The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 4
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»is£ PAGEFOUfL i r I II l> II II tl WELCOME TO ALGONA CENTENNIAL DAYS Wednesday, Thursday, July 10-11 Merritt Funeral Home Always A Superior Service Phone 11 Algona Report of Condition of Exchange State Bank under the laws of Iowa, located at Wesley, Kossiilh County, at the close of business on June 29, 1946. RESOURCES Cash, flue from banks, and cash items in process of collection $ 129,24(i.3!l l.'nik'il States Government obligations, direct 'and guaranteed 1.0:1 us and Discounts Overdrafts .I'.anking House Fin-nilure 'and Fixtures . Other assets (10G,14«.1H 156,122.04 149.93 4.000.00 250.00 613.75 PAUL URICH NEW HEAD OF LEGION ATWHIHEMORE Whittemore: Last Tuesday night the "American Legion of the Seely Walsh Post elected their officers for this year and 1947: Commander, Paul Urich; vice commander, Joseph Schilz; second vice/ commander, Marion Hyink adjutant, Bud Rooney; finance officer, Carl Johnson; service officer, L. H. Peril; historian, Herman Bchnkc; executive committee, Merlyn Wegcncr; Peter Schumacher, and Molvin Elberl. A Woman's Auxiliary to the post was Installed at this meeting, Kossuth County Commander, W. W. Ingle, LuVerne, addressed the meeting. Three Business Deals In a deal made last week three of Whillemorc's most promising young men, veterans of world war No. 2 became owners of well established business places. Bud Rnoncy became the owner of the John ' Waldron grocery store, which will now be the Rponcy Grocery, and Bob Gcnglcr is the new proprietor of the Whitle- More billiard parlor, and R. L. Richardson is tha new eclilor of the Whittemore Champion. All three took possession Monday, July 1. At Hogan Funeral Many from here altcnded the funeral of Clement Hogan held at Wesl Bend Thursday afternoon. Mr. Hogan has been hi poor health the past 18 months. Auxiliary Organized The new Legion Auxiliary fleeted their new officers Wednesday 1 afternoon: President, Mrs. Margaret Schumacher; vice president Grace Mueller, secretary; Mrs. Theresa ,Hyink, treasurer; Mrs. Catherine Chapin, Mrs. Lorctta Wcgoner, scrgcanl- at-arms, Mrs. uwen Johnson; publicity chairman, Mrs. Martha Tula I Hesourccs ..$ 890,530.2!) LIABILITIES Hi.'|)i>silK subject to check $ 724.437.14 Mrpn.'ji.ts clue to banks and bankers on demand Gfi,017.4!) Timr cprtifit-alcs of deposit 41.394.95 Oilier deposits (certified 'nnrl cashier's checks, etc.) 4.5BG.K! Total Deposits $836,435.76 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital - ' ~'f'T- Common .«toek $30,000.00 30.000.00 Sin-plus fund 15,000.00 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) 15.094.52 Total Capital Accounts $60,094.52 Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts $390,530.28 .Sliilc nj' Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. We.- Guy M. Butts, President; Andrew Gollncr, Vice President, and .l"!m -Hutclvson. Cashier, of the bunk above named, do solemnly swear ilia! the foresjoinu slnlcmcnt is full, true and correct, to the best of our kimwledyc and belief. (SEAL) GUY M. BUTTS, President. ANDREW GOLiLNER, Vice President JOHN HUTCHISON. Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me by Guy M. Butts, Andrew (rtillniT and John Hutchison, this 5 day of July, 1946. (SEAL) MILDR.ED FOX, Notary Public in and for Kossuth County. ATTESTED BY — OLAF FUNNEMARK, L. H. KLEINPETER, J. D. LOWE, Directors. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson were at Spencer on business Monday. William Meyer Sr. and sons Ernest and Alvin were at Lotts Creek Friday helping Albert Meyer get in his hay. Mr. and Mrs. Howard O'Brien, Bloominglon, 111., are visiting here with the former's sisters Mrs. Nona Bullcr and Mrs. Maty Erue. Miss Elsie Helmkc, Algona, spenl Ihe weekend wilh her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Helmke. She returned to Algona Tuesday morning. Mrs. Nona Butler, Mrs. Mary F'-ue, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard O'Brien, Bloomington, 111., were Thursday dinner' guests with Mr. and Mrs. James Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Henry-L'auck and son*Ivan, -Mr. and</M^' sf SWjter Struecker and Mr's." "Erwin Struecker visited at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck Sr. at Steen, Minn., Sun- clay. .ALGONA, UPPKH DES M01 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn, Tharp of Manly Veiled «t th6 Elmer Bell's last week. MrS. Bell's rhotri&Js Mrs. Bertha Carroll; acc6frt,p>aftlid them home for a visltvat Manly and she will also visit another sister, Mrs. Sarah Wititz, Mason City. ' '- ' Mr. and Mrs. George Frost and daughter of Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sigler and daughter of Paton, visited at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Bell over the weekend. The latter spent from Tuesday until Fiji- day with the Bells, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell received word from their son Wayne that he is now-stationed in Denver, Colo., and Was greatly surprised recently when Norman Struecker, Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Struecker paid him a visit. Norman is^lso stationed in Denver. '' ' Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Etruecker, Mr. and Mrs. Henry-,Lauck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Struecker of here, Mr. and Mrs'. Werner Strueckejr,' Algona, Were Thursday evening dinner .guests with Mr. and Mrs.' Walter Strueckcr, it being their daughter Arleno's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers and Mrs. May Olizera, Oakland. Calif., are visiting at the home of their daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keene. The latter is an aunt of Mrs. Keene. The past two weeks they have been sight-seeing in Chi'cago and Detroit. They expect to return to Oakland next week. Mrs. James Bisehiilr, and her sister Miss Ali.:6 Eislo spent from last weolc Friday'.\ihlil Monday in DOS MoinesT-'vJglling with the former's daughter "BHi;ita Bi- scnius, who r, employed as a stenographer in the > veteran's hospital in DCS Moiries. They also attended the 'centennial while there -and slated 'that it took two and one-halff hours for the floats • to pass through the streets and over 100,000 people were in ' DCS Mbincs,'l taking in the sights. '• "' ' Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker drove to Mankalo, Mirin., Monday, where they attended to business matters. Mr;- Walker is recuperating for two months afler leaving the hospital suffering from stomach ulcers. Tuesday they went to St. Paul,where they got acquainted with the Montgomery store and talked things over with the head men in regard to the Mankato store which he is assistant manager of. They returned to Whittemore Wednesday evening. STATEMENT FOR The Algona Federal Savings and Loan Association ALGONA, IOWA AS OF JUNE 30, 1946 ASSETS First Mortgage Real Estate Loans $. JKM,1I7.12 Stock in Federal Home Loan Bank «,«()().()() United States Government Bonds 335,400.00 Cash on Deposit With Federal Home Loan Bank of DCS Moincs 125,000.00 Accrued Interest on Investments :. 3,35(5.05 Cash on Hand 90,882.1(5 Furniture and Fixtures 1,824.90 War Savings Stamps 50.00 "'Dividends Due on Bank Stock 72.00 Total Assets $1,490,302.23 LIABILITIES Savings and Investment Share Accounts $1,354,8(57.(52 Dividends Declared & Payable July 1st 12.200.22 Loans in Process ' 11,103.92 Other Liabilities (Social Security & Income Tax Reserves) Reserves and Undivided Profits Specific Reserves $ 2,886.88 t General Reserves 105,037.70 Undivided profits 4,010.34 195.55 111,934.92 $1,490,302.23 Total Liabilities '•'Payable to Association July 1st. 1946. t General Reserve account included $11,885.00 reserve set-up being the difference in present redemption value on "G" Bonds. ' Your investment in this Association is fully insured up to $5000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS II. It. Cowan, Pres., M. G. Norton, Vice-Pres., C. R. LaBarre, Sec'y and Treas., Murray J. Mowers, Asst. Sec'y and Treas., Jessie L. Smith, Cashier, Jean Miner, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H. R. Cowan, M. G. Norton, C. It. LaBarre, M. P. Weaver, Frank Kohlhaas, H. M. Hauberg, W> A. Foster and Hon. G. W. Stillman. Nab 33 Lb. Catfish In Kansas Stream All the bi« fish ditj not away, according to p. report mage by Mrs. George Ricks, :who wi|h her husband recently' returned from Junction CWy, Kahs., whcj-e they visited Mrs. Ricke's sistf, Mrs. Carlos -Johnson and famil While they were there;|Mr. Job son, who.i is a formers Wesl( man, caught a 33-pound catfi near Jundjibh CHy andfthey ha a picture to prove it. '•;' '_ .: . 'i. Own Titonka F^rm For Past 60 Years A Titonka family has/owncd lljc same farm for GO yeara arid .asla resultlbiie proud ppsseslors' of ^He record of h'aying^dwned 'continuously 'a farm in. iBuff-a'lo twp. longer than anyone-else.- •>,'• • • Nels S. Nelson of Titonka bouvht th'c farm in 1086 from the railroad, 'and moved to the place in 1887, •and the family has lived there ever since. Ncls is dead, but his son, Miller H. Nelson, is still farming the .old homestead. 61 Years On Same Lotts Creek Farm " If .anyone has lived .on the same 1 iCarm in Lotts Creek twpv'any Ipngr. er than James E. CraWiord, they'll really be old timers. (Mr. Crawford who will -be 76 in September, has farmed the same place for the past 61 years. . , /„",> He has also been a resident of Kossuth county for the past 75 years. The family settled fh£t south of Algona, but shortly aflet-- ward moved to the present loca- lion; Mrs. Wm. Finn of Algona is -a daughter of Mr. Crawford. Dr. Meyer Honored Dr. H. D, Meyer*, Algonu osteopath, was named last week to the state examining (board of osteopaths, after a brief appointment to fill a vacancy, by Gov. Robert D. Blue of Iowa. Dr. Meyer had been appointed to serve out the unexpired term of Dr. Dwight Andrews, who recently moved to New Mexico. Robbed At Des Moines Whittemore: While at an insurance convention in Des Moines last week, ^ohn Uhleii- hake found upon return to his car that a window, had been broken and many valuable items stolen, .including. )iis='car radio. The loss was covered by insurance. Four New Vehicles Four new licenses for 1946 cars or trucks were issued in the past week, going to H. C..Anderson, Algona, Studebaker; Druggists, Mutual, Algona, Ford; Marvin Junkermeier, Elmore, Chev. truck; and H. J. McNertney, Algona, Plymouth. LuVerne Raises $102 LuVerne: A total of $102.30 was received in a drive, the first in this community, by the< Salvation Army. Those ladies who helped -with the collection were Mrs. Emmet Knary, chairman, Mrs. Waiter Engel. Mrs. Elnora Eusiace and Mrs Clifford, ' ' 1 - ,« - ' ' • Get That Extra Squirt in July y \ > t< i' It WETTING AGENTS SAVE TIME Minutes to Wash Separator It can be done. Use a weUitiff affcnl and follow these "five steps: 1. Rinse supply lank with a cup of warm witer, and pour a pint of warm water '.over float. 2. I'ut a tablespoon of welling agent in supply tank arid add a pail of warm water. - Let it run through the separator. 3. Brush the supply tank inside and out and wipe 'off the-, front of the separator. 4. Dismantle the machine, wash parts and place them in supply lank. , 5. Four a kettle of boiling water over all parts, drain and hang up to dry. ' . .. ., i ., ; .''•..' •' *,*, -.*!!»» /'*»* Wetting' agents make washing .of milking machin cs and other -utensils cosier. WHOLEMILK PRICE June 16-30, 194^ Wholemilk 3% Butterfat at 70c ...... *1: ...... .^.$2.1<* v ; Total Price for 100 Ibs. Wholemilk... :..:;... .$2.73 r&^ ' 90 Ibs. Skim milk at 70c per cwt..... ..... f:^^"^ Total Price for 100 Ibs. Wholemilk.. ,$3.08 Wholemilk 4% Butterfat at 70c , $2.80 90 Ibs. Skim milk at 70c per cwt. .„.. 63 Total Price for 100 Ibs, Wholemilk $3.43 CREAM PRICE Sweet Cream Butterfat $ ,70 First Grade Butterfat -. $ .67 June 1-15, 1946 Wholemilk 3% Butterfat at 62c .$1.86 90 Ibs. Skim milk at 70c per cwt.... ,63 Total Price 100 Ibs. Wholemilk v ..$2.49 Wholemilk 3.5% Butterfat at ( 62c ....$2.17 90 Ibs. Skim milk at 70c per cwt... ,... .63 Total Price for 100 Ibs. Wholemilk..: ,$2,80 Wholemilk 4% Butterfat at 62c $2.48 90 Ibs. Skim milk at 70c per cwt 63 Total Price for 100 Ib*. Wholemilk - $3,11 CREAM PRICE Sweet Cream Butterfat../. , $ .62 First Grade Butterfat. - \ $ .58

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