The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 3
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* I TtflSDAY, APRIL 30, 1946 •n •\. t ' i n ; ",r", vr""" 1 Ward & Tit&nka "visited Mrs, R. K.\ Richardson Wejaftesday. •« Wfif. and Mr*, frank Bandy vrere recent visitors of Mr. and ,. Mfs.' Chct Williams, . ' Mr, and Mrs. E,P, Baker of Iowa City spent a couple of days •* Innl midweek with Mr. and Mrs. K. s. Cowan. . Mi. and Mrs. John Evans, of Cleveland, Ohio, visited-Mr. and Mrs.;M. F. Smith last week, Mrs. •o Evans; is a sister of Mrs, Smith, Mfs. Ewald Voight enjoyed a visit,last weekend from her, sister Bornice Prey and a friend, Mtme..Thomas,= of Marshalltown, t Mr., and. Mrs. Ben Wilson of Dlue -Earth .spent a day last, week with the former's brother and •his \yife, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson. !/• '-.:.•:. . •".• '•- ., . ; .-• ,i Mrs. Dan EngeSser and son Daririy attended a birthday party for:Paul Eisele, 4, son of Mr, and 1 Mrs. Howard French, of Tltpnka spent last Wednesday at Spencer with friends, .'/' ' .' , ,/. Mr, and Mr*. Leroy Adams of Arhes wef recent Visitors at the parental Roy" Adams; home. They are both senior students at Iowa State College. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schmalen of West Bend visited Sunday at the home frf Mr. and Mrs. Garmon Adams in Union township. They are parents of Mrs. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Platt and children returned from Neosho, Mo., last Week, where they visited Howard's mother, Mrs. Emma Platt, and brothers George and Harvey; . Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shore hare had a letter from their son Spencer, in service three years, Saying he is on his way home and will be discharged. He has been in Bavaria, Germany. Mr. «nd Mrs. H. B. Hicks re Li Mrs. Clara *;Donna Jean I-Mr. 'and Mrs. P week. Mrs. , MrS.'J, Dutton. i M*s. C. H. [\Frerich, Mrs. Wild and daughter of Toledo, visited W. A. Dutton last Wild is a sister of Taylor, Mrs. S. B. Cydney Laird, and [Tuesday and Wednesday April 30-Mayl Co-Hit 'Frances Paul Kelly in . -- • "ALLOTMENT WIVES" 'hursday, Friday, Saturday, May 2-3-4 [*• Dvranfo Kid smashts Ikt Jfttt's wgktst, l_j5.^r-~^» wf/aw ian Hicks, mother of the former, and with Mr. and Mrs. W.' F. Scholes, parents of the latter; Mr, and Mrs. L$w Mathes, of GraridvieW, Mo., lately, came to visit Mrs, 'Fern Hardgrove and other relatives. Mr. Mathes was proprietor of the Haynes Cafe prior : to. leaving for Missouri, Mrs. Emil Sloffel accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ly.le /.Runchey to Dubuque last' week.' She is visiting her mother, and Mr. and Mrs. Runchey are visiting -Mrs. 'Rurtch- ey's mother, Mrs. Clem Maneman. . •'•'.•• Beverly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Caughey, broke the little finger joint on her left hand while playing ball recently. It will be another two weeks before she will be able to begin using the hand. Mrs. C. F. Spechi returned recently from Miles, where she visited Mr. and Mrs. -F. E. Kutzer. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hoorneman of Rock Island were also there. The ladies are daughters of Mrs. Spccht. Homtr Anderson and Harry Harris went to Brookings,'S. D., last week on business, stopping en route at Spencer to visit the COIUMBIA PICTURES presenls ' vff ^WRIES- A I$TARRETT |b« Durango Kid rh TEX HARDING S^"«»!^*l««TfWJFU!flOW • kvM * XM Co-Hit Noah Beery Ji\ in I with NOAH BURY, Jr. LOIS COLIICR Serial, "Boyal Mounted Rides Again" Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 5-6-7-8 v^r former's brother, Reid Anderson and family. They returned the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs, Jack Hilton havo moved to Wihterset, whew Jack has a variety'store.' The .Hilton's had been living at/Indianola the few, years, but he has disposed of his -'Variety- store 1 there to go to Winterset. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuitle returned Friday from DCS Moines where Mr. Tiittle attended *a two day convention of the Iowa pharmaceutical association. '"" ' Ws'fSMsijedj,Home^'s,#ai -„..,,, and Mrs. W. E. Tuttlq-there.:? Roland Walker arrived from Newport-,"Va., the latter part of the week for a few days visit with his grandmother, Mrs. J. E. Walker. He went from here to Easton, Minn., to be with his parents the remainder of his furlough. /.-•••'. ••' ''•••• s Mrs. Merle Webster; who has been employed in.,the shoe department at the Kresensky stor hy Lylo Mathes, owner of th*. department, is taking a vacation for the summer;' Her placo is being taken by the Mathes son Herbert. '•/ .-.'• Mrs. Ortille Wicks and her ,moth<?r, Mrs. Clara Holm of. Kanawha .went .to Rochester Sunday to go through ! tho. clinic. Mrs Crydcr .Wicks of Kanawha, mother of Orvillc, is caring for Larry Wicks during his mother's absence, '; Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Anliker left Friday for Daveriport.where he will enter the Palmer school for chiropractors, He was recently discharged from service and has been with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Anliker, the past several weeks. '.-.... Mr. and M»s. N, C. Sperry of F prt. D °dge visited at the home of their son R, F. last week, Mr, and Mra, Carol Fraser and son Donald Eugene of Burt were-also visitors. Mr. and Mrs. N. C Sparry are great-grandparents of the Frasera son. Mrs. John Mollinger and daughter Katherine pf Ollie left Wednesday after visiting relatives and friends in the St.. Joe and Algona neighborhoods. They cnme to attend the funeral of John Brass; who was a brother of Mrs, MoJlmger. Clarence Holland, a student a i,* Diversity in Minneapolis visited his sister Mrs, L, E. Hovey Jast week. Mr. and JVIrs., Earl Rosedahl of Bricelyn, MinWere aUo guests Mr/ Holland and «rs. Rosedahl are brother and sister of Mrs. ffovey. oricbn.Wjs,, , Wednesday for Presb o attewj centennial Saturday « IH <•» 'i ' •:<-,- • : • v*.. r - st - thj9 church, f |»ne several dayg Mrp. H f J, :th,eir plan ¥ ' 'no • £*&£&*» ,>l»t A. ft Jflujft* *SJK^WW:«B rnanager, of the creamery at Armstrong, Mr, a«d Mrs. Raymond Puftk and Mr. aftd Mrs. Henry fiecker went to Des Moines laSt weekend and attended the sports show. The Funks visited the former's sister and her husband, Mr. arid Mrs. Qconge Weir, the Beckers were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Corey. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Norris are parents of an 8%-lb. sbn, born Wednesday, April 17. He has been named Barry, James. 'Hie Norrises have two other children, a boy and a girl. The Guy Norris family and Mrs. F. J. Norris, mother of J. R,, came from Florida for a recent visit, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Norton and family, Lawton Okla., and Meryl Norton of Moline, 111,, came Friday to visit Mrs. B. E. Norton, mother of Elwood and Meryl. They remained till Sunday and Mrs. Norton accompanied the Elwood Nortons to their home, remaining there most of the week. Duane Wallukait, in ihe army air corps at Amarillo, Texi, recently received an award from his commanding officer for excellency in work and conduct, and was promoted to corporal. He Will be given a furlough in June and he will spend it here with I 1 '.?,parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallukait. Mr. and Mrs. John Thul enjoyed a visit a few days last week :rom the former's brother George who was en route from Fort worth, Texas,, to southern Idaho, fie had been employed as government engineer in a bomber Dlant and had been transferred :o Idaho, where he will be sim- larly employed. Robert Clark of Humboldt left April 18 for Pomona, Cal., to vis- t relatjves till April 31, when he will bring his father C. E. Clark o Algona. The elder Mr; Clark. formerly of Britt, who has been with his sister-in-law Mrs. Mary Clark, is in poor health and will now be at his daughter Mis. Geo. Tohnson's near town. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sewick of Weston, W. Va., visited Mr. and Mrs. Merle Webster last week ^.ALGONA P^fitt tm MOINES, ALOONA IOWA^ and other friends .at Burt. from here they WcHt.'to Sioiix City and vicinity, for .rf.'Viaitswith relativesj . returning to . be joined by. the* 'da ley of Sioux dity.',.i ' Friday, to ': Shir- ebster * . ** «*«M-» r >**i/j-., . y«*f, .vvw&i*:i and Mr. Sewick arc war buddies. . Mrs. Philip atfiomel, IX lrh ped • on . a ' rUg -'arid'. ,f dll • • at h«f . . , • • home last -tfeek,. Mpriday break- rig a leg. betweetfi' tHe knee arid' hip. .She ,was 'trfken ,to the Kos- stith hbspital,' late'r {o 1 , the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge, her son Gene going with "hen Her daUflfh* ter,. .Mrs. E. . K Kahm, of Fort Dodge, is with her; and Genti.who visited her .Saturday,, reports she is doing very nicely;.'' • Seaman LeHoy bahr.ealitd his mother, ;Mrs. John 1 Bahr,. one' evening.'last week'from Chicago.i He was enrbute; across country , to San Francisco , to ship -out from the west .coast, -;LeRoy is in the maritime service. He entered training , SRebRshead Bay, Brooklyn, N. Y., :the middle of November. .•'•... .-.. , ' '. ... Rev. Benzon;- pastor of »h« First Lutherari' church, .'and G6o, Spongbefg; as. a delegate for the church,- 1 and; Mrs.'. Ole -Allison as; delegate. ', for ..the . Woman's Missionary Society. .- wont V tp Essex Wednesday, to ;.attehdi a convention. Hans. Presfhus. accompanied them as delegate frora ;thc Aug-' ustana Luthepan, ch'urch •= at Bancroft. They flurried;' .Sunday. ', Waynia>Wil4 ; K«s, ;r«rurned to ,.»/..«. j.» ^ /toa, .roiurneu 19 San :Di,ego/.fdllqwing a furlough which he ; sp'tS'nt"iwith,his parents/ Mr. .arvd Mrs.. Walter Will. He was inducted;,;'Fbb'tlia.ry 14'• and sent to the ,W£fst; : coast' for his basic 'trairtinji-.. ,'0.dn" \^ill, of : the merchant • : .."riia'ripes, -Decently reached,- ,Ne.w f -.:York'i- 1 .City froin Trieste, Italy, ..bitt jvitt. not come home 'on ; le&'v4^'He'-.signe'd : iip'for another.:tripr:'."."lx' t -;"-;, '• («ne» meeting. .Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weishaar visited the former's parents, Mr. ahd Mrs. Albert Weishaar, last t^eek. Carl, in the marines at San Diogo, was on furlough and had joined his wife at Utica, 111. They were accompanied to Iowa ny Mr. and Mrs. Alolf Jesse, La Salic, 111., who came to visit relatives at Britt. The Carl Wei- shaars and the Albert Weishaars Visited at Woden with Mr. and Mrs. John Rudisill, the latter a daughter of the senior Weishaars. ^Mr. and Mrs. Ben Potter and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Potter accompanied Dr. und Mrs. L. E Potter to St. Paul last ,-.'cek. The Ben Potters visited a few days \Mt-h their daughter Mrs. Chester Van DC Walker and family, but the Elmer Potters returned with the Doctor Potters, who had gone to the city on business. A few days later Dr. and Mrs. Potter drove to Des Moines to bring Mrs. Charles Potter home from the Methodist hospital, where she •had surgery two weeks ago. V Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Lindgren Were here last mid-week and visited Mr. and Mrs. William StceJe. They had their household .goods shipped to Hampton, where Mr. Lindgren is now co-manager of a John Deere ' lived here ..... B _.. „„„ manager of the local John Deere Store, and he was inducted into service from Algona. Fo^ some time he was located at Riverside, Calif,, and Mrs. Lindgrc-n joined him there, but after he was sent store. When Mr. Lindgren they was overseas 'his Wife returned to Iowa. Mr. and Mr*, Button Harms of Omaha were Thursday guests and remained over riight with Mr. and Mrs. Francis Livingston. The Livingstons have been living in the Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes residence during her visit in California and in Chicago. Mrs. Holmes is taking over her home on May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Livingston will move in with the Chas. Livingstons until June 1, at which time they will move into the A. M, Collinson house. Mr. and Mrs. Collinson are going to California to visit their children and will be gone for the summer and winter. OFFICE SUPPLIES — A good stock on hand, getting larger every day. Fill your needs at The Algona Upper Des Molnes office. Bancroft Legion Ballroom FfeL, MAY 3, CAM/ BEAN . TUBS , MAY 7, "SKlPPEtt" BERG FRI., MAY 10, LYNN KERNS TUBS., MAY 14, EARL HUNT To Sponsor Junior Legion Team H*re An Algona Junior American Legion baseball team will be sponsored here this summer by the local Legion post. Marc Moore and Max Jensen were named as joint managers of the team for the Legion, and Gene Hertz, high school coach, will coach the boys. Tryouts will be held shortly after the close of the school year at the high school and acac'c/ny. • i t i Any boy not It yeafS prior to Jan. f, 1GM, is 1 to try out for the team, if h« sides within th<» area' 6f 6ti|lbli| ity for the Algfoha tcatti, | Lumbermen To Me6* f An attendance of between 4(fc and 50 is expected here, Thursday^ May 2, for a district meeting tit th«*'' Northwestern and foWa TLujitbe*H man's Ass'n. at the Hotel Alffi A dinner is being planned fop >««] event, as well as a program of S«n* eral interest, starting at 6:30 p. tti. Announcement We Have Leased the WESLEY STANDARD SERVICE STATION and East End Garage in Wesley We will take over May 1st, and we issue a cordial! welcome to all old customers as well as new friends. Phone 3021 "CHUCK" DEVINE & DOtfLICKTEIG Yes, we're both,Vets of World War II Jerry Bob, 'son df Mr. ajiid .Mrs H. C.-'Aji'dersOh; visited; his> auh and unclei.-'M/','arid Mrs;. : ;Av ' P Nelson, at .Britt ;from 'Friday til Sunday.w.heh;j. ; hl's'.parents wen over.'-to bring 1 Mm' home. On Fri day Mr,",and.-Mi;s,;:Anderson wen to Fort.* Do'dg^p;-where' the latte spent:.the .day/-with"'.'her sistc Mrs. H.-D-.-.-Steltie^'and Holman went to,IowaVFalls to attend a See ft fn Photoplay 'Always together* : Buttoned pockets own up proudly to the feminine curve : of your this spirited two^ pieced'dress of Bucha f pur\ rayon. See how fresh it looks with snow whtte embroidered collar ( and cuffsl Shan coral, por* ctlaln aqua, lime dust, heaven blue. Sizes 9 to li $14.01 is MOTHER'S DAY Remember Her With a Gift from Kresensky's UMBRELLAS for summer sho.wcrs. In new plastics and ns. AH colors. $4.95 to $7.95 There's no one you love letter than Mother—and there's nothing shfc'd like better as a remembrance than a, passport to summer's coolest temperature vfa one- »f our picture-pretty prints. 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