The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 7
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t :.jg^• 'ijijjj. -^. . : ... r Des Monies Second Apr. 23,1946 Has P&per On Lincoln's NEW YORK HERALD OF 1865 OWNED BYJAYWIMMER Perhaps one of the most prized possessions of Jay Wimmer Is a family heirloom, a copy, of the New York Herald of April 15, 1865, containing the details of the assassination of President olri. Line- Mrs, Tatum Named President of Woman's Club at Fenton In Iowa's centennial year, particularly, this faded, browned, crumbling copy of the edition has more than ordinary value. The paper's front page also tells .of Jefferson Davis still urging the southern states to rally for a final victory. Obituary Boirdr«! The paper itself carried column rule on the front page carried upside down as a tribute to Mr. Lincoln. The issue became the property of G. M. WHnmcr of Bozeman, Mont., and was given to him by his mother. From the Bozeman kin, it descended to the Algona man. ' , The story says in part! "Major General Dix, New York —Abraham Lincoln died this morning at twenty-rtwo minutes past seven o'clock. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War." Tells of Shooting The story goes;on to tell about and earlier dispatch. .' / "This evening at Ford's theatre, the President, while sitting in his private box with Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Harris and. Major Rathburn.was shot by an -assassin who suddenly. entered the 'box and approached behind the president. "The pistol ball entered the back of the President's head and •penetrated nearly through the head. The wound was mortal. "The assasin then leaped upon the stage, brandishing a. large dagger or knife'and made his escape through the rear of the theatre. -., •. "The President has been insensible since it was inflicted and is now djjingVv ; { ' Lincoln Praised Lee "About the same hour an assassin, whether the same or'not, entered Mr. Seward's apartments and under .pretense ojf having 'a prescription was; shown;'/to the secretary's chamber, ' where He rushed j-to the ^bed and inflicted tw6 or-jthteo: stabs' pri the..throat iJvan^fjrtfe* "•"• ' ' •"" '•' "' •"••• " Qertfcral Graitt' ? dnd T his%wifd were advertised as being,-at ,the;theatre ! this evening; t)ufc< started for Burlingson at 'six o'clock.' "At the ; cabinet meeting at which General Grant was present, the subject'of the state of the country and the/prospect of a speedy '. peace were- discussed. The President was very sheerful and spoke very kindly of General Lee and/others of the confederacy." ; '.'..> \ > Page Medicine Ad • The paper-is s'ix\ columns in width arid contains but/one advertisement,, covering\a page, for a patent medicine,'!The Herald at that time was ;edi^d by James Gordon Bennett, one o? America"s foremost'newspapermen of an early era. Needless to say, Mr. Whpmer is keeping the paper'as carefully ' as possible, although • right now he is in the process of sealing up Fenton: The Fenton Woman's club was entertained at the W. G. Weisbwd home Tuesday afternoon, with Mrs. W. J. and Mrs, Donald Weisbrod as hostesses. Seventeen members answered to roll call, telling of some beauty spot in the United States. The club voted to give $5 to the cancer fund ( $5 to the Crippled Children's Fund, and $5 to the Red Cross. Mrs. Paul Eigler and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz had charge of the lesson, the subject toeing Iowa and The Carlsbad Caverns. Mrs. Tatum conducted a quiz on Iowa. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. V. J. Tatum; vice president, Mrs. Paul Eigler; secretary, Mrs. George Jorgcn- son; treasurer, MrS. W. E. Laage; historian, Mrs, Donald Weisbrod, WARREN LLOYD OF LEDYARD HAD SERIOUS OPERATTN The C. E. B. club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse, honoring the birthday of Mrs. Albert Barnes, Mrs. Barnes was presenter with a lovely mirror. Mrs. D. B. Mayer returned Tuesday evening after visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Ledyard: Warren Lloyd un- Dunham in Waterloo. Mr. Dun- derwent a serious operation at ham has been side since Janu' ' ' ~ ' ary and is still unable to be up. Miss Louise Wilson, of-Hawar- the Community hospital in Fairmont las* Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Spatcher were called and have been here this past week. Mr. Lloyd is somewhat improved at this writing. Discuss Pet Annoyances The Modernette club met Wednesday at the Maynard Krosch home. A, dessert luncheon was. served. ' Roll call was answered by "What people do that annoy me most." Mrs. R. Valvick gave several readings and poems. Move Back to Ledyard Mr. and Mrs. Sam Welfare and their son and family, the William Welfares, moved back to this vicinity last Tuesday from Manover, Mich. The Wm. Welfares are on a farm west of Elmore and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Welfare are moving into their own home hero in town, ^hich was recently, vacated by Mrs. Hattie.Sprank. Attend Chicago Riles Mr. and Mrs. Edward Looft and daughter. Clco went to Chicago last Monday to attend the funeral of their son-in-law, Chapin Wicd, who died Friday, April 12. • Mr.v Wied had undergone a major .operation i-in October and had never regained .'.his health. Mr; ; arid -Mrs; Looft •'• returned ^«^ •.;/-; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Braucr and Judy Kay; were weekend vis itors last weekend at Arcdale. Mrs. Reuben Lutter : and daughter Judith Mae returned home from the Buffalo Center hosptal last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Welfare and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hilferty visited the J. H. Welfares and Eldon - Bonicksens at Ringsted last Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bert'Siefert have received announcement of a granddaughter, Clara Maxine, born' April 10 to Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Siefert at Bovey, Minn. Mrs.- Edward Cass, who ( * remained in Fayette last weekend to help care for her mother,.who is in the hospital at Oelwcin, returned Tuesday evening. Rev. Cass met her at Osage. ! den spent last week visiting at the Edward Knoner home. Miss Wilson taught here four years in the first grade and made her home at Knoner's. She is teaching this year at Morro, Minn. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bashara have purchased a lot .from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barnes, between Barnes and Watet house homes. They have also purchased a cottage from Joe Maynes and plan to .move it<Jn dfi'd enlarge it in '.he very near future. BODE GIRL WILL WED, APRIL 28TH Bode: Mr. and Mrs.. Janssen have announced the engagement and approaching marriage ftf their daughter Delia, to Donald Bakken, son of • Alvin Bakken, on Sunday, evening April. 28 at 8 o'clock in St. Olaf's Lutheran church. . Guests From Des Moincs Mrs. Violet Grogan and .children of Des Moincs were 'tf guests at the home of Mr. ana Mrs. Elmo Barber. . Honored On BirHvday Thursday, April 11 wa# a very happy occasion for T. H, . Borge whose birthday was celebratec on that day. His family tyas al home, including Mr. .and 'Mrs Ernest Berge, Mr. ' and • MrS'. •Harold. Bergo; , -Mr. and Mrs.. B. C. Berge .and family of Garnet, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Berge ; of ; A1- gona, and -Mrs. ,S. ,O. , Tohdetum. Eniertairis Bridge Club' -' 'V, . Thursday ' evening, ••; April "'.19, Mrs,. Sidney Rolland entertained her- bridge club numbering -12. Prizes were given, to .Mi's, -John Hafdcttstll find Mrs. Floyd Tor- leTSoh f6f high, and second high Scores. Mrs. Oscar Hcgna and daughters Wanda and Twyla of Hayfield, Minn., have returned to Lheir home alter a visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Pederson. Howard Johnson, S 1-c,,, is home oh leave for 30 days after being at sea' for several months on the Pennsylvania. He landed at Long Beach, Calif., and his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Melvin Johnson,'met him in Fort Dodge Monday 'afternoon. .Robert Barber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Baiter, has received his discharge at Camp McCoy, Wis., and will be at the home of his parents till he is located. He has been in the army for three years,"The last four months were spent irt Germany. Malaria In Japan fiode: Since March 26 Pfc. Donald Aure has been confined in an army hospital at Osaka, Japan, With malaria fever. Breaks Hone In Foot , Bode: Jack Satefn had the misfortune of breaking a small bdne in his foot while doing some repair work in his garage. LEGAL BLAl*KS ( dcsfe adding machine Mis, ;. pads. 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She ran'a large sliver in her hand which required a doctor's attention and was given a shot for lockjaw. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Webb, Algona, were Sexton callers Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlctt, Titonka, visited < Thursday with her daughter .Mrs. Andrew Hanson and family," west* of -town. Mrs. Vinnie; Layhion, Webster City,*- - came ^^ridajc.^eyening' ->±o spend' oVer'Ea'fifcrVa't-the hditie'ftf Mr. and Mrs. Glenn- Gabrielsdn. Mrs. Burl Eckstein and infant daughter > Wandaleihe''returned to their home Wednesday morning from the home of Mrs. John Jennings. '.-'•' Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond, Darrell and Rhonda, were Thurs'day evening visitors at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. . Renetta Erickson and her sister, Sioux City,, came Friday morning to spend the Easter weekend with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Balk, north of town. '..•• . Mr, and Mrs, -Merle Cooper and 'baby,' Opa Locka, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Steven, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven were Wednesday evening supper guests at the home Qf Mr. and Mrs. Eyerett Steven and family. Miss Sophie Senneff called on Mrs. Sarah Wise, Thursday afternoon. Miss Seneff, who isn't very well, doesn't get out very often. She'makes her home with her nephews, the Tech Bros, Bode Vet Accepts A Coachiiig Position Bode: Le RPy Enger has accepted a coaching and teaching position in th^VBrjcelyn, Minn., schools. Sincifehis release from service he ana-' his wife have been living wujh his parents, Mr, and Mrs, Axel Enger, and assisting on the Enger farm. /'(I) //cJ/V llhlt MODURT SHAMPOO For MotiMr onjjier Day Be y^r-^V Longer This New Intriguing Way . TWO tOVELY FIOWER OOOR5 MAGNOLIA WISTARIA What more appropriate gift could you select for yotfr wife on Mother's Day than a diamond. 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