The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
Page 7
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.ULYTHEVH-LE, (AUK.) - COUKlKIl NKWS PAUL! SEVl'iN-- ^Classified SHOPPING GUIDE I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally iMt per Utio for conscou- five Insertions: [>i)c time \x\ Tine lOo TKO limes per line P« r dR y •• 08c "'nrco time? per lino pel day . OOo Elx times per line per daj .. 15c Month rale per lino 60c Mlnimnni eiianse 60o Arts ordered !ur inreo or six Ihncs And stopped Iwforc cxplra- llon will be charged for the nun' bcr of- tl»i"s }he ad aniKured and —IJuolnieut of till made. All Classified , AtKerllslng cop> submitted by persons residing out- Bide dl tnc flly miLst uc. accompanied by cash. Rates may be cully computed from above table • A avert Limp ordered lor irregular Insertions tflke the ono lime rate NO ir.iponsiDimy Sin be taken for mart limn one Incorrect In- terllbn of any classified ad. SBB ' THE NEW 20 QT. PRESSURE COOKEU AND INQUIRE ABOUT T1IH CLUB PRIZE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Business Directory I Wanted -- Used Furniture '• ' S|)ol Ciisli Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 K. "Miiln Formerly Oiivls & Dodson JJTOIIKD FQii suM- MKR Local Hauling rlllOWN DRKAD lOc loaf. MadcJMy u m \ i s j)i uc j ; 'ij,|j. j i m a Fridays. Louise Crane llili'r. i y ul | \vhilt! Call lili. | JOHN IIIK'IIANAN—i'UONE "<l>7 Buy With<; Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONKV BAC'K .CillAnANTEK «'llh Kvery ' It.' Jt. G. • Or . Kquari! Dral Car HuuijlH\i'rom I'hillilii Molcr Co. 19M FOIil) V-8 I'OKDOU SUDAN—Same us New .;. ? 1935 I'OKI) V-8 I'ICR-lll 1 . Color Blark. Motor and liest Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON -WOOL Rags, Meial, • Hides & Bones iJlythcvillo Iron & Melul Co. 221 W. Cherry Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn- Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired For Sale .MINNOWS-lc eac|: rimed I'oiam I'lanls l<)» I'oppi'r .t KB« 1'lunl.i (i. C. H.IHl.S Cor. Ijiki' .V Miiln or 020 Miullson 1'UONK 10 SalesViicn Wanted •AVAILABLE AT ONCK.•'Hn'wlelali Route of 800 f»n)lll(.'.< Only reliable men need apply. Kwi <.'i»'H S25 or more weekly.- 'No cash required. Write toclny. HiuvlelKh's, I)epl. AIiE-27-Z, Memphis, Tenn. VACCINOL VOUNC3 ni'niTlrd miin with antii- mcbile. yalury and conntil.sslou; Pernr.inent eniployinenl witli slblllties,at advancement, Must ho , to iim!;fc Iwnd nnd willing to Good Used Trucks lass—1>; run I'niii 1UM — ! 3 Ton lord ritk-U|> 1931—I); Ton (.'hr-vrnlrl UWI —l!i Ton Inti'iinlloiwl All liuve (imid liUilii! liodh'S TDIISIH Delhi Implement Co Champion by Whiskers W5.W Ci-«li( on New Chevrolet 01' iiswl i-iir. viilim SWU.OO or mo 1 ?. to Iniycr luivjny no tnide-in. Cl' .M! tiisi'oiinl lor cnsH. Box "AH 1 , Courier News. • clli. If Slice Rcjjairing Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up S!rms!!i with job, Ic exU'n SATISFACTION CSUARANTKED' Tiiiii: uLui; KIIOE. KIIOV I work.'.hard. 'Apply- to •Sinner Hew-. Next to is. T. Worlliy'a' Ing.•Muuhlnc, Co.,' Illyllievlllc, Ark. ~"~; Kills Prevent* SM5 Tires OK. True ... ISK I-OK1) V-S I>K l.UXE ? COHI'K. Color Circcn. A Ural liny! . Evcrylhiiiff i" A-'l Cundilion. Price 5'U5 11)31 aiO»UI- "A" I'OUl). 13M ', License. Ncw.'I'aint. Now : Tires. jHotor A-l' Shaiw. Vricc ......'•- '•;••• S18u Liberal AUowaiici' Oii J'rcs- Oiil Cur -i- 'Low-Finance; Charge ThnnigH U-. 'V. C. ili'cn Kvcnini;s for Your Convenience. Drive l»' I-«ls :i"'l « cl A.-mdnkd. Call 810 - 811 ncmonslrMion or Information. for Ask .for (Jravi-s, or liarlicr. Knanks, Calvin PHILLIPS IKED CAK LOT sill *• Walimt I'Uonc "iltf '6r '811 oiicn At Niglil When Tliey Swanu ; I'lioric 100. E. C. Robinson tumber Co WANTED —i.U, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, ?3 to $5 ton : Aluminum, .lOe. Ib. Brass, 2c to -I'/jC Ib. Copper Wire, 4c.lo-5o Ib. RadtalpiV'4V4c'lb: HIDES & FUEIS ' WOLF AUIAN ; PHONE 17C : . 128 'E. MAIN FOB HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS He-ally Marto.. Awnings'-. 81.25. "I 1 Best Prices': tor;.-Quality. Work Carney Awning Co. . uaii en 113 HARRY AT MISSOURI .STATE '.JiJNE WANTED—Local sales represent;!- ( : . live for:liciitpllk..Hosiery Millti, no\v r sliowiiig coiDnjcte new sii!n- incr line, of Indira': hosiery niu| iin'licrio, men's' slilrls, lies. i>a-; janui!;, iindcr^'ciir • »nd .sox.; In- (irira.. oj .salestiiini oi 1 call ' :>i' write- Uriineh Snlbsniiinaccr II. IL Hawks, JoiiMboi'o,. Ark. UOc k23 Automotive 1'UICES CUT ON AUTO I'AUTS Tires. Tnljes, BattcrlcK. I'nlnl, 'J'opls. Motor Oil, Floor Mais, Seat Covers. Get our 1 prices before yon' buy; .Save Money! WQI.F''AKIAN Phone ,170 .•..'-.;'. 128 E. Mnirt Poultry 1'OllLTIty llODGirr ft HOLD hlnlicsl Pilot's Puld I!. T. WOHT11Y—316 E. MAIN IlillalnV (lonvlcU I>«>fiv;isi! LONDON (Ul'»- Only one-tlilid ' .I'Jilo Illends Tobacco |' IIOQUIAM, Wivs'n. (UP) — J/ rjii'uk Wlnfteld Terrv blends ns nmny IOTMMIS BO lo |>ii,,n,, eiu'li i own lobnreo-whlle «mokl,,' yi'iir In ItrUaln now roiiniared lii>i»'ovlsod it double-bawled 0 with ii i|ii»rU'r of » renliny m;o, i w '"' ll ''"slofitem. lie simply 'J'hi' liii'-ri'iichlnii cliuiiiji'a lu U,D!'jUfwchl. briinda In i'acli bowl ilml liilsoii Kj'slt'jn ('IntliiK UK- Wi ye;ir,> lire ivvliAycd In Hie ivport for 10^1 »r the eonnnls-sloneiij of |irlu»):i i mid Hie; directors o[;canvti'l prls- ,ons. : • '. '. up. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Efjgs & Poultry !ll B. Main Bai'ljcr Shops HOLT'S UAItnivIl SIIO1' 101 smith 2nd at, JIAIiiCirr 200. 811AVK Ific Dntli-Closo 8 p,ni.—Shiiic lUTISMi'ICKS Every tiny en I'liinl. l-'lonr. Meals, (ijoeeiii'K, fresh Kriilts nnd I'njiluff, )''n:iey unit h-liiiile, any iimintlly. Tor coiivi'tileiiro tTP olTi'r "Tin- III Slmrliic I'ruli'rtlvii Crnlll" ('oinu In or 1'liotic 1 RITE PRICE GROCERY riiotnt 2:il W« Ufllviir ill E. ninln lii Olil r. o. RADIO. KEPAIRING A Com|ileto Mne of TitbrA u ml t'urta HUKHAM) TIUK & MAT'i'XtlY CO. I'llONK 4?« ONE STOP SUUVICK STATION' ' I'OK YOUU CONViiNlUNCE'' SINCLAIR GAS ANI> UJHHICATION '.., [WK I'HIMIY in cliavgo' .Service! l)u|);irlniuut. I.. II. JOHNSON in diiu-Kt; lloily 1. Outdoing Mnn Moiintnln Dean in immc and niiuii', \j>\> Uiil IKKinu (Whiskers) Rnvnce Is rccoipitzi'd In Toxas us (ho \voitl hrnvywclBhl wivsllinir champion. Tlio Ix)iie Blur .stiilo commission imils Savnfc us siidi lireaiisc D:<rmo O'Mlitmny rcfu.sod to slve Hie Kentucky mounhtlm'c-r u second edition iillcr winning on n loul. O'Mjihony sub.wiiiiently losl to Dick Shlknl. Tln> boardi'd behemoth Is being groomed by his bride of n month, -IIATTUHV . —KAWATOH HKl'AlK — IJOHV WOIIK —H:MI];H \VOKK —<i!,ASS INKTAI.UU) —AI)T(> W, T. BARNTO ALTO - PIIONIO 888 rimnidcr Dolts (/ollcclrd (iKANVILLIl, O. (Ul>)—A hoMiy Shcpnrd coltt'ct.s cluiinctcr dtill.s. Shu IIIIK 150 vhrlclk'5, dntlni; from oC HEAR! HEAR! i . If yoii • linvc n • linriul Mssooialiou cci'liliealo jiny l<lnil on your lovuil OUCH wlicu they iiw'ny, wo'will ai'oupl il i|l full valuu on ilic hmcnil, \ provlileil" you buy tin much its ?r>0 or more iii'i iiicruliiiiKliiiu. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'llONU Dp;y"'and "it lor lleut niEHiUtWWAKljts a-i-4^ Ivcry 1-Tiday;'SaUjnlay! & i3uiiday LION &'. TEXACO OAB'v- IC'.Sp gal. ';'.' HOUSE and 5 acres, 2 miles north of Highway 61. Comva_y, Houchins. 20o Clsarctlcs '$1:25 1JIG BASKBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY ; I'honc 1505-F4 or 143 •j room FURNIBHEU .224 Douenn. Oiil-W Mrs. apaitmenl, Wort. Call c-k-U 8 Room HOUSE, 115 S. Division. ' Ideal for tourists. Ix>w rent. Max B. Reid, I'honc 1182. lilc kK Large front cool Bedroom.. Miss Bess Hall. Call c fctf COOL uedrooms, reasonable.. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 000 W. Main. 3 room house, furnished or unfurnished. 7 2 baths and sleeping porch. Dll Walnut, c. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. c - k - 13 3 "rooin "FURNISHED apartment, modorn. 1111 Ash, Mrs. George Maltiicws. Call 231. .. _ck-U 3 fi-^1 room modern' furnished apartments, Reasonable. Call 280. Modern furnished house for sum- nicr Reasoriable. Mrs. Cross,' 30C ' : 6-ck-tt L;ike. Do Yon Want, to Build HOME? Investigate Our F1IA to 20 Year Payment Plan E,. C. Robinson Lumber Co We Guarantee lo Save Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mig, Co. Phone 19 2 hcdropms or a two room lur- ; nislind r aiwvtincnl. Reasonable. Mrs. J; : T: Collins. 1020 Hcarii.. Lower, floor al 1013 W. WalmiU 4 uufiinnshed rooms. Call 221-J. cl:-tt UNFURNIS1IKO \ room apartment with bath. C311327, -or 55 al night. _'_ 12-^" Furnished 3-rrx>m house. 503 N. Fifth 5t. Couple Only. • dh 5 Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. .!. II. Smart. Unil SO!>-J •ic ktl ROOM. biM; 22 or '(a. ncSl '.o lliibbnrd Tire fs Itatltry; newly decorated, Torn Jacloin. Phone Found Arkansas Truck license No. 217-733 Owner may have same by cull- Ing al Courier News office and paying charges, Lost WHIT1-; BUI.J.'1'UI'—KKWARU rcUmt to 221 \V. Chcny. Be k22 Wall Paper N'KW PATTERNS-LOW PRICES CANVAS, FASTIS AND TACKS V S K AI10DT riTTSIUiUGH'S NEW J'AINT FINANCE I'MK The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'liono «.'•''"' Free Estlmalcs Highest Market Prices PAID FOB SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Elc. WE SELL All Lraihng ilranils of COAL Small lot-">. Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal &'Jlining Co. Wholesalers, Kctailcrs & Miners N. Hlway Cl Opp. ,>akc Ungar Gin Phone 100 . nlyllicvlllc, Ark. Uon to Mr.s, Nina Shepard. coimlry In Ihc world. THAT WE WE 6OT OUn ALL-5TRAIGHTEMEP OU' HAD BETTER START 'i'-lr• RESTOCKIM' ' ME BBW GRAIJD SVIIF.R'G A {?!•: Vou -VOLJ'LL WOW HAVE LESS GRIEF MOKIARCH OF MOO. ALLTI-I' WELL, PER- // RJSS YOU'VE I IAD WITH CLIZ SAY, WHAT / IM TH' FAST, IS GklDED, WITH 7M 1 -? /"TH 1 EX-VV17GR' WHERE H£ BELOWGSiAT LAST — HOI,]) KVUdYTIIINfi! HOOTS AN!). HKU HOC KB I) TO -SI. .WASH TUliJiS HELP! SAVE'. ME.! t'M60IN' OVER W\2! IVOTTA Y' KMOW ABOUT 7M/XT.' HE'S KNOCKEPOUT' t T. M.REG. U, S. CAT. Off'. HK AIKANS •Batteries BETTTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clune Extra Special! SOLID I5RONZK Screen Wire 5c -\-pcr sq. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Airs. J. J. DivU — Spcr.ccr Corscllcro At Tom Jackson's Service Station Call 421-W for appointments I'UtKCKUCS re POODLES ' AI ID HE H/\S A THE MOTE IS MR.DORSAKI, THE MWJ \WHO WAS KEEPING POODLES R>R US, OM HIS • FARM ' GOOD OLD FCOCIES f GEE. ITS GOOD'TO SEE HIM AGAII-4 f BOYOBOY!.' PIWKIED TO MIS ''THIS MUTT EATS ^ THAW A HORSE, AKID HE RAISED CAIW WITH EVERY- ' HE CXJG UP MY GARDEH, BUSTED THREE. \VINCOV/S w I'iY, HOTHOUSE AND RIPPED OUR DRAPES T0 ( -7 ;.SHREDS.'... IF YOU DOHT WAWT HIM, R»? PETE'S SAKE,TELL HIM I'VE I^CVED TO HONOLULU , AND FDR THE LOVE OF MIKE, DON'T GIVE HIM A PAIR,. OF WATER WINGS!'

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