The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1946
Page 7
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'«' (f H (1 V (> t» (t I' * >< v ,» 0 9 <* l> i* i» ir ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES ;"Secohd Section TUESDAY, MAY 14,1046 MRS. PAUL EIGLER BAND MOTHERS Ferttoni flhe Sand Mothers held their last ,-nteetlng Friday. Officers , for the eoltvlng year were el&ted. . They toei-ei Mrs. Paul Eigler, ores!-* dent; Mrs. Win. Miller, vice president; Mrs, S. W. Ruske, secretary and treasurer. W. S. C. S. Met Thursday— • W. S...C, S. .met at the Fenton Methodist chUrch 'parlors Thursday, (Mrs. Walt Widdel 'had the devotions, Peace through His Cross. Mrs.' Don Weisbrod had .the lesson themo which was Children and the Peace. Several members assisted with the lesson. Hostesses were 'Mrs. E. J. Frank. •Mrs. Ohas. Newel, Mrs. Gaylord Johnson, Mrs^George Jbrgenson, Mrs. John Light, 'and Mrs. Wilbert Hblldorf, Farewell for Gloria Wallace— Loretta .Williams and Rosemary Cornelius entertained at a farewell party Sunday afternoon for Gloria Wallace, who left with her family •for their .new 'home in Spokane, Wash. The guests Delores Mansager, Carol Jnne DeWall, Beverly Hainzinger, Lavon Hainzinger, Nina Muir, Helen Fuhr, Rose Mary Fuhr, Juanita Straley, Anna Rae Weisbrod, Lois Ruth Hantleman >and -the hostesses presented Gloria with a gold locket. Entertains Club— Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod was hostess to her bridge club Saturday aiter- noon. Mrs. Gerald Voigt and (Mrs. Geo. Jentz played for absent members. Mrs. Chas. Newel won 'high •score prize and Mrs. FreeloVe Weisbrod won second high. Joyce Mariow I* "Miss Lone Rock" In Band Festival Farewell and Welcome for Vets— Mr. >and Mrs. Roy Chrischilles entertained at a combination dinner last Sunday, a farewell for Bob Mitchell who leaves 'for the •army next week and a homecoming for Lyle Weisbrod, who has been discharged from the navy. Guests were Mr. 'and Mrs. Bill Krause and son Brian of West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Weisbrod -and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weisbrod and Raymond Utpf. Celebrate Wedding Anniversary—• "Mr. -and Mrs. v Chas, : Theesfield spent Sunday at the home of their daughter Mr. and Mrs. Carl Classon at Crystal Lake. The Classons celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Dinner guests were •Mr. 'and Mrs. Chas. Theesfleid, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Theesfleid and. JOYCE MARLOW, above, is Miss Lone Rock insofar as ihe North Iowa band fesli- vaJ, slated for Mason City, June 20, is concerned. She is the daughter of Dell Marlow, farmer near Lone Rock. Miss Marlow was chosen to represent Lone Rock by ihe band of the high school. She is a junior, member of the band, mixed chorus, and is president of ihe Junior class, -had ihe lead in ihe junior class play, played basketball, was a cheer leader, and has top scholastic honors. Ringsted Bride And Groom Honored Hurt: Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham attended a shower Thursday evening for their son Gordon and his bride, which was held in the recreation room of St. John's Lutheran church at Ringsted. The shower was given toy two aunts of the toride. The newlyweds' recently purchased a trailer house in which they will live. They will go to Detroit, Mich., in June, where Gordon will work for the Sterling Creamery Co. this ^summer. In. the fall he will •begin a course in Dairy Industry at Iowa State 1 College at Ames. Mrs. J. 1 Pi.Jensen on. Wednesday afternoon, May 8, celebrat- "1 her,birthday W company with the special date and brought a potlucjc'.lunch which later m thp Verbrogge of Armstrong, Alfred Kremmeyer of Ledyard. The Clas- sons were presented with a lovely gift. '. •..'. Philip Winders Visit Son- Mr, and Mrs.--: Ophjllp Wander spent the weekend recently at Waterloo with their son Carrol anc family. Carrol received his discharge from ,the army Feb. 13 anc after a week was back at his old job for an Insurance concern, being stationed in eastern Iowa. .Marion and Virginia Hengel and Lyle Paulson, of Des Moines visited over the week end at the Richard Hengel home, • Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Theesfeld and Qary Zumaon spent Sunday at the •home', of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Christensen at Ringsted. Donald Weisbrod and daughter Marilyn, and Mrs^WlU Weisbrod were Fort Dodge business'visitors Saturday. / , Visit Weisbrod Home- Mr. and Kirs. Hugo Denker of Lester and Mrs, Harvey Thomas and Barry of Green Mountain came Sunday for a visit' at the W, J. Weisbrod home. Mr. Denker returned home that evening while the other remained until Wednesday morning. Mrs, Thomas and son returned to their 'home with Mr. Thomas who came Tuesday. They had .visited at Lester's the past three weeks, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Behne accompanied toy Layton, Ray Cornelius and Billy Stoebe attended the baseball game at > Fairrpont on r Sunday; After the game they all enjoyed a picnic supper, The ac- casion was Layton's 14th birthday anniversary. Mrs. Maurice Wallace and family left Monday morning for Spokane, Wash., to make their future home. Mr. Wallace, has been there; for some time. : • , Husband Phones from Germany— ' Mrs, Wendell Rusch of Fenton was pleasantly surprised. Sunday morning when she received a tele-* phone call from her husband., who is stataionetj at Frankfurt, Ger-» many. The call was received here <at $:3Q 3. m. The time over In Frankfurt was 2;30 p, employed at West Lyle Welsbrod who wag recent T ly- disch^j-ged frorn the pavy,' ac» cepted a position wi$h the Farmers Elevator Qo, oil ststJen st West Bend and begajj % new duties Monday warping, PJnner guests at the feome of Mr. and Mrs, Jtohij MfW •were Mr, «m4 and temly and Mr, wa MM. family and Mr. |Cera iNrf £tefies were and Mrs. W. R, Wolfe and Mrs. Wendell Rusch drove to Blue Earth, Minn, Sunday wih.ere they were dinner guests of Mrs. Jennie Armstrong. Elaine Mitchell, student nurse af Minneapolis, spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Morris Mitchell. Mr. and OVIrs. Elmer Weisbrod spent Sunday with relatives at Klemme. ; Ed Lindsey who attends school in Des Moines spent the week enj at his home here. . Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Jolley entertained Dr. and Mrs. Richardson of Algon.a Friday evening. Dr. and Mrs, E. W. Ruske attended the dental convention Des Moines this past week. . Corrine Foss of Marshall,' Minn., spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Jorgenson. Mrs. H. R. Williams spent from Thursday until Sunday visiting with her mother Mrs. John HudeK at'Pocahontas. Anna Marie Mitchell, teacher at Ledyard, spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mitchell. Sunday callers at the 'home of Mr ;and Mrs. S. E, Straley were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flier and family/ of Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. G. Hartman of Waterloo and Mrs. Caroline Hartman were Sunday dinner guests at the Henry Buhrn home. Pyt. Duane' Cornelius is now stationed at Oamp Robinson, Ark. His wife, the former Etihel Weisbrod, left for Arkansas 'Thursday evening. iMr. -and Mrs. Sam Skore of Radcliff spent from Wednesday till Friday here as guests of their son Loren. Mr, and Mrs. George Skore of Irvingtoo also visited here Friday, \\ SHE USED Only a brush and comb 7 Stock Your Medicine Cabinet With These Values! ORALHYGIENE ANTISEPTIZE JA^ MOUTH WASH, pint.... 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SCROLL'S «tE- FOOT POWDER WWW TREAD EASY ' ME _ FOOT POWDER fcWW FED FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Dr. Scholl's SULPHA BJ|c SOL VEX for athlete's footWV Reg. 22c 54s 89c 19c and 65c 22c Tampax, regular and super....29c an ^ 98c Norforms, Vaginal Suppositories $ | ,QO SM'S Vaginal Suppositories SI. 00 Zonitors Vaginal Suppositories SI. 00 Pen-San Douche Powder. 50c Lanteen Yellow Douche Powder: SI. 00 Veen Douche Powder, $1.00 size. 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