The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 19
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fPt 'TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1946 IsitaKNCE -orjust a ^ ContjwUenYouWI The bflsl jekcMc |ei>«9 J'fl*. ! > ° . , . ynles* .charged j»y.tlj|» rifl.b* K'nd f>t fencer. That stock-stopping sling most p* SAFE • • .'rnuif be SURE . . . liot fat W« season but for yeari tp come. That's thi» kind pf fencer you'JI find in !(he SURGE A-CrSAFf, W^, I^M<? LA?TING and COMPLETE, /ep.dy to plya ifl. ™ e SURGEM £lc " ttlt ff " Linde Implement Co. SWEA CJTY . V T;. '*•"'., J * r .V Welcome To Algona J;*- '>.(,>; •• «'•.',<••. .•.-.'%^'i. ,^ .fa Invite You to Come In and See The NEW SERVEL ? ELEQR01UX REFRIGERATOR Tfjc last word in perfect rehj$er.atfpn ... Seyyel, wjth^no moving parts, shows why the trend is tp gas refrigeration. , : ,,$,.•..•-.•.- ' , \ ,. ~ • . .' '' . : '- : '". '-']"'•:' : ^ f : ' •- •• •>} • The installation is simple % There is permanent silence Frepdpni from Costly r<5))airs SAWYER'S AND 208 Phone 221 AJgona MRS. EMIL HASSE RITES HELD FRIDAY AT BURT CHURCH I3urt: Funeral services for tylrs. Emil flasse, who djed ypry suddenly at her home hjere ea>Iy Monday jnorning, were held Friday afternoon, at St. John's Lutheran church, the Rev. Ferdinand Reith conducting the seVr vjce. purifll was in the $ur,t comolf-ry. Mnry Wojahn \vas bjnrn Sept. 2Q, J8J92; at JEirimctsburg. tiere ihe ,grejv tp womanhood. Here >n June 2Q, 19{7, she was piar- .'ijBtf tp EmiJ If asse. They toegan their m.arri.ed'ljjrp on a farm njsar Emrnefspurg. In MarjcH,' 'J933, lljpy ni.pye to Fenton an4 f.oyr years later c.ame to purt,'which has since beeq hjer home. To this union eight children were b.orn: Ruth, whp is a nurse at the University hospital at Ipwa City; Alviria, Albert, .Carp- linej JJmil Jr., fra.uj, Esther ijiid John, at home. Mrs! riaase is survived by : her husband, eight children, three sisters: Mrs. Wm. Moraschek of Ayrshire, Mrs. 6us •Moroscheli of Ruthven, Mrs. Julius Heider of Emmetsburg and -by orte brother,Gus Wojahn, Emmetsburg. Among the out-of-town relatives attending the funeral wpre the three sisters and brother, also Mr. Heider and Mrs. Wojahn Henry Hasse and son. Rock Rap- Jds, Mr. and Mrs. Casper Hording of Ellsworth, Minn.; Mrs. Fred Wojahn and family of Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. William Clasing, Ruthvon; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marochek, Ayrshire; Mr. and Mrs. Norvnl Crew, Webb; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bredehoeft, Eni- metsburg. The Rev. and Mrs. L. Richman, Ormsby, Minn., were also present and he gave a short talk at the close of. the service. Jane Keith visited over fhe fourth with her friend Shirjey T .ockwood. The L. R. Gardners, Hum- joldt, were visiting Burt friends ast week Tuesday. . Mr. and Mrs. P.. W. Kollasch attended the funeral of Clem IJogan at West Bend Thursday. Mr. arid Mrs. Willis Vogel 'are >arents of a son, born July 2 at :he Kossuth Hospital. They also lave a daughter^ - :' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Macaujey ind son Donald attended a fam- ly reunion near Menominee, Wis., on the Fourth. Betty Bee Christensen, who is a nurse in Des Moines, spent Sunday with her parents, jyir. and Mrs. Jim Christensen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olson, Seattle, Wash., and Mrs. J. ,' P. Stow were dinner guests Friday at the Martin Becker home. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kopic, Des-Moines, visited from Thursday to Sunday with Mrs. Anna Ambrose and the Fred Lavrenz's. Mr. and'Mrs. L. R. Daniels, Mr. nnd Mrs, F. O. Stow and MrslJ. P. Stow attended a family picpic at the Charles Phelps home on thp Fourth. Mrs. J. "D. Peters took her gr,andrjipther, Mrs. Van Ambprg, to her home at Charles City 'Friday. She had spent a couple of w/deks here. '•:-.. ' " •-' Bonnie Schuldt returned to her home at Storm Lake Tuesday, after visiting several weeks at the home of her uncle Dr. Bahne K. B,ahnson. .Mrs. kuejja Sanders visited from T^sday £o Saturday at the •W. J. Lpckwooid home. From here she went ^o Renwick to visit rplatives. . . Harpte jBates who has been spendjn.g a two week^ 1 . furlough at the hpm.e pf Jiis gr/mdparents M f; ff% Mw. & M. T^Q ' ft Friday fpr Camp ~ Jphn Riebhpff, who is ]a dent at ' gioujc <5fty, spej>| a ..AtdONA UPPER DflS RAINES, AtGONA IOWA, with J=, •arents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rieb', tr. and Mrs. Ralph Bristow moyed jnto their new home in west Hurt Thursday. The oil station, which Mr. Bristow is to op- prflte, alsp opened for business last wie.ek. Strs. fiarl Anthony and daughter Potyna Mae, and grancjson Stephen Anthony, Minnpapolis, visited from Tuesday to Friday at the home pf Mrs. Anthony's sister, Mrs. Estel Rentz. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich, Mr, an,d Henna n Qdey pussies Choi-land, Carl the • **-, (f ...i.i ^i*o^ji:o t otlJ I ^(.'yiMJJUS family and tyfrs. Belle Reynolds . a picnic dinner pt the Emil Ejrners hpme on the Fourth. , Mr. and Mrs. Nels J. Nelson afid Mr. and Mrs, Roland dhafee attended the Wedding of Marvin Nelson and Lois Ijtaiiin at Ren- W?k test Sunday afternoon; also the reception at the liomc aft.ur- Maddpn and daughter, jyatprman, and her daughter Shirley, Sumner; and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, Waterloo, vis ., aeroo, vs- frpm Saturday to Sunday at thp-R.-JP. Hawcplt home. Mr. adaen is Mrs. Hawcott's brother, _ The Edmund Larsons and Franz Teeters attended a picnic at the Vprne Teeter home near Alepna last week Sunday, hold in hpnor of the Don Teeters, who •were Visiting here from Portland, Ore., and the Orville Varn- ers of Rock Island, 111. Madeline McMullen, who teaches atFullerton, Calif^ sppnt •Mpnday night at the home of Her •brpther, G. JJ. McMullen. Tuesday she accompanied 'Mr.' Mc- Muflen and son Jack to Strawn, 111., where they visited relatives .a few days. Their mother, Mrs. Gertrude McMullen, who had been visiting there, accorrtpaHied them back to hpr hpme /cjicnmissipn as one of Only 87 ;qte,sen from the st.&te. He is mar- •ned and has a small baby daugh- Picnic Held At Gardner Home * Jn Union To.wnship Union: A Fourth of July pic- fiic was held at the Floyd Gardner home. The birthday of Mr. .Gardner, .was also celebrated, which falls on the 1st of July. ' Those attending the dinner and supper were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gardner and family, Lone Rock; Rudolph Will and daughters; the Louis Bode and Walter Heerdt families; John Leininger (Union); Mr. and Mrs. Ralph HaiSherts; Clair Winkie family; John Met-' lerkamp, Algona; M. M. Lowmil- Jer, Lu Verne; Arthur W^Cd faufi- jly, Whittemor.e: ..Mr..--'flnQ»'M-s. ; Roy Adams, Union. a guest Presley Philip -Arndorfer . Andrew Godfrjsdson. Mrs.- Ben Winkie was Ipst Tuesday of .Mrs. £archet. r ,r ,..>'...,.„„„., Geo. Miller, .Bancroft, and his daughetr Mrs. Jas. Meade, hus- .ijand and .sniall. baby daijghter of Joliet, 111.,- were -guests la'm week pf the Lester Johnsons. «7ij"V; / Dorothy Bolin, who had {Spent ,11 weeks-with her aunt^Mrsi Walter Heerdt, left Wednesday f>f last week for her home at (Manchester. M. M. Lowmiller of £uVerne, uncle of Mf<S. Heerdt, has also 'been a guest at V the Heerdt home. v Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dodds of Grantsbui-g, Wis., and their duaghter Mrs. Ross Mittlestadt .(E^hel Dodds) and her husband were visitors last week at the Dodds and-Flpyd Gardner homes. Walter js a'brother of W. J. Dodds and a cousin of Mrs. Floyd Garner. Mrs. Lester Johnson and daughter Arlene left Tuesday evening, July 2 for- Oklahoma ..City, Okla., for a visit of about a week at her son Lt. Tasker Johnson's. Lt. Johnson : has re- enhsted in the reguliar army and expects va period of 15 years of ^rvipp, p^-t pf >(hat time*-'%' ! -'be *?- en r ' n , ?- ome overseas country Pf flJ9 chpj.ce, Jle received his |WEA CITY ENDS WATER TROUBLES • ,Swea City; After a year of trouble with the city water sup- tjly, the end seems in sight ?s the ifesull. of the striking of water in me stand-by Well last wdek .(July 2)i The drills\piorced through a thick rock strata at 473 feet, finding a water Vein directly beneath. This water is clearing rapidly and it is believed that a faeek's time will see it in use. installation., of the new pump 'iVilJ bo (.'(jrhplcted at onc.p. A ievy pump foi- the old well is to SU'rivo later ::in the summer. The difficulty began when the first drilling for the nr.-w wel was stopped at 278 feet, too near the old well, into which sand began to seep. This sandlockod the pumping equipment in the old well and left the town temporarily without water. The new well was then sealed off and drilling resumed in a different place. It is expected that by next week the town's water supply will be coming from both wells. A small jet pump has 'been used as a temporary measure on the old well, 'but is capable pf pumping only about one-fourth pf the town's normal supply. met the tfew Cferk At Mfttf* Lakota: Joap pteetland, who has been employed at the Hertz- l ( <e Gropery stprp the past *)? months, has resigned and Dpfjs 4smusson is the new clerk in the store. Claitle Leaves Navy H. Gade, signalman thjrd class, Route 1, Whityeiflpre, |,owa, has /been discharged after honpratole service, it) thp navy, , at ihp personnel scparatifln center fa Bremerton, Wash. ff j Ferttofl: Sftelfcy selling hij t iy, July 8, at his home. The eisbrods are leavjng sopn fir aw Mexico because of 'lytrs. iNew avjexico Because of Jylrs, Wejstorod's heaM.' They havfe qne child, Karetf pelj. CJulb Plans Rddeo Soon The Seneca Saddle club for a business meeting at Clarence Csbor,n home Wednesday nightjm Those present' were tht directors and their wives. This week rMiergroup meets again at the Miljljan Jensen home. Plans; wjlf . bp made for a Saddle Club Rbdeo at their grounds in' the near future. Lester Jensen is 'president of the club, Miller Jensen, secretary-treasurer, the other directors Clarence Osborn, Jim Doocy and Dave Lynch. The Iowa Farmer Has Made Iowa Great "1 IOWA— First In Vf Jue pf Iff Livestock « n Cattle on Farms v IOWA-r-Fjlrst Itf Hogs en Farqis IOW4— First to produced N 11 m b e r of Corses IOWA— First In Value of Farm Property IQW4— First in i Farm Land Improved Welcome to -'Centejinifjl Pays"; ai)d to John Detsre Farm Machinery I ft> ^ General Electric Appliances Be It Ever So Humble i-Til CENTENNIAL DAYS IN ALGONA JULY10-11TH We join in inviting you ; to visit the city these twp days And enjpy the i fun and festivity- §)' While the men felled trees, and carried logs, and built cabins, the women cooked and baked and the children carried water^.n^ th(ifi 4(oerica grew Qtft of the unity and pponeratlop of its pioneers . . . 21 YEARS AGO This firm began tp *$ry* I, » \ I 'wk I** I i% CtaNT^id6t*''in;-While they Last on W«dnetd«y *nd i^ *.., ^ ' • ilbm fffv^mn §4x99 72nl08 p/- n T«?d»y th«r^ i» hardly a home in the eowirty without »omethmg Merchandise today i« hard to get. Our allotments are many, but pledge* itf«lf to JioW the price line spall, 9ow£*uggeft you drop in whereverpowible. Our dirctrfrom- every time you have a chance. We factories connection* and «upplieri -^ arp pn a buying trip now, to keep wi!l bdp m to ike^p price* as low a* new merchandiie coming. ypu will find any where. 4 • '. Easy Payment PIa« If De«ired • * •p- * Bjustrom's Furniture 1 j i ^^ > " i ' *»."• t , t j. f^S fv ^ 1 '^r 1 ";. Complete •Ml .,-,3*

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