The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 8
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J'.-u.l-. h!(-Hi Pi li Hfl All A'Niibm Invitc-J to: Participate in Annual: l'ji'ct.-o:i Tomorrow f-::i ; ;iio:i m .< nrv, ?M-C'.iliv b;n!:i of ClilfVosr.iba Distriri trhapu-r. Aiiis-.'i.Mii ]<K! cj?-si, .'.. ::td'ibd fur b.;-. Monday nv.'h: - ,m poni:3iu j inn:; Kr:c|jv ,1:-:;; i'.-uril.lry J. DOl-nii-? ;< ii; ,].- ;,-;..,!- Siiiipliciiy oKliarachT Gives Her Charm" " A!i v.:!'i c:nrr;b- ::.::i- II !lu- H-d ( i .;: . -•-: .Xovi-jnl;- : -.! .' "-• eil^j!. I '.:: • i'!jc::f;:i. l.-.-inv •:•.--..;• (•.,;•:!: jit, s !>.,;. '<:•..•.! ••:.•:••:] ::i r. ..i;!;i.ii:::i |r, : [-,,.. h flic:- ill :'• Ivl: I. ; ,n-| ;. !:(,. !.';!»: ruminr ...;. -,-.;:i i,. ;,. v .....;. 1: .-11 t.l-j I!;: :•: •• i in,-.-. ; A .,;. ;,.•.; 'Ir.u.- - nliTiiilv n'::ii.!r-.U'.- Rfv. K K ;..t:::.i : .;- M,-, [.,„, ;. •J.|'!<-,n JO;. I-..,.:;..;. I-;. M . .|...,. n . .Ir-.'l Rolaii:!.-i ,- n..., .,. j. i „.;.„.;. r.:i. K. 13. F,.|V. t: ,: ; . Zu; 1! H:.ri : i- F. K. AI:-::.i!iJ,.-'. '; . ||'' 'l.-'.i:i H'.M Tc.'ii w. J.vk- in c \ Ciiniii-i ••!i:i!ii. K. I). Hi .:h-..s j .;. ii. A. r.yiic':. .\!:- : .. ]r :lr; -.- K:rlr: Msx II Hold. Mr.,. >:o.. : ,.. p..,,-,,,,, J-:. li. Mrs Ha-i-ard !•'". m::l Mrs. John l.-nt:. Hound Lake Newts Mr. and M:.s c..: limchi-11 ijavi ? c;irri pp.riv -S'Hii.i .-n::rr ol M::; r ,; ; -Trs iiiltti:! Mi ;,!;•!: :-.. ni .."OJlK-s. fr. 1 ,-. .t. Ciliirley :ind Cl' Mr. and Mr.-:! L :-:;.iy i-r:ii'(.... li-iiUis- £';nd;-.y -.\iih MI-. l!m i MI HlJ-.C Hull',l)i.,is':- ;;|,c! |1,.[- f;.;|> r .•..mi ;b- Kwi-.-i-.-. i -, v.v. .,,,.„ Mr-. W. II. c luinlM-is. lima nc!:ii:.o.i i, Mck till- -.-I.-!; Mil! Town Hems Li'.ilr- r,o::ir :1 ..r; nelly .!;an l/Kirmr.riii hriVi- ,h-. in :i^ie.~ ! Mr. and Mi... iVm K.-. i,n nnd i ! •'r.-jflitcr, Mr. i'lid r.'n-s A A. IJrnd- .crcl and we. Mrs L!i]i. i Ciinnhi"- tlic BISTER MARY'S KITCHEN rich baking jjowder biscuit crust rolled about one-half Inch Ihlck Place ihlnly sliced cold tolled ham l;ii the pastry lined Inking dish, i-111 with (jravy and cover with (•nisi. Bnko in a hoi ovr-n until ™ "W- is done. Servo fiom l )n k- IIV SISTKH SIARV .Vl.'A SiTviii- Staff \\ 1 riii. r 'Ihrif isn'l a meal nf U:e day when ham can't \K used to ad- I . . . Tonurruw's ^Iriiu BREAKFAST: G,-a,')e fruit Juice, (.(•real, cream, creamed ham on 'TVl'*.,', 1 ,"' mllfflns - '"ilk. coffee. LUNCHEON: New onions cream«'. on toast, radishes, sliced ar- anxns with shredded cocoanut t-im takt-s, milk, tea. ' For u Sunday morning bn-akf W U Uy creamed ham on loa-st" jS Crcamr-d Hum un 'l'o;isl l/ rt . 'I'mj r-ups finely chopped cold I i-ooki'd hunt. \-'2 cup mlnci-d tel- '- lablCKjifmm liutu-r, 2 lablc- 'S 'lour. 2 cups milk, (J .slitos . WINNER: Itaist spnrcrilw mnsh- . ''"' a " ! "° and I MC - '"M. cof- Lone Oak New* .... •, B [ olllc i- J. L. Pinksion of HOI- ! .Mi-It butter in .sauce pan, ni!d: • a ™. Mo., will prcacli he^e Sun ! Hour and when liuublin- slowly; ^y. February 4. " ' :i m:lk, stirring-constiiiuly. Add A!r - and Mrs. Clarenc- Divi- re in and celery nnd let i.ook until ll| i«ed Sunday from r ( -is ! i in 'M-«" '•k and sjnoolli. Hirrinii to jirc-Jsissinni. '" ' "~ in slicking. .Season ivlih |^|i]K-r M i-.o sail. Toast bread^to a'sick 'ii brown on both .sides nnd|ed. mi 1 on a ho', platter. I'onr Ihe creamed ham, i-ai-nisli •ai-h piece iviiti ;i sprig O f jsaislcy For i! '.vinu-r innclienn ihere'.s itliiii^' nicer than liam (TOtiiieilc.s Kirvc ench croquette on a Mice fo m-rm-ned pineapple with relishes ' and a creamed vegetable. One and threc-fonrtlis cups fine"' cold cooked ham. 1-4 n ' : -» or .several weeks. j 3 nnh.inrov- | A number of children are abs-nt from school because of measl's" "he httle^nof Mr. and Mrs. '•• L. Dec«r Ls much i, SUe , of(cr o serious attack of colitis Mr. ind Mrs. Harvey Han of Qwnell visited M r. an:! Mr .™]UrA!{y , nni Quit /'^f^o^rn; JJSLVonlainin* Ri, m I bomb. P 0 ,, cr r«idy to nu: for cove, ! Kenneth [Inner, of'.i 'Standard Mninifa'eituji,, | received it in a mrlc-n' 1 < ' Ul - w ' lu ' "1 Paramaribo, Hindi "j il '." ;>tm «i'k- ' I'lined it over to Ihe jioi^". 3 - llacl inally opened, out «|, " - !20-proof ,. u ,, |n<MM. -Hope you. like tho lie hart f or Elm a J -Mr. and Mrs. A ° f .«ek-end -"«•"-«• JJHILI. i-i •• nui iuf] C'llircli nr n^coin A s^T^^u^-sn - C FI^ ^- I0 -r»- lesisiMon lemon Juice. 1 tabk-s|inon -L_ A10 - lfla >finely choiied iiarstcy.' 2 taWe-lP-.i. J u n t _ •"lioons bnlter. A lnb!rsnoon.s flour V ' an a0a JTlay Reduce Tax 1 CUU fnill- I m f( , ' T 1> n. lo Prevent Bootlegging j I cup milk. 1 .„„. Make n sauce of butter. Hoar ai:d mill:. When thick and smouili ogR slishtly braten. ham and .-oniiips. Mis thorouehly and eatl on a plntter to cool. Rlinpe small cones. _roll in fine dried : S'i Ohio's inily H-nmugi coal miner, Iila Mai- Sinll. ?,\, ahovc, lias liM-n lianis!i(-il from linr joli ) n . Hie C;nHi. O.. mine, shown below, localise, slate law fortiids \s-oniec ivorkint; In mines, and Ims been 'Ventenced" to Itouse- uurk. wliidi slie detests. A miner since she. was li. Miss Slull ins loaded five tow uf cojl dally. &? fcour stomach pj gas am! Itoadaciie i I? tdit- J t) ^ | CONSTIPATION OTI'AWA om i UP, r the Exci S e° "" the ! U is hoilctl '" meet from ^ i nnd is funkr.,,-, i,. r ,„ vv , shln(; hor om , '"" '''' ' !:u w ' 10 is °" c °' '•-»» me ciiic?en in \ in.i-R'Ucti in the c.i-eers of otncrs. iii-move meal from dec!> hot fa(. The fat should ho tenotiqh lo brown an inch "''^IwecrF 1 on ^ SCC °' Kls ° r Ham ami riiukcn I'le In place of -.vru) nnd ham" p-c .<'f_Knm Welter fame try hnm and '•nxken pie for your next Sundry's "inner. An oldish chicken can Ve i..--e(l. (he ham acling as an ex . tender, in cn.v.- yon have *on ieft-ovcr cold boili-il or baked hai «n hand, the pic MI^CMS a splen '.-id v.'ay to use it !i|>. Roil the chlrten until teiulc bones Caudiii's Agency Wrlrss pliv. Theft. Tornado roix-rtj- Hamaro. Liability. Collision, 8 i ar .,-, i.| fc , Accident and the various f.tiiei- fo-'ms 01 INSURANCE and BONDS We can write ^ann Property All utismess appre'-iited and Losses paid prcmpily. Phone 787 Jlic ~R'.\. J. X p. rvliH,,.'.! 1 ,^', 1 ' 1 '.! 1 ,'"!' HP '!/• -i , \/:ili::i.-. GriHni . Vl ,' :! ' ,"„ ' MJnil.i.. I 0 J\.nO\V I OVH'^Olf ] ^ Sppro!' /.r!:. Saturday •,, ;,.;,,,,| a |, :v , IVMII,.^11 S^i O(,(. l(.,t o:.y-. wiili friwicl-. i-nil ivlaiivt:, „/'/"'! n T-I ^r-r^irrKSf 0| Lllarni ^ tamed Teachfii i:ctl. i:ru. Littb Clicker iord is sick. Hi:-.;!- i-n't alums flirt Ed .'. D. Sunday. Mr. "and M.-.,. Fi-,::!; Ivar f:h;ir n <an be ilorucrvvllle, UK- stan.r. dillKl'l- v.-il!i:Mi»i"(), si:r«.li. | !lt . ,, U . T11 ,,., S .,„,, and family •i"»>iKri.., 1 ,i ( .,,,, VI , |||( . jr |lc . r . »i. II In fon-ive ycnn- i-:i.. m i,. s ,,,„, ,...,„, :..-= --..nit- ,,f IMUv ,„ ,„„ ;,,,, ' ^ "" "'-'"" """•• Htr ™"" ! ™, aiK.a V™f r "';!£ '•" v -'i.I all :-:>:i fi i-.,,!ji;i : , .„,,, ciiilareti oi r;oiT.irsi--l!c "motori-M: i'ik are 'lia!!Mri!,"'"ll™!mrn I'n" i:ere Sunjay lo vS,. Mrs. P:arci''s i < WIT, llrli-n !lnvi-s •,,„! >,.,'« ,' fiiicr. Mrs. Ed H.-.-.:l,.y nnd fain-1 """'r i>ni,-,i ;,<-i-. r , .„„, ',,,'ir .^»' * ' ''•'''""' "''''"• Wnv In Cli;.r m '- I,, • rii-x of -l\ :ir(irl,. s . ,,f '„!,[,), t]li ! illi- lirsl. f. i <>np nf (lie nudvanl i:i:iuilr'-ln- >'":• or kinilllnr-.-s. ,,f ,.,,,,«e ; s ''•-I inaniiprs. ' ' til fib tower News ot M En""«l Ml ?| I -*" rt "';'. r'v r; " WrtUn^L'sKr^'^"' •3 r -S' ! 5 ^^? ! -i- 'S™S^SH^ ;'- v -v oi- -I-IM-: LAST' ; !lx -,'.''. I:| :.".' :! . t;us •""'•" ui' tliu . make a gravy of the chicken stocl Line a deep baking dish with *"-" ""•^^"•••^•"•"^••iB^k ROXY last Time Today Mnlinec 2:30—10c - 25c Nile (i:'i5, 10-25c The iirisnn doclors fought t save his life, frr Ihe judg had dt't-rt'ed that he must di in (ho t'k'ttrtc chair!Strange Justice' of !. Courier Nows Want Ads. Mr-;, w. W. 'ialph of llf-11 v tl 0. E. Cci>:-: slnirtpy .Mr. and Mrs. 1; r,,, v i,, r „„„ -.iilf.rcn. visitc.l F,-: cu>n-r ancl '-!'-lly S'.illtiay. ?-:r. and liv-,. Friie Canpr- are I'cvmij to Lu.-:ora ..Mrs. John Hail:,-,- nnd fKMr ,,., • '-'l;d Mis. Hi"->ev's d-.iu-.-hU-r - Wnni.ll n:-i,i:,i,'ti al I.nso™' ' , ' f - V0 " '• V ' 1 '°" '"' :!rC ''' '" t!lc home . l-.i^Uanri. lovrr ,,r ,-m,,lov,-r. : "livable In convci-fir-ii::. ''.ill to <-(>nirsd!C! r:- ; . 'lii -^ r.o; lo \von-v ..n ;.- on,' i-ln B:n7<SHlo:io look u vo gamc,- ! r cm Waulcll at the Hr.icsadocio f -..-,-*jv- i:ymn.iMii m Friday mqlr ; . fhe boy<- $X'^'. v.on bv t-.vo poinLs. 15 to 13 -i-d -A'*.' -' '•"' ciils do:n>:ed WardrlVs scare. -51 lO 17. Ncrma Holt visi'.cd hrr pareius -Mr. and Mn-. p. c. Holt. m Qr the "•••f-k er.d. -Mr. and Mrs. K. 11. Caldweli -Vis. r.«;e Lei-.lcnnlo and lii-r two K,,riv ^nr all of Blylheviiic. Mr,. Guv -, " Harrison a! West i-bins nnd Mrs .] and Elhelyn Cliilton of Hov- li were guests Sunday of M;-. n nd Wfs. P. C. Hoii. Mrs. Al Curtis is ill . !n "' :he rlvir, . Naomi Curlis is imidi improved , ' c!v ' James Dye was taken snddeiilv: 10 ill Tuesday afternoon Mary Ri:th May j s in , 'ly fiiunv bvr- I" ''"'f. an,| ,MII |,<if-'ml. :irin L -:int • lia.d Tininiii-rril. A* sin :-:\- ., s a woman i!nd<s •ind fiM'i--l'- -ul- ^mlts HI,.. V i,,,':!,. ne leiHli'tH-iE-.s liersi-lf. f \ir I'vlll bei-in |o «ish to bio! th'-in ^H' and vi'nlare Vl[.,, Mr. and Mrs. \v u family sw ni Sunday -..M-M,-. an'.! Mr^. Bucy Owen? at Ho? • Brooks Rushing. \\'-.n h 1; visiting his brother. H.i:o:rl '. in?. and Jamtj Crumbv lnvor'- lurnod to Jac'u'Dn. Tcnn Weodrow Reod vi?:tc-| ; i; v-i-ri Sunday. --a.i.i. K tliry luithT^f !n:l i "'•iv Mir sanii- n( life :>rcL>rdin«ly. "*fn inirl ivniuen sh:i;i|,l |M'i-,ii n i. ' niiji,. rlinrnun^ us ihov :;rn\i oMor -"~ I.iviii 1 : nnd li-. in" r-'.iv riM--; »•: J '•• e..';-!.iin senrr u[ viiim-s. 'Thai 'is why IX-nivli: mrr !!i:,iv '],;„'„ J a r.alimil charm wh:c-h jnim-st,..^ f <-::lin; hope to iilt-ini \^._. -.„]' ,,,.^ \ ! : e: U'iKv should tm-IInv, 11*^ tri:Ilen.-Ks of youth's qnu-'s i'ldrinni!. n::,ki- for tnlrrance anil xVir-vosi-v All this is vvi-il u-iirlti n-vi:i- '{,,1- M.'vk Twain wa.-. pvhl «] : ,i, ].,' 'id. -If you have i h.ivin n,,-l • : -.uiii if y,,i l: : . v ,,:.,•'J nothini: JP YOOH LIVER BILE WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out «( H e ,i in Ilit; Mornini; K;iri;)' to (n) i •V. > i,i".i"!.";™'»? l .^;'' ! v" ! ^-"••">•! careful; le and _ i atom : [.innid. Ti.'iiets, Salve. Nose [) rol)s Vf tlv.i. .Mif,.|i S sial:irla in 3 Mays. {-,,1^ , lir !-l day, Hcailiclirs nr N'rurjl^ln ; i" SO minutes. ' '•''»«.- I.:ix;i1i\c ;mti Tonic it Siienty Ttcnicilii-s Kiinvin hnmai ruthles A gripping dinti 1 ^ of rearls caught ir Ihe Jvachinery of the law. with MARIAN MARSH RKCINA1,D DENNY RICHARD JJENNETT NORMAN' FOSTEK Nile (i:-1. r i. lO-iiHc ;» She wanted to kiss and forget FOX NK\VS - • COMRDY Comedy Plenty of Corned Many Laughs! Come- ami sec your own and your friends' piclures, lift si/.e tin <hc movie st-recn. Di«i you seo Ihe cam era man'i Come and I.auirh al Yourself Are You a Movie Star? I Friday & Saturday MAT. nnd Nile— lOc . Mr. and Mrs. II \.i:i f;iul yo-.i li;u,. i , .,... k •I"'-' vinriictivTiy. ,, :„,;,„:,. \:"' .... — . ,..\..i i.i civ. irri'i-. Harold Hu-i-.;i:i: r-.ianly of n!]:rr fi !; . lk .. ', . . liavc b:en viJltUi s In E 2V ,, : . ,\rk. ' I liai-.d i-.civ and Mrs. Han-ey .Har^ti M-~ E-> ' ""!e. nHr ' lci „ you ,,„,, Vedn av ° >- 1 - v " W A R chtkln supper ™ g ;ven lhome of Owen DaM Tuesd f., r l- •»':. ,'i-..,-.' I: li.i: 11\ i K •»i. '-. ••:,'^'^ III t' U-i-in'ta^f^ri.vo:: •; "liiTiv.!.. i^.,u - ' ":i-i- i.'.caliliuasloif". oin.U ,. .until two desperate kids laugh! h«r unforgettable I o v * . . . I i S (-AKTOON - - COMi;i)\ STARTS UP MOTOR A BLOCK OF ICE 1 oW owl sat on an oak; The more he saw, the less he spoke; The less he spoke, the more he heard; Just take a tip from this wise old bird:— Try a tankful of Essolene and make your own quick-start- ing test without any tricks. You will then see for your- self why . . * i^n idcnliflcs 30,000 Hunt and ,l,,lcrt from Miinc li> !.<iui- mnj nt'tt reprcirnt ihc ic/vice jnd rrmiwit i>( ihe ^urlJ's leJdiiii: oil iiiKani/aiioru N E PRICE Smoother Performance in cold weather or any other weather Sold at nil i;s so s taliolls ni>( , nea)er!i STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUI^IA^A

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