The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1946 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1946
Page 9
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•V'. 31, 1948 -— ^... Something Out of Thi* World in A Game of Skill (Especially Adapted foil- Adult*)" South American Indian Type Blow Gun A two.foot btcrtv still wilft a slum cewte* barrtl, a hutt red to elcaw barrel, 0 assorted oo orad darts, iwo ta*ire% cofflMetc for Jl.98. Cohift In for fr«* literature «« Iilsiofy of this tfllii, also to sec it, i I H. W. Becker Sporting Goods Store Alton* 4P , ^ ^ ™ E IS THE RULE when connecting by hand the thousands of wires on new telephone equipment. Since the load on (present equipment has reached the absolute limit and more switching equipment is needed to provide normal service, work is being rushed on all kinds of costly telephone facilities. Soon this switchboard can share the service burden and help reduce delays that may arise from .present overloads. . • Work of this kind was at a standstill during the war. To catch un today s heavily increased demands and to prepare for the future this company plans to spend $100,000,000 during'the next few years in the five states in which it operates. This money must come, not from "war profits"—for the telephone company made none—but from investors attracted by earnings comparable to those afforded by, similar investment opportunities — NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Help Stretdi Your Limited I Amounts of Proteins FEEt) TANVILAC , The value of proteins that <an animal receives from any feed depends upon proper digestion and the animal's ability to split molecules 'of proteins into amino'acids and starch into sim- , Pie weight and energy-building compounds, Enzymes produced toy ithe animal's glands help the animal 'to 'assimilate the health <and weight-giving ingredients iri : their feeds. TANVILAC CULTURES PRODUCE.GREATER .ENZYMATIC ACTION. Local grain's plus Tanvilac cultures have produced exceptional gains without added proteins. You can , utilize more local grains in your finished product . . . increase . its food value . ,. . reduce its cost. I,-"-,. TANVILAC CULTURE.BASE, when mixed atthe level of i 'WO pounds per ton :3s recommended in poultry feeds, will sup* .ply the equivalent in 'Riboflavan content of 300 pounds of dried I milk. It will supply Vitamin D in an amount required for 1 .starting mash feeds. It will,. therefore, replace, from the Vtta- min D .point of view, 5 pounds of .400-D feeding oil, or 20 I pounds of 100-D .feeding oil in each ton of feed. It carries suf- •ficient Manganese, Niacin and Iodine to (fully fortify your ton Of- finished feed as recommended by the National Research 1 Council. . . 5% Tanvilac with whatever home rn grains you have available. For growing chickens use corn and oats 50-50, aad 10% alfalfa meal, 2% calcium and 1% Salt. In mixing Pig and Sow Meal add same as poultry feed. Alfalfa meal is high in Protein, shouid^be added to ail rations this year. Ow (1945 corn is low in protein, high in fibre, and very low in vitamin and minerals, very low in vitamin and minerals. These rations are for dry feeding. , Hundreds of you Kossuth county hog feeders remember what you used to do with Just fine ground oats and Tanvilac through the barrel. Oats is going to be aboutthe only grain available for the next five months. This is one way to get $1.25 to $1,50 per bushel out of your oats, at the present prjce of hogs. The following dealers can supply TANVILAC PRODUCTS oy will furnish FEEDS built with TANVILAC CULTURES Aleona Flour * Feed Co., Algona, Jowa , Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft, Iowa Keeker Feed Mill, Bancroft, Iowa •• Hurt Coop, Elevator Co., Burt, Iowa f Farmers Elevator Co., Bode, Iowa Cylinder Coop. Elevator Co., Cylinder; Iowa Harold Oxley, ponvtth, 'Alfalfa Milling Co., Pakota City, Iowa Farmers Elevator, Minnesota pp., Ir vint ton Coop. Elevator Co., Irvlneton, Iowa Farmers Elevator Co., Ledyard, Iowa A, C. Schissel Feed Mill, Lakota. Iowa Lone Rock Coop. Exc., '' Lone Rock, Iowa Frank Sanford, LuYerne, Farmm Elevatpr Rutland, Fee« Mill, Thor Grain Co., Thor, Iowa flinders Feed, MJ11, Stevens, sajesnwn, . Wes}ey territory, phon? Klsmme, PUT FEED FOR RESULTS RALPH TICE Phone 215-W : Algona, Iowa ; -T ,', LEDYARD INFANT SUCCUMBS; RITES HELD WEDNESDAY Ledyard: Sharon Kay, the five weeks old infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Smith, passed f way at the Fairmont hospital on Monday. Funeral services were •Weld Wednesday afternoon, May 15, at the Evangelical 'and Reformed church with Rev. Edward Nuss offoiaitlng, and she was buried in Highland Home cemetery. Arrives For a Visit— .^ Mrs, Ella Gelhaus, arrived SKlh- tlPJPKR MS M01NES, ALGONA IOWA Lightning Hits Chimney Whittcmore.; Tuesday evening of last week the chimney oh the house of the farm tenanted William Metzgar was struck by lightning. The chimney was al* most demolished completely arid a ; big hole was torn in the deck of <the roof. Lucidly it was a cold bolt 'and did not start a blaze. day morning from Loi Calif., to spend severe with her daughter and Irvin Klinksieks. <§ f Jcjfach, 'months Fnily the Parents of a Son— , J Mr. and Mrs. Rayafoind Johnson «re the parents dt a son born Thursday, May 9 at Btyjfalo Center. He has >been named Bruce. Plan Redeclication— On Wednesday afternoon a group of 10 men and women met at the churdi to paint the walls and ceiling of the basement. A group of men started the ceiling Tuesday evening and it was completed on Wednesday. Lunch was served the group by Mrs. Elvin Carpenter. On Thursday evening several men put in a new cement wwlk to the basement door. These things are. .being completed in preparation for rededication services which will be held Sunday, May 26 at Me church at 3 o'clock. Church Picnic Held— Monday afternoon" the Sunday school of the Methodist church met at 4 o'clock at the church for # picnic, following an attendance contest. Several trees were planted on the church yard. Lunch was served in the basement and the losing side treated 'the winners to ice cream. Mrs. Harold Herzog is Sunday school superintendent. Graduation May 24th— Graduation exercises wdll be held at the school next Friday evening, May 24, at 8 o'clock in the auditorium with ,Mr. Hamilton of the Hamilton Commercial college in Mason City as speaker. 'Mrs. Elvin Carpenter, Mrs. Fred Munyer were Elrnore callers on Thursday. Mrs. W. E. Wiemer, Mrs. L. W. Wiemer and Mrs. D. B. Mayer attended Eastern. Star at Swea City Tuesday night. The Methodist Women's Society will meot at the church Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Edward Halvorson as hostess. Mrs. August Knoner. visited at the home of .her sister Mrs. Simon Blome near Elmore Thursday afternoon. Their brother John Hagedorn of Elmore passed away that day. 'Mr. and Mrs.,George Thompson receiver! vwp-1 this week that their son Kenneth a'nd'wife were now in Rock Island, 111. Kenneth is in school being 'trained for work with the Firestone company. On May 8th Fred Klownberg and Mrs. Alice. Curtis, both of Marshalltown, were united in holy matrimony in a double ring cere r mony alt the Baptist parsonage in Blue Earth, Minn. Attending the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gelbaus of Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Jacobsen 'and baby daughter Bonnie of Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jacobsen, Lois, Georgie, Mr.' and Mrs. B. E. Gilbertson. Judy, Jon and Jerry, all of Freeborn, Minn., spent Mothers day at the parental George Jacobsen home. After the ceremony a three course dinner was -served to the bridal couple at the Gelhaus home •by Mrs. Jack Lvnch and Mrs. Alvin Busch. The couple left the next morning for a short honeymoon through southern Iowa and will be at home in Marshalltown after May 15. MEXICAN THEME, BANQUET AT BODE Bode: The Junior-Senior banquet was held in the high school (gymnasium Saturday evening. The entire decorating theme Wag Mexican and was original with Miss Dorothy Perkins as sponsor. Program for the banquet included Senor Pedro as master of ceremonies, Stanley Townswick. Marcha Gracios—-Senorita Loetta, Alice Tryigstad. t Mexicala Rose—Carlos and Carlotta (song).Howard Abens and Martha Mitsven. Good Neighbors, Senor Cam-' acho—Supt. E. O. Berkland. El Randio Grande—Senorita Monita, song by Betty Schoek. Adois Senior Fernando, William Olson. The above program appeared in the memory booklets as favors at each plate. LlUrnrles Rnlci'prlses: C20.C8 Swimming I'ools . ..... $ 2,084.30 Sftlp or Donas: , General Honda ....... >$ C3.021.S4 Ti-ust or Affcncy Funds: JX-poslts ............... $ 1,655,00 MIctci'llnnenuN: Social Hruurlty ......... $ 102.84 eiH ............. 3G,'100.0( Tolal $ 30,0011.81 drnnd Toliil of JlecclplH •• forV-ear KndlnB March ill, 19)0 $139,090.79 ....Total Kunrt Ti-nr.Htcis.. J 3,071.03 Jixrj'INDITUHK.S: tldioral Government: City Officials—Halm-lea t 1,380.00 I.ICRII] Publications!) Municipal League ,'10.00 Total Protection i>t Life and properly: Police Department .. Kin; Department .... .» 2,117.01) », 00172 2,U08.;M Tolal $ 11,013.60 ,Sni:ltuilon iintl Waste Jleiiioval: (.iuncvnl KxpenHc $ 28,271.73 Comfort .Station 702.14 Sewers ..../ 1,941.111) liflfiiNo and CliU-bugB '. UlNposal 080.05 Total $ 31,048.91 Highway and Streets: General ICxpensc t 2,740.00 .Street Cleaning 9,052.3-1 Pavlnjf IJepuIr 4,008.08 Sidewalk nnil CrusHltijfS 2,033.25 Hlteet rirndliiK 1,305.11 Hnow llomoval 2,053.112 (•ilroot Improvement ... 20,430.81 Catch Good Fish Burt: Many Bunt people have 'been fishing in Union Slough and last Friday Mike Ba'ei' caught three northern pike which weighed 13 Ibs. Leave For San Diego Bode: Noble and Sylvan Espe after a month's visit at the 'home of their mother, have returned to their home in San Diego, Calif. ,KOH OK , IIKPOMT OF THIS CITV AMJOIVA, IOWA. i VK.AIl 10. \lll.\f; 3IAUCII »l, 1MO (Friini Aiirll I, 1IM3 l<> Mnrvh «l, JtMflJ liKCKII'T.S: County Tax: (.ii.'iiernl Government. . . .JIItViOO.SG IniU'iiendent Dlvlxlonx. . . 0,000.78 .Sijcelul AHHcxsiiiCMtH .... 115.70 Tolnl $311,377.34 Office. UucM-liilx: litislncHH Licenses .$ 500.00 .llrer rermlts 1,200.00 Cigarette I'ermltn 1,782.50 I >ny Licenses 207.00 Fln-es, Keen ami Forfeitures 374.00 Mlsecll. 478.42 Total } 4,521.02 Sanitation und \Vuste liemoval: Kewer tups and lahor...? 1)82.50 CoiiHurviillun of Health: Fire Malnt t 404.32 . Total ) 42,829.51 Oonsei vallon of Health: MlHeellanoouH ? 055,03 Mtitiielpiil Kntcrprlses: Mljl-arlew ? 5,075.01! Airports 27,'!!)!). SI Tolal $ 33,075.17 HcereRlliin: I'arlts $ 1,575.12 Swimming I'ools 2,(13 (.OS Hand 1,211.05 Totnl, $ 5,420.85 Trust or Ayency Knr.dx: riefund ileposlls $ 1,211.11 MffrellnneoUK: Uonds $ 2,320.00 Grand Total of Kxpemll tures for Year landing Slureli 31. 1U4B J131,0!)2.20 Tolal Kunil Transfers ....$ H,071.01! HIOI'OIIT til-' l-TILITIKH I-lKlit Water I'lant AVork« Kalr- of Wilier , & Kloctrlflty $12n,T-lfi.2-l ?^B,10a,02 Tuxes 2,010.:!li / Other ItcculptK.. C.ISO.U8 :!.:)00..|2 Total olpts $137,337.81 $20,553.14 .Salaries and WUK Office ....... $ Operation ... Ouility— New Ifnprovomcnts: 3.523.74 21,055.02 20.924.25 7,200.31 K(|ulpment . . Intensions .. Oilier Kxpendltures: Muliilcnunc? $ 51,190.47 Lionds I'lirchased . Transfer to • other funds 18,500.00 2.712.S7 8,111.10 2,281.14 7,089.90 11,100.00 JJC.IOO.OO Tolal , Expenditures $108,759.79 $31,025.07 CA.SII NTATKJIIO.VPl' .' Halance on Hand—April 1, 1045 ,'.'. :. $ 80.415.118 Total Receipts for Year Kndlns March 31, 11HO 300.5S8.11 Total to Account for. ...,,.,.. ____ .' ......................... $393,003.52 Tolal (expenditures for Year TOnrtlnR March 81, 1910.. ........ 331,477.00.. 0,818.00 Add — Warrants Outstanding Ap6l| 1, 1S45 Total UucJuct—Warrants Oiitnlnmllnc Marcli. Total .DeductIon. from Total'Ho Ace ' • 'IJnWince'RcdtKHon'-ft'oin- Total- to ' MA tic ii :ii, i ii lit i Goncrul Bonds..,.;........ '.../,;;•-.';"..... ,f.~..'.-. ,\:..'. Warrants putstanclInK ........ .".*,.......' ."'.'.'... • • VALUATION or PHOPKIITV SIJIWKCT TO TAXATION . ON A.SSKS.SMKXT.QK..JASUAU.V lr MW3l Cliiss of Property: • . '•; 'f : ;; -•. * .' ' . .': Jti'hl Property .".......'..... $;!38,2Sr,.GC .:.. :!5,5H.I)7 302,781.29 for... ............. $ OKS*?.23 $ 58.500.00 35,014.37 Personal Property rtallroad Property ... Telephone, Telegraph Totnl -Rxeept Monies and .Credits. $2,402,220 Total Monies and Credits ., 800,184 and Express Companies. .$1,083.350 .. 35 1,200 44.791 10.801 Total Valuatlon.'of All Property .':..•..' $3,208,701 As Materials Become Available, We Are Prepared to Assist You Through Our Ex-Ledy£rd Coach Goes To Sioux City Ledyard: Cecil Spatcher has signed up as coach and high school instructor at Story City for next year. Before his induction into the arrfiy.he was coach at Ledyard and while here' he married Lurene" Lloyd. They have a son David- Since receiving his discharge Mr. Spatcher has been finishing the school year at Lehigh. H. W. POST DRAY AND TRANSFER Storage of All Kinds I*png Distance Hauling Every load Insured against loss and. damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all hinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algpna, la, Improvement Plan for Home •Modernization Investigate This Plan Now If .You Contemplate Building or Modernizing Come in and Talk It Over F. S. NORTON & SON "A ClfYSSTORlE WITHjCQUNTRy PRICES" *IMCMABM»S«I»S' 'f Across from thp Court Wawse l.Ifi'I/};*; CLteANER ' Keep your typewriter keys clean ' with Wcbstcrs RTZ. Cleans type, platens, all metal parts, all klnas of machinery. 50c bottle. AljfonfiC Upper DCS Moines. NEW FARM EQUIPMENT Wood Flare Wagon Boxes Rubber Tired Wagon with Box Wood and Steel Stock Tanks Feeders and Waterers Lime and Fertilizer Spreaders Tractor Sweep Rakes Folding Harrow Drawbars 7 ft. Windrowers for Mowers Grain Blowers Cradles for Elevator Lift "Weedone" Weed-Killer Power Lawn Mowers Garden Cultivators Electric Pump Jacks Cream Separators and Milkers Gasoline Engines Livestock "Curri-Oilers" Hammcrmills and Belts Tractor Umbrellas Fuel Storage Tanks Saw Blades, Large '.Manure Loaders i US€D FARM EQUIPMENT Tractor Tires, Good Jayhawk Stacker, Rubber Wagon and Box Good 5 ft. Horse Mowers Tractor Tire Chains Burr Mills and Hammcrmills IITC Cream Separator Electric Pump Jack Electric Welder "Briggs-Stratton" Gas Engine SERVICE Allis Chalmers REPAIRS Oliver New Idea SALES Masscy-Harris DcLaval Dairy Equipment. Hydraulic "Farm Hand" Stacker Loaders. Firestone Tires. CMC Trucks. Tractolub; Oil. Crow's Hybrid Corn. Bradley Bros. PHONE 714 ALGONA, IOWA Not Much Lumber Yet .-BUT-The Norton '^Lumberjacks" Suggest i BARN SASH 4 Light, 8x10 4 Light, 9x12 6 Light, 9x12 Replace those Broken Sash NOW! WE SELL GLASS! NORTHERN WHITE CEDAR' POSTS Peeled Round Light & Heavy Posts 3 TO 5 INCH TOPS Ideal for Line or Cross Fences 30c and up (SOME BARB WIRE LEFT) PAINT We Have a Good Stock of BARN PAINT HOUSE PAINT LINSEED OIL (All Top Grade) Roll Roofing Now is the Time to Re-roof With Quality Roofing—It Pays LET US ESTIMATE YOUR ROOF These Spring Rains Are Hard on Roofs Gravel - Sand Cement We Have Plenty! We Can Supply You a Yard or a Carload Aluminum CLOTHESLINE Won't Rust or Get Clothes Dirty 50 Feet or Any Length in 50-foot Multiples HERE'S SOMETHING NEW—JUST ARRIVED! PICKET FENCE Ready to Put Up in 25-foot Lengths " Paint It Any Color You Want! i J About 18 Inches High 3 25 Feet for IDEAL FOR YARIJS, FI*OWEJl CHILDREN'S PLAY YARDS Fi Si NORTON & SON Coal Coke , , . Fuel , , , KINDLING WtlBN WE HAVE IT 1 '• PJwnf288' •/'-'/ I >- Building Supplier

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