.e to Jose|ih J{. Cojfley ami Helen Coulee d.-trley, Liutibaiiil and wife, conve.vhi(f siiid County's interest In the folowinjj deseribed nronerty and deljver the same on receipt of tbu iim ut *JU4tO easOi, to-wlt: L ", t ?. 3 , "' Hlt "* : ' ° c Mordjouw sub-division of Out Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 Morehousc's 2nd Addition lo the T0jn-ii fft Haucroft, K(/smm» 1'uuuty. fovvn, " HB IT FL'HH KEO Itfc IT I-'L'K'PHJOU KESOLVKD, tbe sjlil ilucii b^viug now bseu »»» ruled and ueknowledged It la hereby approved by tbe-Iluiiril of Suiwrvlijors ,-f Kossutb County, low*, und iUut U approvu) be «pr««a uuon tbe njjn- H.les wltb the yeu and ni> jole"-- TJio vote thorcon resuIHiiz as follows: Ayes: W. K. • SlvDavtUU, Clutlr- U "'* V * W " : '' W ' *' ^ l ' lKW **"* votng nay were: Nt-ne. W bui»upo« UJB C^mi he wotJojt CIMTM uud (Inly passed and adopted this 2llth dn of June, JUKI. Motion made by fjnlnn and 2nd 1» Fniser |bat the fallowing " '" " lie adopted : It 10 SOLI! T I O .N WIIEltKAH, lb« Hoard of .Supervisor of (\ossitth County, Iowa, did on tb L'l'lh day of .lune, 1'JJI), appoint W, K Melir/nald, Cliiilninin of'the Honrd o Supervisors, to execute and aeknow ledge for und on behalf of Kossutl County, lowti, p jU'i'd ot en« li,- JuHeiib II. Cnvlcy and Helen ^i,uj» Cogley, luiHband and wife, conveying said County's interest In tlio describe property, to-wlt: Lot 12 (.'f JfloeK- 3 of Moreliotise siib-dlvUlon of Out Lota 1, 2, 8 and I Morehouse's 2nd Addition to tbe Town of • Jlancroft, Kc-Ksutb County, town, and \VHKUEAS, unrsiiant to the said [ilioinlmont tbu wild W. K. Mcllomil. >• i'CM.-f«t tuv^f^ i,w,u ^Mi«t 11> t't 1141 4^U|IUi( did on |be L'dth.duy of June,' 10-10, cute unil ackuowicduo IVr ami on behalf of KoHsiith County, Iowa, Hie said deed conveying tbe said deserlbed lot to the tinld ,(a»pb II, Cogley und Helen Louise Cogley, husband und Wl f e. NOW 'JTIIERBFORB I»B IT I?J3- .JLVICI) by tbu Hoard of .SunervliiOrs of Kotisutli County, Iowa, that pur- Miuut to I he iirovlulons (,-f Cbq|>ter •$&, Codts of IOWH, 41ft said ,u>ipd uu exeejit- id 4PJ Jlflin^yledijad Jou and tbe Bit.n»« in bf&plu' approved. The rote %reon revolting as foj- Ayei»: Supervisors W, K. ~" C'balruisu, J. |I. r l«d J. y. Qulua. xouul Properly In (be rurlonu Tojrn- Bblpx and Towns In Kossntb County, Iinva. lie Jt rpiuHuibercd tbat on'lbl* 2«tii dliy of June, I'j-H), th« County flourd of fJupvrvlnur* vt KodsntU C'onnty, lowtl, invt In se<«)»lo« for tbu nnnjosi' ut tt lii'iirliifc- ni>0n the vnrloiiH urouoiieil iidJiiHtment.s ut IVntonal I'roiwrty as- H«(i»uientti In Ko8«u(li County, Iowa, MM cijiinllzed by ««!<! lloiird on tbe 17tli liny of June, Will. OUJdCtlona uu to -Ini-rcuse ou f«rin nuu'blnury wan ujsUo by yiu- \vjio «p>iR«red In D«rKO,n fw tl ol' TrMrtfNMi o( CtvSKO a'ownuWii un by rwter k«mr wbo uppeiircfl in jier- HOJJ tor ths Bo4«ni of 'fenatauu vt ui- "The Went Wil Friday and Saturday ^Tuly 26-27 „ Exciting New Thrills ... As the blind his s<*in(f,«r four time couldn't 10,000 . £lio ijoiird of S(iuorvl((or« uuou Mr, iSiibln to eiproHS lila I(,T objiM'tltiK to Haiti lni-1-t'Kse. Aft«) lieui-iiiK, f^om &(r. Knplu us to i-L-nsiiu tor ouJi-ctUnr to wild 4nc-ri-ii»(! tlm lluurd ot SMyerrtsors ruUttfeil tbe rule gt via cent |n«jri!««» «u tiuw mti cbinwy |n i' ' to Buster Crabbe and Fuzzy St, John In "His Brothers Ghost" Sunday and Pf *MJi«wl»«)f* fttJiwl .up r. bnyver to ^siri^s bis *wrl tbe Hoard of iw I'hlupry in 1P% to 18% «djll#t rt'dHi:«l tb* ui jui- l*W U9rtlan und Iwlny

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