The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, June 18, 1946
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«gw? g«r „..„...., -five from tfossuth county will hold a campus* Cleaf Laltfe, -June 21, 22 find 23* The camp is being held 1 to £r6* vide a recreational opportunity fbtf "rural'girls; as WeH as to fos- t<sr° an intfctest in conservation ana 441 SeltVitiesi T Lillian f Av Pecfcham. county ihorrie ecomrtnist, will be , In <Jhafge of the camp. Miss Margaret White, music specialist; Miss Vet-da Patterson and Ellis Hicks, extension naturalist, will assist from the State 4-H Calf club staff at Iowa State edllegc. Mrs. ttpd Darnell, Algona, will be in charge :6f handicraft. Betty Goodh of' Des Monies, will 'be lifeguard. . Leaders to attend camp are: Mrs. Soy Budlong, Titonkaj Mrs. Ray Wilcox, Ledyard; Mrs. Everett WithiJhi, Whittemore. and Mrs. Vernon Eggleston, Luvemc. The '• three-day program will 'include discussion groups on citizenship 'and personality develop* mcnt, as 1 well as nature hik-is. 'classes in handicraft and musical activities. , . -'Swimming and softball will be the tnain activities on the sports schedule. A boat ride and roller skating are baing planned its grotlp; activities. Beverly Ditswcrth. county delegate i to ths State Conservation Cathp at Mitlsjwa, will report on the camp Friday evening. "Talent Nile" with different groups putting Jon program f features will also -be held. : ; ' Emphasis wil be placed upo.i keeping of cpnservatoin .records , in order to renew interest in that 4-H'activity. Saturday evening the tra.di- ditional 4-H Campflre the clijma* of the evening's" activities. The Pi'oi'n will he in session at the Odd Fellows Camp on the soulh shore of Clear Lake.' Lone Rock Lively RockeU Frances Joan Z/wiefel, Betty Person .Pita Hur-lburt. Lucille Decker,' Marvel Schmidt. Union Alethean . Lavonne Riobhoff, Lucille Hackbarih. Whittemore Whizaers • : Anna Mac Erpeldinf, .Norma Kollasch,! Ellen Witham, .Ruth Ann Eltacrt. ...'.':• Lu-Verne Live Wires Doris Fctt. , ' Valley Victory—German Lena DcVi-ics, Harriet Boeck- iholt, Troycc Bruris, Ar-lcne ; Hel mcrs, Vclida Bruns, Betty Ann Sonncrbcrg. : • , -- ". •' .',. .-'Ipyjnaton. l!f'.'l-. "''•;'(•.."."•' = Laura Jean Bait. '.;.,'.••'•' / ; : Hlyerdale RusHeri; v Heler^^Beokeri; Vereria-Kayser, t, .4 fit «siii A, IOWA, TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 1946 16 Pages —Two Sections VOL. 81*-NO. 24 NORTH KOSSUTH rr^-'sWL- i of Nine Baretfyjf&swipes Blazing Home FIRE RAZES LUNN FARM HOME IN A Harrison township farm family 6f nine narrowly escaped death, at 4:30 a- m. Sunday, when fife of unknown origin- destroyed . • their farm home. , ': ' -.'• , • \ Th<* farm- home of Mr.. and Mrs, John Lunn, four miles hortihSast -of Swea City, was -the place-Hilt;- and only the clear thinking ..of , Mrs. Lnnni who form e'd the sl3e : children ; Into a ^and-to-hand .chain and led Mi em to safety piievehVed-an' everi worse 'tragc'dy. ; _ ' .-• •., . ; '.-'.. , lit one of ;th* tinn wsU sH(fhlW, tiiit nrtt fi»m»*: rroped Ite , 4h« gUl»«as(s, which - ready afire. •"-..; -;';."'•; .' :•' -Both ;Mr,' and '-^trs': Liinn, 'their six children, . the : yqungest, . age •three, and ', Patty Pattersoh, : a neighbor #lrl,, weire asleep on the second .floor at the, timteiihe fire was disqoyered." • Flames covered iiHe entire ground floor, and 'Were catirt-a at ,1!hc .stairway. - Clouds of sihoke billowed Up the staircase. • Only means of escape other than jumping from second -'story , ;wm- •dows, was the stairway,. find- Mrs. Lunn led .the way with the'- children holding hands toe'hmd., .... 'Running to the oilie ' '•'. Koohs ,farm, neaiiby, they broke the;naws of the fire. The phone was out- of or'dcr, and Clarence •Gardnief. drove to Swea City where; thcffife 'de.- partment was •aroused.: and, rushed to the farm. • : ; : '';. , ' • While" it was impossible'- for the firemen to save the building, and pumphpuse, they did save, the barn 'nrid other .outbulldingsr ..The; •de- son. Maty Arin: Smith', Lenora * Smith, Violet Mirio, Phyllis Huskamp, Lois Angle, Marian Bar* ger. - • " :'••'•'• • Fenton Forwardi Mary Bierstcdt, Anna Rae ' Wcisbrod. . Weslay Wizard* » -Bur dine Hanson, Shirley Goetz, Joan Goetz. -• : ^ . Buffalo Booster! dharlotto Fitzpatrjck, ; Glcnda McCollcy, Joan Johnson, Jane ' Ringsdorf, Bonnie. Gira'rd, .Amy Fisher, Catherine Orthel. •/ * ... -Seneca Star* '• Margery Moore. 4 Loiis Creek Laisiw Irene Marte, Florence Kollasch. Geraldine Kollasch, Ruth •»'• Ann Elmore, Betty Muller, Mary Jane Muller. ; u, .Miki! ^' , Greenwood aim Irene Kemna, .Gladys Zoimet, Margaret Kramer, Donna Lampe, Shirley Rengrr, Helen Renger, Mary-Bernhard, Eileen Schiltz, Beverly pitswortn;; 'Mary Ann Rustemeier, Theresa Heiar, Alice Inman, Catherine, -,; Mulligan, Shliiey Lieuranee.; : Swea Surinysido Violet Geerdcs, Joan' Rpbison, Janice Knutsen, Lucille Geerdes. Prairie Pale Diane Kleinpeter, Rose Ann Kollasch, Darlene Schrn,idt, Wil ma Schmidt, Rita,German, Carrell Erdman, Rosemary Studei% Elain Mullin, Mary Joan Loeblg, Marjoric Bleich, PLAN CO-OP PICNIC Creamery, Co-Op >ley»tpr, the locker plant- v$l ,\mte HJ (ering a /program. ;<>f :e ment and, fWR f9P meoaje annual picnic, elated, for day, June 2Q, in the A Park at;Wiit|;^«Qre. -_; •Admi?«ion wyi be by only, whiph is pfetsin^ble the Whittemore wejme tor or locker Plsm. The program foUews; 10 a, m- Girls partment arrived a ;few after 5 6V:tti^;toS with which ; they ' . ;-miftutes NEW KOSSUTH 4-H GIRL OFFICERS 'NEW KOSSUTH COUNTY 4-H officers elected by the clubS at'the 'annual.girls' Rally Day held June 7 at Burt are pictured above.'''': ' ..VAULeftHo right are' Jane Keith, Plum Creek, new president;"' MaVy Jane Muller, Lotls Creek, vice president; Betty Jane Bormann,', .Riverdale, secretary-itrfeasurer; .and Donna Moore, Seneca, historian. (Photo by A. L. Brown, county agent.) . . , .;- ;: RUES TODAY FOR AMOS ANGLE, 68, pfpFRlDAY Ambs Angle, well known retired Wesley farmer, who has lived in Aljzohn the past four or five years, dieclat hi's home here Friday, June .14. He had been iri ill health since OViristm'as timej\vhen he was operated on at Iowa -City for cancer. He -recovered Somewhat from the operation^ but a ..few months later held A closing, out sale of his farm interest!?. *ln Pennsylvania. HENRY C. NELSON PIES SUNDAY v'.Hrinry C. NelsOri died Sunday, June, 16, -at the Mercy hospital in Forit/D'odge from cancer^ after be- ihg Seriously, ill for;" three weeks. 'Mr; Nclsoh»-\vas Born .March- .1 1 , 1870. at Holton, Kansas.-' the son of M;r. ; ,Bnd Mrs. Christian Nelson. He came -to the Algona'\ vicinity in iao4 and, on Septembor'. 23, 1903 was married to Mary-Ann iFerrigan iat; : W«sleyv' A'Hej^nd Mrs. .Nelson .: -A , ^'-. family also 'bad some;dnsurane'e.on personal -effects. ;'•"].>"•••;•?' 'i; '.. '"'' The •farm is,,the.Katie Berk. estate of Bancroft. _ •- ^ . • ".The,' Lunn. family .: was being cared for toy neighbors and relatives. ' ; ' : •• • '.. ';'' '•'' .'-'•.! ••;•' -.' v FIRE DESTROYS OEORQE LARSON BARN, BtJRT Burt: The George,pn farm cast of Burt, /was .'struck ' toy Wednesday. .The totally destroyed «n 18x28 foot barn, With and 18'Joot shed on each side. The barn was abdut 20 years .old. , ••_•; There was also.".a : 16ss :of some hay, and quite a few, Chickens;, A large ihog house, only 18 or 20 feet from the toarn, was saved by the good work of the Burt fire department, whlfch-Mr..-Larson said. surely Sot there in a'hurry, •There' was only a, ?malV amount of insurance on the bam. ' . . Origin of the fire remained a mystery. Nobody had been in the barn since early morning milkln? time, The fire was- discovered about 4 p. m. The barn contained- no new hay. which might have caused the -fire. '•..,'• -• . ALGONA NISEIS VICTOR OVEii BURT Lotts Creek defeated St. Joe, 5 to 2, at St. Joe, Sunday, to, hold first place 'In itKe Kossuth Lfag«e, while Algona'dowried Burt. 4 to 'i, to take undisputed second place, , In other courtty loop ^ S^mts, Wesley defeated Cojwith. » to 8 in a close '.battle. andiLedy^rd.downT ed Lone Rwk, 10 to 1, if\ -a slug- fcst " "' '. ' ' '' *''•'-''- ' '' ' Burt outhH^gftw.^ to V;but the locals bunched thfeir *i>iteto 8W UP 'the contest' in 'the .seventh ipanie," tallying tw« runs ' sacrifice and erw.; B«rt Ws effective tout (our errors by Ranees. He w^f ?tUsker for Burtj: $19 only ; msn on sldei Calif.;"Mrs;;"-Rinic&; Al^bna; and Mrs,'iBernard, Hurn, Glehdale, Calif.,'all 6f'",whpm are hc'rc' : /or ,1he fuher-al Services. He was": proceeded iri'-death by two '6ns'6ne who died in, infancy and ahothcr.'Chris, 'wh'^ 1927 at the ago of' 18. Also siirvivinc; are. rti'he' grandchildron"'and a sister. Funeral services/will be held Wednesday morning gt 9 ;30 at St. Cecelia's church viv-thvlhe Rev. J. M.'Mallinger in'charge. On Year Probation ' For Game Violation A Burt young man, John R, Do Wall", was on a years probation, as a result of a hearing in federal district court at Fort Dodge, last reck. DeWall was charged with, vio-; lating the migratory bird conservation act. : ' ; , The government charged.-'that the Burt man was carrying a!,22' •alibrc rifle; and "walking-irt the .general direction of wild", ducks" on the -Union Slough;iTc game preserve, last'Jan. 1 '6. TREE,BASEBMit Two Kossuth men were 'injured during the past week,.in.rare- type accidents. One, -a- Seneca man, received his injuries *°. r EOST$100RlWARD : A".'Tcwar'd. of $JOO : >; has been posted 'toy the •Bjmc'rb'ft -Sportsmens Club for apprehension of . » -i t«i ' — f _'_ j* r*t' • 4-V»rt j-lortr 1 the, killer of o'n? of the deer which 'have frequented the Ban croft community,' and for which sportsmen in Bancroft community had acquired considerable regard. , '•': , A person or ^persons un- Jcnowh shot one. of the deer • in the herd lhat 1 wintered in . the nelghborhpjsd. There had been iive deer in the herd. ; !The one that was found dead had become caught in a fence and died from gunshot wounds, last • week. Another deer is known to have :peen crippled by similar wounds; . : -. The club is also/oWering a similar/sum for infQ?mrtiQh oh anyone shooting any .more of the remaining herd- ot three. vs 18 nopn creajin feyMtelph Qser, ^:39;i, m, Tpfit Jrlf, anq a pillow • GIRLUFEGUARD lH : iK reTO 'Qry oil,station''implpyee, was suffering no ill,ejEfepfe. pther, than a temporary weak feeling von • ', as a, result;'pf an.ex' 'he had.jn, the A' ».,.,V 3whwning;popl, evening at playing baseball, while the second, a county employee, was in" thn K ossuth hospital as the result of a mishap fro ma falling- tree. COUNTY WORKMAN HURT AS TRE& TOPPLED Ralph Markla, county road maintenace employee, was in a fair condition, Saturday, fol!6w- ing his accident, in Plum Creek township, •' •. • With three other men,- dynamiting of trees was faking place, after which the trees were pulled away with tractors. A dead .tree iri the Bob Harrison lane was boine taken- out. The tractor-was 'hitched 1 to the tree and Marklai running to avoid the falling tree, stumbled and fell. Caught by the falling branches he sufered severe injuries to •his -risht shoulder and-a deep extensive wound from the tree stubs. A limb penetrated his side under the rieht arm, al?c, an^ he had head injuries, He was taken to the Kossuth hospital by Harold Bpde, who lives nearby, an-1 he is expected to be laid up for another four weeks, . BREAKS BONE IN LEG , DURING BASEBALL,GAME Seneca: Gerald Olsen, son of Mr. pnd Mrs. Curtis Qlsen, syis- tained a broken bone in his left leg last Monday evening while playing in* a baseball game be- Mr... Angle Was born January 30, 1878 a£ ! 'Mcrcbr6burg, Pertn., the <ion of Mf/an'd Mi-S. Clayton Angle. In 1004' he was married to Elizabeth Seefcldt in Sterling, 111.; and the following year they moved to the Wesley neighborhood. To t'hem were toorn the following children: Clayton, Swea City: Mrs. "Minnie Fuchsen, Algona; Mrs. Dorothy Weiland, Wesley; Mrs. DeBtta Alexander, Fort Dodge; and Earl Anslc, Algona. -Mrs. Angle died in 1904. 1914. On July 1, 1931, Mr. Angle married Mrs. Eliza Robinson of Algona. He and Mrs. Angle lived on the farm until about four years ago when they bought a home in Algona and moved here., Mr. Angle continued 'his farming interests, however, until this spring. During his lifetime he took an active !>part in the business activities of 'the 'Wesley community. He was a 'man '"'Of,' Integrity, well thought O'f by' all who knew him. BURT COUPLE SEE THIRD DAUGHTER GRADUATE FROM NURSING SCHOOL Survives. - Besides • his wife - and children He is also Survived by tihe following stepchildren: Everett Robinson of '-Pendletbn, Ore., who visit- ^dhere'frprii' Tuesday until Friday '- ! Bowman. . ,brbthers:. ; 'Saiiry; Angle, -'SWea!- City; 'Ethan andSClarence,;. Angle, Mer- ccrsbergii'Peiin;?- and' a 'sister Mrs,' James 'MLUer of- Mercersberg, who came to attend'"the funeral, accompanied toy. her- niece Esther Angle. A niece, Mr?. Helen Williams, Clinton, Iowa, and Mrs. Angle's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Mayfield. Mason City, as well as a large number of relatives from over the -county were among those attending the ftmeral. ' Services Today. Services were held this morning (Tuesday) at St. Cecelia's church at 9:30 with the Rev. J. M. Mailinger officiating. Burial was made in Calvary cemetery. Pall -bearers were Wm. Cosgrove, Frank Johnson, Mike Goetz, John Hutchison, Wm. Martinek and Frank Fox of Wesley and Ed Stoll and Bryan Asa. Algona. BftHton' noyipei Hi8 §tt4^W pHl§t fnd-endeavored,,to. helfcnim, \9 th!^de_of tne;^pfe||omeone Lakota. He was playing, the Swea. City team, v Sliding into second base, Gerald,-hooked a spike, doubling his leg under (him, He did not at first realize the seriousness of the injury-' and he continued to play i!1 the win forced h,»vn to stop, to a d,iofito^s efface H was that his ? iegijyns broken • " ^~" injured where UNTOLD DAMAGE ASBARNSTOPPLE IN SUNDAY STORM North Ko.suth county Was swept by a cloudburst and tornado, Sunday evening, which resulted in extensive damage to north end farms, but brought no loss of life so far as was reported late Monday. , Thousands of dollars wortih of damage was done to tooth farm 'buildings and crops, however, ever. Follows Hottest Day. The storm followed on the heels of the hottest day this year. Farm and town folks alike watched the .gathering cloud banks to tihe nortlh, which gradually formed up into tornado pro-portions, .which hit first about 6:30 a. m. in t'ne Grant and Harrison township areas, then rolled eastward into Lakota. territory, strewing wreckage as it went. A cloudburst with 'an estimated five inches of rain accompanied the 'tornado winds. Two Distinct Storms. There were two distinct storms, about a half hour apart, according to Mrs. Walter Smith, Swea City correspondent for this .paper, who surveyed the damaged area Monday morning and talked to farmers in the stricken area. Damage reports came from the following places: Dourte farm—all outbuildings blown down. Bay Larson farm—windmill demolished. Oscar Nelson—barns and outbuildings destroyed. McFarland farm—barn blown onto -the house.. . Irving Link—barn blown down. Bill Karmersmeier — toarn destroyed. .,....." Joe Mayne—'barn destroyed. Roy, Valvick— ibarn and out- buildinss demolished. Ted Sheeley."--- barn destroyed, and blown across Interstate power •lines, - cutting "off; all "-power ana , ;lights in Swea' .M : ine f &Do^ » nd MrsI Edward Wolf of Burt, all graduates: nurses from St. An- . thbriy Hospital-school of riursinff, Carroll; Iowa* •• \ They are, left to right, Marine, Mary Lee . seated), and Nedra... -•"-'' ••'••• ' ' . , Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe, daughter Patricia, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bristow and two daughters, all of Burt, recently attended the graduation exercises for Ne'dra from the school,, at Carroll. Ncdra is the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wolf. Maxino graduated in 1937 and is now living in Carroll, . Mary Lee graduated in 1945 and is now workingjn the obste- 1 trical department of the hospital, and Nedra, the 1946 graduate, rounds out the trio of young ladies who chose a career of service, and in whom their parents can rightfully feel great •pride. 19 Entries Ready For Soap Box Derby Here »,'•.. ^ SEE10EDESTCARS FOitHADEHERE Who has the oldest, or one of the oldest cars in Kossuth county? Algona - automobile dealers would like to know, and they would like to include the county's oldest vehicles in a Parade of Progress to 'be staged in Algona July 10, during the Centennial Days here. ' | Folks with old cars, any model, are asked to get in touch with Clayton -Percival, chairman for the dealers. If the vehicle is not running, the local dealers will be glad lo call for it. transport it here for the parade,' and see that it is safely returned— provided they can't -get : t to working themselves. All old forms of transportation are desired, including buggies, and anyone with such vehicles from pioneer 4sys is asked to contact Thursday will be Derby Day in Algona! With 19 entrjes all set to so, 'the first post-war Soap Box Derby, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, will set under way Thursday morn- Mr, Percival. The Kossuth Centennial Days will be held in Algona, July 10 and U, sponsored toy r the American Leg Jon assisted, by the Chamber of * Nine Numbers On Thursday's Concert hiid bsnd conQs.t of the will be presjeutea next "evening by |Jip ing, at 11 a. in. when all racers and drivers will be weighed in officially, at Slate and Lu Verne Lady Had Relative In Big Fire Lu Verne: Mrs. Carl Goetsch has received word that a relative of hers was suffering from shock and exposure after 'being found unconscious in a room of the LaSalle Hotel, Chicago, .after t'he fire there recently. He is H. R. Cummins of Mansfield, Qhjoi a brother-in-law, Mr, Curnniins was returning tQ Ohio by plane, but stopped over in, Chicago ,for a few days; during which time 'he had registered at uic LaSalle. Thoringion streets. From that point on, the fun really gets rolling. The program of events follows: 11 a. in.—-Weighing in, State and Thorington. 12 Noon—Display of cars. 1 p. m.—Parade, from State and Thorington to State and Jones. . '. *, • 2:30 p. m.—Soap Box Derby races, highway 18, east of 169.', 5 p. m. — Presentation , of prizes,- corner State and Thorington. Paratrooper In WjlHam/R., Ferjhtl, 19, Algona, expects r; an4 ther §epec| ' . runs H'W.S^;.^.,(.P3B tegipn Meeting, There will be a meeting which eleetioij of pfficerg j J ' bf • n 6- p, m. i—i Carnival, rides, games, 9 p. m,— Free street dance, State street. . In addition to the SO&R Bo* Derby events, a carnival witt open Wednesday evening, and ri^n through Thursday, in a two blopk area, east and south of the Courthouse. JuJnor' Chamber of Coin*; merce members urge you tq bringr t|ie whole family to "eyent: Qome early e. It will be the bluest day of the ye*r. especially for ' " going ..!to .p.ressi survey: of; damagesyiriipbs- ; '? sible^ • '•..;:.-.' '•. ;• -•• '•'•.-•••''' '•' Only damage done in Swea City ;/ itself was caused .toy trees being uprooted. . , • .•'*• Swept Highway;9, ' ; In the Lakota area, Mrs. J. H.' Warburton, correspondent for this :. paper, reported hail, wind "and a tornado storm tlhat did the same type of damage as reported from Grant and Harrison townships. Some crops were completely ruined. D. D. Paxson, secretary of » the Kossuth MutuaJ Insurance Ass'n, said Monday evening that so far reports;told y j ' of 15 barns flattened in the north Kossuth area, as well as other damage, to buildings in- '. surcd by that organisation. A corn picker on-; the George i Patterson place iii Grant : twp. was carried .almost across a section of land by the 1 nigh , velocity winds. ..-.,:'<'' ; • The storm seemed; to,:;:.sweep. lf along highway 9, 7 flobdin"g low spots and-causing damage at'near- • ly every farm in the area: Large buildings were ^it the ' worst, the Henry . Boe'ttche'r.' and Brock 'farms near Lakota toeing two that suffered severely.' V ';'. ' ' ' Telephone and power 'lines, were _. blown down and -poles knocked over. Phone service to: that area' was disrupted entirely,' arid "linemen were repairing the damage y Monday. Contact via phone with Swea City and Lakota was-resumed by 8 a, rn./Monday, however.: Neighbors Giye Aid, • . Old timers declare that the! d^n5- : age done to North:'Kossuth ;was the. greatest' in many years; and,, cover a wider area. 'Neighbors-and.friends, were' giv-- ng aid where .needed,-,/and':Red Cross facilities vyere.made 'ayaiii able in- some «-eas, although' for- <:unately no'Injuries were report' ed. and toarns and outbuildings, rather homes,. irurit qf " Sunday the summer; -the i tff85,'.Haw.eyer-SQme spola . \n ^Wpa went t wer ,l (JQ, .- : t ; : 95 :

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