The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on March 27, 1997 · Page 61
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 61

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1997
Page 61
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18 GREEN GUIDE 27 MARCH 1997 SAMSUNG PI 20 12.rTFm6mbrarrv1.3atv' hex speed $3550. TEXAS WSTWIMEHTS PENTJUMwithCD from $2150 with tree software. HTTHCHIPIOO CD28 8k faxnelwoiK card11.3" display. 12795 TOSHIBA HtW HMCT Active screen8-520mb $1525. TOSHIBA 2WCD5 1 Demo mlh lull war- ranty) $2595. COMPAQ 4120T PtHTlUM 120 11.8" TFT display16-1 1gb . Many oiners avaiiaDie. used mooeis now in siock from 5to! Notebooks upgraded or trade-ins accepted. Short term hire available. TRILYNX SYSTEMS, REAR 102 WELLINGTON STREET, KEW 3101. TELEPHONE 9819 4391. FACSIMILE 9819 1368. . Computer Repairs SalesUpgrades MonitorPrinter repairs Loan Units Available Internet Installation Qualified Technicians From $45 From Sam - 10pm s i'lMy ii jw,Vtt-vi' will-mil) uuji mi j j.i im ii t.mmnmmmmimnui nniiji xra mm "a 0) b O) c . a a 2r o o u. Tipping software for Windows 3.x, Win 95, NT. PC & Networks. Use before you buy - free disk or download. PC $45. Lite $ 1 9. 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INTEL UX (TalwinJ $159 15" MAG DX1S9S INTEL VX (USA) $175 15" SONY SF2 limcA raone 1 17" MAG DX1795 viiLW vnnini 1 1 7" urr VIII TDIiia S3 3D WRGE (2Kb) $89 17" SONY SF2 MATROX MYSnOUE $259 1 MnnFMc 1 MATROX MtLLENTUM $299 1 rmUCPIO ; .$229 .$269 ISOOrrO BLASTER 32 $159 U59SOUNO BLASTER 64 $349 $469FM RADIO CARD $49 $469TV TUNER CAPTURE-$400 $6990 MOTION PCI $1199 .$i299OrjMiuii; I scanners" 1 NETCOMM XFILES. -Ill I NETCOMM USUD. HP SP Flatbed $499 NETCOMM Memory $399 I DESKJET PRINTERS I ""LASER PRINTERS! HP 400 Color. HP690Coior. EPSON STYLUS 400 . FPSON STYLUS 600 . EPSON STYLUS 800 . .$259 HP 5L , .$359 HP 6P .$379HP 5MP. . $459 HP 6 MP . . $659 HP 5 .$600 .$990 .$900 .$1259 .$2249 LEASING or 6 MONTHS Interest Free Terms AvaiLj cowomows ftppiv to an. cncprr tmtuKiMems. 2SESjTS0B328ir , w Game, set and PC match NINTENDO 64 Game Console. COMPUTER game consoles were once considered a poor substitute for a real live PC, at least as far as entertainment was concerned. However, if the "Internet box" concept gains wider acceptance, minimal PCs and RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) technology should replace the unstable farrago of mismatched components we laughingly call "personal computers". Most modern videogame consoles can match a fully tricked-out PC for arcade-quality action, sound and graphics. Apart from providing genuine "plug and play" capability for software and hardware, as opposed to the decidedly iffy PC variety, game consoles are generally crashproof. In spite of a strident fanfare of pre-release hype, the Nintendo 64 has turned out to be a very decent games machine. At $399.95 plus roughly $89 to $99 per game cartridge, the N64 deck is a shade more expensive than Sony s PlayStation, although the price structure should sort itself out (one hopes). The PlayStation and N64 are technically worlds apart. The N64 has 36 megs of dynamic RAM and a 64-bit CPU running GAME SPACE over 100 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) at a respectable CPU clock speed of 93.75 MHz. To speed things up, it has a separate sound and graphics coprocessor running at 62.5 MHz. At their most basic level, these impressive-sounding figures mean the N64 has roughly the same capabilities as a system ranked somewhere between a Pentium 100 equipped with some meaty graphic acceleration hardware anda modest Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) workstation. Oddly enough, the N64 owes a considerable chunk of its ancestry to SGI's legendary graphic-crunching monsters and, given the right sort of software to run, that pedigree shows! Rather than kicking off their new product range with yet another quaint little Mario platform game, Nintendo have released a very impressive 3D adventure called Super Mario 64 (rrp: $99.95). No games are actually bundled with the N64 console, but if any of the new titles could be added to sweeten the deal, Super Mario 64 would be the prime candidate. Admittedly, the overall gameplay of Super Mario 64 is what one would expect to find in a typical platform adventure. However, playing in a 3D environment adds onntKor Imrol rt (kfillanna tr an LEE PERKINS otherwise uncomplicated game. To cope with his new surroundings, Mario has been given the ability to perform over 30 movements, including flying, swimming, crawling, sliding, triple-jumping, backilips and swinging hand over hand. Considering the range of movements Mario is expected to perform over the game's 15 or so levels, I have become rather fond of the N64's 14-button standard controller. It bears a superficial similarity to the PlayStation handpiece, although the third central handle and a nifty, thumb-sized joystick take out the ergonom-ic strain. A range of peripheral devices for the N64 are due for release over the next few months. Hand controllers are available in five different colours at approximately $49.95 each to take the some of the confusion out ot multiplayer games (up to four can participate at a time), and a 64 Mb magnetic storage disk drive is an optional extra, although I can only guess what possible uses this doodad might have. Gamesave data and pre ferred joypad configurations are normally saved on small RAM cartridges ($29.95) that slot into the handpiece, so it is safe to assume the disk drive is intended for use with a range of software titles still under development. New titles for the N64 are fairly thin on the ground at the moment, although this will probably change over the next few months. PUotwings 64, Wave Race 64, Mario Kart 64, StarWing 64, Cruls'n USA, Killer Instinct Gold, Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire, Blast Corps, and Goldeneye 007 are available for starters, and another 60 games are currently under development. If Super Mario 64 is an indication of what will turn up for the N64 in future, this game console may easily turn out to be one of the most desirable home entertainment gadgets of the decade. Impressive. Console, power supply, cables and controller (up to four handsets can be fitted) $399.95 rrp. From: Nintendo Australia PL, 48-52 Dunlop i Road, Mulgrave 3170. Tel: 9265 9900. Fax: 9265 9922. GIANT COMPUTER I MARKET & EXPOl lit i MORWBEI-I-KERN0T HALL I II 1 30am 4 oopm Sport & Lei lure OfTtre, FWchtr fld (oop. Frnkton Station I rim iimr-p.. V-Mfc-S fcS INU A ALL VENUESi 03) 9699 5146 SAVE SSSS CHEAPEST PRICES - BUY, SWAP, SELL (03) 9601 2676 Computer Club ASTR SPCIALS BJC-210st Printer $249 HP 690c Printer $339 12 x CD-Rom $129 16 x CD-Rom $149 300w Speakers $59 Color Hand Scanner $95 4in1 Video & TV Card $199 EDGE Computers with IBM 686 Processor 8 Mb EDO Ram- 256k Pipeline Cache 1.6 Gb Hard Disk - -1.44 Floppy Drive 1 Mb PCI Video - 14" SVGA Monitor 8x CD-Rom Drive - 16 Bit Sound Card Speakers - Keyboard - Mouse & Mat Extra Upgrade Options 15" XGA Monitor . $132 17" XGA Monitor $533 2.7 Gb Hard Disk $91 3.2 Gb Hard Disk $217 2Mb Diamond Stealth $70 Honeywell Keyboard $49 LO CO LO o in o CO -f CO 0(00 w to o r- - CM 0-0-0- 12 o o O CD QJ CO "O tn CO LU !2,o SO o .! 3 g g 1 o 8 te 5 cz to CD e.i.s.a. edge internet services australia U nJimrterJSceess i 'ii If Mfti? o months ) yy 12Mhn299,V Includes Your own private e-mail address 5 Meg for your own home page WVWV, FTP. IRC, USENET On-Site Instalation Available Note- You are requested to log out when not using your computer Jj3 What about these unbelievable specials Lotus Smartsuite 97 A a 2GB Hard bisk $315 KTX 33.6 FaxModem & IBM Voice type $325 CALL Component Technology NOW on 9894-4988 or fax us at 9894-4911 Dollar Club HQ -1 st Floor 66-70 Railway Rd. Blackburn, Victoria, 31 30

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