The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AlAKCJJ 9, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS HIE] IB I Sixth and June Streets, Los Angeles, Calif. Unusual Circumsi a 11 c e s Surround Imprisonment of Airiericah Woman jiV KOHNEV UUTCUKR Courier News Washin^lon Cnrrcspanitent WASHINGTON. Mar. 8. — The lalesl mass trial of "old bolsheviks" in Russia may remliKl you lhal the Soviet government Is sllll holding an American \vcinan named Mrs. Until Marie Rubens In prison under li:v,.irrc circumslances and lhal o\ir Bovcrnmenl seems in no hurry to cheese an American ambassador to succeed Joe Davics, who Is being moved to Belgium. These last two fads arc not entirely uiirslate-.l. Mrs. Rubens and her husband, who !ifi<! traveled on false passports under the name of riotmiscu, disappeared in Moscow last December. Alter mu:li fuss and inquiry I lie Russian government admitted Iheir arrests. (Jinler tiie Ro^ssvelt Litvinov argecincnt lippn which American recognition of the U. a. 3. R. was contingent, AmL-ri- can diplomatic officers were privil- '•"Pti to visit such prisoners without delay. I'lcnty of Iteil Tape Only after the heaviest diplomat!;; pressure, applied by the State Department under white House orders. «as the American charge d'affaires at Moscow, toy Henderson, permitted to see Mrs. Rubens an.-l identify lie)- American citizen—and then under restrictions which irrilated high'er-ui) officials. Only a few questions wsre allowed and (hose had to be asked aiul answered through nn intermediary, Mrs. Rubens was represented as say- inj she wanted no assistance from the emba.' The State Department, has no assurances that the woman will ever come cut. alive. Officials susr peel she is being used as a witness asainsi her husband, who is a spy suspect, and that her answers to questions were made under threafi as to his or he,- oivn safely. . The Russians say th» Americans can'l look inlo the matter any further until (heir investigation is completed. Apparently there's no time Mmil en a. Russian investigation— or any knowledge here as to its technique,,.... ,..,,, - , .Bill certain.(lints.have been.given lhat;lh(;rc may he no American ambassador. to MOSCOW until this government knows all about Mrs. Riibsris and her future. * * * , . , tip)- Myslcri' Inquiries among army and navy officers.fpv inside information about the .."spy scare" cc'iUerjng ;.pji the arrest, of three German spies in New York elicit little move than sarcastic suggestions that the ar- i csU are chielly valuable as publicity fcr J. Bjgar Hoover and Ills G-Meii.., The army and navy hardly ever calcii a spy themselves, bill, usually. Ihey'rCjOnly too happy to biiiid up n spy scare—even with such dreary material as the bungling,. ,$50-a7 month, small fry whom Hoover's men caught iti Nc«- York,.So their present altitude Li a.mystery. * » 9 No Personal Profit. Tlie idea that tlic president was S~ing' to cash in on his cxalled Ircsilioii lo the tune of $75,000, or SICC.COO.hy Hie sale of his writings mid press conference traiiscriptiom lo a magazine and a iicwspip;i Jiynclicate created a gencrallv sour jinprcssiflii which easily could have teen avoided. .... Fcrmal denial thai Mr. Roosevelt wotild iwcket any money tl)o sales, couplsd with assurance thai his prolils \voukl be devoted to a ••useful public purpose under gov- ornmcnl direction," came only aflcr critics .had hurled their sharpeol uarbs and friends.had despair. Tiie question nalurallv arise.-, as lo why. if Roosevelt originally, didn't mean lo pb;kct tlic money, that tact couldn't have been made clear in tte lirst place. As it is. Ihc .delay in expianation lia;. given (ho sharpshooters a chance to hint that their atlacks forced a change of plans and public dis- nvowal of a personal profit motive The fact that Ihj President has been so. blase in the face of public demonstrations of acquisitiveness by younger Rocscvclts and members at his official family undoubtedly, made it easier for commentators to Dclicvc that he himself was vtliin? to ac:cpt a gob of gravy. Bui it still is impossible tc- point to any Instance wherein he or Mrs. RoOoC vclt actually sought profit for Uieni tclves since p. D. R. took ofRcc. Ituyli Society — Personal flic season's heaviest rnimloiin mntic rivers of Lo. f .n s tt<:s streets uml lUcusnnrts or muds wore stalled trying lo push llirough swirling water such !>s piclu.-c:l atovc. 'Hie rains broiiflit (lie HOI si flood In the Ally's history. More t;mn a score were (Irowuc'.i, ilniisuncls wcro dvivcn from ueir homes and properly lamagc was expected to exceed $20,000,000. The Las Angeles ITiiitwiicy Relief Council sougnti in cope will ivlial it called (he worst crisis since it was 01 ;anizocl during llic Long Beach euilluumke 111 193;). 'the picture above wns taken at. Sixth ami June streets. Los Angelas. , Seoul N<:j\'S Boys -- , Girls Grind corps nractico for th^ Brownie pack of the Girl Sco-uls was hold at llio Firs'. Presbyterian church Saturday aflej-jioon. The group, which worked Saturday c:i a inarcji and Ihe .nursery, ilynic. "Jack and Jill." plan ID da tome oatsktc paradln; toon. They |:orfcrmcd In the Armistice day parade wearing llicir Brownie oul- flts as uniforms. Rescuers Seek Missiiig Plane Names Committees For Caruthcrsville Group CAIIUTHERSVILLE, Mo., March 9.—Roy W. Ilnrper. president ol the Junior Chamber of Commerce j hvvc, yesterday announced his selection .of chairmen and advisors [of Ihc vii]ions committee:) |o serve during, the present year. They arc as .follows: Wclfnre comniittfie—P. J. Aqumo,' chairman; C. C. Casllcs, advisor. Pitklicity and Bulletin — Clyde Harper, chairman; Al Zander, advisor. Entertainment — Clayton Schultv., chairman; Byron War:l. advisor. Attendance — Cletus bohognc. chairman; Joe B. iienlcy, advisor. Membership niid Oreeler.?—Fred Henley, chairman; Lloyd Kogers, advisor. Ediica t lonal—Hiirald Jones, chairhian; C. C, Castles, advisor. ., Scout—Earl .Long, chairman; Al Zander, advisor. City. Imnrovaiiifiiitu—Bi'iicc. Fisher, chairman; Dick Necley, advisor. Sport:—Jack Ilopkc-. chairman; Bob Mclirlc. ndvisor. ... Luncheon — Henry Cain, chairman; Byrcn Ward, advisor. Finance- John Ellis, chairman; Jop B. Henley, advisor. • Civic Service—Ivc'rson • Iviichlc chiiiniiiin; Lloyd Rogers, advisor. Trades Expansion —Adolph Un- j IciTCinor. chairman; W. P. tlobcrl- 011. .advisor. . Afjriciilliiuil , E.VHSUKJGII — Fntnlc: Wlll;s, chairman; Uick Nmlty, ml-j •Ism: , t ; Library— ICcniiclh UUIiiiaii, ji'oJ) Mehrle. L'.oyd Rogers. . . j ParllnniciH—Robert W. Hawkins.' Two -Sends Top Out i EAL.'c'BiJRY. Mare. (Ut'l-Mlas Edith., Dc:io of Kls's , Island in n fklcntliil moinciil tolil her brother William of. lici; iriarringc last September. After u msmont's. stirs he rerouted his ' December emcnt, .'lljc,. cllscovere:! .that both had married In Scabroqk,' >f. .H,, and thai judge, fiVlpli p. Brajg had performed both ceremonies. The death's head sphinx-moth wears Ihc sign of death .upon ils bnck. . ..-..•, Mr*, {'ollrcll (Jives I'arty Mrs. S. A. Cnllrell compHmenled hi'r r:n, Nonnnn. with n birthday dljim-r Iliclr hrane Friday PVI iiln'.i. 'J'hc guests were Misses HIV !l HiitdwlM and. MiUBi\ri;t Siri.'klln :iiul ].-rai)el.s Hahd jmil the lionorce. lirli'ilLiinu Thursday dill) Mr. ami Mrs. )>aul I^-ons cnlev- l:iini-d willi » liridKi! parly M tholr Ir .11? l;r,t 'Ihur.siUiy evening, huv- Hi'! a- KiieMs liiree luiiles of hrldge. 11'iyns. 'Ihe 31, p.iirick inollf \ v as used in (he (allies, covers and itcs- si'i'l. Mrs. Jen Kohn received Ui2 ta-llr:;' liljjh i.i'ni'c j:-rlzc.. at)-| I/imar Tl'.cmi'st::! was awarded .liljh ware piia' for men. DellfiliUul ivfrcsh- nu'iils were MTVcil ul llrj i-imdii'.lon cf Ihe panic's. Mt . \Vall:irc Untprlaliis Airs. 1'red Wallace eiUortulnod ll»- Mnulay hrl[li;c ehilj at hrr Ilium: ;il Haii'i'vllle. 'I'licre were Iwo l:ibl(vi of (>l;iyei':(. iiK'hiil'n^ i;ic Mrs. I.pRuy Whlluci-. Mrs. Jchn Morlr;(n:ll. iecrivcd the liljh .':-oi;> prhr. 'I hn liosle.-i.s served n "iil'iil anil dessert coiivsi'. Mrs. 'i'aiiDi'i 1 M'u.i Hn.s-:-riiN 'lim liDine of Mrs. lien 'Upper «;:,-; (ho sueiic o( u vM'y jiriilly inly when sin: ontcrluinctl her Mr,n:liu club. \vlil:li Is coni|>osed ol fariilhersvlllc ladles, 'llio St. l>ul- livk motif was used In decorations, lullle.s nii;l miiiiii. in Ihe brldRc S^.'iif.'; Mrs. t'loo (ictxlwln ivon liigh rvnie pi-i/.L'. Mrs. Juek Howiilni; HCC- rnd high score prize anil Mrs, Ell f'.ijihiiin low .score mvaril. licsler iUcore. Oaylc Wocclside, I i:i:.f McMullIn, 1'liiey Jones, Mrs. timer Wlll:.inki> Jr.. mill Miss Betty i'uc Nclhery cf (his city drove lo Memphis Sunday. Onylo Woodslile. I.c.iise M-jMiillhi nnd Miss liclly •'-ue Nethery lironiirasl ovci- WMO Liniday. Mrs. wlllwnks rcmuincd here niul I;; vJsitinj her piironls, Mr. and .Mrs. John Alsup Ihis week, Mr, and Mr?. A. Kohn of M> uelle. Ark.! M, Bai'rtovil-/. ami sou, Bob, of Poiiaijoville, . were here Eui'.-'ay vlslllng Mr. nnd Mrs. IS, H, Unrkrvllz, 'Hie ICohns were cu icule to .St. Lcois. Mr. anil Mrs. James Nc.wbc.iTy, A. O. .Sauder.i drovo lo Pine Hlujr, Aik.. Sunday .anil, sponl HID day wllh Mr, eaiidors* brother, Ed 6aii- ders, aijd, (!\i«lly.. , , Jim ai'liiislcad of Brajgn'ilocla wus here Monday ntlciidlng to biu>- Iness. • . , . i^iank Lowiey and Rodney JlrjiBh- or,Jr., .were.iji Meiiiplib KrWiiy. Mi'ssiB, James Nijwboi'ry iuid A, O. : Sanders ullciidixl to business at Slkeslon l.'rlcluy. William Uansplre of New Mnit- rld -spent llio .week ehil here wllh )tl.i slslw, Miss Muynilu liniuulro, who Is III. . Itli'lmu! ifanu-a of seiialh ami Albert llamra drove lo Si. lx™l,s Sunday nnd s|>eiil Ihc first of Ihc «wk In llio clly uttcudlitr lo business, , Mr, and Mrs, o'llc Shcpherit droyc to noli. Ark., and iilloiidcd a fiuully rcuntaii dinner al llio home of Mr, -Sliciiluird's brother, Dewey fjliep- John llinnni of Ciinhvcll and Eliaivlc-. Nolfel of I'liltori. Ky., were here Mouiliy vIsllliij'Mr, and Mrs, Woll Khourlo. They were chronic lo C'arihvrll liiiin Caiulhcrsvllle, w.hi'ci- Ihey Irail been vIsHliig the llamra funillies, 'ilie roiidillon ul Mrs. W. J. Nor- lon. who Is In llic at. Joseph hos- ))t(Hl nl Memphis l.s nomi Improved. Mrs. Novtiii) liuil u.yiillWaddcr operation several weeks ,a«o au<| wcnl Ixicfc to Memphis for .her sccoinl ciicrnllon Sunday n week HBO. HLT huslmml .and .children. Mrs. Ellfi Cili'ijcr of Si. l.oiils and Mrs. Miift- Ule, Kiives of, Suvanniih, 'ivnn., were In NJemjihls Sunday vlsltlim Mis. Noi:loii, , The. Hey. Tliomnii Whlllleld, jins- !or of (hi) .church,.of OlivlA ul Stcelc ileitvev'ed (he iiiOHlhii; inn) cvcnlnu .services at Ihc. church ol Christ at Uuytl Sunday. ..Ml'. ai\:l Mis. Htcvc . Mpni'v of Mnrlniinn, Ark., lu\vi! mpyed here.. Mr. . Mean will tji.-, cpiployed as Mccliaiilc In tin; Umlon (.Uiraijo which. was recently creeled In highway 84. The Ne.snillh WcKJliifj shop has. nlsn^ moved lo Its hew Icaidon on h'leluyiiy m' in one ol lhc : Ole-n p Diirlun biiildhigs, Mies Mlidrcil tiewccse. njid.caus- lii, Miss Evclyii Mwiiucrt of St. Louis, drove lo Cajdwell Friday nn:l ;br.oi|Bht |)ack their aiint, fvirs. C. Grooiiis, whi) nuni: lo be ill ihc bed .side of her talher, . Clnirlcs Ho.wen, .who Is seriously 111 at ll)« homo of |]|.s. daufjhlcr, ivjivi. U. II, Dcweese.. Mrs. Annie Ktmic-uan pi Ttilsfi. Ckln.. arrived hen: Friday lo : b.c wlih. liov .falhei-, Mr.,.i{6wei). Mrs. Snlllc Ilol|is i\nd .Mrs. \y. K.J'Itt were 1 in iilj'Uicvific Tliiirs- dny. Vets Phillliis of Miirloii, ill., spent Wednesday here v|j;)Ui] K Mfes C|co McDonald. Mr. Philiips and his , ...• George operated the skst- lijg rink when it wns here Isust winter. • , ; ,Dv. w. K. Lliubaugh drove to Afomphlii WednpjKlay afte,r.,, his (fihcr, O, W. Llmbaugh or ,Ajpyr(), who lm« been In. Mempliln recclvhiB inci()ca! IreaU.lient. i Mrs,. Hlnmaii Kohn and son, Richard uwls, were In SI. Lome 11 f.ew days last week vlslllng rela- lives. . , , . , .. i W. I,.. Glaze of Topeicu. Kans., was, here Friday attending lo business. Fdiir Perjohs, Share In Reward For Finding Body iE. Mo., Mar. 9. $IOfl reward offered for Ihc recovery here ii few days hgo ot Clio body of Itobcrt Klrby, farmer JlvhiB iicai- Bfislc,' Tcim., who was ilfowuixi Dec. an, was split equally four ways. , ProscsuUn R Attorney n. W. Hiwklns. who received Ihc check from Klrby's widow, )uis nimoiinccd. i Those sharing were will Moody nmnager of a tquy iibovo ioivn, mid Tom Mwllin, JIunry Monlcr and >ViJI \ylillso:i, kirby.'s body was recovered from Ihe Misslsslpjii Fcb, 1(1 when Hie men saw II floating in mid-stream pasl the .ferry landing-, and Whlison, un accjiudulancu of Khby's for many years, Identified tlin body. , Klrby wus drowned when he burled on n hunting trip In u smalt boat wllli.ii, negro. The boal wns «we])t,bencal(i n^ barge by the .swift current, tho .liofiro itimmghig- lo Biab Ihc slilo of Ihc barge and \>c- -ui't saved by n boatman. Carutheri Names , —Judges for' (he aniivfel city election,, to., (re .held nfxt, month, were uimpimcca v yc$lera>y,;, a* Appointed !>y, «ic city, c$iuriclj;at ,11s regular March meeting. They are: • i Ward i _ Mrs, .Anna Blauclio Mporq .Mlelile, r C«(-(. Bnskln, Clea Ooorfwln, Ben p. Roger's. ' -,, John, Ah«rh, A.,P. l, RoMOcCokor, R. A: Warren. •, , ., ..... i Wnnl S-Hari'i-.Utzcirciiie'r, Claud Nelson, Mrs. Lonnle Markey, Sid -, i. t- . , . . .ls aarfett,.,,Trc5sio Willis, Fuyc KeJlcy, j,,^ punahop, The city council passed an crdi- nanco jjcoiwJng .filling ^faliorw JIO.OO per, y«av-.,ivl)lch. l scll. cold dtfnks,.. thc.QixUnftncc lo become ctlcctlvo •ptp liiis .-nyc sciicdulcd skil- lies lo [joints on the Atlantic seft- onrit. , . Rtma iXHiner Newt Wtnt Adi RED TOP INSULATING WOOL is <hc most eiriiKvc iiisiiiatibii 8caSq. Ft. ' \x\, cslimitjc tiie cost of instiliitiujr yoiir Home. r-a- E,C. LUMBER CO. ) Ol'j LI MOTOR SALE As.rescuers searched mounlaing near Fresno, Calif.,' fear was expressed for safely of six passengers ..and. the , crew ,0^ three aboard the Transcontinental an:l Western air liner lost on a flight frorn San Krimcisco lo Los Angeles. Capt! John D.-Graves; top; was chief pilol of Ihe plane which ivas rerouted to Los Angeles from t'rcsno along tho heavy line shown in .Hie map because -of bad , wealher. conditions on Ihe regular run to U'insJo-.v,.Ai.iz. The plane turned back and-was last heard from- north ol Balicrslicld. Tufl:; College in Phulus MEDFORD, Mass. (UP) — A M- yrar picture record of Tufts College life includes 20.000 pholsjrapta, all laken by Prof. Melville S. Munio as a hobby. 1938 "AMERICAN BEAUTY" DODGE I93A Silrncf.l Air.-llilr Rljc." n cmn Hn.iliou cf rrc-lful ijdins<irral...ptii9 nil ih fp.»l»rc3 which no Icsn thnn 17 pro[»rcB-.ivc nrw mprove- you rv-:n«Tc;»crwiJ»r ih-in cvtrt btrnpltricU mivine" Control P.L.New InUrEor t... Roomier Utivlnc ompatlr\ent,..i2'T> ir-nic room In b'JiH-in trunk,.. E.ii10i7_orEm...S;ivlnK9 up in ?t) nav/l I>-;irn how 7011.100 ,cnns'» UchtoDotlgc and save marvevl YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND OUR "OPEN HOUSE" SEE THE NEW 1938 DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS NOW ONDISPLAY! T i Read courier News Want AcJs. To Acquaint You With Oiir New With the purchase of 7 or more gallon's.of this'new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can o{ Hi-Grade Moloi- Oil For NEW 1938 PLYMOUTH! Climax eMo >Tar» of «rc»l c»r»! New richness oulsldt nnj InsUet Nnv rcmfon nn J rir!vlnir«ac..... more vision ,., new r«t", hDndllnJ ... xnoilnc .Imstied" tide ... do<it>le-i>clini li>-<lr«ullc btives ... E" l,rov-M l-1octin( Powrr tnijnr mounllngM... Record tconomyl. . i\raai(i>|iv.luel The I'lvinoutt. (« the urcalesl ever bulltl Etr Oils big, new, beiiutifuH93SPl5-moulh loday] l HK "welcome sign". is out! We arc happy to an- '. iioujiQc vve ore now handling Dodge. and Plymouth cars and Dodge commercial cars and trucks! ( Vpuarecordiallyinvitcdlocomoinandseethenewl938 '•? American Beauty" Dodge -acclaimed by everyone who ; has seen it as Ihe most beautiful car Dodge ever built! Sparkling wiili.n score of fresh, new features' of design •"•' ,,,.thc new 1038 'Amcricafi Beauty", Dodge otters 47 '• progressive new improvements' Iri ridingj driving, ap- ' -^ . - . _, ,_.. U1 . w . vuutig^i, , *^*fc.\*iiyi 1 ... 1'JJO Airglide Ride!"—to rhention just a few!. .Most imporiaul of oil, 1938 Dodge has every one of the amazing, money-saying features that have caused owners everywhere; to report 18 fo,24 inilcs to^iQ gallon, of gasplihc, sayings up to 20% on oil, further economies' on tires, lubrication and general upkeepl . ...,;:,,.. . , , ^ce this .big 1938 "American Beau'ty*!. Dodge! Check ils many nevv features-jts. many plus-valus advantages! And don't forget, this Dodge; too; delivers for just a few dollars more lhan lowesf-pHcetl cars! .Besure lo see the bcauliful hew1938 flyrnouth! Drive ill See how is tq drive and handle..; how quiet and comfortable to ride int And don't miss tiie. new Dodge commercial cars and trucks—priced with the lowest, yet built to outlast them all! We particularly invite you to inspect the complete' service facilities provided to make ypur ownership of a Dodge or Plymouth one of.Jasting satisfaction'. Visit us for officially author,ibid Dodge ai& Plymouth service. We are ready to serve yoy promptly arid em- '• ciently and our charges arc reasonable! NEW DODGE TRUCKS! Sens«llon«l advuncemrnls ... nn, beauty... mcic power . neu/cah fe«lu«stli« add 10 boll, comfort nnd s.feiy ... m.ny'.r-ciil ««"« •nd lite savins! fenluies ... prtc,4 win, Ihe lowe.t. yet bull! to Klinl ll.rm »M! See lliese t te»|, new Dodue UucVsl Compare ihemlUarn why tliousands are swllchlns 10 DoJge liucls and savins inootyt SALES 117 Tune In on ttiftMtjor BoWm Ofijinit »r«M«r KMT, Columbia Network, every Thursday,* to 10 P.M. 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