The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1946
Page 5
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IORIAL RITES BODE HERO ,. On Sunday morning, June 9, Memorial services were hold in the Ames Lutheran church with the Rev. Joseph L. Knutson officiating for James L. Ophcim son of Mr, and Mrs. Jul* ius Ophcim, former Bode residents and in June, 1940, moved V NO. « OF A CENTENNIAL YEAR SEKtES Presenting The Farmers of Kossuth County James Brophy Take a scat on the Brophy farmhouse porch, and you'll set an nice a farm vi«w as you can probably find arctiiifl Iowa. The farm buildings, including- a small but modern tenant house, are newly painted , ,. there's- a nice srove nf excellent trees . . . and off through these trees you natch sight of an Iowa corn flcld-'lhat was a clean a* a whistle the day we drew Mr. Bropfty's picture. Mr.'ancl Mrs. Brophy moved to their present farm from Sp.xton about 8 years ago, and In those clffht years he S3-YS !••.: ba<- done FO much to the place It "just Isn't the fstrt- farm." This year corn, oats..beans and alfalfa cmrtitute the main .crops on the Brophy farm, along " ilh 150 lilllc 'flfffs and 600 or so chickens and some fee'Jinff catde. Von fl-nl the Brophy place north of town, just south of Black Cat creek—another example of Iowa fine farms. IOWA FACTS Sonic interesting statistics: Iowa's population aro!; ul 2,000,000; land area 55,586 square miles; railroads 9,500 miles; paved hi-ways 6,250 miles; colleges 25; and schools 11,600. ypu find about 28,000 of . j ' 16%aiis. -"This ?bank is here *' • all ;tie tc servo (}iose 28,000 "home folks" ty}?cs of banking service. ,'.'•' with all Si • 'R.JI.PII MILLER, rrnsldcnt i';A«.OI,jf> GILMORE, Cashier ROY McMAHON, Asst. Cashier I IT'S GREAT TO BE GOING PUCES! And ypu'HgQ places with that grand, even-powered Phillips 051* Phillips 66 Gasoline oifgbt to be good. Thou, fit, fHIUJW SWIM •gnds pf man'howM of experf »f tentjnq re» I 0f IA90RATORV . jMTcb have gone into it, Cweful Ubprwory AWN'mw. HilPS WIN»> j^jntrol fits ft » driving condition* for fW 7 •jS'Wffi?KMtTHir' '' The result"" high-powered. w»«hw*w»' V . WWTHIR irolled fuel designed fp give P*»fc P*$?f, m ' M ce both iiMMMr «Sd.v??i w it« a^l -.-... . •• Co try it^rt» come to the big pr»B§«»»!>fl* Wwfefigaef'WI ' PHIUIPS 66 WSOtlNI OIL COMIPAN; Selviw 'Station ' : . . / to Ames, where Jimmy entered high school Hn September ahd Ih the fall of his senior year enlist' ed in the navy. He received the wings of .the rtavy air corps in October, 1944, and after a leave spent at his home left for Hawaii in October, 1044. After being located there for a time he was sent to Okinawa, where the fighting' Was terrific and on April 7 during an attack on the "Battleship Yamato," the 7>B7 dive bomber on which Jimmy served as .a radio man and gunner was seen to make a strike on the battleship, and then plunged into the sea. On Mav 8, VE day, the sad news reached his parents that Jimmy was missing in action, and no further word was received until April 24, 1946, when he was declared officially dead. Besides his parents he is survived by three brothers Donald, Wallace and David. Union M-D Club Meets Thursday With Mrs. Bailey Union: The Union Mothers & Daughters club meeting which was postponed last week will be held this Thursday instead at the home of Norma Bailey in Algona. Sayre Winkic has accepted a position as a mechanic in a gar- jge at Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bode of Algona were Father's Day guests ;t the L. Bode home.' RJr. and Mrs. Clair Winkle spent two days in Minnesota visiting Mrs. Winkle's brother Elmer Hanscn, who lives east of Austin. Mr. and Mrs. James Brophy and the letter's sister Mrs. L. E. Weaver of San Diego, Calif., spent Sunday at the .Martin Johnson home at »Estherville. They ,report the land .very wet and crops weedy around there due to a SVa-in. rain last Friday and farmers were in the field Sunday, trying to cultivate the corn around the ponds. Mrs. Marie Jacobs, Austin, Minn., 'and her 'children Helen and Bernard spent Sunday with her sister' Mrs. , Wm. Dodds Jr. and family. In the afternoon the ladies attended 'a shower at Whittemore honoring' a recent bride, Berniece Winkcl Potratz, Bernard Jacobs, who had spent two weeks at the Dodds home, returned with his niother. Whittemore Mr, and Mfs. Sterling Simonson are the parents of a son -born Friday. A son was >born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pettit Monday of last week. -He -was namedjWilliam John. , ''Raymond Meyer arrived here Friday from Fort Snelling where he received his' discharge from the navy. Marie Kecne arrived 'home from San Diego, Calif., last week to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Keene Mrs. J. M. Fleming is in Chicago ;x ; 'ting acquainted with her nqw •-iianrlscn Edward Pat; son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Owens. ;. Nina June, daughter .of Luclla Frisby, was an ihonoree on her 9th birtsliclay Wednesday evening at the Fred McWerther home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bouc, and daughter, Sioux City, are visiting at the home of Mrs. Bouc's parents Mr. and Mrs. Fxed Kollasch. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wichten- dahlt West Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Boiling, Fenton,' visited •.vi'h Mr. 'and Mrs. Fred Heinrlch Thursday evening. Mrs. Helen Walters and daughter Mrs. Earl Elbcrt. and son Leo Walters attended the funeral of Frank Paradise last week, a brother of Mrs, Walters, at Kankakee, 111. Roy Graham' who re-enlisted In the army a: .T.- sewing ten months in the European countries during I he war, left for another term for overseas duty recently from New Jersey. Mary Alig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Alig, aVid Sandra Uraham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Roy Gr&ham, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. George Besch at Buffalo Center. Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Walker. M'ankato, Minn., Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Walker of here enjoyed an evening of fishing and a weiner roast af the Harold Kuecker's Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Glee Bollock -and Gerald OUom and Clifford Sohro- eder, Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Lor* enz Hansen helped Evelyn Voigt of Algona celebrate her 'birthday at the home of her parents Mr, and Mrs. Herman VpJgt Friday ey enifig, Rosella Vpigt, Algona, was also present-' ' Mr. arid Mrs, Herman Meyer, Mr. and Mrs, George 'Meyer^ Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Meyer and family, Mr, and Mrs, IJennw Voigt and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jrleiden'with of here gathered at Ramsey state park at Redwood |"a]ls,-Mlnn., §un(jay (or p Maahs arid Meyer iamJly reunion. Ed» ward Maahs end family a^d th> George Maeihses of ^iere snd Mr, and Mrs. Bermen Mafths, Algons, intended to make the trip in the Gene Martini school bus and just west pf Ssfherville they d? yejoped motor troyble w& hift $t ;fft.ww ' "' ''* ' -ALGONA WPM DUS MO!NE.% ALOONA tOWA— •• • .-.. •»,>.», 100 Honor Lone Rock Bride At Shower Last Wednesday , Lone Rock: A miscellaneous shower was held Wednesday afternoon in the 'Lone Rock church parlors in honor of Mrs. Donald Nelson (nee Jacqueline Person) with over 100 present. The pro- gfam consisted of two piano solos by Mrs. W. G. Flaig. The many lovely gifts were then opened by Mrs. Donald Nelsofi, assisted by her sister Miss Betty Person and friend Myrna Nielson. Mrs. Herb Wallace of fen* ton also assisted by writing names and gifts in a guest book. A very nice lunch was served 'iy IMC hostesses: Mrs. Selttia '•fammerstrom, • Mrs. LaVernd Hammerstrom, Mrs. Ralph Ham- nerstrom, Mrs. Wm. Knoll Jr., Irs. Karl Ewoldt, Mrs. Joe Cul- tertson, Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt, Mi-s. Jess Dugan, Mrs. C. F. Schultz, Mrs. C. M. Gross, Mrs. John Truntohill, Mrs. Earl Ack- 'MTnan, Mrs. Tom, Trcnary, Mrs. Henry Smith, Mrs. Ray Smith, Mrs. Ralph Dugan, Viola Tren- iry, the latter seven of Burt, Mrs. Floyd Duncan and Mrs. Herby Wallace of Fenton, Mrs. Ella Hanna, Mrs. Andrew Thornsen, Myrtle Hanna, Mrs. Merwin Marlow, Mrs. Frank Dackcn, and Irs. Marinus Nielson. \ttcnd Burt Party Among those from Lone Rock attending the birthday party in honor of La Dell Olson at his parents, the Paul Olsons home-at' Burt, Thursday afternoon were Mrs. Dick O'DonneH and children, Mrs. Melvin Hawks and Gary and Bonine, Dollilah'; Mar- Low and Mrs. Ralph Biersiedtand "hildrcn. Delilah MarloW; has been staying there since', Tuesday. ' • , '•'-• ; Honors .... Those attending a birthday dinner in honor of Bobby Angus at the Lawrence Newbrough home were Mrs, Laiir.i Mantor •*nd Edna of Cedar Falls, Mrs. Delmar Angus, Roger, Joyce and Bobby, and Mrs. Edw. Bianch- ird. : where they ftttelivdfd the edding ot ttis m«r's piece, Fort rffe '•Mith Dakota Visitors • Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Brandt and son James Rodney of DeSmet, S. Dak., arrived at the par- ?ntal C. F. Sohultz home Wednesday afternoon, for a Visit. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz iarid 'jary Gene were Thursday din- ier guests there and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stenberg and Francis of Elmore, Minn., were supper Guests there Thursday.. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sohultz, Shirley and Ronald'spent'the evening there. Mrs. Joraenson Hostftiii^?!!^";'^' Mrs. A. E.' J.prgensoffi^ehtw- Jensen's .. 'birthday,' ; ,-Mrsfc i . A ** Prifcbe, Mrs. Don Houcki; iMfs. A.. Kruosrcr, Mrs. HarryXijSJJw ?nrnery, Mi-s. A. L. Cotton,''Mrs. W. J. Cotton. Mrs.' Roy -Jensen, ind Mi-s. Ernest Jensen. ' Mr?;. Hobcrt Ackerman .ajid Tnnr.f. S~'7e of Burt spent WoHrirsday evening at the Frank r<r jai7 hoitie. ' '-.•/.. •-'' '.'.• "". Mr. and Mrs. Lrtstcr Ctilbertsoji I •-- '• KO'^V nf AVolls; .Minn., i came Wednesday afternoon to visit the ;.Joe Culbcrtsons. i Mrs. T. E. McGowan of Cedar Rapids ari'ivcd .Tuesday evening .'fir a visit with her daughter !I|T TS. C. E. Householder and fam- . Mrs. Laura Mantor and Edna ™d Mr. and Mrs, M, E. Blanch;->rd were Friday dinner guests at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Blanchard. Mrs.. A. A. Krueger and J^nct and Kermit and Mrs. L; T;'Jacki?on and Jackie also spent Friday afternoon visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert DransfeJdt at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Lorcnz Gqiizeinr. ;iuer were Tuesday evonhi*."sup- per guests at the home of Mr. id Mrs. Jim Ackorman qh their way. home from the convention in Waterloo. . "^ rl :: ! Wednesday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs! A. A. Schultz were her parents Mr. nnd \1i-s, J, M, Blanchard and niece ^'iss MarjJvn Sones, tihe latter of Sioux Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rath and Dickie of Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bath and family of r.uVerne were Sunday dinner "uests at the,home of Mr. and :Wrs, Harve Rath. Mr., nnd Mrs. Woodrow Willis 'nnd two children of Eden, New York, -in'd Mrs. Aguss Millls of Granite Falls. Minn., stayed overnight at Wie homo of Mrs. Alice lierje Friday night. . 'Mrs, ,F. B. Lausser o| Joljet, 111,, Hugh, Margaret, Julia McMahon ot CJinton, nj,, S p e nt Thursday and Friday <»t the home pf Mrsi Lausser's aunt, Mrs. Wugh Walsflv and family. Mr, and MF&. M, O, Richards spent Thursday st ffie A. L, Qreepfield home at Algona and brpyght ttjejr son Ralph home, who has bee.n visiting ftj^ grand' parents, Mr. and Mrs, W, I,, BUs-? bqroitgi; there. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Badig and family, Mr, iKwd Mys. FranH ^challin, of Algona. -Mr. and Mrs. Martin Preyer of Kwt, Mr- wd Mrs^arl, gwniach spent Wfe$n,es- aay eyeflte, ' thj a neap t at ..& Q. were Mr. Mr% Eyeret^LSfeycoa, Mr. an4 Mrs. Awifl Lockwapd, sod here. Mortimer REDUCED FROM $1,89 TENNIS SHOES For Men & Boy« 1 89 • Durable Duck Uppers • Snug Laccd-to-loc Slyle • Metal Eyelet* • Slubber Toe II • All Sizes for Mnn and. tiriv.x — Country Gentleman Mrs. H. 'A. Jjolmgren. Mrs. Holm- ui'cn entert'a'ined > 2 ladies at a Burt .Legion/. Auxiliary sewing, meeting, Xyhere they sewed carpet t-ags; Wednesday afternoon. Mr; and Mrs. Roy Jensen- and Jamid spent last weekend at the home of her sister Mrs. R. J. Edwards and at St. Paul, Mjnn.,. /atfc! 'also visiting the El- mbr Wistedt home at Minneapolis, Mintt, Dick Edwards came bapk wfih them to Spend the stimmerf' . • ; Mrs. W. G. Flaig,. Joan and Max. Mrs. Frpnk F.lsLJQ, and. Mrs. Roger Jensen and 1 Mrs. Harvey Jergonson, the latter of Algona, had a picnic dinner at the home of Mrs. Dean Jcrgenson near Al- goha Thiirsday. '."• Helen Sprank, vvho has/been visiting there, re-. •.uined hpmel - ; [Mr. an^-Mrs. Qlarence Ackerson and Mr. ••and.. ]^rs. Marvyn' Ackerson of Wesley spent Wednesday evening Visiting a daughter- sister, Mrs. Geo. Lone and . family. Geo. Long and , Wilbur Woertje?.' the latter of Lakota, spent from Monday till Wednesday in iDcs Moincs on business. . Bprt,' Bob, Hgrold and Delmar Angus . returnc.d home Thursday Lakes, Minn., ,, tr,lp; ;'.Airiqng those .from Lond P( -''iJjS'f ' • ai fended the 'funeral : of, l Milt.,' - Modre were Mrs. 'H. A. Bianohard; Mrs. C. E. Householder; Mrs. Everett Hanna,- and Mr. andv Mrs;;: N.,:L. Cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford". Joioh-' son^and family, Marie and Odella Jacobson of Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. ' T. Cherland, Ruby and Ariel, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cherland and fjitriily, Mr.; and Mrs. E.-J. Chcr- (;md. and ;famllv, uh'd- Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Krause and family •.-.•::]•(' Sunday dinner guests at the home' of Mr. -and Mrs. O. T. Cherland. Mrs. R. A, Bleich, Mrs. O.. T. Cherland, Mrs. E. C. K pause, Arlot and Ruby Cher- lirid spent Monday at Fairmont, Minn. Mrs. T. L. Jackson and son iJackie, enroute from a .two months visit with'her parents Mr. 'and'Mrs. Frank Macumber, .formerly of Lone Bock and now living in San Francisco, Calif., came Thursday from visiting her brother Clarence Macumber and family at Algona and is spending j a few days at the home of Mr. I and Mrs, A. A. Krueger. Mr. and Mrs. Krueger, Janet and Kermit and Mrs. Jackson and son Jackie all drove to visit Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alme and Shirley at Ot- tdsen arid were supper guests there Thursday night. 4-H Girls Vie For nf - ¥^ • nr* • 1 earn r air 1 rips Three,trips are in store for 4-H ^irls in kossuth county who win •honors a t the Kossuth county ; fair when their demonstrations will be given. One team will go to the state fair, one to the Clay •county fair. All demonstrations must be on some phase of home furnishings this year. as', .that is the girls' major project. He!p in planning; their 4-H club demonstrations will be given girls and Jhe.irjeaders at;a, series 'rrf I tncctfjl<zs' to 'be: held; by Lillian A. Peclchan^,,'county home economist. •'"'•'.. ^•Thc meetings are scheduled as follows: Tuesday, June 18, at Algona library, 1:30 p. m. for Lotts Creek, Whittemore, Riverdale and Irvington, Wednesday, June 19, at the B.urt hotel, 1:30 p. m., for Fenton, Lone Rock, Plum Creek, Union, Greenwood. . Tuesday, June 25, at the city hall, Lakota, 10 a. m. for Hebron nnd German. Tuesday, June 25, at the Swea City hic'h school, 2 p. m., for Grant, Swea and Seneca. Thursday, June 27 at the Wesley bank, 1:30 p. m. for Wesley, Prairie, ,LuVerne, and Buffalo. ANOTHER SHIPMENT! READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Made to rigid U.S. governme.nt specifications now released at savings to you. WRK SHIRTS IP I MH- • Durable Red Leatherette Upholstered J • Heavy Padded 1 Seat & Back • Sturdy, Springy ,.1-Pc. Tubular Steel Frame Gleaming— Chrome-Plate/, -For Kitchen & Dinette -For Beauty Parb>r,g, -For Recreation Rooms -For Restaurants Use-S&LV::, Lay-Away Plan. If You Wish' Exclusive "Kgy Ruth" Design! As Shown in June W "Life'*! PHE.SHUUNK CHECKED GINGHAM Cotton Coat-Diess * REP t fGREEjV • BROWN lt> iiji»ch fyr *o IWle! * jne giji|{h»m w«>v- thrQUgh and through »nd pfiful|y • roiittff. - Oij&ii4 ... ftjti "it fcwpk, W 20, Qther CiMRii I? '.9 9 « 'ji $ • ri™.-..

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