The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1946 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 16
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;; •:•;"•;;- ' : '" :y ' '^^M^^f^- '' ''. x ' ; ' ; ' '-Sl^fii^lliilfK&i . '• ••• : X^-'V:3^^?S V . A :.;-^!|||^^^^^ ALGONA New Machinery & Farm Supplies Tractor Owners! Ride On Air Am CUSHIONS for Tractor Reals They lake away 85% body fatigue that comes from riding a tractor. Fit all models. Have back and arms. Qct Your New Hamilton All-Purposc Fertilizer Distributor Now! • Distributes Seed or Fertilizer. • 8-foot Span Covered in Rows or Broadcast. • Any Quantity Up to 8,000 Ibs. Per Acre. • All-Welded Steel Construction. Farm Trailers $145 Case Feed-Saver HAMMER MILL Grinds more feed per horse power. See why hammer tips stay new 8 times longer. O in- First Since the War Steel Wagon Boxes Hog Feeders and Watcrcrs Harrow Steel Evcncrs Pig Troughs Brooder Stoves Mullms Seed Corn Tanvilac Feeds for Cattle, Hogs, Sheep Taylor I Phone 257 So. Phililps St. ;' f A Nervous Disorder Which Only New Furniture Can Cure And Here Is One of the Best Cures Ever Devised This chair will bring contentment to your heart, and charm to your home. It "has everything," grace, durability, comfort, and a reasonable price. You will find it irresistible. Foster Furniture Co. BUPS ON we awe -?w/6, WHfTE 0UDSOM /WfHEfc BOTH OA) TOE SCREEN AUP RAPIQ STAR MS BORN IN ktoKUK, tur<3 farmer ,_ PIONEER SCHOOL , w CONTINUOUS use fof? <95 nswy / IT is MO w BE/US Arrewpco BV THE FOURTH AAJP RFTH GENERATIONS FROM THE NAOMI TELKAMP LAKOTA, A BRIDE Lakota: Relatives and friends received announcements last week of the marriage of Naomi Telkamp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Telkamp north of town, to Grant J. Blackman on Mar. 17 at Long Beach, Calif. Farm Bureau Meets — A Woman's Farm Bureau meeting was held at the C. A. Gutknccht's last week Wednesday afternoon with Lillian Peckham, H. E., in charge. The lesson was on Sewing and Alterations, and about 15 women were present. Another meeting will be held April 17 at the J. H. Hoi- combs and the lesson for that be, Storage Space. meetin Returns lo College Blue Earth Party The Fred Schroeder family, of Lakota and the Harvey Rieds of Algona spent last week Sunday visiting at the Merrill Spark home in Blue Earth, where they celebrated the birthday of Jan Sparks, who was two years old and the birthday of David Reid who had his first birthday. Mes- darnos Schroeder, Sparks and Reid are sisters, daughters of Charles Lewis and the late Marena Winter Lewis. HOUSEWARMING AT SENECA FOR A VET Seneca: Friends and neigh- bos of the John Strueckers held a house-wanning party for them last Wednesday evening. Games were played, after which John told an interesting. ;iccount of some of his experiences while overseas. The honored couple were presented with a purse. Present were Messrs. and Mes- damcs Emil Bicrstedt, Victor Streucker, Ronnie Helmers, Joe Madden and Joan, Fred Brown, A. E. Nelson, Carl and Mrs. Mortensen, Merle Culbertson, Harold Nielson and Maryadean, Henry Loott, Otto Wilbcrg, Roy Osbom, Lester Osborn, Millen Jensen, Clarence Osborn, Earl Crouch, Carl Voight, Martin Wilbcrg; Lawrence Johanncsen, John and Bertha Olsen Streucker. and Dorothy Ed Inlay On Visit Edgar Inlay arrived here last week Monday from Moville, la., where he and family arc visiting his narcnts. Mr. Inlay, who pub' lished the Lakota Record at the outbreak of the war, closed his shop and went to California, where lie has been employed. If i ing'. living cmartcrs can be found here ' Mr. Inlay will again open the print shop and continue the paper. Pneumonia Cane Joe Crowley has been ill and confined to his home now for the past, few weeks. He now is reported to have pneumonia. Girl Has Mastoiditis Sue Ann, daughter of Supt and Mrs. R. L. Gowen, suffered a touch of mastoiditis early last week. The infection was checked immediately and at this writing her recovery is reported as satisfactory. . . " Honor Basketball Teams Supl. and Mrs R. L. Gowcn were hosts to the girls and boys basketball squads at a party held trnetoiv aU&cdfctfic'iaiv tof difver'wrsl A Master HUscfflcUh'i! UcenlS IMUItf to of firm, partffeMhijS «f-,<!0W6rfttaiii sliAll bear upon th« fftca tn«fedf thd Individual ttfttio otMiilffieir «f'the tlte manager of;Mah4f6f8 :u.«r*df, and the,llccfisft *h»ll.ti*-a*efft»iJ: pet!-; to hltfl .or*tni|n^j'QifVfivtfiiOiir cAA* • of the'ttcllvift mAfkft£eifie'?lt Uy. anj^- party pt hfcrtlfciS'flaififed tliSfftdft; the. authority ofUnje (Sljii to cbhtlAlUB lleally termlhated.'iind H ^hftH.b* UtV« lawful for any reiitaihlnrf-tn^mbcf or ; members of s'uili 'flrtn", f>»nn«r"i«hl|i or dOrporitlqh t'o> do <n'y, further work under aald Ile*ri!ie;"und6f' such UcMisn and the bond tuippHid tr^re* will, : th* holder tl<«jreo{-l»IR'lJe held rMftonnlble for all acts ; of the' II* certs** ft'hd of all .toufne^ftvet;, if prentices, or-othera, aotlnf- "under him or thctn'Or In H|a jOr .their- en»- tiloy. Sft|d license Shall, hot be construed to permit any 1 holder thifeol 1 to do iiptuatWIrUitf'jM defined fere-' In unless such Individual also'• iioldM it .lourneyman Electrician's license us |trovld«d In tlils.-or'dlhancc,. ' ' 1 A Journeyman 13l«dli-lclan shall be ; any qualified and ; competent -electrician who shall 'have worked *t louMt one .year . ita, an-Apprentice lOlcctrlelan, aft hereinafter defined; or who shall havi) 'hail cxporlet'cc (!i|Ulviilcnt thereto and- .Who ''shall )• uVe. satisfied the Board of iH.<amlli- crs us to. his competency 1 and ftbljlty to do electric wiring as • defined herein-and to peffofm the work Iti full complltthce with th%- rules for lirstallation hereinafter sc-t fqrth. An Appr«ntlce UleotM'elan shall be uny qualified hnd'competent person WorkhiK as an oectrltl^n and not having otherwise natlsflcd, the -Board of Kxumlncra with respect to hla status and having no . llfeens^.ns : a Muster or a .lourney.mftr Electpl.clan,- N*o .Idurnes'mati Rlectrfclan -vshali do nny: eectrlc "wiring 1 ., as defined 1 ereln except on.e employed by'rfnd working tit:Uer thlj Hilpprvlslon an'd the rcapo'rlsltilllty of-Rvduly llcenfrid: Mast/'r lOlfCtflJClitn;. mid/,no, Apprentice nilcctrlclftn. »hi>ll do ar.y cl«btrlc, wlrliiB «« Ucfl'n'ed herelj! unlesrf liri- dsr lli« Immediate .supervision and* direction of a xluly llccli'aed J'Ourney- niiin Klcctrl<!lfin. , .' •'•'. •. ' ... ,\ ' ; 'No license Issiic^l licre'undor Vlll be transferable, and no'llcf-nsSe may dcl«H:ate to Hn'otlier.'hls atitliorlty "or |I)H responsibility undi?r any, llcnnso.' ' , i MHSand. costs aittg<tnifty days. » Any slotts «Mhl« ol-dlhanfic may bo ro- . iji«jcifr? aauHeH: at time for^lomuftfi by the lleiftrtce of df: tHejpJ-dVtSjdn* of'llllS ordlh' ftiico ot ilfje vfUleiliifthd fegnlatlor.fl m.Vd« .pUrautnt'.tneffetojiifid wlmiiy without obllrtatlon upon tie part of tHe:Clty l^rWuhattny.piifUdr-all of lite ejtamlhatlon fee or pc license t&o paid w lliS Hc'cfScp. TJntormliia- .tloff.df Stlelv'VlolailoH IW a' majority vote of Ihe^O'uflelV.flhAll b« final. , 'Sec. ,H. MMfrtSJMifTJils.Ordlhnncc »liall, b"*'lOo;rei! ^Jltl'effdcl' from and after Its pA*.iag« ftkd i>u6llk&llon as prdvldod by law. • , . jf'assed 'and ftdopted thlri H day of March, lftl«. • , . • PftANK KOIlLtUAS, ; - Mtiyor. Attest: ADAH dA«LSoN, T . • City Cletk. 'Th« Above Ordlnaneo No. 270 Is 'Hereby 'duly, authenttcat-ed this 14 'diy of March, 1946. ! FRANK KOlAHAAS, , Mayor. (SEAL) - -. AJJAH CAULSON, i City Clerk. ;:t the school gym Monday even- Mrs. Ed Telkamp and son Junior were last week Monday shoppers at Algona. Grace Murray, Buffalo Center, war, a visitor at the J. H. Fursts Inst week Tuesday. The Claus Daniels of near Burt were last week Sunday visitors at the J. H. Furst home. Winston Schroeder was called home from California to take a school test at Ames and arrived hero Saturday. Mcsdamcs Rachel Keinity and Elmer Keinitz held a Stanley party at the; town hall last week Tuesday afternoon. Algona shoppers last week Saturday were Mrs. Will Sehro'.'der, Mrs. Fred Schroeder and Francis Schroeder. Kenneth PaUerson and Mj-.-vin Klorkf drove to Iowa City Thursday on a business mission and returned Saturday. Mrs. Joe Haynes, Thief River Fall:;,' Minn., and Glen Shay of Thompson were last week Sunday visitors with the A. T. Buckols. Mr. and Mrs. August Bau- m:mn, Hannah Hcetland, and Mrs. George Winter were Blue Honored 3t Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Olc Pcdcrson and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cody were last week Thursday dinner guests at the Bertyl Berkland home west of Fenton. The dinner was held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berkland and the former's father Anton Berkland, who are visiting here. They arc from near Devil's Lake, N, D. Other guests included tho members of the school faculty, ;;lso Norman Thompson and Howard Richards. The group first enjoyed a six o'clock dinner, after whjch games were played: Bingo . furnished the principal evening's entertainment with "White elephant" gilts, brought by the guests, serving as prixes. The. prizes caused much hilarity — ranging from cast-off clothing—to a horse collar—the 1'itter beinf? the grand prize. Needless to say, everyone reported as having had a Vsvon- clerlul" timt-. Earth shoppers Wednesday. Mesdames J. H. last week Cook, J. H. Cook, J. H. Warburton, Emory Smith, Walter Rosenau and Emma Thaves were Algona visi- itors last week Tuesday. Mrs. Ray Hertzke and children went to Winnebago, Minn., Thursday and visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wirtjes, until Monday morning. Mrs. Emory Smith worked in the store dur- ins her absence. Mrs. Art Lester enjoyed a birthday party at her home last week Wednesday with her daughter Ethel and family, another daughter Mrs. Lucile Schroeder and several other relatives and friend as guests. Robert Powers, student at Iowa State college, Ames, left last week after a week's spring vacation. He spent part of the time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Powers west of town and four days visiting his brother Lt. Com. William Powers in Chicago. DON'T LAV DOWN YOUR Advance or U. D. M. subscription statement and forget it. The papers axe stopped now if not paid in advance. Vet Plans To Open Business At Wesley Wesley: Bob Lawson went to Des Moincs Thursday on business. He went on to St. Louis to visit his brother Dick and f. mily. Bob plans to open his radio repair shop in the Butts building just east of Loebi.!;'!; cafe in a few weeks. Both Lawson boys are discharged veterans; ,-' K of ICIiTlrlr An (Irillnniifi- I'roviUliitc fur (lie liiK ill' KU'i'lrlflmix, llfKlll«|t~ I UK lOli-clriu liinluUillluu.i, KciK'ill- iuu OrilinuiivvH In ('untllfl, anil Providing I'ruulllr* fur VIolQ- tluuat. lie II Onluliied by the City I'ulincij of (lio t'itj- of Algona, luwu; Sur. 1. License lli-i|lllrc(l, Np Qlcc- Irli' Vi'lrhiff fur li;;'". huut' or power .sliall lii'i-fjifii-r lw rtonu, niud^ pr.ln- suilU'd in iir > lniili|ii)«. .structure or iilufi!. ni'i' •-luill uny ujlcrntipliti or Hi" wiring electric umdo wltliin tlio f Alg'onu by uisy pc'mon,. (Ini) or roriKii'tatlon, i-Nccpt liy un elec- Irlciun tluly Ik-ensuil an provlt}^4 liurcln. Sue. '.'. lleriiilllun. l«'or the pur- poscs uf thin Ordlnuncc', tlio following ili-i'ii iiliins will apply: Kloi-iric wiring Is tlio Installing ill any slrgcture. buldlng or plaue of \virew, conduit^, cubU'ij. ' fixtures, outlets, win- and appuratUM for brine-ins; In a supply of electric current from any electric; lislit or power circuit and distributing the Humt; fur use therein. It .shall r.ot Include ordinary electric upum-alu.s or equip men l designed lo plug into an inn outlet. A Ma.stor Kleelrlrlun is any :-.on, firm or corporation ecifujfeJ lu yrtl ^—^ -,*«i fffc MttmMi ;pOlt-|lfiJiFQPp.AK& Open Sevcsiipays avVV^ek Algcma, . I'orson, ..firm or <j6rif6ra ! tlon ileslrlnK' an : lOleolrlolat! 1 ." license .as n.'<liilred . hnr'elh shall 'make tluii lo tho, lioarJ of Ksiini which Hoard will .de'rermlnis-. qnallflcutlon ofitlie applk'ttnt.' '-Tlie a)i|illcatlon •Rliall.'|H«'in- writing.m-'l on fornis furnli)hed > by 1 lh« .. L'lly C'lerlc. who will lie Secreb'y df tl'V* Hoard of Rxamlncifs, nnd who will arruiiR'e a mec*tlnif-.of rUio'Hoard" to consider suld application-within iSct- en ("I days from iiiid after the flllht; df said application. '• ' .Sec. 4. lloftnl of l<!x«inlner.<., 1m-' mediately following the r«sruhir municipal electldn'. soon 11 ero- nftcr as Is reasonably ppsslhle,' the Mayor of the City shall appoint, with the approval of-of the City C'ourell, a Itoiird of ISl^eetric Kxatnlners, crin^ I slstiii)? of tlirpe persons, who shall hold office until'the .. next regular municipal elcclloji",, One -member of , said board shall be the Superintendent of I'ubllc \Vorlcs of-the Cit.y,:ono nwmbnr sl'all be a member of the City Council,, and the third Khali'bo an electric cont.riic.tor or .other'per- son who Is thoroushly familiar with, electric riiatiers,- .both... theore.tlcaK linrt practical, iind,cuinpJ!tent"to pass .iuilR-ment .upon Ilia same. 'All. va- carclcH • occurring oh' the Boa ? rd of Kxamlhorx .shall be' filled ln> the same manner as the original ap- pi'ilntmor.t. '. . .Sec. H: nnltr* «f Boird. : ,Th'e du.tles of tli.e Uoard'o'f Vlxarhlners shall ^ue 1 (o hold'examinations of-'iippllcarts for llcciisesl..*!*. correct such oxa.niln- afion papers ajid • return' certified liam «f all kppjlfants tpRcllier with' tli(.'lr rtecpoctlv-o, examination records \vltl! appro\'ul:or-?*';ecfl'di:'' to "tile City Clerk wljhln ten- days from the 'date upon which • tl"e' examination Is held.' .-...-.. • - ' • • -'Sec. <>. 'K«»«iliiiitliiii, J;'cr. ' Maoh person iakliiK "" examlratlon nhall pay to the CUy Treaaurcr ah exifm- [nation fee ot.?r>.U'l at; the l|nie;of the filing of his application. An ,applicant deslrit:K to lake • qsBmlnatlon for Masl«r J-ilectrlelan'M License apd .lourneyman Mloctrlclaii's Jilcenso «l. Hie sarni! lltno will piy but one such examirat-lon fee. Ko cxflinlnaXlon .fe.e will be required for renVwals of.'Jl- censos. Xo exainlnutlo'n 'f<>6 "will be. required for the Issuance of Apprentice lOlectrlclan's llcens« - and, the JiDard of Kxamirer.s.may, In- tlielr. discretion, autl.oflise Issuance of Apr pruntlce iilec'trk-lan'a' llc*n«c with* out examiiialion.--,' •' • " , Wee. 7.*rte f*«n. 'Upon satis/ factor!lypasslhfe', the.'' examination, tlio applicant .HlmlUbe entitled to''hl.s. license, lo be Ij-su,ed,.b'y - the Clt.y Clerk upon Ills paynverit of a'license fee according -to .life" following schedule: ' ' ' ' • ' '--'",- '.. ••"; '• 111 M:i4ter. IQlecirfclnn. (Orl«ljial License) »10.00; Annual rcncwijl' Ju.UU '' ' .' ' . , (2) 1 Journeyman Electrician <original. License) $5.1(0: Annual liencwal fL'.OU (a) Apprentice Hlcetrlcliin (Oriena,! • l.lce'rni>) $-'.00; Annual Jtenowal $I.«0 • . • Licenses Issued he-rounder shall expire on April 1st next following the Issuance but may be renewiSil from year to year upon' uppllcation therefor and paymerl of Hie required renewal fev- Tl;e bond filed for Master Klectriclan'H License may bo kept In force by payment of annual premiums thereon. Sec. 8. Hun*. No Master lOlectrl- rlan's -Llcersu shall Issue . to 'any ptTNon,- firm or corporallon until such person, -firm or .corporation shall have filed with the City Clerk a bond In th'n penal sum of One Thousand Hollars ($1,000,00) with (iUieiles to be approved by. the City (.'ounel, conditioned upon ihe fallh- ful coni|illano*, by Ihe princlpijl, with all the provclslotis of or- dina.nce. upon the'prompt payment of all fees and sums of money .thai may be due the City by reason of this ordinance and the payment of all fines and coats that may he Imposed upon said principal for violations uf this ordinance, and providing further that said principal will Indemnify and Keep harmless the City against all. claims for damages arising from negligence of the principal as licensee, and will likewise Indemnify any pehson Irjured by reason of a violation of any of the terms of tils, ordinance,, •( Hep. 9. Hnlc» for U»1»JI*U<«. All eloctrical light and power wlrlrg hud Installations a-iid all. electrical fixtures and.appliances'4n4 all electric work and materials uped or Installed within the City pj A|BQ'"«- shall comply with and conform'to. the latest rules and requirements of the National Ulectrlc .Coda , of . the National Board of Fire'Underwriters and any revisions thereof a.i:d amendments and additions thereto', which shall govern In nil'-cases not otherwise covered py the'provisions Isreof, ai:d shall also with •ail City Ordinances noly or. hereafter adopted.' 'All existing appspMi/s, wlrlngi flxturea <»nd appllmices ahajl bu maqc to conform to tjie reijulrt)- 'of this Ordinance wjjep BO or- by tho City GpUncll. • • Bap. -10. OuUUB<lU» Llc«flses now .outstandln* will rot be affected hereby, anything -In the ordlimnpe to tlie contrary 'nptwltn- »tirdlne, and hol(Jei;8 pf llcenseu iju jjf tlilu date'will be permitted-1« pp- o'ratfe therevndcr until, the w .dute ut uxplratlon, except that there will bo lib renewal-thereof." • - - •• Sec. 11; U*ff*«I. That Sections 18, 19, 20 and SI o(t Ordinance ~N». 'i'-iS ut the' Ordln*rce» of tho City «rt 41* .na, and •»!! other Ordinances or rts of Ordinances In conflict- with e prqvislons hereof ar.e hereby re. .. .riy*one' vlolatlngr • any- of- Uie ]ITQ vl*4pns of-this Qfdln&nce shall, upon conviction, be subject to nwijjvpot ft^eeedlnif thirty to ilil piayment' of a- frhe .%ot- Ing one hyndreJ dollars. Whenever tt»a CBStS and Building Theirc's nothing to stop your PLANNING your new hound, or building— an4 nW government regulations do not stbp pr prohibit minor repairs or alterations. \ ' ' • '••'.''.'" .' i -.'..' ,. . . . -.. , '••' •--'-;• ' i - - . ' 'v FOR GENERAL GONTRACtlNG, BUILDING OR REP AIRS TO TOWN OR FARM SEE ft C. Jdmnnsen, Jr. Phone 372-W New, expanded contracting offipe an.d^ypvkshop at our location 517 East Lucas Street i ;ii||jiiiS||l \ «••- i » t > i. t i * t < « i. t' 4 4 4 i 4 t 4 4 4 I 4 < 4 4 « » Algona, Iowa "AttGONA" Chick Starter, Thi» is a new type chick starter, containing a Tanvilac Base, a rta,rter witli all the necessary vitamins and ingredients to make your .chicks start off with a "BANG". ' - ' ; ';.-•.-. ; ':- • - ; — ••,;•- ; •'"[••_ With the shortage of chick feed on the market today, we recommend you place your order,early, to guarantee your chicks the start in life that will put' eggs in the Basket five months later. Our "ALGONA STARTER" costs only $4.00 per 100 Ibs. We have Tanvilac Concentr ite to m.ix with your own, Feeds We have Algona^s best supply of minerals. Tanvilac Hog and Cattle Mineral :„...,...$6.5Q per 100 Ibs. Honeymead Hog and Cattle Mineral ..$3,75 per 100 Ibs, Mor-Gain Mineral ....$3.75 per 100 Ibs. Honeymead Feeds WHO SAID "There is no more Honeymead Feeds!" We have a large supply on hand and several carloads on the way. We will continue to supply all our old Honeymead customers in the same ni^nnijr as in the past. Honeymead Hog-Supplement, 40% at, , , ...$4.00 per 100 Ibs. Honeymead Pig/and Sow Meal, 2.8,5%, at—......:.-... $4,Q5 per 100 Ibs, Honeymead Catile Feed, 37%, at '...., : ...: ..$3.50 per 100 Ibs, Honeymead Grow Lay, 28%, at... :...,.$4,35 per 100 Ibs, Check your many needs withe our following supplies ;1 Pilot ^rand Shells Chicken Feeders StocJ^ Salt > P^UryGrit ChicTen Watererg K^s^* Chicke^Grit Witw Softens S«U B ^|gf Chicken Scratch Feed BuJkS,»lt Mineral Silt SEEDS Seeds arc very scarce, we still have • ' ' " ' ' "' ' •'•>.-. ''',•'• Sweet CWver .. - \ - , . ; •; ; " • ' •;• "' Rye . i^ with the high quality of n^rciignilisip^^ye jn i|^|^ Algona * 4 » i f • Ic 4 4 « » t i. c * 9 • * If 9 * I-' * '•*.; ^*1 *' :>|l

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