The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 6
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^:^Jt^•^:•^v;fe^:';i'5• ''''' PAGE SiX- H. W. POST AND TRANSFER STORAGE OF, ALL KINDS Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. Iowa Tuesday and Wednesday April 23-24 Jane Darwell in "CAPT. TUGBOAT ANNIE" Classified Ads CLASSIFIED HATES ents* comtntislon allowed. It Minimum charge 35c tot 12 advertising agents charge words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word. No 4jr* their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive Ic commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale Co-Hit Roy Rogers . in "SONG OF ARIZONA" Thursday, Friday, Saturday. April 25-26-27 FOR SALE: 100 A. near Graettinger, fairly good house, fair out buildings; a good stock farm, priced at $100 per acre. 1946 lease assigned. Paul M. Seley, Algona, Iowa. 24wl6» FOR SALE: Good grade Shorthorn bull. Also extra good milk cow. Joe Ferstl Estate, Algona. 15W16-17" FOR SAL/E: Renown kitchen range with attached 2-burner electric hot plate; also portable Universal electric oven. Roy H. Jensen, ph. 616, Lone Rock, 23wl6 FOR. SALE: Two young, sound, 4-year-old horses. Wm. Durant, Algona. 12wl6* FOR SALE: • Grain bin 14x24. suitable for housing purposes. Phone 186, West Bend. 13wl6* FOR SALE: Modern duplex, only three blocks south of Dutch's Super Service, complete separate quarters—living room, two bedrooms, kitchen and bath in each, oak floors, all paved, excellent location. Buy and let other half help pay for it. I look after this property and it is easy to rent out. Price $7000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 16 FOR SALE: White bungalow just east of church in Sexton, vacant now and priced to sell at $2100. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 16 FOR SALE: Immediate delivery on the new 1946 Hallicrafters Skyrider Jr. radio. MOTOR REPAIRING. Vigdal Radio & Electric, 116 Vis W. North St., phone 91. 23W15-16* FOR SALE: 11 head of white face heifers 'bred to registered Hereford bull. Also young Hereford bulls 10 months old. Hampshire boars serviceable age. 'John Deere Model E manure spreader. John Deere IVa h. p. gas engine With pump jack. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 42W14-17* tfi»Mii ; 'fi^p'' WANTE-D: Set'of ladies golf clu^ Call Hoenk Motors. 9^« j''-4;-"^V")-'''' '•i' 1 --~'*\- : '£'^' J ~$$ : ^ ''s- •''•. •'?.. "..- ; ,'"""'! h•"••' '•;'(''''.'••*" '*.-',''.'-'(' \'fi^Vw :t :".')K-'^- r i 1 i h ; v V'""-/'-• f'vx'".-''"-''.'•• '>'•' ^•"^,i'''^t'^v!vKi^ i ~^3*-i'-%*.*{^Y!' i '"'! ! '/.-'-^•'v>.\ i '"-^V.''"'-^^-^ v -»r-^'i^''^'i ! i^i*v i: '', ; i'^vV!;^'\'^"i^'''. .• WANT TO TRADE:'' 0 ft. nearly new spring tooth harrow iOf 14 ft. spring tooth harrow. O. E. Hal), Wesley, phone 3153, WANTED: .House or apartmMt, furnished or Unfurnished by" May 1. O. B. Wittern, phone 950-W, 325 E. Call St., Algona. ; 18wl6* -HUSTLING YOUNG MAN with fairly good educational back-* ground wanted to represent a college in the territory adjacent to Algona. Salary, commission, and drawing account. Work to begin at once. Address "X", in care of this paper. 38wl4-16 WANT TO BUY: 10 ft. tractor binder. W. J. Gorman, Algona.. 10wl6 the:;4lffefebmpanSr .was called to the Lyttn Eulvef home Wfidttesdajf- rtUftnlng when tt fire started by a bdrhiJijf trash Jme crept through thfe grasS and Ignlt* ed the garage. Little daffiage was done by the fife. The pulvef'a new Hudson stored In a tteighbof's gat- ago esCabed the fife.;' ; . FARM LOANS: 1 can make a limited amount «f farm loans at 3%% interest. No commission, or appraisal fee. The feduced interest rate will take cafe of thfe Increase in taxes. :Edw. Capesius, Heise Bldg., Algona. WANTED: Married man to work on farm. J. H. Jensen, Fenton. Iowa. . 8tf FOR SALE: Seed potatoes: Blue Tag Cobblers, U. S. No. 1,5 year clean. First year certified Warbas und Chippewas. Also a few Ohios and B size Cobblers. Buy early, don't be disappointed. Still have some good Cobbler table stock. Thoreson Bros., 4 miles west and 3 miles north Swea City. 8tf FOR SALE: Eagle water'proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8U Wanted Help Wanted WAITRESS Apply Manager, Algona Hotel l-Gwlt3 KKOX • STEVE DAISCll CEORCl CHESEBBO HJBl H»CKE17 IUOO BUSTED • FBWK ELLIS OH|!n*l StMy »Mf ScnMtptor br flHD MYTON IHIHII n SliklMI »H«tl Oitieitl If ~ ' SM lEWflllD Co-Hit Ellen Drew Boris Karloff in "ISLE OF THE DEAD" Added Serial, "Royal Mounted Rides Again" Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 28-29-30-May 1 FOR SALE: Excellent resident lot, $1100. Business lot $1300. These won't stay on market long. Joel M. Herbst. Real Estate and Ins. 16 FOR SAl-E: I'OTATOFS —larse solid cobblers, $1.59 a hundred; certified cobbler seed potatoes, $2.fl8 a -hundred. East End Grocery, phone 145. 20\vl6* FCR SALE: Soring fries. 3 to 4 Ibs., alive or dressed. Mile and a half south on 169 or call 7. G. A. Paine. 23w 16-17* FOR SALE: One number FA 122 mounted 4-row corn planter to fit regular F-20 or F-30 Farmall. Fitzgerald Implement Co., Albert Lea.' Minn. 23wl6 FOR SALE: Showcase, 4 ft. long, 24 '-•> inches high, 28 inchs wide, 3 marble strips around base, 8 in. high. 2 sliding doors 22>£x32 in. 1 shelf spaced 17 in. from bottom. Glass all around with '/i in. thick top. F. J. Krull Burt. • lf>* FOR SALE: Resisterp-l milkin" Shorthorn bulls. R. Saatoff. Burt. 16-17" FOR SALE: 10 ft. IHC grain binder, good condition, IHC 110 tractor corn planter fits H or M, oerfcct. condition with new fertilizer attachments, hydraulic lift; John Deere l l; >. horse power gas engine; 10 ft. disc; single row cultivator. Julius Matz, 1 mile north ot Wesley. ' 43wl6 WANTED: Housework by the day. Lucille Webster, 711 N. Minnesota, AJgona. I0wl6' :; WANTED: 40 head of cattle to pasture for the season. Extra good pasture with running water. Chris 'Bolie, Burt, phone 7on95. ZlwlG* WANTED TO RENT: Building 700 sq. 'ft. for jobbing purposes. Prefer to be outside of business district, Must have water and lights. Write G. A. Colder, Ma- dclia, Minn. 25wl6* WANTED: If you have a farm or a business for sale write The V. C. Peterson Co., Inc., Marshalltown, Iowa. We.have the buyers. 21\vl6-17* GIRL WANTED: For office work, must know shorthand, typewriting, ,some bookkeeping. Inquire Upper Dos Moines office. 15wl6-17 For Bent FOR RENT: Acreage in Gilmore City consisting of 15 2-3 acres. Immediate possession. E. C. McMahon, Algona, Iowa. IGvvlS-lC .Lost LOST: Yellow Persian male cat. Child is heartbroken. Reward. Return to Filch Feed Store. 14wl6 Found FOUND: Tire and wheel. Can have by identifying and paying for ad. Ralph Strayer, D-X tank man. 17wl6" Miscellaneous ... IIONEYMEAD FEEDS Ho? Supplement; pig 'arid sow feed: chick startlets; Gro-lay mineral. ALGONA STARTING MASH $4.00 cwt. Algona Flour & Feed Co. 20vvl6* HIGHEST PRICES paid for late model used cars. Free information on OPA ceiling. Hoenk Motors. GARDENERS Garden seeds, cabbage plants, onion setsT seed potatoes, fertilizer, lawn seed, glad, bulbs. Algona Flour & Feed Co. 18wlG< : SERVICE STATION and bulk plant for lease with dealers franchise in Algona, Iowa.'Splendid opportunity for energetic man. Contact L. L. Coryell & Son, Lincoln, Nebr. 24-W13-.17 INLAID LINOLEUM, LinowJll tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building^ Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-$tf ItlLL WEEDS With WEEODONE oft 'your, lawns and in your fields. . It oontalris 2-4D. Algorta Flour & Peed Co. NEW ELECTROUJX Cleaners will be available soon! For Information see Don H, Hutching County Electrolux representative,' 619 S. Jortcs, Algona, phone 832-J. 46t.f THE KOSSUTH County Hatchery is open again for the 1946 season. We are now ready to take orders for all high quality day old and started chicks. Place your orders now. Phone 800 v or come. in. 209 E. State Street. Algona. 4tf I * ;: 4 ', i '."••• 1 ;j: ; i i i '* PHONOGRAPH .RECORDS.— All the new releases. 'Needles, albums. Ktssuth Radio & Electric, Algonpi-Iowa, ., 47tf TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS. FHA and Veterans; '!GI" Loans to purchase, remodel, refinance homes. • Algona Federal Savings'& Loaii, Algona,'lojva.. •" • ' 30lf CASH 1'AID FOR ve ATS—PUPS tfiiiii grown, $2.00. Pup's, four to eight months, still showing some baby'teeth, $4.00." Deliver at our plant. West of Fort'Dodge'8 a. m. to 5 'p; IT). Monday thru Friday; FORT, DODGE SERUM CO. • • 32w8tf SEE ME" FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. > Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22. Algong. ,tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. • BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE THREE-DAY SERVICE. -Logan Radio Service* phone 921, Algona. 13tf FLOOR SANDING and Refinlsh- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable • power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. . 17-3-8U STTKDS EARLYANA BEANS from certified seed. 99% purity. 93% ger.mi- nation. Earlyana matures 1 week earlier than the Richland. SEED CORN Iowa 4316, certified, $6.50 flat grade. 4316 is an early variety, top yielder. none better for mechanical picking. M, A. Sorlien. 2 miles north of Bode. 5-40wl6° A BLISTERING BLAST AT THE MOST CORRUPT RACKET EVER CONCEIVED BY WOMEN! ' iiiuugi tiiciuii • inn toim HUIID IKIU tllNOIf WIOl • Will 111 A MONOGRAM PICTUKI Co-Hit "WANDERER OF WASTELAND" FOR SALE OR TRADE: Black mare. 3 years. Late modol white Copper Clad range for sale. Vern ruH-iers, Rolfe, Iowa, phone 3G-FB2. FOR SALE: M-D 2-row corn plow No. 238, 2-year old power lift, M-D 2-row power lift corn planter No. UO for F-14 and H tractor. Frank Youngwirth, phone 2563, LuVerne. 25wl6* Luggage, the hard-to-get gift item, now available in limited quantities . . . we suggest you act at once, SOLVE THE PROBLEM NOW! May 12—Mother's Day May—Graduation Month June—The Bridal Month FOR SALE: 1 stack of real good oat straw, no spoilage. Mike Loss, Algona. 14wl6 FOR SALE: Hy-brid seed corn, Iowa 4316, North Iowa's highest yielding Hy-brid, flat $6.50 per bushel, germination 94%; selling thousands of bushels seed over North Iowa since 1937. Lawrence O. Miller,'LuVerne. 31wl6-18* FOR SALE OR TRADE: McCormick-Deering Little Genius 2-14 plow for 2-12 or 1-18 plow. Robert J. Sankey, Wesley. 18wl6" USED CARS: 1940 GMC truck with grain box 'and stock rack. 1935 Dodge pickup, motor overhauled. 1938 Ford sedan, worth the money. SEE US TO'SELL A USED CAR OR TRUCK. WE PAY HIGHEST BRICES. W. E. LEY, LAKOTA, IOWA. 22-lGwlG FOR SALE: Used Wisconsin motor, 4-cylinder V-type air-cooled engine, 25 h. p., A-l condition. Hovey Implement Co., phone 90, Algona. 20\vl6 FOR SALE: All my high grade Holsteins, heavy springers. Dale Struthers. phone 2254, Wesley. 13wl6'» FOR SALE: 20 ft. 1940 trailer -house, York cruiser, gas stove, refrigerator, oil burner. Inquire and see at the Chrome, Algona. 21wl6* FOR SALE: Registered milking Shorthorn cows bred and open heifers, serviceable bulls, 3 purebred Poland China gilts, April 30 litter. Aaron W. Steussy, LuVerne. 24wl5-16- FOR SALE: 30 bu. Hybrid seed corn, germination 90% and higher. Also flare wagon box. Irvington Coop. Co., Irvington, Iowa. 2Uvl5-16 e ~ ^.. • • • Now on Hand Overnight Bags Pullman Bags Airplane Type Luggage Matched Sets Pre-war hardware in con* structiou . . . lock and hinge types , . , rayon linings fitted frames for neatly holding the press in men's and women's garments. Clothiers Compajny ' ".-• • :-:•• WSS^fPlS*;^^- "- v :',-:.:.,-^-V"-'' '- r T" -•^.Iv^v^,, • "•'..• v-^^^^^/^.v^. -••.;••'•• •;•'•'/ '--•..>:V^;;7*:'t v 'i,^K' Airy approdcK tp.a nevy' season . '\, thfese lovely -lace dresses by ' j*u»'*f 'fa^rte,'--P\ck' trie, pastel tuxedo tunic over a black', crepe skirt/or 'the; two piece pepium-,-- fashion .in • frpst : iwhite. . ;,.. both niade of cottpn-'fili^ree'lace byjICORDJp^to stay -fresh and cod.l;. IppkingVall; sprhmer long.' ChrS '•iK^: .. '• .. • . '•> • J w ' -• -'••' SK* ;*'.''*'* Mi® l ; W'VM' That Mode This Store Successful A store may conceivably be called lucky whlen i^rnakes a fortunate purchase of a wanted material or a particularly popular garment or when it finds itself with an unusually harmonious and efficient salesfoircie ojtfwhen competition is weak and ineffective or wKe>v*Q>iyie lo« cal conditions are extremely f a^pr^ble^ ; | J v But when a store has been outstRiildmj^i^ ; 76 years the element of l^&&:ty^*^*;fa :f: }ty simply a matter of good manaj^iifiiti ^^g$ie rigHt goods and the right ^ajiespef^B t^isellthw^ UQVStY, THE CHRl3gyij ways HAD THE•:,^ER$HAJS depression or pros^erity> ; f j§ii maiiitftined its le»4ir*feiRm • - • • - -- • ' ' ' • ' " v -' •-'•'- •* "' " -" ' • """. ' ' ''."^ - f -> •<* '

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