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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 54
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 54

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:

12 GREEN GUIDE 26 OCTOBER 1995 Gee, thanks Bart! I AM one of The Simpsons' biggest fans in Australia, watching even the old episodes religiously. The Streetcar Named Desire episode (recently screened for the 100th time congratulations Channel 10!) is my guide for VCE Literature this year. I also wish to thank The Simpsons for their recent revelations to me about Australia. Thank you for telling me that there have been 30 years of electricity the wireless is getting worn out. As soon as we get the sheep station connected to this elec-try-city, I'm getting one of those picture boxes called a television! And it is such a relief to hear a proper accent again! I thought I was the last Cockney-South Australian person left in the world. The political revelations were also of great value to me. I was laboring under the delusion that Australia's first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton, an Australian-born lawyer and statesman. Thank you for showing me he was an ex-convict. -I was also unaware that the Prime Minister can also hold the position of a Judge. also thought corpofal punishment was no longer used." Silly me! I am also very grateful to The Simpsons for taking the box off my head and opening my eyes. Caroline Hall Moolap Boots and all I LOVE The Simpsons but The episode on 11 October was the most disgraceful episode I have ever seen. All they did was-make Australia look like a bunch of loonies with Cockney voices. It's not funny that our crops are being eaten by cane toads and Australians have better ways of punishing people than kicking them with big boots. Stephen Thomas (10) Rosanna East Stay home, Yanks ON Wednesday night (1110) I sat down to watch the new episode of The Simpsons, "Bart vs only to be shocked by what I was watching. Who are the Americans trying to kid here? I agree Australia has its faults, as does any other country. But laughing in our face about it, then mocking our heritage was definitely NOT called for. It embarrassed and degraded our country as well as making us look like total idiots. I mean, do we normally go around with squeaky voices kicking people in the backside? It was disappointing that Channel 10 could let such a program go to air. So next time the good old US of A wants to bring shame to a country, pathetic. They have cut episodes shorter, shown them out of order and all of this has culminated in repeats of the new series. If Channel 10 can't run a brilliant program such as this, maybe it's time another network gained the Simpsons' services. Homer's response to this blunder would probably be "Mmmmm, organised Steve DImer Brighton Aiton balance YOUR ARTICLE on Aiton, by Raymond Gill, was nicely balanced. So too is Doug Aiton, I think. This week I was reflecting on the long-running half hour at 5.30pm on Friday that was Doug Aiton and the late Ivan Hutchinson. That was unbelievable comedy and tremendous entertainment; it was "can't miss" radio. I work for myself and don't like to have the radio on when I work, but on many occasions I found reasons to be out in the car to hear that segment. Aiton does banter with his guests and that is a huge plus, making for terrific radio. His tremendous sense comes through always. He is undoubtedly a nice bloke and that also comes through. I allow myself to become infuriated listening to Doug sometimes particularly when he is talking "Geelong" Bart Simpson: fascinating revelations about Australia. why don't they make it their own, seeing they have much more to be embarrassed about than we ever have. If you saw the episode, you may have also come to the conclusion that the producers of The Slnpsons are intellectually missing something in their life, seeing they couldn't think of anything good to put in their normally funny show. They should come and talk to us. We might be able to kick some sense into them! A. Walker Balwyn Disorganised Simmos I HAVE written to vent my disgust at Channel 10, who in the past four weeks have repeated episodes of the new Simpsons series fortnightly on Wednesday nights. We are currently in the fifth series, and there are still two full series of 22 episodes each that we haven't seen. What makes things worse is Channel 10 is showing ail the new episodes out of order no wonder the standard of recent Simmos has been so weak. The handling to date of the new Simpsons by Channel 10 has been BHVyirBVLTaBBttsBBaVUsstaait 8Mb Awn, IMmb Pm FDD t.0SSbID mode tsMlkW Multimedia System 121 10 MUi Urn mi $2,550 TtllOCSuXOrS Cote reiMCSOM-n Cote SMO. $4,150 T2WDSIX47S0MSaH0 $5,090 TOOSFWam IS $6,050 COME IN FOR A MODEM DEMO AND WEU THROW THE BOOK AT YOU -FREE! VJtlt Autrmll'u tmrgmmt modom thowroom for thty boat arte on big Mrni modomt to mult mil myttnm Including Window '95 mnd mm' glvm you eomprmhmntlvm guldm to thm Intmrnmt mbmotutmly from. Call thm Spoclallata Todmyt 486DX4-100 '2Mb Diamond Sam 64 PC! Win. accelerator card (Win95lAcad dmeri 1 5" MicroScan 4 WfJPRII Uomu BTCKayboardSMicrosoHmouse $2190 $2590 1Mb. HUH battery. Suit- In charger DOS I Windows, inamatkmal warranty Pentium 90 PcntiAim 100 $2690 Craatm Quad SpeedCBISCOtidas Sound Blaster IS 6 amp. starao speakers Printer Sale HP Portable DJ-400 HP DJ-600 DeskJet HPOJ-660C DeskJet IIP IjserJcl 51. IIP IjKerJct SP HP DJ-850C Kpson Stylus Color IIS Kpson Stylus Color II Kpson Stylus Pro Canon Portable Canon BJC-70 Portable Canon UJ-200cx Canon BJC-4000 NEC 6IOi I.ascr Panasonic I Flatbed Scan 2400 dpi enb340mbm9.FMmiA IsujndcanispsakerbtMTtin ft wi t. if? i it S355 $510 S690 SX40 $1450 $850 $565 $685 $1270 $.155 $480 $410 $610 $640 $750 $820 Systems C'onfigration: am 'toil 'iiwKKmi Intel I riton lor Pentium '8MB 72pin RAM Offics 95 Prerasaionat Quad Spin CD-ROM 16Hit Sound Card Stereo Speakers I01 Keyboard Mouse Pad Minitower Case 2 Ys Warranty Ub.I'arte stem $530 850MB IDE 111)1) 1.44MH 11)1) IS" Digital NI Monitor 1MH VI.HPCI SVGA $310 Bmbram. ISOmb IDE HDD, IMmb FDD HNOODMkfat HPLetenetSl 600cW ADI If Nl monitor, ImbKI display card Crd Netcomm Roadster 28.8 V.34 E7FV.32bis 14.4k Enternet kit E7F ln.ModemV.34 Pocket Rocket E7F Mmmttro V.34 $475 Canon BJ-30 BuboUjw $370 Canon BJ-200(X BubMiiet $300 i Canon BJCMOOO Color BubMit130 Banktla MyFastV.34 $475 PCMCIA V.34 $575 PCMCIA V.32bis Avtek CD740V.34 Haye AccuraV.34 BJC Keyboard, mouse. Pane 562 CD-ROM SB 16-bit sound card, 10 CDs speakers JTfpp Microsoft Home CD Bundle (You can eci SCD's include MICRO-TECH PRO PC WORKSHOP 6, 343 Vtctoria St, North Melb. 2656 Glenrerried Rd, UaNem Plus Optical Screen Filter, Diskettes Box Optional with System: MKn0523 ftxXMW Colour Notebook Intel 4f6l)X4 100 CPU, 8MB Kam, 340MB HDD, 10.5" DualScan Colour Screen, Built-in 16 Bit Sound Card, PCMCIA Slots, Ni-MIl Battery Only $3150 Windows 95 SI 70 kSwann Modems 'SSSt 'SSoo lGMRamUpcrude $380 Australia Laaaia madam Sopphar Ana Marat irMlli Hiwswmi ii iHifi iildilihnisZfHiii jiK 8Mb Ram, 540 Mb HDWt 15" DIGITAL MONITOR 1Mb Pa Graphics Accelerator l.44mb Floppy, 101 Keyboard $2399 2 Serial, I Parallel Ports 16 bit SOUND CARD fflllinilW DpSfc Speakers With this system Microscience Win Book Colour Notebook Computer WinPC Pro Pentium Desktop Genuine Intel Pentiom CPU BudgetSittnns 8MB RAM, 540MB HOD 1.44 FDD, 101 BOARD MINI TOWER CASE 1MB GRAPHICS CARD 14' SVGA MONITOR Pentium 100 $1999 Pentium 90 1 1899 UPGRADES CD-ROM KITS PRINTERS CALL FOR DETAILS bttet 48DX4-1 OO 8Mb RAM (Up to 32Mb) 420 HDD (520S20l.2Gb) Intel Triton Chiput High Quaky Greet Motherboard Removable 1.44Mb floppy dak drtw 4 PCI Bus slots 4 ISA slots OJ Latest Pentium BIOS with plug Play features I nj' i Dk. ocao AficrvSystem. 8Mb 72 pins high speed RAM (Exp to 128MB) 10.5" Advmad Dial Sat colour Krecn 1Kb VL But VRAM Gnohic Acctierrtor Erjonomk Palm Rest NfclbeurngVie. 3205, 212 Covanrry St. South lv Bulk-In 16-btt Sound Card fcHn Stereo Speakers i ii I Flexirent for Just $45 pw Hljh Speed Serial Port (16650 UART) PCMCIA I type III connector or 2 type It NIMH Heavy Duty battery FREE 14.4 Internal FaxModem Panasonic 1.44MB High Precision floppy drrve pentlum' a 1.06GB Quantum Mode 4 Enhanced IDE Hard Drive Enhanced PQ Bin IDE Hard Disk Controller 2MB Diamond Stealth 64 PCI Bus Display Card I600I280 Resolution (supports 16.7 million colours) ADI IS' XGA Digital Non-interlaced Lo-Rad Flat Energy Star compliant Monitor 2 xHi speed serial Ports (l6550UarQ I Enhanced Paralel port Honeyvve Keytronic 101 enhanced keyboard (madeinUSA) Microscience Win-Pro Mini Tower use ful 24 hours continuous Burn-in test 5 yean warranty on labour A upport plus 2 yean on Parte PENTIUM 1 00MHz PROCESSOR PENTIUM 1 20MHz PROCESSOR 3.49i PENTIUM 1 33MHz PROCESSOR $3.795 LKkmjKWtSahiJai one tree Internet boltware) Two Free DfAixe Carry Cam Visible LED on Cover Down Great Special Deals Portable Win CD-ROM drive for Notebooks (no external power or battery needed) $395 Internal Video Capture Card $450 wgT a jjt voucner mrdt the pmcmmu of any computer oompment. i yon buy Mobile Phono from Mlcrodenc it'Lfn jk DIGITAL MOBILE PHONES Akalrl IIBIt Jet S2MerSI5pw Motorola Plart -SeH S5I ersl5p NoU.HU XHX S4M erSISpw wSJ? 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