The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1946
Page 5
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K? ^OOO PERMITS permits totaling $16.. -Jbprbved lafet Thursday %ftjl'hion&iyTfee}|^ of L air, vllft S&ttl6 frte&iin&t fl fG* ,„"«y*o {he Wx;As/|fTl!oVp.-for I acqui$iadh ,bf' the Ws0Mr-q'f- I war .tramp' site was' ofiM&uy'ap* ' proved b£ the niaSBrafta'cc-^n- , C1 ] 4 ' *•,"•;. "") Building permits were, granted Merle "4J" WSlIetidoR *'$100, «sidewalks' Shd itfa'fkcfs at the ad^ dilioh he is leveling'north of the fnirg%ltrttis. ' '•' ' lR " 1 Cad'Hutchlhs, $2,000,; mpviftjt J-esidWic-fe' to -site In Hillprest'Ad? , dilion... Mfiffe Shackelford, two, $.600 "Perrrillf and one for $500 for con- strudtirjg- small, houses out Of' usect lumb|r." '•< ' i 'Gafnes N. Ackcrman, $3,000 for 18*$ foot house. " ' " Y ' J I Leslie C. Pafoeft $7.000 s for-sey- on room, two-stdry" hpmfc," '' Le^M.' Frank!, $2,0,Qp for ad- Leila Riddle, $200, irnprove- . mention building, D.pagq firiS Nebraska. ' ' '"' " ' '' of Coming Efdnts, wJiWMli become a teg: Ular, feature ttf ,thi^ tldpef with this ia&,tre, wjll carry each week rt listing of dates .for, events of general interest and, importance 'from all parts of the coilnty, as supplied'td this 'pap^r. ' t? ytrtlf orgihizatlo'h 'has a date set'for'afreveht of'geheral inter' ' ies't,' you' tyiir 'be I}sted 'b^low by m^efy letti«g;"us i 'krjow, giving the. date, sponsor, aha place of the event or 1 fnecftin'g. , The. only ffestflcUori is that (1) :it must be.notHirfg'of a commercial nature, arid (2) it' must be sponsofed by some worthy, non- prof it^ organization. We suggest that date's''for regular club meetings, e'tc., not 'beahserted where tthey affe just th6 regular meetings oh, the calendar of (the of- ganizatloh."* ' * * # , May 22—Portland Progress Club^meets at Mrs. Carl Miller's. ?' May 24^-A|gona high school graduation exercises. "May 1 26^-St; Ce'ce'lia Acaderiiy- graaudtidri'' exercises. •-•••••• T Ma^ ' 30-i-Memorial Day Ser- VicesV LuVe«e; K. of C. Rally. fairgrounds, ' Algoha;' Memorial Dya services, Algona. 'June' 6— V. F/W.' Banquet for W^M War it vets, Alg6n a ; . June 12 — Cresc Mofchers- ', Day,' Crescp' hall. June 20— Alg'onft ' " 'Junior Chamber of Commerce Soap Box Derby. June 20— Farm Bureau Picnic, Kossuth fairgrounds. ..... • ' : June . 304-^Iw)'ssuth Conservation League. Buffalo Feast, fairgrounds, A'lgoryi.. July 10-11—Algona American Legift'n Cehtenhlat" Days arid r ....... ' In planning events of your awri, r^fererice to this calendar may prevent you front selecting 1 dates that conflict. ' ' Qiycs. Address The Rev. John P. Clyde gave the commencement address at Gilmore City Thursday ev'ehing. lie was accompanied to Gilmore City by some of the local high school students. " "• • 4 K;nvjijiM< • ,•.; L ' i . • f;. \ . • ,>, Elementary grade pupils of St. C,e.ceiias Academy will present the final, prograffl in a series of fecitaU, Thursday evening at. tti^l Acacjgmy. ' ' -;....•-., Musie by Chopin, Strauss, and Brahms will be featured. ! THe program 'f blip wsi ' JpaM, * Stebrifei ' "Polonaise; Shirley Willey, "Voices of Spring;" "Georgia .SpngV 1 GeoTrgie "Brahm's Lullaby;.": Harold .„.. fahf, DaVid; RpWjse. aji'd; 'Jacquei liijfc Woltz win play r seve/al s§- Mtu-y Ellen Shore. Merle WoliZi Dearitte. EisenbaMh, Rpm- ell, Roadinget and Rosanne Er- pelcling will play Schaum's compositions. '''.-••' •'•'..•- <Mary Jo Murtha, "Indian Sunset;" DarqlcT'Eischeid, ""In 'th^' Wildwopd;" Garpl 'Siihilmbelle£ "Irt'tihe'Swing;'.' Ursel', Scholtes, "Shifting Shadows:" Popular boys' numbers will be played by James McMahon, Darrell Mergen, Stephen Kenefick, Merlq Loss and Ronald Christen^; sen. MOINIK, AT^ONA IOWA _ .u , Duets will be presented by John and Charles Albright, Rog- |r and Ronald Christensen and Mary and Naomi Strayer. in the. waltz field, numbers Will be presented by Robert Mc- bSnel arid 'Richard Schick will Ol'fer a saxophone number. David Walket, Avis Finley, Virginia A QUIZ BASED ON THE ANNUAL REPORT JUST ISSUED BY THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY (INDIANA) way?, we'd like intake you bejturtd'tJi^.Bcerf^^t9/fle^ ; 8orne.of,the thingswe've. been doing of lateJ We think it'mignt'proye more interesting to do ii in'the form of a quiz—which won't be any great brainrtwJBterj as the answers are directly below^the questions. **•:•?•?»"'> -•.:••• In how'much of the United States does .Standard Oil (Indiana) operate? Like most of the rest of you, [- ..Mr.;&'Mrs/: Mid-America, W? were,,Vbon> . these riorth central states. From them w« have spread J " out ejt^ier du-ectlyj qr titeRugbi; s t ub8i^i-; ary -companies until now we;market"in 40'olL He 48 states. We market in' 1& of these- tlates, under, the Standard Oil tant aTeas, we also extended our pipe lirtei to'bring the crude oil to our re- ^hferiejS. Such operations are necessary if'.we are to coritihue to deliver gasoline in SaultSte. Marie,, Kokomo, and thousands 6f;. bthet^toyms and cities. If we hadn't operat^d.on a big, efficient, and . economical scale, you wpifidn't have ban able to b^y that gallon of gasoline fpr about 'ttoe*price;pf : 'a pack of ciga : 5: name. What;,was the incom,|i, of Oil (Indiana), and^atj^dp|i with-it? Standard pare in size with other oil companies? There are /larger oil companies and smaller ones, but it's generally known, of course, that ours is one of the larg- est.To bring you high grad| i^trpleujn, products, wherever antf whenever you vyant them, takes almost limitless,'facil- > ities and equipment, and' the skiJI :ihd. experience, of many: people. ''Aaxia^i^ need^l?ig business as ^eU^ap pffl^« ^> long as'cpmpeiition is fair.,We think oura^as b^eafairi^'It'mvist have'belli,;/ for/ there are many In 1945, w.e, re-, ceiyed for., crude. 3j}> prpducts, £(tc.; . How many people, are in the employ of .Standard Dili (Indiana) and how do they get along together ? There are 36,332 men and women employed; in the vappus departments and subsidiaiies of 'tja^ company. Long- established plaps for vacations with pay, sickness andjdisability comperifia- : tion, andold-agere^ementha^ehelped ' t stabilize our"rel^|| ! (yis with'ejin'pipyeeji'." We have striy^nifpr and Ibelieye .we/ have achieved gpp^ relations and 'mu-' tual understanding, with our employees, both non-uhi(jn j and union, l^e ; have entered intg > ^ntracts wjjth. 108i separate union,organizations.. of:'Qach. dollar, thg; owners of the business—the stockholders—received . only 3.7 cents, it tpok 57>cente of e.ach, • Standard Oil (Indiana) dollar to pay fqr'materials, transportation, and pper- ating costs; 19.2 cents were pajditp employees (including employee bej}gfit|);. 16.5 qents went for taxes, depreciation andiother costs; and 4.4 qents^.were r^ •;. twined for, development of the. business, . 9 What is Sta|||r| of Indiana doing in research,:?, Qur research ejc» p e n d i t u r eg. 1 a at*, in'ovir, history. ' " money the business than was paid out in. ; diyi-. ' ' ' " tipanear the, i diana, will enauii -•>•-"-*t;y • v: vJV' present reseapc^ff sjome ^20 scienf "* 0 •.'!•- ,-• ;••; e).. Just how large is Stiaiij!a!fd^qt<l^a^|^ In terms of cm|elpikimdjreJ5n«d TJ&8&- ; -.•(•;.'.•< barrels. IOV Oi — r.-fj "•.•s^> T ^p,*^+j f '»,^7.r^. -' '• • t way men and trucke^. And;nV ,KI^ vided tl>e stolpk in:,'trade for; 27,7$$ ' small buajneips}Tipn, the. independent operators of. service stations handling our products. Siifjilarly, our payments, in connection with crude oil produced and purchased, were a source of income B^ause we pust spend about $150,- Qbo^^ t|o|jyearjif possible, to ma^e; improvements we couldn't make ctur- ing theijWar and to build new equipment neeSded'to Keep pace with technological. progress. Such expenditures give the , ._ tjife research iis^ ITjpr^eind bet^r 'n researchers will|f promising .may lead. (JOO. laboratories, now. under construc- at Whiting, Into doubly 'our there to nujnbe^. lapd 800 assisjaiita TKe primary scup*titi 'jye you constantly, ijjcts; however/our }^w up their n^ort}, wherever they. ' ' investments in our business more secure. i . ' • . / > ,. How many people qw/i. Standard, Oil 97,166 stockhqjcjgrs . And "the wheels We continue in bu^nggs to make mon|!jr» The stockholder^, w^p invest their, agy», ings in our i^ol|;,p^ equipmen|/^ entitled to a jreaj^na.ljie return, %ajre ' the employees, ^Ij^^do the work. %e_ make money ;fqr r fi|^fiy of you when we'. supply you'enw^n|cked products^fjij?, prpfitable us^ At^tj^cost. The l}j)g^p^. profit has res^lt^}j}. i ;the ' Ameriqa of ^r^l^e good thio^i'of or morp BeoB|^— than any other nation has produc:^ at any time in ", „ ^for all concerne^ . n^w ways t"-- Iftbor and A r 1 e h e. present other Meidersc*heidt Schreiber will ftumbers'.' ^'Pfano soloists are Donald Lee, R0bert Jansen, Roger Ohristen- san and Anne O'Brien. MACHINE HcJUs lor sal( fat'the'Algdfia t^ptier Nine Cars, Trucks Get Ne^ Licenses Nine new cars or trucks were licensed last week in the office of Mary Sarids, county treasurer', as follows: Chevrolets—E. S. Kinsey, Algona; Rjchard Sjogrcn, Algorifi; Raymond Walker, Algond. Fords—Richard Arend, Algona; Kent Motor, Algona (truck; H. H. Murray, Lakofca. Plymouths—D. A. Carpenter, Ledyard; Fred W. S'hilts, Algona. Studebaker — Ernest Ploeger, Lodyard (pickup). AIR-WEAIL Stationery * CO Sheets *. 30 Enveldties E' —in handy foldcf iti *• . ,, ., . •- , <'.>..*»(»' &£', -, y**~ $ it » •' .? **i f * In the discovery of new oil fields? ,\y/ The holder is' npfc ft son, but an institution for the public pwns between 4. and. 5 Among Jhe etockholders are . Our hope ofj causes us to Our search is never«end »ng« Wp have drilled different Year r fj T**8G*9T*i' "^W ** . 'X? drMng wiw came0 on munities, keep i . t . ,ways that ., , «%! l^i^^ other corpora^ the way w»»t treated. Monogrammecl full sheets , with eflvcldjws to match! every correspondence -f>ur- I pose! Packaged in a folder. Popular antiqued brown . leather loafer for all-suminer casual smartness. Leather or lio-mark, •\year-tcstcd soles.' Your favorites , for every; sununjer-time occasion! Rich brown and .white combination in ; blucher and bal styles with no-mark wear-tested soles. Sizes 4 to 9 Widths B YOUR CONSTANT"" CASUAL STAND-INS You'd expect to pay more! It's the hit of tjft ana season for sports an dancing. Rayon faille up" pers with/ leather soles. . BLACK . NAVY " Carefully tailored , slacks for leisure, and ' active sports wear. Choose from three classic colors. SEIMI-TBANSPARENT Miracle Plasti^ 36-INCIIES WIDE VIVID PLAIN COLORS WATER-PROOF 'T CRACK OR PEEL Shower curtains ... . . .. Cajoltabje Cpvws .., Curtains . . .crib-sheets , " an4 many oth« uses,

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