The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1946
Page 5
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His first claim was the farm which, now belongs to the Dickinsons. He sold that claim to James Roan" and bought the claim where I now live. I cannot tell the year my father' purchased, this claim but the deed is dated 1800 and signed by James Buchanan and recorded that year. "It has always been the homo of my family. I am not much of 'a family' but 1 am the last> I was born in December 1804; and have always lived on the farm. Frank Thompson is also a continuous occupant of the old family farm. The Schencks. Seo- leys, and Riebhoffs arc still in the hands of descendants but they are the third generation while Frank and I belong to the second. I do not know about the Browns south of town, whether the present owners arc seconds Kcscrvc District No. 7 State No. 72 Report of Condition of SECURITY STATE BANK of Alffnna, Iowa, at the close of business .Tune 29, 1940, a State banking insliliiUou organized iand operating under the banking laws, of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in ac- rnrdanrc with a call made by the Stale Banking Authorities and 1 by (lie Federal Reserve Bank of this District. ASSETS Loan? and discounts (including $24.82 overdrafts) $ 502,758.42 United SUHes Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1,341,700.04 Corpnrate str-cks (including $2,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 2,800.00 Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and ca.sli items in process of collection 002,051.37 TIank premises owned $12,000.00, furniture and fixtures S2.500.00) 14,500.00 Other assets 96.99 Total Assets ..82,544,804.02 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships. and corporations $2,122,793.11 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 20,000.27 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 240.213.57 Deposits of banks 52.500.57 Oiho' 1 denosils (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 9,470.30 Total deposits $2.445,711.03 Total Liabilities (not including subordinated obligations shown below) $2,445,711.88 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* ... $ 50.000.00 Surnlus 47,500.00 Undivided profits , 1,592.94. - Total Capital Accounts ..:'...:.$'.. .90,092:94; Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts ^.$2,544,804.82 "This bank's capital consists of: *» . Common stock with total par value of $50,000.00 Wo, C. B. 'Murlngh. President; Frank Kohlhnas. Vice President, E. A. Scheme], Cashier, and J. R. Murtnsh, Ass't. Cashier, of the above- named bank, hereby certifv that the above statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief. (SEAL) C. B. MURTAGH, President. FRANK K.OHLHAAS. Vice President. E. A. SCHEMEL, Cashier. J. R. MURTAGH, Ass't. Cashier. Correct—A tier,!: J. W. HAGGARD, E. ,T. HOUGH, M. G. BOURNE, A. T.. Tiisl. C. D. SI1UMWAY, D. C. HUTCHISON, T. C. HUTCHSON. Directors. L S!nlr> of Iowa, County of Kossulh, ss: J S-vorn to and subscribed before inn this Rth day of July.. 1940. jj (SEAL) FLORA I. TISS, Notary Public. or thirds." H&use Buili in Iftftj "The house, in. was built in 1870 and father collected the material from various places in southern Minnesota nnd loWa and then in the fall of 1870 the Milwaukee railroad came as far as Algona. By the way, the foundation of our? home was built by a ooupleVofi young men, Sam Plumley and James Cowan, father of Hal Cowan. Both passed as unmarried, but not for long, as a Mrs, Plumley and two children soon arrived. But James Cowan was really:, unattached and later married one of the best women in Algona. She was a teacher at the old depot school. Like all kids we enjoyed the romance no duo'bt better than they enjoyed us. , "Our foundation is still intact after 76 years and has had no pointing- up or repairs and will stand another 75 years if no fires or floods destroy it. They do not build them that way now. "I started out to say I have lived in the same house 75 years. They built ah • addition to it when my Ihsl sister died and the children came to live with us, which will be 50 years in the spring. "I miss Jennie Wadsworth for she was an authority on old times. There are so many things I' do not' remember and she had a. wonderful memory. I do remember of writing a paper for the Plum Creek, club on "Reminiscences" and in it wrote 'Why remember what you have done? God will remember the good and the neighbors the bad.' That holds good today. Praises Reed History "For authentic history of the early days I recommend Ben Reed's History of Kossuth county. He is very accurate. I read in one history of Kossuth county, published in 1884, that good old Grandfather Riebhoff, had married his second wife three years before his first wife had: died—what a find for a genealogist! And a good cause for Blackmail. You will find.,no such: discrepancy in Ben Reed's History. He has been very careful. "If there are others who have' lived longer than I on the old 1 home farm I would' like to know. "Just one piece of advice to those who are sensitive about their ages. Do not always live on the place in which you were' born. Ben Reed's mother-in-law always remembered I was just six months old when they came to Alpona and good old Doctor. Garfield would say, 'You were. "Ust^ ap-bafoy when' I' came and: low old* arc you now?' " CLARA ZAHLTEN. , SUNBURN Four Corners: Mr. and Mrs. Earl. Gappa returned from a< week's honeymoon at Lake Okoboji last Saturday. They are now at home to their friends at Geo. Boswell's cabins. They caught a few fish and two lovely sunburns. Ki'sorvo District \o. 7 Report of Condition of State No. 72-2003 IOWA STATE BANK of Aljvniin, Iowa, at the close of luiMiieKs June 29, 194C, a State banking? institution nr?nnixpil :nnl op<T3tiinr under, the banking laws of this Stutc and a im-mlx-i 1 of the Federal Reserve System. Published: in acr- rordanrp willi a i-all made bv the State Ranking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank of this District. ASSETS nnd dif-'cnimts fincludin.'j SI 221:70 overdrafts) .$ 090,142.10 Unitorl Slates Ci.-ivernment obligations, direct and ramninteed 2,962,327.07 Corporate stocks (inclurlini; S3,000.On stock of '•"rderal TJcserve bank) 3,000.00 Cash, balances \"ith other bunks, including reserve balance, and cash ilcnTi in nrocess of collection 1,247,593.33 Rank prt-misi^ o-vncrl $ If), 000.00, furniture and I'i.xtiuvs $1,000,00 16,000.00 $4,919,002.50 Total Assets Demand dopos'ts of individuals, iiartnerships, nnd corporation-; ........................................................................ $4,204,980.13 Time rlopoMis of individuals, partnerships, and corporations ........................................................................... 4,634.42 Deposits of Unileil Slates Government (including postal savings) .................................................................... 23,636.55 Deposits of Slatos and political subdivisions ............................ 410.391.51 Deposits of brinks .................................................................... 07,080.32 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) .............. 14,981.82 Total Deposits CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* Surplus Vndividofl profits $4,745,704.80 ..$ 50,000.00 50,000.00 73,357.70 Total Capital Accounts 173,357.70 Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts $4,919,0fi2.50 *This brink's capital consists of: Common slock with total par value of $50,000.00 MEMORANDA Pledged assets (nnd securities loaned) ('book value): (a) V. S. Government obligations, direct and guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities 2 $ 124,000.00 fi?" Total $ 124,000.00 Sc-rurnd and preferred liabilities: (a) Deposits secured bv pledged assets pursuant to requirements of law _ $ 23,636.55 Total $ 23,630.55 I. H. I,. Gilmore, Cashier, of the above named bank, hereby certiiv thnt the above statement is true to the best of mv knowledge and belief. (SEAL) H. L. GILMORE, Cashier. Correct—Attest- n. H. MILLER, H. R. COWAN, M. H. FALKEN- HAINER, L. E LINNAN, Directors. State of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of July, 1948. (SEAL) LOUISE MAGNUSON, Notary Public. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gappa, Phyllis Rich, and William Lamuth were Sunday dinner guests at the Morton Christensens. Phylis Rich left Tuesday for Des Moines to continue hen course in nursing at Mercy hospital after a three weeks vacation with her parents the Edward Riches. The Lyle Alexanders spent Sunday at the Arthur Alexander home. Mrs. Nettie Rich and her granddaughter Betty Lou Drayton spent week before last at Waterloo visiting at the Clarence Schendl home. The Sehendls formerly of Buffalo Center moved to Waterloo recently, where Mr. Schendel is janitor in a school. Mrs. Nettie Rich entertained at dinner last week Wednesday in honor of Mv. and Mrs. Harry Lauritson of California; The Lau- ritsons are visiting the Mart Elmores and other local relatives-. Mr. and Mrs. Bertchell Barringer, daughter Judy, spent last week with Mrs. Mary Johnson; Algona, and the John Riches and George Lees. The Barringers left last Friday for Bearskin Lake; Minn., for a few days fishing-, taking Mrs. Johnson with them us far as Minneapolis to visit her daughter Hazel Marso. The daughter Judy will stay with her aunts Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Lee until her parents return. Betty Lea spent last week with the John Riches. Wm. Lee of Montana, brother of George Lee, spent last week' end with the Lees. He was en- route to the clinic at Rochester. Mr. -md Mrs. Ed Lvikemtyci' of Akeene, Okla., and two sons arrived at the George Lee home Saturday tor i weuk's visit. Mrs. Leutkemeyer spent several years with the Lees while going to school in Algona. Mrs. Fred Plumb and daughter Winifred spent part of week be> fore last at Minneapolis, visiting a sister of Mrs. Plumb. -.ALOONAOHfBS BBS HffiS. BAOR fflKT ffliovftiASst Lu Verne: The 'Presbyterian Ladies' association met Wedftes' day sfterrcoonx at :the 'Home of Mrs; Ell Bagef With, a .very 1 , good attendance. Mrs. Andrew Nlel<- son,. Mrs. Helena Stripling,. Mrs. Earl Neal and Mrs. Martin Lfir- son t the"latter of.-Webster City, wetc guests, of the association. Mrs. WaltcR fingelj president 6f the association!, had, ehargi* o* thO business- meetings Mrtjf; Marie Hunt had charge of the-c al period and also the ; lesson. Each lady im the gfOU£feigrfed^tt cafd to be- sent to Mr;;,and- Mfs. Barney Gardner;, fbrttei': Lu Verne residents' now/", living:; irt Nebraska,, who recent.ly4<;e. 1 ebrat> ed their 50th .wedditigAnnivers- ary, The remainder, of,, the afternoon was spent socrt'ttly and lunch was served 1 : at the*close of tire meeting -by the hostesses, assisted by Mrs. Harpldi Nbilson'. The next regular meeting will'be held on Wednesday aftetnopfi, July 24-, at the home'off Mrs. (Suy Trauger, .;.; Cemetery Ass'n* The Cemetery association' met Thursday afternoon in the city •hall with a very good attendance. Hostesses for the afternoon were Mrs. William Ramus, • Mrs. .Otto Ramus and Mrs. H.' E;' Peitzke. Mrs. Ervin Barton, president .Of the association; had charge of the business meeting. Following the business meeting . thM afternoon was spent socially. afitUlu'nch was served, by the hostesses at the close' of. the afternoon. meeting will be held* Wn.Thurs- day,'"August 8, in thMcity 1 park with each member bringing sandwiches, a.- covered;.dish,-and their own table service. The committee in charge 1 of the:' picnic will be Mrs. Archie Sanfordj Mrs. Grover Rentr and Mrs. Sal Rog- IL- Milwaukee Banker VwiU At Portland: Banker Verald 4- Smith, Milwaukee, spent Thursday here, with his wife ami' daughter Josephine and son Johjv at the Will Grover home. The Smiths are here for a vacation. Mrs. Smith is the former Zada, Grover. Ruth Wegner and Elsie Hintz spent a few days visiting, friends in Mankata, Minn. .. ,, The local Ernest Merkle Post of the American, Legion-sponsored the Zallee Circus; here Thursday evening. Mr. and, Mrs. John Tiss and children Johnny and' Dixie left recently for Loiuisiana, where they will visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Fred' Marty and son John of Cloquet, Minn., were visitors recently, at the Henry, William and' Ed Marty homes:, Mr. and. Mrs. Arthur Satre arid two sons of Rocldorrl, HI.', spent several days visiting .at the home of her father Fred Ffitzerireier. • : • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Biipgger Of Coquette, Ore., were visitors for several days at the ho'me of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. - Frank Biegger.. '••••• -..••:• y>\< • •j Mr. and-Mrs. 'Martin,Earson-of- Webster" City; 'were ''.visitors Wednesday at the home- of' Mr: and. Mrs. Eli Eager and>withi oth* er relatives. Mrs. Elmer Emery of Fort Dodge spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting "at the home other mother Mrs. Helena Stripling and also looking after her farm.' Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stripling of Marshall, Minifi,. were 1 visitors/ Tuesday at the-, home-'ofi Mr$: Helena Stripling and'with other relatives. Mr. Stripling is in the navy. Howard Swanson, son of Mr. and Mrs, Carl Swanson, arrived home Wednesday frpm. Corpus' Christi, Tex., and he has received his honorable discharge from the navy. . Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hjelle and two sons artd Mayhard Henderson returned home Thursday after spending two weeks visiting Mr. Hjelle's brother in Wash-' ington. .'••'. Mrs. Fred Zwiefel returned home recently from the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge, where she had been a patient, for several days recovering from, an appendectomy, . . Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rarn'ua and": two daughters and Ml', and Mrs. Bert Ramus and: daughter Sherl Lyn were visitors- S,Up4ay at the home of Mr. and.''Mjfs',.. Henry/ Mavr in Spirit L^ke.-. „ The younger members in the Methodist Sunday school unden the direction of the. Bpy.'--Robert Phillips have organized them' selves into a society tor helping beautify the church gfourids. Rev. A. R, Smith,, aocompanietl by Norma RBUS , and Marilyn Nielson left Monday " afternoon for Lake Okoboji, where .the gjrls spent the week at the- Bresbyter- ian camp, Camp Foster 1 - there; Mr. and Mrs.. Robert Bigings accompanied her sister and brother-in-law Mr, and Mrs, Ernest Flickinger of Fort Dodge to Northern Minnesota Friday, where they will spend a week's vacation. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Phillips accompanied by several members of the Intermediate Sunday schpol class left Sunday afternoon for Lake Okoboji, where they will spend the week at the Methodist camp there. Mr. and Mrs. Art' Rlley, Mr; and Mrs. James Doak and Mrs, Anna Sankey were dinner guests Sunday at the- home of Mr, and] Mrs. Judd Berryhill 1 ia Liver? itnore, the dinner being in honor :of Harold Riley.of ,WiJt erl00 . who returned homer Sunday, after •spending a few days, visiting-in iLuVerne and Livermore. Mrs. Max Mey^r, accompanied by her children Erhart of. Hujft» boldt, Ernest of Wbittemore, Mr?. Floyd Masterson of Corwith, and Mrs. Herman - Hint? Jr. of Lu,.Verne were called to Iowa City ; recently when Max Meyer uj&» iderwent a major operation, ! ~ Jthe hospital there. The chilflr^ returned home the following day 'but Mrs. Meyer remained and ! she is also receiving medical care iin the hospital ther$. c ' WANT APS BRINGS RESULTS Emblems Bode: ' At the annual coUnty Red! Gross'mdStiftl of Humbpldt county Held; iftvHumfooldti M6 day aft6rHo6nYi.tJuly 8, Red .-6rtL- certificates W.efft .given fof TOO hours ofrtOje of sewing and Red Cross dressings^to Mrs. T. '. O. HalYsott attdi daughters Laela- and Minnit; M*s, Qlbf Olsoff, Mrs- E. Mt. Ellinfsotti Mis., Jt S;. Jehseni Mrs;. Ai. R, V.aag, Mrs. Ii. Mi Gangstad'i', Mrsv. J*. BJ JaeobsOrt, Mrs> H,'.B. dafIsort, Mrs, Tlllte Sweeri, Mrs. Tholt selvig, Mrs, BerthavPederson"ahd'Mrs. Henry Mitsvenv I)h6se receiving honorable mentiohi were Mrs.. 0. T. Larson and: M?$, T.. Mi. RosSirig* FROEHLICH INFANT Wesley; • Mr. and Mrs; Charles Prfleljch received' word' Friday of: the '-death of the eight weeks old baby, of th'eir-iSOn Ed and 1 Wife of Seattle, ' Wsshv They have three other childreft, one son and two daughters.' '. Baclt'Fi'oin Libeiia Johtr P^oellch' visited' a college- chum at"Eau Claire, Wis., last week. He-'ha'd' returned from Liberia', • Africa,: two' -weeks ago, Where he -had been, employed by the Firestone Tire' and Rubber . for four months. ' ' Legion Auxiiiaiy- ' . The , Aftiercian Legion -Auxil- iar HeMS their regular meeting Tuesday evening,, which; was postponed from/ Thursday even- Ing, July'4.., Mrs. Joe Krieps was hostess. -.. A county joint Legion and: : Auxiliary will be held at Swea City Monday evening, July 29; ; A', picnic lunch, will be served at 6, followed by the business meeting,- . The- State Auxiliary convention will .be' held in Des Moines August 7-8-9. Several local members are planning' to attend. The state Legion convention will be held ! in* the- Capital City August 19j 20, 21. Mrs. Minnie Studer, local president, and Mrs. Myrtle Lease; vice president, attended a meeting for presidents and secretaries at the- Legion. hall in Algona- Thursday afternoon of last week. ... . I/. Lv Lease will be hostr ess 1 at the next meeting August 1. ' ' The' Gatholic- Missionary Soci- ety'"and'the C. D. of A.'s will meet Weariesday, July, 17. Mi':' nnd; 'Mrs: Len Young and Lwa-'cliildVen of Garner visited at: the 1 paren'tar: Ali' Studor home Thursdayj .evening. . •Jbe'Kl.einpetter-"Of: Los 'Angeles 6am'6"last v %vee-k"'i > 6T'.'a"vlS'it With his -brother Albert .Kleinpeter and. other: relatives. Mrs. Tom Long and three children of 'Lone Rock visited several days'.last week -at the parental Cla'rence Ackerson home. Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Coates of and Bbb,b^ Joe .of JESthferVille the feffia of the,.f6rm«if 1 i;mbther Mrs. Viola,Sltidtrv ..':..'.•• Mr; and Mf|if tfim Ll — Jdwfl-City, canife'llist woel^ fof 1 " & visit at the' parental Ihno' a<"" •home. Mrs. Lincoln is the nier Sylvia Ann dofdps,. . Mrs.' lii M. R,ane# nnd t\v6' ehlU 'ilia'andi Jlfrinly! Ibft 6h thfe W^dneSdaJ" everiirtg ; for Odell, 111., for. a several weeks visit .with ,- ihdr 'iSister and her mptheft •: • ''v = ;•• ••• •''•• '.-; -' "• -.' Art 1 Schmeiinl? -and ifieihholclt Andviest o£ Haxfiekl.'Minn,, vis- itodf at- tMe- Ed- 'Downs «ome Thursday. • of l'ast f weefe. Th'ff De»WflS? f&Milj? wefiS-iteigh&ora d" the- Stiniwellngfi'. atidi 'AttdWosti several; years- tt&b, . :x Mi«, iTtente Elkins' aitd. d'augh ten v Julia. Ann visited'*'lately: at her parental. Mrs, Mftr.tlia* Wetusr home) TMy ar'e £ttfott(G to-Ohio to-. See Mh Biking) who;is in. a cafflTT' ttier.Q}: They had'' visited his; folks \rt> NeVadai -MNr. Irene Sttider and: daitgh ter,. MJit*^. Jatto,, Went to. Mason City Wednesday With Mr, and Mrs,. Tdmir McMahon; and visited their daughter, and sister Mfs^ Ed German' andi infant daughter in the- Mercy, hospital. The bnby was 1 born Mbnday t 'July, 8. Mr. -, and MrS; Floyd Dolan of A'lexandriar S. D;, spent several days* last week- at the home of his sister Mrs. George Vitzthum. Mrs. Ella Dolan,.mother of Mrs. •VitEthumj and Floyd, who is living with her sister Mrs.. Martha Welter here, spent a few days Moore Boys Hosts To Seven 4-HCliib Seneca: The Seneca Progressive Farmers' 4-H club met'-at the home of Bob and Billy. Moore Thursday! Fifteen boys answered roll call by naming a type of tractor. The tonic, under discussion was the feeding of lambs. Donald Merrill will be host to the group in August. Tovrasend Flash By Mrs. A. M. Anderson Washington: Rep. A. J. Elliot of 'California says: If the Townsend legislation can 'be passed and be comes a law before unemployment piles up on us as it did just a few years back, this legislation, will insure the continuance of the prosperity that was enjoyed during- the war period: and will furnish a chance for a steady improvement of conditions. ' Washington: The Townsend action .committee in. congress is building a solid bloc of votes to free Townsend' legislation when ^ocial security reaches the floor^ No matter'what happens.this,year; Townsend forces can point to tremendous victories ;on 'the bill. 'At no time since the enactment of the social security act has congress gone so far toward legislation in behalf of the nation's aged citU zens.—Adv. H. a WHITE recently, discharged from the Judge Advocate Oen- -cnaijftidnpnittiuent, JT» $. Army, announces his return t() the practice of laiv at his old office in the Hiitchi- , at Algona, Iowa. Wesley!.., i 14ie;, i A*ftyett...._- i , V( . _ -J.,v'"iofjnerty 'trie"'t3TS, ; .W.f;Md" its f&Sulaf meeting TllUfSdaM """ Ifefy goad, t at* ... ladles pasltlfed' aftdj §6*'of nefaed aMicle* ttf a family in NorWay and One Mri' Holland. -More .boxes. Will be Sent. Server's Wet&'B'ett Stffttis6tt;;and-;MiPI,' Server,^ at the next meeting fth Auttft'At'WllI Patrick, Mrs. J. M". Kurte and Mrs. Therort Hanson. • , £6*- Mlhwe<pli%. wheri 'sh& wiirhiake: her htifm Mri, : 'a&gg&mM Stained Red Cedar SHINGLES r I: j.ust received; a^ Hew shipment , . ', • '. -i ! . : '.-"' r'.'; ''v'-'.'v,',-i;£fc-, .'..,.'• . •• •• . •• / ,.'".' //I .fTOp"""' «' ' ' of these shingles in vea and green colors. ORDER TQIMY Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 ; ^ Jim Pool Atta boy...Have a^Coca-Cbla •• • ' •.- N. ; . • • '.''..* -' ;*'--.«•, '•--.' WM ^i«$ tEcEjob?» bs*» --iwwing hwvy, it's a swell idsrto Coca'Cola. That's when th« wor<is Have & j(». The weufc oowie* easier '. . . folks feel factories, and workshops everywliere, t{ie familiar oj a friendly ptete work, gt IH . . , thejnwdty fame goes irr II, ti-ft

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