The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 10
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' """ ^v^f^'l--^^ Bleich, Haverly Homes Are Sqene 6f 2 Wesley Picnics Wesley: Fourth of July pic- nicers at the Frank Bleich home were' the Dr. H. H. Raneys, Totn McMahons, Lael Roots, Will Loe- ibigs, Delberl Bentons, Charles Mullins and Francis Hauptmans. Sixty-five neighbors enjoyed a picnic outing at the Henry Havorly home on July .4. They •wore the John Paulsons, Jack Hit-liters, Orville Smiths and her parents, the Pete Renders of Chicago, John Hildman; Mrs. Tillic Hildman, .John, Rjchters, Ed Dus- olds, Kenneth' Rashxitssens, Victor Loebigs, Lou Goe'tfces, Frank Riqhlers,'Beckers,! Rita Garman and Mrs. Rose.Laux. Eisenbacher Gathering Ilichard Hamrnpn of Racine, Wis., came Thursday morninfe and on Sunday he and his wife, the former Rosina Eiseniacher, who had been at ,her parental home several w'ee'ks, returned horne accompanied by fylrs. Ifln. •Eisenbacher, \Vhb will, visit at the home of her daughter and with -other relatives several -weeks, A_ family, gathering was held tjhc Fourth. ••.'••- Home Mrs. Viola Studer returned .Tuesday evening from, a week's visit at her parental". w." M. Luken home at'Coirrtftn, S. 'D. The latter couple celebrated ' their 54th wedding anniversary Jithe ! 8.S). Pat Scanlan, a nephew.of Mrs. Sttider, Who had frdtiuehtly visited here lately, enlisted, .in the navy and is^taking his boot train- Treasurer's Semi-Annual Report Hnsi'vi-"' ''''•'"'"""' '''"'"'""i''" 1 ' "f cvuuly, Imvn. Fm- tlio in>rln.I from .luno \, Win, to nwnmbrr .11, lpir,,.ln- I-M'XUS STATHMKNT op ACCOUNTS nv rciyns llllllinrr .IIIlli> I. Klin Her .iiit.ll i!,rMi!i;::ii .siiii. I.", linllK'.s Ilisr.lM' Si'i-iiiiiliir.i K'l.-nl I'liiiilnn-ijiiii Si'i-i.'iiiliir.v liiinil Miiliili>iiiiiii-i. Homi'stlr Aiiliinil rrlimiry liiinil ItuniJ 1ti>ili>ni|il1-in .. s.-lmul Dl.sii-li-m I.MiiMi-y SI.MI i- I nsl 11 ii I Inns I Mil II Slilll^ll i:i-:ci-:ii'Ts ill] II.-IMI! .linn- I. llll." I'nun <'urn-ill Tuvi's I!) 11 Kroin I >«>]iii'|iH'lil TiiM-s I'l-Hiilly, Inh-i'c-sl .-mil (.'n^is 1 'ruiiiiiiit- TiiM's ('il\- Spi'i-inls tiilsnllllf Til.M-S (H.I Auv ri-nsii.-n .Mnlnr- Cnrrli'i- I'l Im.-ir.v l!n:iil I'.nml Ki-ili-iiiptinn l!iu-V I.U-cn'si-s .. '. . ..'..'.......'. '. '. '. '.'.'. . l'l'illri|llll III' Sl-llcllll l-'llnil liin-i-i-si nn Si-liiinl l-'iiinl Ti-.-ii-ln-r s K'\:imiii;il n.-li l-'i-i-s Sl:lli- A|i|il-ii|irlilllliil flip lllslilllli- ... S.i I,- nf Mnlnr Vf-hli-l,. I.I.-I-IIKMS I-'iMCs fl-njii Clcrl; nf dm I'l l-'iin-s I'niiil Illlu-i- ilfl'li-i-rs I'"'.,' l.h-l-NSPS ,. I'iiri- i I' I'nlii-nis Ml Slnli- Insllliillnns Silln nf I'rnillli-i- fl-nlil Cud M IV |-';mil .. S.-ili- nl' Si-llnnl Hunks ' l-'i-i-s fpiiiii dilllll.v Allillli.-p I'Vi-s fl'nlll dilinlv' Tn-JlslU'cr I-'IH-S I'PIHII I'lillMly Iti-i-iirili-l- KI-I-M I'l-iini Cli-rli nf lilslrli-l dmrl .... l-'i-i-s I'rniii Sin-riff ] l«.'liii-Hli-:iil Crcilit Iilsliiirsoiiionls .$ 2.1) M..VI . Ill, .1111.1,:iftl.-i:i • •III.L'II !.(i::7.S" (ILMMIII IIIIHI .». i.-i.s. is . IMI.-.''J •' .1.111..1(1 C.1T.I1 I.IKIS.TS ii,nic:..*iji IIKI.dli 11:1.711 N7.7H7.III .. I.IM'.:iSu'.:JII Ki.lll •1.1.1 1. "N7.CI1 CiD.lML'.Ci" N7.!P5 C1..H12..KI 1.71 '.'.IIS Ki.lil 1il..V>K. in ^lli.L'lil.17 x,:i7l.cC! C1II7.-J-I .151.10 sn,r,.s7.r,7 1S.I-I5.-II1 7,11)0.1)7 .1IIJ.SI C1.020.7S C«),0.-.L'.II7 cil.-l.-i r.'.itto.cio OM.CII 7111.1)0 20.WW. 1 1 2(i,s'.r,7i.L^ :.'.'!.<) I'J.iit S7.IH! 81. W 8.KS7.U.-I 12,70 1. V.) 10.MO S..1-I7.00 c;o, i,5o:i,;ii) ri:!.7:i-'.()t 1.1S0.7SI L'2'i.OO sn-.cvi (1,01.1,20 •J7.S:!7i-H) aon.oci l&iM .so.rei •l.70'ct.5l! ,. 7:1,1,10,11) ra.-n 5M" 'I'nin-il' Aiiln I'V-.-s CII In-r T!-IIIIS|'IT.S Tnlnl Ai-i-n I Cni- IJISItl'ltSKAfUNTS nisi:ri!si-:.Mi-:.\'rs Sljili- Trnnsim-r's Uot-clpts .,, duint.v Ainllini-'s \ViiiTHiils .'.".' lirniiiiiirc U'lirriiuts. liotuls mill Inion-sl . I'rlMi.-ir.v linnil Ili.-iuls licilccini'il hiicri-sl mi rrlinncy Unnil llnihJs dniMl.v l-'nli- I'ily Spci'luls Urili-rx iii^dniuty Tri-iisim-r liy Mnyors o'r CH Clnli-rs f.-n County TrcM-sun-i- hv Pri-Hiilcnts . Sl-llllOl DI.<i|pll'lK Si-c-n-l.-iry nf SI.-Hi- J(i-c(-l|il.s fur Mnlnr Vchic Trmisl'iM's Iiiilniu-i- n Cri'ilK Aininint •- 0,027.01 .'JIU.072.27 2n,OI2,ni . il.(KW.Of) ci.j)2n,oo: .4. vr 05:90 2Q,7C5.00. m:\.m 1.S00.72. r.ft'.reHjBi' 5S.127.10 .fl.OIB.SOS.-IS for 1. I'. \\'. 1'i-arsnii. 'rri'.-i'-'iiri'r riiri'i-ri Kiniiiiiiiry uf Ihr llllsllll'^•s I r f K AJ^i.-ini, Iinva. .Iniinnry 11. inili. wi, iln hcri'hy ci'i-(,l('y Hull I li« i-nporl n^'t'n nlinrc is :i iri'iisiirrr ilnrln^' tlii? pcrlml IlK-roin Kpci-ini-il. ('. \V. I'KAHSO.V. d.-nnty Trcusiirpr. .V«ry, K. Sniiils, lii-pnly. The THRILL of a HOLE in ...You Can't Beat itl. ing at the tion. HeiigrffdMfed frfr ity college ; at .®6ux. '0 spring. His sistet Irene Re§e is now Mrs. Glenn Merritt find-lives in Kansas Ci.ty, Kans. Gfeet Nqty- Alifi^fi^ -,.;.../ ••••( A baby -girl Maify llMbeth; was bor.n to Mr. and'Mrs. ^Charles' Nelson at the ICossuth hospildl in Algona Tuesday, J.uly 1 i\<trs~. Nelson is the former'Cecelia, Eis- .enbacher and they have one, other child, Jane. tyr. Nelson has been in the' Kbssuth hospital, where he has been several Weeks With a broken leg. Visitors From St. Paul , ; Mr.'and Mrs. Delmar Pomtnliri enirig and three children of S't. Paul spent last week at the pfer- enta'l Ed Hildman home and' : at the home of her sister Mrs. Bob Kain and family, at Scj'xtort.'Iiaif-i ry Hildman, who ihad : -jvl8ijt6d'-'his sisters Mrs. -' Herman i E$pHs ; 'aij.d Mrs. Pommerening. ,atjd. :'t,neir families in St. Paul for several weeks came home.' He was recently discharged from the navy. "Bud" Alne came home last week with his discharge from the navy. Sunday, J.une. 30, guests at the Will Hauptly, home were the Fred Benteles of Swea City -and the Frank Hauptlys. Mrs. Frank Hauptly and Mrs. Will Hauptly spent Tuesday of last week at the tH6rHfa"of' r the former's fister in Hartley. Mrs. Leo Bleich and Mrs. Johnny were servers eting of 'tlie Society, r' ;ue£jfe at 1 the |tne were' Mrs.' H^riet of Lawson of ^iests at the ..,.-- „„„.,..,.. were Ann Hauptly of Alg a J the Law- reiice l^oppens, 1 i tDquise and ICatherine''HaatlU ,\ (Ijj -,• Mi-s. Lael Root weht>t6;Rooh- ester, Minn., Friday to be her father George'•'Sheridan of Clear Lake, wha;'' ; im Saturday submitted to a niatjdr. operation. Mr. e.nd Mr^. Max Studer of .Mason City came Thursday evening for a visit at the Alf "Stu- .ders and with other relatives here. They had vjsited her mother Mrs. Lena Hiiber u,nd her brother Eugene Hiiber ad family, at Algona. . Mrs. Vincent .Eisenbacher entertained her 500 club on..Thursday, June 27. Mrs..Norbert Hil- bert'won high Jbbijb'ibKi'.'e, Mrs. Lon Gouge got lowland Mrs. Clarence Nelson,(Hl.wel prize. Mrs. LawrenceISmith will entertain the 1 ladies'THaVsH l Jy, ".'July : li. Mrs. Ben Dorr Qf.St..Benedict spent Tuesday at^tnc-'' homer'bf Mrs. Irene Studqr...She .went, % on to Garner tp' spend'Several .. at the' regular '' Catholic Missio Holiday wbek Johh' Hutchis'qn P^acljael Browjj Algona and. Gf Cbrwith. -if Fourth of JiS* W.illvHaup.tly'i'F at the home qLiiQr rspw Louis Schleusriett'^Tnlr <Mr^ iatief ' is ation at the Mercy-^oipital in Mason City sevecat(\K?eks ago. Mr. and Mrs. -'TMfah "tickteig and their two oldest children drove to Albert Lea. Tuesday to get their two youngest children, who had been cared jipr at the home of their uncle i^id aunt, the Albert DirksensV^Mnile, folks visited relatives in Kansas a week. The Lickteigs returned Thursday. Mrs. Francis Hatlptman and three children visited her sister Mrs. (Margaret) .Ed Eckerman .nnd family at Early recently. Joan Eckerman came back with her aunt and vi.sited here till Wednesday of last week, when her mother and three children came for her and visited hoi- mother. Mrs. Mary Otis and other relatives a few days. "Iwtf «f m W Corn Grows!" -'«*.*»•-W. yW^H^Hlii. '^'V ite Salute Alaona & Kossuth Co, On the Occasion of Centennial Yeai td call towa ' :yott :: ar.c j ' ,djf,C and * . cai^t • the yeai-s; --, o^a, it hajs grown steadily and has becom| part parcel of ttic Algona business During the p_ast cru,^ ^r.?, tb : e $HpMP- bjtSTBiBt^NG CCMhy^edf to i /*ke>pv'eni routining", by bringing i^e^ded'attto ; ; truck ah^ ' tractor parts, inagn6 to and. o&erj repairs, .eiNirom all , over the co^ritry. Tojdaj;, ^fe are .continuing with^^at'impi«^tf'j0Ji?»''.'awd>a.^ w?e do so, we Took forwards to^o\yth, and a , Beater future With community. ALGONA ANDi FORT D^DGE, IOWA Sp-Klarlan 14 Eleventh St. Upper Des Moines -B^TO Results. Efafo~**fb~~**^^ f/ $' SURGE "DAIRY MAJP" WATER HEATER . 10-Oallon Capacity . All-Electric '{ '? -v. -'. Fully Insulated ' . Portable—Easy to Move . For Milk House or Kitchen ^^pdfl ^^w ^Wf jp I^&^F w^y^^ IMPLEMENT CO. Swea City fl, Notice Cha A special meeting of the Boai:d<o|i operative Creamery Company v$a? June 29, 1946. Motion was ma tary be and is hereby instructed, ther notice, ; to increase the price oiB yejfed in Afepna one cent per quart and four (4) cent^per quart on crea,m. i • i >! i' I! PRICES EFFECT!WM0N0AY, jytY 1 1 Gallon Milk ...,.....,.„ ........... I Quart Milk- „,..„......„. .,40c 1 Pint Milk „.„. ; vi -..L.. 1 Quart Cream— ....„„.,..,.„•„.,,.. 1 Pint Cream ....„„„, I Pint Cream.....,.. r ,--.- r .,_, |, T _ T .. T , CiMD'jpfratl^i. " j|I^W!fl^|!^V(l«Wt^^

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