The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1946
Page 10
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PAGE TWO-: .ALGONA tiPPER DESJV1O1NES, ALGONA roups Plan a July 26-27 Hurt: The r<".'ii];ir inciting of I ho Hurl V. F. W. IV.d w;-. lid,I Tuc'Kil.'iy cvonim; ;il I ho V. K. \V. hall in Hurl. The iw.v mvncr nf the Ihi'.'ilri' bllildin",. F'V.'mk IVr- iv, of Wiilci'ldo, h is rl'i!i;>lccl (!)•• use nl' tdi- U'l-i'ir.cni nl' the liiiild- in.U I" the Vi'lcrinis •"!' F<ntd.<;n \V:ii'.s Post in Dull. II will lie thdn>ii.i;hly c'e;riei| ;nul suhSf- (|iii' iHcd I'di- .•' ''lull rn'.>m anil ineelinj: i>l;in> I'm 1 Ihf ini'inbors of the Piist. Aloiii! with r,".'.-'n!.ir hii^inoss. one new tin mix r, [[''nii'i' Mri-;- tow (if Bin I. ','.';>.: • v. ''I'M iutn I lie Post. C:i:nmi::ri- ••• • re .",!•.'. .,,... ( pointed lo !i"ii> ;>! ran::- 1 i >::• i'ie | Cell hi'ati'in tn t>e 'v : I .liilv ''i> | and 1!7 in fair'. T'li". v, ill In j sponsori'(I loin'lv 1 r\ ! : :-' 'Xnie:'- j iean 1 ,i-:_di>n and t lie V. !•'. W. j 'File IICXl MH'i'tiui; ". ; 11 I 1 .' held ! NEW HOiME OF SOFT WATER SERVICE building in Pan i There will ;il.-.u l>( and V. K. W. ,-ne tlie cveiiin.!; 'if Ti AM ineinhi•!•.-: nl 1 W. I 'i isl a re 11!"_'; i merlin,*;. It is i"; nui kill!.; I'inal a: . tin- eeiehralinn. 'f'iiis i nee I in", •. the Legion iiall a; Al Swoa City Wedding Mr. and Mrs. I,. I, 1 . I > ::]'.•• !-: • the Clifford II,.Lin: : ;.';>••. the weddim; of i : • • . idi dau.'-'hler id' Al--. ' :;d \'r'. II.-. fiolia. and Ci'eil A;'-!- >" ,;' more, Minn., al S'.'.ia i 'v I day evening. Alfond a Circus Mr. and Mi", .lo, / n';,'. .\,T P. Trunkh'!!. '•'•d, !• •. !..-• . ard M;.i';.;a:vl nt;;,,..- ,,...,,-„ tile ( ] ','( I' •' a ! \l. •' "; < ' ''" i; day. Hi?vp Minor Oprra'ions . Rirhiird Sti -.\a>- I .--rd f' : .roi'L'enson. Leiiv: ' il. had ! 1 tonsils jind ,id,.n- .jrl : •••-]•••', ;'.•'• i the Hurt h.i.oil'd \\Vdn,^ Ajb<i\<\ tho future- linmp of the CiUIigan Soft Water Service, one of \!:•• -i!-;i".-; nc.vest im.sine.sscs, is Hearing^ completion on North Moore St., • d ih 1 .' 1 n ar nf HIP Thorpe shops. The building will house the rcgenera- ili-n plan! with complete new cquiprncirl. ;md, ;u?o provide office space. Pur" Hi A. Tliorpe c\vns the building, and it is being erected toy H. J. < 'v;i'i f >r oceupiiiicy by Don irpinmingkcn. owner and manager of the 1 •. a! (.'ulliuan firm. (Al;;ona Upper DCS Moines Newsfoto) dm ;mrl .'prut a few days d.-itiir.; IViends. I ..-i u r e n c e Sehrader, Max '••''-i'. 1'illii 1 I!oetteller. Amos !iuli-nN. hiivr lieen .'•.ponding a '••t-.vee!i li'i-iii'; vacation at homo. .:iii;-e!H'i.' and Billio will not l e- ui'ii I'm' Ihe summer quarter. M;i'.v Jean. Stella and Junior I rluil. Alvina and Caroline i•• --.,e MI Til Thursday in Mason 'dv. II l-Ti Ilacluit. who works .; a nur.-'e's aide at tile Mercy 'n-'.nilal. ac'eompanied them u.'r.r. (lone and Piarbara Ringsdorf i.'i'.i tlvdr tonsils removed at tho •In.-.sti1h 'Hospital last wec-k Tucs- i'l.v. Th'dr niidher Mrs. Donald tiv-psd'irf. stayed at tho hospital •••ilh llr-m until the next day. '.d : cn liii.-y \'.'ere brotmht liomo. Mr. and A'lrs. I,. A. Boetlcher, button Willmv. Calif., who have i. en'' visitin.u ndalives here, loft 'Mis'iay for Lebanon, Mo., to dsi| a'. tile home «f Mrs. Boettchers' sister, Mrs. Wyot Stott. Mrs. Tressio Ringsdorf accompanied them there. Mrs. Lillian Cook, of Mingo, spent, lust, weekend al the homes of her son Kenneth Cook and her daughter Mrs. Melvin Rieken. Other guests at the Rieken homo for Sunday supper included the Tom Reids, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. William Barker, Chatsworth. Calif., und the Kenneth Cooks. Plan Carnival Dance Wesley: The American Legion will sponsor a big carnival dance Thursday night, June 27, in the Kleinpc'tcr hall. There will be plenty of hats, horns, confetti, etc. Rosemary Cram of Humbohlt has accepted a position in the Hermit Cram restaurant. Homo From Cali/nrnia M.-S C i" Si'-':'' V.d .ine-.l ,V I'lvr. '. .-e--. vi--it nt ;h'e hi •;..•, • •:' i" !.••< An-. !. .. .-•.-! V,"V .KiPie l'.0"!te ; i. - !:-,v.' ' r; '-• t,, A.l-e: ;,. ;-,,. ; ', Rocitsl at FonJon . Mil-ir :)li:'.::- ol' R'1'': and' Fv : ..i i'v .'v- •'•:••":,•." T •',:•'.• p Mr. arid r-7v : ;. \V. K ]'•.'<>• Crvsn! 'V':n-. day for -i •' "i '•'••.'.•! Mr~. H. J. P. . Tuesdav LI T-;o, ..: v ••< <]•. home of i, ; • d-ii"'- 1 , :• M; ~. ,1. '! Ileanev at Sa<' ( ':".-. Lorraine and \'. rd-ll Fli-d- ' Fok'V. Miriii.. Y:. :!''d !''i.:ii Til- : day tu I-'hda v :.! l! v '•:•. o their ua 'U . L. ! 1. ilii d"!. The Pi-e.-'ovt...'i ..M ^'p wil liolii its .••nnual V':;!": 1 !^:: lli'oi, school I'l'om .In"-' 17 ti • .lulv U. i • V. ill h" held :.' thr ciior.'il. \Vidter P, c 1 -. S MI C ; . nv !"•.• Calif. . .-.|i, n: ! f, .- r : .,v. !:: .\Vi ek at the ( ",'.''•' {]•' •' ...•.' i'.i.l-ie , He is a friend >•:' !.', : '.|. ; , P, • • ...A Illlilihe!' -if PI;I I ,,.-.•..,!,. a I tended a show, • :'or •'-... ' ).i:iai- N'elsull, llee .I.M'.ille'i:,' i : ,, ; i i! 1 . Wi-dnesd.av aft: ;n ior: ;1 l,i,;i. , Keck. ! Mrs. Artlv.r [ta-.-:-- :,i •;..;: Mrs. Li-.-;- 1 .:•:-, „. .'•.':- .:. ',: Peterson, Mrs. ' M. K I '.,''• .-. :i and Mrs. To'n T: r.; : ;• ..!•, : ••:; afti'i'iKidii. 1 Mis. \V. P. ( Idd'l. • :,l,d ..,• HoiiLdas, Ma ,,0 (.' <••-•. i., :> Thursdav .d 1 !i" i ; . • •• n!' 'I ( lildiii-r'-; pa: i-n!.-, I )• . and AL .1. C. Clapsad'd... Floyd •Ld.-rwd.Ml ai,d "H 1!" mer. Cedar !•''. IP. in Ml : in v.'eekend at the \V. L 1 .-!.•;. •.'. , ,. ; home. Plu.vd ,, ; ,d \V. .1. l.i.el.- wood are l-ii 1 , it h: •. . . i The quart! rl.\ !'• I!;. '.•'sh':;. '•.) • per and meetin:. 1 . v, ei '• • :..-a.l .. ' .: ''Presbyterian riuirch i'Vid.:', , evening. I'i'.'tures ^f .Mi- ,"i:a: > ; work were she .vn. I Mrs. Cleorge A.eki'-t, St. Paul I Minn., ,si)etil a |r-.v d ,\ • i , i !' week with her ir.i.lii. i . :,i. i :• ! '- 1 Reynolds, at lie- ' ...a ..... h>. : . brother C. W. !!• -M. id . ; Mrs. Will !tiin.-,d... : •.-.', -.1 r J l.edyai'd Frida,\' and :'••.: i :.. ... weekend at i!ie \\'. >.',. '.•,••':•' •; i home, while the Saiidi.: •. ii.d * ri'lativ.-s at KorgiH !-'aii , '. 1 :ai,. I Mrs. J. D. IVtei., .-'•, ••:• P. ;dav K and Saturday \vit!i ; i d . • ,i » Charles City. Her hnie .• n b- * ter stayed with her aunt M... O. i H.-Grah:nn wliile sh'/ ,va •->, •> i-.-. J Dale Kearns, Chica.L'n > !,., , ;I I spending a i'cw d.r.'s at !::, :", :•; I of his sister Mrs. Will ( d; i. .. ;n . * lie formerly lived in Burl, i id ' hadn't visited here for Ion '.>.::•.. } Mr. and Mrs. f(. .h- Nealy at- I tended an Kasy Vv^isHiius d I chine nvetiii 1 ; at -Fort Dod_., ' Monday evejiim-'. Mr. Mealy Ju.s I been confined to liis bed by iJJ- | ness. i Richard Smith left Saturday ' for CedSfr Uapids, v.'h^iie will resume his studies. 'at Cor college, Capt. and Mrs. James Smith took Picture yo^jggelf in a lovely white felt, brow skimming cartwheel—a hair- braid straw, bedecked with flowers or ribbons—or a toast colored straw to wear with all your summer frocks. ()[!r summer hats arc at their very best right now. Come in and select yours today. SIMPLICITY IN HOME LOANS If financial matters seem involved to you, then i I will he a real relief to finance your home here. There is nothing complicated about the , arrangement of your loan. You know how much of each month's payment is for the low interest charged and how much you are reducing the loan balance. You have no renewal costs to face. For a simplified home loan, consult Algona Federal Savings & Loan , Phone 55 C. B. LaBarre, Sec'y. _^_ TUESDAY, JUNE 18,1948 Of Sexton For Home Makers Sexton: Mrs. Everett Steven was hostess to the Sexton Home .Makers at her home Tuesday afr 'ternopn and the ladies sewed oil quilt blocks and Mrs. B. E. Sandors read a paper on the Iowa Centennial Mrs. Steven played; several piano solos. Little Donna Mae Bleich, Wesley, visited Friday with her cousin Joan Krieps. j>t Mrs. Evelyn Jacobson of Portland, Ore., visited Wednesday nt the Ed Fitch home. John Herman and Brasilia Op-^ heim visited Friday afternoon with Marilyn and Shirley Lowman, west of town . Mrs. T. R. Maudlin of Algona visited Thursday evening at the home of his niece Mrs. Glenn GQJ- brielson and family. Henry fyelson, who has been ill at his home for several months, was taken to the lios-' pitnl in Fort Dodfio Wednesday forenoon. M,r. and Mrs. LeRoy Burger left Thursday morning from his grandmothers, Mrs. Sarah Wise, for their home in Hamburg, N. Y., after several weeks visit with relatives at Swea City and Burt. Stephen and Jimmy Eck'hart, who had been staying with their ry Nelson north of town, are no.w visiting their; grandparents neat DotliVer. Mr. and Mrsr- Orville Downs dnd family, St. Benedict, and Mrs. Julius Seller and family were in Mason City Thursday, where they all enjoyed the circus, the grownups as well as the ybungsters. Mr. and Mfs. Alfred Falkner and Mrs. Dorfl Ferrigan of Chicago arrived Wednesday' evening lo be at the bedside of their uncle and brother Henry Nelson, who is critically ill at the Fort Dodge hospital. Mrs. John Hanselman, LaVonne, ahd Mrs. Wm. Servgbusch of Algona visited Friday at the home of Mr. dnd Mrs. Tom Ellefson, north of town, the occasion being to celebrate Mrs Ellefson's birthday. The ladies are sisters. Mrs. Evelyn Jacobson and Gary, Paul and Maxine Nordstrom and Mr. and Mrs. Don Teeter and family, all of Portland, Ore., arrived Tuesday evening for a visit with relatives here and Algona. Mrs. Jacobson, T>aul and Maxine Nordstrom arc brother and sisters of Mrs. Perry Lowman, west of town. Wesley Farm Bureau Wesley: A Farm Bureau meeting was held at the Louis Lickteig home Thursday evening. \ Our operators tire handling itiofe calls for more telephones than ever before—more, in fact, thnft. our equipment, was designed to handle. In order to serve those who have been waiting, we've added telephones until our equipment is crowded to capacity. That's why, occasionally, there may be a delay before tha operator can handle your call. New equipment is being manufactured nnd better service will result whcii additions to the system here can be mode.. In the meantime, you may be sure that we will do our best to five you the fastest service possible under present conditions. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY S URE, you handed me the town yesterday ... I was a hero. But what about today— when I'm a civilian just like everyone else?" There's a challenge to America in this veteran's words. } The Saljvatipn Army is already meeting the challenge. It is giving the ex-service man and wopan emergency financial aid to the limit of its resources—giving advice on employment—help in setting up a home—day care and summer camp for their children- spiritual guidance—co'unsel in personal and family problems. For 80 years The Salvation Army has, been in the business of helping people. Today the Arniy is strengthening its service for, veteraris. Millions of our best youth back from war must find their places in normal life if we are to realize the vision of a better postwar America. Support The Salvation Army—"Marching Forward to a Better World." THE SALVATION ARMY Yp,ur nonatian NBVEB D|4 More Kossuth's Quota Is $3,797,80 ORJVl JUNE 1^85 Here |s a Worthwhile Cause, with Funds Nqt f ftten Up by High Salaried Person' nel of Office Expense, WON'T YOU PLEASE Pd VOUR BIT THE SALVAT10.N ARMY SERVICES The Salvation Army in Americe \>F' nearly 3,000 units of work 'OC& 1 -?:' for the most pnrt in urban communities throughout tho United States, th«i Hawaiian Islands nnd Alaska. TYPES OF LOCAL UNITS Corps , (Religion? __ octivities, group work, community visitation, night and day) Hospitals Genera! Hospitals; Women's Hospitals; Maternity Homes for unmarried mothers; Free Dispensaries; Medlrnl Clinics; Dcjitnl Clinic* Family Weltar* Service Young U' omen's Residences (lcno%\':i aa nvangelines) Women'!: Kmer^cncy Vomes and I.-d<{es Women's Klia're^3 Detention Homos Man's lintels Men's Emergency flomss and Lodges Af en'~ Soc. ; a7 Set vic& Conters Shelters fur honielcss men; Sheltered workshops; Stores 'or salo of salvaged gocda Ceyi' Cluba nn'l Youtli Confers F,esh-Air and yoiinj /"c-J/j/e's Camps Setil '-S-TJOII/S and Diy Nurseries Missing Pfi-Eo/iv" ISiirfsus Vocational Guidance anJ Placement Bureaus .'.'oJ Shield Service Centers for Ihe Armed Fc:-c23 (not USD) including roobil,^ c intcen? Transient Ssrv/<-e bureaus Leagues r/ /vf e: -..' v (Groups of iTlunteer lav worker* organized for visitation ol slclt in hospitals and homes) (The lay woman's orgai'-; ctfi (of improvement of home life through Chiislian (el'owthip) Pr/conVcrfc ard We* Caw* ' Within prisons 'hro'Jgh J3ri Leagues; rvUp'ous m~ 'ii.<n uno song services; L''ii-'3 Club for !'.£• termerj. Outside j'; D <.lio f tor upedy families ••( nrUoners; responsibility for parrhps wt) esstytai^o to *l»pnj in securiri'J t. .jty'v/"'.'^^ 8tt^"'-R^C9 ip police co'iixs. particularly in hiter««t of first ofiendc.a. Rural Service Uniti ( Committees in rural communiUe* U> take care of local neecia.1 WAA RECORP The International,Salvation tonj r- aumed it; wartime cjyties yvith i*-;, ^rif outbreak of hostilities. Red Sbiel4 CU4 were es^blisjied. Mob^lj Csnte«n| *n|t(f 4 roiling. Service Clubs, Coffe* Hull, Canteens were established on beachheadi anJ in jungles. All told,, In Wg/^ Yt'tT '(> 4,000 Salvation Army unit* Mrv«4 th» Allied Armed Fotc^f on 26 ^Jlfgsttfc-

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