The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 10
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m\ FARM LANDS Three Complete Units Jn southern Minn. 120 A.. 150 A. and 132 A. All with ;jood buildings newly repaired and painted. All on gravel road. Extra xo:>;i terms -i 1 : needed. Will arraiiMt- to ;!HHV these farms any time. U'rltf or sen K0\ 1,. IH'NN Crfvo Gortlo Hotel Mason City. lo\\A 13-18 C0SPELFILMAT LONE ROCK SHOWN Lone Rock: The Ladies Mite Society met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Arthur Prtebe with Mrs. Merton Larson assisting hostess. The business meeting was held with around 33 present. Mr: Cokely of Chicago gave the Baptist gospel film "Now is the Time." The next meeting will be held at the church parlors with Mrs. W. J. Cotton and Mrs. Roy Jensen as hostesses. B*Qderson Baptism Mr. and Mrs. Gene Broderson and baby Lucia Jean of Emmetsburg event the weekend at the parental W. E. Btodevson home. They also had their baby bao-1 ttzed in the Goo.d VIope church; Sunday. Dinner guests there! Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McAtthur and Mi\ and Mrs. D. O McArUuir and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haack, the latter of Wcs- lev. visiting Mrs. Cfair Bellinger and family. Mrs. Hilbert Bond and children and Marcene Barker of Cedar t\l\\.\ l»,ltl I W^TUt *->«» «\V-» *' • • w •»•»•- ttapids spent Thursday- at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. ' E. 7SIWR1TO You eni> stimulate •'milk let-down" by . TO ,., OT washing the udder with warm water und drawing a few squirts of milk. .Hut you tnuft milk wmfvrlably to nuiiniuin "lot-(lowa" throughout the milking poriud. The Milk-Mastor with Kxdusivo Automat it: Sui-t ion l.'ontroladjusting suction precisely to the needs ol iwh teat iHsun's complete cvic co/nf-n't tmd thorough "let-down". Let xis tell you more about better milking with the PERFECTION MILK-MASTER ASK US FOR FREE BOOKLET ON FASTER MILKING Crilly Appliances Phone 39l> State and Jones Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hoppc spent Thursday evening visiting Mrs. Edw. Hoppe. Mr. arid Mrs. A. D. Newbrough spent Sunday visiting his sister Corn and Julia Terwilliger at Humboldt. Mrs. O. K. Smith of Lomita Park, Calif., is visiting her daughter. Mrs. C. O. Loekwood ind family. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rath uid John and Mrs. Martha Rath spent Tuesday at the Ralph Hurl- jurt home. Darlene and Darrel Long, ch'tl- :reu of Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Long, came down with the three-day measles Monday. Mrs. Wm. Sehrader and LaRoy arrived home from Iowa City Thursday, wher LaRoy had a •heck-tip for diabetes. Richter, of California, ex-service Mian, has started work at the Fivd Flaig garage as a mechanic. 1 . He started April 8. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Johnson attended a Sectional BuUennukers meeting and dinner at the hotel at West Bend Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Melford Mitt-hell and family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BerkU:nd at Cylinder. Mr. and Mrs. Frank holdur and family of Fenton spent Monday afternoon and evening at the Ralph Hurlburt home. Miss Mavis Nyman. a nurse in a hospital at Iowa City, arrived Friday to spend the Easter weekend lit the parental John Nyman home. Angus Cotton Jr.. student at Iowa City, arrived home Thursday to spend his Easter vacation t' the parental A. L. Cotton iome. Mrs. Fred Wegener of Algona ind Mrs. L. B. Hollister of White, D., soent Tuesday afternoon Householder. Mrs. Florence Foley and Mrs. Dorothy Howe of Emmetsburg spent a week ago Wednesday visiting Mrs. Glenn Householder and new baby. Miss Charlene Rath, teacher at Peterson, is spending the Easter vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath. She arrived home Thursday. Mrs. Chester Oddland and Janice of Clarion and Mrs. Ervin Oddland and Marie Ode Ha Jacobson of Hardy spent Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cherland. Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Annus and family of Burt were Sunday dinner guests at the Lawrence Dittmer home. Their daughter, Georgamie, scent tho weekend there. Mrs. Hiirlan Blaneharrl and Mrs. Evelyn Earing spent Thursday shopping and visiting in and near Fairmont, Minn. They wore dinner guests at the Robert Hanna home. Mrs. Amey Chorland. Mrs. Odey Chorland. Mrs. J. T. Cherland and Mrs. Elmer Knuise attended the Seneca Ladies Aid meeting at the Jenny Jensen home at Ringsted Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hoppe, Mildred Person, and Mrs. Edward Hoppe spent Sunday with Edw. Hoppe at the hospital in Rochester, Minn. Mr. Hoppe is improving verv, and was told he would be able to walk some time. Aged Wesley Lady Home From Hospital Wesley: Mrs. Anna Lilly was brought" to the home of her daughter Mrs. Bernard Schrauth the fort- part of last week from the Kossuth hospital in Algona, where she hud been nine weeks following a fall at the home of Mrs. Greenwalt in Britt when she received a broken hip. Mrs. Lilly, who will be 84 on June 1, recovered very satisfactorily from her injury. Your winter garment* for the summer until they are i'le:in—moths thrive on soile;! woolen clothing. Let us dry clean it before storing! Algona Laundry and Dry Cleaning Phone tf%i\ 267 iVe full for tuul deliver (Bust Across the Street r'roin Court House) Lakota Farm Meeting Lakota: A Woman's Farm Bureau lesson in storage was given last week Wednesday at Mrs. J. H. Holcomb's and Lillian Peek- ham was in charge of the work. This is the last meeting before Achievement day, which will be held April 23 W Burt. Lakota Wins 4 Times Lakota: Lakota's baseball boys played the Burt boys on the home ground last week Wednesday and won. This makes foui straight games this season, others being Swea City, Raks, anc Grant. Whittemore: Mr. and, %s. August Vaudt Sr. deldbfated their 45th wedding annivefdary last week Sunday evening in. the auditorium of the ttrthcran school. There were? ahoul 75 guests present, and were as; follows: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rhoda, Mrs. Charles Rhoda, Elrpore, Minn.; Rev. smtt Mrs, Envin Vaudt, Benson* Minn.; Clara Vaudt, Estherville; Mrs. Anna Behnke and family, Westgate; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler and family. Rake; Uev. and Mrs.. P. W. Weinhold and family; Prof, and Mrs. II. W. Behnke, Prof, and Mrs. W. G. Brase and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. William Vaudt, Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Vaudt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ausust Vaudt Jr. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greitiert and family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis. Brautz, Mr. and MVS. Arnold Gade and daughter Nelda, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wehrspan and family- Chris Andersen, Mr, and Mrs. Herman Vaudt and son, Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kneupers, South v Dakafv, Mr. and Mrs. ohn Struecker, Fenton. The Rev. Weinhold gave a F-hort sermon and congratulations to Mr. -nd Mrs. Vaudt. The Evening was spent playing cards and lunch was served before guests departed for home. Confirmation Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sraata entertained a number of relatives and friends at their home Palm Sunday for dinner in honoi^of their daughter Ruth's confirmation. Present were Mi', and Mrs. Werner Braatz and family, Waterloo; Mr. and' Mrs. Herbert Braatz and family, Janesville. Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Stauffer and family, Mapleton, Minn.: Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Putz and family; Alvina Braatz, Wells, Minn.: R~ev. and Mrs. Erwin Vaudt, Benson, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dau and family, Ai- gona; Ruth Weinhold, St. Louis, Mo.; Esther Braatz, Wilwaukce, Wis.: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kroger, Mi\ and Mr.!. Clyde Ginger- icli, Mr. and M-'s. Ernest Harberger, West Bond. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Brase and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behr.Uo, Rev. and Mrs. Paul Weinhold and family, Whittemore. daq^'W^^felPM- wrfe Hti9HL |M mm m a«d HfSt 3w*w vw" ana dattghteft At|»ft*i * ft % '* ifer W»U&nf S«hw«rtk«, Falls. Schulfelttc\ «S Pintle* gW) at her home Sunday evening Mr. and Mr.s, Henry Rifeokef, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer attd tttfnily, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer and family. Mr. anc! Mr?. George Maahs ana fatftilv, Milford Gade, of here, <nhd Mr. and Mrs' Herbert Potrata and family, Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard 2u- mach htad as dinner guests in honor of their daughter Vernita's confirmation Palm Sunday: Henry Neitzel, Charles Hoppe and Albert Kube, Watertown, W 19 -j Mr. and Mr?. AJbevt WiUkopfl and son Alfred, Mr. and Mrs. Carl ^umach, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zttmaoh ami family, Melvln 2umach and Albert Ljuick, Lotts Creek, Mf- and Mrs. Willie m MeverV-Mrs. Ausust Zu- niach, Fenton, and Mrs. Rosa Ohrn, Fort Dodge. - . Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voieht had as dinner guests at. their home Palm Sunday in honor of their son' confirmation, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bierstedt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Ostwald, Mr. and Mrs, Herman Voigt, Mv. and Mrs. Elmer Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wagner and family, Mr, and Mrs, Elmer Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe, Mr. and Mrs. George Frost and daughter of here; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond-Tietz,' Estherville; Edward Tietz and son Ortwin, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mathers and daughter Irene, Rodman; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson and family, Rolfe; Rosella Voigt and Evelyn Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hanson and Sift t fcf, POT QUjM sampr BeTg was ..,„,....*>„ 3ie<Mnjmfttd|!> % M M* ilomerj' PO.SI, v«rtera,n.s .of for* fan ''vm. W^M^ A Q^6f ; otlQfefs ate WWace An- defis&rt, Maurice ohapiairu at$ it»is,t >n?V QftVie J ^ h osw- 4 . The officers were installed by CecjV QrlMitli, P^LS 0 ^ and a veteran 6<_W6rlc Former Pastor Preaches The Bev- Benjamin Kslsort, of Cedan Mlnh,, pj^Whed. at the, Baptist chweh April 7. Mr. KB!-; sQn wfts tjie Iflst 'Baatpv pi tns forme? Swedish Hantist ahurph Swea tQVnshiP, 31 years ago.. Aitehd Kin's Mrs. John Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Ar.i Ip^terion, Mrs. Aft Larson, and' Mrs. Henry Jonnson attended the funeral of their niece and cousin at Farnhamville, Friday, Supt. A. H, Schiller attended a superintendent's., meeting arrang- Townsend Flash By Mrs. A. M. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Loren Crawford and sons Dean, Larry and Gerald, Minneapolis, are visiting at the home o| Mr. Crawford's father. James Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hurlbert, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. , Ojeprge Frost, West Bend, Mr. andj Mrs. Elmer Ruhnke, Rodman, and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seeley. In honor of Charles Schultz and Eileen Maahs, who were-eon- Dr. Franeis E. Tawnsend will make a personal appearance at Waterloo, Iowa, on May 14. Washington, D. C.—A powerful team of expert witnesses were ready to appear on behalf of the Townsend Plan during social security hearings which began on April 15. No. one knows how long these hearings will last. The Townsend Plan will bring idle and hoarded dollars out of hiding and put it back in circulation. Never mind the criticism heard now and then. Those who criticize only want to suppress the truth. We rnust keep up the good work. We must turn on more light. In this work God is for us; and with His help, who can be against us arid ever hope to "win in the end. —Adv. OrdepYour Baby Chick*, and Ducklings No\v! Chicks from U. S. Approved U. S. Pullorum Tested Flocks. Turkey Breeder Flocks Piillor- uni "s-i -rt Leads You to Foot Health and Comfort We ieatuia X-JUy Fitting because it U the only means by w hich you, and we can see exactly how your teet look inside oi a pair oJ shoes. \V ith X-Riy's Magic Pointer we can show how and why a certain type ot shoe way cause loot ill* or discomfort, X-Ray enables us to fit you to shoes that will give you positive couiiort, and possibly correct c'erUm loot troubles that you now have. We i»» vita you, and especially your chit• dren to corue in tor I a Complete X-Ray It takes only a iew minutes, costs you nothing- • .place* you under »o obligation. Come io •iii Poultry authorities predict higher egg and poultry meat prices this coming fall and winter. Our chicks purchased now will give you these results and extra." profits. Hatches, twice weekly thru the season. Write or phone your order now. Some Started Chicks on Hand at Bargain Prices. Swea City Hatchery Swea City, Iowa Phone 3S O«r mechanic* ««•! factory twu>d to giv* you lh* •killed, exgejt, »jfcxice ij^m; ^cto.r de,ferVe« -froW 9. simple rep4i« fab ^ compile « bMilding. T*W# know thoroughly! ewety p*rt of your tractor, and employ the latest precision toojs to put It in top operating condition. We use fwrts, n>i|d« in the s»me factory and to the same »p^Sc*rt»o,n» «* th* Qtigiiwl p*rtt. Be sure youe tractQP i* f«ady ^Hen you need It mo»t. Schedule it now for- a complete check-up. SALES SERVICE Bros; South Hotel You can't miss! In any car get an OIL-PLATED engine CONOCO ood r«nnmt«r anatfMi big (lung: (fcn'l igy oclqm-SAY N-TANS* ...CONOCO N.?AM g*sotiN» Your first big aim: a new car.. • • And now this time you aim to keep it like new I Then don't rnjsa your chance to start right— with an oiVPtATBD engine, ready to fight wear. You can have it in any make—any model—by using Conoco N'* motor oil. This patented oil proved to be a lifesaver all through the nesv-car famine. Perhaps it's . been helping your own veteran engine, just as it always guards any engine's insidea—by doing its jobofOIL-PtATING! The basis of OIL-PLATING ia Conoco N* A oil's uncommon added substance. This acts magnet- like, so that lubricant is attracted., i bonded ,,, OIL-PLATED durably to inner engine surfaces. Their fitness-defended by W^J*tlN&-*-l»r*«ty determines how «weh carbon «wi sludge yo«'tt escape; how much, eU and gajsl«w jniisags y«i'U get- That's why you want an €Ui»T*iAT*n engine —when buying a new cay-ror wa«« buying yow old car's needed oil change for Spring- See Conoco Mitatg* Merchant. i-t.-^Ahrt-- Knechl's Conoco Service Phone 32 State St. Vtntoif ktr Porous Chrome Piston Rings An Exclusive ; American Hammered Development American Hammered developed the application of porous chrome to piston rings and set a new standard for engine performance. Road tests coveiinff TOQW> than seven million miles— in all types of bus an^tr^ck engines, in all types of servicer-astaWsned th^f^e^^mjjrlcaw Ham> mered Chrome Pistol Rinp qUa^li^ ^f^tlm* Between t , : . ,'.' ,;\ ,' '^ _ t/, engine qverhauls* .-'.-••; Kept oil consumption lower fb*; « I R»ng<?r period- Reduced cylinder wear as much as one«third ^oi whdt sidered normal. For th« fleet operator, this adds up savings in operating and maintenance costs, inatiqn of much of the down-time that cuts Into your pro fits. ITftW Aw«iiea« . serve yaw When piston rinf jobs ai « ieao Hanwiered. f ist<W RtofS. jf S?.' fV;j \ ^ DISTRI '' -•' : i » iiiii mil

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