The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1946 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1946
Page 18
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PAGE SIX_ Why Arc We First of all, in view of greatly increased deaths and injuries on our highway*, National, State and local Safety Councils are advocating safety eaf($j$|^ country. For 1945, Algona won highest a ward among Iowa cities cities of her class for a fine traffic record* WiS'd all like td See Algona win ag|riii.if|-1|M^ all, we want to do our part to help stop injuries on the road, to prevent needless deaths, and to add our bit by saying; ^DRIVE C AREFULLY, 00$^T&jf ** WITH A LIFE . . . perhaps your own. Let's resolve to drive with caution in 1946, KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Alff«« / ' Chevrolet Sales and Service ?ta<; •f ';. DON NELSON JOEE. HABI E A CHANCE! " Here's An Easy Way To Check Yourself... Get Out Your Pencil And Take Our "Safe Driving O I cross when the signal is flashing. D I never take a chance with a train. Do you judge for yourself whether there's time to cross . . . instead of obeying signals? Do you cross without seeing clearly both ways? Right now . . . make it your rule never to disregard a flashing signal ! And you'll never meet the sudden terror that killed ot injured Ifipersons at railroad crossings each day last year! [H I let cars watch out for me at night. CD I'm twice as careful in darkness. Do you forget that a driver can't see you. walking at night as soon as you see him? Do you cross in mid-block ... or step unexpectedly in the beam of headlights? Unless you remember that dark hours arc danger hours for pedestrians, you may be one of 20,000 pedestrians likely to be killed ot injured this coming month: D I put off expensive repair on my car. D I keep my car in first class condition. Do you put off needed repairs because they're costly? Or because they'll mean doing without the car? In the long run it's less expensive to keep your car in top condition. Accidents cost big money as well as lives ! And with the average car 8 years old, accidents involving defective equipment have more than doubled! D I passed on a hill this week. D I never pass on a hill. Do you "chance it" . . . risk frightful head-on collision by passing on a hill? Do you "straddle center" on curves? These ate the little things that make big smashups ! Last year half of all fatal traffic accidents involved improper driving habits like these. Next time you pass on a hill — may be the last time! D I let pedestrians watch out for me. D I drive twice as carefully at night. Do you forget how diflicult it is to see a pedestrian at night? Do you drive so fast you can't stop within your headlight vision? Then face die frightening fact— you may kill a man this year—for more pedestrians arc struck down during the iirst 3 hours of darkness than at any other time. Do you Kvw/such tragedy? D I drive in the middle of the road. D I keep lo the right at all limes. Do you habitually "straddle center" .. . especially on curves? Do you turn right from the left hand lane? Do you pass on a hill? Then you're risking frightful head- on collisions every day—for such actions played a part in half of all fatal accidents last year. Will a careless driving habit claim your life this year? CD I'm stubborn about tho right-of-way. D I believe courtesy pays. Do you bluff your way through intersections ? Do you get a thrill out of taking off like a P-38 ... or beating another driver out of his "right-of-way?" You're playing against dangerous odds —15'/6 of fatal accidents in cities involved failutc to give right-of-way. "Give in" a little—your life is worth it 1 D I cross when the signal is flashing. I never take a chance with a train. Do you ignore signals at grade crossings if the train seems far away? Do you start up before the bell stops . . . forgetting ' that another train may be coming? Carelessness like this kills or injures lf> persons every day. Cut down these sickening accidents by remembering that a. Hashing railroad signal means — full Hop! O I put off making repairs on my car. D I keep my car in top condition. Do you ncgkct having brakes adjusted ... or steering gear inspected? Do you fail to replace dead light bulbs? Do you drive as fiiit as usual though tires ate worn ? With so many old cars on the road —accidents involving mechanical defects have- more than doubled! Is neglect making your car a death-trap? O I exceeded the ipeed limit this week. O I never go over the speed limit, Do you "step it up" when the.coast is clear? Do you forget to make allowances these days for defective brakes . . . worn tires? Do you fail to slow down when it's raining or snowing? If so, you may be on the auto accident death list this year—for unsafe speed played a part in one out of every three clw occurred list year. Q I only slow down at slop signs, O I stop completely at every stpp slgn> Do you chisel on stop signs ,.. often sneak through instead of coming to a full stop? Do you try to beat the light when it's turning red? Do you like to bluff other drivers into givingyou right-of-way? Half of last year's fatal accidents.invelved just such criminal carelessness. PC considerate. It's better to be safe than sorry. D I change tire* «n the road. . D I pull completely^off the.Toad. you change a tire at night do you pull only part way off the road . •...'•then stand. in front of the tail light?- Do you risk blowouts . . . heglcct.hecded repairs on your,aging'caf?.With the average CM over eight yeans old accidents involving mechanical defects have more than, doubled today ! Why welcome .trouble? , . . . Q { mix drinking and driving. D I never drive "under the influence." 'Do,you figurc.,a.few drinks don't count ... don't really make any difference, in your, reactions? Why fool yourself—, rtcprds reveal that drinking.^e^her.'/bjrii pedestrian or a driver Jjlaycd; fpa'rr.'in :' 1 ,out of \ fatal auto accidents last year. Play it safe—if you take even oiiCj drink —don't take the driyer's-scac.! .'> s , D I "Jay-walk" when I'm in in JiMrry. D I'm always cartful croislng ftreet*. Do' you dash across in rn|(J-block ? Do you think traflic lights are meant only for motorists? Do you cross without looking both ways? Then youftjay be one of the 20,900 pedestrians killed pr injured this cpniing'month. Surc,:yQu've' : )»ji>v" ll -« J hundreds of ti(T>?ST'»nd gotten , But is the fjsk voHlvUjli V. ' I 4 * •1 i I << i A Message from the Chairman of the Local Safety Council Our local record for highway safety has been good, the past several years. Yet, today, the State of Iowa lias nearly twice the highway deaths recorded as was the rase a year ago. Removal of gasoline restrictions has resulted in all cars returning to the highways, with disastrous results, so far in 1946. Let us all unite, now, to personally observe the rules of "safe and sane driving", and see to it that each of us, whenever we are behind the wheel of a rar, are doing our bit to help maintain the splendid record we have had in the past. DR. C. C. SHIERK District Director, State Safety Council WfaJIJF m^^fr ^(JP^ ^WBI HBH BMHi HW w |^^^ - . ^^jjfr ^P^P ^jjf^^ ^^^p -^W. ... - ^^P^^' ^Pl^^ '.' CHEVROLET SALES"& '' .Extra Reprints of This Page for Posting or for Use by Organisation Will is 0iven Free Drive Inl We Will Check Your Car Now for Mechaiwal f Brakes • Wh§fJi tHeadlights fShoekAbfi

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