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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 85
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 85

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
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rams the D.W. Griffith of surf movies and his original The Endless Summer (1965), shot on a measly $50,000 budget and grossing over $30 million, is the surfers' Birth Of A Nation, released with impeccable timing as the sport was peaking in popularity. Brown invented the rudimentary ground rules for the genre, in which a group of intrepid travellers, always male and usually blond-haired, search the world's more exotic locales for the perfect wave. Lies (1994), Hr Channel 7, 8.30pm IN a role that resembles his Lost Action Hero persona, Arnold Schwarzenegger -plays a seemingly dull-witted computer salesman who moonlights as a spy. For 15 years, he has successfully deceived his frustrated wife (Jamie Lee Curtis).

When she finally wakes up to his subterfuge, he suspects that she is having an.affair.The dilemma becomes a matter of international versus domestic priorities: should he save the world from possible nuclear destruction or rescue his own marriage? MOVIE: Pandora's Box 1 929), SBS, 10.25pm LOUISE Brooks is star quality at its most luminous in G.W. Pabst's amalgamation of two modern plays by Franz Wedekind. Brooks is fascinating in every subtly modulated gesture as Lulu, the archetypal femme fatale.a frankly carnal woman who uses men and resists being used by them. It takes an archetypal misogynist Jack The Ripper to put an end to her. Critic'sView The Year Of The 8.30pm SWAMPED by so much live TV coverage, replays and often banal panel shows, it's easy to forget footy is filled with powerful human stories.

Year Of The Dogs jotts us back to reality with its absorbing and always entertaining portrait of a year in the life of the then Footscray Football Club. Now the team is an AFL heavyweight and has the American-style name of the Western Bulldogs, but in 1996 Footscray was seriously On-field, the club was regularly walloped by opponents, lost a coach and finished near the bottom of the ladder. Off-field, financial worries, internal divisions and a potential merger with another club prevented much progress. Producer-director Michael Cordell had access to most of the club's key figures, and the results are outstanding, such as when current coach Terry Wallace and staff discuss sacking prominent player Tony Uberatore (who has gone on to great success in the past two years). Or the coundess subde insights into the dynamics of a football club, especially its dependence on the intricate world of male friendship.

Yet the real stars of this documentary are not so much the players, but the fans, symbolised by mother and daughter Pat and Jenny Hodgson. The Hodgsons' love for the club is palpable and it is their passion which makes Year OfThe Dogs such a pleasure to watch (whether you enjoy footy or not). ChasingThe Midnight Sun, ABC, 6pm CROSSING Greenland's vast ice cap Fan tales: loyal Footscray bamcker Pat and Jenny Hodgson In happier times. On The Web Masterpiece: Lulu in Berlin, SBS, 9.30pm She was far more than just a pretty face Louise Brooks Society has an exhaustive web site about this fascinating siren. by sled and kayak is the sort of thing only people with a touch of madness would consider, so it's not surprising to discover three Australians have done it Eric Phillips, Ben Galbraith and Wade Fairley decided to copy the trip made by another Australian, explorer John Rymill, in the early 1 peaks of ice, chilling sky-blue waters and regular blizzards provide the beautiful but dangerous backdrop as the three make their journey during Greenland's brief summer.

The Nanny, Channel THE Nanny's Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) and Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) should have married ages ago, but instead they endlessly circle around each other to maintain the precious "unresolved sexual This week, in an episode called Educating Fran, special guest Harry Hamlin (LA Law) provides the foil. He plays' Steve Goldberg, a philosophy professor at Maggie Sheffield's college and he's keen on Fran. Maxwell gets jealous, Fran still misses Mr Sheffield, and the whole thing is too predictable. Endless Summer II (1 993), Channel 9, 2pm BRUCE Brown is rightly regarded as 3 if Nostalgic glimpses of a world that has vanished faster than we care to remember. OPTUS: Secret And Lies, Movie One, 8.30pm WITH Secrets And Lies, British writer-director Mike Leigh shakes off the bitterness that marks many of his earlier films to embrace with affection and optimism characters whose lives have been ruined by the social dystopia of contemporary Britain.

Brenda Blethyn turns in an extraordinary performance as the tortured, working-class mother who gave up her first-born for adoption.Twenty years later, her black daughter seeks her out, triggering a range of responses from Blethyn's other daughter, son and sister-in-law. Paul Kalina RadioWaves Buy, Swap And Sell, 3 AW (1278), 6am to 8am WHETHER it's a washing machine, old swap cards or a family heirloom you wish to pick up, swap or flick, this show offers you a great chance for only the cost of a local phone call. Every Sunday (and Saturday) morning, bargain seekers tune in hoping to find that elusive item they can't seem to get at the shops or garage sales. And. there seems to be no limits on what weird and unusual things people can sell and, perhaps more pertinently, what weird and wonderful things people will buy.

Darren James is the long-time host of this show and his genial voice is ideal. It's a bit like an audio version of The Trading Post, except here you're more likely to come across something you never even knew you wanted. Darrin arrant The Pick Of Pay TV FOXTEL: Cinesound Royal Tour Of Australia ITS easy to scoff at the patronising tone of the old Cinesound newsreel, with its reference to "the fuzzy-wuzzies who still have an important part" to play in Australia's history. But before comforting yourself that "we're not like that just consider what viewers in 45 years' time will make of our own TV news bulletins. This Cinesound Review focuses on a milestone of sorts; the 1954 Royal Tour of Australia, when the "fairytale Queen and Duke" became the first reigning monarchs to enter an Australian Parliament, were jubilantly welcomed by 750,000 Melburnians, and, hear it for yourselves, addressed the Australian people as "Your Vietnamese.

8.0 Mandarin. 9.0 Samoan. 10.0 Macedonian. 11.0 Sport 12.0 SoccerAlchemy. AW 1278 kHz 6am Buy, Swap 4 Sell.

With Darren James. 8.0 Sunday Gardening. Darren James with Jenny Smith and Andrew Secull. Inc. interviews: openline: guests: home handyman hints; plant of the week (8.10).

10.0 Work) Of Sport. Darren James with Anthony Hudson, Russell Mark, Garry Lyon, Peter Thompson and Liz Tavener. Inc. debate; competitions; interviews. 12.0 Football.

With Ren Hunt, Sam Newman, Anthony Hudson, Robert Walls and Graeme Bond. Inc. description of Carlton -Melbourne, live from Optus Oval; inc. regular updates of EortAdelaioe v.Adeiaiotlta-vfreiiianite North Melbourne Brisbane Lions. 6.0 Yvonne Law-.

-t rente. Inc. Kerry Kulkins, Tarot Cards (6.0); James Sherlock, videos (6.30); Lost Dogs Home "Dog of the Week" (7.0); John Simos, travel (8.0). 9.0 Remember When. With Bruce Mansfield and Philip Brady.

12.0 Keith McGowan. Inc. news; comments: interviews; MsMNmomLttlktb 5am News. 5.05 Open Learning. From Emperors To Entrepreneur Contemporary Chinese Politics.

7th of 13: The Structure Of Government And Political Reform. 5.30 Open teaming. Religious Understanding: Revel-; eUorts, Reason And Belief. 7th of 13: Buddhism. $.0 1 News.

6.05 Singers Of Renown. With John Cergher. R. 7.0 News. 7.10 Encounter.

Religious documentary series. 1.0 News. 8.05 Correspondent Report. With Robertson. 8.30 From The British Weeklies.

-J'l4S0tUiam's IkzctnittiRobyn science. 9.0 News. 9.10 Background Bnefinf. 10.0 News. 10.05 Melisma.

With Robyn Johnston. 12.0 News. 12.05pm The National Interest. With Terry lane. News.

1.05 The Europeans. With Maria Zijlstra. 1.45 Letter From America. With Alistair Cooke. 2.0 News.

2.05 Hindsight. With Michelle Rawer. 3.0 Airplay. Plays and serials. Trapped.

By Trudy Hellier. 3.30 Aits Talk. With Julie Copeland. 4.0 News. 4.05 Sunday Concert.

With Stephen Snelienien. 5.0 News. 5.10 Sunday Special. WrlhKierenPfcLeonard. 6.0 News.

6.10 The Spirit Of Things. With Rachael Kohn. 7.0 News. 7.10 Letter From America. With Mistair Cooke.

R. 7.30 Books And Writing. With Ramona Hovel. R. 8.30 Radio-Eye.

With Brent Clough. Songs My Mother Taught Me. Based on the experiences of British women who married Newfoundland servicemen during World War H. The Beck Room. 10.0 News.

10.05 i- Country Ckm. With Richard Porteous. 12.0 News. News. 12.10pm Sports Rap.

With Tracy Parish. 12.20 Football. With Peter Booth. Inc. news (1.0, 2.0); description of Carlton Melbourne, live from Optus Oval.

Commentators: Peter Booth, Tim Lane, Peter Keenan end Peter Knights. 5.0 News. 5.01 AFL Rap. With Peter Booth. 6.0 News.

6.10 Grandstand Rap. With Peter Booth. 6.30 The Great Australian Bite. With Kevin Naughton. me.

news (7.0, 8.0). 9.0 News. 9.05 Speaking Out. With Wayne Codwell. 10.0 News.

10.05 Sunday Night With David Busch. hie. news (11.0, 12.0, I. 0). 2am News.

2.05 Early Mornings with Tim Cox. CK 855 kHz CooawaMtfty ItooT 6am Country Breakfast 7.30 Gardening talkback 9419 0155:415 AMernotive News, 9.30 Concrete Cm 10.0 On The Picket Line. 10.30 Latin American Update. II. 0 The Travel Show.

12.0 Earth Matters: environmental issues. 12.30pm The Other Film Show. 1 .0 Applause, Applause. 1.30 Dance Dialogues. 2.0 Sista-matici feminist magaiine.

3.0 Dykes On Mikes; lesbian issues. 4.0 Voice Of The Mevis. 5.0 Voice Of Turkish And Kurdish Workers. 6.0 Croatian Radio Mover. 7.0 Let The Bands Play.

8.0 Nostalgia Unlimited. 11.30 Zorba On Sunday. 2am Off The Cuff. TTtTffT DTT Mil Rat ami mil Ipnrl 5am Sunrise. With PeterByrne7.0 The 19th Hot.

With Peter Quattro and Sandra McKenzie-Wood. 80 Correct Weight. With Shane Tempteton and Matthew Stewart mc. Harness (8.10); Greyhounds (8.25): Thoroughbred Bleeding (10.20). 12.0 The Score.

Sport with Trevor Himstedt. 6pm Bomber Radio. 7.0 Demon Radio. Wrth AmtrewKuuse and Gerard Murphy 8.0 Father Gerard' Dowrmg. 12.0 Nghtmoves.

With David Pmcombe. NEWS MM MM Mb i Noon. Football. Description of North Melbourne v. 1 Brisbane Lions, live from the fG (2.

10). 111 Mb Qraah fngtwrn i tnua4Mk s''-- tarn Cettnl Music. 7.0 Greek. 8.0 Slovenian. 9.0 Wetnemese.

100 Cantonese. 11.0 Hebrew 120 Japanese. 1pm Spanish. 2.0 Catalan. 3.0 Lebanese.

4.0 Assyrian. 6.0 Irish. 7.0 Afghan. 8.0 Croatian. 10.0 Malaysian.

1 1.0 Filipino. 12.0 Greek Soccer. Live. 2am BBC World Service: overnight transmission. SBS 93.1 MHz 6am Cultural Music.

7.0 Maltese. 8.0 Italian. 9.0. Hindi. 10.0 Urdu.

11.0 Tamil. 12.0 Sinhalese. 1pm Spanish. 2.0 Ukrainian. 3.0 Turkish.

4.0 Russian. 5.0 Finnish. 6.0 Italian. 7.0 Arabic. 8.0 German.

9.0 Czech. 10.0 Slovak. 11.0 Sport. 12.0 SoccerAlchemy. BAY 93.9 MHz Class: Hits K-fiOCtt 95S MHz RmI MmSc Utffety STQSO 974 97.4 TTTTH 101.1 MHz Mow Mix Music FOX 101.9 MHz Today Best Mttslc 4 BR 102.7 MHz Alternative Music And Talk.

6am Vital Bits. 9.0 Radio Marinsra: marine issues. 10.0 Radio Therapy: medical issues. 11.0 Einstein A Go Co: science. 12.0 Eat It.

lpm The Daisy Pluckers. 2.0 The JVG Radio Method: thematic music mis. 4.0 Delivery: Australian and Instrumental music. 6.0 Bee's Brew. 8.0 Into The Void.

10.0 Tin Hard Report. 2am Music All Night. MBS 103.5 MHz Fine Music. 7am Hymns Old And New. 7.30 Recent Releases Concert.

10.30 Know four Musk. Inc. works by Brahm, Dohnanyi, Crumb. 12.0 Clasax Inc. works by Bizet, Bach (arr.

Jenkm), Beethoven, Bern, Fibich, VeHones, Bolzoni, Mozart (arr. Triebensee). 2pm Ian Potter Foundation Daily Arts Diary. 2.05 Apres-Midi. Inc.

works by Hoist, Bantock, Tippett, Goossens, Vaughan Williamv. 4.0 Musk For Leisure. Inc. works by Verdi, Delius, Strauss, Gottschalk, Coates, Origo, Lehar. 5.30 Sounds Authentic.

Inc. works by Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn. 7.30 In Concert. 9.0 Organ And Choral Music Inc. works by Trad Irish, Guilmant, Trtov, Beauvariet-Charperrtier, Bach, Corrett, Cotortna, Preetorius.

10.30 Kaleiooicope. Mc. Haydn: The GOLD 104.3 MHz Best Soeats of at Tknt Triple 105.1 MHz The New THpk Noon-6pm Football: description of Carlton Melbourne, live from Optus Oval. NBC CLASSIC FM 105.9 MHz 6am News. 6.05 For The God Who Sings.

With Kay McLennan. Inc. news (7.0). 8.0 News. 8.05 Listener Requests.

With Marian Arnold. Inc. works by Kreutzer, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Barber, Benjamin, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Tchaikovsky. 12.0pm News. 12.05 Sunday Afternoon With Jim McLeod.

International Concert. Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Sir Colin Davis, conductor. Ins, Vaughan WILuimskSymphoRy No. -6'inE No.6in A2.0 Samuel Barber.

English composer Peter Dickinson pro-fires successful composer Samuel Barber. 3.0 The Best Of Sunday Live. With Lawrie Bruce. Merhjn Quaife, soprano; Michael Pisani, oboe, cor anglais; Angela Dhar, piano. Inc.

works by Schumann, Percy Grainger, Roger Bruce. 4.0 Young Australia. With Simon Heaty. Tahu Matheson, piano. Inc.

Bach: English Suite No. 2 hi A minor, BWV 807; Mozart: Te 9n Variations On Unser Dummer Poebd Meint from Die Pilgrime von Mekka by Gluck, K455-, Chopin: Ballade No. 4 in minor, Op 52. 5.0 Jantrack. Wtthjim McLeod.

7.0 Newt. 7.05 Sunday Evening. With Stephen SneHeman. Tetaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcast Season. 12th of 19.

inc. Mozart Die ZauberfMe. 10.25 Renaissance Verona Setting. Inc. Prokofiev: Romeo And Juliet, BeHet in Three Acts with Prologue and Epilogue, Op 64.

lam Music Overnight. mi06.7MHi '-1'' Real Radio. 6am The Morning After. 9.0 Country Junction. 11.0 Soul Cruise, lpm Dizzy Atmosphere: jazz.

3.0 Global Village. 5.0 Special: Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 7.0 hi Search Of A Perfect Groove: album leviews. 8.30 HyMd: ambient. 10.0 Continental Drift.

12.0 HowmV At Midnight: bhws. 2am hisoainia. Trfcfc 1 107JJ MRz 6am Jim Traii. 10.0 Robbte Buck. 2pm This Sportini BM 1341 kHz I MP 1377 kHz Easy Metsic XY1422HtaRalMa 6am Graham Rebbeci 9.0 Rob Hicks.

Inc. Sunday in the Garden-, Bruce Ewan, Money Talk; Grape Fjpex-toaoM. 12.0 Tony Mcktenus. mc. description of NRU Melbourne Storm Paramatta Eels.

Commentators: Arthur Hrgams and Warred Beiand (2.0-4.0). 6pm Don Crawlordl.O Mel Garvin. 120 Graham Rebbeck. jZAoam som uuamy. n.

l.u news, mom 1593 kHz I mc. other Worms (1.05): New hR3.95h0pwUnrillf4.05).-. LOOK 1 kHz UMinwttai Iem-60 FootMt. Description of Esseodon sowmflttt, Ms new) yM mUJMKiEe a.JW NNulNt Offt WRn lM MctttfMTI. NIC.

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