The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1930
Page 2
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SATL'UIMY. AUGUST 2, 1030 (ARK.) COUU1RR NEWS PAGE THREK Livestock Fml (Imps (lotion A PAGE FOR THE FARM AND THE FARM FAMILY A weekly feature of Ihe BVylhevllte Courier News, prepared vtlili the cooperation o! the aerlcultural committee ol the Blytlicvllle Chamber of Commerce and Ihe county igrl cultnrnl and home demonstration agents. Farm Home Gardening Poultry "OuacL Onac.k—Comn and Gol It" TO COf s[ Campaign for B;ileai>c lo Cuaianlee Branch Office Makinc. Cioccl Progress. Approximately cue hundred farm cri in this immediate sec-lion have li[>ci;mi: members of li'.e Mid-South , Ctilion Association since the new (tmpuU" i" secure encngli mem btra' to guarantee the cstablis 1 ! m'-nt of an office in niytb.i'ville this fall was' started. (NjmniUiecs are working the vari oi:s crmtnnnitirs soliciting nc\ mi-Hibers. Additions art- being made 10 the list daily. Approximately a tuousand additional baits of cotton . have been secured on the quota necessary for securing the branch office. All contracts condi'.ioned i r.n the establishment of the office arc- being held by the committee ar.d will be turned over to the as.'/•.elation only in case the office is FIGHT 10 FEED IS ff ICE OF J. E. CIITZ Replant lo Cane and Peas • ] If: Rain Comes by August 12 Is Recommendation. Mellon liuys Estalc I'or Daughter With a quack. quack here and a quack, quod; there, as il-.? song about. MacDDiigal's farm HV J. I-:. CKIT7, County Farm ARUUI Every lurinrr slionltl UP on ihc nlert lo save all of the feed jnssl- l:le this year. Farmers who havo" planted corn ?alc should cultivate it, staying away from the corn, or in the nihl- die id the vow. using hoolswecui, wings, harrows, anything I that ULUS?S a mulch and thus hold the (orn until the record drouth season may be broken. r|nrmers having old com that hits burned up gees, the I a ro advised to cut ami shock and <; n lhe \veber Duck Ftinn. at Sharon. Mass., gainer lound for the square meal bein : b - v lhe miln in thc trllck - Aboul 30W <ineks ;lrc h:ltc " td daily c " lhii ""''"• nnd lhc foed nvciscy. thrown them • In case i'. rains between now and ill runs into ! A"S u *t '0. seed early amber cane This beautiful Virginia citnle. "Oak Hill," famous In American history, has been purchased by-Secretary of the Trensuiy Andrew Mellon for his d:uig>)l:v, Mrs. David K. tMes Bruce. Situated about 40 mites from Washlniiton. the 100-year-old colonial bilck mansion had of (Dillon all contracts will be re-' HiNK'd to the si^nei^. The following statement recently' made by C. O. Moser, of New O.-leans, Vice President, and Sec- \ rs Launching Fight Must Fight \ with new era cowpcas at the rale ns n nrst occupant James Monroe, flftl ! of 'v bushel to 3 pecks of ear.e and , ( ( T1 u , u , mmprisss , MO acres. I 1 '• bushels of peas. | I Many farmers having corn and isoybeans planted together can cut ! and shock the corn, and where he 1'rrsldeni of the United • -r r •, i /• YV 7 w • T ' f~\ I ''" s :l BCUK ' s 'and of soybeans in Upon Lotion Leal Worm WormSaySi^^bSrlh^ww* 1 ™™ 10 ^;. Carpenter .ui n, loiiui. -« U -,. . i OSCEOLA, Ark., Aug. 2.—Anticl- 'oiu verv clearly il-e. vaded those vicinities, farmers in When sacte are used tne fnrmcr g! , ting week's absence while nt- Olll \erv LIL ( UI> u - c ;.,.- . ,.,„ „, P i. rt ,,|j i,., ,.„,-,!(.il. ,i/>t rn l,.t rhn • ,. „ ..... retary of the American Cotton Co- ! Wilh reports from Cralghcad . per acre. Two methods may be muMiiii--. A<;vnHitinn (tho central i-oiimy and southeast Missouri that; used, spraying from a sic* en a; "emng agency for all cotton associ-; llle cou; n leaf worm has also in- mule, or using a dusting machine. neresLlty lor farmers bccomin" i lllls teVritory arc biginning an'should be careful- not to let the . i cm ij,, g Farmers Week and annual and " ' intensive light against insects which ; sack louch the cotton stalks when . Cmmly ., gcms . conference In Fny- vohmic to facUir in Ihe cotton market: Ulc ,, l already damaged the cotton i flew i; on as. mofcilur.j seals the , c(lcvme Arl / neA wcek c i rcu i Br rea i'crcp in many parts of Mississippi! sack and prevents the poison from 1 food value than alfalfa. All farmers' ave advised (o cut their soybean hay. especially of the Virginia variety, any time alter full bloom, hoping that he can resceci this land by the 10th or 121h c August to (he above recommended new era ueas and cnne. Operates With Carving Knife, Pair of Pliers LOS ANGELES, (UP)—A cook's carving knife, n pair of pliers borrowed from the carpenter, a bottle of Holland Gfn'nnd a needle The feed bill on our livestock nm! , lncn thread, saved the lite ol a seaman .stricken with appendl- Manila Opens Two-Game Series with McTyre Team MANILA, Ark., Aug. 2,—The Manila baseball cluti will open a two name scries with McTyrc Radio team from Memphis today on the home field at :i o'clock. Buckley will be on the mound for tho home team. The diminutive Mlsslsslpplan hurller liar, won one and lost two games since he has been with the locals. He claims that he Li In fine shape today, and expects Tennesscans for IS HISFIBSIM KEENER HITS' (Contlneil from page one) ihnt It was his present -oplnio.i that ultimately It would be necessary for holders of bonds of Uv.i district to consent to a reduction or the benefits assessed agiimt. •-• some of the lontls In the district Present nsse.wments against the-so..,, lands, lie said, are so high thai no one can take tbem and .opera!.' " them. A reduction in such iisse.^- menu, he predicted, would actually increase Hie revenues of ih'. i" trict by. restoring to the laxpayln': list, lands that aro f w contrlbu-- Ing nothing. Such (i change, In Mr. Bud:.: opinion, would have to Involve a neL reduction In the lotnl benefits assessed against lands In tr)<: di;- trlct, for he does not believe then* ore any lands In the district against which an Increased assessment would be warranted. The Immediate problem, he said. Is to get the drainage system into efficient flmpe In order that owners of land In the district, may actually enjoy the benefits for which they are being lax»d. In order that this may be done lie anticipates lha. Chancellor Fntrell will SBC from layiiiB-by time in August un- 1'tteis aie bemi; mailed from Conn-1 111 next March is going lo be one citls, and ns LI result Dr. David R. icy Agent S. D. Carpenter's office (if the most serious problems the two setbacks that other Tennessee Los Angeles surgeon, re- buy new ones In Germany. the worms I that if i Three days <nit of Panama, the next week will make a fair yield. Nocrderdyk received an S.OB, from Let's do all we can to snve what the steamship Corvii 1 ; saying that onc-d than Ihe old one;. j feed we can by the above sugges- ' farmers', b 5' the sccond Henry Lohse. 21-year-old 000 (WO bales are in was stricken with appendicitis. Every farmer is cautioned to keep The Noorderdyk steamed to the watch for the cotton leaf orm, which is practically all over Mississippi county and in damag- Relive poison to use. uniil v:orms are f:und as the ar- a part at least of the money tin: Is due the bondholders ior use In maintenance work. The district ha-; on hand at. present about tSO.OTO while $120,000 In Interest Is past title. Vienna Swimmers Teach Resuscitation Methods uifivp in the southern part of the; = The . _ , > 1 111 1 It JHULI V OtlLj^VOl JUi HIV 11 uixik r. ut IIM "• ^ *, i.i.n «*j t..t ... hell. The acreage is deflmtclj riddance . is (.ii c |, lm arsenate sray- ' tenatt- stays en only two or lhi.2e • lead mixed al the rate of one pound | kn-wn. The condition of the crop , t ,.,~ coUon 6 t c 8 pounds cav; with light dews. common information. The rate; ___ ; ___ ; ____ ...... - . I of demand is .1 known factor and, based on the present rate of con- ircst representative mills in the iiimption more thnn three months United States. They have offices. 1 supply of cotton already Is on the . operating on an economical basis. mnrke t in nil the principal cotton consum- of lead to three or four pounds of • places, lime also is an effective poison. Q J f( ew p ar t y .Is Printed in Lisbon i British Financiers May Build Lisbon Hotel < !Bee Expert Captures Swarm on Busy Street •'* appendix. the Incision w LONDON. (UP)—Ernest •>' ""- l - • _ • , ,, f \ i ' LUiN UUW. l ur;—nrrn'M jrnriruic, ••Experience has convinced the ing countries. They have the finan- LISBON. <UP)-Is the army die- LISnoN (UP) _ Tne projm for -|,ce expert, stepped off a bus in . _ ,!,„* n ,l, nn tl.n no,i- /.;-,! o vl rl nlnrql Illllrmrr nf frhp IWI- ' iftcr l-^rinllc fallin-PQ nn- . : ]jiwji-i.t iwl I • i cotton consumer that when the new cial and moral support of the fed- j tatorship, after various failures, ' crop is harvested and the produc- • era! government. j ing to try again to form a civil erection of a deluxe hotel in Lis- ' Oxford street and saw traffic para- by a Brit- I'yzed by thousands of bees swurm- ! the possible attempt at lortnation ! .supplied market, the new crop ' ers." I mii't lin sold far in. advance of the . Mr. Mo;er explained that flemand" bv consumers. ! American Cotton Co-operative As- the Disaster Feared i sedation, the national organize- :loni ' qiiito net from a draper's, a pair . .-,„-.,: town and cfheial- ••Selling 'under such conditions' , ion. wa's organized lo do thing, i Jincc this paper Is often inspired the -Minister of .Justice. Luiz I.M.L. iiitimcvi. .qiio ne rom a rap, case the hotel project I; car-loi gloves from » depanmenL store. ried through, it will be erected in ! and got most of the bees In the- the Edward VII Park, and will eon- 'box and several hundred of them -ican bring nothing but disaster. In , that it can do better than can the - woiwei some it- II „,... i°*,,.< r :*, omoi nrmlnrtinn state organizations or which the: Illrlrt Lopes da l°nseca, some at lain about 420 rooms. It probably I inside his coat.' shirt, and trousers. Corvus and when they met, Lohse was transferred lo the Noorderdyk. Dr. Robb|ns was asked to save the ! man's life. j Dr. Robblns borrowed a carving j knife from the cook, made the in| cLslon and with the pliers removed He then sewed up with a needle and thread borrowed from his wife and disinfected the wounds with Holland Gin. A piece of rubber tub- Ing for a shower bath was used for drainage. As a result of theoper- atlon. Lolue is hale and hearty, hauls on the main brace nnd lustily sings, "Blow the Man Down." Because he used such strange Instruments, Dr. Bobbins refused to accept any pay • for the operation, stating that the operation under such strange conditions might not prove successful. However, the steamship com- CHOrS OFF TOE SARANAC LAKE. .N. Y., (UP)— Hart, 50, hunter, trapper nnd guide, became so exasperated at an ingrown toe nail that he severed the toe with a chisel and'ham- mer. After collapsing from loss of blcod he was (akm lo a hospital, (where for a lime his condition-was termed serious. VIENNA, (OP)—A statist leal survey revealed thai most of the deaths from drowning in the Danube and other popular 'swlniuiln; spots In and near Vienna'.are dtis to the Ignorance of potential lifesavers concerning Ihe proper methods of rescuing and .reviving hall- drowned persons. A special club, known as the life-saving swimmers club, has been organized for the rescue grips, diving for unconscious swimmers, and breaking loose' from a drowning person's clutches.. MONTHOSE, Colo. (UP)—A call lo house owners to lock their doors was Issued here bl Sheriff McAnally. The sheriff, reported Iliac more than 30 guns had been stolen from homes during: the last few weeks. Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schiiltz Construction Co. • other industries great production state organizations and distributing agencies avoid state orsnnizations cannot do at all. selling on tm oversupplied market ' Chief of these is merchandising of iit unfair prices. .'"" eolton rt nil the state nssocia- "Unless farmers and their flnaii- , ticns. Marketing, he said, is not 1 tiers and other business men who an individual problem. In order dep»nd upon the farmers, assist in . that cotton may be moved as fast tention is paid to it. pany did not forget Dr. Dobbins' legs I deed on the high scat:, and when MOON-KYR FISH KAKK j FOND DU LAC, Wis. (UP)— The moon-eye, a species of here" is nowlo"^ t»K v> .5 four stories high, and the j estimated cost is 350,000 pound.;; Trestles with adjustable sterling. • have been invented lor use of car-I he returned to Los Angeles from j pcnters and paper hangers on ] his year of study in Germany he OVERCROWDF-I) CYCLE ! stairways and in otiici places that i was presented with the iiiver lov- n , | FISH KILL N. Y., (UP) — That i nre not level. ling cup. ,i „.","„' line about three being a crowd has] judicial recognition. Judge ~ WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 experts of the country , . ^ bringing the supply of cotton tin- as. but not faster than the market- ; or . drr the control of a single sales will absorb it, the product must be ] jd eini f y a s p;cimni recently an- agjncy there can be no hope of ; assembled in strong hands. glert h j re prosperity lor the cotton grower. ! -- • ------Present conditions look more I4U,,_,._ Davis 4-H fluK tdistrcssing than they have in '"-"nan U3V1S 1 H UUU .MEHAL FOU KEI.LOGG I ddistrcssing than they have in""-"-" •.«."-— ST. PAUL. Minn. tOPl-His sf- i 1 years. The only effective remedy Holds Annual Banquet ! forts toward world peace have ] ir. organization. . . ' biought a gold medal award ID "However, other things nre ncces-. MANILA. Ark., Aug. 2.—The Her- -Frank B. KellogR of St. Paul, for- [Warren of this place fined a young j 'man. wh~fe name was withheld, i ! $:0 for carrying three girls on his : ; motorcycle. The charge was "over- > ; crowding." Just how the load was ! distributed wasn't made clear. I Isary. Eventually the production of : mnn Davis 4-H club held its I cotton must be adjusted to demand, annual banquet in the Masonic 1 both as to quality and quantity, i^p. | as t night. The affair was Enactment of the agricultural mar- success. E B Cook fpoke in- nier secretary of .state from "L? Orcicn Del Olivio" the "Order of the Olive." an Argentine peace society. Ramsay MacDonald. premier kcting act did not repeal Ihe law j stead of E E. Alexander, who failed Great Britain av.d Dr. Jose P. Oug- [of supply nnd demand, which con-. to appear at the hall. C. F. Cooper, j siari president ol the Rcmiblic rf I trols all industries. There are some Blytheville attorney, and J. E. I P.-iiagtioy, received similar awards I movable factors in the law of sup-1 Critz also appeared on the pro- I ply and demand which may be in- gram. Miss Cornelia Games acted [ fluenced. The supply may be cur-; as toas(mistre.5s during the cveninq. Hailed. Demand may be increased Songs and clever leasts by the club I by iiew uses and by increased use. i members added lo keep the spirit IA product may be temporarily tak- 'of the party in full tlame. The ] a - len off the market over a period ol .dies of the Eastern Star of Manila 1 time, in the long run. it must be ' ?.! d ,^_ th , c ,..^'L^ '".f!L™S l!! e (realized by all that there must be';""""' '" "" " *" 1 adjustment of supply to demand in : dinner. Mrs. Heaton furnished thr and prosperity can • was served in fcur courses by the act I passed by Congress in 1920 is (he 5c " ooi - _^ (government's conscientious effort toi (make possible the organization ol j agriculture along lines as sound land practical as In any other line Mrs. Sarah Key. 100. has resided on the same farm near Beatrice, Neb., lor CO years. DOG KKTRIEVES JEWEL •. MILFORD, N. Y.. (UP)—\\Hiile j frolicking on the shore of the Dsla- i ware river, a fox terrier owned by \ Mrs. Clayton B. Scagraves picked up a shiny object- and brought it home. It proved to be a valuable | platinum bar pin. set with nine' diamonds. Mrs. A. Fleisch. a visitor, h:id lost it wliile watching ] bathers. Golden Drip Products Arkansas Grocer Co. Blytheville, Ark. CanitherRville, Mo. COAL AND FEED Special prices on car lots— Kentucky, Illinois and Red Ash Coals We Buy Corn C. L. BENNETT & CO. "Take advantage of our cash price" Telephone 64 . Read Courier Nr:rK want nds. 'LAKE STEAMER STOWAWAY DULUTH. Minn. iUP>—Believed to be the first stowaway on a Great Lakes steamer, Thomas Larkowski I adjustment to agriculture of meth- lods that have been found successful trip to Port Arthur. Thomas told police here he hid in the hold of ni big business but preserves the ; ^^ , 0 ^ work , n . | benefits c f co-operative efforl. . nadjan dly Hc go , ofl at port Ar . Great Progress Made j (hur bul instcail of looklnR for work "Great progress has been made ^ .. col(1 ree( .- Tllc nexl morning • already. With the experience of 10 Thomas decided to go back to Du- lyears behind the cotton co-opera- lm h;irld tllcil boarded a Itives they havo an established crcd-. 6t camer but did not hide. Thi« lit ac good as. that of the oldest and |i me ], c wen j ( 0 the main deck and established Industries in" the t picked out a comtorWblc deck chai- 1 country. They have established j a sa bed nnd slept until ship's ol- |nullels with 3«1 of the largest and I fi,, m disrovprerl him. It is only good sense \ to give Gristo a trial. The Scott County Mfg. Co. Miller's Supreme Every Substantial Product of Grain DRUNK inure* MUT'-WI MAFI jwa A FLAVOR YOU 'CANT fVfKfr NnGrape Bottling Co. Phone 970 311-313 E. Main A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES BRANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty ye«rs. Phone 920. Second and Ro»t. D. CANALE & CO. • Wholesale Produce - - Groceries • Fniils Oldest and largest fruit and produce house in the Sot'th Memphis BLYTHEVILLE Helena Clarksdnle Chicago Mill ^. Lumber Corporation

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