The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1939
Page 6
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Pudgy Challenger Was Within Shade Of Title At One Time By HARRY FFRGUSON United Press Sports Fdllor NEWi YORK June 29 (Up;— Tony Galento, as game n guy ns em bled for n lost cause, chencd the bitter friilt or defeat today and passed Ills plate linck foi an- othei )iclpiiig of (lie same dish SI!)! gregej fiom tiip-hnmmrr punches, barely nb!c to mumble throng!) the blanket of bandages on his face, his torn flesh held together bj 23 clnmpir— the llt'le barrel of a man snld he wanted to fight Joe Louis again Waterloo was enough tor Nn)>o- Iccn, Caesar gave up when ihc fiist digger sunk Into him, llnii- nlta! folded .vlien the going got tough But, take It from Antonio Domlnlck anlento, they were bum —all thiee of 'cm—to give up be cause they bad taken a "Bring on dat Scptembei r bum Louis 7 In Thai was Ihe lired whlspei Uut cnme out ot Oiange, N J, In Hie early hours of today, and it came from the bruised lips of n flrsi- class fighting rann who .vas wllhin one split-second uunch of lielng heavyweight champion of the «orld last night in 11 minutes nnd 23 seconds of back-nlley biaA-ling And plenty of people probably «oulci pay to see Terrible Tony take another roundhouse swing at Louis' jaw, but it's a sight that probably \\ill be denied (hem [ore\ei. Louis, going his even, murderous way, wants to fight in Septcm- ' her, but he isn't Interested In meeting n man whoh\ he already has pounded to pulp. So wllhin Ihe next week negotiations will get under for a Septembei bout pit- ttnff Louis ngainst joiing Lou No>a Tony iilll lie left with nothing but his mcmoiies, the respect of all Mho saw him fight nnd bleed —and the 45,000 smackeib he drew down for hts bilcf period of piun It was short and sweet up there imder (he lights nt Yankee Stadium last night, but while it lasted it was something to sec Oa- lento \\ent do\ui nnd got up oil the floor to belt Louis Joe went down and got up ofl the ciunns to slug It out with Tony. To hell , with walling for the count of nine! To hell with cnullon and the ancient rules of boxing i It wns left to the head nnd light to the belly ; his man .flghinst the ropes, cleai back Into Tony's coiner A light and a left and another light and another left to the head and Tony's oaken knees buck-led His arms fell, to his side. His head drooped. And then—as if Ihls were one of those slow motion ptc- tures-^Giilerito began to fall. Referee Donovan caught him just before his forehead smacked the canvas. Bottlers Defeat Osceola; Wardell Trounces Ark-Mo In out of [own forays last night two teams of the City Softball League broken even. The COM Coin Bottlers won over the Osceola All Stars at. Osceola, 13 to 10, while the Arkansas Missouri Power Corpora tipn droppwl a 4 to 3 decision to the Warden, Mo. team nl Warden. At Osceola Dick Potter and Marshall nincknvd led the Bottler lilt- tors with four blows ench. Warrington, Webb mid Stephens worked on the mound with Taft behind the plalu. Drihkuool hurled for the All-Stars with John Clntncr performing well as Ills battery mate ^ At Warilell Aik Mo lan Into BLYTEEVILLE, (ABK,)' COURIER NEWS Give Athletics Terrific Drubbings; 'Giants Move 1 Into Second Place BY 'GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Stan Correspondent NEW YORK, June 29. (UP)- Nlght baseball today was under serious fndlstmcnt by the New York Yankees. Beaten on Monday night under the lights, the Yanks came back In the daylight yesterday to slug the Athlclics lo defeat twice, 23-2 and 10-0. The same club that csuld make only four hits off n pitcher (Henry pjpper) who hud'never before won nn American League game collected 33 runs, 43-Jills for n (otal of 8V bases nnd cracked two all-time major league records and one American League mark In the bai-gnin. ' ask, "What kind of to be the winning run. The Cubs rapped Cooper, Bwman and McOcc for 15 hits, After Ihclr 23-lniilng marathon of the day before, Brojklyn returned to normal nnd beat the Bees, 0-1, In normal time. Lutte Hamlln allowed only seven blngles In winning No. 1. Singles by Phelps, Moore, Hudson, Coscarait and Hamlln and a wild pitch gave the Dodgers a big Inning of four runs. _,-. Yesterday's hero — The entire Yankee ball elulj who-wrote three mere records Inlo the books with their big bats. ... .....„„. „ .„ iw . ,i3n, vviini ximi 01 uusmess Is this 'omc good pitching and was nosed night baseball?" There cnn't be that out Aik MO got live hiti, Euois'mucli dllfcrencc In Highland a&y at ciltical moments conl.ibuted to ball. Some of the old timers and "'" "" r "" " r " "' ' Ihc downfall of Tommy Warring ton and John Cox who- held Warden to two hits. CTAKiniWPC OlANUInUO Northeast Arkansas Ixiagu W L \Cnruthcrsvillo .. .....', 35 14 \Ncwporl, 29 23 \Paragould . . 20 31 Pet. xJoncsboro .. \-NIght g.ime 19 35 .352 Memphis . \Chalianooga vAtlanln xKncxvlllc Soulhern League W Nashville :Ne\v Orleans . . xLittle Ko=k x— Night game. . 40 27 40 28 37 31 34 31 31 34 28 35 . 20 30 . -2G 40 dlc-linnis have felt for some time Dial night baseball had no plivcc In the inajors, and there was some definite evidence at hand today that (he encroachments It Is making are lowering the standard of play. — 'i'he Yanks have never wanted 714 night ball and don't want it now. .558 They spoke their resentment with .392 their bats yesterday. .' ' By bitting eight home runs in Ihe first .game, the Yanks smashed Ihe record of seven set by Detroit In •;i860 nnd equalled six times (onc'e-lnst June 6''by the Giants). • By adding five more homers In the .nightcap, Ihe Yanks set a new mark of 13 homers In two consec- .623, breaking Hie old record Pet .69V .588 .544 .444 .334 New York . Boston- Cleveland . Detroit Chicago 'lillndelphla Vashington St. Louts American I-caguc W. L. Pot. 48 33 33 J3 30 28 25 37 25 40 17 43 xCincinnntl Nulional League W. , AVJLU^Hlimi spatter «hcie Ncw York Boston iilliulclpliin nnd let the blood Referee Aitio Donovan finally halted it nflei t\\o minutes and n 29 seconds of the fourth round "»?,,,,J' ,V when nil 233 pounds of Galento „„"„„ lrg!l \\os smHng toward the flooi in one red, taw mass of blood. There \\as no doubt about It—Tony v\as out Because if he hadnt been his great heart \\ouhl have commanded him to gel up and swing anothei left hook But the brain \vas paralyzed by too ninny jolts to the jaw and muscles and nerves «ere bejond command One moic of those nvUtil rights Louis was throning might have left Tony punch drunk for the rest of his <lajs , Guess who forced the fighting when the opening bell sent them cut i Guess nho landed the first teeth-rattling punch! None other than Tony i It was a left hook, heart high, and it rocked Louis on his heels. Tony was fighting out of a ciouch and if he only had Lccn a little faster he could have followed iip that first hook and slaimncd Louis into dreamland. But, jarred as he was, Louts still Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League'' Night gnines -Newport at Parngould. Joncsb3io at Cariilheisvlllc. Southern League Night games: Atlanta at New Orleans. ChatUanooga at Bhmlngham Nashville at Memphis, vain, KnoxviUc at Little Rock. American League New York 23-10, Philadelphia 2-0. St Louis nl Chicago, postponed, rain Boston at Washington,- postponed, was a superb craflsmnn. His left jab piajed a tattoo on Tony's face and in that : moment Galento's cause :Was lost. Louis pedaled out of dangcr/striklng like n rattlesnake with;his left, and the right hand that Tony finally slammed across landed too high on the cheek to cause damage Ol' Jack Blackburn talked to Louis between rounds and Joe came out for'Uio second with Ideas in his head Bopi Bopi went a left and then a right to Tony's head Back Into Galenlo's corner they surged-with Joe swarming on his man Lefts and rights streamed in Galento's face like drops in a thundershower. Then, shifting like a : cat, Louis drove n left to the belly, and rocketed across a right to the jaw. Galento was off balance when it landed and down he went But he \\as up at the count of three and clinching hard when the round ended. They patched up Tonj's face and he came put for Hie third, thirsting for blood. A long left hook, with all of the fat man's 233 pounds behind it, roared up from the ankles and caught Louts when he had one root (n the air Irving to circle his opponent It landed with a crash and down went lue Brown Bomber, his legs kicking crazy ; patterns in the air" But Joe jumped up at the count of two, started stabbing with his left and moved out of danger But il \vas Galento s round and Tony ^.as leading. Uo rounds to one The fourth round was barely un tier nay when n brown arm flashed under the lights and a terrific right caught Galento flush on thi jafr. Blood spurted out of Tony'* s nose from the force of the punch but there was ho time to wipe the crimson away, for a left hooki * landed ^in Galento's stomach and ' a tight came whtsthng across to ,v hlstjaw. To-iy.was wide open lor the'kill now, and nobody hod to nudge . Louis and say "go (jet him." joe rain Only games scheduled. National League New York 7, Philadelphia 1. Brooklyn 6, Boston 1. Chicago 8, St. Louis 4. Pittsburgh nl Cincinnati, night 38 22 35 21 . 33 20 33 30 29 20 27 31 24 35 10 38 .787 .589 .532 .524 .517 401 .315 .283 Pet. 613 .565 .559 .524 .500 ASli .407 .333 of 11 which they made In 1930. By. making in u lc first game 27 hits which totaled 53 bases, they set' American League niark, surpassing the old figure of 50 which,the Yanks set in 1932. The homers were divided this way: First game — DIMagglo 2, Dahlgren 2, Dickey, Selkirk, Gordon, Henrlch—8. Second game — Gordon 2, Croselti, DlMaggb, Dahlgren—5. : Behind such slugging the Yankee pitchers had a picnic. Mcnte Pearson won the opener, giving up seven hits and Lefty Gomez grabbed the second, yielding a mere three. U was. No. ^ for, Pearson nnd No. 0 for Gome?. The A's hurlcrs in the first ganie were Nelson, Beckmnn rind Joyce. The sufferers In . the nightcap wore easier and Denn. ' The "natched-up" Giants moved Into second place by scaring their fifth straight victcry, 7-1, over the Phillies, who the past two dnys have looked like the worst inajor league team in the last, 10 (years. Unable to make simple, ordinary plays like forcing a man at second or throwing out a base runner, the Phils foldeo up in the first three frames, Bill Lohrmnn gave up only six hlis In winning his sixth victory. Dizzy Dean, making his first stall In.'si." Louis since the Cardinals Iradcd him to Ihc Cubs, was a, complete flop and didn't'lust the first inning, but Chicago came on to win, 8-4. Three singles, two doubles nnd a sacrifice fly drove Dfay lo cover. Larry French, who came In in the seventh, was credited with the victory. Gabby Hnrt- netl's homer In the eighth proved Country Club . Will Be Scene Of'Events Sunday And July Fourth . Golf matches Sunday and Tuesday, July 4th, arc planned for Blythcville country club members by the loiminmciit committee. urged by the loiirnnment comniit- lee to be at the club at 1:15 o'clock and mutches will be arranged. Today's Sport Parade By Hnuy McLemor* there when .. balance. be played with Oscar Pcndler head- Ing one team and lilchard Bccke I the other. Losers in the individual 'matche; will pay miy cents'Inlo' the bnnquel fund mid the banquet, will be he)< !,.„„,, u,.u- ,„„»„. nmmy W no the night of July 4th following the ever lived could stand much more holiday golf play. ' <\r « )<r,.,i, p ,*.. t.-i.^ n.-i «„ tt A Fourth'of July tournament wil be held on Tuesday with prizes „.. ^..^..m.jr Yijui ijij/.i.^ n ucuiiijg muuiui me. neau IIKO being-offered through Louis Apple- Joe gave him isn't Something you baum and the Calvcrt Distilling get over with a night's sleeu" conipnhy, including a specially pre- Loll | S ncvn „,, , h ,- will be a event- Becker's team match: Traynor ' vs. :ed first. Lcntl, Pollard . , ,» Lynch, England vs.. Shane, Parr Sr. vs. Gee, Guard Jr. vs. Kcndrlck, Harwell vs. Morse, Bransp'ri Sr. vs Haines, Roland -vs. C. Branson, Becker v.s. Fendler, Buck vs. Stock- e'tt, Tulles vs. Hubbard Sr., Caiidill vs. Turner, T. Florida vs. Gooch, F. Taylor vs. Barnctt, Phillips vs. Ivy, Leech vs, ,C. W. Afflick, Acton vs. Criggcr, Seymorc vs. C. Davis, Richardson vs. Hubbard Jr., -Francis vs. FaiT Jr;, Scoggln vs.'-W A Affliok, Terry vs.,Kirslmer. 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Phone 633 NEW yOJUC, June 20 (UP) — Galento got out with his life, but "- was one dreadtul moment it seemed lo Imng In the two minutes gone lii the fourth round Galento was against Hie ropes, unconscious. His head rolled -helplessly, his lianils were down. - , Louis flvcd both taitcis nt him. Then fired ngaln. He was reloading for another broadside of leather nt his bloody tnrget, when referee Arthur Donovan called him off. Had another volley come from Ihc corded muscles of his should- ;rs, luirt he driven home.-again with his 200 pounds of harnessed hell, Galenlo, ns lough as lie Is, might not have been .lute to withstand 'It- vras stopped Just In time," Dr. VVlllinin Walker of the boxing commission said. "It would't have done (or Joe to throw another punch." . A lough Ross, aild: 'crawl,, that campaigner, Barney "It made my flesh finish. Nobody who of a beating like that. As -It is, Onienlo won't be right for weeks, A beating around the. head like to the jaw and a sweeping right under the heart in the third rounO, Joe 1 brought all his guns into notion. He saiil so himself. "That was as hard as I ever hit anybody," Die champion, drawled as he sal on his dressing room table. "I was glacl when Mr. Donovan stopped It. That Galento sho' is a ganic guy." There is no denying that. Tony proved lie Is game as he. Is wide. He .waded Into the champion from tli e sound of the first belt and for the first round carried the fight. The fat 'fellow got off the floor in the second round after a savage beating and was strong enough In' the third to floor his tormentor. He answered the bell for the fourth fresh enough, but the first punch in that round settled Ills doom. -As he started to throw a right Louis snaked in close and pulled the trigger on his left hand. The hook landed with explosive force, and the flesh on tony's right cheek gave way as though he had been slugged with a_ blackjack. When he , reeled away under the Impact there was a split half as onj> as a lead pencil running from ils cheekbone to Ills chin, It bled __THURSDAY, JUNE 29, ]939 about with rights and lefts. Suddenly Tony's weak defense criimb- Icd and he swayed (Ininken)y, un- k n ow 1» g 1 y, uncaring, and « palhetlc target. - ' There was the crack of leather against ilesh. Again and again. You wanted to turn your head. Then Donovaii said enough, nnd seventh Ark-Mo To Facr V-8's; Good yea .. Opposes He didn't know much at;«v thai. His motions became slow, mechanical, as he bobbled about the ring with halt-closed eyes. Louis never" allowed him out. of range. He would straighten up Tony with in uppercut arid twist his head _«_...M *iktu IM"Ui: III!} DUVCimi Silt" j Pi/llfl tnt j I J II » *iunrjr ssswssr ot liis " r ri #r Aftrss s . i - , ' Lno ( J hulme Rff«i(r\>' n,>.>»„«.. An amazing champion, Louis. In seven defenses he has line! to fight but,84 minutes ana'58 seconds ol the'316 scheduled minutes And more than half of this time was used in IS full rounds 'against Z,' , <^T', Ark Mo wlth "»*" Tommy Fan-. • l " lm Hires as his battery mate.•-Marlow GrilHn will hurl for the V-8's with Alvln Hicks behind Hie plate. -Nova will be next. And ,„«.., Nova someone else, nnd then sonie- nvviv auiiieuue vise ana men some- U D t , -r—V iJ«n.^, one else until, finally, the vears r., Foiso " "?. . Is Manager "Tiny" cut Louis down. 2 I( ?y. ei s mouild cl) ° lc e for the cut Louis down. Less than 30 self-propelled vehicles were operating In in 1898. Man Old at 35 NOW YOUNG. FULL OF LIFE "I Mil Bin-WJl. 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KED SPORT SHOES $2.50 New TIES Wrinkle-proof for hot weather . . . smart, dis- tineth'c (Millerns, large selection. $ 1 Hickok Costume Jewelr.y 5fle up Hickok Sport Belts 50c-$l Arrow Handkerchiefs 25c up Val-A-Pak or Gladstone Bags $10.95 up SPORT OXFORDS Nimn-Bush Ankle-Fashioned Sport Oxfords in plain, cap or wing-tip styles. Shown in white, tan and white, two- tone tan.and black .intl white.' Dobbs Straws Exclusive Dobbs styles in sailors or body type straws. $3.50 up Other Straws §1.95 up ARROW VENTILATED SHIRTS The 'new air-cooled A rro w shirts in whites and pastels . . . also new Arrow pattern shirts, $2 up SPORT SUITS For Tennis, Golf . . neat slacks \v H li matching shirt In cool fabrics. $7.75 °K£ $3.95 up R. D. HUGHES & C0.1 the Phllliiis Molor Company „, "•- second game the Coca Coin Company will r BCC T)!'.) Store. . . John "Wimpy" Burns will i«i— mound.for Ark Mo with Bottlers with Dtck Potter as catcher.'.John Cecil Cox and Jerry Harwell will form the Qoouycar game begin at Complete Line of WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second i>honc 31J (HIM) Coolest Spot in Town Wateb Society Page Of Courier Newt Ftr Free Show GueiU Last Times Today HlStORY;S,GREATEST MUNI, DAVIS BRIAN' A'HERISIE W- «» CRISP . jpsmi CAUIIA . CALE SOMMGAARO . CIICtHr BOUND . 1H.SKV 0-KIILl . Dlm Hi, l r Jot - Hridunli *C « t-r E h \Vollg ag y A WARNER BROS. Pl npofj , \Kt, ill " \lsa Paramount News & -Coniciiy Admission Matinee . 10c & 2Cc NijUt IGc «. Jtc » * • * I I »5' FRIDAY, JUNE 30 200 GOOD RE4.SONS Why you should attend the Matinee or Night * * * Also Selected Shorts. Admission Mnlinee lOe & ZSc IS'ishl ICc .t 3Cc ROXY Admission always lOc & 26c Matters Frl.-Sat.-Sun. Last Times Today PALHICHT! 2 admitted for the price of 1 THEYUVEBYACUN ...AND DIE BY ITI 1 MONOGRAM PICTURE Also selected shorts Friday - Saturday A NEW UNIVERSAL Ats<) cartoon & serial "Lone Kanj"

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