The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1946
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^srtSt** COUNCIL mm BUYS CITY fRUCK _?Algona3 city council, rheieting Thursday evening, < finally ffc* jected use of parking meters in the city. : The matter had been .brewing aHd,under discussion for several , Weeks. In turning down the, idea, .< the council coincided in view*- jf| point with the EstherVillo coun> ||cil, which also recently eonsid- •sored but .rejected th& Idea, * A new street department truck ipurchase was authorized, the -price being $1,600. . - /.. ' Garbag» Dispotal Talked | City garbage disposal was a "now project brought before the .council. , .'•.'• Members seeriied agreed that the present hh>and-mTss method of cdlloctoin by independent contractors was inadequate, but the chief problem to be solved ,s the method .that might be wisest for city use under city supervision. J. D, Lowe, city attorney, was requested to investigate, tho matter and present the most successful plans as used elsewhere, and several couhcilmcn indicated •' they were going to do a little checking on their own. Other discussion' centered around installing of the new city light plant engine," and efforts were to be. made to keep minors out of local pool rooms./ A New $9,000 Garage Several building permits Were granted, .- . . ;, ! ' -• A. J. Kioostciy in the East .End, was granted permission v to'.-erect the first pro-fabricated house in Algbna .' •-••- • •- — , . Kenneth Foster, $250 addition to his home. 1665 Mottle* , IOWA, TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1946 10 YEAR Twelve Pages —Two Sections VOL. 81—NO. ; 26 FORGERY Demos, GOP Pick State Convent ion Deleqates HPfci Ml A M ^^ ^fc«^ t ^K4M I ^nu« . ' •' . ' ' 9^^^ W. E. Allen, $9,000 permit for construction of a new 'garage at Elm. and Diagonal streets, 'to house the Allen Motors. Robert Schoby, a $5,500 home. ;2 PARADES, SHOWS, PIONEER'S PICNIC CENTENNIAL DAK Finnl plans for Centennial Days Jn Algona, Wednesday and Thursday, July 10 and 11, were rounded out at' a meeting of 'the general ' committee, Monday morning. Latest addition to the attractions offered will be a-mobjle unit to be sent here by the U. S. Navy, accordinr to word re^ ': cclyed -:i Saturday by . L«ljrhton ' DEMOCRATS NAME 44DEEGATES;HIT STATE TAX BOOST Kossuth democrats named double delegation to the state par- y convention, slated for July 10 at the Shrine Auditorium, in DCS Moines. • . .. , . . ' ', ."-..Tlys county democratic convention was .held last Friday morning in-the court room. / Mrs. May O'Brian presided in the absence of Mike McEnroe, county chairman. •MoEnroe was re-elected county chairman, and Mrs., O'Brian was hamed vice chairman. H. J./Mc- Nerfney was elected secretary, and Jpe Bradley,'treasurer. ' John Bojcmanri headed the resolution committee, and Jim Sheridan 'the nominations committee. , : • ;'.-Chaiiiber yi , ; Hagg' Post j-xan ;Legipn :-cv..,.,, ...-• -^.^| toeing worked out,toy th'e'Chainbei' f of-'Commerce. :/'-',u';': ft A;.-:h;'''V.- / "'..'.-• '' •• . 'Parades will .too' held both days, starting at 2:30 p, m. .with dozens < of old time cars and other.means ;•'. of pioneer travel to be used in the "Transportation March- of Pro;. gross" '••: 'Algona automobile dealers are > sponsoring tho parade, Clayton Pcrciyal, Leighton Misbach and Russ Gustcr are the committee In charge.'Marching bands are to be •included in the procession. ;. Baseball games are • toeing arranged with'Bill Barry Jr., Marc • Moore and Paul Seeley named as a' committee to complete arrange . mcnts. Kay Sotchell, commander of th local Legion post, plans.on flyln ' over other Kossuth towns, Satur : day, distributing handbills telling ; of the program. ' ' ~ Old Settlers Picnic., Phil Kohlhaas has been named chairman of the Old Settler's Pic . nic committee. He will be assistet by Mart Weaver, Joe Harig, Camp' bell Humphrey Jr. and Theo Chris chilles. , . Old Settlers are invited toVnee and register, starting at 10:30 a m., on the courthouse square Thursday, July 11, At noon coffee and ice cream served. i Picnic tables will be provided on ; the courthouse lawn where famllj picnics may toe held by the old set• tiers. At 1 p, m, prizes will be awarded for the oldesti persoi present, the one coming from the longest distance, and <tbe one who has lived in the county the longest, : Special window displays are bei 5 ing worked out for local stores, Ed (Bud) Zcnder and M[el (Miner were named to a committee to co-ordinate the window display features 3 DIVORCE CASES roiNeoii Three divorce eases were filed, in Kossuth- cystrict\ cpurt In the past few days, pne afklng dissolHr tlon of a jnsrriage in WWW hus* band end wife have hi lor the past ?3 years .Roy Anderson js jskjng 8 «li? #9m'Je4JnJe "" — " Each Have Ha If .Vote. _ Named 'as state convention delegates were the following: Edward • Capesius, Casey Loss j A. H. Bohnstctter, John'Borrnann, P. J. Kohlhaas, M. H. McEnroe, G. .W. Bleich,,J. H. Sheridah, Clark Scuffham, iWm. Frimmr, A. B. Schenck, Frank Clark, Henry F. Weber, Mrs. L. T. Root, Mrs. A. H. Fuchs,' Mrs. Lillian Devine, Wm. Krumm, Charles H. Newel, Dr.: H. H. Murray, Julius Bollig and George Yanser. • ..' Steve Powers, • R. J. Anderson, Evelyn Bode, Mrs. Philip Arndorfer, James E. McEnroe, Dr. Karl J Hoffman, GUy M. Butts, L. E. Linnan, F. I. Chapman, C. B. Murtagh John Uhlenhake, Mrs. Mae O'Brian, Mrs. Mary Capesius eorgfrHagge,.R. B. Waller, Philip L. vSteintoaoh; Dr. F. C. Scanlan, Andrew tRedlng,.' W. A.. Murray, Vtrs-VJohn' E, McEnroe, Mrs.-Mary Frase'r and. Albert McCarthy. • ,"••' >T« Judicial Convention. State judicial'^convention•delegates," to toe held»Jyljr J27 <->|a 'Des Moines/i.a're: ..--:-- Seeks To Breea Poultry With More John E. McEnroe,, J; Ai, _. R,"Ji; Thissen, Agnes Stewart,»J. J. :McPonald,. Belle-Mi Koppen'iand Josle-McEvoy. -',.' Joe Bradley, H. E. Rachirt, Joe Schaller, Myrtle Kouba, Wm. Boyken, Mrs. Harold Clark 1 , Mrs. .Nick Arndorfer, H. E. Murray, Henry Schcppman, Charlie 'Scott and George E. Butterfield. .- Democratic Resolutions. ''We express our sincere sorrow and regret at the untimely death of; that great humanitarian, Franklin ^Delano 'Roosevelt, 'and we 'pay tribute to one of ;the; greatest of American leaders who in :the' earlier days of his administration lifted the United States and its peoples from the depths of economic depression and despair; who in the last year of his administration provided a vital, living force in world leadership that resulted in the eventual victory of free people over the forces of darkness an despotism; and who >as Command er-Jn-C'hief gave his life in the. ser vice of his country. "We endorse the Truman ad ministration, and that we recogniz the tremendous burden that wa thrust' upon him by the sudden death of President Roosevelt, who successfully lead this country to final victory in the final month of the war, and who now is sue cessfujly contending with a perioc of postwar unrest which has seen a majoirity of domestic problems settled peaceably and withpu bloodshed, in an era of social and economic change. Endorse U. N, O, •'We commend the efforts that have been made towards lasting peace through the organization o the United Nations Organization and feel that lasting p&ce can only be achieved through some effective organization of worlc states, and we "feel that American leadership should be continued in 9 rifanner that will result in a successful ijeace organization just as American leadership aided in 'prming a victorious war maphine. ''We. heartily endorse the of .an: outstanding jowan, ^files, for Governor,of the of Iowa, We believe that <he Vcrn Morienscn of Swea City is Kossuth county's entrant in the Iowa section of the national Chicken-of-Tomorrow contest, W. H. Whitfield of Iowa Slate College, chairman of the state contest committee, has announced. More than 2,200 . chickens have been entered, The best of thete birds will be displayed and judged at four district exhibits gched- uled to be held at Ak-Sar- Ben. Waterloo Dairy Congress, North Iowa Fair and the Clay county f«lr f By competing in the state contest, contestants will be eligible for the $5.000 national championship award or part of the $3,000 in regional prizes. Whitfield said the objective of the contest is to locate the best sources of breeding . slocks with meal-producing qualities and egg-laying abil- it in order to improve ihe efficiency of the poultry industry. . / •; '-,,. • • LUVERNE SHARES HONORS AT SHOOT .The. Lone Rock Unitof -the Kos: suth .Conservationv- League;. 1 Was .Winner.,in the -'pre'datbr'•';. hunt, Which. cuhflihated;S;uiidayXwith:!a coupi1y:trBpfS^optsftri3'toaiiltt^;udlja) 'i^^lt^i^g&i^o^^jj^^jf^ HWVV v* »VWB, «c iJcjicyp mav jji: offers jJle state 9 needed vigor, a viewpoint! litical alliances and t «lepire -;• tp «wye In that will free the st^te *Pntrol toy a cl}a«e; sucl? is In his .candidacy the If rtperatJc Mrty Offers to all 9* the tic administration!, «n4 wlil-ch is not now toeing «sed 'fop the pur, jpses intended, M; ; >V-.' -> depjere thf ypresent e*lst- conditions iivpjJXstP 6 institu- now hpitsjng thf uMortimate let? of our society 'and be* that this «WTOijjn;cin^ftnjy _ _n*die^;by a.sfiinge imithe tate adjnlnistrstlon, .. >.,. ' ,*'Jn'' gpneiuiiQ}},; 1 •;.. <y^g' ••• • bow Jn-'-reVertiwe'%>• tfe"" n »?8, tlon. ,:,-• .-. .'•; ; ;In: .the geconjj 'Meyer 'aeks a Meyer. Both are couiile .were WftM at Harvard, for0s., "We 1 Uftfcsr en4oi:sf aj|4 jlc^'f e !. charjgs, ent ai Dpreen ing crHel and ssr*. ml «sfi> # years fi| hj hfi rend e pi(| cjnjtft%"ojf order iftn, --" ; yvhioh •iricludedlthc capturing of 75 •foxes. ' : ;;-"•••'.•..'"';•'•'••.';'•-•-.-" •".'-. ; • The Wosiey junior unit was second 'with 1300 points. . LuVcrnc Marksmen In the trap shoot event, the Lu- Verne team, maintaining a hkfh average, won the team event. Mike Stripling of the LuVeme team also captured the individual honors for the afternoon and was awarded the individual trophy while the team won' the team trophy. -• : .-. i ". ', ; : : ; Tlton'ka took second place, Whit- tomore third. Algona-fourth, Fenton fifth and Lone Rock sixth, in Ihn sam" event. ; . Highlight of the.grandstand program was the appearance of the Seneca Saddle Club, which staged a parade, went thro.ugh.vmancuvers on horseback, and .performed feats of skill for the .thousand or mor spectators. Other Prlxp J Awards. fn the finafj event. Art Priebe nresident of tHe>Kossuth League swarded other prizes. O. L. Thoreson of Swea City re ••oi'-ed a' hunting knife, Fred Bar tholomcw of Altfona a reel, Junto Davis a rod. H, B. White a shotgun ind Spur Ludwig of Corwith re oe'ved the outboard motor. It was considered one of the most successful affairs in leasui history, outside of the annua ""ield Day. REPUBLICANS PICK H. B. WHITE, NEW COlMCHAIRMAi • . ' .' "•";•*? County republicans, at tb«f olcction-yeat convention held lalst Friday rnorrfing in the high school atiditorium, named H'. B. WhIt$,iijB. coulity chairman; to.succeed -ffon Hutchison, and picked 38 delegacies each to the state republican; <!q'rt- ventlon, July 26, In Des Mollies^, and the state-judicial convention, August 3, .,• '••'•,- ' ' . .!;';•':•Delegates to the district judicial!' convention at- .Emmetsburg. 'July 11, were also named: ••. > '.-.">••••' Mrs. Mary l^oodward of Wh,l|i- lemore was named vice chairman.' Eulogize Gov. Blue. •: • In the republican 'resolutions, endorsement of Governor Robert D. Blue as candidate for: reTelec-. lion, and pointed •-• attacks on • the records of the national democratic administration were the highlights The' resolutions .adopted follow. Be it resolved, by the Republican .convention of Kossuth county this 28th day of June, 1946, '>*.''? That we praise the record; p : i Governor Robert D.'Blue and elective state officials for the. cellcnt work they have done in-administering : the state's businesses That .we commend, the recpni Republican legislature for .Its'^ecl ord of real accompUshmentJnvtfte" f'elds of education, • agricultupei labor and,business, .and particulars ly for its business-like administration which enables this stkte.:'tp maintain a balance in th&* ; stat'd treasury. •",,' "-, , , . Tha we commend to the voters ol'KossUth county the can'ditjWM of the republican party in the <cpih— ing general election as • tiding; : of high quality capable and .wUlln'g to perform the of;the off ices, they seek to a .high ;degrtfr ,p;f .6f;« '' ~ •'•' : ' : ' ; '"'" - >y '' :: "•'- *•"''•' • •" : •-•" What Camera Saw at Farm Bureau Field Day be Postoffice To Close All Day July 4th The Algona postofice will closed all day Thursday, July 4 Business places will also be closed, .''...' The general delivery .window at the postoffice = will' be ' open rfom D;30 a, m, to-10 a, TO, There will-be no rural, business or residence deliveries,, ^ll incoming and outgoing mail v/iU be dispatched as usual, '; Jon. . Condemn "We condemn the' present state admi.nistration fop • ' -increasing property and othep . taxes while ;here exists in -toe s»te treasury ;he largest surplus, . h}$tf>ry, which was %t resHlt of if adopted during the state as ministers -the; business of 'the '.state of Iowa because of the companson that can be afforded to affairs as administered haphazardly by the New Deal party. ,-.j; That we urge life-long members' of the democratic party to join: with the republicans in ridding the country of the fellow-traveler and the Missouri gang which have captured the democratic party anc converted 'it to ignoble, purposes.' That we. deplore the. way '.th'i democratic "•party h^s '.cheapcriet the United States Supreme Court reducing that last stronghold o liberty to. a .political instrumen' ,vith men toeing named to that high office on basis of petty politics instead of integrity. There were about 50 in attendance at the session. State Delegates. Named as delegates to "the state convention were tho following: D. E. Dewel. Mary Woodward, H. O. Chambers, Leighton Misbach, Luella Baker, Phil Wander, Louis Wehrspan, Andy Behrens, Charles Patterson, D. A. Carpenter, J. G. F. Vogel, Mrs. Julius Kunz, Mrs. W. E. Ley and Evan Oarmean, Wm. Schram, J. A. Nelson, Howard French, Julius Jenson. Otto Englebants, Thomas Berg, George Patterson, Elizabeth Hensold, P. J. Heiken. Olaf Funnemark, A, A, Schipull, Ray McWhorter, Ed Chambers and Abner Long. Judicial Deletates. Judicial convention delegates named were: G, D. Shumway, D. C. Hutchison, Luther Miller, J. D. Lowe, R, "J. Harrington, E. <F. Fristedt, H. B. White, H; W. Miller, E, J. Van Ness, Delia Welter, G. W. Stillman, E. C. McMahon, Hugh Raney Roger Linde. • M. Sterling, W, A. White Emil Weisbrod, Louise and Vernon Pehrson, Elmer Gronbach, Mrs Martin Becker, Mrs. Wm. Schram A. D. Newtorough| P. M. Christian, sen; J, B. Johnston* Robert Dransfeldt endTVIrs.'H, 0. " " THE LINEUP for the baseball throw for girls is 'p.iftured, above. We hope that the cut shows the Sirls wpose names we obtained after taking the picture, and-here they are: Darlen Spaeth, Seneca; Phyllis Ouskamp, Grant; Doris Meyer, Lotts Creek; Helen R.enger, Greenwood; Lois J. Angle, Grant 1 Marjprie Bleich, Prairie. . : \^ ' .Qarrell :Erdman, ; prairie;' Diane Kleinpeter, Grant;-Marion Zeigler, and, Newsfotos.. CHAMPION TUG-OF-WAR TEAM, shown above, is that of Plum Creek township. This picture ,vas posed by the boys just after they, had defeated two ppponents for the couny tug-of-war title at the annual Farm Bureau picnic and-field day. Left to right: Hollis" Benschoter, B; E. Priebe. Andy Miller, Don-Weaver, Keith Strayer, Cliff Ben- Whpte'r, Frank Cruikshank, Floyd Bode, and . Earl «1^15»S^V£^^ MANWHOPASSED FOUR BAD CHECKS GIVEN SENTENCE Thomas J. Roberts, 32, was sentenced to 10 years in the state penitentiary on a plea of guilty to u charge of forgery in Kossuth district court, last Tuesday. Roberts passed four worthless checks, with the si-gnature Of A. L. Studer on each, early this year. February 28 he and his wife skipped out of a cabin camp near Algona where they were living, one jump ahead of authorities. Roberts was arrested June 17 at Mason City and 'brought here for trial. Judge G. W. Stillman heard the plea. Driving: Stolen Car. At the time of his arrest he was driving a car stolen in Kansas City. He had two previous convictions for forgery, both times in Kansas. The 'bad checks he issued here were cashed by John Recker oi: Bancroft, the Dinette Cafe, White Front Tavern of Algona, and the Standard Oil Station, Burt. County Attorney H. W. Miller said, that Roberts confessed and preferred to 'be sentenced immediately rather than face a federal charge for theft of a car, or return to Kansas where he is on parole. Sheriff A. J. Cogley took him to the penitentiary last week. Wife Beating Case. A number of other cases were in justice courts, this past week, Monday morning, Frank A. Kos- Eick, who has been living in Algona since the first of the year, was sentenced to 15 days in >the county jail by Mayor Frank Kohl- v baas on a charge of • assault arid battery. He 'beat up his wife last Saturday at their home here on East Call St. .; •: Drinking was blamed in s^irt for the fight by the defendant, who • was toorn in Warsaw, Poland, and recently..married' a former' girl.on the west coast, coming to live, about'the first of the;; . 6 Justice Six f THE WINNERS IN the baseball throw for girls and women over 15'are shown above They are Jeanne Wilberg, Fenton, first; Mrs. Lester -Gingerieh, Algona, second; and Mrs. Ralph Walker, ~~" thiyd. (Algona Upper Des Moines Newsfoto), SUEDANdlAND FORCARAipENT The Scandlhavjjltv Sand of AI' bert ? Lea, \f^i m , 4iMjl 18 jnemtoers of the ^oPfianizatlonj were named as jpint defepcjante' in suit |Ue4 Saturday in District court here by <3}§jui Tyrnpaugh and Th«lm» He|»T«m. • The IsHfr.SQMple 'Wer« ri4J|jg in ear owned by Mi^ijj^pan tout driven fey : T^r/»bawji}, "afeoijt 1:30 , m. last Feft 8wr«?flfM' •e$ulte4 a «ap . .NAIL DJUVING CONTEST winners in each of three classes are shown above. At the left, Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch, Whittemore, winner in the over 39 age group; Margaret Mary Kramer, Bancroft, winner in the under 15 age group; and Jeanne Wiiberg, Fenton, winner of the 16 tp 29 age group. (Algona Upper Des Moines Newsfoto), To Buy New, Fire Truck fined: $ t'Cj^iid vcpsts:' nhpEOper passing,-1>: Johnston," in;: a case. filed, toy', patrolmen; . :''•'-'.'••;-v;.r>**v 5 Henry Sifert, traveling: sales;?-} man, was fined $2.50 and costs'on J a charge of improper registration; of a motor vehicle. '"Merle .Gouge was fined $5 and costs for not having a driver's H-' cense. Harriett F. Foster, Algona, was fined $5 and costs for'haying defective brakes, "Air 'three casbs wpr^ before Justice Johnston. Other cases in Mayor Kohlhaas' court found Dwight G. Webster, charged wtih desertion; having his case continued until August 1, and Sam Smith was fined $10 and costs on a charge of drunkenness. , Roek:.,The ?ix townships surrounding Lone Rock are nearing completion of. a successful drive to raise fund4 |or the purchase of a modern 'fire truck. •Lone Rock has contributed $2,000 and the. adjacent rural territory has raised enough additional funds to inakie the purchase. The campaign Wf s able to enroll ISO subscribers, at $25 each and a meeting of subscribers has been e,alJLe4 for JuJy 5 for the purpose of choosing a; fpmm'ittee to pur- tjje tpyck 8o4 set up a pre- •}t is expejjtec] that c-ne man from oi thf si?/ wopd 4 Senecft, ?.enton Cregfe and TOion, »nd f&lf''-''"-'---'••"• '^""I- 1 ./"'• J '-V : ' '&•'"-"'•'&•'- '"••V.":- l ^y. ^$^-~'''&*'^--\'™'Q'-~':;\--' , of Lon^ ^o^ , w ill be chosen achieved: Ross .. . „ Radig, Thompson, Roy Jensen, P, r .,. Christenson, Otto Ruhnke, Edwa'rd Leib, Nick Gengler^ Wm. O. Drey- sr, Robert Schmidt, Jr., Everett Hanna, Ralph Bierstedt, Wm. j. Dodds, Harold Holmgren, Will Christenson, Milton Madison, Henry Schroeder, ;)el Marlpw. Os^ car Patterson, W- R- O'Donnejl, B. L. O'DonnelJ and Hugh Marlow 4Ftw f^Qr^.Liicky Ones OttNtw Car* PlymouW -:W Bay Wesley. < fu^k-? '^ Frank Kohlhaa^ .. . , ft . ,-....,.,.,.. LATEST STYLES IN SJPORTS wear are exhibited by these three ypung ladies, who incidentally finished first, second and third In the 'baseball throw for girls under 15, They are Norma Kollasch and Ruth Elbert of Whittemore, and Mary Joan Loebig of Prairie. Note the rolled, pants legs and comfortable slacks. (Algona Upper Des Moines Newsfoto.) IJORSING ARPUNP were these four youngsters. Donald Clarten, LUVerne, has JU>nal4 darken on his shoulder at the right. Beverly brother of ftpnaTd. sailed lj> the Bite at t.h> F«ITO Sw* ''"'' Cuts Foot Mowing — ""-"•"•:"-'S« fljim.:.., A'lsei! 225 AT LONE ROCK ELEVATOR MEETING Lone Rock: The Lone Rock' Co-operative Exchange held its annual dinner Saturday evening at the schoolhousc. A chicken dinner ' was served 225 guests. The school band played several selections. Following the dinner a meeting was held in the auditorium. The officers now are George Nyman; president; two directors, Alex Radig and P. M. Christiansen were re-elected; P. M. Chris-* tiansen, vice president; Carl Ewaldt, secretary-treasurer; Alex Radig and Ralph Bierstedt, directors. Lorenz Geitzenauer is the manager and 'Alfred SchuJtz •s a helper, , , Mr. Geitzenauer gave a report an the financial status of the ex*. change for the fiscal year ending Vlay 31, 19'W,;-. . : -;A The elevator had the bestbusi-v ness in its history. The following dividend was allocated r ; 4(i'tfcri bu. on grajn sold-by member, gc- 5 per bu, on gr^ln solcl to roewUer» ; 8.3c on mgse, :, ".•:-. s'/ii SWEACIlGIRt HgTIlpP Mr. an4 Mrg, Jpe Swea City, . ,. juries Sjinday o'clock when the she waf r}d]ng hii the shoulder west iiear ro« ear< •WS8 Of tftf vl ' '"" "'"'*

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