The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1946 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1946
Page 2
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'" '^" "•""•""•"••"'"" if School Bus Hearing In Court ;. Bistflcf .fitttee* tfafty ... •nWd dfgtiitt«fts he-re TK ih the lawsuit oW Whether*, jjtttalle school bus tody give fides td paroch|al schdol pupils living . esta'bllsltecl' bus routes. ' p tended -such procedure cdMl- "^"jtiSffigJflbje,$««<# for .ptr'- fore is illegal . , ,/Lawyers for the' Silver Lake Consolidated school • disfrifit Of 12 Number Listed By Sand, Thursday The' mtislcnl flrorff-am fo'f fhdr^ [ day eve'tiih'g's' ©artd coffeer! at tM ! , Aigbwa Swtiftlt'tp'ai pea.!,' by (He Ai* gona band, will be as follows: . 'March — "Iowa Ce'ntenfilal" *^ King. ' Overture — ''Cifider'ella' 1 ' 2 —R6s» cnkrans. -,\ ±, • Familiar—"Gypsy Love Song"— Uefbeft. -Dance ~ "Hungarian Dance No. 0"~Brahms. , .. ... .'Selection — "Desert Song" — ilomtoerg. Walt?. —•- "Amorita" —'Lawrence. . March — "French Natloftal De File"—Turlet.'. • • • , Mexican -Ddfice. — "Me-rida 1 " — Fulton. : •;. ;.V .;•-'. .' ./.,,.'".•'*. ,"••',' . Familiar—"Indian Lptfe" Call' •**• Frlml. '• •:":>; .'•--•'•. <'••.'>-, Waltz—"Vision, of Cleo^afrd' 1 -^ King. ••' ; v; ' : . .:•/;"'-•"v::r:; deflated that the* foftfr^irX 9 af&tMei to tfaflSpbrt 'all cfhlldrdn 6f school 8$* $m$.&tmi!fht<&-ttMlt<4 to the. pUfolK?,M)0&1 Whether or not the* fltfeftd Mat schb*dl.s TTte tfaie 4 W 'trans-terre'd to the. ebtfttWBU^: fteFe 1 fcny Mating ffoffi Emtfte'tsburg by- agfeewseh-t. duaife" Nafey .will atifiotihce his decision laief, Assistant AttoF- efrerfsT R: G. Voder artd StrMss represented tHe state. Attorneys for the school district are Luke Linnan* Ai- gofia; Dennis Kellehet,. Fort fiodge, and 'George Murray of Sheldon. The Silver Lake district seeks a declaratory judgment permitting 1 bus drivers to stop fof- children attending pr^vdte schools. On the otitcdtnC o;( this case rests the chances of possibly thousands of parochial school rural children ofjt&ififng fides to totfri in public busses during the school ye'ar. Also involved is the right of a district to share in the ,twt( Million dollar annual fund voted by the test legislature for school bus aid. The state, .has taken the position that a district friay hot be eligible for this stale money if laws ate not observed, including the picking uo of unauthorized passengers in School busses. , AtCU)NA IOWA, %2$Mi$ "Merry Widow" •*- Varch^- <1 tJ ! niversity Ot Chicago" -"Klria/ •-... .-..'..,. The" concert ,1s free and Open (6 in<r<i>ttbUc/ and foeglns at 8p.m. Ed f iiftv*i Honored Life Edward Thames, of Atgona, a member of the ft. L. fiailey Masctfi CMtrAgefieyVof the- Bankers Life Company of Oes Moifies, is A mem* ber , of the ,1945-46 President's Premier Club, highest hbnor organization for the company's salesmen, It was announced today. Mr. Thaves' recognition as a honor salesman comes , is..- & result of writjngiavhigh Vdlurne'.6f ne'w' busi-i ness .during the club y^flr which enejed June, 30,5 . ,. ,' Hfr Has beSK?a : rep'rese'htatlVe of the 1 company Jt9 jtears- ahd'^iaS been d memtrer' of the « Premier 'ClUb C< & LaBarfe Bldg. & Loan Honor d. R. LaBarre, secretary of 'fhe Algoha Federal Savings & Loan Association is a m'efriber of the Ad- vertisihg and Business Development Committee ot the U. S Savings and Loan League,- meeting in Chicago., July 24>26. it. was announced \by Hehry P. frr, Baltl- morej president of the League. There are 43 savings and loan executives on the. committee, who •will meet to make recommendations 'to the $9 trillion savings and loan business regarding the questions of advertising and business development. A Sec6nd mefeting is to be held this fall ih conne'ction with the If: S. convention. O'f U. S. savings and loan executive's, at which betweeh 1,000 aria! .1,600 are expected to gather at" Milwaukee. : Budget Estimate and Record of Filing County Estimate • ' •'• • '-.'.. .J ••':•.'•' '',.". •'-•.'.:••/ '. . -. NOTICE—The board of supervisors of KossUth'Codhty, Iowa, will meet August 1st, 1946, at 2:30 P. M., at Court House, Algona, Iowa. Taxpayers'.will'be heard for"or against the following estimate of expenditures for the fiscal-yeaf be'ginnihg Jahu'ary 1, 1947. ..-••.. : L. J..IMMERFALL, County Auditor. Expenditures for Yeai Funds r General /.•:....; ' •-Court Expense ;.....'...:....'. Poor ...; •..;.. ;..::; .State Institution :...;.. ;..-. 'County' Insane .:.....: County School .;......;.....:..'.....; Soldiets' i&elief ......: :....»'. Boyine Tuberculosis ...... : ...v Emergency .'.;.:......'..;;...........'.'. Bangs Disease ......', : ....'....:..v.. Fair Grounds•& 4-H'Clu'b.^:...:..'....... Secondary Road Funds "•' ". A. Gbnst.. % mill. (4B44.Qf). );.....'.. B. Corisf. 5-S-mill (4Q44;.07) -:)'.' C.- Malnt 2-niJlls •'(4644.11;)"0..... .D. Maint. 5 : m.ijllsj.(46*4;ll)j.) Constr&fctiori Or'-IVIaifiteh'an'ce' . "E. OfeOprial 5-S n?ill ; (4644.1^) .!EsUmated..texes:-p^i^;,B(io.'iS.O.;6f-i '" '•'•'.•^^' '"'' posed penditu Estimated 1947 Prop Estimated Unencumbered Balance Jan. 1, 1 Estima income Other Than Taxation 1947 ed i Amount Necessary to be raised by Taxation 1947 $104,230 2.S52 2G;327 23,551 11,000 15,035 1,892 13,347 •3p,o6o, .''1V250'L" • 3jdOO . $132,740 t,3'4i; ' 32,504 30,239 7 20,294 2,329-' : 1,947 . " : 1,170 •: , ,6,021-'. :'v< iS',841. '".'. 48,710 ; -.-•'. -: "t-. '.'(the: in- above 18^56:1 '. 291.471 . • ' .; ,- InCi inab.ove' 115,000 "3,500 115,000 24,000 6,000 30,000 5,000 17,000 27,000 2,500 5,00'0 50.0',000 350,000 2,000 100,000 14,000 6,000 5,000 8,000 27,000 1,500 349,000 65,000 45,000 15,000 5,000 5,000 $ 70,000 1,500 5,000 25,000 9,000 1,000 9,000 LA.TICGESNEW ALGONA nmm Kossutfc KuraJ tftflth-^ The iKoSS'u'lfi Rifral Young People's Grbup met arid danfced at the shelter house in the state park Wednesday evening During the business session Eugene Drager made a report on the refreshment stand operated by the group at the June sports festival -when $54.50 •was realized. Roger Mayer, president, appointed a committee to meet .July 10 to discuss 'plans for he talent night feature :it the district Rural Ycftith camp in August. •Robert'Mayer, Lester Blaine 1 and Donovan Sludcr will have charge of the next meeting to be held in Prairie township. Gtles"ts at the meeting were Dale" Pe'tefsch, .tohfi Penton, Tommy Wolfe. Donald 'Bode, FJlo'en Win- gefl, Thelma Opp&dahl and Loren Bell. Shfwer for feHa booley— The Misses Julia and 'Helen McEnroe entertained Monday evening at a miscellaneous shower for Rita Dooley who will be married Monday, July 22, to Harlan F. Miller of Milford. L. A. tlGGES (above), is Algona's newest business man. He took over the ownership and management of the Ohnesorge Drug, this week, after completing a business deal for its purchase, last week. •• ''' Mr. Tigges is a native lowan. He was born on a farm near Peterson, Iowa, attended school there, and then went to the University of Iowa where he took a pharmacy course and received his degree. After being licensed as a pharmacist, he worked in a Spencer drug store for several years, then iri D'es Moines for three years, and for the past 12 years has been located in Cleveland, Ohio, as manager of a drug store for the Standard Drug Co. He came here from Cleveland. Mr. Tigges is married and has a family and is now looking :for'-a place to live. He plans to continue the Walgreen Agency setup' that has toeen in operation in the store for some years. , • Mr. and Mrs. Robin Pelley mounter of Osage were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. L.« Long. Mr. Pelleymounter is : ir brother of Mrs. Long. v....,, l . Look! They're Made of '^^^ _u ii , -• . ; ,• ^ •' - tf • ' ; .j ^^ Friday, July 1 9 . • . •, • tF'-' " ':;«••'. • •+ ••• ' SANFORIZED 80-SQ. PERCALE NeW . fashion* in the scientffIcjilf »blended '?iOO% wool face on knit b ac It" hinlerlal. •New colors!-Siz*« 10 ro 20. :: Perky, Vcio, Wtiihable Having decided td Make California iriy Home, I will sell the follo^irig described Household fcoods ait my home, ^E. NjS*tli,Streetr ; . ;. Blouses! Skirts! —Fpr Every , ,':• Summer Occasion 80-tq, percalet>. back Hg«lri ifter being; off fh* market during lH6 #«r. W h i 16 b\dn»isl M o n',6"'Ion* i tend I print' sklrW! Madfc in California. 3 dressers; beds And Wattfess^S; btlffet; library t&ble; tables; rUgS; dJhln^ |«Wni ti(bi€ and chairs; kitchen £ ur niWr^ and ti(eflsi^; fti articles. /' - '' ."V""'- ''. ~ Terms: Cas •> EmbrdlderVd WWW cot- 3 (6 6x. • • 1.80 • Suspender *tyl» Dirndl tklru, 3 to 6x._...2.2» « W h t f e condn tailored Blouse, 7 to 14 yr*. 1.40 • Band-type, Dirndl Skirt with pocket, .7. to 14 yr», a.4» •\i\ jyi^fipcn Glrigfiflhl* • Prini Pertale* "•i-J jo* 4»Floru] Spun* ***• Biitton-lo-hem * Sunback •'Size* 12 to 44 &*& f^ ft combination of 'and Jut^, tW litot- ¥*•' orSl : ' = «rith:'lioy'©a Ci&yMl^fei2SiIl fy'M'KK-^yfl^WtS^va^smmm^f'ttmKSsK u jip Califoroia SHR 'H FUR Sli Mr. and Mrs. riarry tiett Went to northern Minnesota last midweek where they are spending a vacation. , Mf. and Mrsi.James Lage were guests of Mrs. Loretta Giffin last weekend. Mrs. Lage is a sister of Mrs. Giffih. . • Mr. and Mrs. Will F. Walker leave tomorrow for-Des Moines to spend a few,days'with'Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson. ; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Roswell of Newton arived Monday for a visit of several weeks with the former's sister Mrs. C. H. Taylor. Mrs. Je&ri Wadiworih left Friday fpr a ten-day visit with Mrs. Mayme Bru'nson at Mason City. Mrs. Mary Johnson came home Thursday'.,, from Minneapolis, where she 'had visited her daughter Mrs. Hazel Marso the past week. '•'>•. Maxine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jdhnspn, left last Monday for a two weeks visit with the Dennis Stolls at Lu- Verne. , Mrs. William Tils and Mrs. Ben Jacques of Staples, Minn., were weekend iguests of Mr.. and Mrs. Don, .Nelson.. The. visitors are aunts'of tithe Nelsons. Mi's. Glen Roland and Mrs. Don Nelson spent Friday .iri Fort Dodge, going theye • to see Mrs. Nelson's sister, Mrs. Perry Morris,- wh6 Is a patieht at Mercy hospital. x. NartCYf daughter bi M*. ahd Mrs'; David Lloyd of: Britt came ednesday and remained till ^fiday .with Jetty Jaite Nichols, daughter or Mr. and Mrs. L. C. ISfichols. •••• , ', .. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Peterson, Tucson, Ariz.. ..were, recent visitors at the Clifford Johnson home en route to visit relative's at Waterloo. Mrs. Peterson is a cousin erf,Mr. Johnson. Mr*. PJfoe'Bfe May tad h» daughtef FfattdKf!, ,0f , tJehvef, Colo., afrivcd, la'st -Monday for a two wd^ks visit with' Mr. a«d Mrs. Harvey",' Cole'ma'n. Mrs. Coleman is an aunt of Mrs. May. Leighion Misbaeh tabtt ftis WIfff and little daughter Mary to Des Moines Saturday, where they will sffend two weeks with Mrs. Misfoacn'S : parents, Mr'.;and Mrs. Elffier Carlson. Leig)htOn remained ovei? the weekend. Mrs. Agnes Laidley Has taken ah apartment with Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Sharp oh west McGregor street. She had been With Mr'. and Mrs. William Lacey but due to Mrs. Lacey's ill; health, Mr. Lacey is discontinuing renting his apartmertts. Dr; dnd Mf«. J. P. Merrig and daughte'r Jane returned Monday evening from a two weeks .vacation; Jane spent her's with her grandparents, Mr. arid Mrs. Joe MalloyV. at; Albert Lea. Dr. and Mrs. Herrig were. a.tACass Lake and Infe.rrtatibnal Fals. Doc reported :<t.he> fishirig hot'.tod good. Mrs; Ruin Harlan left Saturday on a weeks 'vacation -^hich she will spend with her ' daughter arid son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Raym6fi ;Henry and family at Ma'rihette, Wis. The Henrys formerly HVed.'here. Mr. Henry was employed with the. John Deere co'ftlp'a'fty. they Have itofc daOgfiters, Pfltt, 5, artd Ksthy, born May 18. Mf. a«d Mrs. T. L. Lafscm rfe- ceived a ptione call this morning iftfortning them that they ate grandparents tot the second time. Dr. and Mrs. C. N. Fischer of LaPorte, Ind., became parents this morning at 5 o'clock of a 7-poUhd Baby b'oy. Mrs. Fischer is the t forhw Theodora Larson. They Have o'nc other son, Carlton, \frho is four years old. • ' iittte ' last week,from a visit. Moines With her Mren Mr. and Mrs. Carl PetersoiiV Wit the sfehatr, .Mf|, ReteTfonV she; al •visited mta, KatfteTrifre 64, &Mfm*m$ the feKifd, at- Story dity.,;Mii, Margare't Jorgeftson, the ijreaf' •grafidrtittthe*, liv'e'S ift till: Moirte's. Mf s, AfftlUftd Is tHfe hiother ;.ttt Mfs. JorgettSflh, aim Mrs. Jofgefis'tih is 'the mother 6¥ Mrs. Carl Peterson. ' ''.•'. :''^ •:M Big Assortment Of All Occasions Lending Library Just Arrived MUTZEijL'S Tlie- Service Center HAS ALWAYS BEEN S&t'S POLICY TO HOLD PRICES DOWN! For a quarter century! . . . n policy of the best values poSsiBlt! ^e ft sliall adhere to this policy . . . OPA or no OPA! Thai policy of pfickiftg the cugldrtiers' dollar Hill of tjnnlily tcsled values has been the key-to our sUcfce«s. YOUR S&L STORE Now is the time to prepare for winter . ;•*• Our lay-away plan':'i» the answer. ;.j . -•" - rr

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