The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, February 2, 1934
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Served by the United BESTHEMIXE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPPn nw Mnn VOL. XXX-NO. 273 Blytlieville Dally News niythcville Cr-mleT Mississippi valley Leader myilievllic Herald SINGL,B_COPIES FIVR.CRbJTO Residents of Manila Make Bond for Holing Manila, slnvi-r wi,« ri-l.-nsed '0,1 Claiv.uv Wilson follow- ijoiul by WV "" $450,000,000 Will Be Used to Continue CWA for Three Months WASHINGTON. Fob. 2 (UP)-A 5150.000,000 iinemployincnt relief bill designed lo continue Hie fed- einl wing of -prbtecton over Die nation's Jobless Was reported to the house today by the appropriations committee. ; ''Despite angry;'. undercurrents of P/otest agninsl the administrations intention to use the bulk of the new fund for relief atd other than thut provided by the Civil Works Administration, house Jead- ' • PaSS lhe bl " by ,1,-isorlnr President RonsnvcU 'i\f Tiincl Urljiijay. Row Vcirk . . in liouur his fl<-r.i you uru ;:lrs. Jnuir-K .si-v(>!i. now In licr XOlll yi-ar, iMiiiiiiira nikPiil.thn Walilmf h - (if i.h» (.Of, i) Doilnn-wlilo c. .- linns held in Hie 1're.slilc ill's ' "What gives tlie iiiiims- io in*." said .Mrs. i lie realization iLii ruy lhe: l',-.>shlenl. Is ri'ceivini; irli'i-tul tribute of »ffectioii." Approximately $450,000,000 of the appropriation, according to Emergency Relief Administrator Hopkins will be used to extend the CWA until Mflyi whm U]c work project which have . put 4.000,000 men to worlt win ^ Hopkins informed th« appropria- '<>'« committee that 'the remaining $500,000,000 would be used mainly to continue relief aid to stales. Hopkins asserted that the CWA "as set up ns an "emcrpcncv measure for the winter on^yTaTd hat he expected that by May a P<*-up in p WA W0 rk and in ni.-lml and farm conditions .would ration ••'° SSlbIe " complctc demoblli- Jobs for Students WASHINGTON. Feb. 2 <UP>- ,r^n ,? d , . Civil Wo 1 ""* Administrator Hopkins today arranged to give part time jobs to 100,000 i.ecdy young men and women to enable them to attend colleges and universities during the second semester, now beginning *" *'" ¥ Provided especially ing -} drop out at the end of the first semester because of lack of funds. The young men and women will be paid $10 to $20. per month for work In college libraries, laboratories, and various similar jobs. ' Senate Action on Aid for Veterans Delayed „, WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 <UP)Senate action on veterans legislation was delayed today when the appropriations committee referred the question back to a sub-com- nnUee. The appropriations committee hrtrt that it would be a impractical for lhe full committee to cr-nsider the matter and asKed the sub-committee to consider the proposed Reed amendment to the independent officers appropriation The Rwd amendment incorporates the four point program of the American Legion for restoration of veterans benefits taken away under the 1S33 economy act CWA Safety Meeting i Will Be Held Monday Decision After Are Submitted k. — nircuit Judec Wynne, prcsld- Thursdnv nt a specin hearlne on the pelifion of Munlci- ~ • Arrest Completes Roundup of Participants in Two Major Crimes CHICAGO, Feb. 2 (UP)-Gor- rtnn Alcorn. .^ifalt-rale «f vernc Sinikey, South Dakota kidnaper, s captured hen 1 loday wllh his wile and will be relumed hn- mrdlitlely lo face trial iu Pierre, S. D, on u cliai.!" of abducting Cliurle.s Hoetlchei fl.. wealthy nenverltc, federal lonhorities r'e- Mled. Alcorn's arrest na said by fed- i-rnl agents lo comuletc the roundup of nbdiiclors of Hocticher and ilaskell ISohn. St. :'aul youth. The arrest was made near mld- nijht bul Kept frcret until announced by Washington D c oiithurllies loday. Ten heavily i.rmed federal agents -mfoi.ndcd the north side apartment where Alco'-. and his wife pad been living cpclTy since lasl September. Alcorn was 'oin-'l unarmed but d .25 calibre revolver was dlscov- ticd hidden nrrtcr a sofa pilfow He readily admltti'l his idenlity. Sankey Off for Dakota CHICAGO. Feb. 2 (UP)—Handcuffed to a huge demrtmcnt ol ii'sttoe aeent. Verne Sankey, con?- fcs.ied kidnaper, was taken to Sioux Palls, S. n., today to face trial on charges of abducting Charles Boettcher II. of Denver Sanlcey-s removal from Chicago WM accomplished with such dis- P a 'ch that one of the guards designated to accompany him was left behind. There were plenty of others to nrevent Sankey's escape however. Eight federal men surrounded the elusive suspect as he was hurried aboard a train bound for Sioux Falls. 'Pedera.1 -, department o f " Jus tice neents Indicated they had 1 dropped their attempts to learn wheth iha at $10.01)0 Alnittst a o' Manila unil vi- o» ihr bond for $13.000. !•',. ; ' A. I.. Craflon lu lini: huil i;e«i, in flltlll Klluotllm ol strc(-t.s ol M,-in!a : ! Chrlstmat,. n c v. inaiy hearing en a ri!( 'i' in nii,nif<-f,i Jail .since Codny on iilvi'd pro- charge ol •<nn-l h>.-v Minimum Standards Are Urprccl Sheriff ,,acl Deputies Sur- reund "Toughy" Wil- 1'ams at Father's Home •Tougliy Wiii[n nl s, alleged Maa bad man, nccuscrt of partlcl- •oblicrlcs west of Big I Infeen Into custody by and was Sheriff of i — .". larcncc Wilson and a narty .eraities yesterday afternoon lliains had been' sought, along Hicks Clayton, for some lime '•'Ills Is ii,c third uiul lasl ar- I'-lt' nf thp scrips nn "Tl». Crisis n Our SiliiMiK," drsrrlliliic 'he ilfraMroiiK ttftets (if the deprosslon mi llii- Amrrlran crhool svitrm ami llic efforts linn are Ixlnt made („ rounlfnrl this roiidlllon. restoic clirrs' Wildes to a hltlirr Irvrl, »>il Btvr rwty rllild a rliuncr for i'<l ii ration. UV WII.I.IS TIIOKNTON NKA s^r\-U-t. staff Correspondent WASI11NOTON. r-Vb. 2. — Evnn before the organized drive on Contress for federal nid to thq sclinok ccts under WHV. several congress- mi'ti haw rcaltort the gravity of the situation and have'ntcd bills f,-,r .scliool relief which am pending. Matthew A. Dunn., the blind cx- nnviboy representative from Pitls- burKli. liiis a bill which would appropriate money to pav nil back snlnrles of school leachcrs. nMircsentnllvc Fletcher n. Su-ank. who used lo be a school nirorliiiemlcnt In lhc old Indian Territory and hns two sons nf school ate. has a bill lo pay such back .salaries and also to provide funds lo maintain schools on their former basis. Yesterday'- Sheriff ~wilson nnd - „ - ,- .^.,, ,„,«:„,- "' s mm - TOflvlns word that Wll- cr Sankey could shed any light oil ll s ws nt lhc home of his fa- the kidnaping of the infant son ofi, ' npnr Ma n»a. surrounded the r^Kn-ln^ M r i._ .il_ , 111*1110* nrp^ni.^_! 1 Rep. D. D. Glover nf Arkansas. \viio was himself u school leachcr for in years, htus « similar bill au- conncctlon 'with Istvc'ra'i'\niiis-i lnor '* ln K nn RFfl loan lo cn m I»M hold-ups In the Manila 1 ! 11 " 1 to ptly lllosc l>nck sail>r - <rction lately. On the occasion of]'"' robbcrj- he is alleged lo have! " S"n on a Manila, niagls one trate. nro . Dolh Clayton and Williams id lo have dened local- O f- /leers of the Afanila section to take ' Col. Charles A. Lindbergh. C. A. Ciinnmeham and "••ink Whilwnrth. rlrrlc of Hie UTimicinal court, of Iilylhevilt». for r ''7 t .°^ mandamus to compel the MissIssiODi counlv quorum court to approm-late fun.l.s for maintenance of the municipal court, look •he ruse tinder advisement and allowed nftornevs ten da.vs lo nre- |"ir<! and submit, i-i-iefs .siippnrMn». 'heir conl«Miiions for and niminst ' 'h<- constilullrmalitv of lhc legislative nrt under which lhe court 1 was created. «-"mu Following an informal discussion' m winch nttornevs for both lhe' Joseph B. court officials and the! Discovering thai he was And Senator Waller Franklin Georee.of Georgia has n bill which would provide $3,750.000 'a year m ' fmm ^ Wnlmsicy announced ]„ hiush lhe u-iiyllehts O i,i O f lilm." I tie mm nrp |io|in cn | ( . lu , m i,,, Senator Hnstliips IIU',,., IM, O 'b n seat of vantage hi ino room early. Former Senator E. Watson of Indiana don- J e A.A.A.Coiton Chief Speaks IHore Soulhcrn Farm Workers at Memphis MEMPHIS. i^TT «Jl')-A long v-ai-c'' 031 ' 1 "' " : '' 1l ' fnlrnllo<l '-niton '•" beinis l(>rj.-(!'"iiiio"lb°cT/'v jcavy .;• on r.v.-h bale beyond tl'i'lr qiirin wris prcdlacd lodr.y for .tlie Hnn faimei- nftci- 1[)34'•V 0. .A ob, oKtf of tlie rot- : ion prin.iictlon fiction motor to the hotel nud <||, 1( , m stale In honor of (\ w occasion The retting was perfect. The or- cliestiu plnyed. Mayor Wnlmslcy entered on .schedule Hut Senator Hucy fliilivi ' from the federal treasury for promoting vocational education. e»pe dally nlontt agricultural' 'and 'me- ch|nlcal lines. "SEEN So has not been entirely overlookliiR the Eehool tituatfon nud it Is expected Hint' the unltec hemmed in by Wilson's men and! >' l! <n of- Hie Committee for Em- locul officers Williams meekly sni-i ci 'l !eno . v A1(J W 'H get promnt «ctipn rene on! ocas oday bo- a-ng gas heved President Roosevelt's hpkll mt-nts on ; J •••i«m.» ««ii;My Jjvil - I ' • ••" " «*« 6^v }» vjiuui MV.V1L11I. j rendered. He was lodged in thel Among other oreunlzatlonV the county jail here pending prelim-1 American Lepion mis done some nmry hearing on several .clmrses.l t v nll-bla7.lni! here. loo. Through i^iaylon, who reccntjy oulrnn ol-\ ttf national Americanization Cnm- ficers in a chase near Manila is'mission, of which .Russell Cook Is still at large. | director, the Legion has under way- a plan for each past to name a committee to co-operate with local school boards ami olher school-minded orsanlzjitlons. For posts which do pood work In nldini; their local school systems, lhe National Education Association 1m devised n cllallon which will b» beslowcd on those posts as a mark of appreciation for their efforts. c. , r ... , Charge Gasoline Company Stank Commorjte and| With Violating State Law uold Are Higher World Markets . UP.-on ocr,:,ie,- Adnnmstratinn officials today bo- la-ling gasoline belt,.' state re^ilre- heved Preside ' - Foremen of CWA projects i-i the vicinity of Blythevllle and others interested In safety - work rre invited to atfrnrt a meeting which will be held at the courthouse .at 7:30 P. M Monday under !lie auspices cf lite CWA Oie.ani/allon. There will be lalks by Mayor Cecil Shane am! others and a general discussion cf safety problems. F. rofcty f. Laucicrci: lo. state CWA engineer. v-;,s here yes- i_.-niay and conh-red with local CAVA leaders on f.ifety problems. The CWA is s''cssing accidcnl prevention and is also arranging lo provide first aU! treatment for men injured while at work. Joe Alexander, locr.1 sr.fcty supervisor, miikes regular lnst>ccMons of all UWA jobs to sec thai all reasonable precautions r.^Mnst accident •"re being taken. The safety sta."* "'•'0 has a registered nurse. Sargasso Sea to Be Explored by Scientists WOODS HouTMnss. (UP) _ Secrets of the mysterious Sargasso Sea are expected to be uncovered by a group of scientist now cnroutc to Central American waters In the ketch Atlantis, research ship of the Oceanographic Instl- When they return here next March the scientists hope to have "mplcs of the weed found In the Sargasso Sea, and Information es- 'obllshing whether the weed grows on the bottom there or is carried • nerp by ocean currents. fl'Ct Will, p Institution, the wns in con>ns of the stale way was p leli's decision, will member of the firm of and Nelson. Blvthevilie nt- i. in the name of c c ~«™ P fof ^^owKh"'"' 6 °' thC understood all mw'istrates'of Chlckasawba District of the county concurred. raved. Closing Stock Prices* *&& " "'• "-ml staples of success in enabling the United States to raise world "prices various vital commodities Officials claimed an American victory in the nrst skirmish in international financial markets following Mr. Roosevelt's devaluation of the dollar. Cotton and rubber were up yesterday. These staples and others I such as wheat, corn, nnd cooper specifir of liiavity test. requested by \v. i.eon Smith, deputy prosecutor, en infdrmatlon placed with him by Francis Carpenter, revenue dipaitment acent here. for the is snttl Four Bandits Tnke Huge Sum From New Jersey Bank Employes PENNS GROVE, N j p cu ^ (UP)-Fonr bandl-.s robbed two omployra of thr IVnns 'Grove Nnllonnl bank today nml escniwd willi {150.000, slate police rcport- Thc money r>nrcscr.tcd lhe weekly iwyroll of • '.he DiiPont plants at Deepwater. nnd Carney's Point :' Four youthf,:! br.nMlLs held ^uo he two cmolc.ves o.'fce liaja.,-^ Harold Anrler™. a 'teller, 'ami i guard, were Wllllnm WaddhiBlrp tphliig the monc-v f (.Tiri 1 lo (he bn;ik monlhly piiyr..ll o' D.'ahl.s. ' Cobb i]H)kc hsfcrc the Sptithern Aisi-ciii- .-ral Woitam :u their nnal •s w!oh .iicrn. . "The ^dmlnlar.iron is now. In UK.' midst of an olforl tr> d-lc-r- ivtnc the ocnl.mciu of Hie indlv-'. : u-i'al farmer n: u> uhtu shall fol-! KJ-,- tin. prc;cnt m.irol campaign," -obb snlil. -F.viy Ibmisaml niics- Loiiimlrcs are in ill? Held At [hl.'i IIIOIHCIII or nre on Ihelr way bici- to Washington. ' " "These mics'.lon,Mres scet- to .now tin- fcelini; t! lhe e i'own-s n.tnircH".-s iow:ird '.-uiv uiensiirc-')f licrmnnrnt control NRA Code Authorities Plan New Blue Eagle WASHINGTON. Feb 2 IUP)_ In nbmil n week NHA code auth- prltles will start Issuing n new Kind of blue cnyle. Tlie new eagles will be similar in appearance to I'r original ones but will bcnr the name of the Industry or trade for which they are Issued. Also they Itilll Unr... I..Jt..t ». . . *'*-'J will bear numbers. Individual Appeal* : Court Upholds /or the bi- Ihe Dul'oiU I'indlh Kill Polirtmau NEEDHAM. Maw.. Feb. '1 (UP) —A policeman wa.= slain nnd three other men were Flint fndav when four vonnir unmnskeil bandik all nnncd. held ur> the Nr-edhanrTrusf. pany in thn huMnoss dktrlct -escaped with smoM in cash The minimum penalty oTenso. a misrt. 'm-.inor. W YORK. Feb 2 trading foalued in spe-ial issues. by ad- .. • expected gradu-! v j orld recovery. - Volume i Th e victory claimed In the in- smaller mai: yesterdays 4.-1 ternatioiml market, was based on a » shares. j rise yesterday in the London or lhe act is shown lo bo valid" i provisions require the clerk- of • court to make •nthly settlements with the conn-! treasurer of Hues, costs and! laities derived from the (rial of I -ems ha h vJ nof bee •"** M '" C ' 't at the meeting Baby Pl a y s With Cobra: Now Called Destiny Child 7CO.OCO shares. A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Stcr 1 Chrysler Cities Service .. Coca Cola General Ainrrir-n General Electric Gcnernl Motors Intcrnaiional M.v. vcster Middlcwest Uli!;i:;= Montgomery W.nd New York Central Packard Phillips Pe'roicuin Radio Corp Simmons Bc-ls St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co V. S. Steel i.wnoy JOFNS The Legion, which adopted nt Its Chicago convention a resolution slnling lhat "education should not be made to bear a major part of the sacrifices for economy." has decided to fl«l,t for the schools under the slogan. "The security and perpetuity of (tils nation depends on lh<> patriotic education o.' Its youth." The Office of Education In the } taken some steps toward federal ] aid in the school crisis. Tlie Pub- PI jl'c Works Admlnlslrnllon 1ms of_ Flee ' fered lo give 30 per cent and loan Missouri Irutiriitmn. c ' pfr ccnt of ( hf cost of new WHSSOUn inSlltUUOn | school buildings, but. only about ' 1535.000,000 had been alloltcd up Mo.. I-eb. 2:lo the nrst of the year !o be a fine ol SSO. No' date lias yil been set fo i'nd Henderson. lx?ffi retained ,!, Reid, , H 10 ,-? ' The policeman. Forbes .^.ri^cou died of n stomach wound. Names' of anolher policeman and a flrcr man were olaced on the .i..*•..1st. A hank victim M ^_ A large lilack .sedan was Uie . nwny car. On ii, was m m m ipd sub-machine gun. OKLAHOMA CITY. 'luy upheld (he -Hie'.sentence'rlvcti ' I P. A. ncrrle. Mufto-jpe minister,- ci-nvlcled In IMS o: poisoning his iv.fe. so he nr.fM marrv lib eirl. cccrctary, Fdn B' ; -., Brlilit. 17. Jiitliies EclwnrcN and Davenpnrt r\.nciEf ffd |f^ t.^r* oriininii nnrl Ji'dgc Clmppcli t'Brined. English Birth Rate for '33 Sets New Low Record — Armed LONDON (UP)-The death rale from suicide in EiiBland and cmplnvc, (he fourth , • , dmtn? 19:)2 reached n new nrnhnbly will recox'er i . ' rot>nnl - 1'he average wns 143 I filicides p?r million persons liv-- | hi!?, which exceeds thu pievioiis .hlt?h ntiure of 129 In 1031. | nnrhiT that year. 4,054 males ' p.r.d I.CS3 females took their own lives. This slow increase In the of r.ulclrte has been continuous for a number of years ' There were C13J)72 births dur- , in? tlie year, which gives a ratio of 15.3 per thousand persons, nnd constitutes a new low record. The (inntl, rale was 12 per .thousand') persons, which was 0.3-below'Hint of lhe previous - year. • '.'•' Hoh Mfnncsol^ Rank ROCHESTER. N. y.. Fo ], 2 wnarln no n branch Trust for clis- bank of today v..,., IVI.-llll RlnxscA nnd Einmlkcrchlef* p» held Ilie Uii[oii «j«"i'ij . , „.,,. tijjujiy A| y lUllilV rind escaped with loot estimated al between S7.50n and $15,000. four men described as youthful participated In ti, e holdup. 120 17 46 1-2 58 1-2 31-2 102 1-2 Tank 39 3-1 23 7-8 41 4-! 1-8 5-16 31 I-U 41 3-4 5 18 3-8 8 5-8 nn or (np , i,',."; '""- rt;D - ^| '" tnc iirst of the vrar. world price or gold. London .raised i c " n [' 7" P ?}!f o! . Springfield ami Many communities felt that the Ho price to within less than SI of t™ee In ^l • , t<Xl " y sol 'S | ' t '«pcnsc °f rec '"sane convicts, one n life the the $35 per ounce bid by of the Treasury Morgenthau. -. building PWA's spec to " speccaons was an an to British dominions and colonies in ID32 York 4 5-8 « 3-4 28 56 1-2 N ew Orleans Cotton ORLEANS Feb. 2 <UP>- Fearful that interference mlEht • »^=^lels?UcS'S I .March open 1135 ll-;4 110 1188 1201 Th? I « Child Of l:lgh low 1H3 1131 I1G2 1152 Il'i8 1169 H95 1185 1.02 1200 120.1b -- -- close 1141 1159 mi 1192 1204b «t 1150. ,,p NEW YORK. r ( b. 2 (UP Cotton closed firi.i open high 1130 July Pec Jan H34 1203 1146 1164 1179 11PG 1209 1215 low 1130 1153 1168 1187 1199 1205 Four men escaped but George J Standish. 32, commuted for grand Isrccny, was caplured near lhe in- slitution by a anar,i The men metal scree window and used the The Fcdreal Emergency Relief Administration is spending two minions n month to give employ- otherwise unemployed close 1145 11C1 1176 . 1195 i 1209 1215 Plan to Reduce Wheat Acreaf MONTREAL (UP) _ Dominion Foils Hitch-Hike Bandit By Speeding Up His Car Rovfirnmem agricultural rauvlli , are sludvinc a plan to cut 4000000 ncres off Canada's wheat, acre- fife to be sown Ii comply with . ABERDEEN, Wash. ,„, . _ „ i hlshwavinan whose nerve wns not ns socd as his victim's Rave Louis'- wiieal aereements. Canada must reduce bv 15 por cent. II in 1934 | n „„,,,,. the internallonal her ncrc- expected ii . ., ' ""i. IL LS expected that the whole reducllon will be effecled in lhe Western Provinces where the bulk of 25,432000 acres were under wheat, last year Some difficulties arc anticipated, as the Dominion government docs not pay a bonus to wheat producers. Management of Insurance Company dosed steady at 1180. upj ST. LOUIS. Feb. 2 (UPt — A ir-rsnd jury Invest'gaiinz the af- jlalrs of lhc Mlssi.-; ppi Valley Life Chicago Wheat open 90 7-8 89 1-2 91 3-4 90 3-8 ] OW 90 7-8 8? 1-2 C;OM , 91 1-4 90 ,'l'ly open 52 1-8 high 53 3-B 54 1-4 low 52' close 52 1-8 1 7-8 54 1-8 Insurance ccn-.pnny. now in rc- U'Uershlp, tod-^y icfortcd that the company Is "I-onr-kMl-/ insolvent." The report sal,; "heavy losses probably v.-ill le suttalned by pol- :••:• holders." "We find this condition ar.d losses are pnmorlly due lo iross neglect <tnci mlsnianagcmco u. its business arc* affairs by the officers and d'recVrr of the company, principally curing the years '930 and 19J1," the grand jury reported. There are plans on foot to combine instruction with such work as is being done by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Soon a teach- ei' will be attached to each of the Iwe camps under the name of •educational advisor," power broad to develop within the camp any kind of library. recreational facilities discussion groups, and practical mining lhat he can devise wlih lllllc facilities. NEW LINE OF EDITATIOX In fact, this suggests to Commissioner Zook the germ of an entirely new type of education. "We ought to be Inking care of our young people between the ages of 1G and 21, nnd we aren't," says , Dr. Zook. "Out of the CCC may I (ConllnuM on Page six) Bottle Business Booms; Six Millions in Profits TOLEno, 0. (UP)-Dsmand for:,,"- ' liquor bottles of all kinds and the p arc <"">c." return of le&al beer, were held re- "" "~ J fponslble for the record-breaking earnings of $6.000.000 repartee! by the Owens-Illinois aia.w Co. for Aberdeen carpenter, an In- •"•:iuis evening. The bandit liegscd a ride from Welfcr on a fog^v night. th»n poked a ciui in his ribs, orderit^ him to halt. Welser responded by shooiin" his car at full soecd down lhe winding forest highway, careening around hairpin curves. He invited lh? bandit to. shoot, but the man ' -onpccl his gun In fear. At the nrst opportunity the highwayman leaped from the car (leaving the gun on the floor I 1933. Two Books' Banned BERLIN (UP)-Books recemly onnned by the government include the German translation of Victor Marguerite's famous novel, "La and n. political work • of the Pan-European l i. by the l movement, Count R. Coudenliore- Kalergl --MONTREAL ,UP) - John Me- _-. _. ,..„ vun.|ja.i> vun-n , quarterly dividend of 75 cents dead alligator as n Christmas quarters prccedirig.'ffi 1 cente"cnch'l I> . ICf! ', nL "° 5011t JK ' a " fllcc •"- — ngurcs represent The " U " k ns " roturn *"• The 1933 --••- 'is«*^o L c(Ji ticnt Lilt; largest earnings in the companv's history, according to officials. The employing company is also more workers than ever before This L? attributed to a six-hour day and operation of the glass container code. WEATHER ARKANSAS--Fair and wanner tonlBht and Saturday. , .\femphls and vicinity—Fair and warmer tonleht' and Sunday,

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