The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1946
Page 3
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^¥5?^? ?5ff!f& ''•¥'/•; »MH:-; ^ ' : ''"^ V ™W|^^^ /I Check Your Needs, Mr. Farmer Hog Feeders Mineral Feeders Wood Flare Wagon Box Elevator Wagon Hoist Hum bold! Manure Loaders Pump Jack with '/a h. p. Motor 4-can Milk Cooler KOSSUTH CO. IMPLEMENT STORE John Deere Farm Machinery General Electric Appliances PHONE 850 At Celebration Fenton: Among those t!ic Algonn Centennial celebrMon the past week were the :liei3ter Weisbrod family, Mr. nnd.Mfs. .Ray Stoebef, the Straley. fantily, (he Ed Schlels, the Peter .Hayiih- tfas, Mr. and. Mrs. Donald Gross, Fred Dan ahd the Herman. D'rey- ers. Mrs. Emil Frank, Virginia, and George Newel, the F. P. Musllers, the.Albin Nelsons, the Charles' Qs- borns, the Joe Maddens, the Roy Osborns, 'Mr. ahd Mrs. Mayn't) rd Nemitz, Mrs. Fred Browti; Mrs. Frank Dreyer and children', • Mrs. Emma Rcimers, Marie Fnulstjck the iE. C. Weisbrods, the Herman Gades and the Alvin Zumachs.' Irt reporiitlg the fife in the Gengler ^661-hdlI at Whittem6fe last week,* the write-up ftiention- ed that Mr. Genglefhad purchased the 'business and building. As a matter of fact Mr. Genglef has leased tMe business from Mrs. Daft Engesser who Still owns the building.' Estimate of the fire damage Was not determined at press time. Nurse Out Of Navy Lt. (j.g.) Viola Heller, Navy nurse corps, daughter of Mrs. Fred Blerstedt of WmUfrmore. was recently discharged from tha service at the Naval separation unit, San Frahclscd, a Navy news release states. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 3So for 12 Words or less. When paid'with order, 3e per word; when charged, 4c per word. Mo as- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash with order th?.y receive le commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale Better Rates Insurance Belter Service L. S. BOHANNON Over S. & L. Store Phone 103 25w28tf Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan BIdg. Supply Co., phono 275, Algona. 20-3-8U" FOR SALE: Grain binder; 40 ft. Farmers Friend elevator; hog feeder; portable mill; gravel box. David Gouge, B21 E. Call. 28'' FOR SALE: 10x12x8 grain bin. FOR SALE: 18 in. exhaust fan. multi-blade, ready to install. Ideal for cafes, stores, shops. Pratt Electric Co. . 18W28 FOR SALE: 5 h. p. International gas engine, also pump jack- Jens Sorcnsen, Burt. 12w28* FOR SALE: 10 ft. power binder, good condition. John Licktcig- Apple Tree Farm, Wesley. .12w28* FOR SALE: 1. reconditioned vacuum cleaner, rotor .operated. $14.75. Pratt Electric Co. 12wl8 FOR SALE: One used A-C "60 -1 combine with new pick-up. Taylor Implement Co., Algona. ;\ | FOR SALE: Eagle water proo' I home insulation, "blown'" Buy BLANKETS Now! On Our Lay-Away Plan •Reuben Fucrstcnau, south Lotts Greek. Lone Rock. mile Phone 3305 14w28* FOR SALE: Model D John Deere tractor in gbod working condition with power take off. Electric driven No. -'4 McD separator. About 1200 sq. ft. % inch ply wood. Lyle Newel. Fenton. 31w28 FOR SALE: 4500 soft brick; walk- in vault door, inside and outside doors and frame, comb, dial, "deadman" in'it, see V. A. Barrett or inquire old> : Ppstofficc Building. Lakota. V.. 28w28 FOR SALE: Immediate possession, small acreage, house, large chicken house,' brooder, near Di- asonal St. $4500. Paul M. Seeley. Algona, Iowa.. 19w28* FOR SALE'. 2"Iots on East Elm at reasonable price. Contact Arthur Waltman; Ceylon, Minn. 15w27-28«' FOR SALE: '42 .Olds "76" club Sedan. '40 Olds ''88" ibw sedan, Hoenk Motors, tyest of Court Hqiise. : *° FOR SALE: A 3d 1 alUsteei King Hamilton elevator' and hoist. Oswald TMlges, LuVertie, phone 27-F32 Algona. l6w27-28* FOR SALE: Two rootii house. 12x20, built in cupboards arid wired for electricity. O. A. Campney, Algona, mile north of P. W. camp. 23W2.B* FOR SALE: FEEDER PIGS, Good clean northern Minnesota pigs. 8 to 10 weeks old. Any number PlgS on hand a! all times. Fresh pigs every 3atu--t,?y r.lght. C. D. Cottew, Tru'.nn, • M.nn., 6 mild- NW o£ Norlhrup. Northrup phon& 28 FOR SALE: 6-room house and 3 lots, partly modern, located 3 blocks north of Catholic church. S4000. See Joel M. Herbst. Real Lstulc and ins. • 24v/2U FOR SALE: Copper-clad range with water front. 509 E. McGregor, Fred Schoby, Algona. 13w28* FOR SALE: '37 Plymouth. Melvin Abbas, above Firestone store, come after 6 p. m. y 13w28' : ' FOR SALE: 14x24' wood grain bins, suitable for remodeling into a home or grain storage on farm. Located at Rodman. H. J. Cowan, Contractor and Builder. 25w27-30 FOR SALE: 1000 six-week-old Leghorns, all or any number at only $30.00 per hundred if taken by July 18th. Dr. Salsbury's poultry vaccines in stock, buy! them here, or make a date to have us do your poultry service,.work after July 28th. NEALY HARDWARE & HATCHERY, Burt, phones 51! and 77. . . 52w28 FOR SALE: Glow (Maid'kitchen range, tan enamel, g6od condition. C. A. Derner. 'Whittemore. ,:>K 13w28-' FOR SALE: 40 ft. portable grain elevator, complete. :|-M. A. Arndorfer, Corwith. 2 mi.ilVV.. 2M> mi. S. of Wesley, phone 3151. 21w28* WANTED FEMALE HELP WANTED for handlins ecss and dressed poultry.' Apply Swift & Co., Algona, Iowa. 14W28-29 MALE HELP WANTED to help with poultry feeding, dressing, and grading. Apply Swift & Co. Algona, Iowa. 16W28-29, WANTED: Lady or girl for full tints Wrtjtk ill dtui •Mot^'tta Drug", (formerly dhnesorge's); '" '' • ' 'Z8 LOST: Sffiall. bftfwh, alllgat&f, zipper, coin .purse. Contains $1 in change and two keys. Keep to IfMe'S money and return purse Beauty Shop. 23w28* MISCELLANEOUS CAltD OF THANKS I wish to express my .sincerest thanks to all those who sent me cards, letters, and flowers during my stay in the hospital ahd Since my return home. Mrs. Mary Kan* ning, LuVerne. 31*23* CARD OP *MANKS I wish to thank all the organizations in LuVerne, relatives attd friends, who sent me cards, letters, gifts and flowers during my stay m the hospital and since my return home-. Also I thank those who visited me at the hospital and the Cemetery Association and Presbyterian Ladies Aid and friends Who remembered me on my birthday. Mrs. Olla Godfrey, LuVerne. 60w28 CARD OF THANKS I wish to -thank Miss Crahan's pupils for their lovely 'gift to me. It was much appreciated. Beverly Joyce Helmers. 21w28* CEMENT WORK: Sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, feeding floors, ete. Free estimate. Clarence Fraser, phone 639-W, 108 N. Blackford St., Algona. .!.' 19W27-28* SEWERS GLEANED electrically. F. P. Dibble, write or call phone 95, Clarion, Iowa. 28-34-' HIGHEST PRIDES paid for late mod'ei' i Used cars. Hoenk Motors, Wes'KW Court House. 20" AUT6MOBILE LOANS are available 1 there for financing new or used cars. You may also 'borrow on your present car to get needed funds for family or personal requirements. UNITED LOAN SERVICE,'112 North Moore, Algona, Iowa. 26-29* WILL DO CUSTOM BALING. Arthur Meyer, 516 E. Kennedy, Algona, or phone 3308, Lone Rock. 10w25-28* INLAID LINOLEUM, Linowall tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cnvan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS. FHA and Vet- HAS A BLANKET TO FIT EVERY NEED, EVERY BUDGET Choose any ona of this* Chatham blankets,' and look forward to tUtping wall...looking and feeling wolll Each is so warm and comfortable, yit tailored to your budget. "SUTTQN"-A thrifty, s.rvlci- able blend of 25% wool, 50% rayon, 25% cotton in three and a half pound weight. $5f 5 "AIRLOOM"-thre* and a half pounds of warmth-plus-Jightness in 75% wool, 25% coHon. ^7f * "WO<H$HIRE"-« 100% vir- gin wool blanket offering four full pounds of deep-napped comfort. $| Qf * All three blankets come in wild peach, pink rose/ blue stock, mint grain, chrysanthemum cedar. And all three ari.exfra long.. .72"x 90" ALSO OTHER BLANKETS $1 40 *n $C 95 EX&lpVELY 4 IN ; lf -V/' ! VM ALGONA fit We Are Privileged to Announce Berlou" Guaranteed PROTECTION moth Protect your clothing, furs, rugs and furniture against damage! Have them BERLOU-IZED now in our plant! We will repair, replace or pay the actual value of articles treated by us with the Berlou method if they are damaged by moths within 10 years. YOU GET THIS 10-YEAR GUARANTEE IN WRITING BERLOU-IZED articles may be dry-cleaned as often as needed without new treatment. Berlou is a sensational new way of guaranteeing yourself freedom from moth damage—and the cost is so little! Come in with your garment—or just call and ask u s to protect your fine things from moth damage—the BERLOU Way! We will apply the BERLOU treatment in your own home on rugs, furniture and drapes-^-or you may bring garments in! Ask Us About Berlou Today—Stop Moth Damage NOW! BERLOU ID tear Uuaunlet-il MOlHPROOFIN.t ALGONA LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS East Aerow the Street from Courthouse the new felfeasesv Nftedles, albums. KiiSSUtH, HadJff & Electflei. Algonfti Iowa. 47tf S61 -Mfi FOR ftfifli-SafgnJhs-lM farms, loans, dtalfi&ge gufvcyihg and estimates oh tile. Phil X Kfthlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf ttfc»i Basement dobd tfsed Furniture Dining room-t-Living i-obm suites Bfe'akfast sets. 8u£f6ts; Radios ' and Washers. BJUSTROM'S is hereby eiven that at a FLOOR SANDlttG and Reflftiah" Ing, Heavy comitierclal equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan BIdg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona, 17-3-8tt PUBLIC AUCTION OF AUTOMOBILE The Undersigned, as Administrator of the Estate of Henry A. Geilenfeld. >will sell at public auction at 401 East Oak Street, Algona. Iowa, on Saturday, July 20, 1940, at 2:00 o'clock iP. M; a 1942 Ply- to CorwKh of LuVej-ne by...JJW. g°', highways. Owe quarter s6ftUo« Is Imtfrdved, wHh fal* bullAinfts, *>rt* tinlmiwovedi both W^jl^* """L ft wantsto sell toSethfef! but we way be »W* .ft^ffJ ate sales. Vonf chance to buy some of Kossuth county laud, as owner wants to retlre,_ „„.',,,. Arrange 16 get details;and see this land with H. IX Hutehins, Realtor 110 So. Dodge St., Ajeona. low* Nothing is quite so much an "invitation to romance" as bewitching black and brown, worn elegantly blended with the tan you acquired this summer. We now have those "hard-to-get" sheers in hal£ sizes from 18i to 24£ — also some 14-18 in black and brown. These are truly top-notch dresses for summer wear. ' . Summer is almost over—get the most wear from this year's summer dresses and buy now. It pays to be coo\ during that HOT August month. Why not dress cool with a gorgeous black, two piece sheer dress from The Chrischilles. Store. We have a very fine selection of washable cotton and rayon street and home frocks in all sizes to 52. These smart dresses are cool and reason* able in price^from $540 to •$7i'0'5, See them in our cotton dress section, second floor. tl L» ^(HBlll^^' wHIPIwB^WB ^^^PIW ^^^^^^ ^^^p^^BTsT /• ,,^^^^^.^^^^^WT^^^^S,^^^^^^-.

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