The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1946 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1946
Page 12
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S13L GEORGE'S FOR FINE FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP Open Seven Day? a Week Algona, Iowa MCTRW A«— «"7* WIRING OF ALL KINDS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING fiijGonA ^iSc PMOHE 2O-2O6WEST STATE ST. A Word of Appreciation TO THE VOTERS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY! I wish to express my sincerest thanks to the v voters of Kossuth county for the support I received in the primary campaign, which resulted in my nomination on the Democratic ticket for the position of County Treasurer. The support makes me more than ever aware of the responsibilities of the office which -• I seek, and the debt I owe those who worked in my behalf. To my opponent in the primary campaign I also wish to express appreciation for a contest that was carried out in keeping with the best principles of good sportsmanship and clean campaigning. ose Voigt ..^KM^t)*'* Rent Our Sanding Machine This machine will give you more mileage from your sandpaper; it is very fast, and will resurface hundreds of square feet in a day; it is dustless and well balanced, and therefore easy to operate. You will not feel all worn out at the end of the day. Ask about low daily rental charge. The Friendly Store OFLtlVIRNEilit: WED ON JUNE 29 Lu Vcrnfe: Miss MaxiHe: Patterson was the hoft&rge at a imid" cellaneous shower held•' -tuesday aiternoon iA .the city Hall. Host=-. esses for the afternoon W^re-Mrsi; Cleo Erwin, Mrs.Walter MclPeak, •both of Renwick, and Mrs;.:Mu6' Patterson and daughter , Betty. The hall Was decorated, itt ,tne color scheme of pink ahd .white: The afternoon -was spent at contests and visiting, after which the honored guest opened ^her many lovely gifts. A delicious lunch was served by the hostesses at the close of the afternooin. Maxine, daughter of Mr.' 'arid Mrs. Milo Patterson, will be married Saturday evening, June 29, in the Presbyterian church to. Milford McPeak, son of'Mr: and Mrs. Walter McPeak of Renwick.; Home From California— Mr. and Mrs. James Trauger arrived home Thursday evenlnp from Califorina, where James received his discharge from the navy. They are visiting at the home of his parets Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trapgcr and also at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Frak Sanford. Methodist Circles . '. ,. The three Circles of thb Meth'i odist W. S. C. will hold their r^g- ular monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon, June 19. Circle 1 'will- meet at the home o£ Mi's: Harold Phillips with Mrs. Johri.Voss Jr. as the assistant hostess. -Roll call will be "A Needed' Improvement in the Community.' . Dc.vo- tios will be held by Mrs. Wilson Lcglcr and the lesson. will be given by Mrs. John Ramus. Circle two will beet at the home of Mrs. Phil Henderson' with Mrs. Lloyd Larson as the assistant hostess. The devotional period 'vill be led bv Mrs. Earl Derrner- ing and the lesson will be given by Mrs. Jess Lindebak. Cirqlc three will meet at the country home of Mrs. E. B. Thomas with Mrs. Andrew Niclson as -the -as* -istant hostess. Mrs. Tod Johnr son will lead the devotions and VIrs. John Tiss will give" the Ics- ,\t County Meeting : . ' .' Rev, A. R. Smith, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs; Frank- Chapman, Art Riley, Mrs. Harry Van- Draska, Mrs. Guy Trauger .and Marilyn Nielson, represented the Presbyterian church at a county church meeting in Hurt recently. Rev. Robert Phillips, pastor or the Methodist church, and Rev. Paul Bcckman, pastor of the Evangelical church, also attended (he meeting. -.:-•-.. Mrs. Max Meyer spent Friday ''i A'<ropi "isiting her sister Mrs. Paulina Hirilz. ' ;• Mrs. William Wolf is a medical nation! at the Lutheran ^hospital ; n Fort Dodge. Fred Baumgartncr returned Thursday from Dwight, UL, where he had been a patient iri the Veterans hospital for several weeks. • : Miss Marian Thomas of Titon- . of sister ;$hBi.o« t «at « JH$&* df other, 'FI6f6ft<e '' , .. JVtrs. Heh . Keficth, Maifty Saturday) .q exerciTdi-at M>.'' Call • ! ' at . * and ftd thet'e. Me- thc--;h»We ' v '. , a :fftw;,days:'VisitiHg at of par- r, ' ; :and Mi*.- r H^ity oepner • Tulsa r ' Okla« L ahd ; William ep-ficl' • Jr. ' of OjflaHa;* Neb* are yisiling'atAhehorfil^otthelr.par- ' - . rTind. Mrs.uWillia'm; Hoep- '' • ^' - cntsTMr : Mrs. •Marie v ton ,'. a ;register\$d ^ftiirsisr.frorn ' DCS . Mqines, •xycr'6 visitof s .Thursday ' everiihg'aX'the hoh Mr. and 'ivire. npv,.x>uejrv : i- -lii .-< , Mr.:-ajid Mrs.. Joliii. fifink ..of t)es Mqine's spent -several days here visiting. rela'tive* and 'friends.^ They report their ;son Richard just received his honor- iblo- discharge front .the navy. The Cemetery Association will meet Thursday after/noon, June 1'3, in .the "city hall >with jVIrs. C. O. McClelian, MtSj^hdrew; Nielson, Mrs. lsew Pejtfsbiv and Mrs. Jcrthie Phillips .a^Jthe hostesses. :' Mrs. .'F. •W.:'ThoH)pS : C > '>'.'>f Eagle Grbve. v"aT(vd hep;,!,^aug'hter Mrs. 1 jri,Billy 'of !f., • - t .vj.stted weauesua.y • ai uwvtTOJne'S^qf Mrs. Hi^jP-eitike aj~' " ' podgV;;Mrs,;y/«'.. and Kef daughtej R'oibert''".'^cntic' Falls, "&';$. *ytert;< at'the hphie of ; \* John; Rarrtus. '.•'•'•, .., •The* Pr'esbyteriari GARNER, SATURDAY Wesley: J'bhn. Hatter,. son of Mi 4 . ,ahd Mfs, R. G. ,|(Mer, was . Warded to Mildrtd .Clfibdul'V daughter of ,Mn .and ; Mrs. .Andrew. ChqdUr Of F6f6st City Saturday morning at 8 o'clock ih : the St. Bohiface, <3athtJlic Church ftt Garner by Father. Maternaeki ;. • The young couple were ati tended by Ralph and Clara Lou Bauer, brother' ahd sister of the The bride wore a gray suit with white accessories ahd ,a corsage of white and, pink earriai tions. Her bridesmaid'Wore ah aqua suit with white accessories and she carried a cbrsage bf white and red carnations. '; The groom wore a blue suit and 'his- attendant wore a gray suit. .. .;.. A wedding breakfast was served to the brl.dal couple and reception for immediate relatives in Forest City. . ... The v - bride attended high school in Forest City and had been employed in Mason ; City. The groom attended Wesley high school and has; a discharge from the, army. They'Will'.live irt the late Agatha , Haverly house which he purchased, an'd he will be .etriployed. irt his fathv er's .imtiilertient shop. ' '' , .FltyiMJE, N^'Klein, Mr. and Mrs', ft'. <2." Bauer and family, -' 'Uhlehhake .and Mr. W,. Will Hrubes attended ^g reception. Also the j'hhakes of Whittemore.. [«?r and i couple was hel'd lening in the Garner . ternoon,'; Jiine 12, at the home of Mrs; Fred .'.Hagist' ; 'fOfi B ,a garden party.- -Mrs. MUo Patterson, and Mrs. Peter Ruberg' .will be , the assistant", hostesses.y? .''I •• . Mr. ; and 'Mrs. H.'O. Chambers., .V««. 'Clara -Rector,- Mrs. Leonard Mullins'and Mrs. .Earl Chambers. ill 'nf "Coi-with, and Mrs. 'Winnie Sutler ,qf Sacrarrientp, Calif.; yis- ^ted/ Monday, aftprnoo'n atjthc ! home 'of Mrs. .Peter Thompson. •Sunday, visitors .at the home of Mr. . and . Mrs. • Wayne SanfOrd, were Mr. ,ati:l Mrg, : ,uOttp Sattcr ' " ''' ,and' Mr." and, . and son, "all of .•M^sScL[rcIUy l .also Mrs'. Irviri McG'owan""a"nd' son of F^iswbrth'anej thV.Fr'ahk Sanfjjrd. family of •LuVerrie'. .,',:•• 'V : '-;'";• Mrs. 'L0uls Warn^r p and daughter ' Eunice, Mrs. Lieo I^o$enburg, all pf F,airrnont, ,Minh.','-,Mi-. and Mrs'. Elmer Emery;; and j Mr. and. Mrs. Edwar^ .' Becbe ' ajig family,' all 'of F,ort- Dodg^C'werC.Vi'sitors recently- 'at; 'the hom«" w Mrs., Helena -Stripling.^;' V^ r ,; ,','i ' .- 'M;r..juid' i 'Mrs;';':Fra^V ehnpmjtn spent Suhaay.' in ' DCS yjs- iting ,-Mrs; .'Gh&'prnaTi arid Her son -Bobert vvhp. 'is "j attending college: Jh.'-AmdS; ;MrS. 'Chapmpn ^ho' has jbecn TiDUsc'' J rriother at Drake "coilfegc, in -De's ^tojiiej, i v c- .tu.rned"ho'me with ; tb'b (Jhapmans. The general . rheetirig' of the •Methodist'-W. ^S;;.C., S.. ,was hqld AV H; Bpfchardt) ;Wednesday • afternoori ; > in the nrurgfsts.' . . . .... . Second Banns Message Banhs of marriage were pub : lished for the second time, in St. Joseph's Catholic church for Edward Thissen, son of Dr. R. 'J. Thissen of Algona and .Lillian Johnson, oldest daughter of Mrs. |?-ta;S9?f^';ipl^®Mi^Si|i««^ :™;|Spi^^ JlSldn?,'rfwtt*Wi^?ftiy' ! - '^ill'vl.Se' 'if^fM^?®|fes*jpKv'jKii.S Mftt^lidKlWSiTOiSMMV'f tftift6 ; 18; !l6 : h%Hf^ernt^n^Jfl|lKF'|®^*W shoe ' «.».$!*:•• : 8.;- ekeept ''' . «§; w.e;fe ' ftg 'fit tHe hSftp «f All bffitefs : Mln- ;Vice {Jf.eiid6nt Fldm, ;.' Secretary j Qlarfi tr'easurftt'j.v Helen dohhsbttj '' ser- gant«at;«arJif4S! Jf & s 6 P^^ te MeUrer, Historian) '.executive board; Mary Neiufoth, Selma Alne and Clara Balief. Mrs; Lawfence/Smlth Was elected chaplain. , . Th6 next meeting will be Tuesday evening,. July 9, instead of July 4, with Mrs. Joe Krieps a's hdstess. . ; 'Mrs. Meurer served lunch. At Wedding Re«6ption , Mrs. Frank Loebig and Earl, Mrs. Ed Voss and LeWayne Jansen, all of Llsmore, and Mrs. Rufus Welter and daughter Mrs. Robert Do Grotte of Corwith attended the wedding and the reception for Irene Loebig and Jack Liecktclg Tuesday of last Week. The .newlyweds have begun housekeeping in the house vacated by the Evroul Loebigs and sold ' to Gordon Lb'ebig ' several months 'ago/;: v .'• •;'•.':-. Pete Olisdn Hohie" ,Pete.' .Olsoh;' arrived home Wednesday with .his discharge from •'.-.": the arrny following 21 months; sei-vice,. 17 .months overseas in the Eiiropean- War zone. He is the oldest son ''of 'Mn..' and Mrs. E..M. QWon.': '.-'..' Two Tonsil -Operations < Garth, oldest': son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis "' HaUptman, had a tonsil .operation at the Mercy hospital in Mason City Monday ql- last week.'. •:;'•• . , , and ; , f ^RafiiJifef.Wis.i. Mm, last week;foi: a few'^eeks Vlisit-.-at h^r parental -Ign.v Elsenbachef horfte. Mfg. H'anattohd is the former Rosina Elsertbacher, . . . Mrs. Norfoert Hilbert will be hostess to her 600 ;club Thursday afternoon. ' ,. i . 'vj,-.-..- ''••4^' '1-; The U. S. W. will tndet .Thuts- day evening, June 13./ ^,.' Mn and Mrs'.,.Georgc Johnson,' Joyce and Aflene':;iO£> Defivbr, Colo., arrived here Mdrtday.fof a visit, with his mother, MttJ.. Matilda Johnson and other .relatives; "i • • - '•• ' ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs.'Ed'Hiidman and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred , Efdman spent Monday and ;'• l^esday, m Waterloo, where the men attended a manager*' ftieeUrtg.; ..'Hiid- man is manager of, the Farmers Co-Operative Elevator Co. and Elrdman is in Charge of .the lumber yards. :: .,,.•...«,K.' ; V ; . '-'.•..-;';. . . {Vera Pfltt6n,|Mberta Os Mortni J,gaftlKdllasth, RUlh Autos* trucks, Tfaotbf.<) Farm Machinery, Fiir- uitttre, Personal Loans, UNITED LOAN . Il2 North tioore •V; Tltc Golden Rule Oiir, Prihciple ' ''."•': /Phonft SZifW, Algbna , Ellen', oldest daughter of Mr. W^UVVVV^ church parlors. Hostesses for the' meeting were Mrs. C. O. McClellan, Mrs. Albert Genrich, Mrs. John Tiss, Mrs. Allen Tjiompspn and Mrs. Peter Thompson. The devotional period was led by Mrs. H. E. Pcitzkc and the lesr son was given by Mrs. Harold Phillips *xi.. ..,«> - •. . . ...... ... DENTAL PLATES :This Easy -Way \ v .At .'last..- • (cfentfAc 'w«» 1o rlnn 4tnUI »l«l« and brirff» ft E ALLY clMlf. Jtisl.iBtl »*«r. »l«l» in • flt**ol »-»l*r. AM a litll* KLKENITE. , With nuiic-liki ni ilcnltr) .Mirl »KoWMl«t|iM»iib in. 4 «h« olltinil cltt* tas: t sty. ccononucal and ,aft t tot. KLEENITE .Iwl K!t£K'ITE the Bri/s/i/ess Way KI.EENITE today at hE' PHARMACY (successor to and all good Enjoy Your Swimming in Smartly Styled Swinv Trunks from the HUB for SAND Kossuth Junior American Legion BASEBALL SCHEDULE June 13—Swea City at Algona Bancroft at Lakota June 16—Algona at Bancroft June 18—Algona at Swea CUy June 2^Swca City at Bancroft June 21—Dakota at Algona f June 23—Bancroft at Algona ' June 24—Lakota at Swea CUy WINNER QF ROUND ROBIN T0 EN TER PISTRIC'I 1 TQURNEV jSun4»y Games Start at 2:30 p f 'M. All Others at 0 P, M- Tills Ad PoitaM in Interest «f. legion Jwwpr Baseball By THE KBHTT MOta^ CO,,^.60NA for AKE by JANTZEN Pure wool, rib knit swim- mint; trunks, snug fitting, ek (Jrj'liigr, «11 colors— 2.95 3.95 by GANTNER boxer type trunks Jiij . Colorful prints or "'jfHbiinlJnos 'In lj«st of siniu't 2.95 5.00 Way, June JU Gift 4 sm»rt jmir/of trunks to j>Je»se , " -"-'" I

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