The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1930
Page 3
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lEVILLE'S (AftlO COURIER NEWS Trade,. Build and Invest In Blylheville City of Optimists" Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville mightier. Arkansas Debaters Will Meet ,. Team From Cambridge, Eng. Power and Easier Driving-. Will.Mark' Next Jjfeai''s;.';Autompbiles, ' !£:-.-••: i-V : .>' .." iS,.--BV:.ISRAEL KLEIN-;/?... .." Silence "Editor, NEA Ser'vire :. rJJjjTRblT—Preliminary ^irjveaU- gatjjp of.' the latest 1 devejbpiKgntj in -automotive engineering- reveals- that th3 following subjects will have foremost consideration 1 'in the apt 1 . 1931 automobiles- sit the com- Irig" New'York Auto Show:--..:-. 1. Transmissions. ; • 1- Oil cooling. " ' . 3. Braking. " ' ' .4. DOMiid/aft earburction. ^••-••Aluminum alloys. 6. I'ower-to-weight ratio. :Although .these will'be the most- prevalent topics, ihose never-ending 'questions of "in-line" versus "V-type" eighU, oi front drives rtnd of twelve and sixteens will continue. to worry the salesman. Transmission CJianges -.Greatest interest will be expjct- ert^amonE the show visitors in the varlons types of transmission, for it is on this subject that engineers scsnirlo be most at odds. Freewheeling, syncro-mesh, constant mesh, herring-bone arid the older type of sliding gear- transmissions keep many an engineering meeting i boiling hot and may be : ex- Fcctcd to add many a lay; adherent aiid'"op?onent to each type. Jpbr the present, the free-wheel- in£".device introduced last sum- mtf ( - and to be seen on at least one Bother manufacturer's products v at'-'jfie show. Is expected, to gather the'"largest crowds. There seems Steele Society—-Personal Mi-, and Mrs. A. L. Jordan and family, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Jc:dan mid children were the uucslv cf Iheir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jcrdan of Cooter for Thanks- Mr, and Mrs. Lindsey Siiilth lyinl Rundavi in Caruttiirsvllle as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Smith, Mrs. Lo'.lie McMillian - has left .for Memphis where she will be employed during the Christmas holl- cavs. Mrir Maltle Faye Haygcod of Ar- kadilrhia. Ark.. IM visiting ho- parents Mr. and Mrs. Sloan. Misses Gcraldu^ and Lottie Dodd, OrphiiS Mae Plummer and. Mrs. Pritchard spent Sunday in [ Co-t:r as the guest of Mra. Ladd. A. B. Aomiatliy, J. H. May and Eons. Olho and Clifford, made a buiiness trip to Caruthersville Monday. , Ian Burns motored to Blytheville Wednesday. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hudgeoml of I Blythevilb. w,?rc In Steele Thursday I Mrs. B. P. Sheilly has as .her I p:cst for the week. Misses Jewells I nnt? Louise Nicks of Blythevllle. : Mrs. Bill Poll; and unall daugh- ' ta-. Beltve Jane were shopping hi ' Blythevlllc Monday. ; Mrs. Vollle Cassldy Is spending i the week in Memphis. :6 Months Old-Lots of Teeth Keiser News Notes Mr. anil Mrs. R. H.. Robinson and children motored [o Wllsoii Sunday. . •' Miss .Minnie Hell Shaw .spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Rose, or Osceolu. " .._... Rev. Anderson, presiding elder of Jonesuoro district, conducted Interesting services here Sunday morning. Rev. 0. P. Wilson, the new pnstor, preached Sunday night; Kelser Red Devils, both boys arid girls lenms, were victorious In games with Whllton a tthc Kclser gym Wednesday night. Mrs. Dan Chandler and Miss Thelma McGarUy. motored to Wilson last week.. Messrs. Harmon Wilson, Orln Ross, Charles' Beall, E. Y. Fitch and Frcrt Smith returned Wednesday rrom Kansas City where they judged.livestock. They won second place In Judging sheep.-, The'Woman's Missionary Union met with Mrs. Ed Cook Monday nt- 'crnoon for u social meeting. The Ladles Aid met. with Mrs. 'red Crockett Monday afternoon. Many members of the B. Y. p. J. attended the County B. Y. P.' u. (invention at Osceoln Friday night. H. Mabry attended to business 11 Jouesboro last week. ••lone? 1 • ter, Gertrude of Caruthersvllle Mrs. O. L. Hudgcons and daugh- Pietured above are debaters from i are Sterling Melhorn of Parkin, ! *"'- re Steele visitors Thursday. Cambridge University, Cambridge, ' senior member of the Hendrix- ' i[rs - Cu]< Joslen, who has been , , England, and from HendrLx-Hen- 1 Henderson debate council, and Guy her daughter, Mrs. A. L, derson College, Conway, Ark. They : Jones, junior member of the conn- I J<r< lan, returned to her home in ' Newborn. Tenn. Sunday. Mr - and Mrs - J - F - Neeley visited rerlatives in Cmlth " sville Monday afternoon.. Mr . and Mrs. J. H. Worwman are . . . . . . worth, while the experienced de- 1 tlle affirmative side of the 'ques- ; spending this week, in Fulton. Mo., are the ones who will take part in i ell. The question for discussion is the international debate in Conway ("Resolved, that the' present policy the evening of December 2. The' of mil - tary preparedness should be two who represent Cambridge are; ,, „. .„ „ ... .„ , , N. C. Oatridge and Albert E. Holds- 1 abandoned - Cambnd B e will defend haters who term the Hcnrtrlx team i tion in a non-decisiori debate. ".b£ -'sortie" : rriystery- surroundin? txwklt that smilel And • what other sweet young lady can show n toothsome grin like this at the age of six months? Miss Kalheriiie Maryland Carney of Sacramento, Cnlif.—and, as we said before, Just six months old—ahpa.dy has the privilege of gritting her'teeth and chewing gum at an age when most other babies are chewing lustily away at teething rings. ' and Mrs. W. M. Plummer, Howerd Cooler spent Wednesday night In Shelly and Misses Orpha Mac Steele. Plaummer, Louise and Jewell Nick were Blytheyille visitors Monday. Mnl Chas. McMillian was a Bly- theyille shopper Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie - Rhodei visited In Blylheville Thursday. Miss Ruby Hlnchey • of MlcrJa spent- Thursday night with Miss others will offer the syUcro-mesh' system first adopted in -i.hlgh . priced eights. Nov.- a manufacturer of p. successful six will appear at the show for the first-time with this type of transmission- At.., the same time, internal gears of the constant mesh type will be shown by other manufacturers, one vr'ill continue its use of-'-Yhe herring-bone type while those- still sticking to the plain sliding gear transmission, the ma- , used again. j and caps for hubs, gas tanks nnd Incrensrd use of the gasoMn-3 radiators; more heat-resisting pump, in place of the vacuum tank, to a point where it has become almost universal, has enabled engineers to introduce do'.vndroft valves, especially on the exhaust side; shielding of ignition systems for radio installation; sturdier chas- frames; longer and wider carburetion. One of :the popular j springs; greater comfort in the sixes will appear at the show with this system of fuel feeding into the cylinders. Downdraft carburetion employs the gravity system of feeding the fuel mixture through the intake manifold into the cylinders and, as , is believed by engineers to jority ' to -be sure, have improved j '• the gearing Tor greater silence |° e mucn n nnd ebsier shifting. j ical th an the existing method Gearing for High Speeds ! forcing the mixture upward. ^ e m uch more efficient and econom- of Whatever the type, however, we!™™ equalized distribution of fuel may confidently expect better and quieter transmissions.: '.Improved roads have brought about hijher average speeds t ppr^-.out, which re.dyjei.the lite of the'engi one. engineer would greatly the 'engine.' 'To cope" with .this larger engines' must be .built, .'which would prbv'e more experlsive to operate, or the trans- migsipn must bo gesred for high Without raising the- engine ' ~"~" spftd. . ^Despite all the talk about Igirjer engines, however, it is the transmission that is being .InpkEd Upon by engineers for \ higher j.sjatds. The engineers have suc- /Cfejried in lowering the gear ratios, rjgjlicularly in second and thh'd, keeping them as quiet/ as to all the cylinders is claimed. More Power—Less Weight Important among the improvements in the forthcoming automobiles will be tile increased use of aluminum alloys in order ultimately to increase what engineer,-; term the power-to-weight ratio in engine performance. The aim is to have greater power v.Uhout Increasing Ihe. weight of the motor, or lo maintain the same power and'-still reduce the engine weight. Signs of this tendency to rals:> power ond reduce weight will be |;$uiet operation, with the en- gii)f going its fastest in second rmr4 high gears, has been achieved aTsfj by the use of internal • gearing, particularly in' four-spead transmission. Syncro-meshri c'on r stant mesli and herring-bone typ2s oi.:«ears attain the same ebjeetive. r,$f ltn easc a nd iiuietnpss of shifting; gears, comes greater -ease nnd ' ' In braking. 'Due to 'the in- crtsse of women, drivers, engineers H4fe pointed their efforts toward eWfcr, yet more -efTcctive braking. ;ftdal effort has been reduced through a servo-action by which tjjp; braking effort on one shoe tends to Increase the pressure bc- the drum and brake linin offiJanother shoe. Further ease is owiined through a self-actuating device connected with tho .''brake. S^ne of the 1931 C 7, rs at the com- will present new methojs o?--cooling the oil in order rib Jesgtheu Its lubricating period 'fe- *«£ operation expenses ami help rjltap the power of the motor. One ittS&ufacturcr of : . sixes and eights lift* trough!, to thb country the Branch system of radiator oil co~l- 1HK permitting the oil to flov: a miniature radiator be- watcr radiator, on Its way the lubricating system, engineers, however, are body and a general tendency In design toward reduction of wind resistance. PLANS MOKE BIRTHDAYS COt.UMBUS, O., (UP) — Mrs. Mary Jane Spangter, who recenly celebrated her 101st birthday here, tolld relatives and friends she was in good health nnd looking forward to ^iveral more birthday anniver- visiting their sen, John Euner who is in school th.3re. Neft'berry Johnson from " ChilUcothe, Johnson has been college. i. Am.=r Ashbill iipent is the guests at Allison. . ;. Mr. Entf Mrs. Clay CappA spent Sunday wiih Mr. and Mrs. 0, J.'McCormick of flrjla'nd. Mr. and Mrs. A. .L. Jordan spent Sunday in Cooter v. the guests of •Mr., and Mrs. D. B. Holly: . Sam Hamra spent the first .part of the week In Memphis."./ ' - .. , Bob Dowdy of Hayti transacted business here -Wednesday. '-'• '•• '. . Bcb lYakes and Dewey Yarbrough" attended the vrestllng match in Memphis Wednesday night- ' .'"•'"•' : sey and Jc= B. Michle attended a party at Haytl Saturday night. Nelson Casiy, Fred Treese, Elmo Michie, Albert Mlchie Lowell Cerk- Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Sheilly, Mr. Mrti Mattle Paye Haygo-d and! Kathleen Harper. Misses Clara Maye Sloan, Gertrude; -Mr. and Mrs- Austin Ellis spent Hufl'geons and Ruby Spencer visited! in Carutliersvlllo. Mr.' and Mrs. Clyde Hudgeqns of iBlytheyllle Thursday. Mr. 1 and Mrs. Carl Hally of Ca ruthersvllle were" visitors here 'Mr." aii(l Mrs. Abner Ashcraft of Wcrine^dny afternoon. BY ISRAEL KLEIN Science Editor, NEA Service In using alcohol in the automo- bilo radiator during winter, you iniKt chock on lls evapcratton. In using glycerine or ot'her anti- noted more than ever at ths .com- freeze compound^ the entire cooling auto show. A way to increase ; in.i ryt;o:n must be made taikprcof. power, up to the present, has been per, no matter how slight the leak, the reshaping of the cylinder head In order to give a maximum of compression. High compression motors arc. almost universal now. But the engineers have practically reached the limit in high compression and now, to get, more pow- tlie ' glycerine will gradually cozo out and leave the motorist with a frozen system seme day. One of th;' most Ojlflicult connections to keep tight is at the watcrpump. The packing here mur.t be tight enough to keep thy ccoling solution cr, they have begun to Increase the i from seeping t'.ircusih and yet not engine bore. But increased engine bore means a -larger and heavier engine, commensurate and some- limes even heavier in proportion with the increased power. Aluminum Alloys That hardly pays, for It means fo tt?ht as to Ecorc the drive shaft and retard the operation of the P'.imp. Th^refoie, extreme care- must he taken in preparing the water pump properly for the winter. * » » The pump gland nut should bs greater cost of operation, higher I je t up snug but not too light, and production costs nnd greater opjr- i Rt intervals during the winter it ation expense. As a result, engl-! should, be tightened up a bit to neers have begun to compensate i Prevent leakaje. If leakage con- with Ughler-welshl pistons by the! l!nu «. however, rfca pump needs use of aluminum alloys, and with rpll ' > - vint ' further use of aluminum alloys In other psrts cf the engine. That would bring down the weight considerably, which nlone would raise the power-to-weisht rstlo and result in better performance. Trouble with "alliminum allov; Sometimes a special marine grease, replacing the regular motor ctip grca'i!, will do the trick. It that won't however, the shaft may be scored in ^iicli a way as to require a special plastic packing to ' ;' prevent further leakage. tlcm In expansion of such pistons under hcit as compared with the n™* moved n,,d resultant j for the pump Is a hemp impregnated with tallow, rather than one that is Impregnated with graphite, is — SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry $ Railroad Phone 123 of water actl ^cr than graphite the pistons. Now. aluminum men impregnate hemp. say, they have an alloy that will • . i • . expand slmost at the exact rate of - In order to matc the pump'dou* the engine block material; and bly wcure a$auist leakage, the pro- thercfore will not cauce tho trou- per kind of gi-jase iC'.ould b= used pxperiDnred previously. Such pistons will be noted with it In the pump, the grease on used ts not so much for lubrication as for keeping the pump tight. It! Is really a packing, not a lubricating, grease. Ordinary cup grease, intended for lubricatirii, has an oil base which dissolves! or Is softened readily by hot water. As a result the hot cooling solution weakens the greare, packing in tho pump and opens! this spot, to the danger c-f, leakage. I TtiereforD a water-proof grease is' recommended for use at this 1 point. I Tills has a tallow base and is used i widely in marine motors. Tallow! base greares crnie under various' trade names, but any type of mar-! Ine grease to effective. : If the shaft of the water pump Is badly scqreH or grooved, no end of packing with hemp or marine' grease will prevent leakage. The cure for this, however, is a sort of plastic packing. material which might give relief If the scoring 1s- not too severe. Tills plastic packing Is a composition material which can be pressed Into the pump gland how- ing with the Ultimo or a small tool, and will fill up all dents, scorcsand grooves in the shaft When this Is done, the gland nut, thould be tightened up even more] than Is necessary under ordinary conditions. The motor should then bi run. I-T the car driven, for a! short time, ad the" gland nut should! be tightened f uther to compensate I for the filling of the grooves by the packing material. All through the -winter this Fhpiild be witched carefully, moro plastic material added from time to time, and ttie gland nut t«k5n| up to keep the cooling solution from leaking through, I If, Irowever, leading continues despite all this prcpsratton, a new shaft and new packing is the only OWf, Reiser Red Devils to day night'(or 1 a game:-Mlsses' : lX)V clle Moore,' Aline Bowles,' Nannie Jean Moore, Virginia .Dtinavr.H and Messrs. Dick' Watspn,-'-Sj>e:ibe Williams, .Harmon and'Harvey Wilson, Lcc Williams, .Gus and H. 'J. Meadows.'" ' •• "•' • "to. 1 v ' Mr. B.nd Mrs. Clovls Crockett oi Osceola vUlled Mrs. J. T. Wilson Friday lilght, : -.- .-'.,.-• Miss Marguerite Anderson Is abb to be up after several weeks' illiiess.- Miss Mildred Woodruff of Efo- wah wns the guest "of .Miss Jam'ii" Nichols .Wednesday night. .' Mr .and Mrs. Children visited Mr. and Mrs. Cooley Sunday, .- : : Mr. and Mrs. John-Watts werV, called to Mississippi last week on ' account of.thn death of their caus- • In. , ., . • . Mr; and Mrs. . Otto Keeler :0f Dell wre the. guests of Mr/and Mrs. Harry Ihinavant Sunday. Vicar Lifts Book Ban For His Choir Boys 31 SHOPPING "DAYS-TO— Bargains at • ChrfaUnasllma aro ' dcrldrdlj rare. But this year, prleis or many .articles are unusually bw'.. you will flnd lots ot barfalm. • And you can have the pick of the connttre, II yoa will Jiist do ywr _Thc followiri.{^accompanliMl the Christmas shopping early. A.S. Barboro&Co.,Inc. • t • , Blytheville, Ark. ' • '. Wholesale FRUITC --.NUTS — VEGETABLES BEANS — PEAS Serving-southoni merchants over fifty years. Phone 920.. Second and : RoK. .-" ' YEARS OF SERVICE People of Blytheville have been served the hcsl in foods by us for many years. We knoif how lo please your appetite and with that in mind we are still featuring STEAKS, OYSTERS AND FISH. Jimmie O'Brfen's Cafe Fisli and Oysters CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co* Office Phone 107 Residence 717 DRINK DR. IN BOTTLES IT'S GOOD FOR LIFE NUGRAPE BOTTL- JNG COMPANY Mister I can save you $1 -j per ton if you'll buy > your coal now" V Don't Wait Till Winter <•; Feed and Cbal ^C.l. Bennett & Co. Phont 64 210 W. Main Westinghouse Radio See and Hear it At Walpole Electric Co. • - . - Phone 314 WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 n IVP IN for oil and gas. We invite you to try our service. Tire repairing, greasing and washing. WE SELL DAYTON THOROUGHBRED TIRES. Tom W. Jackson Ash at Second St. Phone 8 Chicago Mill A^ Lumber Corporation

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