The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1946 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 15
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m^. DWELLING AND GOODS , _„. is ttt<v^Ur-)*»vMge tfoikMlfe. '-:fyti ISui <$ftf 'tfflu ;4 ; dlf^fcnt Ulills of liistlrlhsf, ft'clbsls flftllilfljr to flhd ftdt about ' "' Re^Hre !?titi ^MiS\v 81 4 bliyi \ • • : _ ' \ ; 1 Spring time * f * ft.-,, Jr cp L»Wia • >*«^* ^L.* . tune % Your Car Let us tune ydur car fdr more economical driving. Genuine Replacements Parts t Hoenk Motors rlPhone391 West of Court House (rMWffMWfJwvf* Thii X-R«7 view *howi eitrerae dlitortlon re•tilling from weiring •hoe* too short for mtnr ywr.; CuMllft ibUjff^ J 3 bird to correct but proper fitting can firing iom« relief ud cora/ort* > • - j * » . " ' " I X-RAY Shoe Fitting $eryto {Reveals the &M.I* of Foot Troubles 1 *' •. ' - ; If you've never Had "foot trouble" in your life, you should be, : thankful v j.j and careful! 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S ' \» 4 ' » M « "^ * ft • * f- J :* •» V •; * : I * / I"* '•-•' " It f'fr. •',f.;* •y?. si JUST RECEIVED The Silver Anniversary ! fhe 01S.tY IroneiwHh | Useable Open Ends I *Callinet--Beautiful baked enamel $ " •• ' : . '•'•'• ""'' I *Shde-^—«ast iron '* ' ".•*•''•».' & *Heat-Strate-<JoiHmbeddied iii .. Ledyard: The United MerVtte Wbrtieh rrie't at the .Mw* Kbll Wednesday evening, for tne,ah« nual ekdtioh of dffldefs. Plans wdfe made for itis'tallatlbn to b6 .held April 28, 1946. A special Speaker, music, ptogr^mj a'tid lurtdhbbh Is ' planned. THe.U. S* S. A. .voted $50 to the Matz6fler» Estle POst to be used to paint the hall, in tnemdry of the b6ys %*hb served, both the living and .deadi tMrs. George Thomjlsoh is U. S. W. A, president. Aux'$i!aiV Election The American Legion Woman's Auviliary .met at ... the 'town hall Tuesday, 'March 26, for, the .Installation of officers. Mrs. Ella McDonald as president, Mrs. Harriett Zielske as vice president, Mrs. Arlen Troff as secretary and Mrs. Jean Jacobsen &f treasurer. The Swea Ctty Auxiliary, represented - by Mj-s. Peterson, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs. ./Rystad, Mrs. Eggers and. Mrs. Haglund proceeded with the installation and initiation. Patricia Matbeher, accompanied ;by Mrs. Glenn Yahnke, sang two numbers, ' • r The meetings will , be held on the second Wednesday and 'the fourth Monday --of each .month. Mrs. Asa Warner and Mrs. L. A. Nitz returned Thursday after a month's visit with relatives in California. Mrs. Hazel Jenks of Fort Dodge was herd on business ,Fri-, day. Mrs. Jenks is the owner of the telephone exchange .here. Mr. and Mrs. A. Braga and Delores Groeh- of Meservey visited at the Henry Frye homo Thursday. Miss Groen is a niece of the Fryes. Ray Marquis and his father Oliver Marquis drove to Waterloo Wednesday afternoon to attend the' funeral, of a sister of Mr. Marquis. The Mpdernette club entertained their husbands at a potlUck dinner at the Richard Brauer home Wednesday evening with about 22 present. Rev. Cass went to Buffalo Center Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to assist in the personal > Evangelism campaign in the Methodist church. Mr. ' ahd Mrs". George Thompson went to Sioux City Saturday to visit their three sons, Milton, Kenneth and Diiahe, all of whom have just recently been dischar'g- ed from service. • ' "Mrs. A. Munyer, Alex, Lucille and .Ted left Wednesday morning for .their -home i in Kiigby.XN. D\, .ward. , . '<• Joe - McDohaild 1 leff'TUeSd'ay-'tb visit his sister and family, the Dr. .J. R. MsNerney's ,in Des Moines. Qn Thursday he left by plane for'Washington, D. C.. to visit his'sister Doris,' who"works for the'F. B. I. 175fl01plpE AfWHITtEMdRE i Whittemore: .A ..ppst-nuptia: shower was hfeld last week Sim- day at -the auditorium of the Lutheran school in Honor 'b'f^Mis. Herbert Smith. The Smiths -have just recently returned from California. There •were , about 175 ^present,'•- the afternoon .beiii| spent at playing 500. Mrs., Arthur B^ersitedt and Emil Bierstedtwoh high, Mrs. Emil Bierstedt and .Hatis.Brodeis^ loyf.,. .Alfced Bierstedt; and '.Mrs/ Fred Bierstedt won d'bor price. Mrs. Smith was the former Esther Ostwald and received many useful presents. Birthday Honors Mr. and Mrs, Herman Voigt Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe, h'er^, Misses Rosalia and Evelyn Voigi, Algoiia; visited- at the Arthur Heidenwith home last week Saturday night, 'to ijelp'Mr. Heidem with celebrate his birthday. Sunday evening .visitors "at the Rei denwith liome were Mr, anc Mrs. Henry 'f. S^hultz, Mrs. -Qeo Schultz and famliy, Mr, ; and 1 Mrs Vern Mathahs an^ daughter Car' rol Rose, and DOrma Jean. ,• and Mr. and* Mrs. Ernest Jileyer and daughter EJairte 'and son Allen flae, of here, Mrs. Emilia Hei-, denwith, Algon.a, and -Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth 'Heiflenwlth, West Bend, Mrs. J. J, Rpsendahl, Bah Francisco, Calif ..called by phone in the evening to . congratulate her father, .-• • OFFICE SUPPLIES — A good , r pqk on hand, getting larger every Say. Fill your needs at The Algeria upper Des Moines office. N* Reitrlctlons Oh Mr, and Mrs.. Mhry.;I?uea!jc of Lone (jRock, Mrs. Dorothy Behr eos,;Lps Ange«s/i ; .at: we Arthur Hej|ert day e.y^rijhg. -,•. '-:•'/.',-''•• . Jslwmsshej- .and , umach returned Falls, s, p., last wnere they yisiteo; with Mr. M9dtl» Avqllablt Now , irig a sister of The boys gppds '" p| SS^Sij?;" < ^7---^.^.r-;:'~^?*;; 1 ;~-.--'-' ;r t^-'"""- : ,': ,:-.l'K.'?;-w- >•••-,,i-... .j 3P~-i-T •.•'-•« r ; : <*(„"*•,"?^f^i'^f^^i®*^';-:' ™ 1 "™-!V'"'*^' :; '"^V. ; * s 5^ v i3' l S w At In May , Otltts'e'H: The American Le- gioft ahd,,Au}dliary held a joint tneetihg Tuesday evening in the Lebidn Hall above the postofflde With about 14 attending. The purpose of the meeting was to ojatt the Memorial Day services., Mrs. ftby Jacobson arid Leo wehrspahn were appointed to •;ihd a speaker and Mrs. Clara 36teet*g arid Jacobson •.verb appointed to have charge if the intisic. The Legion also ^listussed plans for having, a baseball tdflm this summer. After the business meeting a pot luck lunch Was served. Those attending were: Floyd,liolt, Lawrence Telfbid, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wehr- 4pann, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson, Mr. .arid Mrs. Hollis Cooper, Mrs.. George Mooper, Mrs. Kate Tacobsoh, filouise Jacobson, Lor- 3n Bhkke ahd Mr. and Mrs. Mike Soyle. Ladbs' ftural Club The Ladies Rural club met Thursday, afternoon at the home if Mrs. Mike Coyle with about 14 'mehibers attending. The frieeting was presided over by Mrs. Eugene Hofius. After the pUsiness meeting Mrs. Earl Long 'aye 1 a book review of "A Lantern in Her Hand" and Mrs. Thorsen gave a demonstration on iow to spin yarn from wool. Su^sts were: Mrs. Herman Pooch, Mrs. Chester Alme, Mrs. Oliver Kinseth, Mrs. Irwin Movick, and Mrs. Thorsen. The next meeting will be held in two. weeks and there will be election of officers at this meet- Ing. 26th Birthday Party . v Kttut Oppedahl was surprised Monday evening when a group of friends dropped in to help him celebrate his twenty-sixth birthday. The evening was spent playing 500. Mr. and Mrs. Holt both' won the prizes. Mrs. Holt won high and Mr. Holt low. Others attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Alf Lee, Mr. and Mrs Eugene Hofius, Mrs. Bertha Oppedahl, Harold and Dick Oppedahl, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oppedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sundt, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anliker. Major Schipull Is Visitor At Home Of LuVerne Brother . LuVerne: Major and Mrs. Walter Schipull and daughter were visitors recently at the horric of his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schipull. Major Schipull just recently received his honorable discharge from the U.J3. army after seeing service in.'We^V Guinea and the Philippine/Islands, he plans to felurn to the 'Forest Rangers service in Denver, Colo. Kindergarten Operts Kindergarten operted Monday to be in session until the close of the scboql year. The youngsters will" attend classes in the forenoon. '.There were 16 children who-enrolled for the class. They me^t in the Sunday school roonis in the Methodist church pafl&rs with Mrs. Arnold Hjellc as their instructor. SEXTON 1 .. i • •.. • . • • J Mrs. John'Jennings entertained her club, at her home Wednesday 'afternoon with 12 ladies present. Mrs. Arthur Olsen, who has 'been a patient at the Kossuth hospital for^ the past week, was brought home Friday. . :Mfs. Jbe Kridps accompanied .;he;i;T>arentSi. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. "Fqrbur'ger,. Wesley; - to Mason :Clty,",Thursdair' of! last week. / Mr. and Mrs. Lou ; Bolenus vis- lited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'Bi E. Sanders '.Thursday evening 'en route home from Mason City. ; Mr. ;and Mrs. G. B. Wise, Mason City, came Thursday even- ling .and vis'ited over night at the !home of their grandmother Mrs. Sarah fWise. Mr. arid Mrs. August Kirsch- ;baum were Thursday evening visitors at the .home of her par- 'ents, Mr. arid- Mrs. C. L. Eisenman, north of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gatton land family of Reding, Minn., are visiting at the home of their [daughter,'!Mns. Harry Woods and •farriily West of town. Mr. and .Mrs. Sim Bemis called at the Arthur ^ink home Thursday evehing to see the little girl ;Joah, who has been confined to 'her .ied' with rheumatic fever. , Mrs. Glen Gabrielson. Glenda Sue and Mrs. Harold Hunt at- 'tended a project meeting at the .home of Mrs, Bernard. /Capesius ;hear 'Lu' Verne Thursday afternoon. Aloysius Kirschbaum, Crystal Lake, and Dave Lloyd, Wesley, were here Wednesday of last WSek to do some repair work on the former's, mother's house, Mrs. Lena Kirsphbaum. The pupils of the Sexton school gave a party for their mothers Friday afternoon and th"e pupils played games and other physical training games, after which they served lunch to the mothers. : Mrs. Drusie Nobte and Mrs. Alfred Ophejm held a Stanley party at the former's home Thursday evening with 19 present, Miss Lorraine Bock, repre- sentatiye. gave a demonstration of the Stanley products. James Doak was a business caller in DoUgherty on Friday. Loren Jorios of Sioux City is visiting' at the home of his mother Mrs. A. L. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nielsoh and Mrs. Carl Goetsch ahd Doris Jean were Fort Dodge callers on Tuesday. . ~, Mrs. Roland Elbert. of Algona spent several days the home of her grandmother Mrs, Bertha Bluhier. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wertz of Pontiac, 111., were dinner guests Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly. Charles Kwallek is buidling a small house in bdck of his gas station and he will move into it as soon as* it' is completed. Mrs. J. A..Nelson spent a few days in Ames visiting -at the home of her daughter and son-in- law Mr. and Mrs. George Swartz. Mrs. Charles Dugdale. of Oregon, 111., eame Thursday to visit at the home of her sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen. , , Miss Sally Went returned to her home in. Chicago-Friday .after spending several days visit- ing at the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Milo Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Agard and daughter of Goldfield have purchased the building ahd hatchery from Mrs. A. L. Jones and moved here the last of the w.iiek. Mr. Agard recently was discharged from the service and he plan's'to ehlarge the hatchery here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pfeiffer and son Michael of Ames _came the first of the week to visit at the Home of her. parents Mr. and Mrs. Art Dimler. Mr. Pfeiffer spent Monday and Tuesday -hefe, tneh returned to college in Arties. Mrs. Pfeiffer and son remained for a Week's visit with her parents. Mrs. Frank Chapman entertained at tea Thursday afternoon honoring Miss Sally Wendt of Chicago, 111. Those attending the tea were Mrs. Chris AnderSqh, Miss Maxine Patterson, Mrs. J.. L. Lichty, Mrs. James Doak ahd Miss Wendt. The afterrtoo'n was spent visiting and Mrs. Chapman served a dainty lunch at the close of the afternoon. iTowrisend Flash liy Mrs. A. M. Ahdersoh Washington, D. C.—The Ways and Means Committee heard th'e Towhsend Plan endorsed by Rep. Jerry VOorhis df California, stating that itwoUld "maintain buying power". "THe cofe of America's economic problem is the'necessity of adjusting active demand for, goods to_ the . ever-increasing .capacity to "produce." No social security system is adequate unless it covers all the people. The present program cannot do that because it depends on payroll deductions and skips people riot on payrolls. To assure complete coverage we must levy a broad general tax falling oh all the people. The gross incbme tax under the Townsend Plan Will do this. . Dr. Townsend says: "W'hat action congress takes on the Townsend bill depends on what action the club members take right now. •If you don't get-done • what you want done "kick yourself". If the members won't work ifor the plan, they do not deserve it."—Adv. Upper Des Moines Want Add Bring Results, rift* FARM CONSTRUCTION tHAt tb fotiild aiti well give you a free estimate. Prompt StJihilard & Light Weight Building Block Coloi'Crette Matt Glazing riigHway Bridge Construction Truck Crane Service Irisulcrete' and Allied Products. Steel Units To Fit Any Kitclxen Plan You buy as few Ybungstowh 'steel units as you wish to fit your kitchen —and your kitchen in a feW minutes cajvj?e transformed quickly and easily "into a beautiful modern room that is a pleasure to work in. Youngstown units include the f< kitchenaider" cabinet sink — soon available viii; seyeral styles-spacipus wall and floor cabinets, with generous shelves to care for your storage needs. And they are buU|: in V^i^iWg sizes to be blended/^^;^'1^rf^t ;; kitehen for your bwii 3Ks*ri0. Sto|> ih oh your next trip : «pto^ri- : -^arid ; see these units dh idisHSlcty in : biir stot-e. on jit tlie lio>v units cjin ^ ? • tfwfl; .;•». iinifrtoii<»ii Ayiiiiifciiifei

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