The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on July 4, 1994 · Page 16
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 16

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, July 4, 1994
Page 16
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16 THI AQE MONDAY 4 JULY TODAtf CHRONICLES Martina: how would she rank as a mum? By BILL MUEHLENBERG 1528: England experiences its first serious outbreak of the plague. 1776: American Declaration of Independence is passed by Congress. 1914: First Australian airship makes maiden , flight over Sydney. , 1946: Republic of the Philippines is founded. 1972: North and South Korea agree on frinciples to unify Korea peacefully. 976: Israeli commando unit rescues 103 hostages at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. 1987: Klaus Barbie is convicted in France of crimes, against humanity during World War II.. 1988: US naval investigative team is , dispatched to Persian Gulf following US destruction of an Iranian passenger jetliner. 1991: Heart surgeon Dr Victor Chang is V murdered in Sydney. 1992: Boris Yeltsin asks for delay in repaying " Russia's foreign debt of $68 billion. Va Prayer times for today, the 25th Muharam 1415 Hijri: 5.57am, 6.07am, 7.36am, 12.29pm, 3pm, , 5.15pm, 6.41pm. Harold Williams 1947-1994 HAROLD "CROW" WILLIAMS, an active campaigner for Aboriginal land rights, knew at first hand what it was like to be victimised: he was born in Cowra after his family was forcibly removed from Yass in the 1940s. Williams, who has died of a heart attack aged 47, went on to become one of the organisers of the first Aboriginal Tent Embassy outside Old Parliament House in Canberra In 1972, and a supporter of the Ngunnawal native title land claim in New South Wales areas around the ACT. Williams was arrested in 1992 when police were called in to end a demonstration during which Aboriginal people took over Old Parliament House to mark the 20th anniversary of the formation of the tent embassy. Williams was a founding member of the Ngunnawal Land Council in Queanbeyan and one of the first football players for the Woden Valley Rams club. Terence de Vere White 1912-1994 IRISH author and editor Terence de Vere White was a central figure in the cultural life of his native Dublin. White once observed cheerfully: "One expects books to loom large on the literary scene but, in Ireland, not so large as authors." White, who suffered from Parkinson's disease and has died aged 82, wrote 26 books, mostly novels and short-story collections. Appraising his fiction writing, "The Times' called him "a mot juste stylist and a delicate anatomist of the heart's affections" with a "gift for high comedy tempered with human understanding". White's work also won praise from American critics: in 1969, his book 'Ireland', a popular history of the island, was called admirably concise and lucidly written. White was the literary editor of "The Irish Times' from 1961 to 1977 and a member of the Irish Academy of Letters. Since 1977 he had lived in London. The son of a Protestant father and a Roman Catholic mother, he worked as a solicitor for decades and began writing In speaking of the angels God says, 'He makes his angels winds, his servants fames of fire.' But about the Son he says, 'Your throne, OGod, will last for ever and ever, and righteousness will be the sceptre of your kingdom'. Hebrews 1:7-8 i mm 3 boyfriends and girlfriends. Dr Zoe Sofoulis, a psychoanalytic cultural studies expert at Murdoch University, says computers offer some people many erotic delights. "To understand the sexual attachment to computers," says Dr Sofoulis, "we have to expand our notion of ' what counts as sex and think about the other kinds of pleasures that people have. Computers offer the pleasures of mastery, of being able to totally control and manipulate the environment of the computer according to one's own imagination. This is the main source of eroticism many people get from them." It's common, she says, for men to form narcissistic bonds with computers. "What men tend to get off on is the power and control over the equipment the idea of having this sexy machine that can obey your will." In contrast, for women the erotic pull of mastering the computer has more to do with what can le created on the machine. "Women might be interested in the powers of the computer but they have a different kind of relationship to it, says Dr Sofoulis. "They don't drool over the newest computer equipment and then immediately thrash it. Instead the erotic attraction is more to do with an intimate exploration of the computer's tiny nooks and crannies, getting to know it from within, rather than standing on it and putting it through its paces." Dr Sofoulis says some may turn to the computer if they aren't having emotional needs met But while women tend to integrate the computer into the rest of their social and sexual lives, men can often become consumed by It "For women, the pleasures of computing don't completely take over other kinds of social and intimate activities, whereas for some men the kind of socially maladjusted adolescent tech-head the computer is a perfect escape from the complexities of everyday life." As for the concept of having sex in virtual reality, Dr Sofoulis says this remains more Action than fact as the technology is still raw: at the moment all it's likely to do is give participants acute nausea. (In virtual reality, you wear a fibre-optic-cabled full-body data suit. The suit is connected to computers that register your body movements. The computer then simulates these movements on an "electronic body" analogous to yours.) "I can't see how effective sex is going to happen in virtual reality until people can get over the problem of being nauseated as it's not a conducive environment for making love." At the end of the day, Dr Sofoulis doesn't see cyber sex posing much of a threat to conventional sex. "Where it will come in will be with people who are basically already leading remote-control lives, people who are already involved in a lot of electronic communication, yuppy-type people who can afford the computers. But the (leading edge) of perversion isn't on computers," she says. "It's what people are already doing: computers lag behind the perversions people already practise." . Peter Schumpeter Movies The top grossing movies In Australia for the week ending 29 June: IT CANNOT be denied that Martina Navratilova is a great tennis player. But can she be as successful at motherhood? The tennis star and up-front lesbian has recently declared that she would like to be a mother. The desire for any woman to have a child is, of course, normal, but critics queried whether lesbian parenting is desirable. Martina hit back at her critics, claiming that there is no reason why she should not raise a child. Others agree, claiming that sexual preference has nothing to do with the issue of good parenting. But does the evidence bear this out? Initial research is beginning to show that children do suffer from being raised by same-sex parents. Before turning to-this evidence, let me say that obviously many traditional families have poor parenting skills. But exceptions do not make the rule. The point Is, in most cases, a child will do better with a mother and father, and in most cases, a child will suffer as a result of being raised by same-sex parents. One person who has spent a tot of time looking Into this question is Harvard psychologist Joe Nicolosi. He argues that kids raised by homosexuals are traumatlsed, emotionally and socially. Children, he argues, are profoundly affected by parental behavior. For example, children of smokers often become smokers. "Homosexuality," says Nicolosi, "is primarily an Identity problem, not a sexual problem, and it begins in childhood. The process begins when a child realises that the world is divided between male and female and that he is not equipped to be identified as male. His father fails to sufficiently encourage male-gender identity. Because he is not fully male-gender-identified, he is not psychologically prepared to feel heterosexual attractions. Ir order to be attracted to women, a male must feel sufficiently masculine. Faced with this predicament, he goes into a world of fantasy and denies the imperative of being either male of female." IThe lack of a strong father figure seems to be a major factor in those who become homosexuals. Another researcher, Dr Paul Cameron, says the admittedly scant data on the subject confirms Nicolosl's findings. These studies show that eight per cent and 33 per cent of adult respondents raised by homosexuals said they considered themselves homosexual or bisexual, far above the national (US) norm of two per cent of the adult population. .The absence of role models presents other problems. How will a man raised by two men know how to relate to a woman? This Last Weeks In week week release 1 1 Mavtrick 3 2 3 Four WxkHnnj and I Funeral 3 2 Baverty HWi Cop 3 2 4 4 Getting Evan Wth Dad 2 5 City SHckars 2 1 6 - Speed Preview 7 6 The Secret Garden 2 3 - BluaCMpt 1 9 10 Reality Bites 2 10 7 02: The Mkjtity Ducks 2 11 20 We're Back A Dinosaur Story 2 12 . - Monkey Trouble 2 13 12 Fearless 4 14 - Three Wn(u Kick Back 2 15 9 Cool Runnings 17 Source: MPDAA CNCONVE3OT0NAL Or how will a man raised by two women know how to relate to men? One woman who was raised by lesbians now runs a support and recovery program for those coming out of the homosexual lifestyle and their families. She put it this way: "I realise that homosexuals feel they can give a child love and support that even many straight families can't provide, but I've been there. I know the finger-pointing and the shame one carries. For years, you struggle with the thought that you might be a homosexual. People say 'like mother, like daughter'. Most of us become promiscuous to prove we're straight" Children need to see how men and women Interact together. A homosexual or lesbian union cannot provide that role model. Children deserve better. But the Interests of the child is the last thing being considered in this debate. Indeed, today everyone is demanding rights to do this and that, but very few seem to realise that rights must be balanced by responsibilities. The right to have a child must be balanced by the rights of the child. Children should be given the first priority, and not be allowed to be used as a political football by the homosexual lobby in their efforts to seek legitimacy for their lifestyle. If the data is still not all in yet, then for the sake of children, we should not rush headlong into gay adoption and marriage. Bill Muehlenberg is national secretary of the Australian Family Association. FEDERAL: On Saturday, the Governor-General, Mr Hayden, and Mrs Hayden attended.a ceremony at which Mr Hayden opened the Women in Agriculture 1994 International Conference at Wilson Hall, the University of Melbourne. On Sunday, Mr and Mrs Hayden gave a ' luncheon at Government House, Canberra. STATE: There were no official engagements. i Mimm -i KENO: Last night's winning numbers were 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 20, 21, 30, 31, 35, 38, 39, 43, 46, 48, 52, 53, 58, 73 and 79. There was no spot -10match 10 winner and Monday's jackpot will be about $1,121,000. Saturday night's winning numbers were 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 25, 26, 38, 49, 54, 55, 56, 64, 67, 68, 69, 75, 76 and 80. TATTS TWO: Winning numbers were 78 and 61. Division one dividend of $1382. Saturday's winning numbers 22 and 84. Dividend $1074. TATTSLOTTO: Winning numbers in Saturday's draw number 1351 were 11, 40, 21, 9, 32 and 28, with supplementary numbers 45 and 42. The first division prize pool was $2,358,117.85. SUPER 66: Winning numbers were 6, 6, 5, 6, 1 and 2, with a total prize pool of $380,534.85. LOTTO EXTRA: Winning numbers were 21, 9, 32, 28, 45 and 42. The first division prize pool was $432,139.75. SOCCER POOLS: Winning numbers in week 466 were 6, 8, 16, 20, 23 and 37, with supplementary number 31. The first division prize pool was $196,071.52. ARTIST Moira Corby sits at her computer Jt and begins creating a three-dimensional sculpture in the cyber space. Absorbed in the computer's wizardry, she gets tingles all over her body that ultimately give her an orgasm. "The first time I hit the render command on my mouse and I saw all the beautiful colors on the wireframe models I had made," says Ms Corby, "it hit a direct mainline to my erogenous zones and I felt incredibly weak and exhilarated." Some women and men, it seems, are forming sexual ties with computers every bit as intense as their relationships with spouses, 1804: Nathaniel Hawthorne, US author. 1913: Virginia Graham, US actor and TV host. 1927: Neil Simon, US playwright. 1928: Gina Lollobrigida, Italian actor. 1929: Donald Cameron, Melbourne artist and stamp designer. 1952: Anne Kirkpatrick, Australian country music singer. Comics Weather Crosswords FOR BETTER OR WORSE by lynn Johnston Today No. Cryptic 14,096 Jtalr eaujfaj "Tia nrf .K'.l wuwvvvv.',- i m rain cloud frost fog thunderstorms rain wwihi ii uw rvy inunvvifjiwiini SwanHHa ?s? Sft o c o O S showers c'oUdy fine hot change Una fins ACROSS mm Shappsrton Il 17 J'AIrxiryWodonga Horsham 14 H" ..V JrO V.... J Si v JttW La mods vasty 1B- 1? MELBOURNE: Fine. A cool day with sunny periods and a fresh north to northwest wind. Max: 16. VICTORIA: Fine apart from Isolated showers In the southwest. A cool to mild day with scattered cloud and a north to northwest wind, fresh to locally strong In the south. PORT PHILLIP AND WEST-. ERN PORT BAYS: Northerly wind averaging 20 knots but reaching 25 to 30 knots at times during the day. Waves one to two metres. A strong wind warning is current. ALPINE AREAS: Fine with cloudy periods. Strong northerly wind tending northwesterly later and easing. WARNINGS: Strong northwesterly winds over Victorian coastal waters west of Wilsons Promontory and over Port Phillip Bay and Western Port will persist until late In the day. Capital cWes 1 THE WIZARD OF ID by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart r I hf in i A BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY Sltuorlon ot noon yetterdoy 1. Not up to mental application to take part yet. (10) 7. Join another 10 for Italian farewell. (S) 9. Dampened by the record of old people around us. (II) 10. Please, don't die symbol of peace! (5) 11. Unknown peer date shown in utter profundity. (5.4) 12. "Last scene of all is second childishness and mere . . ." (As You Like It ). (8) 14. As sea-robber, he would be breath-pronounced. (6) 17. Salad ingredient not sufficient right as a menu section. (6) 18. Highest point left to be seen in a small boat. (8) 21. Ailment that is to get rid of in new order. (9) 23. High honor in woman's placing for ancient poet. (S) 24. See inside change for wrangle. (II) 25. Daughter, you and I, left latitude to abide. (5) 26. The breathless resident, possibly, wrapped-up in it. (10) 0055 V&athcrcall Melbourne: 26109 Bays and Coast: 26110 Rural: 26111 Cills chvgcd it 35 a minute n m a i Today Yesterday Max Mln 'iMlMEMtesTMarm i ll,lfc.gM!fflBi.lggH I no" not muon its p STtftDy S"iteE.Pim lUl' laloltiL-jQj I T A I I M c ulnli iloimil FPorn Twe- subcohscious... isn't fiR. bristdw ft messy INDMDUM..? USOK PiT TUG STPlIC 2. Badly spill, indeed, what has been scattered. (9) 3. Perch with no . alternative showing up in the open between houses. (S) 4. Study about the rising origin of a bullfighter. (8) 5. Miner honored on April 25th. (6) 6. Let in a great number midway through the passage. (5) 7. Almost had the choice of taking as of one's own. (8) S. Retired venomed from strain of being far too resolute. (4-10) 13. Abdominal effects from claviers out of tune. (8) 15. Gold-seeking manipulator left to misteach at random. (9) 16. Philipp Green, we hear allowing shortcomings in production of metallic iacework. (8) OF HiS D6SK . DOODLfcS Pill 0VR C MOM 7 J 19. Shy, shy as dental reaction. (6) 20. Send the devil where 'e "' belongs to be left. 15) "1 22. Conscious of a conflict ' IT... CJ-STeR-P6.RRV ORGPMiSFtTiON.J Adelaide Fine 17 18 10 Brisbane) Shower or two 21 21 12 Canberra Fine 14 14 1 Darwin Fine 29 29 16 Hobart Windy, showers . . 14 17 6 Melbourne Fine 16 17 7 Perth Mainly fine .... 21 19 14 Sydney Fine 19 18 9 HPlTE. ... KICK .. Vrf-M.. KIU... UHBT Do You mrM or thpiT p over our language. (5) irjjj Stumped? - DOWN J&)&3 Call OoesVibrtlSceJOom Tho world The tides C ASSOCUTtD NEWtMWf M (.TO . tSSMtM O05S-153O0 ( 25 cents per 21 sees ) Mfk'Ksnervkea " Temperatures and condition 1. Dinner hour used improperly to remain like that. (14) '. TUMBLEWEEDS by Tom Ryan TODAY 'Sit. in major croes yemeraay: ttie weether wee line ttiraughom Wctorla ye Stanley. SWee were mostly doudy. vends were genei aHy Hght to moderate north to north westerly but were tocoHy fieeh to strong on end eoulh of the ranges. Martnumtempere-tures were mosey three to live degreee above the monthly average and ranged mainly between IS end IS degrees. The highest reported wes 20 degrees ot Ouyon. In Mofeoumo tie temperature rose from en tnemiatit mrnknurn of 11.1 degrees et 5.30 em to e mSBdmum of 17 degrees ot 2.68 pm. A strong high ie centred off Vie southeast New South Weies ooeet Cold fronts ereloceted eoraes centre! Tasmania and over the southern Btgrn A north to nortTwitorty tnrtrtam covers moit of vtctorie. The cold front over the southern Bight wW bringe few showers to theeoutnwsstof tie state but weelten and MS effect tie rsmslndor of Victoria. Wlllamitown - high wttn 11.02 am, 10.08 pm. low water: 4.30 am, 4.06 pm. Port Phillip Head - high water: 7.57 am, 7.19 pm. low water: 12.50 am, 12.52 pm. Tooradln - hth water: 9.20 am, 8.42 pm. low water: 2.13 am, 2.15 pm. Expected sttvotion for 9 om todoy Mln Max Cond Amsterdam 18 27 cloudy Athens 23 37 dear Auckland 8 13 rain Bahrain 28 38 dear Bangkok 25 33 doudy Beijing 24 29 dear Bertm 15 28 dear Cairo 20 34 dear Geneva 16 32 dear Harare 3 15 dear Hong Kong 28 34 dear Honolulu 24 31 dear Islamabad 25 33 cloudy Istanbul 19 30 dear Jakarta 25 33 cloudy Jerusalem 22 32 clear Johannesburg 3 13 clear London 19 26 deer Los Angeles 19 34 doudy Manila 24 32 cloudy Mecca 28 43 doudy Moscow 15 24 doudy New Delhi 27 34 doudy New York 21 32 doudy Perls 22 29 doudy Rome 21 32 dear Tokyo 25 32 doudy Washington 22 31 dear Wlllamitown - ht(h water 12.16 pm, 10.50 pm. low water: 5.17 am, 4.58 pm. Port Phillip Heads - high water: 8.51 am, 8.05 pm. low water: 1.36 am, 1.43 pm. Tooradln - high water 10.14 am, 9.28 pm. low Water: 2.59 am, 2.06 pm. Quick No. 15,451 Across "'a '" I Did you know? I i vjsxms Surf report I I I I 1 Dally, founded 1654. Business and editorial offices: 250 "Fn-1 f i fa i" i H-K Spencer street, Melbourne, 3000. Telephone 6004211. 1. Curse (11) . Fuss (7) 10. Lustre (5) 11. Vassal (5) 12. Foot-pedal (7) 13. Attempts (6) IS. Inborn (6) IS. Hug (7) 20. Military uniform cloth (5) 22. Coach (5) 23. Devour (7) 24. Flirtatious man (11) Home delivery inquiries: 601 2668 and 601 2915, or -H h-Ti Vrprti : WEST COAST: Water temperature 13 degree. Swell Hat at Bed Beach last night. Swell should Increase steadily all day. Good wind conditions for waves at Bells Beach, Jan Joe and Torq'jey. EAST COAST: Solid wave along the Gunnamatta to Port tea beaches on an increasing tweH, and wind terrifr onshore. Clean conditions st Point Leo and good prpspects for NgMide wave by the afternoon. nWJJI ISLAND: Smiths Beach and Sumnwrlands should have rmprovkag small wave all day. EVEFfVDNE knows that the 50 stars on the American flag represent the 50 states, but what about the stripes? There are 13, and they represent the 13 colonies whose leaders formally adopted the Declaration of Independence on this day In 1776, creating the United States of Henry. Henry? Well, 'America is a Latlnlsatlon of the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who sailed with Columbus on the 1492 voyage of discovery. And Amerigo (like the modem Enrico) is an Italian equivalent of the English name Henry. So, the United States of Henry the good of USH. For the record, those original 13 states of the Union are Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carotin and Virginia. GARY DEAN contact the authorised newsagent in your area. Posted subscriptions: 601 2406. Sero. Dry Dew- Rel meter &b point Hty hPa deg. deg. PC. RasponsiMity tor election comment taken by A. KoMer, 250 Spencer Street, Mefcoume. 1022 1023.2 1024.S 1023.4 1022.1 1022.3 1024.1 2.1 SO 3.1 57 4 6 54 3.S 4S 5.3 51 5.1 55 S.S B4 12.1 11.1 11.1 14.5 1S.S 15 0 1S.0 3 em e am am 3 pm S pm S pm Down Snow report Printed and publlehed by Stuart Simoon, of 230 Spencer Street UMboume. 3000. tor Pevkt Syme Co. Limited, ACN 004 a2 702, ot 2S0 Spencer Street, Melbourne. Registered by Auetrotte Poet Print poet approved: PP 34 0M 00010 and registered as a newspaper die BfMoh Poet Office. lUaTlfal Quack No. 13,450 SOLUTION Aerate): 1 Aromatic; 5 Damp; 9 Alar10 8purioua;11Slnce;12 Beettve; 13 kioenuouenese; 18 Practise; 19 See; 20 Indulge; 21 Merit 22 Tin', 23 Astutely. Down: 2 Rumen; 3 Miracle; 4 2. Elk (5) 3. Theft (7) 4. Originate (6) , S. Flavour (5) t). Is arrears (7) 7. In any case (2,3,) 5. Amused (11) 14. Day of rest (7) . 10. Sideways (7) 17. Signal fire (6) 1. Cancel (5) 21. Revile (5) . MT SUU0: Very good skiing on a very good cover 0 groomed snow. MUS CREEK: Excellent Skiing on a very good cover of snow. MT HOTHAM: Excellent skHng for beginner on groomed run. Very good in Heavenly vwiey for intermediates and advanced skiers. an saw saMt cnaam opan shj tefif. Sicmsetlnt now only. DtNNft S1AM excellent conditions. Good around the vWaoandonthe Mnk trail to Mount Hotham. arr ensues: oooa sunt on a tood cover on upper trails, sightseeing now on kmtr trails, an turfwy. very good suma: on a very good cover of marHnade snow. ; RWe m Motwumo for 24 noun andbaj 9 an v. nH; rainfall far 12 hours ending 9 pm: ni; rasTsfaH torn 1 Jan orylW4tode: 301.8 mm: rUnfl for ccfTeepondhw period of last veer: rii'MiM.I'J.V.LI A potrolOQtst Is interest mm Foes fusW? Can? 8eabrJa? Rocka? Answer far right: .ill Authorised homfrdoHvanr charges for The Age' In Victoria Pfasllf wiBtipert copies Unwrapped copies 6 days: 45 cents a week 6 days: 40 cants a week 7 days: SO cants a week 7 days: 45 cents a week The only additional amount that home4eHveiycuslomen may to charged la a lee ot 50 cents lor lata payment of the account Please Note: At $5.70 plus above deffvwy fee, R is cheaper to hava The Age' delivered seven days a weak than It it to buy K over tie counter every day. Homo-deHvery charges may vary m some rural areas. wnperlouanett; 6 Aconite; 7 344 fnmi eferage ralnfeal ftwn 1 Jen ? Keis. uery to one or My: 301,4 rare total Petrology la the study of the origin, ttructuts tie of rocka. From Greek pelra, rock; logo, etudy, rosacea; s Uriels; 13 lircri 14 Gladden; 16 Nettle; 16 Neglect; 17 8ptoW. eMMlo Com fronul ckwd Is evident H eta eest of Tewnsrta endow tie eoutiem nil; overage rainfall for July: 4S.Smm.

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