The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 5
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v CANADA FOR AU ANNIVERSARY ,. Fent6h: Mr. 'anyr'Mft},, Mil Welsbrod,, their dduftht'et mot" fence, arid a friendjof the latter", VIis4 Aletha Moflk,! a; teacner at Sheldon, Jeft Wednesday for .Flnce Hills, Alberta, Can., to it|end the golden wadding of Mr. nd Mrs. Max Call. Mm: Dau.ds sister tb Mrs, Will Weisbi6d. „ On the way they pianndd to plop at Lester, la., to visit Alr| ihd Mrs. Hugo Denkor. Mrs. Jerikcr is a daughter of tho /cisbrodS. „ The gblden wedding takes fllatic July IB, at which <tkne ? the ?aus will hold open house" arid a will be'given in the 1 after- on. All the Dau famify will able to attend, .The Daus used live on a farm ifoUr miles north" Algona hiahy years fego. f i Following the-, wedding the Vcisbrods and. Miss Monk will Bo to Setiro w, ^'ley, 'Wash., to Wsit another sistci*6£ Mrs. Welsh brod, Mrs. Herman Styer and Aer fiusband; '• ' ' . ll Mis. Weisbrod has only' the vo sisters. fourth of July Picnic 1 A picnic dinner was 'held ' the fourth at the Clarence ThCes- field arm. Those attending.were Ir. and Mrs. Harvey Higley and family, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Theesfield and family, Mr. ind Mrs. Lloyd Sundae and family, Mr. and Mrs. Larry-Alt and "Cathryn, Mr. and Mrs. Everett )reyer and family, Mr. ahd Mrs, 'etcr Wegener and son, Mr. and gMrs. Mervin Hale and Beth Ann', "" and Mrs. Alvin Zumach and. [Gary. ' • . ' i W. S. C. S. Meets— •••••} The W. S.'C.'S.,n)ct,Wednes*, day at the Methodist (Church par- K l Jors. Following a business ;mefet- i ang the lesson was given 1 'by'MrS. I Jack Tieman, assisted • toy -M£s-; i dames George Jorgensbn, Ray |JCyhl, Lester Weisbrod, Fred iMcwcl and Ray StotJber. Devo- "itions were given by Mrs. -Rex f Wolfe, assisted by Mrs. Melviri 1fll? MWP ON WrtCM 7H£ CITYO/ 8 PAVEHPOKTHOU STAMPS MMS WPEtt DES MOlNfiS, ALOONA IOWA. , Hen'ry "'arid.'B'ob Gdw.ans, Joe .Gunn, 'and..Mike 'J.ijhl, the latter ' . oft Lake , Minn., returned ' §ilndayi './from, -•-* scVdrali days .''in ridrtn.em • Minndsbla and Canada ' [.'•iMansager. Mrs. Mrs. Lylc Jack Newel Tieman sang duett, accompanied by Mrs. Geo. tdoigchs'on at the piano.' Lunch was served by the following ^hostesses: ,Mesdames Ralph JiWeisbrod; Dale Weisbrod, Lyle •Newel, Russell Jensen and Elwin The hostesses, also serv- cd an evening meal' t to the . ,. .. . . Mr'. -and Mrs. Waiter Sehmidt, Austin, jVlinn., are parents of a 10-lbi boy born July 4. The Schmidts 'used .to h'v'e in Fenton. Mrs. Schmidt is a sister/of Mrs. Fred'Mbrterison." '.. Mr. and Mjrs. F^l-ank McFall, daughters Janet arid'1-Mrs. Wendell R'usch, ,^left Sunday . f or northern Mirthesoia .fishing. They , plan Ho go .to, Leech Lake and be :.gone for about a week. • ' • Herbert, son of Rev. and Mrs. JT. ; C./PreUl, spent, the we'ekend with his' .'parents.' Herbert is taking engineering ' at the University of Iowa. Recently he was discharged;:. from; the servke. J. A. G. .Smith, Beverly SchUlte and Mrs. Gcr.old Voigt took -Martha Smith', riieice of Mr, 3mith, to', the train 'at Mason City Tuesdajr. Jftiss'.- Smith Icjft for her horile in Atfchisonj Kans., after spending a fcw.'dajte here. •,Mr. and Mrs. . .Vic'tbr. Strueck- .er's new baby, .girl h,as been inamcd Jane Ann.:. Mrs. Strueck- er came home from the Generpl Hospital, in" Algona Tuesday. Hbr siste» Caroline Hintz of Lotts Creek: : Will; be at ttjje- • gfttfecker home for several days. A dinner was held <the Fourth at the Adolph HahVen home. Attending were M r - ahd Mrs. Clarence ArbogaSt 'and family, Mr. and Mrs/,,Herman 'Huskamp, Fen 1 ton, 'Mr. and'Mrs. Lawfehce Han! sen and family, Bancroft, and Robert Hgnscn, Ringsted. . ,., Mr. arid Mrs. ILouls . Weisbrod left Monday for ej where they will'visit Mrv-a'rid'Mrs. Kern Elerick. Mrs. Elerick is a daughter of- the : Weisbrods, ajid .the Elericks-own cottages* there. 'Mr. Elerick used to be n^anager of the W'hittemorq creamfery. \ ,' Mrs. .Emma. Renders left IpBack From Fishing .'•''' V, Mr. and Mrs.. Ernest Hc'ler |and Gene and Mr. and Mrs. Ar y - pnold .Heller, all of Charles. City, i .spent Saturday and Sunday at p the Maurice Mitchell home. The ...... _„ ,-... „ _ firoup had been to northern Min- Pc'ndlturea Tur the, >cur bogtiirflng lulv 1, lU.IO, aijd ending June 30, l'J-17. r; c u:_ n •,„.] ,.,„„„ „_ »u_,l. A d*t$llod statement uf the ictolpta and dlsbui-HUmcMts,-both pant and an- lislling.and werepn r their tIc.lDutod.tvHI bo tl,e hearing. •\»vi« nn *•» A i***s* 1*4 A» i * ' t^i» t-i (i » *5v. •'.-,- : ' • SOiHOOl, DISTHICT •-'.;•: ', ; NO'I'iCK:—TJic Uuur.d or UlVeetOra of WoBlcy'lnil. Helmut Ulatrlut, K«n- auth County. Iowa, xvlll, ineel A.uguVt 0. 11I4G, at 7i SOP. M.. at SchoolliuJlil- Intf. ' Ta-ximyei-.H will,be hcai'd roi' : .ur ugulnut the •followliiB cstlmate''of ex- way home. Mrs. Arnold Holier as^ ahe former Arlene Mitchell.., i Si. Johns Aid Meets— \ . The St. John's Lutheran Aid, Act We'cteesday in the church •basement. ' The hostesses i were ' MWrs. Ferdinand' Mueller ari& Mri Jlcnry Meyer. * About 40 ladies Blended thq .meeting. Following .the 'business hiceting.j -'lunch was ^served, by the hostesses. Guests jiwcro.Mcsdames-Alex R'adig," Wal- Iter Krause,; Hugo "Faulstiek, Al- ibci t Wolfgram, Ervin: Boi-chardt, .and Gus Krause. . 1 Independence Farm Bureau The Independence township JTarm Bureau met Monday night at the Clarence Underwoo'd ihome. The 4-H boys were hostesses; County Agent Ashby was present and gave a talk. Follow*- ang the meeting, lunch was served. ,! John Theesfi9ld has been repairing the streets th6 past weefe > The St. John's Lutheran Walther'League will meet JuljJ- i Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stoebof and Layton Bchnc enjoyed a 'pip- nic supper at Interlaken on thi? Fourth. . ] Mary Georgia Newel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Newel, is working part-time at Bailey's ' Grocery. . ." •'.'<• Merwin Hale started working, in Zumach's Cafe Monday,- He .formerly worked for Thompson Yards. • ft James Lowman enlisted in.the U. S. Navy at Fort Des Moinefc He left for San Diego to report for duty. Mrs, Chris Thompson had an operation Tuesday morning in the Holy Family Hospital, Es• thcrville. 7 Mrs, Wilfred Stoeber, and Jan ice are visiting at the horiie.,6f Mrs, Stoeber's mother, Mrs, Hannah Anderson, Swea City. ' ! Kay Woods is visiting with her grandparents in Hampton. Kay js the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Leo Woods, local theater opera tors. The John Lights, Delore am, Gene Man&ager and Joan Meyers '' returned Wednesday from Q iva» cation to northern Mwinespta • fishing, , ( Mr. and Mrs, John Mupch, .Mrs. Bert Peck, Long Beach, fcalif., and Miss SwsieW ;*Algona, spent THes^sy in u«,i in a* • -• ^ ••••_]•' . . , I A, PlCKMANN.'plstrict-'acci'Ct^ry. 'f ( * " ~ v l-'unds "* - Cifnol* 1' • . ' — ^ 1 — U\pcndltUieM fut Tear 5 a 0 ^ " e VS J .; "' ~ ' ' - ? ' 2 " :£ S "" -T^ • 1 1. • -'A f,'.-, 4. M * d« o~™^ -^•""rL- * . j > c c_ p^a^ "•3 bfl a »- "'2 i«S K 1 2 1 - . L -*- 1 * ' , * •' • -••":•! .c - . Bij gp- ' 5" e ' ; 3 i-l cd w •/. . HOB :• 'g -.-» tor-* • jS e j<5~^ ',§t|. Ojf- ' <:°£- , Wcdftoscldy for DCS Moln6s<wlth her son, Wilfred Reiiners. Rich aft! Reimers, Mrs. Reintett grandson, had been visiting- at her home a few days, and he fe- turfied home at this time. Mrs. iReimers plans to slay a week. Mrs. Alex Gowans, daughters Kathryn, Fort Collins, Colo. t and Muriel Gowans, Hollywood, Calif., returned home Tuesday after two weeks visiting at the iHenry and Andrew Gowans homes. Mrs. Gowans is mother to Henry and Andrew Gowafis. : Anna .Marie Mitchell, daughter of the Albert Mitchells, has finished Her summer term of teach- Jhg al .the Indian School in Wit- lenburg, Wis. She is spending a couple of *wceks visiting Marie and Elaine Mitchell, Minneapolis, before' she returns home to Penton. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Tope, Nancy and Tommy Maloney, Molirie, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tuf- mo and children, LaCrosse ,WlS., arrived Tuesday to visit at the Carl and Fred Mortenson homes till "Sunday. A Mortenson reunion was held at Interlaken ,the Fourth. . / Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schwartz of Ames spent the Fourth with .their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schwartz and Mr. and Mrs. 'Ray Sperbeck, the latter of Svfrea City, Bob. is going to School >ih Ames .and is business manager for the college paper, The Daily Student. • ., •., ; ' -f. i • Kathleen, daughter of the Allan Bellingers, returned from? vis- Jtmg at the Kenneth Romlnger home, Des Moines, last week, and Marvin Bollinger went down for several days. They are attend*- ing the Centennial celebration. Mrs. Rominger is a sister of Mrs. Bollinger. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hainzing<- er and son of Fenton, Mr. ^anti Mrs. Bonnie Ingebrhson and family of Algona, Mr. and Mrs.' "Art Klaussen and family of Qwea City and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Haack, Fenton, enjoyed a piqnic •dinner and fishing at High Lake the Fourth. Guests at the F. F. Mueller home Friday afternoon were Mrs Alfred Bell, daughters Darlenc and Ruth, Mrs. Otto Bell, daughter Irene, all of Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. August Bierstedt, Fenton. The Bierstedts are parents of Mrs. Mueller and Mrs Alfred Bell, and recently c brated their golden wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weisbrod of Ames came Wednesday to spend the Fourth here with relatives and friends and at Ring- sled at the home of Mrs. Weisbrod's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hendricksen. KasUilecn, daughter of the Wcisbrods, who has been visiting at the home of her grandparents, will return with them. A picnic dinner was held the Fourth of July at the Emil Frank home. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hannifan and Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. .Jentz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jentz, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Lylc Newel and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newel and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ra- bcy. Julie Chrischillcs Home Julian T. Chrischilles, fire con- trolman third class, arrived home test week with <a discharge from the Navy. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles. IDA LARSON ONE DESIGNER OF NEW CENTENNIAL STAMP Postmistress Ida E. Larson of Swea City was greatly honored, recently, when her suggested design, for a poslagc stamp to be issued in honor of the lojva Centennial was one of three designs, out of 971 submitted, which will be incorporated into the final stamp soon to be issued. The stamp design she submitted has an outline of Iowa, containing within it the Iowa flag and corn stalks on eilher side of the flag, wilh smaller designs of an Indian tepee and a tractor farmer plowing corn. No official recognilion will be given anyone for Iheir designs, but the final stamp will include Mrs. Larson's idea witn the exception of the tepee and corn 1 plowing. First daU of issue of the new stamps is August 3, at Iowa City, originally the state capital* . Mrs. Larson's chief hobby is first day covers, meaning the first date of issue of-stamps, and she expects to go to Iowa City to be on hand for the first dat& of issue Covers. • Ring«tcd Man To Publish Spokesman Ralph W. Anderson, formerly publisher of The Rlngsted Dispatch, is the new owner of The Spokesman {Press, publishers of the riarm Bureau Spokesman, issued at Grundy Center. • " l*ne Spokesman has a circulation of some 85,000. After his return from oyeirsess with the American Red Cross, Mr. Anderson resumed his post with the extension division of Iowa State College, until a week ago Monday when he took over his new business. Total. AU-..PUrpo'Hen.- .$jj_'_jS_L $1187T tiSi'fq'l *~ $1'^000 $4COO. $4000 ^e'jflii'.X.Balu'h'cij'july 1, 1».|0:~^ ; LAfolloraUKund,. .V.-.....^. . ' ' '.'.-•ueiiH';unp.ttriri3iijH ? . ;.:,''.";; • •;.;;,;;, •,•,,• •••' i'-T*»'n6e -.IleKi'i-veil .....!. ••;.•••• '*5'"•'•'» . NfcUpnott<5uiBU-erod Buuiicc (U. K.j: • .......\ MW.OO . Sdl)O()l-Jlouso ITond..-...;.,.... - ',"" •'•"'* iHiAVn •:jjl,',lax,.:J)6f ;* 1(000.00 ussessed val ue'.'..'.'.'.','.'.''.'.'.'.'.''.'.'.'.'.';.'.';.; *'" *'• - - - -- Jif!l, : v, _ NumOer'-of perions of HcIiooTaira' Tttxablo yalUttUpri, 1045 . ' - and Crodlta, 1945 .$,10203. \S 570J.13 $ 1000.OU $36.37 ......... .......185 ...$371,196 trlcl ry,• Hut-It -- KSTIMATB .HCIKXII, UISTIIICT .! , v. ird of Ulreeldrs of (ho Lone Hock Ind. School Dla- "u~~"i „-"-••'.•. Iowa, will meet July 23, 19.(6. 8 }'. M., at the tone tfank. TaxpayorH will -be heard for or against the folIowInK oatl- .°.l expenditure., for ho year, btglnnln,; July 1. 1916, and ending June iS o n i t °. r f co P 4 " "nd dlHbursomentH, botl. puat be available at .the hearing. ' K. At. JKNHBX. DlHtrlut Secretary. Funds K.\I)ciidltuncs 'for Year i: tjcner»l -. $1743U~ Trujiuporlatlon .384 Tcxtbooka & Supplies.. '':-, .-15 « •og Jl|: • *5-3. __ $2 i'ennlon-ttttc Hys'tciiY '. Uonda-and.Irtorest ..... '2107 '' ' . _ .. All furpoaett. . , , .$1»977~ Dl'lO 48J6_ $a'6771 400 200 Tt>8!i 100 175 1120 700_ $4000 44000 $1728S 400 200 '$178815' I 1 100 170 112Q DANCE Legion Ballroom BANCROFT Friday, July 12 AL MENKE Tuesday, July 16 f ' ROHDE BROS. Coming July 19 LEE WILLIAMS To Algona's o, tf • i . ,t Mr, and Mrs, Alton JuhJ ar? 1-, parents of a feaby aljrl, Patrieig '•I4ean. born %ur|diy, 4«ne 27, at ithe Holy Fan% JfgspitsJ, W, i therville. Mjnneappljs, and |Stoeber ( Fenton, left W «for several da,y§,fjs|i|ng -m - Mr, and Mrs, |Mrs. L w ja Kn fHengel resumed Tuesday uth Dakota where ttey medical aid. Monday visitors a| ths SecfotaryV Balance July l,i'1946- ' T 1. Qoneral Fund , • ' $4000 »19I)80 Nuniber of portions of nchou);' affe'';' ''-'.''*''''.'' * Taxable valuatlor, 1945,.. .l.i. .. '('i :'"".'.! Moneys anil 'C'redita^lfltS....'. { ,..... T. .''".'i.'.'.'.'.''.'.'.'.}'.'.'.'.'.'.'.". i.<,60,ZOO I3STIMATE) i, at follo tichool Iowa., School -«.-. ^"M..^J, 4y<vt»,$ Will I1IUVI. AUKU3t 1. H, - -, -,S " J"' "*•• ff «"••">"" «P«se. ' Taxpayers will Ue heard (for or against tho followina estimate of expenditures for the year beBlnnlnff July 1 B, and enaijia June 30, J946 A detailed statement of w/ce ptf and dlB- , IjotTi past and iintieipated will be available at the tearing. E. C. BUOAUIB, District Secretary. And to the Store Where You Always Find GoodjValues at Fair n You Visit Algona on "Centen- WalDaya" Drop in and See Values Like These: i . '-«imu 4-gal. Knapsack ;Sprayers....: $6.50 Large Square Aluminum Roasters $6.75 1-burner Electric Hot Plates] $3i39 Cast Aluminum Chicken Fryfers $5.45 4-quart "Preato" Pressure Cooler* ... „,„.., ...$12,50 1 qt, O'C«dar Wax and Applicator 98c Sto^Wfrto Clolhet Baskets-—-98c White Qwtiiffe Hoiwe Paint, gal $3,50 H A R D WA RE "On the Nerth Side of State Street" BURT THEATRE NEWS SHOWS AT 7:00 AND 9:00 P. M. NIGHTTY New Summertime Fashion* for Street, Afternoon, Sportg and Travel! NEW CIJARM FOR YOU! JUST UNPACKED! in line with your Budget! • Icy While* • Cool P«MeIi. Prinlf — tfa*hnblei Rayon* —'Spun .Rayon* — Finer Cotton* • — Lin-cool • Fabric* . .— Breety {Sheer* *>:j-. -'-s . Winsome lummer fa»h- for . ever/ Decision! Material* and colon to •uit every choosing! . . . :«nd lizcyi tor,every fjgurer—Women's, Misses', Junior*' »nd •lenderizing hjilf-iizet. NO, WE'RE NOT 100 YEAES OLD— It's IOWA'S 100th/"blrth- day that we are all celebrating right now. In fact, here at the new Burt Theatre we have a Uttlc while to go before we can celebrate our 1st birthday, but in the short- time we've been in Burt, we've done things In this theatre we think you like. At least it seems so, for there are new faces coming- to our box office .nightly. We think you'll like our AIR-COOLED comfort, especially during this hot Iowa weather. We know this weather is mighty good for corn, but when you see a good show you enjoy it so touch more when the theatre is comfortably cool. That's why you'll enjoy seeing i picture at the Burc Theatre". Then there's our ' ' new screen—makes -pictures clear and sharp, like you want them. And our new sound system, which has added immeasurably to the success of our pictures. Come in and see a good show at the Burt Theatre. I'll be here to welcome you, and we know you'll like the shows that are coming. FRANK A. PERRY Manager COMING W SHOWS AT BURT THEATRE WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY ,.. „,;...,;. JULY, .lO^AND.-11 Would You Like to See a Swell Horse Racing Picture? THEN Don't Miss "THE GREAT ' »"' ,'V ' .'•.''. i 'i"^'' '"...', ' '.;::• -!,":." v ALSO The *-^—-*•' LOUIS-CONN Fight Pictures FRIDAY AND SATURDAY , JULY 12 AND- 13 Here's .a Show That Could Happen on Our Great Mississippi River. COME AND SEE .How Gloria Jean and Her ' Boy Friend's Gang Take Care of the Villian in RIVER GANG" ALSO BUSTER CRABBE in "HIS BROTHER'S GHOST" (A Rip-Roaring Western) SUNDAY AND MONDAY JULY 14 AND 15 A Great Comedy: "BECAUSE OF HIM" DON'T the Name Fool You IT'S ' Got to Be Good with CHARLES LAUGHTON DEANNA DURBIN Who Sings Three New Soncs an* FRANCHOT TONP Who Tried »nd Did Most M TO ,ii-i • :~&; ^. . ''• ., ,,v. , ^ •*! / AH, *' y.'..: *.„,. «, i '. »M.r?i£

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