The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on September 10, 1998 · Page 77
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 77

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1998
Page 77
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Another Vintage. An interactive dragon in ancient China Mulan Disney By Richard Moore IF YOU haven't heard of Mulan by now, it's time to take a breather from the nappy-and -bottle-washing lark and see what the kiddies are going to be into next Mukm is Disney's latest animated movie and that means film, video, games, figures and almost everything else you can think.of. Mulan is the Chinese legend of a young woman not having an easy time in life. Everything Fa Mulan does seems to upset everyone and dishonor her proud family. When her ageing father is called for military service against the invading Huns she embarrasses him greatly. Thinking there's nothing else to do. Computer Games she steals her father's armor and joins the Chinese army - a crime that could mean her death.The family's ghostly guardians dispatch a protective dragon to look after her but the only one available is Mushu, a scrawny little . reptile who just happens to be the fastest mouth on legs. You'll know how Mulan's adventures end soon enough (everyone will), but let's have a squizz at the computer offering and check out Mulan Animated Storybook. As with all of Disney's PC forays, the game is hosted by the most colorful of the movie's characters - in this case Mushu, which no doubt means "litde entity with very talkative lips". Mushu is a terrific personality who mixes comic moments with... more comic moments. He guides you around the world of Mulan and is the catalyst for Uttle Miss Mulan: the latest animated Disney adventure, your journey by losing magic from five scrolls. Your task is to rediscover the magic to complete the tale. Pretty though it is, Mulan lacks the instant appeal of earlier titles, such as Winnie The Pooh and The Lion King but perhaps that is because it is so new and die characters have not had time to invade our psyche. It has all the prerequisites for a successful tide - puzzles, games and songs - and a much more interactive approach. Things to do in Mulan include playing mahjong, choosing and printing out historical costumes for a cardboard Mulan and Mushu (available with the game), solving a picture puzzle to release armor and a memory test to wake the family's guardians. There are also a sing-along for three songs from the movie and a create-your-own-story section that combines a paint program, music and your ' imagination to create a story from scratch.This is possibly the outstanding part of Mukm and is only available when you have rescued the emperor. You choose the images, can turn them into black and white before painting them with your own color schemes, write the words and pick the appropriate music.This will definitely keep the children occupied. It is fair to say that in a departure from most of Disney's appeal-to-everyone efforts, Mukm will more likely interest girls more than boys. But they will have fun. Sound and Graphics Playability Another VICTORY LlNDKMANS BIN 65 ClIARDONNAY j As the only wine ever to be voted a 'Best Buy' nine ' times by US Wine Spectator magazine, Bin 65 is a remarkably consistent winner. But its consistent popularity is an even finer reward for its quality. u m ' Jr " I V , It r , v i W ' hi 4- J , " 1'' ClUMaMUf ft 7 SVI ) M 5rA ik i a , Ufa I - v.vl ' vt&;sjfr$ v? f h 1 Ha ( r&'v Q8P Official Supplier to the 2000 Olympic Games Sleep in a Vineyard.. Dine in a celebrated Restaurant ..where the hospitality is Legendary! QQ MMaT WARRENMANG VINEYARD RESORT If you want to discover more about us warretunang or phone for an Information kit 5467 2233 email andreasbazzanl.coni -u -X-CUT OUT & BRING IN THIS AD FOR A FREE GIFTI APPLIANCE STARTER PACK t no frus pc for me HOME SWDENT WITH ROOM TO GROW - CYRIX 233MHZ PROCESSOR -1 6M6 FAST EDO MEMORY 3.2 GtGAGYTE ULTRA ATA HARD DtSK 4MB SIS VIDEO ADAPTER -14-LOW RADIATION SVGA MONtTOf) - 32 SPEED CD-ROM DRIVE - INTEGRATED SOUND-PRO SOUNDCARD - 60 WATT STEREO SPEAKERS - 1.44MB FLOPPY DISK DRIVE -104 WINDOWS 9598 KEYBOARD 3-6UTTON MOUSE -MNI TOWER CASE -TWO YEAR WARRANTY APPLIANCE STARTER PACK 2 RUN YOUR IMPORTANT BUSINCSS APPUCAHONS TOOK INTEL 266MHZ CELERON PROCESSOR - 32MB FAST SDRAM MEMORY - 3.2 GK3AGYTE ULTRA ATA HARD DISK - S3 VIRGE VIDEO ADAPTER - 1 4" LOW RADIATION SVGA MONITOR - 32 SPEED CD-ROM DRTVE - 16-BIT SOUNDCARD - 60 WATT STEREO SPEAKERS -1 -44MB FLOPPY DISK DRIVE -104 WINDOWS 9598 KEYBOARD -3-BUTTON MOUSE -MINI TOWER CASE - TWO YEAR WARRANTY I OR 15- PER WEEK APPLIANCE FAMILY PACK cvntx 266MTZ HKXESS0A - 32MB FAST SCRAM hMORV J.2 GIGABYTE UURA AIAHWD DBK AMBSSVMOATWIBI - IS'MnSjMHlXWRADWTCNXGAMOMTOn - 32 SPEED MTSUMSH C&ROM DRM! -TEGRAIED SOUND PRO SOONOCAflO 240 WAIT STEREO SPEAKERS 1.44MB FIOPPY DtSK DRNE 1 04 WWDOWS WW KEYBOARD MUTTON MOUSE -MMT0VKBCASE - 64K FAXA3AWVOCE M00EM WTH HEADSET - GO HOURS NTERNET ACCESS OFFER MSWMDOW5 98CO LOTUS SMARTSUTE 97 OFFICE SUITE - MJCROSOFT REFERENCE SUIE - ENCARIA 90, WORKS 4.5, MONEY 96. GOLF 3. HAUMARK CARD STUCK. AGE OF EMPfTES AND A SAMPUR CD - MULTIMEDIA BUNCU WRH OVER 30 FUU GAMES) - TWO YEAR WARRANTY I OR $20' PER WEEK 1 IBM APTIVA SERIES eXCWNG IBM MUulMeDIA AT A PRICe YOU CAN AFFORD -IBM APTIVA E-SERtES - AMD K6-2 266MHZ PROCESSOR WITH 3D NOWI TECHNOLOGY - 32MB FAST SDRAM MEMORY - 4 GIGABYTE HARD DISK DRIVE - ATI RAGE 11 3D PCI VIDEO ACCELERATOR - 15' IBM MONITOR - UP TO 24X (MAX CD-ROM K66 FLEX PROTOCOL DATAFAX MODEM -104 WINDOWS 98 KEYBOARD AND MOUSE MCROSOFT WINDOWS 98 LOTUS SMARTSUITE 97 - ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON-SITE I OR $24 PER Ultrf I APPLIANCE COMPUTING GROUP PTY LTD . x sa S (4BI KWi FLEXIRENT CONDITIONS APPLY. ENQUIRE WITH OUR FRIENDLY STAFF PHONE: 03-9654-5000 48-50 A'BECKETT ST, MELBOURNE, VIC 3000 FAX: 03-9654-5757 CUT OUT & BRING IN THIS AD FOR A FREE GIFTI tnu vrr is, if 1 1 I B)k .paantfMiVttaw aniam fry I nataV WlN Mai NNUMI 0m.- JT I F rtH alllaHJ AtVAB M, U ' w LlA I V l tmm iwtKnwij m B NAIUINBiMII H wfca(FBt WMOLI WNOU JUST fc li599. 95! MS ACCESS S7 UO MS AO! OF KM PI RatS MS SACK OFFICE SBS S CALS MS MOiomcitM CALS UO MS HMormiM4iGMoWCK MS CART RACING MS CREATIVE WRITER 1 MB ELITE KEYBOARD MS EXCEL S7 WO MS ENCARTA ENCY. SB MS ENCARTA ENCY. DLX SS MS ENCARTA REFERENCE SUITE MS ENCARTA WORLD ATLAS SS MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR SS MS FRONTPAGE SB UO MS FRONTPAGE SB MS GREETINGS WORKSHOP MS GOLF SS MS HOME ESSENTIALS SB MB INTELLIMOUSK MS mNRMNALTUTM PRESCHOOL MS H1Y MIMONAL TUTOR PRIMARY MB OUTLOOK SB MS PICTURE IT S MS POWERPOINT S7 MS PROJECT SB FULL MB PROJECT SB UO MS PUBLISHER SS UO MS PUBLISHER SB FULL MS mmwimmn rcmcl FEEDBACK MB WINDOWS BB UG CD MB WINDOWS NT 4 WKSTN MS WINDOWS NT 4 WKBTN UG MS WINDOWS NT 4 BVR S CALS MB WORD ST UO S I4S.9 S TS.S aasBB.s SIBSS.S 42B.S B 7S.S S 4S.S S IOS.S iss.a 7B.S 17S.B S SB.fl S BS.S SS.S I4B.S SS.S S I4S.S 74B.8 STS.S S ISS.I S ISB.I S BBB.S B 14S.I S 42B.I B S4B.I ADAPTEC EAST CO CREATOR S.S S CLEAN SWEEP 4 S CLEANSWEEP XTRA STRENGTH DELPHI PRO 4JBUILDER PRO 4 S DISKCLONE t DRIVE COPY 9 DRIVE IMAGE S ' HURRICANE SB S LAPLINK TECH I MCAFEE SAFE B SOUND S MCAFEE SECURITY SUITS S MODEM WIZARD S NORTON ANTI-VIRUS GOLD S NORTON CRASH GUARD S NORTON MOBILE ESSENTIALS S NORTON UNINSTALLER S NORTON UTILITIES NUTS BOLTS B PARTITION MAGIC SPEED SURFER B TUNE UP VET ANTI-VIRUS NET SURFER SS S WINDELETE DLX S MYOB ASSET MANAGER MYOB FIRST ACCOUNTS MVOB POWER PAY MYOB PREMIER S USER MYOB B MYOB 8 INC PAYROLL QUICKBOOKS S QUICKBOOKS S UO QUICKBOOKS B PRO QUICKBOOKS B PRO UO QUICKBOOKS B PRO PAY QUICKBOOKS S PRO PAY UG QUICKBOOKS S PAY PRO QUICK TAX S7BB MIATITMMaMf JTAL TITLES 4 S ..v 4 mica 3 .YtMmsecaiaN animation wWL.mjtf' 2 A H mum 1-;'tmU Tj "aar 4 Vj WfilNANO MBBOtilaV i TMS 1 AMrMATION TO ISO ABTa4. v W- I I NSW Ltvtll. SMITS e AjiV, k I AOVamd nm KMtMt - . t ' rws- I pobkaslk r-j0r N6isji hr mi :a:- scaurtio human and fw M VtSCO'-.''! iMAJMTMMtnsilM FtfURSFUL, FAST AMD SASV. BPIBM SRBfcaWWWS) IWIIMf 4 WHU " MCTAORVATiaHR. fs AkVSM. . ,239. 95 .3339.931 $ t UdrllJMjrJTS? .-cfl'l BANKBIA WAVE SPSBK CANDFUS TOTAL ID t RBV POIAOP CAN OPUS PURE BOIILX 13MB) CREATIVE napmio utiihi ai 4MB CREATIVE SOUND BLASTCR PQI w.usir. 4 CREATIVE SOUND SLASTRR UVS CREATIVE WEBCAM II OCXXA 4BOO FLATBED SCANNER .EISA BO HOURS IOMEGA JAZ I OB EXT IOMEGA JAZ BOB EXT IOMEOA ZIP PARALLELSCSI IOMEOA ZIP PLUS LB I SO DRIVE 3COM MEGAHERTZ PC CARD DYNALINK 33. SK EXTERNAL DYNALINK 33.BK INTERNAL HAYES ACCURA BBK EXT HIOH SPEED IABSO IO CARD MICRDPLCX IS HOURS NETCOMM CARD MODEM 33. BK NETCOMM ROADSTER II BBK SS4B.SB SI20.9S SISB.SB S4SS.SS SS7S.SS SI4B.SS B 24 .SB SS4S.SS SS4S.SS S2SB.SB S3SB.SB SZ4S.SS S34B.SS SISB.SB SI2S.SB S28B.S8 S S4.8B S 24.S8 AFL SS DARK OMEN DEATH TRAP DUNGEON DESCENT FREESPACE FORMULA t 87 F22 RAPTOR FIFA SS FINAL FANTASY VII FORSAKEN HOUSE OF THE DEAD LARRYS CABINO MECH COMMANDER MIGHT B MAGIC VI MIGHT A MAGIC VI B FECIAL ED NEED FOR SPEED II SB FROST SIM CITY 20O0 SPEC OPS STARCRAFT STEEL PANTHERS ARSENAL SWAT 2 A FREE SWAT CAP THEME HOSPITAL TOTAL Mi.HLTinii atnti TACTICS TOTAL a QUAKE S MISSION PACK 1 ULTIMA ONLINE UNREAL UPRISING WARGAMES S 4S.S8 SS.S8 7S.S8 78.S8 B 4B.B8 B8.S8 7S.S8 S 7S.S8 a BS.SS a BS.SS S 7B.S8 S 78.88 8 88.88 8 S8.S8 a lll'BIIUHlULaj StiAFHK J BtlAtTTflft PCI 4MB I r , HOT CREATTVC - Js yUCTS AVAJUUIL ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 7 ADOBE PREMIER B ADOBE AcKoauT a Matwu 8 BORLAND C S OEV SUITE BORLAND OCLPHI CUENTSVR BORLAND DELPHI 4 STO 8 BORLAND DELPHI 4 PRO I BORLAND JSUILDBR 2 STO 9 CLARIS WORKS B COREL DRAW B COREL WORDPERFECT SUITE 8 8 LOTU8 STUDY PACK 8 MACROMEDIA FREEHAND 8 UO 8 1 MACROMEDIA FIREWORKS 1.0 8 1 MGX GRAPH IC8 SUITE 8 1 NORTON ANTI-VIRUS GOLD S NORTON PC ANYWHERE 88 S 8 1 SYMANTEC ACT 4 8 BS.SS Si VMJ WLWHWhM Eli Kill lM' "Ml-r KErtVai renvoi mwo i j "fc :tf&tK.mmx IloTSS. 49;.'9S! a ii a ,. ii fl M ii i II t I lUCObOlbdra MAILORDER j 52 imusiusn n n nn??7?trpr TB.SB I SS.SS I MiiaVRlfrBViVliri-iWiNVrilTig AUSTRALIA PTY LTD 398 Elizabeth Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Ph: 03-9663-91 1 1 Fx: 03-9663-91 1 9 WE ACCEPT MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS Free delivery for all Items over $200. For orders under $200 freight charges of SS for Melbourne Metro or $10 anywhere in Australia apply. Same day orders must be placed before 1 1 :00AM. Most government and corporate purchase orders accepted. Dealer enquiries welcome. No rainchecks and prices are subject to change without notice. E & O.E. -Xr CUT OUT & BRING IN THIS AD FOR A FREE GIFTI

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