The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 21, 1946
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(RIAL SERVICE MY lai aefviees' lo* ltchell Pittim<b, avtetioft */§' mate second class, 3 s6n of ft and -.Mrs, Fred W. Plumb of jgonti, will be held Sunday af- tnoon.. May 2d, at '3 p. in., at & Methodist church here. .The ''Memorial service will be wld one year after the patrol IfbShtblng mission in which the y§un£ 'Naval airman lost his life. in: action; against the Japanese. I! , IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1946 •i Oliver Mitchell Plumb , On the night .of May 25, 1945, seven, planes of his squadron were on-a, patrol bombing mission against .Japanese merchant ships running supplies to Japan frqrii China. :> • Met ;Jap Destroyer "'On this. night, the Jap ships wprc escorted by a Jap destroyer.';. It'was a foggy night and the bomber was flying at about 200 feet altitude. >, A shell from the destroyer hit the- fuel tank'.of the ..PBM exploding it. With the explosion the pilot and co-pilot were thrown out of the plane and fought their way Clear of the flaming oil on the water. The plane bounced iback into the air and then sank. The crash occurred about 30 .miles off the coast'from SwatOW, half way between .Hong ,-Kong :and Ampy. June 19 his folks received an official message , that ; Oliver was missing, and Nov. 21 confirmation of : :his death. ; ; , Only the -.pilot-.'vand' co-jpilot wore saved from the crew; , ' t Oliver was; born : in- ' L,u : Ve.nYe itwp,, Feb.: 27; ' I924;v rattijndea Liri'JAlSpna' and:' ; feadvated f front '4'th'b; Burt higflf ;s(&bbiyn ; 1941 A| :thoi agc ; of-.1.7 • he^enllsted^jn'" the -regular NaVyf tqi)k training; 'it ; Great Lakes, Navy Pier, Chicago, t where''he 'graduated with a rating of AMMM 3-c, arid then went to aviation gunnery school at Hollywood, Fla. After;, other training assignments he was ordered to join a combat air. crew, as flight engineer, Npv. 10, 1943, In December! he* was selected for pre-f light training, however, and .was"taking this training in Texas and later Georgia, and had-35 hours of solo flying when'theiprogram was closed, and- he returned to his., original duties in a combat crew. "" """".'' For a time he was one of a crew of, J2 on a Martin patrol bomber. assigned to duty in the Caribbean area. --..-'- "•'•'. 'Home for Christmas Dec.' 19, 1044, he came home on leave arid spent Christinas with his parents. • After this leave he , reported, Jan. 9, at Corpus ; Christ,, Tex., where'he was assigned to a new type of bomber and after training in it t!he crew, moved to Sari Diego, and the squadron to which he was: assigriedffeftp th'e-'U. S. Feb, 27,. 1945,-6n ; his; 20th birth•day, flying tft./Ha^'aj.l and then their base of ppewipnis."''. It was from tnis<.ljase, at Lingayen, that the fatal mission started. According to hjs log book these hops were radar .•bombing and nearly all night hops.. ' Surviving pre -his parents, his father being'a;.veteran of WP'.'M ^War I and at present •command- of the AlgPna V. F. W. post, : thrpe sisters, Winifred Plumb, Mrs. Margaret .Miller'.and, Patricia Plumb, and,a 'brother, Walter Plumb, Miss Laura Mitchell of Algona is an aunt. * Banquet, Dance For Vets June 5 P'lans were being made this week by the Atsona Veterans of Fofelatii WarS post fbr a O. I. Homecoming 1 Banquet and Bailee, to be held the evening of Wednesday* June 5, at St. Cecelia's Academy, > All veterans of World War II from this area arc cordially , x Invited to attend, and to bring their wives or sweethearts.The, banquet will start at 6 p. m. and'Will be followed by a dance slat«d to begin arotind 9 p. m. fhe entire program is being (iffcredi free of charge, and membership In any veterans organ-' izatfon is not a requirement for admission, merely an emblem of service. . A representative of each Ideal organization is to be invited to attend, and an invitation committee consisting of Arthur Moulds, Bernard Weaver, Henry Dcarcli, Walter Steven and Wilbur Zciglcr was named. II, S. Montgomery was chairman Of a speaker's committee, and on the dance committee arc • Ernst Thiel, Maurice Bartholomew, Maurice Miller, Francis , McMahon and Harold Stcphcnson. to fiat Next? Afler having her Home thoroughly cleaned, furniture re-upholsJered, and ev- cryihlnc/ ship-shape for the return of her husband from overseas; whom she hadn't $een for nearly four years, Mrs. Helen White. Sunday, Had the misfortune to have Her kerosene hot water Heater explode. , As a result, a complete housecleaning job had to be done. . Mrs. White Is to meet her husband. Captain Hi White, Wednesday in Minneapolis. "All I need now is a railroad . strike," said Helen, from behind a pile of dusting cloths, furniture polish and clean-up material -as she was busy repairing the explosion damage. ALGONA, ST. JOE GRADUATION RITES WNCLDDING THIS WEEK IN SCHOOLS Graduation ceremonies were in full swing this week in Kossuth high schools, and exercises were held last week in a number of high schools. Algona high school Baccalaureate services were held Sunday evening, and graduation exercises will be held Friday evening, May 24, with Howard Pierce Davis, authority on world affairs, to deliver the commencement ad dress. • Saturday •4-' Saturday, May ?§£ iwjJJ py Ray j,n ams' " towns, and also .„.. MJS, <2han :/pU chairman of flhe iJisry pf'the an4 wiij have pal street, sal", ... ; 5,000 ppppjes ,M« r P^opeed> ;{rpf ;ftg - ' ii -;;8«4;.W«^|,.fi t fti .the has. ,Jiiye§r,. ;• ^Jhj;-ja.m, ^ed. , P°P» ^^pft SSinSi:-: :K : Algpna's K. C.- entry ,,in the" Kossuth; Baseball 'League, and St. Joe, were .tied for first place today, after Sunday's contests. Only two games were played. Algona defeated Lone Rock. 3 to 0, and St. Joe downed Corwith, 8 to 2. Other games were rained out, League standings: Team— W. L. Algona 2 0 St. Joe i 2 0 Burt — — .1 0 Lotts Creek .,1 0 Ledyard ___' —_ 0 1 Wesley -..__. -~.—Q 1 Lone Rock ——_..0 2 Corwith 0 2 The Aleona-Lone Rock game was nearly a no-hit affair. Kajewski and Froehlich allowed only, one 'hit, that being banged out by, Batt of Lone Rock Winkel Hits Homer Gordon Winkel sewed Up the contest in the fifth when he hit for the circuit and readied third before ,the ball was picked up. Elbert' scored ahead of him. The game was held at the high school- practice, diamond as the fairgrounds field was too muddy to play. In the Corwith game at St. Joe, Hansen and Chipman did the hurling for Corwith. and Thilges and Barber were pn the mound for St. Joe. Baker and Barber both tripled to help their aggregations along, Algona-Lone Rock Tilt Summary of the Algona-Lone Rogk game follows: Lone Rock (0) AB. R. H. L, Larson, 3b 400 B, Batt Jr., Ib —,_, 200 E, Radig, -as ,—,... 3 0 0 B, Batt, c ._-—_-,. 2 0 1 Hutchinson, rf —.» 3 0 0 Sehultz, If .„, 400 Marlow, p T . 400 M. Larson. c\f„"__•_•,.„ 30 0 Hawks, 2 b _ T .,—— 3 0.0 : " • 28 T, 1 Algona (3) A.B, R. H, R,-Kinkel^cf ..„«,.. 4 1 1 Kajewski, p, ss ,^,,3 0 Q 'Bradley^ c : -»^---« T - 4 -0 •' 2 Frpehliph, ss, p -ili .3 0 0 D. WinKel, ib .'.,.. 3 o 0 Weydert, $>• TT T--,^ 40 0 Elbiert; r,f ^^.,.;;. 11 1 qf, WjnkeJ, 3b —v, 3 4 } B. WhiUemore s --"- rj Howard Pierco Davis . Baccalaureate services at St. Cecelia's Academy • were held Sunday morning, and graduation exercises will ". be held Sunday evening, May 26, at ; the Academy, Rev. J. H;,Duhigg of Livermore will deliver the commencement address. - 14 Wesley •; Graduates , At Wesley li||!hi;i 14 graduates received their :-' diplomas last Wednesday evening. J.' L. Lowe of Algona delivered' the commencement '. address. Musical numbers were.f presented by the band and other 'muscial units. Avery Mullitx -gave the salutatory address and class history, and Burrell Lease 'gave the valedictory address. . Avery had an average of 95 and Burrell an average of 97.8 per cent. Diplomas were, presented to •the class by .Laej-Root, president of the school board, and were awarded to Jack/Hanson, Duaiie Studer, Ronald !'Yegge, Arvin Larson, Dale Dornbier, Burrell Lease, Donovan Studer, Patricia Erdman^Anna Mae Hirner, Gerald Lickteig, Bernice Johnson, Bernadine Johnson, Joseph William Goetz and Charles Avery Mullin. Eighth grade diplomas were awarded by Supt. Mullin to Os^ car Munson, Shirh/ Hansen and Arlenp Abbas. • . 15 Graduate at LuVern? At LuVerne high, 15 were graduated last - Thursday evening./: - '•-.'-• ; .- : - -...-'. . . Mrs, HarpW Ph^lps" played the proQessipna] anrt Rev. Robert Phillips delivered : the Jnvopation. t ; Janet Schneider ' |J9iVe the vale*, dieto^y gddress.,' • ., Supt- Arnold -Hjgllp pt-esented theipjass, gnd'jlugh §j\}rjc, : presi' dent^ of the bpar4 of education awarded diplpm^s trt the, JpUo w» ing; ]•! '•• ,'.;.•:.)' 'V^---...... •:+,. : Eugene paessler, IJftfl^y Bray= ton, Donna -D^hflirt, : Robert ' ' Betty Patt^rapn,' Wayne Pergtmcte, . dep, W^yne Sprensoni ande, LEDYARD YOUTH! FATALCRASHAT C.&N.W. CROSSING Edward J, Schmall, 22, Ledyard, la., .tnicker, was killed^hi stantly Saturday morning, 'wnelv his lumber-laden truck crashed into a Chicago & Ndrthwestefn' freight train halted temporarily on Highway 15, at the east, city limits of Fairmont, Minn. Another trucker who had stop- •ped on the other side of the. freight train, said that he heard; SchmaH's truck approaching and •heard the gears shifted into a, lower spcdc, apparently in an ef-i fort to bring the truck to a halt before the crash. With the heavy load of lumber, a quick stop was, probably not possible, state highway patrolmen said, The crash occurred at 7:18 a.: m., three minutes after the train had stopped. Foggy atmosphere hindered clear vision of the' crossing. ' '-, The truck hit between two;cars with such force that planks on the crossing were jammed up. The truck nosed between two cars, and wrecking truck had-Id be called to pull the Ledyard vehicle away from the cars. Schmall Was a student pilot at the Fairmont Airport and was. termed 'a fine boy" toy the airport manager. His "body .Was badly mangled in the wreck. : i: .The youth had .been .going around the state picking up odd bits of lumber. Giant Fish Tows Local Men In Boat For 10 Hours; Gets Away In Battli FOR ..-; .Plans forfinahcingtheptlrchase .of ^several ,ne\v, 'portable hospital beds : * — „„..- - 90, : Algona. , -The beds and equipment, when purchased, -• will ' be hpused in Whittemore, Fenton, -Swea City, Bancrolt, Titonka and .Algona, and will 'be 'ready/fpr itnrnediate use. Their .purchase is- -to ,i»p financed by a magazine:subscription campaign. . • •, ) ' ODher communities will also be privileged to use tlie beds without charge, except cost of transportation. They will also be available for temporary 'use to any physician in any of the county areas. •'•'•• Representatives of the Auxiliary will carry a letter of authorization in making their canvass. Local Auxiliary officers are Mrs. H. E. Lampright, unit president; Mrs. G.~ D. Brundage, junior past president; Mrs. Thomas Halpin, first vice president; Mrs. W. C. Dau, second vice president; Mrs. Kay Setchell, secretary; Mrs. Marc Moore, treasurer; Mrs. Theo. Lai-son, past president; and Mrs. L. M. Merritt, .past president. Mrs. Fred Peterson, Swea Sity, county Auxiliary president, has also endorsed the project. Donations cannot be accepted, but the subscribers to magazines will get value received. BOY,l5^TOLEN CAR RECOVERED A 15-year-old Algona tooy was being held at Dune Park, Indi ana, awaiting arrival of Kossuth officers. He was arrested there Sunday, after a car had been stolen on Nort'h Dodge St., Saturday night, . ' The car and youth were recovered by the Indiaha police, after descriptions of the machine had been broadcast. The arrest was made within, 24 hours after the theftji.but, the machine had trav* eled a'bput .300 miles in, the meantime,. Sheriff A- J( Cogley and County Attorney If. W, Miller were going to Dune City, Wednesday, tp bring back the car,4nd boy. The latter. nad- tpld, his parents last Saturday\aftemoon; tlist he was going,IP run away, and -' ••-'"---" Kept;his wold, ; Twelve Pages —Two Sections N; TRUCKER l-' FiSHBRMEN.FROM A,;. THEY; --- FILES $7,710 SUIT OR CAR INJURIES A damage suit for $7,710 was filed by Mrs. Ralph Hasty in district court here last week, against Myrtle Frost of Whittemore, and the estate of Harold E. Frost. Mr. and Mrs. Hasty were defendants in a court trial brought' recently by Mrs. Frost, asking some $26,000 in damages as the result of the death of her husband in an auto and truck collision, Nov. 3, 1945. The jury returned a verdit for the defense, the Hastys in that case. Now the defendants in the original suit are plaintiffs in the new one. Mrs. Hasty alleges that the negligence of Frost, who was driving the truck and was killed, the accident caused her to receive severe injuries including a concussion of the t skull, broken arm and other injuries. . One other new case was filed, that of Lee Jackson vs. Mrs.' Lillian K. Ba'hling and Frank W. Bahling, a law matter over a note, asking $132,24, ' A divorce was granted, Saturday, by Judge G. W. Stillman, to Mary Lee from Ray Lee, The plaintiff was granted custody of the couple's three children, and a court judgment for, support of the. children was also signed. SURE IT SOUNDS FISHY agree A. E. Lauritzen, left, Lloyd Wellendorf and Ralph Morgan, above, but they are willing to swear on Q Bible and are doing so in this picture,! that their story-of a 10 hour and 45 minutes battle against a fish that towed them between eight and ten miles on Spirit Lake is true. (Photo by Long's Studio). Mrs. Last rites Storm, 57, day alterrippn aj ; Algpna Metno4tet burial in tft& ~ " •,-^,m^mm RECKLESS DRIVING; 30DAYSINJAIL '' tl^nry .Sphnejder, .Algona, got intp' Vail kinds of trouble, last week, and as a result is spending 30 d^ys in the «?pUnty jail, Ljast-W^feine was arrested by States, •Fg.trplinsn p, S. Hutph»n' SQ inS-fhWS e 4 with dr wpigut \QA6 license •tteS '&' S. Jwnstpn he tfritU Sitpfioay to p»y '- • If this isn't the biggest of all big local fish stories,"let us. know! . For 10 hours'and 45 minutes last • Wednesday night:?and Thursd'ay morning, .three Algb'iia • J isjkt&rmen were towed arouhd^Sjitsjiake by what is evidently ; 'a'*||f|ei|jsj.of giant catfish or paddlefish^l^t^Iikes of wlhich has never.beeMhdard of before in these parts. •''." -.•';. "•,"'• And the trio are highly reput-. able gentlemen, Lloyd Wellendorf, Ralph Morgan and A. E. Lauritzen,.,. ithe latter county superintendeht'of schools. To back them up in .their story they, have Frank Marrictte, one of Iowa's' best' known •fishihg,. .experts who camja.-/' TO/I' m • But to /begln;a ; the. ibeginrilrig! i;-'V::?.. The Aigpna'.trlb were fishing off ; Stoney Point, Spirit Lake. 'It,was ' 9:45 .p. m.-last Wednesday-night. Wellendorf suddenly felt:his reel begin to spin, yelled "hoist anchor" \ •with a truejfflsherman's insitinct, and Lauritzen barely got the anchor of f the ibottorii when the bodt began to move'northward toward the Spirit'Uake inlet. Wellendorf: played the game carefully, skillfully, his 10 Ib.,line giving,and taking. Morgan grabbed oars arid f helped' to jiavigate. ;; > Reaching shallow water the ,un- 1': derwater' ; creature turned .and •'•• headed south; At midnight the y boys were halfway, down the lake*" They ,nedred the south shore; in shallow, water the. giant giving.--: them the tow, turned west, neared shore and then kept along the shore but out in fairly .deep water, as dawn began to break. ' Wades Ashore For Help. : /•' ,At this .point, , exhausted,/ : but fighting gamely, the fishermen decided to send for help. In water : hip deep, Dauritzen slipped over : the side of the boat and waded ashore. He roused Frank Marnette. 1 The two rushed for gaffing equipment and a motor boat, and after notifying the boat Mvery that all was well^-buC that all fishing records were about to be broken— : headed for the boat in which Wel-V : lendorf and .Morgan were still; ' fighting gajnely, and the fish ;as»; well.- ; •','••"".. ' ''."•• ;,•'•• ; Arriving at the toofct, • Mamette i - ' transferred to the Algona boat i»nU began a tricky effort to reel in 4he unknown mpriste-r, w4iic}j. -had nev» . ; er surfaced, cln-ihe .sitruggle..that ;',: followed, the ;line; : finally, broke, -'if-' and the battle was over. The f " ; " 10 hours ^M 4§^n"tWfln4 th|'' ; fishermen tod cepvweds feetwew • eight and..'.''" ~"'- *""' ''' :L ''"'-"'"' -"'•'•"" fish in «?n that a giant to-be Lake, bu>t.' niore BOUT1 OF THE BATTtg is shown above. From Stoney Point the Algona fishermen were towed in Q circuitous route, ^indicated; until finally .their line broke, ending the longest fishing prdeal on recwTfor Iowa lake. ••'.-'/"•'' \- ••••.• •;'.,'" ' • " Albert N» Found Burt; The M, ft sold their p| Albert brother,,...,.. derspn Pf Al€ in bed at 'm. city light by the Mt«. Stopm. a new lipense him /ijji -;-lft4»j- : .fetteS fjonnstpn " 3®&&y^%>!!^&MgiS^:K^

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