The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1946
Page 6
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[PAGE SIX. DANCE! Bancroft Legion Ballroom Friday, May 31, Jack Cole Tuesday, June 4, Malek's Friday, June 7, Mai Dunn FOR YOURSELF Something that '/ecins minor now all too often dcvblups into a major ••cpair later. CHECK THE "NEEDLE" Watch the battery indicator. It should move to "charge" im« mediately after starting. If not, your generator needs attention. WE RECOMMEND ONLY NECESSARY SERVICE Algona Implement Co. Walt and Deb Hail Phone 52 State and Jones Tuesday and Wednesday May 28-29 LONE ROCK COUPLE WEDS AT FOND A Lohe Rock: On Tuesday, May 21, Jacqueline Person, eldes daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emi Person and Donald Nelson youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. 1 W. Nelson, all of Lone Rock,were united in marriage by the Rev. C. S. Whitehouse, former pastor ol the Lone Rock Presbyterian church, in the Presbyterian church at Fonda, Iowa. The bride was attired in a dress of navy and white with white accessories and carried a bouquet of white carnations. The ceremony was attended by a few relatives and friends, after which a delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Whitehouse. The bridal couple left on a brief honeymoon shortly after the wedding. The bride and groom are both graduates of the Lone Rock high school this year. They will be at home at the parental I. W. Nelson farm on their return. Shower for Mrs. Thompson A 'miscellaneous shower was held Tuesday, May 14, at the Lone Rock church parlors, in honor of Mrs. Warren Thompson, nee Jane Sanftner of Swea City, with about 80 guests in attendance. The entertainment was conducted by Mrs. Russe Thompson, assisted by Mrs. Rus sel Rentz and Betty Kueck. Th hostesses were Mrs. Lilli Thompson,. Mrs. Hattie Shascr, Mrs. Fred Wffgoher. Mrs. Dave Weflber, Mrs. Ralph Thompson, Mrs. Henry Kueck, Mrs. Joe Miller, Mrs. Russel Thompson, Mrs. AlbertjShaser, Mrs. Leo Sankey, Mrs; Russel Rentz and Miss Neva Thompson. The bride received many lovely and useful gifts. Mi's. Henciar Honored A miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. John Henciar, nee Velma Gregerson of Lone Rock, was held Thursday evening in the Lone Rock Presbyterian church parlors by the following lostesses: Mrs. Frank Householder of Fenton, Mrs. Howard Btraycr of Hartley, Mrs. Ralph tlurlburt, Mrs. Eldon Marlow, Mrs. S. B. Bates, Mrs. Rober Bates, Lillian Gregerson, Shirley Bates, Donna Jean Bates, Mrs. rlussel Bates, Mrs. Ornie Behrends. About 50 guests attended. Uatnes were played, with Mrs. Sric Scegebarth and Ardclle Fischer winning prizes. The bride •eceivcd many lovely gifts. -AiGOM UPPKR t)£S MOIN13S, Home On Furlough From Germany, Vfoite Brother At Sexton Warner Baxter in. "JUST BEFORE DAWN" A Crime Doctor Picture. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. May 30-31-June Co-Hit So"" 8 GaM Some Music! Fun , Some Ldded Last Chapter Serial, "Royal Mounted Bides" Also No. 1 Chapter New Serial, "Jungle Raiders" OFFICIAL NOTICE RESOLUTION FOR THE DE STRUCTION OF NOXIOUS WEEDS. TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa: Thai pursuant to the provis ions of Chapter 246.1 Code o Iowa, 1939, it is hereby ordered 1. That each owner and each jcrson in the possession or con- .rol of any lands in Kossuth County, shall cut, burn, or otherwise destroy all noxious weeds thereon, as defined in this chap- er, at such times in each year ind in such manner as shall prc- 'ent said weeds from blooming ir coming-to maturity, and shall Keep said lands free from such Towth of any other weeds as hall render the streets or high- vays adjoining said land unsafe or public travel. Noxious weeds Tall be cut or otherwise de- troyed on or before the follow- ng dates and as often thereafter s is necessary to prevent seed reduction: Group 1. June 15, 1946, for Leafy Spurge, Perennial Pepper- grass, Sour Dock, Smooth Dock, Sheep Sorrel. Group 2. June 30, 1946, for Canada Thistle, Russian Knapweed, Buckhorn, Wild Mustnrr". Group 3. July 15, 1916', lor Field Bindweed, Wild Carrot. Group 4. July, 30, 1946, for Horse Nettle, Perennial Sow Thistle, Quack Grass, Butter- J-'rim, Puncture Vine, Cocklcbur. 2. That each owner and each person in the possession or control of any lands in Kossuth county infested with any primary noxious weeds, including quack grass, perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horse nettle, leafy spurge, perennial peppergrass, Russian knapweed, shall adopt a program of weed destruction, described by the Weed Commissioner, which in five years may be expected to destroy and will immediately keep under control such infestations of said primary noxious weeds. 3. That all weeds other than primary noxious weeds on al county trunk and local county roads and between the fence lines thereof shall be mowed by the adjoining property owner, to prevent seed production, on 01 before July 15, 1946, and again on or before October 1, 1946. 4. That if the owners or persons in possession or control of any land in Kossuth county fail to comply with the foregoing orders, the Weed Commissioner shall cause this to be done and ,he expense of said work, includ- ng costs of serving notice and other costs, if any, to be assessed against the land and the owners hereof. 5. That the County Auditor be and is hereby directed to cause lotice of the making and enter- ng of the foregoing order by one jublication in each of the official newspapers of the county. Motion was made by Supervisor W. A. Schram and seconded by Supervisor M. L. Jdhnson that the foregoing Resolution be adopted. Motion carried. The vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors Fraser, McDonald, Schram, Quinn, and Johnson. Nays: Nsne. * Resolution declared adopted this 25th day of April, 1946. w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Attest: L. J. IMMERFALL, 36 County Auditor, Parly for Kearn Marlow A birthday party in honor of Kearn Rae Marlow was held Tuesday afternoon with the fol- owing guests present: Kermit <ruc'ger, Rodney Priebe, David ohnson, Gary and Bonny lawks, Jerry Jensen, Jerry and Judy Newbrough, Dicky and Caren O'Donnell, Mrs. Bill Marlow, Mrs. Melvin Hawks, Merril Fae Marlow, Joe Householder, Mrs. Dick O'Donnell, and Mrs. Catherine Collins and Ruth Fry, the latter two of Liver-more. Kearn is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Mcrvvin Marlow. Games were played, the gifts were opened and lunch was served. Idle Hour Club The Idle Hour club met with Mrs. Melvin Fatter and Mrs. P. L. Person assisting hostess. Eleven members and four visitors were present. The club has sent some more parcels of used clothing to their family in Norway. The club voted to have a picnic for the families at Okoboji on Sunday, June 23. The entertainment was conducted by Mrs. Dave Weber and Mrs. Walter Thompson. Prizes were won by Mrs. James Cody, Mrs. Ralph Thompson, Mrs. Walter Thompson and Mrs. Odey Cherland. The next meeting will be June VI at the home of Mrs. Edward ioppc, with Mrs. Ralph Thompon assisting hostess. Tear Missionary Mrs. James Nyman, Mrs. Gco. Nyman and Mrs. John Nyman attended an annual convention of he Northern District Women's Missionary Society at Swca City "riday evening. The main guest pcaker was Miss Margaret Petrson, a missionary from Africa. Wednesday dinner and all-day guests at the home of Mrs.,Alice Bierle were-her sister, Mrs. Jbttn Householder of Oelwein and niece, Mrs. Truman Overine of Postville. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Plemel spent Friday evening visiting at the P. M. Christenson homei Sextont dapt. aftd Mrs. Law refoce Moeller, Minneapolis, Visit cd last Week with his brother Clarence Moeller, north of town and they all attended a fahilly reunion at the home of .the! aunt, Mrs. Theodore Moeller a Festina, Iowa, on Sunday. Other brothers and ..sisters attendinj were Ronald, Teddy, Laura - ant Bertha Moeller oi Pestlha ant Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dlllbn of Mason City. Capt, Moeller is with the army in Berverce, Germany, and • has been stationed there for the pas' two years. After his furlough ho will return to Germany, where his wife will join him in a fe\V months. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett Steven, Anne and Rickio, visited recently at Maplcton, Minn., with the former's brother Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven and" family. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ophcim and family, Mrs. Sarah Wise arid Mrs. Drusic Noble, accompanied rty Mrs. Arch Burger of Swea ~ity visited recently at the Mack Wise and Fred Jones home in Mason City. Supt. and Mrs. Evert Hodgiri of Greenville spent the weekend at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven, north of town. , ' X; , Mr. and Mrs. Dennis JGoeders, Mrs. Arnold Danielson, Jake and Bernard Weaver attended the state Townsend convention and dance held at the Hotel-Warden, Fort Dodge, May 18. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond, Darrell and Rhonda • were Wednesday 'evening visitors a the honie of thcif Mrs.. Sarah-Wlsd Mr. and Mrs. Melvln of Nampa, Ida., and Mf, and M«. Kolster of LeMaw, Ia.> vistted Monday at the home of the fof mer's cousins Mr. and Mrs. Gea C. Olsen, northwest of town. Little "Blllte" and "Cookie' Norland of Fenton are staying' a the home of thdir grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings while their mother Mrs. Buc Norland is In the Kossuth hos pital with their new baby sister Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mergen anc little daughter Donna Jo were Sunday dinner guests at the Leo Mergen home at Algona. • Mrs. Sarah Wise received wore of the birth of a new great- granddaughter, born May 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Karels, Swea City. Mrs. Karels is the former Arlene Hammond. Mrs; Karels and baby are being cared for at a nursing home''.In Swea City. Wed In Algona Stanley Peters and Angela Blumhoefer of Franklin, Minn., were married May 22 by Justice J. B. Johnston, in a single ring ceremony. The-.couplc will farm near Franklin. IOWA New Car At Last Bode: B. R. Carlson, after five years of waiting for a new car, s now the proud possessor of one. Their former car was ivrecked in an accident. Good Neighbor Policy. In a'recent flr.e, Mrs. Mamie WcGothliri, of near' Menlo, 'lost her rooder and chicken house. Neigh- ors got together, gave a "chicken hower" of 40 hens and some cash o help 'replace the loss. FOR 8AL$!: Sheep, IS ewes, 10 UBlM HSftsM, 4 ftl. north. WHlttWofft - 16W21* FOR SALE: ,Sagle water proof ' '•MI i *^wa 4 *- wvpvci ui uwj .hOfn* InSluWftn,' "bldwii In." Expert inspection, estimating service. ' ^Cdwifl Bldg. Supply Co., phone 276, Algona, 20-3-od Wanted Set of golf clubs. Phorte 487-W. Algona, after 5 p. Jtt. 10W21 "'tile, laid by fcffierts, Work. Cowan BUiidlhl , Co., phone 275, Algona. ifl»S»Stf : Small used piano for an Apartment. Call 623*J between 8 find 7 p. m., Algona. ' v 14w21* Job on farm by 16- year«old high school boy. 704 N. Thorlngton St., Algona. 15w21* WANItBD: Single burner oven for oil stove. Mrs. E. J. Palmer. phone 169-W, Algona. 12w2l* WANTED: Work on a .farm by high school boy, one summer's experience. Phone 589, Wellen- dorj[ .Hatchery, west of fairgrounds. . 19w21 WiAMtHD: Farm to rent, good line of machinery, references. Inquire Advance. 11W21-23* *HE KdSStfTff County Halehery is open again for the 1048 s6a* Son. Wfe are now ready to takd order's for all high duality day old and. started chiaks. Place -your" 6r* defs now. Phone 80D or conie In. 209 E. State Street. Algona. 4tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All, the new releases. Needles, albums. Kcssuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 47tf T6WN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS. FH-A and Veterans "GI" Loans to purchase, remodel, refinahbe homes, Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa, 80U SEE ME,.FOR Rear Bargains in farm's, loans, aftd estimates M e. " hll KohihaflS, JhOrte J2 L £lgijt&, U . v —^» B « a —•-— B&seMent Q6od ttsed furniturs Dining! room-^Livlng room sultds Breakfast a&ts> Buffets, Radios flttd^ Washed, ,^ BJDSTR6M'S FURNiTUftE fHREE-bAY SE-RVfdE. .Logan Radio Service, phone 821, Algona. 13tf FLOOR SANDING and Reflnlsh- ing. Heavy cdttinierclal equips ment. Portable power' plant, Cowan BIdg. Supply Co., phone 276, Algona. . 17-3-Btf VETERANS: Service statidn and ibulk plant for lease iWlth deal- era franchise in Algona, Iowa. Investment fBquired; Contact L. L. Coryell & Son, Lincoln, Nebraska. 22W20-21 Lost LOST: Black female Scottie dog. 12 years old. Gray in face. Wt. >0 Ibs. Answers to name "Slug". Tinder- care for dog and phone Earl.Tripp, ll^Fl 12, Algona. $10 reWard. v 21* Found FOUND: Coin purse. Identify/and pay for ad. Upper Des Moines. - \ . 21 Classified Ads CLASSIFIED KATES cnts' commission allowed. If Minimum charge 35e for 12 advertisiiiff agents charee words or less. When paid with their clients 4e and send cash order, 3c per word; when with order thry receive lo charged, 4 C per word. No as- commission, Blind ads 25c. Miscellaneous FOR FINE FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP Open Seven Days a Week Algona, Iowa WATOH REPAIRING. Prompt - ahd efficient service. Sharp's Jewelry, Algona. 21 For Sale Entertain Lakota Lutheran Group Lakota: Alfred Christ, Ernest Christ, and Leonard Wcinkaul' were hosts at the Lutheran Brotherhood meeting at the Lutheran Brotherhood meeting at the town hall Thursday, May 16. Immanucl Brotherhood, Titonka rural, were guests at this meeting. The Rev. Paul Lutz, pastor of the Renwick church, a recently discharged ehaplain.was guest speaker. The Rev. Lutz, wife and four children, the Rev. and Mrs. William Planz and son of Titonka were supper guests of the Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Darnaucr the same evening. READ THE WANT ADS FOR SALE: 1937 Plymouth touring two door, $475. Guaranteed Within OPA ceiling. Hoenk Motors. 21 FOR SALE: 5-piece breakfast set, white., like new. Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch, Whittemore. 12w2l LOST: Brown leather billfold, valuable papers including draft card and discharge papers. Reward. Leslie Graham, Burt. FOR SALE:-Maytag washer, Olson riigi 2 GbngoieunT rugs, flbdr lamp, metal cabinet, SilVertone radio, 3 chairs, rocker. 2 flock feeders, 4 waterers, play pen, high chair, brooder stove, Fleetwood sweeper. Mrs. Robert Ward, 413 N. Dodge. 34w21' :i FOR SALE: 7-room house, East •Lucas, well located. O. E. Hott, Algona, phone 339-W. 13w21 fl FOR SALE: Early maturing corn for replanting. Sargent & Co., phone 360, Algona. ' 21-22 FOR SALE: Good roan milk cow'. Leo McEnroe, Algona. 9w21* FOR SALE: Brooder or laying house, almost new. insulated, wired for electricity, size 16x18. $240. Bernard Dankbar, Bancroft.. 18w21-22« REGISTERED American - bred saddle stallion for service on John McGuire farm. Fee $15.00. C. ;R. Hutohins. 15w21* HIGHEST PRICES paid for late •model used cars. Free information on OPA ceiling. Hoenk Motors; 21 ARE THERE FIFTEEN MOTHERS , interested in a Nursery School for youngsters 2 to 4 years? Will meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 a. m. Rates: $2.50 a week dn' advance. Begin June 3rd. Call Mrs. Earl Sprague, phone 942-W. 40w21* FOR SALE: Manchu soybeans', germination good. Chris Jensen, Algona, RFD 2. 10w21* FOR SALE: John Deere Model B cultivator. WU1 hold until June 1. Best offer. Kenneth Hill, Wesley., 17w21« FOR SALE:.iF-12-with cultivator, bverhattldd: new i-ubb'er ftn r&ir. D. H. Struthers «h. 2254, Wesley. 14W21* FOR SALE: Hospital bed with In"-' nerspring mattress. Martha Pompe, Whittemore. 10w2l'' FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire •fall boars. Lawrence Hansen, \V> W. Hi N. of Wesley, FOR SALE: Two. piece moveable cupboard. S. P. Weber, Whittemore, Iowa. 20-21* THE GREATEST SECOND HAND MARKET IN HISTORY Shortages created by priority rights, .strikes and the after-effects of the war, have developed a SECOND HAND MARKET greater than anything we've ever known. If you have anything you don't use—a bed, chair, threshing machine, stove, automobile, desk, tools, gun, baby buggy, feed, seed, etc., it has a cash value and can be sold through an UPPER DES MOINES WANT AD. Some items arc seasonal. Look around you. Convert unwanted items into cash. Thousands of people will see your ad in this paper, and (he cost is only a few cents. THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES FOR SALE: 6 lots 1 >/ 2 blocks east . of Diagonal street, Algona. good location, *priced to sell, Paul M. Seeley Algona Iowa. 20w21 f ' FOR SALE: Chest of drawers; cook stove, new grates and pipe; piano; kitchen oil stove. 302 N. Blackford St., Algona. 18w21 ; ' FOR SALE: Kindling. H. J; Cowan, Contractor & Builder, ph. 166, Algona. 10w21 FOR SALE: HM 229 cultivator with power lift. S, 'L. Loss, phone 14-F4. Ilw21' s FOR SALE: Sherman Fenny's fine brick home at 8 E. Oak, 7 rooms, bath downstairs, H bath upstairs, insulated, oil^heat,\ electee,Ayater •heater; beautifully decorated;- Owner moving to Duluth. $11,500. See Joel .M. Herbst, Real Estate & Ins. 37w21 YES! We are still buying used cars, trucks and pickups. All makes and models wanted NOW. For .a good square deal and top cash price, write, phone or see W. E. .Ley. Lakota, Iowa. 21-22 FOR DEPENDABLE BALING with Case Slicer baler call or contact G. E. Vitzthum. 4 miles east 3 south of Algona. Calls taken, morniriig or evening. -Phone! 27-FU Vr . 26w21-24« WANT. TO RENT: Furnished I apartment as soon as possible, j Permanent. Inquire Upper Des! Moines. ' , I4w21° Ben Franklin Store WILL TAKE in a few cattle. James E. McEnroe, iphone 33-F22. Algona, H w2 l* WANTED: Girl for general house •work. To BO home nlshts if possible. Live near Catholic church. Good wages. Write Box 69, Algona. 21w21tf CEMETERY WREATHS Well made, assorted designs. $2.49 98c THERMO JUG One gallon, all metal case. $2.49 CURTAIN RODS White, adjustable. lOc WHEELBARROW All mcial toy, rubber tread oil wheel. $2.49 DOLL BUGGY Reed, all metal frame and wheels. $7.95 CEMETERY VASE All metal, assorted colors. 35c ELECTRIC TOASTER Chromum finished. $4.40 CHOCOLATES 1 lb. assorted box 69c ANKLETS .jBlg selection, all colors and.. sizes. WASH TUB Galvanized, well made, reinforced tub. $1.39 FOR SALE: Residence lots—one excellent lot on paving, $1050; one, $750; one, $400. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate & Ins. 20w21 FOR SALE: New McCormick- Deering No, 9 horse mower, gears behind axle. Rbert. Addey, 4 mi., south, 1 east, Lakota. 21w21 SALESGIRL WANTED: Permanent position for girl over 18 years old. Bring references with application. Ben Franklin Store. 21 You Can Change IjrNowl We mean that winter hat . . . because it looks like the weatherman is finally going to let the sun shine! Baby Chicks Started and day-old White Leghorns and White Rock available this week and next. Nealy Hatchery Phone 58 and 77 Burt, Iowa Change to One of These New HUB WO NO MAG/&M MEOEO! Yes, w« know that there are ceilings on eggs, , you can still get more money for the eggs you bring to Swift & Company by selling them on Swift'* Graded Egg Plan. Under this plan your top grade eggs are not sold at the same price as ordinary eggs, We pay top prices for top quality, Jn addition you'll get prompt payment ind faif treatment at Swift's. Why not look into this pl*n the next time you're in town. SWifT * COMPANY DAIRY i POIHTRY PUMT ALGONA $ O $ T750 £ /* Panamas! Leghorns! Sailors! Bali-Buntals! Mesh Weaves! Clothiers J t « 4 » 4 « 6 t * * « I r i' ^

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