The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1946
Page 10
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PAGE K)tm_ Band Program, Lone Rock, NEW STRING BASS FINANCED BY MUSIC REVIEW Lone Rock^-A musical program was presented by the entire sehool Tuesday evening nt the' high school auditorium, under the direction of Miss Lease, Miss McMahon, Mrs. Montgomery, Miss Kohns, and Mrs. Roger .Jensen. The first and second .grades sang several selections, also the third and fourth. The third and fourth grades also presented a very clever sketch to ,the musical selection, "Bell Bottom Trousers." Joan Flaig played a trombone solo, Donald Jensen an alto horn solo. James Joiigerison sang a number, a group of high school girls dancing to the number. The Band Mothers played two selections with their "kitchen" band, which were greatly enjoyed. The Junior High students presented two skits, the characters being very well depicted. The last part of the program was a patriotic number, the fifth afid sixth grades doing a patriotic drill, followed by the poem "Peace," which was read by Mrs. W. G. Flaig, the fifth and sixth grade boys assisting. The high school mixed chorus sang a special arrangement of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," accOfrt- panied by Mrs. Flaig, which was very much enjoyed. This was the selection they sang at the contest. This program was sponsored UP for your ALL-CROP HARVESTER.. 0 Your best insurance ag.iinst lost ttmc during harvest rush is our 24- POINT INSPECTION and All-Crop Harvester repair service. Often we can detect worn parts in advance—save you a breakdown in the field. Our Mechanics Are Trained in All-Crop Harvester Schools Conducted by the Allis-Chalmers Factory They thoroughly check every vital part of your All-Crop Harvester. We can give your machine a complete rebuilding service if needed. All replacement parts are made in the same factory and to the same specifications as tbe original. Right now is the best time to have if done. Schedule your All-Crop Harvester with us soon for a complete 24-POINT INSPECTION and repair service. flLLIS-CHflLMERS 'TV--' _T"*.:-..««'V'V ; " * ••"",'; :'''•••<'.' . '"".' SALES & SERVICE Listen to the National Farm and Home Hour— Every Saturday, NBC adley Bros. Phone 714 Algona iby the Band Mothers to help purchase a new string bass for the band, Miss Lease very ably showed the rtew Instrument and told sorhethiftlt ftbdift it, The Band Mothers served lunch following the program. The slim ot $86 was cleared! Mrs. Ogbbrrle Hosfess The Legion Auxiliai'y mot at the home of Mrs. Roy Osboi'ne Wednesday afternoon with seven members answering roll call. The regular business meeting was held and lunch was served. The h«H meeting will he held at the' ho'me of Mrs. Emil Kraft, with the election of officers being held. Visile** Le8»e Via Plane Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger Kermit drove to Mason City Thursday to lake Lt. and Mrs. Robert Gladstone dnd Robert Maxwell Jr. to catch the plane for their home in St. Louis, Missouri, after a visit with thorn and Mrs. Harry..Montgomery ahd Mrs. Paul H. DeLong. Sunday Dinner Guests Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gladstone of Charles City, Lt. and . Mrs. Robert Gladstone and Robert Maxwell Jr. of St. Louis, Mo., Mrs. Harry Montgomery and Susan and Mrs,. Paul H. De Long and Jane Ellen we're Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson spent Friday evening visiting at the Joe Miller home. Mrs. Ella Hanna of Fairmont, Minn., came Thursday for a ovv days visit at the home of her son George's. Mrs. Ida Tar-bell of Waterloo came Wednesday to visit at the •home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger. Mrs. Ervin Wetzel and Wanda spent Wednesday afternoon visiting at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Clnir Bellinger. • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schultz, Ronalda and Shirley were Sunday dinner guests at the C. F. Schult;: home. Rev. Nelson of St. Peter, Minn,. were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Person.. Sgt. Maurice Miller of Algona and Delores Lattimer of Bancroft spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schultz and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard drove to Fort Dodge on business Monday. Carol Ann Neitzcl of Bancroft spent last weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peterson and Jimmie of Titonka were Sunday dinner. ; quests at the hoi^ie, of jy^.^.-jjdj M«3. 'Wilfred Rhdlg" " " '"'" Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Heiter and Mr. and Mrs. Clair Bollingcr and two children spent Sunday a» the Monroe Heitcr home at Liv- orrnorc. Mi-, and Mrs. Chi.-st(>r Alme and Shirley of Ot'.nson were Sunday dinner gutst.s at me homo of «ttfendfcd$ *fil tafHOTi tjybfts. howe""af""§ode -"Tuesday "Ml^i tjnu Wlt*3* Hi A* .-...-...BT — &*•, ttdtftfet. Mfs, $&ry ' tfttelftfed tHe We m a Conation celebration t'h&nor .of aft- r tmels, Mr. : Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard's, her parertts< Mr. ahd Mrs. Wrrtv Nelsofu M«<j •Kenneth 'ftfctes-t and-Mrs. Wilblrf ShoeprtiBn; took -Mrs. LiHWfi, Spangl 6f<<?nrY6fl tft 'F6ft 'EtO'lflet Wedi-resdflyV,, t>ale SohrfleSel 1 s"p^Wt fff& wdek-end visiting ihris brother. LaverrtC, tffco is rittfittdiftg Annoumteing the TE PHARMACY formerly BORCHARDT'S We Have Purchased the Entire Stock and Fixtures of Borchardt's and We Hope to Give You the Same Good Service as Mr. Borchardt Has Given for Many Years. DRUGS COSMETICS JEWELRY SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN THUENTE PHARMACY 107 East State ALGONA Phone 252 We Will Be Happy to Have Your Continued -Ifilid^WBf* jmr, ,. > .'flfttt ail -a, . M«II cu \§6hn.a-Hd Bionne\and Mr. ahd l and, wo llle Earth, Miss 1 /lijh-ftitfe Stbfy <W> 5$eTit 'ffdni evening rtflftil ^flrfesdi.., . nddh nl ittethoUte fcf "Mr. tfffd Mfs. J. T.YJhMBhd. Mr. nttd/Mrs". Albert 1 of FfrifSttont, Minn., Wednesday >ftfternoc.ti vtsiting at v the hotnfif.of uhis a'idter Mr. and- Mrs. Chas. Morris. N Mr. and r Mrs. Frank Koustf- holder of Fenton and the Ralph Htulburt family spe'rtt TfnifSd'ay evening visiting at the Joe fieHf-. ends home at Swea City. • •'• Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Lowefibttrg of FairmoHt, Minn,, KHd the Jde: Culbertson family sp^nt SuHd4y afternoon visiting at the Merte' Culbertson hornet in FeHtoh. ; Mrs. Charles O^borfte e-ntef-i lained the Bancroft Guild With Mrs. Martin Vant assisting host-; ess. fhere were 16 Jtiefttbera* present. Mr. and Mrs. Richard .Beftfe'nds'' and Ronny and Mrs. John .Behr-, ends and Virginia spent Sunday' visiting the Geo. Lutz family and Leslie Beh'ronds at Barnum. Mr. and 'Mfs. L. V. Johnson' and boys' spent Sunday visStfilg: at the home of Mr. and ".-Mrs. Walter. Sftiith, manager, of the creamery!."at"'Siherburn, Minn. . Mrs. Emil Person rode nlbng with MI\*<-' Tom Trenary, Mrs.* John Trunkhill, and Mrs. L'eoh Immerfall, the latter three' of Burt, to Fort Dodge Thursday. Mrs, Edw. :Biets'tedt, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sorenson of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Dick O'Donhell and family were Sunday supper guests at the Lyle Marlow home. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ackerman. and family of Ventura and Mrs. Dean Jergenson and Douglas of Algona spent Friday visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaig. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McMahon of Joliet, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McGinnis of Reddick, 111.,, are visiting at the home of their sister, Mrs. Hugh Walsh and family. Mr. and Mrs. Don Houck 'and. Marjorie spent Thursday in Mason City on business and visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.'John Alitz. Marjorie went on a tour, of Mason City with two schools from there. , • V Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan stopped at the home of their daughter,^'Mr. and Mrs. : W..: J. Cotton, on their way home from Minneapolis, Minn 1 ., where they have been visiting, 1 ' on their wdy home at Algona.'.ai. 1 , ',""""' " MiV£m-d"-Mrs:"Ralph Meyer 1 'tof Graettinger spent Sunday afternoon visiting at the Lloyd Hutchison home. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer of Burt spent -Sun-' day evening there; . The Geo. Long family •spent Wednesday night visiting at 'the home of Mr. and-Mrs. 'Ha'rvey Blanchard at Plumboldt. 'They also spent Thursday evening dt the Hiram Ackerman home at Burt. Mrs. Edw. Hoppe and Roger spent the weekend visiting Mi', and Mrs. Clarence Hoppe at Truman, Minn. They all also visit- *fid Mrs, . tot* MM, :ef Mrs, Geo. .Wtftfte Ruth *r<*fe Strnttttt dinner- fiiesta- the^hom^ «? Mft "sflta MM. ,t '&ftu$ttftftfit > -fn. amtfibm. M>s. Mrs, 1h Fdrt i . of eto, ., t fUes«aV ntgHt, gnd edrtesdaydt the H. A. Holmgren home. Upper D6* MoMe* Wftht Ad* Bfilt* Red I , :••. .n'->; jv.j--^'j-i -i^u. i.i. I'.'.! linn iiaitrniiinimiiiini ii<i] iirtiiliiiliifiittiiiiiiiliiiiiii* . Wrti, •Sunday -tti«!*teWttri ' - Blrttore .' t 'ShelllMg, Mirftfc, Thutsddy, '• " ' "- -ftath sfpsnt Sfttflrda'y irftefft'oWn visitiflg-MJlth'Mi?»v-R. F.-Mawtie>ti T ;• 'flt«.'Ben :%jHnfldt'family, stettt ^Thursday, .visiting his 1 dad, Btfb" 'Schmidt Sr.;-at -Fairmont,- ; Mihri. Mrs... 'Francis 'Folejr suffered' 'Cdrebriat 'hemorrhages Thursday.-. after a'n exciting fire occurred •<& •the' home of'her daughter, Mfs. Waffle Lyneh Wednesday. At •'this writing Friday morning she was stiH uncongolous. •'•', 'Mr: and, Mrs, Fred Hastnuese'rt ; -6f R^ftwtclc s^ent Mtfflday evdh- Limited Time Only Leverlox .-.(;'. Electric Fence r: (With AH Attachments);^ "'Qiven witli 'Every tyjk FENCE The Modern tVay to Feifete— • Save Posts, Wire, Money an«T. Hard W«»k! ELECTRO-FENCE (s the WO*- em way to .fence . . , oirlr MMT wire is needed »nd yoor «W barbed wire will do,. Use o»I^ one-third the mrtnbw of imto ordinarily necessary. No pensive gates to fray or It's easy to fence small quickly — to protect b»yst»e|rs— to convert stubble or corn into profitable temporary lures. Makes your p»es*n* fences better ^nff maltes new fencing easy. And re*nent*w— for 9, limited fhrte, yd» ;f$ fe* Electric Fence Gate with ELECTRO-FENCE at no extra cost! fee. i hnptottfnt John Deere Farp General Electric AppH»»«e* Phono 86fl ' I AlfOIW, lo**! H. W. POST ttRAY Jtm *BAN»FER: Storage of All •Long Every load itrttfred -agalrtst, loss and da'majfe of all kinds., Eflulpped io „& $11 kffida of 1 haulirig Slid PHONt2W Need A Windbreak? Fruit Trees Enough? Home Need Landscaping Phone or NOW Df6p a Postal Gkrd or Phone Usi^Bf Needs Nowl Telephones 30 and 157 ELMORE, MINNESOTA I' «v may LIVE Famine threatens the world. Together we share the responsibility of helping to feed the world's hungry peoples. To this end, and to Conserve wheat, our President has called upon the Baking In* dustry to use a darker wheat flour and to somewhat curtail production. This means that our baked foods are not •9 light in color as formerly* nor as plentiful... Be assured how* fv« thai *» bated foodt you buy from us are 4»st as good and just a» good for yo,u. / ' ', It has been—and it will continue to be-our policy and pledge, jpjjuy the best and bake the best./, an4 t9 maintain at all times the high standards of quality, whole* some appearance and goodness that our baked foods have alw&ys'^gissessed* ""^^ Together, fio0ywating wld» our President, we will help feed the **f!d Algona Baking Comjp^ny ^^.;.._-

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