The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 9, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1946
Page 6
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*AGE SIX. ! il!&OM LIFf WITH ^•fc-^^nr- .^ i^s C/FK £400 Plenty of Feed for Chick Customers Nutrena Sargent White Rocks and Leghorns available twice a week. Order your quality chicks here. Where you get a livability and Iced supply guarantee. Jamesway Hatched Chicks Are the Best Phones 58 and 77 Year 'Round Service Burt, Iowa ZENDER'S M4 M-if L w &*PM-,4 am. k..J Clothing for Men and Boys as aj as as as as as 2 as as 25 as. as as 25c (and 35c) Buy SIX PAIRS and get the Guarantee Certificate. • 6 months' wear or six new pairs free. § Knit proportioned to fit small, average and large size man. • Laundry tested and approved. as as as as BUY YOUR SOX SIZE ACCORDING TO SHOE SIZE Shoe Size 5-5'/a 6-6Va 7-714 8-8Va Sox Size 9', a 10 10 Va 11 Shoe Size 9^Ha IlMO% 11-UVa 12-12V^ Sox Size 11 '/a 12 13 14 LAURA BARR4-H HOST, IRVINGTON Irvington: Laura Jean Barr entertained the Irvington I's 4-H girls club on March 18. Eleven members answered roll call by responding to "My hobby or chief interest." Shirley Hansen gave a talk on "Floor Trimmings." A picture study and discussion followed. The girls sang songs and played games. Rose Ann Platt was welcomed as a new member. Later the hostess and her mother served lunch. The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Louise Sorensen on April 15. Mrs. Rasmic riansen, club leader, was unable to attend, due to illness. Beauiy Shop Closed The beauty shop operated for some years by Mrs. Dorothy Robison on the Rome Robison farm on the Ridgeroad, has been closed. Eugene Colwell arrived home last week, having received his discharge from the navy. Mrs. Irvin Urch was called to New York state febilti fie** of herwioth Mr. and Mi*; Ray moved from, the HtffH farm and are nbw; emgloylid at Milton JBurlingame S.' , . •'.••..• Mrs. Perry PhllliiiS Ifrft -last Thursday for Ofecfley, Cbl6., to visit her father, who is 'reported to be in failing he.alth. : , Miss f*aye Kratlse^ ' student nurse at Kirksvllle, Mo., if\Vlsit- ing at the home of her parettts, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kliuse. Doh Krause, brother of Paye, was also guest at the parental. home, having been granted a few days leave from his station, ' ;• • The Ladies Aid society. Will meet this Thursday afternoon iri the church parlors. Officers for. the ensuing year arc Mi's. : E. O. ! Chamberlain, president; Mrs, Wm. Boldridge Sn, vice presi' dent; Mrs. Vcrn Barker, Secretary, and Mrs. Lee Colwcll treasurer. ••;•'-• : Merle Chamberlain .Kas returned to Camp Campbell, Ky.,'.for reassignment after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Chamberlain. Last November Merle received a foot injury in the South Pacific area and was hospitalized in Japan for some time. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents c h'> r g e their clients, 4e and send cash with order they receive • lo •' commission. Blind -ads • 25c. For Sale FOR SALE: Six brood 'sows. Whittemore, phone Lone Rock 4001. Wm. Decker. llwH* FOR SALE: McCormick-Deering 10 foot power binder in good condition. IHC 110 corn planter, best condition, with new fertilizer attachments, never used, fits H or M. 10 It. disc, good, single row corn plow. One mile north of Wesley. Julius R. Matz, Wesley, Iowa. FOR SALE: McCormick-Deering 4-scction flexible drag, good shape. Walter Kocklcr, Bancroft. 12wl4* FOR SALE: 2'/ 4 cubic feet cement mixer, priced to sell. Alvin L. Weber. 12wl4 ! > FOR SALE: 11 head of white face heifers bred to registered Hereford bull. Also young Hereford bulls 10 months old. Hampshire boars serviceable age. John Deere Model E manure spreader. John Deere 1 '/•>. h. p. gas engine with pump jack. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. . 42w14-17* FOR SALE: 1929 Chevrolet truck. Below ceiling price. L. J. Cink, St. Benedict. Ilwl4* FOR SALE: Good clean baled straw. Fred W. Plumb, 1 mile west prison camp, s ,!\ mile north. 16wl4* FOR SALE: Used pop cooler, 4 lids, 6 to (! case capacity, aluminum top. stainless steel, white finish. 1 year guarantee, in excellent shape. Pratt Electric Co. 20wl4 FOR SALE: Blackhawk corn planter, John Deere hay loader, DeLaval cream separator. ; 'See at Nels Beck farm. . 17W14* FOR SALE: 1942 Ford radio. 1939 Buick radio. Could be mounted under' dash, D. H. Arndorfer, Bancroft 16wl4* FOR SALE: Vitalaire icebox, A-l condition. See or call Richard Sheldon at Upper Des Moines. 14* FOR SALE: New Chesterfield overstuffed chair; ice box; breakfast table and four chairs. David Gouge, phone 834-LJ, 821 E. Call St. 19wl4* FOR .SALE: Few t>u. hybrid seed corn, 939 and early 95 day 416, good test, low prices. Ai C. Carlisle, Whittemore. '- 20wl4 0 SERVICE STATION and bulk plant for lease with dealers franchise in Algona, Iowa. Splenr did opportunity for energetic man. Contact L. L. Coryell & Son, Lincoln, Nebr. 24wl3-17 COMPLETE SHOE REPAIR equipment ifor sale. Owner passed away. Will sell complete stodk and machinery. Mrs. Wm. KorrisKr Box 83', Bancroft' Ibwa."21wl3-l T ?f (f FOR SALE: Good as new Sanicp range. Barber Shop, Wesley. - 10wl2-H FOR SALE: Seed potatoes: Blue Tag Cobblers, U. S. No. 1, 5 year clean. FiVst year certified Warb^s and Chippewas. Also a few Ohios and B size Cobblers. Buy-early, don't be disappointed. Still havte some good Cobbler table stock! Thoreson Bros., 4 miles west and 3 miles north Swea City. , 8tf A$$ffi< In Al* onai^W'afie.ttst asa'ttfig aftd i** pa« JoBiS'M'; World's -Iciest lft» ' • Heating. Job g<*d J>ay-f<fall of part IM6 in«nt; Older, nwfl Hffifdrrsd. Should hive car. Rapid advahctf- fcent fat ; "Wgftt' itiah. Donald W. Sr., H6!WHd FuA'ace ,C6'. For t WANTED: EX ft l B M d•» D . STeKOORABMER. A'L S ,O HOUSfiHOLO ^MELP. PKtBRSEN SHBHP" -COMPANY, SPENCER, IOWA. : ;.-,•,.•- Ilwl2-14 WANTHp: Sheep shearing, Call 3128 Wesley. ErMri, Hlidiriari. • : -••••• 8W12-14* For Rent FOR ftENT: So .'flcres blue, grass •pasture. Ji W. Scholtes, Algona. phono 838-W. . 13wl4* FOR RENT: 5-room house partly model 1 *!', water, lights. Two miles north >/4 west of Burl Iowa, E. A. Sleper. 18wl4* Lost LOST: A man's Temple wrist watch, Monday ; evening, near Dr. Janse residence. Liberal reward. -Finder please telephone 607 at 418 S. Minhsota St. •'•••. 22wl4* Miscellaneous TllREE-DAY SERVICE. Logan Radio Service, phone 921, Algona. ) t . ' . '' • WE CAN FIX IT! PRATT'ELECTRIC .'will repair your ;broken vacuum- cleaner; lamp, l&fcdtric- iron or toaster or any ottyjr, appliance; Phone 170 arid we will pick up free anywhere withtnicity limits.' .; PRATT ELECTRIC CO. 12U • ' CASH PAID FOR CATS—PUPS Cats, full grown, $2.00. Pups, four to eight >months, still showing some baby-teeth, $4.00. Deliver at our plant west of Fort Dodge 8 ,a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday thru Friday. FORT DODGE SERUM CO. 32\v.8tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf Exchange pept. Basement : Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. ;' BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE NEW ELECTROL.UX Cleaners . ;will .be available soon! For information see Don H. Hutchins, County.. Electrolux . representative':"619 S. Jones, Algona, phone 832-J? 46tf FLOOR SANDING and Refinish- :ing.. Heavy commercial equipment." Portable power plant. .06wan Bids. Supply Co., ph< ^6,'Algoha; V^' 17-3' PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All . the. new releases. Needles, albums. 'Kcssuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 47tf «M vet* ''I^ShS to .JufchfMf, * - jflsfiftance hofties, ^Al* Fedefil Savings & Loan, Solf Gouftty Hatchery Is Open again for the 1946 sea- vWe 1 e are how rfesufr to 1 take orders fdr all, ftlgh quality day old and fttattBd chicks. Placd yout or« ders n6WV Phbn6'800 61* come In. 209 E. State Street, Algona. 4ti INLAID LINOLEUM, Linowati tlte, laid by ,eJttierts. Custom work. CowaH Building Supply Co.,.phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tt NOTICE O'P LETTING Sealed bids will toe received at the office of the County Auditor, Algona, ilowa, until 2:00 P. M., April 24 ,1946. for gravel surfacing 28 miles of secondary roads, Involving 35000 cu. yds. of gravel* to crush, load and hayl 1 mile, 270000 Units of. -V6 mile Haul and 8650 cu. yds. o£ stripping gravel pits. Bids will be received at the same time for Maintenance Gravelling involving 60000 cu. yds. of gravel, 350000 units of >/fe mile haul and 14000 cu. yds.-of stripping gravel pits'. April 8, 1946; L.."J. IMMERFALL, 14 ' County Auditor. iV ; -MV;-'^j'fe^-;»'>;^3vfiV-'^ / 4>;vvi 1 -i'j'J,'?/ •\\^'"'-''' \''^\^.-'^'-^')'r'-^~'^^^ '"J- vfffvijji*ijj^ 'f^llilil-;?^^ ^s,^^t6^sS^^^^^^ t ^y^^^"' ai "" u ' W •naJW-S* ~7'; ^C^'^r" »"'(?».**"™' *i»*liil^^^ '"'"" ''" ''' ' '' ''' ' "- *' "' ''' ' "'' " " ;: "*' ''*'£'-'•"'"'' '• "•>"'' ''•• : '- i ~' : - J! - i "''^ < •:•<•*•?& -^--i' - '•• : of • A sittii each frtoftth the while he chatt|e^siJ fast, ; > Babies Aki Our Specially Confirmation Firat Sittings tnacb Jby appbinhtiijiit • ' 1 '., ''":. .' ' Eve L. Presttell I 604 South Dodge Street Photic 356 Algona Upper Des Moines WantAds iSring Result*. L in only 2 to 3 Hoiirs * . > with the same quality majerials^ used by many Beauty Salons in expensive cold Waves CEILING PRICE $3.00 PLUS TAX THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY COLD WAVE PERMANENT . ~~^^^ ' ••' . . - ™. ' '» - '• V ' ' . " '. ' r i ' It's really so simple— all you do is your hair up in curlers which are included in each PORTRAIT packet, dab each curl with PORTR^lt permanent Waving Solution ... and in (usf- 2 or 3 : hoursjlet everyone admire your new found lo^ifo^. . . a halo of beautiful, gleamlnfl,Jong-lasting;Curls^emd everyone amire your , waves: PORTRAIT is perf*cf for children's soft;"finehd|r/too! Insist on the genufna . . . your hair deserves the best ; V. Ask for PORTRAIT Permanent Wave. Pharmacy ;i FOR SALE: McCormlck-Dcsrina 28" threshing machine, A-l cnn- clition. Sec or call John Schucler, Sr., Bancroft. 15wH* FOR SALE: One 14'x20' barn in Rood condition, well painted, on foment foundation. Ph. 3361, Whittemore Farmers Coop. Crenm- cry 19wl4-15 FOR SALE: Certifcd 431G seed corn Trom '.944 crop, ge'-minr- tion 98%. flat $7.00 per bushel. Also certified Earlyana bean seed, S3.35 ner bu=hcl and our bass or S3.25 in yours. Donald D. Usher. Ottosen. 33wl4-15* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algeria. 20-3-8tf FOR SALE: A pair of Firestone tires, size 9x3G, in good condition. Also tubes and rims. Four miles NW of Fenton. W.-H. Eimers, Ringsted. 24wl3-14 Wanicd FOR SALE: L shape house, 22x26, good roof and floors. Phone LuVcrne 2558. Alvin L. Weber. 15wH* FOR SALE: Green and ivory kitchen cabinet, good shape. Alvin L. Weber. llwlT FOR SALE: One English male shepherd, 1 year old; one female 6 months; one male toy terrier, 1 year old. .Mrs. Elof Pearson, Wesley, phone 3196. 25wl4* FOR SALE: 8 piece oak Queen Anne style dining set. Mrs. Ted Hoover, Burt, phone 2250 Wesley. 17wl4° FOR SALE: Girl's all-wool spring coat, size 6, color gold; brown trim. A. J. Dittmer, Burt. 16wl4" FOR SALE: Choice baled alfalfa hay. C, R, Sehoby, ph. 28-F31, Algona. UwH" FOR SALE: Ice box, 100 pound size. Telephone 2631, LuVerne, Iowa. Ilwl4 FOR SALE: New 4-wheel farm trailer. Also Spanish guitar. Bob Buscher, Algona, phone J-F12. 15wl4* BEAUTIFUL small three quarter size piano, new condition, priced for quick resale. Armstrong Piano Co., Spencer, Iowa, 17wl4* FOR SALEi Used 14" Montgomery Ward hamemrmill. Ralph Bierstedt. Lone Rock. Ilwl4* FOR SALE: Early potatoes. IVz miles west of Irvington twp. school house on Mawdsley farm. Ben Gisch. 16w.l4* FOR SALE: 7 grade ewes and lambs. Some purebred Cheviot ewes and lambs. William Fritz. Wesley. 16wl4* FOR SALE: Corn planter for McCormick-Deering B traclov. Also John Deere GP tractor. Ed Vaske, iifUKTott. !•!'•' WANTED: Truck driver and helper at once. Ex-service man preferred. Godden Monument Co. : 12\Vl4 WANTED: A middle-.aged-lady to care for an aged woman until school closes. Al Granzbw, phone 781 or phone 943-J. < 19wl4<r WANTED: Custom plowing. Jim Camp, Lone Rock, 1st place south Good Hope Church. ; -H3wl4* WANTED: Soap bo . and axels. Bring themr to' 1 Algona Implement Co. I 13wl4 HUSTLING YOUNG MAN with fairly good educational backf ground wanted to represent a college in the territory adjacent to Algona. Salary, commission, and drawing account. Work to begin at once. Address "X", in care of this paper. 36wl4-16 WANTED: Small or medium size safe. Phone 132, Clarence J. Wiltgen, Box 279, Algona. 13wl4* WANTED: Man and wife, without 1 children, to work at Kossuth County Farm. Man to help with farm work; wife to help with housework. Comfortable living quarters. Attractive sa]$ry. Inquire at Kossuth County Home. 33wl4 WANTED: Radex 16 inch Oliver plow, McCormick-Deering fertilizer attachment lor McCormicfe> Deering planter. LuVprne, Nick Eischen, phone 5562.. 18w}4* WANT TO RENT: House or large apartment. Phone 822-J. R^y Besch at Zander's. 12wl4* WANTED: 1937 or 1938 Chevrolet, John Lentsch, Algona Barber Shop. ' 10wl4* SELL YOUR CAR, truck or pick? up to W. E. Ley. Lakota, Iowa, for the highest dollar $$$. Write, phone or cvine in. 21-l3rl4 WANTED: Married m,an to on farm, J. H. Jensen, Fenton., Iowa. ' . 8tJ WANTED: Waitress and kitchen help. No Sunday ,VW«J£. pay. Grotte,Cafe. .'' .' • ! i } : You'll Find It m Our Quality Coats, Suits and cv Dresses Someone jokingly referred to this store as "The Marshall Field of Algona". There's more than a grain of truth to this statement. We ARE (and always have been) a strictly QUALITY STORE, dedicated to the really FINE things. 4 EASTER ELEGANCE is truly a state- mcnt of fact here. Our Suits, Coats and Dresses reflect that quiet and rich dignity, that Spring-like freshness, that distinction which characterizes GOOD THINGS. Chic Suits " Our collection of .junior, misses and wo» rnens suits is especially noteworthy be< cause it is so complete, Despite short" ages of all kinds, we are showing almost 100 fine suits to fit the figure and nurse of almost any customers, Stop in and see these attractive suits-^priced fjwn $15,40, $24,00 to $49.00 and $55,00,

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