The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 10
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:^*m!si PAGE JAttiONA SHOWS A BOOM iartn diSiry products today appeared fissured of an era of stability With the disclosure (by fa fccent survey that the Urii- ted States is becoming a fit flic drirtklHg nation. Per Cftpiln consumption of milk in this coiihtry rose from .85 of a pint ,ln 1933 to 1.13 pints in 1945, an increase of Approximately 33 per cent, according to W. C. Stolk, vice president of American Can Company. Mr. Stolk, whose company is the largest manufacturer; of fibre milk containers, explained the survey was made in connection with milk packaging. Iowa had an income of $86,525,006 from the combined sale of milk, cream arid farm 'biitter in 1941, last pre-war year, ho said, and as one of the nation's important dairy states has a vital ihte'res't 'in 'increased milk consumption. In 1945,- &if. .Stblk said, 'approximately 21,G4G,000,000 quarts of fluid milk were sold in cities and villages Of the United States in addition to an estimated 5,500,000,000 quarts consumed on farms. These figures represented a gain of more than 7,047,000,000 quarts over 1933 when sales amounted to 14,600,000,000. HOISPITALS KOSSUtH HOSPITAL Mar. 18: A. J. Hertig, Algona, medical. Mar. 19: Mrs. Elton Pratt, Lu- Verne, medical; Mrs. Martin Krnpp, Bancroft, boy. Mar. 20: -Ellavene'Shipleiy Algona, surgical; Mrs. Grace Wiegand, Algona, girl: Mrs. Ruth Brindley, Algona, girl. Mar 22: Mrs. Al Thilges, Algona, boy; Mrs. Alvin Klein, Irvington, medical; Mrs. Russell Hardgrove, Algona, surgical. Mar. 23: Mrs. Alwin Huenhold, Algona, medical; Mrs. LeRoy Reinart, Bancroft, boy. Mar. 24: Mrs. Mennot Trunk- hill, Burt, girl; Mrs. Arthur Olson, Algona, medical. Mar. 25: Mrs. Thelma McVey, Algona, medical. GENERAL HOSPITAL. Mar. 18: Charles Householder, Lone Rock, surgical. Mar. 19: Donna Jean Schoby, Bode, medical. Mar. 20: Mrs, . Lyle • .Greene, Britt, boy; Milo Duraht, Algona, medical. ' • - • Mar. 21:. Mrs. Francis Richter,. Wesley, girl. Mar." 23: .Mrs. Karl NTielsen, Fervtori, • .ihedicaL. >...• • f-x . Mar. 25: Mrs. Gene Navillfe, Algona, rriedical. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Ainlltor's Office .Alsonu. Inwit .March 1, lIMIi S:00 O'clock A. M.. Tin- Board of Hupi«rvinor.s of Ko.s- suth C'ciiiiily. Jovvu, invl in rufi-ular session purviuint to -ttdjiiurtiinoiit with (he followliiK menibor.-i jjres- <-iu: Suiiervlaors .1. H. Kmsi-r. \\'. )•:. .McUonuld, W. A. Hclirain. .1. K. Quimi ai-tl Al. 1* Jonn.soh. Motion liuulu by Kra-sor ami Jml by Jcihn.Hon tli'nl Sir. anil Mrs. -Bennk- llaUken be emploveii u.t the kossnth I'ounty Koine from March 1st. ISMIi, to Al'arcl.', 1UI7, anil that their siihiry btt rixed at $.17",.00 per inonl'h. Ayes: All. N'ay.s: .None. Motion made by Qninu and 2nd by Sc'hram that JohiiMni) be aiipoinlert to umkc necessary repairs on I>rai|i- "B« Histrlcls No. i-l and Mo. HJ(J. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion iniuli; by Qnlnn and 2nd by Johnson that the following Secondary lioad I'uiltluiiK for surfacing wllh Kravel be placed on file: No. ins, !s',,. Gin, Nn. lino, Nn. u^l, No. t;:'i!, No. liU'^, No. B2I, No. B25, Nn. 0-li, No. «-'", No. Ul'.s, No. i!i'». No. C;!U in-il No u:il. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by .Johnson and 2i)d by Kraser that I he Hoard of Supervisors approve lite appointment of Vli'Kll 11. l-oucks as township trustee of Lincoln Township as recommerd- ed by tin? township trustees of said lownsl.ip. Said appointment 10 run from January L'nd, IKItJ, to the f!en- erul lOlection ii: tile year 1U-IG. or until his successor is elected and qualified. Aye.s: All. .Nays: None. Motion made by Schrani and l!nd by .Ii'ihn.son that the Hoard of Supervisors approve, tin 1 transfer made by tile d'ounty Auditor January fp. llili;, fro;n the (ieiH-1'al <'otji:(j. Fund to the Institute Fund In the amount of tlfiO.ufi. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Kra.ser and l^nd by Schram thai the Hoard of Supervi sors approve the appointment i>f Ki-rnilt I.. Setel.ell. as a Deputy Sheriff In ai:il for Kossuth Couniy, Iowa, as made and recommended by A. J. CoKley, Sheriff, anil thai his duties will he strictly those of a peace officer for Ihe enforcement of fish and name laws In said i.'ounty. Aye.s: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Quini: and ^nd bv Johnson that the L'7th day of March, laifl. »l :':00 o'clock P. M. is hereby fixed as the date and lime for receiving bids for Ki'adintf. Aye.s: All. Nays; .None. Motion made by Quinn and 'Jrd by Praser that tl.c 4tli day of April, 19-18, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. is hereby fixed as datn and time for the hearing on ICnplneer'a report on the establishment of the following Sec- oi-dary Hoad Districts: .No. Dill. No. •1^7, No. -IDO. No. filiO, No. 5li", No. f,7:!, NO. ri70-A, NO. r,'js, NO. nan, NO. mr,, No. C17, No. liiO. No. tiil, No. lii; 1 . No. 023. No. U24, No. B2r,, No. 1126, No. ii27, No. C^8, No. CJ9, No. Ii30, No. O-'ll. No. Ulli, No. 63:1, No. 63 I, No. (inn. No. 0:10 and No. G:i7. Aye.s: All. Nays: NOIIP. Motion made by Schram and Llnd by Johnson that Ihc Hoard of .Supervisory approve the contractor's bond of Joe Needles. Oreerfield. Iowa, on Drainage District No. 179. in the amount of J10.531.50. Ayes: All. Navs: f»'on6, Motlph. liiifle by Johnson and 2nd by Q'ujijn that Ue Board of supervisors approve tic contractor's bond of Klhinre Cemert fr Tile Co., Kl- more, Mii\n., on Drainage District No. 179 In the amount of $3^00.00. Aye.s: All. Nays: None. Motion .ina/Je by Praner and 2nd by Hrhram that a permanent transfer In the utn.ounl of 120,000.00 he made from tfca Emersrency Fund to tll:e Bounty Ci^neral Fund and that thin Opunty AtKlltpr l.s Iverehy in- Ktructed to make application to the State Comptroller for this transfer. Ay>8: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram ana 2nd by Johnson thill a refund of J1.31 be B)8de to John 'Prld^res, node. lawn., or aceou.jjj. pf aij error of $100.90 In addition 'made by the assessor in adding up H)e total assessment on ff'^SEVJ ohrt R C-8 of SVjSW^S, SP.\ 28. Riverdale Township. Ayes: All. Nays; ttbtio. ' ' . .Motion hirtdc h.v tjulhn anil 2iVd hy Schrn,in that a refund he. madp to Mrs. Tressle Itlng-sdorf, Hurt, lown. In I he sum .of. $5(1.09 on nrciuml of havlr.R- paid HIP taxes nn the valun- tlnn ill' a building- U'.hrch wa's.eH-'unc- ously assessed In LnUM ] and '1 In fihick :!, nrlKlnnl I'lnl, hurl Inror- pnratp.d, hy Iho assessor. Ayefi: All. Nays: iVnne. : Atoitiln. hy Si'diram hnd in'd hy Johnson Mint Ihc Itonril of su|ier- Vl.soi-s"rtppfriyi! tin! Silpervlsors An' tiniil Inventory mill Kepiirl M. the Coiinlj 1 ' Home, Knssliili County, lnwa, for Ihf y* i jir IHI"). Ayes: All. Nays: None. •, ' •. Mntloil made 1 hy IJitlrih ai:(l 2iid hy Fraspr that II.e Hoard fif Super-' visors improve the nCl'k-lnl honil of HlPlla Sine Ill-cell. OleVk Ml Atidlinr's Office, In Ihe iipinil sum of $liiiMi.nii. Ayes: All. Nays: None. MnUriii inade hy l''rnsnr and 2rd by Johnson thai a noh-resldcnl notice be sery.pd on Anthony .1. duli'lk and An nn Cudhlk and family, Ayes: All. Nnys: N'ohe. Motion made hy Johnson nrd 2nd hy I'Vnser thai HIP Hoard of Snppr- visurs npprm-c (he canrellHHnn ol' HIM Villuntloh anil HIP luxes I'm- tin? year 111 4 ft nn lots 11. 12, i:i and 1-1 in Hlockli. iMolt's 1st Addition In HAveu Cily. Iowa. Said nhatemet'l anil cancellation wns recnhmUMided hy the Tnwn^oiineil nf Swea City, luwa. on aecuiinl cif siilil ]iroperly '.is belnn used UK 11 parsonage hy the sw-ea I'lty Open Bible Tahprnaclp. Ayes: All! Nays: None. Motlor made hy Fraser and "ml by Johnson tKat the following Hesnlu- tiun lip adopted : KKSOLl'TION \VilllOHIOAS. the l.'Hy of Alftnna ae- iiulri'd hy Tax Heed on August 17 1929. tllh' I" Ihe following descrihed 1-Plll esllllP. lii-\vlt: l.ot, T uf Hluck fix of the Original rial of the (.'Hy of AlKonu, Kos- snlh Ciinnty, Iowa, and WIfF.ltlOAS. Ihe Cily of Alftoru rc- (•eMlly sulil property and H iiueslinn wilh respect tu unpaid taxes lias heeii .raised hy a title examiner fur e purchaser, ,and Will-:I!MAS. (In; records of Kns- snth Comity shnw with respeel to saiil tuxes HIP following: "With respect lo lln- 1029 (axes Hie lax llsl In the office of the Couniy Treasiirer K!IO\\'S Hint said property wa,s uriK'ina ll\- assessed tn .1. 1!. ard A. .luhnston at a valnalinn of $100.00 with tax of $1(1.5:!. Thai said entry (in the lax list was thereafter eruss- (I out with red poneil and over an.l abnvc the names .1. It. and A. Jnln - sion : wns'written "City of Alffona" Thai on the fnoliinfs of said pane In tax list l l|c said valuation of $|(II).IMI was deducted and Hip consolidated lax was di-ereased hy tl.e said sum of $1(1..'.I.'. That, as a mailer uf I'aci. the said tax fnr tnjn was eari-elled upon HIP tax llsl whether hy official ael inn .or not. Thai with reference In Ihe 1!i:'ii lax il appears thai the assessed vnluatlmi was c.-iiK-ened upon file assessor's hook wlvether hy official action or not. That on January 1, 1 !):!<!, and thereafter the fee title to said premises was In ll<! name of the (,'ily nf AlK'nna. and as such is propert\- nf a iniinlci|ialit\- It Is exempt from taxation, and WHKItlOAS. It is Hie desire and purpose of tin 1 City uf AlKmia In of- licially remove any donhl as In the exlstpncp of any unpaid taxes an'nlnst said land for the years IflJf) and 111:1(1, nial \VHI-:I!MAS. thv Pity funncll uf Ihe (,'il\- nf Alu'nnn, In\vn. petltinns I hat the Hoard of Supervisors nf Knssnth County, Iowa, ufficially de- clan!'hy liesolutlon of recnnl that- ini.v and all taxes asalnsi the real eslato .hei v elnalinvp descrihed for the years' 1!)i!9.-.4tj:il .IflllO, 1C any taxes thei-e. are, : be'-,wl nll.\- cancelled of i-ecord so Hat Ihe lllle tu stild land may .stand free and clear of any purportert-.elaim or lien .for taxes. N-mv rrrviriKKonK. BI-: IT UR- SOLVMli, hy the Hoard o£ Supprvi- sors of Kossulh X5<">i>ty, InWu,; that 'they do herehy .oHlor "t|tf ;4'-ecordK of the Treasurer of Kossiilh County, Iowa, to he correctpd Insofar as the laxps are conferred for the years Idi'S and Ift.'IU on Hio herelofiire de- scrihed real estate. that Hit County Auditor nf Kossuth County, town, i-H herehy dlrec-tpd In Issue a copy nf this UesnluHon In the County Treasurer of Kossulli County, Iowa,'and such County Treasurer is lihrchy' ordered to wholly cu-necl nf record any purported claim m- llen fnr taxpK chin-Bed aifnlnst the . real estate herelnahiive descrihed for the years 19M and t'j;!U, If any taxes there, are.. Tho, vole thereon resulting; as follows:., Ayes: Supervisors J. 11. Fraser, "W.'Al'Sohram, .1. F. Quinn. XI. I.. Jol r.snn and W. K. McDonald. Those Voting nay were: None. The fo^PS'iiiiiK. nesohitlon was Ihcre'upqn- declared adnptcd hy tins Chairman^ of Ihe Hoard of Suiwrvl- snrs. of Kossutli (Munty. Iowa, on lliis. 1st day of March, 19-16. f)n mo'llor Hoard prnceeded t aiiilll and allow claims as per "Hcheduli' ol' Claims" hereinafter Wl'illell. (.'OUNTY FlK\n I,on-p Hock Sehoul, one filing cnhinet ? 7. r i.00 \V. W. Sullivan, H. M.. slumps for AudUnr's office -ir..0:i IteiiU-n J-uecltke, hty SO.'I" lown - State Hark, wlihhehl laxes ; N\V Hell Telephone Co., tele. serv 71.1 City uf AlK'nmx, liK'hl and water serv !!.'-'.W. \V. .s'ullivan, I'. M., slumps, eic . . 80.09 Ardis Hnswnrtl, as.siHl. Co. Supt « Lorna iluhnlce. assist, (.'u. Supt :t-l.!iO Doruthy Miller, assisi. l,'o. Supl 1-1.7." Joanne Kalk, assist. I'u. Supt. 1-1. '2a I'm Sepley, assist. I'D. .Snpl... JJ.iMi .Mrs. K. \V. Anderson, assisi. Co. Supt Ardis \VallhurK, assisi. Co. Supt 2II.50 LaN'nrne Me.ver, assist. Co. Supt. 1 Ji Dtlnres Huss, assisi. Co. Supl. ^-I.UII Shirley llelhei'K', assist. Cu. Supl -2.7 Hette \Vullukall, usslsi. Cu. Snpi 24.M Stale Cnmplrnller, ex<-ess int. on J' .School Fund HK.'I.OO Mlcanur Knllasch, assist. Co. Auditor^ Marc Muure. assist. Cn. Treasurer 87.12 lOvclyn Vnltft. assist. Cn. Treasurer 7U.C:: Alurjorle .1. Wuher, assist. Cn. Treasurer 79.U2 AJary Ann Mermen, assist. Cn. Hecnrilt-r 70.G- .1. If. Krasc-r, comm. ard sessions. tiOii.'JG \V. 10. McDonald, eomin. and sesslors 165.20 \\'. A. Schram, cnmm. and ses- slnns ^16.98 J. F. Quinn, cnmiii. and sessions 220.35 .M. I.. .lnhi:sun, eomm. and sessions il2.31 C. II. Oslwiiikle, del. per. prup. tax cull St.31 A. ./. C'oulcy. invest, fees and ' lllileaBf 91.65 A. J. Couley, hoarding- and lodging 73.56 Italph W. I.lndhorst, invest. fee 1.50 A. J. Coffley, trlj) to Fl. Madison 55.90 Otto Schmidt, assist. Co. Sheriff ., 15.84 A. K. Laurliy.en, visiting .schools, etc 29.45 Lnrnu Kiihnke, assist. Co. Supt 18.57 Ardis Hosworlh, usslsl. Co. • Supt 22.28 H. W. Miller, office exp 92.56 The Uancro/t Iteglst^r, Urd. reoceedinas 176.03 A IK.on a Upper I>e.s Molnea, Prd. I'roe., blanks and sup. 92.42 Advance PubllvHrik Co., Brd. l.'roc., blanks and sup 171,20 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co.. sup... 292,66 Ma.ll Paj-4'ott & SonH Co., sup. 45.38 KWea City Herald, bar . dopkcts , 24.00 W. P. French, sup 28.50 Monarch Products Company, ..'sup .-,..'.... 4 209.6.5; Holsford Uhr. Co., Blttl B - 2 f : The 1'rtr'awnx c.ompnn'y, sup. 6.8J Cllhlon Fosl.Pr. rolls lo .lall.. it.nO Mr. C. It. CrPtzlneyer, eajl . nnd lived • . • • 4.00 C. \V. I'earsoK, Trcns.. adv. hiy.. frelslil and laundry... .I0i,29 VVIIl'litin rtmlil.l. hty R.fl' clarence A. HosnVin. h'ly l.rO l''rnnk K'ohllinns, mayor IVPS 8.00 A. .1. OiKloy. .Sher.lff fees. .... fi.3i> 1C. (I. I'iU'Ohll, mtc , 'Ml !•:. ]•:. iiaunn. m(K- 4.go (',. \V. Hleieli, lilts' 'l.tiO I'!, l!. \Vrtl 1st, mlu- -I.OJ llari-y Kiildn, tills' 2.1)0. C. N. Hohlhson, IU(K: ".00 MDiier Puller, mtK ' -'.00 sr. iV. iMitiijiis. iuiH' -'.oo Joseph Srhnll(>r. intH:. ^.oo H. II. llet-lilhfth'nns. .ihltv ' II. \V. Harms. VnVK 4>nt> Mike \VaKlipr. m(K '1.00 C. \V. MlhPi-l, m(»v. -1.00 I,. A. l-Fneklmrlh, nilir -1.00 0, K Kulinke, mlfr "1.00 Martin Meyer, mitt. ''."0 F. K. 'IVt't'er. tiilji '1.00 \V. J. SleVvitrl, rtiljf 4.*H) Uilssnll Shrplei-, m(rf. : 'l. nft t.liiyd (I. Harden, miff. .->.("> J. \V. MolllB. miff 4.nn l.eo Mn^-esser. mlK- . "I.OO Cll-ls Hahl, tntK -I.OO (i. U. Jensnn, miff '-'.O,' 1 Mlllen Johsnh, IntK- 2.00 II. .1, Hrnley. assessor int?i%.. >».'.|n (!IOr .lenklnsnn, i|Uarnnllnp oxp 3.20 ,1. s. Lallti it Son., sup 0.5:1 Scnll. Foresmnn * Co.. school hooks 72.09 Mester I'roduels C'o.. sup l.nri Melrup(dllan Supply Co.. sup. IS.115 Hond K'iulpiiH-nl Co.. sin.' 1.00 Kllplo Loose Leaf Co.. slip... lni!.'J2 The Maemlllan Cuinpany, sup. M.17 lrn(lltuis I'llhlshiim" Cn.. sup. I.itS Henry llnll and Cnmpnry, sup. :i,79 liui-i-au uf I'nlilleatlons. sup... 5.10 .1. I 1 .. l.lppineoU Co., sup 1.57 Mi-Cnrmlclt-Malhers I'lih. (.'n., sup . I5.2S Mrs. Clnlllda Hutchison, sup. 1.02 office exp 03.12 Kossuth Couniy Fiirni Hureaii, appropriation -Itli.liC I.eura K. SI. John. See'y.. schnul tux due 31.'.27 Kuss. Cn. Auric. Cons. Assn.. renal of calculating inach. Trice Cnnlrnl Hnard, slip COURT Fl'N'D Iowa Stale Hank, wilhheld taxes 30.70 T-IIeannr At. Jones, enurl re- liurii'i- .10-1.00 Tl. .1. .McNVrincy. ally. fee... lo.on LI HILARY FI'ND Il.iui;htnn Alil'flln Cumpany, hunk sup '1.07 The I.. W. singer Company, hook sup 11.-Hi Inwa I'upils' Ileadit-^- Circle. hook sup 7.11 (linn and C(impan\-. hnuk sup. 1S.:',,'! I[nw, 1'clersnn X- Cunipauy. bnuk sup 7.-11 Allvn and I'.acnn. hunk sup... 7.03 Kolli'll 1'ublishlliK Co., bnuk sup O.S-I Scnlt. Fnrcsmap ^- Cnnipanj-. hnidc sup 3.02 A. Flanagan Cumpauy, hunk sup 2.50 Omaha Schnnl Supply Company, hook sup 17.60 Scull, .Forpstnan & Company, hunk sup 7.5S Dmibleday ,v- Company, Inc.. book sup 37.00 IN'STITFTM FI'ND D. l<". Schwielerl, supplies.... 5.00 Hureau uf Kilue. Hcsearcll and Service, supplies 122.25 Tlie Nul'l. Rdiic. Assooiallon. supplies 5.0-1 Hureau uf 1-Muc. Kpsparch at:d Service, supplies 1.1.1 The' ITnivpi'Hliy of Chicago Cress, supjilies 2.29 TTi-lon White, clorki tees. .-.-.-... 0. tl. c!rpf*mB>'p.r, phys. tefts T. C. TtulGlilftbni altoi'liSy retfs FAtn-OtlOl'Ntt PtJNf) . : TChssiith Couniy Fair AHs'n. ( . .-..- aiiprojT. ..,,,.,.,. loon;oo T. tl. Ft>Nn - • -•-.'• > ' nr. J. R.wjmtni, ihsp. i.......' UANO'S niSRASW F(!ND AVIIfred L. Colnman, Indflm. en I Ho ,". 24,'Si- Orvllln l. Y tlalilse, Jndeni.iOuljle J2.5I): . .310MO- 17 It/If 4 siiso, KM 7.5ft .ti.fin: ' . 9.20 8.1(1. lOlbi) si'o'o •7; 20' .7.80 i-9P "'.00 s.nn 7.00 8.50 7.40 9;20 9.70 0.60 7.10 7.00 25.7-1 179.00 13fi.S.1 133.00 125.90 121.11' 135.83 128.03 137.21 9 1-1 S.B.I 127.34 135.7-1 131.59 1-19.09 151.77 152.46 79.00 70.30 102.05 147.61 120.13 117.12 124.05 18.02 10C.20 2t)!59. 109.!iri 131.35 140.58 158.00 100.78 14 0.92 •IO.S9 158.95 101.00 205.70 102.55 2.12 row'a State flank,'wilhh'eld tn.x/ps ;/......,.., .'.\V. Sullivan, P. M.. slumps t. M. .Smith, .ntilary ....,!, ..-.n M. Fiitser. sulal-y.-... i,. DPS Moiiips sieel Company,slip , ;,;,'.,- ' J. Ii Alel'ryman, lahor atiit lisp of tools,;................ clareirp.i* Rchu'ltel'. K. 0. Mwolift, mfff. flurry Kahlri, .thtR- T. L. Tlinrsbtiv rntff. ......,; P. Af, Chrlslehsoh, 'mtft. .,. H. H. lierhluKhaiis, nitff. .. Frrfil DeVI-lps, mlR-. ;..' Rly Anilet'snn^ tnttf A. .1. Tieiiffor, m'tfr. pnVIrt S. Ander.son. mlfe. .. TE. O. Lin-sOi), nitH i.. H. it. Mawdslpy, mlK Rtl.wai'il Cl. Luoft. mlK: I'll HI lli'i-tuk'e, ihtfi- O. K. fluhnkp, nilR. loarl n. (,'hatiibers, mtR. ,. C'liflon lle.nsflhotpr, nilg-. .. F. R,Teoler, inlg-, ........ Nick M. Arr.rlorfer, fnti?-. .. t.po M. ttncliO) - Inlif Peler Kayser, nut? Leo I'^nffpss^r. nits-. ....... II. A. Wiirmliji'p, mtfv S. F. Tlloinp, ihlR- Axel .Krlekson. mKr Jens M. Snrensen, Ints John \V. Puffer, nilir Mdwln AVIchtPiidahl, mtfr. . At AI NT RN A NCR FUND Edward Nailimin. shop work. Lerny Orapspr. si: op Inpehah Joe M. I'lsser, shop work an snow Clifford Holmes, patrol ... Arnold "\Veprnpr. patrol Ferdinand Afeyer, palrol .. Uasmie llalisim, patrol .... fieri Shellmyer, palrol ..'.".. Clarence HenlK-es. patrol .. R. D. AlcDonald, shop work. Italph Markln, shop work, haiilliiR 1 p-raveJ. etc Archie Dodds, patrol Hussell 10. Crasppr. patrol. Oliver Young, patrol A. J. Tlildmai:. iMUrol t'rlmn Ni'urnth. palrol .... Lcin Slockwell, patrol .... Dick liaade, plowing snow, etc : ' Gem-ffe F. Oriihnm, labor.. Huh II. Spear, patrol Andrew Krumiiifca, plowliiff snow, etc .lames Al. Lohtv. pnlrol .... Wllllnm F. Schrnder. shop Avork, cultinfT brush, etc. F.. C. Ohm. palrol Morwlii Mnrlnw, lahor .... Charles \V. Thompson, jiatrol Humid Hlersledl, labor ... C'harles Hawks, ciil. brusl-. •\VIIliam K. Marlnw. patrol Clydo Sandei-s, palrol V-erne Mollnder, patrol .... lloelf 10. Alillpr. patrol .... Alvin lOwliipr. patrol Duyal Sanders, palrol .... John- P. Anderson, labor . . \V.m. Chrlsteiispii. patrol .. Iowa Slate Hark, withheld taxes \\V Hell Telephone Co.. tele. serv. • (.'. & N. \V. I'inJIwny Co., frelKhl Treasurer nf the II. S., sup. from I'. \\". Camp Central Slates lOlec. Co.. olec. serv, thtcrstilo ^OW^ ^6;, cfec. '•• *' ' ., Cll , ,19415 tajiesrsin" frSVel and > . sfitftjv:' H.) -,-.., -, ; , - -. ..,, tittprstftt* P.Awett tfo., clise. • '-'' ' .. .. ftl« ffrtft -ofi ' ' 'counly owrtcfl Intirt ..;..... Vacn T,\v;t). ; SeH6,oi i)isti|, Stbliofll lAs.JUft oh UBiimy i)Avne.i1 Iftiltl •. •. V . l -. . i -.1 ;-, . i ' ilti "4ihtlT lilsl., , school itA&-<tt.fift 'An Oiiiiiily "hwnotl Itffid ;:.... Plum Creek Twjl. Kehnol .Dlsl., ' . owned Jnhil -..'.. Pllprthah f wj>. Rrt sclirtn) Ih'ie'Otie fleLyle Nelson," *HB(If-6ll'-VJky' - .tOiRravcl ifilt .,..........'.. Central 'States ; Rlp.f. Co 1 !, tnt*i;sla'ie Po^pr ''06.',' pici-.' siir.v. .1..'.. .';:. :>;-.'.. ,.\ .... r.'ijnti-al- ToWa' t^Iftphoiip 'C6., .Iple. Rprv. ..... ............. C.' W. Pearson, Trftn.t., adv. , , fl v nl|trlit^. i v, (f\. t... ..,'•.i'.,', Th*. Alumna. HahHvart, stl|).,. AlKomvIm^l^mqnt >c6.,.,M)n,... llj-ail ley flrb's.,' Sup.'a r fiil re'-'.'' IFuxtahlo'Ifomft & Auto Sup- 2.00 4.23: 6;87i '13.88 kphlhans .rtdwpi, jiujj^i i -.'. , . . .Kossuth Mqtp.i- Company,' sup. K. S. 'NotHort & f58)j,, sup... ... O. K. Hubbnr Welclp'r.f, sub.. . KchulU TirbB.. .Slip. ..... ..... ReltiiUi! lli'o.s,, Hrtp.. . f ........ c'litti-lpM T'lmnnircl, jmbor ..... Uont If.ardwarp, -silp. . ........ Snthorf 00.,S(!rVlc«,,.fHip., .... Tlloiika Iinplemahl Company, .sup, .............. ......... n. II. fSrahiim, fuel'Sup ..... •.-. .T. K. tlkoha, sup. ...... ...... Ij.Vncli Oil Co,, HUP. .,..,..,.. Jloll Motor Co.i sup, ..... .... M. U .Ipl.n.sotl,.sui», .1....... Gtimljle Stoi'P, Swigd, City, sup. ' ........... . , ........ . .Pn'iil V. llarnlay, slip. ..,,,.. Jta.stui Clly Tent it'Awrilne i70.«0 m ; .2BH.T)S- isiie?; .(i;U7o. '- Crt.. svlp. .i :........ ........ Mld-Coiitlnent. Petroleum Corp., '.sup.. .';.,..'...,...... DPS MrtlncS Ti'on domplihy,. repairs . ................... PlllHb'ufifli-DpJi Mdlnes Rtbcl Co.. HUR ............. ...... Arnold \Vaprner, da'miige to MvnsK -Innd ........ ......... AV. C. nroSvn Stipply Co.i sup. Slcg-Fovt Modfro Company, sup. .... .................. Henniu: M. Drown Company, sup. ' .................... .. I>uUi'liart-TIUKhe.s Trac. & K.qulp. Co., sup ........... GlbiiN-Cbflk Tract br & Rqulp, Co., sup. ......... ........ Ololie Miu'lilnpry & .Supply Co.. .siii). . .... ____ .' ......... Standard Hearings Company, sup ....................... W. F. .Smith Tire & Ithttery Co., sup .............. i ---- lictc'o Alloy Company, sup. .. Harms Oil Company, fuel sup. 1). A. Lubricant Company, Inc., sup ........... ' ..... •. . POOK FUND Andy I?owman,\ labor. ., ..... Marvel Dole, travel cxp ..... DPISO'H I''ooil Mkt,., prov ...... .Mprrlll Pro's., prbv ..... ,... Wlilttc-inore Farmers Coop. Cry., prnv. .' ...... .......... Hotsi'ord Lumber Company, sup. ,,....., ....... .• ...... Dr. .1. t'J. Clapsnddlp, med. care Dr. C. M. Cretzmeyer, office calls and mod ....... ...... LuVurne I']ia|'mac.i', medicine C. L. CayanauRh, sup ......... 13.41. 27,'Sl'. 4.n 53.91 47.22. 60.18 4.52 .47s29 4S.53 6.90 28.61 118.24 43.85 40.60' 14.00 76.59. 70.28 20.64 6899.06 89.53 10.46 118.15 87.57 474.32 236.64 19.00 20.80 15.00 110.00 3.10 61.25 22.50' 67.00 29.35 17.00 Are You Unleisslhe brake fluicLyoU add mixeliJ;th6 ! i'oughly with the old you aren't improving the cbtidition of the system—but actually aggravating fe dangerous state of affairs. HERE IS WHAT WE MEAN; New Layer Old Layer Old Layer \ Brake Cylinder Chart above shows how brake fluid that does not mix with old stays in layers. Brake CylindiBr When you -add Puritan Brake Fluid you get one mixture. By adding PURITAN BRAKE FLUID you make sure of a homogeneous mixture—because Puritan mixes with "&H ' brake fluids—original or replacement types. Here's a.b?8ke'fluicl that was developed to do a superior job by itself and to ifonc with every other type. You can service every hydraulic brake system with PuJritan Brake Fluid. Standardize on the one type that works well with all others. Regular grade for ordinary service. Super grade for heavy duty service. Insist on Puritan Brake Fluid when adding Brake Fluid. Distributed by DISTRIBUTING CO. ALGONA AND FORT DODGE, IOWA yraffe -TteS,)w eiii'o y,' mfim 1 ',,,,... m Konlhnnf) HYlwe., sup. BtitsfoM. IJitv Cbtttrntfiy, SUP. MfR, Jnhii Mnrlln, nursc'd fcftfft},, |b '3fe}i6ft(fpt>t .chniii*en',...! fcftft. W Soclnl NWlMl'e, iihl . 'in blind i. .>•,>. . .: ...:.;.. -, County Ifomc • ro'wti. Htale Ilanlt, wltl.held .. UHites %. n.!..'.-. i.i........ mV.Ttell Tp,|pplioi-.n rjahipahy, L,. fe ''SfephW»i'''tislVl' ««fVv'..' '. .nfth Hitltkrin, tmlftfy ..' , .. Steinbeck, salary ..... Lumber Company, Algo'ha Oboppratlvp Cry. Co., prav-... i...-.,..». f)K "P. 'V.'Jahsp, calls aliil AtffiniH tCJoofti'drliilrticrS-, sbt 'nf Jfliok,.ctm)j|s v\t.j. Alfeona Upper lies Monies, .1 ,'sale,^ail ..... ^............. XVftsTsrn t!lll>tfil<?arcoii)))aiiy, slip.,.., ..v;.:. ...i.-,.... i BdlloH & Hay, sup.. ............. T}i<? Bancroft np'Klstbr, sale. nKlfr aWiflj) 28;ss .81 25.47 -BOiBO 05.00 20.0'S 17.0« R.7S . .Z4.i!t ...21 l if!b;»o 2.1'5.09 20.12; 35.52 18.98 ' 27.0ft 8.37. 1.00 3.00 .school tax due on Coilhty ' lana'..... i Thti Al^oii'n. Itttfd^'are, slip KhlhSf'lile.piir'K, cloflililf?, ;eliRlies at)<\ fi-plsht Knljlians fldW*.. sup ttliijrms Oil Co., fuel sup Oelw'eOi dnemlcal Cd.i suji.. BK IT HRSOLVBD: That Ot,32 .1.57 72.(l2 .12.45. 37.SI 41.51V tho Couhty. AildftOr Is Iinr.pby. anlhor- Izfed anil dlrpct^rt to Issue Warrants for all claims allowed at thin .Ing 'as s)io»Vn by the "Schedule of Claims". Iterelhberore written, Or. motion adjournment was taken utltll 2100 o'clock P. M., Mnrch M. Ifl'lfi. W. K. ^rcriONAt/TV Clmlrmah, iliiiifgS , , " '- ;V«dfl6f!« Off 6<S ' Atffontt.'ioWrt.. Mnt v <3h M, llt'lfl ' 2:00 o'p.lnclt;P. M. • . /' 'i The-'. Hbafd ' 'fit., if 1 " n RhsHutlT^rtffnlK 'lofft. lilhr sM(*mn' : "iHirB.imni '-t Hient with the followlrB mombor.S' ' . nrcBp'nj.: !Jupci'Vl'"irs .1. H. FrnSor, W. R.:.Mcnirtriiul, \V f A. sclimin; '.J. F« Qlilnn'HndflM. t,.,;,tblihson; , •« :.• j,Mjf ' ' . .,, Motlt5h mn'ilo ».V . |)y .lohr/son llmt the following vo'soltitloll bte :adoptpi\: . , •: „, •:. , mwoumoN ; - fc V. v . ^'ifri9riWAH, tho .ttdhi'd Hf, fuipH* VIsbrM cit Knssititli tJoiilVt.Vi Jowfl, Itnr co'nsldprpd (he bids received l\y, :\M', lo'wa Stalo- MlKhWai', ComnilHslon^pn, MKi-ch fi. 1SI«. for coliXtl'tlctl'oh wtt'Dk fit ni'ldfce Project No. S'7-13 ;M)i Kpssilth f:rtunty,.l0wa. ;. , > ;t. ,', .; th'at tl.b Said J1bat;d oT SiJp'el'VlBOVM of fCossutli ... CHtlhty, Io\va, .concurs. In . tlie Comtftlsslon/fl IxvcnrnmeridnUoh that contracts . f.qr said \voi>k he h>frnrded to lite IH^V Ultlilers AH followH.' . . V. O. Montgomery'— 4.19, (124.80 V , ir.utnhndt. Town, • /'.• ,The Vole thp.rooli resulfltiK lift fbU tows: Ay<-s: .1. II. JFraser, . W.' A'.- Kcjhfiitn, J. F. QUl'rtil. M, L. .T'olirtsoFi' ht)d ^\'. H. Mpl»ortnld, ,.',.,;• Those votliift Nny wcrb: None; The foreBolnft ftpsohitlon Wns lli.'crniipnn . clpclnrod .ndopted • by , tbo Chairman 6f the «nld hofthl Of &}\- prirvWot's' of IKossiith County, Io\va, nrt 14(11 dhy ot Marcb, 1918. : v Motion made by Johnson ,atHl ,2nn by Frnser , that tlie rdllaAVInt; reHO r hitloh he ndtiptfd: , ' .'-. ; niOKOUtTIOM .\VITRni3AH, the Hoard of RuporV' visors of KosMUth County, lowrt, naR, cttnsldered (he bids received by the Iowa State Highway commission pn Mureh S, 1916, for construction work on llrldge Project No. S-74B Yl) tfbssulli County. Town. , • '. ' No\r THKTtigroiiK TIH TT-TSR- KOLVIOp that the .said Board of.p.u*' pcrvlaoi'H of Kossuth County, Iowa, concurs In (ho Cilmmlsslon's rdconl-. niehdatlon Hint contrrtcls for said fjferf Mrtl frhG vote < : , s ns fol- ,VfT. *T(tt.<iiV W, 'At ' Ml u » 'titi "Motion ritlJStirfitnofit Wfl .(tOKfi' nn until 2:00 o'titook I>. m> Mhrcli W^, "^ \VVti " ' "'• 'Aitwst: 'l>, - ,.. tiiat she itsed to, bi* ftfMld, r to,, to' bed at night. SKe Was With ^WMach.gBs, ^hidh . "idt'Wrtee ,wHfen Jshe ^§nt, to bfed, arid the'Ba's w»yld.'riSe Atp.-lh -h6^ throat aftgr sHe .lay do^h »hd wbuld nearly cftoKe .-h6v. .iBhte cduldn't lie flat. Hadjd ptop her^ self up: on ipilldW8. •'RetfBifttbr ;thts, lady .got SVS-TONE, Ati& now ^ays gas Is-gone,, stomach fefels • fine,! bowels are regular and she can .go tpib^d and.sleep soundly. SYSiTbrJB aontalhs 12 Great Herbs:: they eleanse bowels, clear gds frbm stomach, act eh.JlUggish- liver 'find kidneys.. Miserable, net}- •;, .pie s66n lee!,;different all 'oVer. ' S6 V don't/go on 'suffering! Get SYS-TONE. Lu'sby & Glossl DrUg Store. . . . , ; ,P. Hundreds of Kossuth Users Iflfke Advantage of ihe SUrtRlOR Wt *U 6AS SlRVItE offered by 1 - Never have been fidttle Gas, to customers) ev£n war years. 2 * Absolute 3 - Dnce on dux list you are certain df feiiel and service 4 - A "Know-How" in|st(:>ve adjustment, without charge* 5 - Quick> Efficient Service* 6 " Direct dealing - no Big Corporation has t6 approve any deal* We are not agents* We deal direct! 7 : * No red tape on stipply* 8 * Guaranteed service to our customapsy satae day* 9 * 20 yeairs aqpttrtM©l* 10 <vAg$iii. B&on * ^ m good stock of hewers to WUBTORIfO. Compute ftome hrnishers .,fife*y ; ,: * * * i « i I I i; if; *-.'

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