The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 12
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PAGE FOUR__________ Sailor Now Clerk . Whittemore: Raymon Meyer is back with that big smile at the Geeian store, after being clis' charged from the navy a week ago. He was employed as clerk two years before IK; was inducted into the navy, and all his old mends, which arc many, fire glad to see him at his old post again. Swca Cilyans TO Move Svvea City—The Mc-1 Korsruds are disposing of their home and dress shop since doctors have advised the couple fo locate in the west for reasons of health. Mr. Korsrud is.; a local lineman for the Interstate Power Co, and Mrs. Korsrud operated a dress shop here. TO £UY Oft §|!LL: You'U go a long way before'ybu can "better the reader coverage of Algonn Upper Des Molnes want ads! AfipING MACHINE Rolls for sale{he Algona Upper Des Moines OPA Coast-To-Ci)pf %resf ledges: NOW ... AS IN THE PAST ... we Vfill sell quality merchandise at the lowest possible jFi-ices based on the cost of the merchandise to us. This has been the policy of COAST-TO- COAST STORES since they were founded and it WILL BE our policy now and,in the future— OPA or no OPA. LOCALLY OWNED—NATIONALLY ORG. JOE BLOOM, Owner ALGONA, IOWA IALS For Centennial Days Wed., Thurs., July 10 -11 CATTLE FLY SPRAY, gallon 69c ALL LEATHER FLY NETS, pair $7 95 FLY NETS, 110 inches long, each $O8 3-TINE HAY FORKS, each 89c HAY SLINGS $1.79 MAIL BOXES $1.98 CAR JACKS, bumper style $1.98 HOUSEHOLD FLY SPRAY, quart .........1.39c ROLLER SKATES $1.98 pair ELECTRIC IRONS $4.95 HAY ROPE 7-8 inch, per hundred feet $5.95 RADIO "B" BATTERIES .39 For All Types of Portable Radios HOT SHOT, HEAVY DUTY $i. 6 9 TELEPHONE BATTERIES FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES 4c each BARN PAINT, best quality, 5 gallons $1.75 FLASH LIGHTS, complete, each 79c FISHING TACKLE Most complete stock in Algpna. 600x16 PASSENGER TUBES $2.75 plus tax 20% DISCOUNT ON TRUpK TJRJES 7:50x20 $:25,x20 9:00x20 WATER PUMPS, with electric mptprs $58.95 WEED-NO-MORE Magic Weed Killer, quart....$2.98 INSECT SPRAY Water-Mix, ao% D. D. T., Concentrated, quart $1.59 STORES JOE BL0QM REUNIONJULY 4TH LONE ROCK HOME Lon6 Rock: . Thursday was v. scene of a Gem-ich .reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gen rich. Those' present were: Mr and Mrs. John Genrich of Mil watikee, Mrs. Mainerd Genrich and Charles of College Station Tex., Mrs. Will and Mrs. H. E .Hauck of Humboldt, Mr. anc Mrs. Fred Hauck, Mr. and Mrs Clarence Wells, Mrs. Lawrence Hauck and two daughters of Livermore, Mr. and Mrs. Art Jensen ;ir.d sons James of Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Genrich and Ploward, Mrs. Harry Nblte. of Algona. The clay was enjoyccl by all present. Cotton Family Gathering . Mrs. A. L. Cotton and son Angus took her daughter Juliana to You Never Cleaned Your: ENTAL PLATES So Easily Klconilo tnd» messy, harmful brushing. Just put yout plale or bridge in a Rla«» of water. Add a little Kl«i -^^^r nite. ' Krcstol SUliis, Jiji *Morntions. denture odor dr<tnupenr. Yntilr '(teth spnrklp like new. Ash your druggist today for Kleenltc. Get KLEENITE today at THU- ENTE PHARMACY (successor to A. H. Borchardt) and all good druggists. Midori City Friday 1 .take,fl tfalh tb.Wferin-, visit Borne trienqs theV, ,ily fMtheriftf'W68 rteld' at the W. J. CSlton coUa^ Miller Bay on Lake Okobojl th^ fouqwing pe6'ple and vMrs*' **- % — •_, pl .i.Eji.c.n,\iTniui,, «ij-.« UHIT1JSUW ^arold Morgan of Ames, amd the Paul Morgans of Algoha, arid Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cbtton ahd family and Mr. and Mrs. N, L. Cotton of Lbne Rock. " ' Visit at Flaig .Home •', Mrs. T. fi. Lewis of' ^ a ^ aKJUfi4 JVTrs. Philip Nelson "ahd PatrWU" of Chicago , came Wed--" s - J night for a visit at'the h\™«a.u Mr. ahd Mrs. Flaig Plaig.f*^ are Mrs. Flalgs mother < arid "Vis ter, respectively: ' ' < Mr. and Mfs.- Dale JBarJna-w^re! Friday' dinnef- guests.St'^tff l&Wet of ,Mr. an'd.M^;^l^Sfe^ at LuVei^e. • •.•>•> >- r ^ ; :"i Guesis Mr. and lis T3fll*]^ J.. ' , a4 "V^ 1 ' "t***r T->—T:TTT~ —^.^ Thursday dinner gjiests- at the' lome of his "^arfents, i '. Mr. s an Virs. Alex Krueger. Vith Mr. and Mrs; ••.*»«*,,! 3f Ledyard,' and '' Mr. 'and larvey Coates"•••pf.fjD&tf " ' were at the. ,,:parentaL Ackerson honie a't^* 1 .supper. ' Gapy, arid iP,t .erman of Burt-'were •'' night visitors 'at: their' Jso _ . PattgTlIcr v«.r^u»L« J a«iujr.wi.1. /tetfer of Moollartd, Vere in rnarr'iage-Ih.the Little shtfccft gt Nashua. July '-3, UnTfet fifbw Th6 a Vf innesotanS; on.iy isit , Mr.,!and J^rs.;Ho'wa and fami|y.'/Ciir.. came Thul-sda'y). pvenin .visit at the '.'parental Hams home. . '',: .Mfirlo'w |day evening supper guest •"•Tie of Mr. ahd Mrs. Lor jfenauer were his 'par find Mrs. John Geitzen Menton. The Lorehz |uer family spent the jsf July at Geitssenauc reunion, at Silver Lak 'ells o. ind Mrs iter anc fe, Wis. Pfet sister 6 QUgh, fafl'd 'f am- Bar 5 - Jb'ara. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phil- 1% ?5? 1 ' Mrs - ; Hmnk Harvey ,qf Alig ona ; : were ; <';Thursd£y . supper fuests Ih'esre.) ,".Mr."';'and MfS. fta-wreiice ; EpestHys . and Mary ,Lpu .61 Bancroft spentVthe even- tn^re. "H';'"•..'• ; - '•',. '; , '":'• • Mrs. Roenn^.ls Mrs. Rath's sis'' WIRING OF EL ECTRICAL PHOHE 2O-2O6W6ST ter .'and Alviha''ahd Mrs. Gladys Forbes are'..s.isters. -,- • • -The -U. S.*W;:^A.';wiJl.. i meet i :at the 1 , home of^Mrs.K.BetiiaH'.'Mbnt- gomery Friday the^l%'tj. ' " '"•*•'" Mn. and Mrs. --i)fgr.yey ..Rath : spent; Wednesday pvxjning. at >'lhe ,-Rfclph Hurlburt IiQine.' '"•'" •"' Mrs. Ralph Bierstejtt ser.'ted Aid : spj;iety i ;v'Wednesday «. , We?6 . pUAjir vJsijofS at t ......... ,,,,i. Nelson home* Thursday dinhef ahd all day iltor's tit the parental Geo. Pet- home.we^e'^; and>'Mrs,$Hil- •»cv ™f l 1 *^ JftAUy. arid •Ber- ...ard tJKttit' of-Wftiftemclrle,' Mr; and Wfrl, Glehn ttotiseholder and (family, EVelyn Earing and Cecil Seegebarth, Mr. ahd Mrs. Edwin iHowe of EmmetsbUrg, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Earing of Santa Maria, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fischer of Fenton also spent the evening there. HIGH SCHOOL NINES MEETSATURDAY Bancroft and Whittemore will be hosts, Saturday at a mid-summer baseball tournament for state'high schools and academies. Twenty-one sites for the state preliminary tourneys were named Sunday, including the two in ECossuth county. The Bancroft schedule follows: 12S30' p;; m;-fTitorika vs. fteh^ wick;-2 p. m., Fentori vs. Esfher- ville; 3:30 p. m. St. John's, Bancroft, vs. Algpna. Lu Verne drew a bye. ' The Whittemore schedule: l:30>p. m.—£bcahontas vs. Gilmore C'tty; .3:30 p. 'm. Whittemore ••'Presentation vs. Whitte^ 1 nore. Rodman and Sacred leart of Ppcahontas drew byes. Club sday St. Joe: Mr. and Mrs. Glar ence Frideres, moved into their new 'house Wedne.?day, July 3. Fire de9trt>ye4 |}ie house c?n the fflfrfi tenanted by' th^-Ffide'rea on May 21. The ne\v 3-room home tyas built by Joseph <Berte of St. Jde and Matt Kellner of Livef- more. _ r , 'their son Jn6kle ™ r - KJ - t , panied to Des Maine's wednesdC by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Cowan and! Mr: and Mrs. Craig Smith, who! went to see the firtals in the soap box derby in which Jackie Was! entered. Jackie won second place in his class and was k presented witlTa trophy. Dick Wllhelmi, the other Algona entry, also Went l ~ t^e semi-finals in.rjis class. . Mfe jJiink prices are >hjgh enough. pur"S'firvice and Parts Will Continue on the Same Price Basis Unless We Are fay Our SuBpfliiprs to Raise • • ..uuineran Aia^ppety.vWednesday. chedujed, with Mrs. Orvilli .afternoon at -the^Burf Lutheranilfoldren,. Mrs. Keith Stevens as Corners: The Four cor ers-Mi,& D, club will meet Fri ayi instead of Thursday as meduled, with Mrs. Orville We recommend that you buy only need. (ChUrcK. •' The Marinus Nie]sqn family attended . a family gathering : 'at;the iBen, Olson home 'at- Emmetsburg Thursday. • ' ' ' "" ' ' , • Mr. and Mrs, V/.ali ^ampnt and family of St.;'-Paul,,Minn.,, came Wednesday: "to visit 'the ttalph Hammerstrom home. Mr. and .Mrs.' Lawrence Ditt- itner, .Mary Ann -. and Margaret iwere- Thursday dinner guests at /the II. T» Angus home. ' .:,.Mr.': andvMrs. AJbert Sliasor and Mrs. Chris Shaser spent -Thursday evening -at -the •Lawrence,; and Martha Rath home. MrY and Mrs. John Newbrough, 'ivnTrr, *• ~T~ s 7}*jt"?'*V' .'Spent tihe .Fourth .at the home of his 'par- 'e$ts, .Mr... and ;Mrs.»A'. ,D. New- orough. ."-'•' '.- '" -";..''' '. ""Vjg?^;^ 6 ^'?^: week 'atvthe< honte of; Mr. "and.'MrsV'Dave" Web- skiing. The quotation for the efey",''"Better be dead and forgot ten than living in shame and dis honor." Opening song, ('Club ,Song." Roll call, payment of dues, . paper "Pioneers in Iowa," by Viva. .Witharn, poem by Rose SabiriV Pijcnic At Tieman Farm Fenton: Mr. a'nd Mrs. Henry Tieman, -Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Art'Tietz, and Bobbie, Lakota, Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Dreyer, Lone Rock,-and-Mr. and Mrs. Rex 1 Wolfe, Fenton, held a picnic dinner at the Jack Tieman farm the Fourth;, . De Soto Sales and Service HOENK MOTORS SALES and SERVICE 'Phone 391 West of Court Mouse \Vliy the price is exactly the same as it ^yu$ Saturday, June'^9,' v of course! And so are the prices .of shoes, dresses, hosiery and' ,*' the lunulrcds of other items in this Big Family store.:'. . ,'.'j Saturday, June 29, Were In Effect. TODAY THEY ARE OFF * • ".-•'.-.•'• Perhaps you wanted OPA continued .. . may be you didn't. In cither case we believe you will want to know the answer to -i the question, ward's?" "What's eoing to happen to prices'. 1 at Wood- The answer is simple aii(j direct: The s^me ^price .policy < that has governed the marking of metfcliandis^ ( ; ln . tjhjls store' since the day it was founded wjlj continue as our. euUe In the future. That policy clearly requires that every item offered for sale must be marked at the lowest possible price. • : • \ That's why prices are the same at Woodward's today •. •,.'-, and will remain that way as long as it is within , our . power to keep them there. . '.-••• k ';;•<•" Only when we are forced to pay more for merchandise ; .''j and only then . . . will you see a change. And even then -our margin of profit will still be kept within Its narrow limits, >? Woodward's never has, and never will take advantage of tf- coqdition such as now' exists. We 'prefer to remain th^ store that figures its profit on Hie basis of pennies on many transacr tions rather than in do){ars on a few. We think you like our policy too ... because it is you, our friends and customers wl>q have made us one of the successful stores in this community. - v. We're proud of that standing ... we guard it carefully .,.,: and we repeat... "QPA or no OPA ... you can continue to de« : < pend on Woodward's to bring you the tops in values... day in day out . . . year in and year out." ' Roenno ^nd A!vina,'i rs. .filadys-pptbes^n^ iclu\-'A dr.en,..of Osbocne, Kans.^ .cerne Tuesday to • {ae home ; b'f Mr.' and Mrs» 1 Lawrence. l Rafch. . . -Mr.,.j m d:M 1 -r 3 ; Qdpy.Cherland spent the. Fourth at the Emil Elmers home ct Burt. They als attended- the funerul of Mrs Haase. at Burt Friday afternoon •MftTr. and Mrs. ^ -Haim ^pent-5raiursday.:, waning at the Melbourne .' Simpson "home ' a Whittemore., Marilyn Simpson returned home with them for a visit. ' "' '' " •" ' ' Misses;' JGIfirJs ,Cfr.oss and Laura Badtg" ; of - i Bfes • : ^Mbjnes j2arh .Wednesday evening. to ,spend;ov er the Fourth with the parents C. M. Gross . and Alex Radig :homes Mr. and Mrs; Roger Jensen, Mr and • Mrs. Dean Jergenson am Opugla,s.and Mr. artd Mrs.. vey . Jergensori of Algona) . Thursday evening- dinner guests at the Frank f;ajg; • " . Mr.-'and Mrs.tH; $.,,.'VVhitney o] iMadison, Wis.,'.sReht"!Sunda^ vis; iting" the H. E.'MJcka home. Mrs Welcome to "Centennia^Days 1 ' in »Algon a—^Wednesday and Thursday! V " *T ~l<M***F*f>'.r.v>*»***. 4'fr.KhV fH*H.*-W* Jy; 'of 'Hollywood, Calif., spent Friday. visiting there. i.;Mr. andvMrs.\M.< O, i .4 V o««.«s. and .family attendeji a'picnic and reunion -.6f yfte JBilsborougV fam- 'ily ."at the Call, park in ..Algona Thursday. It .was in holibr 6?' W. F. Bilsborough of. Hartley. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Biei-stedt fAf.- : and Mrs.. ^Eii'd ; •Bicps'tedt, Mildred Person 'and Mrs.' Edw fHgPR.e 1 /and--.Rpger spent the Fourth visiting iE^w. Hoppe^&l the, hospital ra^RftcJiester,, Minn. 1 Mr> » 1 r and MrS -jF° T -;'lT^P a . Mr, > , and Myrtle Hanna, Mr. a'hd-'Mrs. ' Hanna andvrJeaneUe were Thursday dinner 'guests at the iKonie ''of - -Mr; - ^fld -Mrs. -Bob Mackey at Fairmont, Minn. . - .- . Teeter and daughter of 'Lone Rock were Thursday evening visitors at itihe Raymond Nelson Mr. and Mrs. t .pjiarles -* Lockwood and family, Mr. and Mrs, !Everett Locfcirvpbd and ifajnily, ihe AUwin Lockwood arid Dale Lpokwood families .-jsoent ' : ^he fourth a>t the home flf^Mr. and Mjs.^Frank Lockwp^ ^t r Em,' metsburg. '•: *^ Thursday dinner guests at the | t Hugh ly. me Merwm Mr. and Mrs. 8i Mrs. Curly Qwnri, Lone Hoclc. , Mr. and Mrs. } JI and family, of Burt -'Wi and Mrs. Maynard t Kueck family of Armstrong, Mr. an l B«rt, Enamelware TEA KETTLES Ail-Metal STEP-ON CANS $Q3S Aluminumware BOILERS 2 83 Aluminumware rPANS Complete With Cord ItECTRIC P 95 «w "Prwto" J PRESSURE COOKERS ; •«*( COPPER 712 PRESSURE COOKERS $ 43

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