The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 17
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* tit ttirlllid and surprlsld atthl bidutlfut diffirint* niw Pearls in Wifli Troniforminj lipstick H mak«s. Looks dark In thi Jtltk. (lends to a brilliant natural tone. Stays On longer, without drying lips. Viry Indilibli. »»*••••••••••••••••*••»••••••••••*•»•••••••••••••*•••••••• LIFE WITH CITY CIU8 jM>ra#ttHntm».,tr.un,*»». H.HI /WH/fr Do THESE BASEBALL- MOVIES - LANA TURNER PARTIES-SCHMIPT'S CfTV CLUB ABSOLUTELY SANE/THE SMARTEST MAN. IN TOWN y BASEBALL? V. MWIES? \ PARTIES? RUPTURED ? If you are suffering from hernia you owe it to yourself to try the NEW PATENTED DOBBS TRUSS. It is different and far superior toithe old fashioned truss. It has no knobs, bulbs, belts I or straps. Reason should teach you not to place a bulb or ball in operiing of rupture, which keeps 'the muscles apart thereby cheating nature of the chance to heal. It is designed to keep rupture closed while working, walking, lifting or swimming. Many, wearers report rupture healed. For Men, Women and Childen. J. R. McNICHOLS, Factory Technician, will explain this truss, without charge, In: ALGONA: THUENTE PHARMACY (Formerly Borchardt's) SATURDAY, JULY 20,1 p. m. to 9 p. m. 27*1 » FREE * Pick-Up and Delivery Service in Any Part of Town EVERY DAY .. -• (Quick Service) CALL 330 ELK CLEANERS NOTICE TO LAST CALL FOR BIKE LICENSES, Licenses may be obtained from I to §' p, m u Friday ?md Saturday^July 12-13, » Jirfy IS, without Jicensesi mil bf picked up, POLICE DEPT. City of AJgona .ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA IOWA Q9D9TICS - w^^SlATe -.|6S4£8. i^WftteSSR! 1HIBII1I • ^ •••^•^••1 &A£$MW.M%£ f*?r// W&CftMSTM/Cfc WtTdtOCVm 9lP/rtfM/ 71/f< ff£7flffC MAM vrvMSSsntrojanTis*tr »* -ntf r*t*?& SWEA CITY FOLKS IN EARTHQUAKE , . Swea Gity: Mrs. James E. Vaux of Birch Island, Wash., writes her mother, Mrs. George Butterfield Sr. that the recent earthquake in that area did no damage to their home but caused much excitement. Having just moved west from .Swea City,, Mrs. Vaux had ho previous earthquake experience and didn't comprehend what was happening until their young son, Jimmy, sleeping upstairs, called down to ask why his bed was shaking. A roomer in the house, an elderly man who suffers from high blood pressure, was shaving when the tremor began. Seeing .the mirror waving back and forth he thought he was being seized with & stroke of apoplexy. Mrs. Vaux expressed only dizziness and fright. HOSPITALS PETE ZIEM|T HAS BARN BLOWN OVER SOUTH 07 SI JOE* St. Joe: The storrrt Monday,' night; June 24,.' destroyed i a barn;' on the Pete Ziemet farm and a chicken housed- on the ^George]. Thul farrh 1 V4 /miles south of Sti' Jojs. A barn on the Nickolas Wagner farm, . riorthwest bf St, J6e, tenanted 'by tfie Vernon Plathes was also;, damaged. K Mr. and Mrs. ileinald Salzi and daughter of> 'Whittemore", spent Sunday at the Matt Fabers'in St Joe. ^ ••; • . Mrs. Nick ; Bormann ' returned.- Monday from' Rochester,' after, receiving medical aid. • -:•' 'Mr. and.,. Mrs.- Julius Capesius and family, were Thursday -evening visitors at the Frank Capesius home near: AlgonaJ : Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thilges. Macella, . Norbert. Jacob, Mary arid Mark returned Friday after visiting five days with Mrs. Thil' . ges."* parents, •' Mrr and' 'Mrs. eller at .Watertown, S. p. Jake' , • terifl Clarence's -.iatherV funeral are guests' at--4he' Clarence Riebhoff home. Mr,.Dan's"only daughter was ia thte-'yctir's graduate of tifc Millstone'.j-.VVh. high school. Harold Has', just, returned from service in :< the ''army. ; '•""• ''•;' : Mr. artd'-MrsV-,; Clarence Freed from' Gri'dley,' 111,,'were; 'callers at the Ricker Bros\ hdmb! : ;last week" They are 'friends through -mar-Hage. The Free'd9 have a' fa'rm northwest of Burt and/were Woking after it. . ;; •. '"> ^ -: Mrs.; Helen Bradbury./ ..returnee to her ; riortie in Sibiix City foirqw- ing a week's visit with hef*mo.thjer Mrs. Andrew Gpdfredson. ?: .*"&* ', David, 'Sarchet,'. sort of'-Mr-i anc IVIrs. Rpbert Sarchet, is 'atltending a Sunday schqol outing. at, LaKe Okoboji this week. .. ' ' :; rfM . *v&, "YJ Salad Plal. 2 for 15c Lunrh«on Plate lOce*. SEXTON Union Busy Bees Working Up New, "Home Grown" Song Union: The Busy Bee club was entertained 'by Luella Schenck last Friday afternoon at her home with a nice attendance. Aflub song under construction was sung and the ladies''are': .taking it : 'under! co'risld- eration of making it thu permanent club "song. , Words were supplied by Mrs .Dorothy Scott 'and, the tune is ''My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean." The program was a quiz contest conducted 'by Velma Cook • with Eunice Rlebhofl and Dorothy Hanna winners. Bingo was played followed by a choice lunch of strawebbries, ice cream and cakelj Miss Cora Hanson of Sexton was a guest. The next club meeting which was to have 'been held July 5th, has been postponed until the following week, July 12th with Nina Taylor as hostess. The program will be in charge of Esther Williams. « WyojninT "'te'fors— - : Mrs. Vern Sarchet and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dunn of Laramie, Wyo., arrived last Thursday for a visit with the ladies sister-Mrs, Floyd Bacon and family and the Sarchet families. New Union 4 Teacher- Mrs. Ed Wolcott of Algona has been secured to teach in District No, 4 Union for the coming, year. Fiftieth Anniversary—> Cards were received here, last Friday 'from Mr. and Mrs, Max Philip Dau of Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, 'by friends .for' a tea, Monday p« m. Julyi '15 ; at their home. The cards were engraved In gold; The 15th is their golden wedding anniversary, Mrs. Qau was the former Edjh Wagoner who resided west of Burt, v- Mrs. Lester^ Johnston assisted The Glenri. Gatirielsons callscd ;at- the L'. W. 'Crouch home .at.Wi •Jiajn's Thursday. •-.*' <> ,. '.? Mis. .Kate, HiUer, Algor\a, Vi itfed- over t^e FonrUi'-v.wifl\.' {ier daughter Mrs. . Bill, Wcnh&SBen arjd ' ''' Mrs, John Kirk pf Algona tain Circle 6 of the, M. E, ch,urch, Mrs. Ate Whitehi}! >wj}« ha spent -the past 4 months with her daughter Mrs. Letter Jo^tion left ast Thursday to spen^ some time with another daughter M«- J. M. Blanchard at Lone Row, • Relatives from CJuelph, J?. p., •ousins of Mrs. Preslfy fitted at tht §archejfc hcpw a ;ouple of days then motored to Wisconsin and Illinois »fop ~§ yjj with relatives,' Julian D. Ames, ompaniecj '„,, mamed at th> 4 he rest of the groj^Twere ia pnsin. . Mr, Ames hyes at Oaks, . p. Jt is 40 yea_rs smce, hftreside4 here. and Mrs. Letter Johnson , *938; f Wests jTtoijrsday «t Joe Wilhelmi home- in Algona' fi&ro,!jj$snr$j* . n of the same naoje e £M> ?*J^»f% S&W-* '.. Betty ,Wermersen ? ' arid- '.her frie'n'd, Janice /JVtertz" enjoydd/the Fourth of Jiilyv'' celebration'-. at Humboldt Thursday. •-•••--•••'. , Neil Steven,- Mapleton, Minn., is .visiting here- with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven, north. of town. .Mr. and Mrs. John'V.'Huf and sons Lyle, Eugene, and Andrew, Wesley, called: on his brother Bill Huf, Thursday afternoonj, Mr. arid Mrs.-B./E. Sanders and Mrs,'. -Mary . Morris:, •'spirit';", the Fourth of July at" Clear" Lake with. relatives, the Hawley family.- " •: -'., •',"' . Mrs. Belle. .Waters; ^stherville yisited the'fore, part of the week at the home, of,'her daughter, Mr arid Mrs. Sim L. Bemis and family here. "''•'.- ' • Mr. and Mrs,. Joe Hisle of Lexington, Ky., left,the fore.,part bl the week for their home after • a few days visit here with their aunt Mrs. Sarah' Wise and fam- Little Anne Marie. and Ricky Steven, children of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Steven, spent the Fourth of July with their grandparents, Mr., and Mrs. Albert Genrich of pear LuVerne- Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Hammond, Darrell, Rhonda, and Monty of nearDoan arid Mr, arid Mrs. Ed. dy Hammond, Burt, were Tuesday evening Visitors at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. .,, Mrs. Lloyd,H, Steven and son Loren Lee spent a few. days last week at the parental Sarah Wise and Harvey Steven homes. Her daughter Betty, who had been visiting here the past two weeks, returned home with her. Mrs. Inez Zay, Marysville, and Mrs, Lloyd Steven; son Loren and daughter Betty of Mapleton, Mirm-i were Tuesday 'evening supper guests at the home of their, niece and sister Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Opheim and;family. Mr<. and Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson and little Glennga §ue ;were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Glenn's' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Gabrjelson, who is hpme on furlough' before being transferred ta California to camp there, Mr, and Mrs. Glenn, GBNERA1, HOSPITAL June 24: Mrs. Victor Struecker, Fenton, girl. June 25: Rose Marie Matz, Wesley, tonsillectbmy and adenoids; Beverly Lewis, Algona, appendec- otmy. ', June 27; Mrs. Milford Bilyeu, Algona, medical; Dorothy DeSort, Fenton, appendectomy. KOSSUTH HOSPITAL June 24: Mrs. C. R. Long, Corwith, boy; Mrs. P. W. Marlow, Burt, girl; Delores Mueller, Fenton, appendectomy; Mrs. Rudy Oster, Ruthven, surgical. June 25: Mrs. Geb. Diers, Swea City, boy. June 27: Mrs. Richard Dewey, Algona, girl. June 28: Rozanne Schorndyke, Algona, surgical. , June 29: Mrs.; A. ,H. Vaudt, Whittemore, boy; Mrs. Paul Dahlhauser, West Bend, boy; Mrs. James Adams, Algona, boy. June 30: Marian Preston, Swea City, accident. July 1: Joyce Hutchinson, Bancroft, tonsillectomy; Joan Donald, and Marilyn Haupert, Burt, tonsillectomy; Ronald Briggs, Algona, tonsillectomy; Mrs. Ivan Pannkuk, Titonka, boy. Indirldual Fruit Dish 5c ea. FIRE KING LUNCHEON SET Sparkling blue glassware of beau- , tiful design. Safe for hot foods ainci ' liquids. Can be used in the oven, on the table, in the refrigerator and serving. Guaranteed against heat breakage for two years. A complete luncheon set for an little ai $130 Cereal Dish 2 for 15c Cup Sc each To N. Y. Convention Swea City: Dr. J. R. Forbes will represent the Iowa Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons at the 50th annual convention of the American Osteopathic Association .which will convene at the .Waldorf-Astoria hotel, New York City, July 14 to 19. He will be a member of the house of "delegates. Election to this position- was made ' at the State convention, of which Doctor Forbes is vice-president. Apple Cookie Jar ............. $2.45 8 inches high and holds more than a gallon. IU bright red coloring add* a gay note to the kitchen. PUBS N' Boots Cookie Jar. . . . .$1.69 60 ounce capacity. Cream colored, vitreous body, transparent glaze. Sleepy ' kitten in cute get-up is good for a (mile every time you see it. Fire King Roaster ............. 98c Guaranteed two years against oven breakage. 10?^' x &y/. Either half makes an excellent baking dish. Dunbnr Coffee Maker ____ . . .'.$1.69 8 cup vacuum model. No sediment, no metallic taste. Serve right at the table: Double Boiler ..... ......... . .$2.19 Heat resisting glassware. Non-inflammable bakelite handle. 1)4 qt. size; 2 qt. outercontainer; interchangeable cover. Aluminum Skillet .......... . $1.00 9' heavy gauge, satin finish aluminum. Cleans easily, laats a lifetime. Welded handle. . . DuBtrnnslcr Mop ........... '. .$1.50 Chemically treated swab reversible -for extra cleaning rapacity. Swab can, be washed and put through regular wringer. The Friendly Store ;"; and Oh-So-Cool son ano; spent th.e Fourth at the "home of Mr, and Mr§. Vick at Williams. Pfc, John W, Gaibrielson, wfyi has fceen visiting the;past .few; days witH the Glenn Gabnelsons,- returned to Webster City with thern^ Mrs. Sarah Wise an4 .her son W, A., Houston, Tex,, ang her Slstfi*" "***•« T..« H-— TH > J?_IJ-.'l accompanied Mr Phillips, Algo - the afternoon of whf re they were supper the, home rfaSd Mrs. to Wo- -m-m ,» It's Mae in Algona All the Good Old Flavors I A 1 Algona • .- .«57 •

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