Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 25, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1896
Page 5
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iP^j^iiWfRi^^ ^' ::r: "7 : '" ;••-' m^ Dunlap s Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis The Railroad Men's Sound;rionev Rally at Terre Haute. WAS A HUGE SUCCESS Six Thousand Hen in Line Behind a Real Locomotive. . It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. > the clothes. Of coarse you won't order if don't suit- "i am shoeing all the lat^t rtj les and pat- ternsTn Fall Woolens. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See cur show windows Full ol the handsomest new st le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & 403 Broadway. HE MAKES IT WORSE. ! Shively Tries to Explain "Hook- i Nosed Shy lock" Speech. . THE FIKSi iiAiiUiNAL BANK LOGANSPORT. . - INDIANA. CAPITAL S350.OOO. A.j.Murdock.Pr... W.W. R°». <**. J. F. Brookmeyer, Aiit. Ca»n. DIKKCTORS: C 8. Bice, MBOhl* 110 ""' £ fe ST' w T wu JJ- DHarwoodl . Banking In (.1. Us Departments proraptb and DAILY JOURNA Priced Btoves of any kind at Flane gin's new stove store. Any chocolate pot to our window for 75c. A special bargnln.-Fox & Dun kelberg. Merit In medicine means the power w cure. The great cores by Hood's Sar gnparllla prove its nnequaled merit. If you want pure spices for yonr preserves yon can get them at Ben Fisher's drag store. Dr. J. Z. Powell was taken ill Thursday nlglit but was muct better yesterday and expects to foe out today. Hon. J«umc9 F. Joy'of Detroit, forme* president of the Ed river railroad, died yesterday of heart disease to Ms elgh ty-slxtij year. , James McEJhency and eutfo-e force wont to North Judson yesterday even ing where they nave some large con tracts of ptastei'.img. ITbe Christian clrarch ladles wll serve supper ait the home of Mrs. Tyner, 925 Spear street, t«ls evening from 5 until 8 o'clock. Price 15 cents. Ixxst—A ring on TAird street between Broadway and Market. The ring has two emeralds and three pearls. Finder .please return to this office and receive 'rcward.-Mr.s. AT11I M. DiVbolt. Charles Sellers was thrown from his buggy yesterday morntag the horse which lie was ; drlviug, overturning tlie rig by falling. The accident was caused by. a small tooulder on Broadway near Fifth. A-notUer society wedding Is on the , tapte. The to-be groom. Is anotlier of the old bachelor gang, and the bride elect one of itho.clty's fairest daughters. The cards are not out yet, hence no names aire mentioned,..,.. , The .Sisters' : af : St. Joseph's hospital desire' to' publicly return their grnrte- fnl thanks to all'-who so generously assisted Cthcm^lwai'by work, dona- itoiui'vipd 'patronage,' ;ln taeir recent bazaar,, omd-especially:<lo;they thank tho-ladlea of .the -Hospital Sewing Boclety, who worked unceasingly for the,.'benefit of tho.nospUital during the entire week of the bazaar. •The Hon. B. F. Shlveij', Popocra-tlc candidate lor Governor, lias roused a vralttti t'luat grows hotter at eacli futile attempt to quell it, by his bitter, and uncalled for etlgmatlaatJon of the Jewish voter as the "hwK-nosed Shy-' ock." Tii'e JJlaiml- Oounty Sentinel, Jem., which Is nominally supporting Shively, eviidently does not propose to lo for Mm In this matter, as the fol- owing from the issue of Sept. 23 will .esttfy: "It will be a-omcmibered that when Hon. B. F. SWv'edy spoke In tfils city nst Wednesday night, toe offended the Hebrews In the course of Ms speech by alluding to th'e 'hook-nosed Shylocks.' The following are tWe exact words he used os they were taken in shorthand: . 'Under tlie present system of finance, the United States treasury is opened to be looted by every hook- nosed Shylock Ci'om Jerusalem 1 ,to Terlcho.' This has been.puWlshod in a number of ways In mauy newspapers In the State and out. of it, so that several different constructions have ftecn placed on it. He lias been severely criticised for making a statement which the members of the Jewish faith claimed 'was meant as a reflection on them. Hearing of the ill feeling which the remark created among tbe Hebrews of this city, Mr. Shively tole- giaphed Jerome Herff as follows, Sunday: " 'South Bend, Ind., Sept. 20, 1890. , " 'Jerome Herff, Peru, Ind. "-'I distinctly disclato any possible reflection directly or Inddractiy on the jows in my Peru speech. Will send statement of same. B. F.. SHIVRLT,' "Tdie Hebrews here are not going to accept his explanation for they regard as being worse 'than the original offense." • ' The men of that naitionaUty :ln this city feel much as -the Jews of Peru do in *he matter and no amount of .explanation wJll make itih'om feel right. Its one thing for a man to spit In your face, «nd th«n attempt to atone for it by rubbing It In. • • ' • A POINTER. On How Kentucky Will Go in November. Will J. Da.Yis, formerly of the dispatchers' office of this city, Is now ait Henderson, Ky. He writes to the .Touimal ns follows: Dear Sir: Please send me five copies, supplement of The Journal of Sept. 18, containing speech iby Mr. J. T. Brooks. ,Yon people must Oia-ve had a red hot •time, -and I -wish I cmild' have been there and seen the Panhandle boys spread themselves. Tell your friends that Kentucky Is go'ng to give Major McKinley from 10 to 20,000 majority. Yours very truly, W. J. Davis. Terre Haute held a -uionsted &>vind Money rally Inst'uilghf. It wns'e'swen-" tiftlly a railrond men's rally, and 'the employes of the yurlouK railways' ce;i- terhig at thn.t..eity,wea-e «h.ore it!'forc'e,_ The Logamsport Rallron«l >icn,'« Sound" Money club was -taken .down on a 'sp'e-^ cinl twUn, which left this city, sit; 'nibout 1 o'clock. .T«§gSK)yt>s were 1 fm° nlwlied -traosportnt'Ion, as.theyf-nlwny^ are when the ride over IhMsj oltho' road on which tihey work., ten coaclws In tlw train.s ami -all wcn-e comfortably flU'ed.- Tlk> Mili-hiry -bamd and the drum /corps .it- coiniwnled 'Hie oxcui'Mlon to s\j-elV tl|fi haiiinony of music. , • : ! ,..'.,.... At Frii.nkfor.t two-more c-oachbs were; nddod, n,nd both were filled to overllow- tng. The train carrictl fully.e^ht hundred iK-oplc when l-t puilcd Into Terre 1-Ia.ute. .The Frankfortei-s loxik l:he!r r-nmons band and a drum corps.' so tliat. music was plentiful 011 the train shirtiufr from Lognnsport, • ' The special which started from''St. ,To.sei>li. Mich., pulled through a- few minutes after tilie Logansport tr.aln Had lt>fr. There were ton coaehesi ir. the train, imd Jill .were filled. j; '•' The iNW-nde pwcediiig the speech by lihe Hon. ,7. T. Brooks was ou<i of. the bifiSCRt pol'ltlcail deiHonstratloins ever ntteinptecl. The street ni.ilway! tracks were utilised to (iclvanfage, .anjcl a locomotive wns run ahead of t.he"tMu- sancls who murcttietl. It <Is estimated that there were .between five and six hundred In l-lie mnrch. and It took the Jine forty-five minutes to pass a. Riven point. The meet tag was held In a building which had been erected lov the.'pun- pose. TQic seating capari-ty w:as five thousand, and there was standing room for fifteen Jmndred. to spite of this cnpnoity, many hundreds* turned away, unable to get / hearin-g of the speaker's voice; Mr. Brooks wns-introduced.by-W.':E- Perryuvan, President of th&| ,Terrt Haute Sound Money club, andiwho Is t -'Deer Creek to.wn- ship. "The-p-nmi'tle showed evidences of i ,., i _ Thierc was a, band, and a ctarm .corps and six iriiiisivaroiKiIes. one it' which li.-itl to be k'-l't behind because hero wove only five boys fa carry 'lif'-irr. TlK-vo were no votere in li." 1 -' ml.sWP-of the b;unl ivnd lesst.hnu forty peO'i>le in nil, coniu-iiw Ui-e bn.iid, drum •aind -boys a-irryiiiK I'iio rnrnspar- 1 The- traiifiparen-cieK. were disgusting ippoals to prejudice. One \v;is n reflett- U'on on .Second Vice PresM«i>t Brooks of five Panliiindlft, who lias rteen by o.nd «,bi-!Wy tx>' his position.- The t'oiiveyed mis' 'tlvnii- he ought to still-'receive 'two doll-.-irs a day not- wit-lwta'nding Ms iwoiwotioms hnd his elMoi«n<iy. AnotlH-r had--a caricature of a I-Io- and• beneivth. the tascrli>tlon, "I Am -.Afraid This Country Will be Fl'oo<led-WM.li Ch<*U> Money." Another had a sl-milsir-picture with the stiite- me-nt. '.This'Coat Fit.s Slinst Uke'the ou the Vail." friH'SL>'bj],aners were a diireet attiempt to-iiJ'ousn prejudice and to make cnpi- ,oi>iiosiiiK the aewlsfli iwpula.tion which oasts bwt -a -small vote and can O be' safely'"insulted by the rharos and its ftiiiis. GREAT CAMPAIGN BOOKS The only way to post BOTH' SIDES. We KNOCKED"'EM OUT. Republicans and Popocrats Meet in a Rally at Peru. • Peru Repii.blic-a.ns -li«id n. hip Wmo Ins! Hlght. ThO.V had .JldV'M-tiSCtl fllO HOH. .Wanner Miller to spe:il< lu. the after- iioon, nml n. good crowd heard a. s.plen- d-ld speech. The Hon. Jolin L. Griffith Wiw th-o speaker for the evening, and t'lMi McKi-nloy club marched fis an escort .from the .hotel to the court house. •When tlic club started out it was not Intended to mate u parade, but the •Popocrats Inul arranged n. counter dem- pustmtlon- whldli was to "Kill off" the Republic-nil's. It did, ni't. Peter Wall- rarli, of this city, a Sound Money Deni- .oci-aton a Poipocr.-iit.ic free sliver ticket, was -to-draw. -ill the Popocrats away from the court house, but when the •Poixx.-ra.ts started their counter dwn- oiiwtotion. with fl'bout one hundred men and boys in line, the McKinley club.iunkK were swelled -to about three hundred, and a big p-arnde was made. "Mr. .-Griffith spoke to all wno: could crowd into the court room, and as •ninny more wore unable TO get In, There are a few McKinleyites left in Pern. Tdie MONEY QUESTION is the theme of flic how. yourself or have n clear understanding Is to READ have FIVE GREAT BOOKS. M'KINLEY AND HOBART. (Illustrated) Contains this lives, records and principles for which the IUi*nbBcan candidates have fought; the notary record of Major McKinJey, his pi-eat battle for protection find -his record on currency. Price 25 cents. BRYAN AND SEWALL. (Illustrated) Contains the life bfctory of William .Tennmjrs Bry.-m and Arthur Sewall; tells Bern's record in Congress; Ms tariff speech; tells of -his enemies; glvos his CHEAT CaJSM^NrqiON SPEECH which wisltbe direct cause of his nom-.- i-nsiitlon. Price 25 cents. GOLD OR SILVER (lllu traced.) One of the ablest books in, the interest of -a R-old standard; tells why times are Hart; dwells on .theories th.it we wrong, boomed values, common errors; tells the disosM-ous results o-f free cotaige, etc. Price Uo cents. HONEY AND BANKING By Hor-ce Whit. • •V Amdahl authority ou these subject*; Rives -the evolution of money from tl* ***** of clvili^d life on .his continent; the «P™^J England, Gonwmy, France. Holland, Ai*Ma a,nd IndKi xm-h ..he sold stand !u,l* Mod <*pl«1ns tlie "Crime oC '73;' makes clear the system of banking. Price 50 cen.ts. Dictionary of American Politics. By Ewre.it Brown «u»l Albert' Straus*. <«js'iiig «o«nmi* of political parties, mcnanres and -men; explain* of .he ^"' practical workings of the Government, etc.. as Mated by Sen.aloi man V most excellent -book of reference. Pi-ice 50 conirs. John C. W. GRAVES. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE. 413 Broadway. It is not at all probable that the next house will have a majority: favorable to the free coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to i. When it becomes a demonstrated fact that there is no danger of this country adopting the silver standard in conducting the business of the Country, proserity, v$ll;cpme again and with lower taxes on the -necessaries of life, every kind of bi^iness will boom again-Pharos editorial, March 12,11806. f i Arrangements for a Logansport Delegation to Visit McKinley. ISol. D, Broiwlt yesterday had the names of fonry-three who will go to Canton, O., to see McKinley. As the date Is not fixed there ds an unccrtaJnty witli a good many about toeing al>le to go. When the tljne fe announced It is tbalt a good many will go. It Why Doesn't itt|Phps Run This? *^ ' • . i ' •' '• -'' '-• ' * - _ GlEjRMA'N SPEAKING. Hem. PW1 .Bappaport will speak In German at the rink Saturday evening ncsrt. Hels a fluent speaker and should Wave a good audience. German citizens regardless of party are Invited to be present.' a Sound Money Democrat, . of Mr. Brook.s WHS received wHh-.the wittiest enthusla.sni and he was Cheered -to Hie echo. ' '..- "' ' :: '•''•"' The very -amusing article on thft,. excursion to Terre Haute in yesterday,'*. Pharos caused a. general laugh. -Thei railroad men Of course knew-thait-no: time wonld 'be lost aa the mienjarefto! -work Saturday afternoon' InsteadsOf;. laying off as usual. It was generally known thait the Pharos statement alxrat loss of time was one oMtp regular falsehood*. TOieu it Is generally, recognized thait .under the Australian; ballot law a man can vote 'as he pleaees and the Panhandle company couldn't control the votes of the. empires,, if, W wianited to. •• •' • i '• :I -.'• The'truth; of the matter is .'that )the Ph'nros te so ra,ttled at the.Intelligence of the Democrats on the road that It does -not know wlwut ridiculous; state- na'iits It is ranking. If does nqt-. .stij that fhe promJn-ent Democrats: who took part in the Wedneisxlay. demonstration were coerced but the PainWandle pemocrjuts -rohtt do the same thing are •foi-ccd. Whait nonisons-o this -Is!- '.'.'.." Mr. Dolam had a show at .the;, opera house lost ovenlag -but the Pharos does not accuse him of -trying 'to: draw-'the crowd away from ShankMtn., Tlie fact Is that Jn aTranglng the -political and other mefettogs «> one pays n.ny Attention to the Pharos.and its little; band of Popocrats, tout wJ>th-ridiculous.ego- tism It takes-iaverything as «;direct insult to 'itself.. ' - - ' -• '" r -" i ~"'' 1 Rcibbers visited the: borne of Claud Beck near Young America on« day recently during the family's abaence. A gold -watch, ieweh-y and other articles were takM. WORSE TM>N Pharos Gang Attempts to; Capital by Insultirig Je»l«..,, It is staid that Popocratlc didates were in the. coutrtry,- tr>-tng to drum, up a parade evening. Candidate Hom't)urg.v«s es The Pretended Interview of the ; Pharos With an Attorney. The Pharos- publishes a fake in the UveV-'ouiiStlou punwrttoR. to be from some attorney of •t.lie'Logainspo'rt bar. Anyoiie f:i.millii.r with the style of composition 'of itilic' lx>gansiii>rs attorneys la»ws"tlMit ho member of this bar wrote such nonsense.^Ahnost tlm: first sontence- Is-a jrive-i^yay. The article ' Tlie'silvor money--now in cl-r- in the U-ui't«d'-'Sta-t<>s li-ns been rOlriod -n't a r:ttio wHiih gold of 1C to 1." Any ordiinai-y fool knovs that this Is i n lie. There was- no 'silver in circulation'-in 1873 when tihe-Wnape of the savor dollar wis siispericted. All silver coined sluice rlnen;,the goveriimeirt iws mn'de exc'lKMigenSle for gold wlth- oiir. i-pference to tlwcfrmmeixdftl ratio-, •hind th.iit 1« wtot has.lie.pt -it in c*rculii- tto'h hfU» full value.-. 1 -: : -' 1 it is by such deception as .nil* that rho Plinros hopes to win. takes n. guairaiiitec of forty to get a special ralte-dnd a cor, and Chat number is .already re.iehed. If dt rims up to 100 an entire tain wiU be furnished. The fara for iflie round trip is ?4.00. If 100 are secured the train will leave at 5 a. m., reach'tog; Caalton nit 1 p. m. Keturn- Jing the train -svi'11 Jeave at 4 p. m., and reach Logansport ait iBidniglit. It will probatoly be better -to take luncli along jf this flm-amgement is made. If only forty KO the car -will be attached to a regular train, leaving 'alt 2:41 a. m. ami returntag at 10:2T p. m. Send your name to Sol Brandt if you to.tend going. The date will likely lie a week from Monday or Tuesday. ONE NIQHTONLY. SATURDAY 5EPT. 26, |/ - MERRY-- . KATTIE EnnETT AS WILLIE RUFUS Iii Ber Famous Piny " The Waifs of New York. With its wealth of novelties, scenic and melodramatic effects. The original of -all plays dealing with life in the great metropolis. TO .GAS That fja-s consumers, may not be in convenienced by reason -of delay In having hiea ting stoves, grates and furnaces 'connected, October 1st the company will at.once make all such connections ' that -are ordered, and furnish K ne for same free, for the remainder of Sepfcem-bei.'. iBDORT & WAJBASH VAIJLES: -COMPANY. WILL FIGHT. The Populists Object to Any Sidetracking. A rumor yesterday stated that C. E. Carter, who announces, himself a Populist at all Ms meetings, was working for the withdrawal of the Populist county ticket in favor of the Popo- crattlc ticket Tfoomas Rogers was asked nibout It tost evening and emphatically' denied the statement that there would toe any withdrawal. "There will be no sell-out," said he, "I know thait our committee will not listen to' any such proposition for a minute. We are against the old-time Democracy as much as we are against any other party. We Intend to preserve our organization and flffht i.t out." FDOKA ELECTION. The ci'tfeeins of Flora have put the following ticket in the fleld for the cor poratlon' election: Trustee- William Hamna, Dr. P. P. Lyons, Abner Ratcliff. M.airshall-rrank Barnard. Clerk—L. T. Boll. .Treasurer-John W. Guthridge. • John Woelfel, brew master at the Goluraibia brewery, returned yesterday from Pfttsburg' Pa., .where he was attending Khe eighth annual con.vfentrlon ;'6f -'flte Mflltlonal Brew Masters' nssoda- •tio'ri' v He'-'reported 400 riiem-bers In a,t- and -stated, tha^tliey were ^ f*r *he gold Standard. Mr. : Is loud to his praises of Pittsburg hospitality. NOTICE. . The members .of Trinity Guild are requested to attend a -business meeting -at lihe residence of Mrs. Van Horno 1115 E Market Street Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. E, J. VAN BOOBNE, Sec. D. C. Cltoer, of the "Hulb," is again to be out after searching for a gas leak with a lighted match. His bits itered face,-staged hair, and the loss oI his mustache are proof positive (hat bi found It. Wanted.-A good girl at 200 North Sixth street. Home Seekers Excursion VIA Wabash Route —ox— SEPTEMBER 29, 1896. Don't forget the Date. • . THE PUMPKIN PIB WAS IX>AD]SIX f] The Harrington family at Columbia ' City decided yesterday to have some ; .. pumpkin pies. Mrs. Harrington pr^ pared Due filling and IB so doing took down tlve can contofliiug \vhite udte- bore instead of pepper and gave the compound a. libenral dash of the condl- , mont. The pies were duly baked and set out upon tlie table. The crust vra» a delicate brown and _the pumpkin looked as harmless, «s rlcli, as yellow, as the product of -Hie oven of the mo»t. experienced pastry cook. But though dentli lurked in. the golft- eu pumpkin when Miss Ella, Hnrring- ; ton invited her friends. Misses Mary' : . Goodfellow and Mary Gallagher to try, a piece of pic, they both accepted with . avidity. 'Miss .Han'liijrtoii <iJso ate of it and within a fcw^hours .flic deadly hellebore began to get.iu its work. A phiysicinn was called and the three ffirls were pumped out, Trat tliey are still in bed, where they will remain • for some time and they may esteena themselves fortuim.lc « 'thoy escape- with tJieir lives. The McKinley Club "mil meet at Republican headquarters Friday evening September 25tu. for the purpose of canvnssiug tlie proposed trip to Canton. A full attendance is desired. By order of GEO. W. WALTERS, Pros. A MUSICAL SOCIAL. The Epwortli League of the Broadway M- E. church invites all frfendi to a socrial and miwicnle ait. tne church Friday-cvehlnir, Sept 25tn: Admis- sSon 10 cents. Befresbmcnts will b* served free. All are welcome.

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