The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1946 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 12
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£AGE FOUE. SILVER WEDDING, 'Se-neca: Mr. .and Mrs. George Johnson observed their silver wedding anniversary Friday, March 22. That evening neighbors and friends staged a surprise party on them. Among those present were the Ralph Campbells, Howard Rich- ards, Leo Crowlcys, Shelby Merrills, Earl Lai-Sons, Hehry Reutz- els and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson of Bancroft. The honored couple were presented with a purse, after which refreshments brought by the self invited guests were were served. Field Work Begins , Wesley: Some spring field work is under way in this vicinity, and a few gardens have been planted. ;• "• FUYUKAL CHAPEL Ambulance Service Tho Golden Jfulc Our Plionc 521-W Algona e ANNOUNCEMENT. I IDIVC resumed the i>r medicine in my former ((iinrfers over tlie Jiimes drill? store following my dis- eliargo from (lie navy. KENEFICK, M. D. Office IMionc :{0(l JJesidenee a^« en, for Business in and See at 4 Corners! U. S. NO. 18 This s\\o\\ 5 w h cr c we arc — riglil at 4 corners beside t h c C h r o ni i; Cafe CStrome Service Station and Truck Repair Now Operated by Bud Anderson and LeRoy Lee (Repairs in Charge of Wayne Down) Bud Anderson Hack from the war, after serving in the Air Corps as crew chief on a B-21 bomber. LeRoy Lee Back from working in the Puget Sound Navy Yard during the war years. We Handle Socony-Vacuum Mobil Gas Socony-Vacuum and Conoco Motor Oils LET US SERVE YOU! CHROME SERVICE STATION At 4 Corners BRIDE HONORED AT 4CORNERSPARTY Four Corners: There was a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Ralph Smith, the former Betty Marlow, Saturday, March 23, at the W. Rny Smith home, Contests furnished entertainment, and Walter Smith rendered piano selections. The bride received many useful gifts. Mr. Smith has secured employment on a farm near Malcom, where Mrs. Smith teaches school and they have an apartment in Malcom. ,ALdONA Building At Penton TlftS • ' '"""'"""" parlor in Fehtoh, Which was destroyed by fire, has begun excavation work at the site on which he will construct a brick >buila% ing for a new recfeatidii parlor, Building will begin as 'soon as material is available, Motion made: by Johnson Mi 2nd Sehratrl tl:ttttnb salary of Kafh All. ns of ifftreh 1st. IJ48.' Nnys: None. AycS: 2:00 o'clock I'. M. Auditor's. Office Alsonh, Iowa March IB, ISMfl Iris Lowman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Loxvman of Fenton spent Saturday night at the Art Alexander home, Mrs. Fern Huling of Britt spent a few days last week with her mother' Mrs. Ida Nickerson in Algona assisting her with papering and spring housecleaning. Mr. and Mrs. Art Alexander and children were Sunday dinner guests at the Louis Lowman home near Fenton. There was a birthday dinner party at the C. N. Robinson's and Keith -Stephens home Sunday, March 23, in honor of Lance Stephens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stephens and his aunt Mrs. Betty Stephens, whose birthdays both' fall on March 23. Other dinner guests besides the honorees were Lance's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Stephens, Mildred Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller and children Jacqueline and Marvin. Charlotte Walker, daughter of Mrs. Violet Walker, is sick with infection from a sore on her nose. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan and son Ronald spent Friday evening at the Everett Witham home. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and children went to Stratford Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with relatives. Mrs. Violet Walker and children and Earl Rich spent Sunday, March 24, at the Cecil B.iustrom home. The C. N. Robinson home is now under quarantine for scarlet fever. Lance Stephens has the disease. Mrs. Jessie Mitchell, who is visiting her son and family in Chicago, went to Macomb, 111., to her brother's home Sunday for her birthday dinner, and expects to spend a week there. Mrs. Nettie Rich entertained at a birthday dinner Sunday in honor of two of her children's birthdays, Mrs. Eth'jn Light and John Rich, who are twins. Other quests were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rich, Irene Kinseth, Mr. and Mrs. Will Drayton and daughter Betty. Ethcn Light and children Charles Dunn and Mrs. John Rich. The Board of Supervisors ot Kos- stith County, lown, met In regular session pursuant to.. '(Hljournment xvlth tins folloxvlrg nremuel-s prosolit: .Supervisors .1. M.•J< l rft$'er, \V, H. McDomul, \V. A. Rehratn, Jj F. Qulnn ami M. li. Johnson. ••'''••t,"s Motion made by Sc|ir«,m and 2nd by ,lnlinnor that Mary K./Sands bo appointed County TreasurM lo fill vacancy anil nnexplred term loft by the recent death of the lain Cai'l W. Pearson. Said appointment to run urtll ber successor Is elected and iiunllfled. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Frasrr iiml 2nd by .lolmson that the following Scc- ondnry lload I'cllllons for surfacing with gravel be placed on file: No, 63S, No. liSS. No. Ml, No. Mr>. ~No. 83(1 Hi.-il No, 037. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Hehrnin and 2nd li.xvKrasnr I hilt the following Keso- lullon be adopted: UK IT IIKSO1.1TTION HKSOIA'KIl 'by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, at their mpcllniir on (his 1"ith day of March. l!ll(i. thai an Kmbargo be placed on all Couol>' Trunk and Local County Koads In Kiissutb Con nly, loxvn, placlntf the loud limit of SHOO pounds IncludliiK the wdKl t of Ilic vphlelo and thai embargo slffiis be posted or said mads 'at once. Tile vote thereon resultliiK n» follows: Ayes: .1. If. Frnsov. \\". A. Scbriun. .1. !•". (jiilnii, M. I., .lolmson and \V. K. McDonald. Those vollnw Nny were: The forcKolny UesoHttlon was I hereupon declared adopted un Ibis dny of March, llllli. Motion mnilc by Qulnn nf:d 2nd by Scl ram that tlM) toltOwlnff lion he adopted: , ItRSOI-UTlON WHRUKAS,-.. Kossuth County, town, Is Hie owner In f(«e simple of cerlnln real estate located In UUrt Tojvnshlp, Kossuth County. JoWa, ilcscrlhed as follows: UPKlnnlilR at a point 017.T feet West and 12D feet North of Hie Southeast Corner of the Nortl east Quarter of Section 29, Township. 91 North, KnnfcQ 29, West of the. Fifth K M., thence, running North 22 decrees S:i minutes W«st a distance of 303.•! feet; thotico West 275.5 feet: South 27IM feet; thence Mast 303..I feet to the point of HpfflnnliiKi contnlnlnt? 2.15 acres, and which said llllo Was acquired by vli'- lue of a Warrnnly Deed dalcd November 2S. 1922, ard recorded In the office of the Kossuth County Hc- rorder on Uncem.bof »th, 1922. In Hook 110, 1'awe i>00, which deed xviis made, executed and delivered to Kossulh Coilnly, loxvn.' by Marloxx' and Mary .1. Marloxv, husband and wife, and \V1IKUKAS. snld real estate wftM purchased by KORKUth County, loxva, for the ffravel ard road material contained In said tract, and \VI1KHKAS. Kossulh County, loxva, had solo use of said real estate until said Ki'avel and road ma- lerlal Is exhausted, and xvhen tie 1 pravel and road material contained In said tract Is exhauslcd It Is lo revert lo the original sub-division from whcni:c It was taken as per affrcemeiil nt (he lime said tract WHS purchased by said County. NOW TIIKIIKFOI'IK. 11M IT HM- SOLVI'JI.) by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa, trial after bavins Irspceted the said prcmlws the said Hoard of Supervl- sors find thai the gravel and road mnlerlnl contained In said tract Is practically exhausted and II at there remains only a limited supply -of gravel and road material In said fjruve! nil. I1H IT ' FUltTUIOIt UKSOLVKD, ^. . ft. . the flow fa of CduntyV IbWAVanffll 1)8 ftnd ftUttlOflied l ]iyor v A tjitlt tjit rclii AI&K.'AA'dvtfeV v ^ Dftetl c«nx*eylfijt thft liercliibefbro tl«sfti'lb6d rfeftl e»- tftle tintd Kennoth-AtlisVlHSfl Marioxv, ' pfe.icnt llllc .«f thd r6al ris- tftto containing tlie parcel of land described herein. The vote tl:cf*im resiiitlna; tis foi« loxx**: Ayesi SnpervlAors ,T. H.r Frits* or, \V. A. Sfilirftihi.J.^F. Qulnn, M. U .lohdson nnd ,\V. R McDonald. Those votlntt Nay: Noii'C. The foregblne: Jtleftblutlon xvrts theroupon declared adopted by the Chairman of the Bbtit-d of Supci-x-l- RDVH Of Kossuth County, Iowa, on this IBth day ot March, 10.10. Motion matte by Jrtlinsoii and 2nd by Qulnn that the following: licsolu- tlon be adopted: rU5SOt,UTION J. tl.o Board of Hupervl- HOI-S of tCossutii County, loxva, dkl on the 15th day of March, liilti, appoint \\\ B. McDonald, Cliarlrniai: of the Hoard of Supervisors, to execute and acknowledge for and on behalf of Kossuth County, Joxva. a. Quit Clalni Deed convoying certain real estate located In Biirt Toxvnshlp, Kossuth County, towa, described as beginning at a point (M7.1 feel West and 125 feet North of the Southeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter of Section 29, Toxvnshlp !I7 Noi'll tango 2». West of the Fifth P. M. lieree runnhie North 22 degrees alii i!l minutes West a distance of ;io;l.l feot: thence West foot; thenci South 270.4 feet; thence Hast 303. Icel to the point of beginning, con St. Joe Man, Navy Veteran, Released From Service, 23rd St. Joe: In a list of discharged navy men in Saturday's, Mar. i 23, DOS Mpines Register, at the ! Minneapolis discharge center a St. Joe young man's name was mentioned, Edward Klein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Klein. Edward served in the U. S. navy for six years, having enlisted in March, 1940. He was aboard the U. S. S. Indiana on Dec. 7 when the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor. Harold Frideres xvcnt to Rochester Wednesday to get Mrs. Frideres and their infant son born March 12 there. John Zeller came home Friday, Mar. 22, from Rochester, after having an operation on his arms the preceding Monday. The St. Joe high school boys and girls were the guests at a roller skating party in Bode Thursday night, Mar. 28. The Senior class at St. Joseph's began practice on a three- act comedy "Pigtails," by Wilbur Braun the past week. Sister Joan of Arc is directing the play. Mrs. Catherine Metzen has both her arms free again after having th.-m in a cast since the early part of February when she Cell down the basement steps. Mr. and Mrs. Will Reding of St. Joe and Mrs. Vernon Kramer and daughter Sheralyn of Liver- I mure visited from Thursday to 1 Monday with Mrs. Reding's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gat> man, Minneapolis Minn. Mrs. Catherine Metzen, Wilbur MeUen, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Metzcn, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Capesius, and Peter N: Thilgcs and family attended a "500" party at Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Jr. .south of Algona Friday night, Mar. 22. Raymond Metzen won the high prize for the men and Wilbur Melzen received the travel prize. IF YOU NEED rutober stamps lo any purpose, you can order theji at The Algona Upper Des Moines 40c and up. 13-tl BROODER HOUSE INSURANCE On BUILDING, CHICKS AND STOVE L.S.BOHANNON Over S. & U mtm^^mmt^m^mi^m^^^mmmmi^m^mmmmmmi^^^^^^^^^^^mmmmmmm^ ... Public Auction Agatha Haverly Residence and Household Goods, Wesley, Iowa Saturday, April 6 1:30 P. M. Residence: Beautiful modern home, 5 rooms, bath, 2 closets, full basement, oil burning furnace, complete screens and storm windows, one car garage on 50 by 100 foot lot. Isabcll Studer ? As Agent for Owners. Household Furnishings: The following electrical equipment: Wcstinghouso all white stove, good as new; 5-ft. Kelvinator refrigerator, in good shape; sweeper; floor lamp; flat iron; toaster; copper tub washing machine; almost new Crosley table radio, and;; Howard sewing, machine. 1{"»J(5 piece set^dish^s; v|^ed-oak dining: room, table with 6 sturdy chairs and buffet; white kitchen table; 3 chairs; 2 steel bedsteads with springs and inner spring mattresses in good condition; 2 dressers with large mirrors; china closet with desk combination; 5 chairs; davenport; shieldjback chair; occasional chair; book stand; kitchen utensils; 3 small tables; 4 good feather pillows; large mirror 20x42 in.; Mohawk Axminster all wool carpet,;with waffle hair top pad, 10' 8" by 10' 10"; 50-ft. garden hose; lawn mower; ladder and garden tools. Property may be inspected Saturday forenoon, April 6. Isabell Studer As Executrix of the Estate of Agatha Haverly, Deceased L. A. Matern, Auctioneer Women's and Misses' SLIPS New Shipment! (§ Sizes 32 to 44 White and tea, rose Plain and trim• med Adjustable. Straps Crepes and satins Limited • tity / , itld did 6h tlie IBUi i, u U1U „.. .. . , . ISlit, dxscute itntl aeknoMeniW! fov nfitl on )je!:ftlf ot.ICossuth CoufttW roivn, tin* . Qull CliUm;Deo<l can, voylnrt Hit: anlil deseflfoeil t/ftfct to tlio said Keiitifttll AtlelbAH ' isrow frtnmratfcmK, lira if n'E». LVISD by ' tllfl Hoilt-tl of Supcrvl- tliATpurntmtit lo (ho pj'ovlfllorts of Chillier' 449, Code of foWrt, the said rtoed ns Bxcdtitcd and adknbwl' edged be ttiui the sitmft is hereby .ftp* jirovd. •••''..'»'. The viito Ihoi'dpn remitting: nn folr iow>fc: AyeH: Suiiei'Vlsors .1. H. FfA»* or, W. A. Hchrnm, .r. V. Qiilttii, M. ti. .lolinspn riml .W. W. MoDonaku Those voting Nny were: None. TI c rnfe'ROtRfe!' ttMOHllloti wrt« thereupon declftred adopted hj'.tno Chnlrtnan of th'o Uoiml of Supoi-vl- HOi'fl of Kossntli County, Iowa, on (his ITith iliiy or. March, 1!HO. On motion adjournment wns tnlc- cn until 2:00 o'clock P. M., Mat-oil "'' 'w. 'R. MCDONALD, ciiaii-mar, Hoard of Htipcrvlsors, Attest: t,. .1. JMMMIIFALU County Auditor, Auilltnr'fi Office Altfomi. Jtnviv , March 27, HMO 2:00 o'clock ]', M, ,, The Moiird of Supervisors of Kos- sitlli County. Iowa, met li/ resular session pursunnt to nflj6urnlni'iH with (lie followlMR memhors t'res-.. cut: Hupervlsors .1. H. •t.'rnswi;, » • ''• Mt'Dni'iid, \V. A. Sclmitn, .1. P. Qulnn sive as par' All, Nay*,' None, hmio . V Rofsl frpprovft • fl • .. Mdtid df M. T,ni;d Jolm T, Mcaulre, trading Contractor^ In IHS, nonftl suSi of*flO,fl91.SO. , Aye*: AlfrNivys:,, " '' ' ' None. .-. . . .• • .• i. .1 ,,,> On «idtloh Ubarit ftdjburnoa "Slh'o '' " ''" ''' ''' " ' 016". . • •. •. . . \V E. McfiONAfjD, Chalrmttb .Hoard of. Supci-vlsoi'8, -' H.W. POST AND TRANSFEK STORAGE ; OF ALL KINtiS Long distance hauling. Every load insured against 16ss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and haullngt TRIPLETS? NO—Just a picture of three of our finely baked TWIN LOAVES the bread that has in a few short weeks soared to "pop- pa-larity" in Algona and round-about! Try Our TWINS Tomorrow! Buy a Single Twin or Buy the Twin Loaveg, Together! Sec Our LENTEN SPECIALS! HONEYKRUST "Get To Know Honeykrust" BREAD—CAKES—PIES COOKIES—DO-NUTS Sweet Good Specialties To Serve Our Many Customers Still Better- EXPANSION S, NEALY HATCHERY TWO NEW JAMESWAY INCUBATORS ADDED QUALITY CHICKS AT REGULAR PRICES Year 'Round Service (Guaranteed 95% Liveability 21 Days Old) Some White Rocks and Leghorns Available the Middle of April, ON HAND: 700 LiEGHORNS 10 DAYS OLD It Is Time To Bopk Your May and June Chicks Jamesway ELECTRIC HOVERS Plenty or NUTRENA FEED for Customers

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